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#chinese art

Zhang Yingnan — Different and the Same  (oil on canvas, 2014)

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Wang Yibo / IMMORTALITY / 8x10 / software used: PaintTool Sai and Photoshop

Originally posted on: Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation, Weibo, and here.

This took me my entire afternoon, so roughly about 10+ hours not including my sketching process. I wanted to draw Yibo again, I did my best haahh, I’m still learning his features.

Please do not repost to other social media, you may reblog this post if you’d like or share this post, but please do not repost my work. Please do not edit it, trace it, claim as yours or attempt to sell it in anyway. Thank you.

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Just then, a bright light white as day exploded into the blackened night.

That light was lanterns.

Like thousands upon millions of fish swimming through gorges to the sea, countless lanterns slowly floated up.

They shimmered and gleamed in the dark night, radiant and brilliant, like floating souls of a magnificent dream, exceedingly beautiful, brightening the blackened mortal realm. In the face of such a striking sight, none could speak. All held their breaths, their words broken.

Xie Lian watched that sky full of lanterns in dumbfounded awe. It was like his breathing had stopped and nothing could be heard, and he remained dazed for a good while.

~TGCF Ch 91 (translated by Suika & Rynn)

This took forever and I used so much yellow. I never want to paint another lantern again lol

Oil on canvas

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Ouyang Chun  —  Poor Artist   (oil on canvas, 2007)

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im auditing a hsk level 1 class on coursera and there’s some art i like in a pdf they have but they dont mention any artist(s) so im putting them into g**gle image search and hoping for the best

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Yuan Yuan — Golden Era  (oil on canvas, 2015)

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Guo Jian (郭健) — Trigger Happy II  (oil on canvas, 1999)

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Apple and Bird Fan Face by Huang Quan (903-965)  the Five Dynasties period and the Song dynasty

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Vivien Zhang (Chinese, b. 1990), Grid Method (Stacking Obscurity), 2020. Acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas, 51 x 46 cm.

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Lu Xinjian — Reflections / American Congress in Red  (acrylic on canvas, 2015)

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Wang Xingwei — The Romantic Dust of the History of Male Heroism  (oil on canvas, 1996)

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Kong Lingnan — Twenty-eight Mansions-Encampment (oil, canvas, 2010)

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Luo Quanmu  —  Sleepless City   (oil on canvas, 2017)

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Wang Xingwei  —  Dawn  (oil on canvas, 1994)

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