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#amy santiago

Amy: is something burning?

Jake: only my love for you

Amy: no Jake the toaster’s on fire again-


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Amy: Jake, you need to sleep.

Jake: nah I haven’t slept in a week, I’ll be fine

Amy: a week?? Okay, now I’m forcefully tying you to the bed

Jake: actually I wouldn’t mind that…

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so i have to self isolate for 10 days (i tested negative & hopefully won’t test positive) but my job is practical which means i’m pretty much doing nothing so send in some peraltiago / Santiago-Peralta family headcanons i can write

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Amy sen harika bir kadınsın

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Holt: Were you dropped on your head as a child?

Jake: Bold of you to assume I was held



Amy: Jake…

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Ok so I can’t seem to find the specific word I’m looking for with this, but what comes to mind is the all-in/we’ll get through this together feeling that just radiates from them.  

(And, to be fair, this is a feeling that isn’t specific to S7.  But I just feel like S7 really drove it home, and is the topic of this ask, so 🤪)

It brought us a couple that, by now, are so much stronger from all that has tried to keep them apart: whether it be Witsec or prison or poor communication (*cough*Casecation*cough*) … they’ve learned, they’ve grown, and present such a united Don’t Mess With My Spouse front that you just love to see.    

I know ‘no matter what’ gets used a bit for them, but it really is the perfect term:

  • No matter what happens - infertility, bets made in haste, whodunnit accusations, going into labour at the precinct - they’ll get through it, together; because they’re always going to have each other to lean on.
  • No matter what it takes - intense conception calendars, hormonal treatments, beating curses and riding horseback through the blacked-out streets of Brooklyn - they’ll do it, because each other’s happiness comes above all else.  

Anyway I guess what I’m saying is that the way they’ve grown both as individuals and as a couple over the years has been so good to watch, and regardless of wherever this final season takes us, I just know they’re going to come out the other side even stronger.  ♥️  ok rant over and thanks for asking!

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