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#amy santiago
justaleapoffaith · 17 hours ago
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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [4/5] Female Characters -> Rosa Diaz
Jake, my choice has nothing to do with you. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I gave up my career, my friends, my whole life. But I did it. Because I couldn’t ignore what I was a part of anymore, couldn’t ignore what the police are doing in my community to people who look like me.
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hexsdexs · a month ago
Rosa "the badass" "the closest to all members of the squad" Diaz.
Opening up to Charles first.
Charles got to call her Roro.
Eventually coming out to Charles first, weeks before she came out to the rest of the squad.
Telling Gina about her secret bathroom when she needed it.
Crying when Gina left even though it wasn't even her "gina moment"
Gina taking care of Rosa when she was sick, even made her a care package herself!
Rosa telling Amy she has her back during the first season
Rosa supporting Amy during her bachelorette party even after it kept getting more lame, insisting to turn it around
Rosa wanting to win a stroller for Amy because she felt bad about buying her the wrong stroller
DELIVERING AMYS BABY?? And countless others with Amy too.
Rosa and Jake being the ultimate partners?? In the academy together?? A thousand push ups??
Rosa opening up to Jake after he was upset they aren't as close as he would like
Rosa and Jake's first and final impressions
Rosa asking Jake to be there when she comes out to her parents.
Rosa hanging out with hitchcock and scully and actually enjoys herself. Challenging them to the "butt-lympics"
Rosa asking Jake to make sure Terry likes adrian because his opinion means too much to her
Rosa immediately gives zero shits about the case anymore when she hears that Sharon has gone into labor
Rosa sticking with her stupid dozerpad for Terry and for Terry only.
Rosa helping Terry achieve the 99 arrest record.
Rosa and Holt being GREAT at emotions together.
Rosa and Holt listening to death metal together after her breakup
Rosa letting Holt move in with her?????
Girly can act all badass but she's truly the softie of the squad. She's literally everyone's best friend.
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