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#art restoration

All of this guy’s stuff is great, but this two-parter is probably one of my favorites - so much work to revive the piece, and the end result is absolutely gorgeous

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This would make a nice table top … 

The Despenser Reredos at Norwich Cathedral is one of the finest examples of late fourteenth century church art anywhere in Europe. It is named for Henry le Despenser, the bishop who commissioned it in 1382.  It shows scenes from Christ’s passion, resurrection and ascension.

While many such works of art were destroyed during the Reformation and the English Civil War, this one survived because the wood panel was flipped over and used as a table top. This was probably done by the Puritan iconoclasts because one of the boards in the panel was removed (see the blank areas at the top of each scene) and legs were added at the four corners. For about 200 years the table was used in a workshop within the cathedral. In 1847 something rolled under the table and the person retrieving the object looked up and saw the paintings. The missing parts were reconstructed and the central painting was restored in 1958.  

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Lady Liberty enjoyed a spa day on July 22, 1938, as workmen carefully removed her crown’s signature spikes so that the steel supports beneath them could be replaced, the NY Times reported. The whole of what was then called Bedloe’s Island was undergoing a bit of a makeover at the time. Construction began in 1937, largely funded by FDR’s New Deal. It was put on hold in 1941, when the U.S. entered World War II, but picked back up in 1948 and was completed 9 years later, transforming the island into a bona fide park. It was officially re-christened with its current name—Liberty Island—in 1956.

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The art restorer got a new palette
to make his process a little clearer

(and maybe prettier, too,
we never stop chasing that,
do we?)

and I miss the old one. 
I loved the muddy, layered chaos
of it, each color forgotten
until it is needed again–

and suddenly the muddy shadows
become life in all its intricacies. 

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