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A small room, the varnished floor
Making an L around the bed,

What is or is true as

Windows opening on the sea,
The green painted railings of the balcony
Against the rock, the bushes and the sea running

– “A Theological Definition” by George Oppen

What does it mean to define God? What would a definition look like if we were to try? This is the question that poet George Oppen asks by writing the poem “A Theological Definition,” from his Pulitzer Prize winning collection Of Being Numerous.

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A happy night ~



Move my body ~~ #ShanaFreeStyle

#hiphop #freestyle #newjazz #style 🎧

#shanaldancingnote #dancing #girl #charmingirl#dance #dancinggirl
#湘娜露 #Taipei #Taiwan #travel #girl #NYU #nature #fashion #couchsurfing #model #artist#mood#Acting#Art#actor#Film#makeup #newyork #actress(在 HRC Dance Studio / HRC 舞蹈工作室)

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Cover collab with @shameless-donttellme


“They have a photo booth. Come on lets have some fun.” Jughead suggested with a mischievous grin.

“Juggie there is just a stool. I can sit on my own when I am sober. I should I manage it when I am tipsy? You are too? She stated with laugh.

“Just a little. You know that I never get fully drunk. I know that I have to take care of you.” Jughead answered and kissed her lightly.

Usually she would been offended by some sort of comment but not when it came to her husband. It didn’t make her feel small, just simply nurtured and cared.

“I know you do….” She answered but was still unsure about his idea.

“I can sat you onto the stool  and hold you the entire time…and we can always scream for help.”

“Okay.” She agreed and the smile she received from him was totally worth the risk.

“You won’t regret it!”Jughead cheered and unbuckled her feet.

“Jug let me drive right next to the photo booth.” She suggested.

He scoffed playfully and said: “I’m wounded wife as if I couldn’t carry my wife through the every single room here” He said cockily and swung her arms around his neck.

She giggled as he lifted her up.

“See… pretty easy. You weigh nothing my wife. I could even dance with you like this.” He rasped into her ear and swayed with her.

She laughed at his charming manner and whispered “I love you so much Jug. How is it even possible that our love even grew stronger.”

“It’s pretty hard  not to love you. Especially when you have such a great ass in your hands.” He answered and squeezed her butt cheeks playfully.

Betty gasped into his neck and couldn’t help but bit her bottom lip.

God she just couldn’t get enough of him. Within almost four years this hasn’t changed in the slightest and the champagne didn’t make it any easier.

“Come on lets make these pictures before I am am tempted to rip that beautiful dress  of you right here in public.

She giggled and said: “I wouldn’t mind. We haven’t made the best impression at this wedding anyway.” and bit  in his earlobe.

“Cheryl and Toni will forgive us. We are kind of drunk for the first time since forever. But…”  he slapped her butt cheek lightly and playfully. “… this Mylady is PG 13. Patience is a virtue.”

Betty groaned in frustration but laughed joyfully as they stumbled like to drunken teenagers in the photo booth.

Drunk in love.


The first chapter of the third and final part of the Spectrum Fic Series is coming next week on AO3…

Or read the Spectrum Series from the beginning

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Bueno, la verdad no se si sea lo que pediste ya que no entendí mucho pero espero que te guste y perdón por responder tu pregunta tan tarde, pero estoy haciendo otros dibujos para así subir unos cuantos aun que las maldita tareas que los profesores mandan al azar no me esta ayudando para nada

Bueno, espero que te guste el dibujo, fue lo mas rápido que pude hacer, sin mencionar que tuve que poner esos ojos ;u;

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Cover collab with @shameless-donttellme


Life never has been that perfect as now. It had been the best three years of her life.

Her daughter was growing and developing healthy. Veronica – her best friend – is married to the best friend of her husband. She’ll finish her degree in professional writing alongside her husband this year. She was keen and ambitious to finish her first novel. Her husband was the perfect husband she ever dreamed of and amazing, talented photographer and writer.

What could possibly go wrong?

But what ever the future holds for them. They will go through it. Like they did in the past.


Because love and hope conquers everything…

The third and last  part of the Spectrum series!

Chapter one is coming next week on AO3

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New video on my YT (link in bio) - song is called “Baby Boy” was the last song I wrote when I was living in #venicebeach shot live live in #washingtonsquarepark #nyc this #winter by the talented @lashanebiera (also edited it) reach out to him for video work can’t wait to show you all what we are cooking up for the music video for other song #pressure. Anyways sharing is caring 🖖🏻😇 #TRUBDR .

#music #livemusic #musicians #troubadour #guitarsolo #guitars #singersongwriter #musiciansofinstagram #musicproducer #newyorkcity #nyu #west4 #singersofinstagram #artistoninstagram (at Washington Square Park)

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where should i go for university?

  1. new york university
  2. university of chicago (test optional)
  3. university of california - los angeles (test optional)
  4. university of california - berkeley (test optional)
  5. dartmouth university
  6. cornell university (test optional)
  7. university of british columbia
  8. columbia university
  9. st francis xavier university
  10. university of toronto
  11. university of south california (test optional)
  12. university of texas - austin
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