khalliys · a day ago
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Beauyasha Week Day 2 - Hair
Oh, to be a young Beau, dozing on your girlfriend's lap and basking in the sun while she gently braids your hair.
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vethbrenatto · 15 hours ago
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danikatze · 2 days ago
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ID in alt text
Without realizing it I'd already drawn half of the Mighty Nein in the past couple of weeks, so I might as well finish what I started hahah. So Jester and/or Veth next!
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avalencias · a day ago
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Beauyasha Week, day 1: angst/champion
Well…I’ve fully never been able to get this out of my head so. Have at it folks. A wordless comic I drafted up weeks ago, I like to think it still holds up. I will freely say I meant to refine this more but as ever, work did not allow that do here’s what y’all get.
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allenthelost · 11 hours ago
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Beauyasha Week Day 2 - Hair
a lil late but got busy today and wasn't able to finish up what was left until now :>
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ashandcinders · a day ago
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Beauyasha week has started 👀 I just finished Song of Achilles, so I’m filled with angst right now. Study of the famous Menelaus and Patroclus statue
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beauyasha-week · 2 days ago
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1.) Angst • Champion
To take part in the event, tag your work with #BeauyashaWeek2022.
We accept animation, art, cosplay, edits, fics, headcanons, memes, mix-media, playlists, etc. We give participants the freedom of interpretation when it comes to prompts.
Thank you @llylandrill​ for the beautiful graphic art. 💙🤍 Please support artists by engaging with their work.
➤ Critical Heroes: The Bee Conservancy (🇺🇸), Ocean Sole (🇰🇪), Save the Children (🌍).
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friendsandcookies · a day ago
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Day 2: Hair
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dragontamerdame · 8 hours ago
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Closest shave
(For @beauyasha-week Day 2)
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lyricalporcupine · a day ago
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Happy Beauyasha Week! Day 1, Angst/Champion. AU: What if Beau had been the one to stab Yasha, and that broke the control Obann had over her? Anyway, enjoy! 💕💕 Now with Story!
Beau isn't sure how it happened. Yasha, under Obann's control, had managed to knock her onto the flat of her back. Chest heaving, and every inch of her aching, Beau watched as Yasha slowly approached her, Skingorger dragging along the tiles of the Cathedral as she gripped it in her hands.
Beau had always hated that sword.
Yasha came to a stop beside her, and Beau's bleary eyes watched as she raised her sword, the jagged end of it pointed down at Beau's chest.
Just as Yasha plunged the sword down, Beau quickly rolled out of the way. She heard the clank of metal against stone, and when she turned, Beau could see that Yasha had somehow managed to drop her sword. Without much thought, Beau darted for the rusted iron sword, and managed to grab the hilt before Yasha could. Beau pulled back then lunged forward, sinking the sword so deep into Yasha that Beau was nearly flush up against her.
There was a brief spark of amber directly behind Yasha as she fell to her knees. And only when she smiled up at Beau, her warm, callous-roughed palm cupping Beau's cheek, did Beau finally realize what she had done.
"Thank you," whispered Yasha softly, her skeletal wings flexing around them.
Beau's hands dropped the sword, and her arms wrapped around Yasha as she fell forward, finally free of Obann's control.
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khalliys · 2 days ago
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Beauyasha Week Day 1 - Angst / Champion
Happy Beauyasha Week, everyone! Let's kick this week for our bestest, favourite couple off with some delicious angst.
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vethbrenatto · 18 hours ago
i am such a fan of early campaign beauyasha. there is nothing like early campaign beau having combination frat boy/insane flirt energy + yasha just standing there being stoic and awkward in response.
beau, draping herself over yasha: oh! i am so wounded and weak. wouldn’t it be oddly intimate if someone were to........ nurse me back to health? maybe someone big and strong and tall with huge muscles who could carry me like it’s nothing?
yasha: um. yeah. okay.
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stardustedknuckles · a day ago
Alright. Way back when the campaign ended I made a post explaining that while the appeal of lifespan angst isn’t necessarily lost on me, it’s an aspect of real life I don’t see the need to enforce on a fantasy world with an established afterlife, and I certainly don’t think 70 years from now that it’s as scary a prospect as it is in their 20s. I don’t really know a lot about god domains and I don’t care. What I do know is that the Good Place’s concept of paradise as nothing more or less than time, as much as you need, shook me in a great way and that’s the kind of joy I demand if I’m going to dive into real, non-resurrection death.
So here you go. 2.5k, slammed out in three hours and very raw. No time to overthink and water it down with too many explanations. I think it’s very joyful, all told. Beauyasha week 2022, Day 1: Angst or Champion
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villainlore · 13 hours ago
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allenthelost · a day ago
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Beauyasha Week Day 1 - Angst (&) Champion
I was suppose to not to spend too much time on each day this time, but apparently my brain and hands decided against that again. Have some angst :)
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ashandcinders · 16 hours ago
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Beauyasha class swap day! Path of the Storm Herald Beauregard and Way of Long Death Yasha, this was really fun to do so I hope you enjoy :3c
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The glare Beau gives when Eadwulf attempts to flirt with Yasha is EVERYTHING.
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ashleyinwondrland · 10 hours ago
“I’ve had alot of people in my head and I don’t want to give them you.”
My heart stopped for a moment.
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mophamsa · 26 days ago
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We’re at it again folks.
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lyricalporcupine · a day ago
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BYW ‘22 Day 2: Hair Snippet under the cut!
Beau had agreed to the picnic on the sole condition that it be a working outing, which is redundant, she knows. Still, sprawled out on the soft blanket Yasha brought with them, letting the early afternoon sun dry her skin and small clothes, listening to the bugs buzzing in the air and water rushing nearby, it wasn’t a bad way to spend the day.
She laid with her head propped up on the fallen tree, the overly large blanket cast partially over it for cushioning, eyes closed as she soaked in the heat. Her journal laid across her chest, and her right hand twirled a quill. She loved her work with the Soul, but, despite it being her own insistence, she hated she had to work.
Approaching steps had Beau cracking an eye open, and she looked up at her wife, the sun haloed behind her. Beau felt her heart skip, then skip again when Yasha smiled.
Beau brought her empty hand up to shield her eyes, and, taking in Yasha's pinked skin, asked, "Find what you were looking for?"
Yasha's smile grew, and she waved a few large, plump looking leaves in her hand. "I did." She took another step towards and around Beau, who sat up and scooched forward to allow Yasha to sit behind her.
Beau waited a moment, then leaned back against Yasha's body. "And what did we learn?" Beau teased, tilting her head back to smile at Yasha.
Yasha poked Beau's ribs, and the human squawked and squired at the tickle. "Not to leave the packing to you."
Beau giggled and leaned forward again, allowing Yasha enough room to squeeze the gel-like substance from the leaves, and rub it into her skin. A moment later she was being tugged back against Yasha, who then began to rub her shoulders.
"Almost done with your notes?" Yasha asked a little while later, and quietly as to not disturb Beau's work too much.
Beau hummed as she scribbled into her notebook, pausing to lief through one of the books in her pack before writing something else down. She felt Yasha's hands gently squeeze at the back of her neck before slowly sliding up the back of her head. When she felt blunt nails gently scratch at her scalp, she sighed as her eyes fluttered shut. It lasted only a few, too brief moments before Yasha began to play with her hair. She felt gentle tugs as Yasha would braid, unbraid, then braid it again, over and over, brushing it out with her fingers.
"It's gotten so long," Yasha mused quietly.
And it had. Nearly a year since they put their adventuring gear away (well, since Yasha put hers away; Beau would still leave for Soul business on occasion). Though she still kept her undercut, the rest of her hair had grown to nearly her butt, but it was hard to tell that when she kept it up in a bun most of the time.
She felt a tickle on her nose and sneezed, pulling back to see Yasha waving the tips of her hair against her face. Beau smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on the underside of Yasha's jaw. 
Yasha smiled, her cheeks turning red for a reason other than the sun, and kissed Beau softly. "I won't disturb you again," she said softly.
"You aren't," Beau insisted gently. "And I'm almost done."
"Okay," Yasha replied. "I'll be here when you are."
Beau smiled a dopey smile before turning back to her notes. "I know."
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