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#Tachibana Shinnosuke
akatsuki-shin · 7 months ago
Mo Dao Zu Shi Japanese Donghua OP & ED Preview
OP “千夜想歌 Thousand Nights Song” by CIVILIAN
ED “季路” by AIMER (not sure what it means, Google said “Seasonal Road”)
Tumblr media
Cast Announcement:
Wei Wuxian - Kimura Ryohei
Lan Wangji - Tachibana Shinnosuke
Jiang Cheng - Midorikawa Hikaru
Jiang Yanli - Saori Hayami
Lan Xichen - Morikawa Toshiyuki
Jin Ling - Kaji Yuuki
Lan Sizhui - Shimba Tsuchiya
Lan Jingyi - Saito Soma
Nie Huaisang - Hanae Natsuki
Jin Zixuan - Akabane Kenji
Wen Ning - Shimazaki Nobunaga
Wen Qing - Kawasumi Ayako
Wen Chao - Yoshino Hiroyuki
Wang Lingjiao - Asumi Kana
Luo Qingyang (Mian Mian) - Lynn
Jiang Fengmian - Hamada Kenji
Yu Ziyuan - Honda Takako
Lan Qiren - Sakamaki Mitsuhiro
Jin Guangshan - Hayami Sho
Wen Ruohan - Miyake Kenta
Wen Zhuliu - Sakai Keikou
Nie Mingjue - Shirokuma Hiroshi
Su She - Kobatake Masafumi
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azazahsan · a year ago
Tumblr media
My lovely hell has white hair! X"D
One egyptian god, one shinigami, one founder, two yokais and one human. :")
Thoth caduceus, Undertaker, Carla Tsukinami, Tomoe, Iriya, Zen (Hyun Ryu)
Image by @k009, Tks so much! :) edited image!
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idolish-seven · 3 years ago
Today, January 10th, is the official release day of Re:vale’s new single! Please enjoy the full version of “NO DOUBT”!
Don’t forget to also check out the full MV on YouTube here :)
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idolish-seven · 2 years ago
Today is December 5th, which means that Re:vale’s album “Re:al Axis” has been released!! Here is the full version of 星屑マジック (Stardust Magic), the theme song of the Celestial Pilgrimage series. :)
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paranoid-rhythm · 3 years ago
An Announcement From Fukuyama Jun and Tachibana Shinnosuke
An Announcement From Fukuyama Jun and Tachibana Shinnosuke
To all the fans who have always supported us, and to everyone in the industry.
We have been greatly in your care.
Fukuyama Jun and Tachibana Shinnosuke has decided to leave AxlOne on March 31st 2018. From now on, they would be working with a newly established agency.
We would like to express gratitude to you, during your time with us.
March 31 2018
AxlOne Ltd.
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idolish-seven · 3 years ago
Here’s the full version of “太陽のEsperanza”, the second song on Re:vale’s new single! ^^
Don’t forget there are new limited cards based on this song available in the Rare Audition and Scout Catalogue right now!
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paranoid-rhythm · 3 years ago
Thank You Very Much | Tachibana Shinnosuke Blog 2018/2/27
Recently, Shin-chan lost his beloved kitty, Lily-san.
He talked about it in his blog, I translated a few excerpts below.
It's been a while since then, but my child Lily, passed away.
She lived a happy life of 14 years and 9 months.
Her physical condition started to fail at the end of last year and it suddenly took a turn for the worse.
I took her to the vet, and had some exams done, but I was told that it would be better if I took her to a bigger hospital.
She was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer. I was told that it's quite rare for cats, that's why it was difficult to diagnose.
I've been a seiyuu for 15 years.
The one who knew me since my start in this career was Lily-san.
We were together everyday.
We were together everday for 15 years.
I didn't know that it would be this hard, losing someone who had been with you everyday for 15 years.
I couldn't stop, I didn't know humans can cry this much.
I find myself crying on the street, on the way home from work.
It was just so lonely.
I've calmed down from then, but as I'm writing this, the tears started flowing again.
That's why I thought, couldn't I have noticed that you were sick sooner? Was it hard for you, taking all those medicine? That I should've come home earlier, and pet you, and played with you more.
But, Lily-san, I was truly happy.
The 15 years that I knew you, I was really, really happy.
You brought me a lot of things that I didn't have, taught me a lot.
Even now that you're gone, you're still continuing to teach me.
For me, Lily-san was the best partner.
Thanks for your hard work.
Thank you for being with me for all these years.
It's been a truly, truly fun and wonderful 15 years with you!
If I have one wish, I'll be very happy if we can meet again, somewhere.
Tumblr media
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cocotome · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a game I’ve had on my phone for about 2 years and it’s called Ayakashi Koi Gikyouku. It was a mobile-only game that’s recently been ported, IN ENGLISH, to the Nintendo Switch!!
As you can see from the pic above, the price isn’t too bad at $24.99 (and if you already have gold coins from purchasing other games on the Switch, like myself, it’ll be even cheaper).
Even tho you’ll easily be able to find a synopsis of the story, since it’s already been localized, I’ll give a quick rundown. You play a young girl who’s heard about this great club and decided to check it out. There, a band called Fox Ear is playing. When they begin, your necklace, a magatama, begins to give off a ton of light. You pass out and the band members bring you back stage. All the band members want the magatama but it’s impossible to take it from you. They all decide to try and win you over. The end! Well, not really but you get the point. Look at the cast tho!
Tumblr media
^Ak!to - Clumsy Lead Guitar^    Age: 21    Birthday: 3/23    Blood group: type B    Height: 181    Like: Mortorcycles ^cv. Miyano Mamoru^
Tumblr media
^KASUM! - Gentle Second Guitar^    Age: 21    Birthday: 3/23    Blood group: type O    Height: 176    Like: Reading ^cv. Kimura Ryouhei^
Tumblr media
^KouseI - Cool, Calm and Collected Bass Guitar^    Age: 23    Birthday: 8/29    Blood group: type A    Height: 186    Like: Cooking ^cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke^
Tumblr media
^U/KI - Genius Drums^    Age: 23    Birthday: 6/13    Blood group: type AB    Height: 172    Like: Kendo ^cv. Hanae Natsuki^
Tumblr media
^K-suke - Mysterious Keyboard^    Age: ?    Birthday: ?    Blood group: ?    Height: 184    Like: Photos ^cv. Hirakawa Daisuke^
I have every intention of buying this game on Switch but, I have too many to play now so I’m gonna hold off until I finish all the English otome games I have. I did finish 3 routes and they were all really good (I’m sure by now, everyone knows who my fav is XD). I hope the English translation is well done. Big thanks to OperaHouse for localizing this one!
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idolish-seven · 2 years ago
Here is the full version of 奇跡 (Miracle) from Re:vale’s new album, also featured in the PS Vita game IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia!
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idolish-seven · 2 years ago
Happy birthday Yuki!! ♪ Here is the full version of his 12 SONGS GIFT solo “千年先もずっと...” (For A Thousand Years...)
Merry Christmas! :)
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ichigo-kurimu · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Greetings    Tachibana Shinnosuke 
Hello everyone!
It’s Tachibana Shinnosuke.
From April 1, 2018, I have partnered up with Fukuyama Jun and formed a company. He and I are double shacho (president). 
It has been 15 years since I started working with my “voice”, but I have found another way to express my voice through “management”
We’ll overcover the waves of the ocean in a slightly different way. I want to aim towards finding a new world.
If you’re interested in our credo, it’s summarized in the company outline. 
I’d be very happy if you took a look at it.
I think you’ll be able to understand what BLACK SHIP’s goals are and how we’ll be running the company.
I would like to thank everyone who have supported and guided us as we worked towards today; the opening of this company.
While cherishing each encounter,  I will continue to devote myself to this company
We appreciate your continued support and cooperation in the future.
BLACK SHIP Inc.    CEO Tachibana Shinnosuke
JunJun’s will be up tomorrow (hopefully)
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idolish-seven · 2 years ago
Here’s the full version of the new song “激情” (Passion) from Re:vale’s album, Re:al Axis! Sorry for the delay in getting it uploaded!
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sugar-camus · 3 years ago
SABA Suvival Game Season IV 1st Preview
Host: Tachibana Shinnosuke, Hino Satoshi Guest: Fukuyama Jun, Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Abe Atsushi
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shakkuris · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Favorite moments from Ten Count cast talk~
A compilation of some highlights from the cast talks in the four volumes of Ten Count drama CDヾ(*ΦωΦ)ツ
1. Mysophobia
Maeno Tomoaki (Kurose’s seiyuu): I’m slightly mysophobic. I really don’t like it when people use my bathroom…
Tachibana Shinnosuke (Shirotani’s seiyuu): Ahh! I want to use it!
Maeno: *lol* Are you a do-S?
… (when concluding the talk)
Tachibana: I got to see a lot of things that I never knew about Maeno-kun before this time.
Maeno: I hope people can take those things (about me) in a positive way.
Tachibana: Sooner or later, I’ll make sure to use your bathroom.
Maeno: *LOL* Are you a do-S?
2. Four-Letter Ikemen Friend
(CD1, still on the topic of mysophobia)
Tachibana: Do you invite friends to your house then, Maeno-kun?
Maeno: I do, but only certain people have come into my house…
Tachibana: Hehhh~
Maeno: If we’re talking about the people in the (voice acting) circle, only one person has been to my place…
Tachibana: Wow!
Maeno: …That friend of mine, um, whose name starts with a K, um, and has three, no, four letters…
Tachibana: *laughs*
Maeno: That ikemen friend of mine…
Tachibana: *laughs* Oh, ikemen! An ikemen seiyuu.
Maeno: He’s the only one who’s been to my house.
Tachibana: Wow, is that so?
Maeno: That’s how much I don’t like to let people into my house…
Tachibana: Hehhhh!
Maeno: So I can kind of understand Shirotani’s feelings.
3. Not Very Tiring
(CD1, at the very beginning)
Tachibana: Otsukare-sama deshita. (“Thank you for your hard work,” or more literally, “You must’ve been tired.”)
Maeno/Fukushima Jun (Mikami’s seiyuu): Otsukare-sama deshita!
Maeno: I am not very tired! (Because *nothing really happened* in CD 1 lol)
Tachibana: Pfft!
*everyone laughs*
Tachibana: You’re right.
(And then in CD2)
Maeno: I think last time (in the first CD), Kurose’s aggressiveness is based more on his position as a psychologist, but this time he starts to become aggressive for his own emotional reasons… We can see more fluctuation in his emotion.
Tachibana: Yeah, you’re probably right. Since he is also starting to see how Shirotani feels, (Kurose) tries to push (their relationship) a step further.
Maeno: There is a chance that he’ll have an emotional outburst next time, and things are gonna get dramatic.
*everyone laughs*
Tachibana: Well, he’s been holding himself back the whole time…
Maeno: There is a chance that we’ll feel tired after the next recording session.
Tachibana: *LOL*
4. Maeno’s Favorite Lines
Tachibana: Here’s another question. “Please tell us about a scene/line that stood out to you, if there is one.” … I wonder what mine is…
Maeno: For me, it’s the line that’s written on the obi (the strip of paper wrapped around a book) of Volume 2 – “I’ll make you feel even more disgusted.”
Tachibana: Oh!
Maeno: I’ll make you feel even more disgusted…
Tachibana: Hm.
Maeno: Isn’t this an incredibly sadistic line?
Tachibana: Pfft… That’s true.
Maeno: Isn’t he an incredible sadist? I rarely get to say that kind of thing in everyday life, so…
Tachibana: People will hate you if you say that. *laughs*
Maeno: Exactly.
Tachibana: We have many topics to choose from here, which one do you want? Does any of them interest you in particular?
Maeno: Hm, what should we do… So for a memorable scene or line…
Tachibana: Doesn’t the stuff we just talked about take care of this? (They just talked about how Kurose and adult Shirotani don’t have many lines in CD 4.)
Maeno: *laughs* No no, I really liked (Kurose’s) line “You’re like a child” in the very end.
Tachibana: Ahh! Yes yes yes.
5. Pocky Game
(CD3, talking about how they feel about sharing drinks/food with other people)
Tachibana: So it’s like when somebody takes a slice of pizza, eats half of it, then hands the other half to you…
Maeno: No no no. I can’t take that.
Maeno: I guess it still depends on the food… I’m not good with food like yamakake (a dish made with tuna and yam paste), because everyone puts their chopsticks in there, and it’s kinda sticky…
Tachibana: I see.
Tachibana: How about the game where two people start eating a Pocky stick from the two ends –
Maeno: Ah! I wanna do that! I wanna do that! I actually wanna do that!
Tachibana: *laughing* You wanna do that?
Maeno: If it’s the Pocky game, I do wanna do it.
Tachibana: *lol*
PS: Takarai-sensei’s manga version of this xD
6. In the Future
Tachibana: Just how many volumes (of Ten Count) are there gonna be?
Maeno: Ah come on, let’s keep going. Let’s go beyond “ten” count… (Note: Maeno said “テンカウント以上行きましょう” here, which is sort of a pun? lol)
Tachibana: *LOL* You mean we should go beyond ten (volumes)? Imagine when you have “Ten Count 11”… *keeps laughing*
Maeno: That’d be “Ten Count Eleven.” (Note: Tachibana said “11” in Japanese and Maeno said “eleven” in English, so I wrote them differently.) *laughs* That sounds a bit weird. But no matter how long it’s gonna be, let’s do it.
Tachibana: Yeah.
Maeno: We want to keep doing this.
Tachibana: The manga is selling really well too.
Maeno: I know.
Tachibana: Seriously, sensei – Oh right, sensei came to the recording studio today. She was smiling a lot.
Maeno: Ah... That’s good to hear.
Tachibana: *laughs*
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seiyuunotabi · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Q: About the character you play? 
Tachibana Shinnosuke: Hasekura is umm, I wonder... A yandere. Frankly speaking he is a yandere. He’s very sincere towards his strong love for Kensuke. Seeing that no matter how many years past by, his love remains genuine. And that is the foundation of his character. For me he’s a very particular character because he sort of sets a line for himself, a side from Kensuke.
Hitorijime My Hero Interview with Tachibana Shinnosuke voice of Hasekura Asaya
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