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#and make an animatic now that I think about it!
working-dreamer · 4 months ago
You know what needs to be its own music genre? Popular songs being covered by voice actors. You surprisingly don’t see it often with kid’s shows, but on the rare times it does pop up, it really highlights how much fun voice actors can have with their characters.
I mean you got:
The Looney Tunes singing It’s Now or Never by Elvis
Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Time Warp
Daffy and Bugs Bunny singing Can’t Buy Me Love by the Beatles
Larry and Mr. Lunt singing I Will Always Love You by Celine Dion
Bugs Bunny singing Good Luck Charm by Elvis
Bob and Larry singing Footloose
The Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
The list goes on and on with other examples but those are just some of my favorites.
You can just tell the voice actors are having an absolute blast when you hear these song covers. Plus, it’s such a cool thing to see these characters cross over into our reality in a sense. Idk- it’s just fun! XD
I’m gonna listen to The Looney Tunes sing Jailhouse Rock again.
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I Want You by Mitski except it’s the scene from season 2 of Minecraft StoryMode where Lukas creates a whole rebellion and them caught Jesse, Petra, and Jack and Lukas trying to confront “fake” Jesse and real Jesse trying to convince Lukas that he’s the real Jesse
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allistersshtuff · 4 months ago
I wish the content in the Hadestown tag was actually about Hadestown
#idk if it's just nowadays and it wasn't always like that but. 70% of it is just AUs from fandoms I absolutely have no interest whatsoever#like yeah sure buddy this Hadestown song maps well on [random character/relationship from other fandom I have no interest in]#but please please stop putting these in the main tag put it in some tag like 'hadestown AU' just stop clogging the main tag I beg y'all#I mean it's cool people like to do ht aus in their fandoms and everything I just#I just wish that people did not just view ht and its characters as a template to put other completely unrelated stuff in#and more as a work with its own with characters of its own#I know it's kind of inevitable considering it's a) a timeless fairy tale with a cyclical nature and clear character archetypes#and b) a piece of musical theatre. the kind which people (including and especially certain nytw!ht stans) tend to ignore the theatre part of#and just look at it like a bunch of songs. Instead of a full-fledged fully-realized story with character arcs and everything#and it's cool people do fanart and sometimes even animatics with ht songs for their fandom. I almost feel bad 'cause I am not interested#especially because I'd like to see art like that for ht itself. wish there was more art like that for ht itself#the other 30% of the tag is just. either 1) kpop blog spamming because one of the actors for ht korea is a kpop idol#which would've been cool if the stuff they spam about was really related to ht at all not just. random photos/edits of the actor#tangentially related/not related at all. why is it even tagged as 'hadestown'. I get dude's an actor in it but that's like. spamming the tag#or it is 2) some general 'theatre kid'/modern musical theatre aesthetic blogging which tend to crosstag about every musical in existence#which is actually fine. I kind of actually like these posts even though I am not part of most of those fandoms#and I'll admit Hadestown is the only musical I actually fully listened to asdjhasdhjas at least for now#(well other than TLT which I... actually don't like that much despite being a PJO fan. It's not bad but it leaves a lot to be desired imo)#still gonna listen to other musicals tho I think (when ht brainrot wanes and doesn't make me stop what I'm listening to listen to ht again)#I just wish more people talked specifically about hadestown itself in the y'know. 'hadestown' tag#(and of course there's 3) nytw!ht stannies spamming about old/cut lines and hatebashing bway!ht about every given hour#in which case f*ck them. I don't see many of these kind of posts anymore though since I blocked the majority of them)#anyway please please talk abt hadestown with me someone :((( I am starving for hadestown content please I feel like screaming in the void#fandom discourse --#discourse --#ignore this#ignore this post
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frecklydork · 2 months ago
Why is Megatron on your romantic list if he's so complicated for you? I'm just wondering, it's not meant to be an accusatory message.
I ask myself this very same question every day 🤔
#i look in the mirror and wonder why i let this warlord into my heart#it's cool tho i'll just break his ❤#anonymous#asks#💕 I want to be the one you remember 🖤💜#okay but in all seriousness i just think it's fun! :D#i love having a F/O that isn't sappy mushy lovey all the time#it's REALLY fun to write about petty drama between a war criminal and a tiny human#it's so fun to write the tension between me + a dozen evil robots on the ship#but ESPECIALLY with the one that is the LEAST likely to crave human affection#realistically he wouldn't give a shit abt me but do i write him differently? hell yes#that simp is on his knees 24/7 begging for my attention dumping flowers at my feet#while I'm looking the SiC up and down like he's a gourmet meal#tbh it took me almost a year to allow myself to ship w/ him#it's always gonna be complicated but that's what makes it fun!!#it's just fiction! plus it was such a ride going from enemies to 'what the fuck' to kinda-lovers#plus his playlist just hit 100 songs... it's fun to daydream animatics to#shipping with him started as a joke but now i'm actually taking it seriously#had to jump thru hurdles to make STSC and OP not hate my guts for it#STSC doesn't like it but he prefers it over getting beaten every second cycle#if megatron is buttered up enough he's too distracted to 'discipline' his SiC#OP is extremely cautious but he's like 'hey maybe keri will change him for the better'#OP canonically hesitates to kill megatron on a regular basis#he just has hope that his old friend still has that spark to revert to how he was b4#but he can't. it's too late. idc abt the movie IT WAS TOO LATE#so I'd like to think he'd hope that my Dumb Of Ass would 'soften' megatron somehow#i wouldn't. absolutely not. are u kidding me. but hey it's the thought that counts
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kozzax · 2 months ago
So the other day I was listening to music, minding my own business, and ran into a song that reminded me almost immediately of the Crastle duo. Now I need you to hear me out on this one, because it's a bit of a bold claim, but:
Bohemian Rhapsody is a crastle duo song.
"Mama, just killed a man / Put a gun against his head / Pulled the trigger now he's dead" [Bdubs, about the firing squad]
"Look up to the skies and sing" [the jukebox from the day 1 alliance]
"I don't wanna die / I sometimes wish / I'd never been born at all" [Cleo, setting up alliance after alliance to keep them safe]
Proper analysis under the cut because it got longer than I'd wanted it to!
Take a look at the early verses-- specifically at the "mama, just killed a man" verse. Super easy connections here: Bdubs, at the firing squad, killing etho and tango and saying 'ah, yeah, i killed someone. oh. i killed someone'. If I remember correctly, it was the next session that bdubs missed, so even the end of that verse-- "if i'm not back again this time tomorrow" can be interpreted in really interesting ways if you contextualize it as a conversation between him and Cleo.
The verse after it, too, can very easily be read as Cleo in the moments where Bdubs is gone. "Goodbye everybody / I've got to go" as she declares war on the Red Army for good, leading into her deal with Scar and the Widow's Alliance being set up as defensive measures.
Perhaps instead you'd think of the call and response "will not let you go / let me go!" portion. The back and forth of it reads the same as Cleo's final stand against Ren; as she chases him down in one final attack against him, with the repetition of 'no' at the end being the moment Cleo falls. Immediately after, swapping over to "mama mia! Mamma mia!" etc, as Bdubs and Tango race up into the crastle and Bdubs comes to the realization that Cleo is gone.
What about the lines right afterwards? "So you think you can love me and leave me to die? / Oh baby / Can't do this to me baby" featuring Cleo's grave, before Bdubs goes in on the attack for the rest of session eight. That final guitar section the final battle of Dogwarts, leading up to Bdubs in the Crastle again and looking down on everyone outside.
And the end: "Nothing really matters" as Bdubs pockets a clock and attacks Impulse, the alliance from day one forgotten. The faint "Any way the wind blows" at the end as Cleo's ghost, faint and barely there just as the line is, as Bdubs walks alongside Scar to his doom.
In conclusion: Bohemian Rhapsody is, in fact, a Crastle Duo song.
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self-insert-nonsense · 3 months ago
I saw it in London before The Dark Times and it is excellent. But careful there is a character I think you might fall for :p
oh trust me, i think i know who you mean
wicked's one of my fave musicals, and i've considered drawing zonta dressed as elphaba a few times in the past
actually wicked was the original inspiration for me making zonta a witch dfiugheiufh
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sleep-deprived-dragon · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
#art#ocs#whump#Fabian Ulrich#hello hi yes this has been in my folder for a bit now dont mind it too much i need to tag talk#particularly ive been getting  harassed to ask you what you think about dnd 😂#ever played before ever wanted to ever thought about it#ever heard of it 😂#not answering the question is a viable option as well if you dont feel like answering 😂#i am VERY nervous asking thank you very much#but thats a pattern hope its apparent i am. a very stressful creature.#but thats all really that i had to say i think#oh except maybe that i got to tell my friend all i know about alena#cause she had questions about the animatic#(i had to run it through her to make sure everything worked on youtube cause again. nervous creature.)#i am recruiting more people into the cult muahahahhahaha 😂😂#anyway i just had to stop myself from going on another tirade about how i love alena i think we all get it by now 😂#god how i wish that woman had a chance to beat charles to a pulp#kill him just a little bit yknow#maybe blink too i think if he got a chance to throw his own rock that would be nice as well 😂#wishful thinking 😂 AU where everyone gangs up on charles and just obliterates him 😂#alright see you love you im sending kissies baii❤️❤️❤️❤️#💓💓💞❤️💛🖤💓💖💛💜💗❤️💛❤️💖💚💜💚💞💕💚💕#💞🤍🤎💓💞💞💗💝💕💕❣️💖💗🤍💚🧡💖💚🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜#💞❤️💗💞💛💚💓🧡💗💛💓💞❤️💜💞💓💚💞💕💚💕#anywayyesthisissortakindaaninvitationtoplaydndwithmeifyouwanttoandhavetimeofcourse#illgonowlayfacedowninmybedsoidonthavetoseeifyouthinkimweirdbye 😂
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averlym · a year ago
get down you dirty rascal
a wipling! small short animation im so ridiculously proud of!
#okay so maybe im just a tad bit in love with anna and genesis. not that i didnt love them before but seeing the final thingy so far made me#////// and that's a good sign i suppose! also THE STUDIO CAST DESERVES MORE LOVE like aaaaa!??! something about them and the cast recording#makes me soft. you know comfort food? this is like the singy version of it that makes me nostalgic and happy and sad and filled with#such desperate longing for something and makes early morning/late night hours nice (also its 3am oops)#but IM SO HAPPY HOW THIS TURNED OUT?? i was watching youtube and went hold on i should do something instead and drew an old storyboard i ha#also some frames had to be cut for timing which is sad but at least i had too many instead of too little and didnt have to draw more#i have also learnt that timing the frames to the audio means you have to change what timings you originally had and audio covers slip-ups#like the hand grabby thing was originally faster but because it fits with the audio it looks fine and the iffy bit becomes negligible#videos dont seem to get as many notes? it's either because of low quality or just preference for the medium to be still images#im considering making a taglist for my animatic nonsense because i need to scream about this with people#maybe i'll make a youtube channel once i figure out how it works because in tumblr i'm kinda scared people will question me like:#why do you post these in tumblr instead of youtube?#same reason i dont use insta im comfier on tumblr and it clicked for me and i have so many lovely friends here#this truly is a passion project for me and it means much more and every time i post one of these i get soft#i think i sorta get what frogling said about passion. just a bit. i've had friends tell me i light up and get enthu and excited and bouncy#and that's how i feel about this i feel so happy working on these and making these (especially now im okay with doing short bits at a time)#and finishing feels so good. and notes kinda make my mood swing but for this even if it isnt as popular i keep going back to it in the end#again and again and still continuing because of genuine interest and love for what i'm doing#it makes me feel alive and happy in a way i haven't felt for quite a while now#six the musical#six the musical fanart#six the musical animatic#anna of cleves#wiplings#animatic adventures
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