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unskilled-dabbler · a day ago
Where does Bruno hide his salt? Where do the rats go when thrown under his ruana?
Tumblr media
Brief interaction with @encantoisawesome inspired this idea.
Look at that doting rat dad ❤️
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
Comforting an Anxious Bruno Madrigal
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Reader
Tags: hurt/comfort, fluff, established relationship, comfort kisses, comforting touches, anxiety
A/N: I definitely think it'd take Bruno some time to get used to being around a lot of people again.
Tumblr media
Bruno is very used to being alone with his thoughts so it takes him a while to adjust to being in large crowds of people
In addition he also doesn't feel comfortable being in big open spaces for a very long amount of time
When ever the two of you go for a date in the town, or just a walk together, he's always a little tense at first, adjusting to all the unmuffled noise around him
At first he was a little jumpy around the town folk and understandably so, they always thought he brought bad luck
It was weird for the people to see him walking around again, it was a very tense and awkward atmosphere at first
You always held his hand, your thumb caressing the back of his hand in soothing circles, offering him comforting smiles whenever he glances your way
Over time it became easier for him to interact with the people in town and he started to visit you late at night rather than you always going over to his room
Of course his mice accompany him, sometimes arriving before him, bringing you flowers
But he still doesn't like spending a lot of time outside, with lost of eyes on him
When he feels overwhelmed he pulls his hood up over his head in an attempt to hide his face, his hands having a tight grip on his poncho
If he does that then you will loop your arm around his, lead him either to your house or his room, which ever is closer, pull his hood back and slowly kiss his face and lips, leaning his head on your chest and just telling him to breathe along with you
When he calms down a bit you'll go and eat some of Julieta's cooking, not for any healing but because Bruno loves the food so much, it brings back warm memories to him
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lunamadrigal · a day ago
Bruno's kiddos would be the ones to enjoy buñuelos a lil too much.. Too much enthusiasm, with reckless abandonment and competitively, in the sweetest way possible.
The way @daliceus makes my heart go boom boom with her art is otherworldly mkay
Tumblr media
Lily Lore Facts:
🌟 Lily's birthday is Sep 19th 1956 / Virgo
🌟 Lily's full name is Lily Estrella Madrigal. Estrella meaning 'star' and is her mother's maiden name.
🌟 Nicknames: Lil, mi estrella, moonbeam & stardust
🌟 The name Lily is a tie back to one of Pedro’s poems (Lily Of The Valley) and artwork he left behind in a journal that Bruno found as a child.
🌟 Lily's gift, like both of Bruno’s biological children, is connected to time. Hers being the ability to manipulate time, stopping, reversing and altering the flow.
🌟 Her door is the only one in Casita to not show her image/portrait on it. Instead a glowing half moon is shown and when being used the magic of the door is active and it ticks through the lunar phases. Another tie to her gift.
🌟 A special moment that Diego and Lily gave Abuela was when they brought her back to meet Pedro in the past. Lily’s gift age reversing her back for that meeting.
🌟 Mirabel made Lily a Benji puma plushie of her oldest brother after he moved out and into his own home on their street, for when she misses him terribly and stop her trying to sneak over. Both Diego and Lily adore cuddles with Benji in puma form.
🌟 Pepa was highly disappointed when she wasn't Diego's favorite family member as a baby which she got redemption for when Lily came along and loved the sound of falling rain. Pepa would be the only one able to get her back to sleep when fussy cause of this.
🌟 The white streak in Lily's hair was an effect after receiving her gift on the night of the lunar eclipse and Bruno affectionately calls it "kissed by starlight".
🌟 Lily's full gift explained: time manipulation
Ability to affect the flow of time (by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it), astral projection on a full moon she can visit the dreams of loved ones (rare ability and only shown/used once for Luna), dream-weaver (can help ease and settle subconscious thoughts in order to allow easier sleep, the family always thought she was given this extra ability to help Bruno but ends up using it on Benji's brother the most.)
🌟 Her gift is strengthened by moonlight, on a full moon (lilies grew everywhere the moonlight touched on the night of the eclipse, a result of Lily receiving her gift)
🌟 Growing up with older brothers Lily can hold her own and doesn’t shy away from a challenge, although the boys spoil her rotten, allowing her to get away with anything when Luna and Bruno aren’t home (they scream sing her song ‘Queen by Hidden Citizens’ to her and let her dance on the table when they’re alone),
🌟 Lily is the biggest snuggler in the family and hates sleeping alone, especially on nights when the moonlight is hidden behind clouds. Bruno takes his old ‘bad’ prophecy tablets and smashes them up, crushing them into tiny speckles and mixes it into paint, giving her room its own glowing starry sky for her. Lily loves it so much they later fill jars with the crushed glowing glass as an extra form of nightlight she can use when walking in the dark.
🌟 Lily loves sneaking into Diego’s room at night to cuddle, much to his regret (although he's never kicked her out or brought her back to her room so more than likely enjoys her company too).
🌟 Since Bruno is the breakfast maker of the family, Lily and Mateo love joining him in the kitchen, mostly to eat anything before he has a chance to plate it. They are always covered in a mess of crumbs. Lily loves buñuelos, same as Luna.
🌟 Her style is described as creative, artsy, colorful, somewhat eccentric as she pairs odd bits of fabric and likes to wear sombrero’s (possibly to fit in with her hermano’s which she looks up to), sometimes a bit of a tomboy even in a dress or skirt.
🌟 Bruno had to learn to braid her hair cause she enjoys how he grumbles, mumbles and talks to himself while doing it. When Bruno isn't able to braid her hair she ropes Diego into it instead, which he's surprisingly good at.
🌟 Her artsy side comes out whenever Bruno naps and she has a chance to draw on his arm, loving to add her special flair to where his tattoo sits. Diego has learned to hide her pens whenever he naps to avoid her making him "pretty" (sometimes he misses her hijinks and purposely "forgets" to put away her drawing materials).
🌟 Lily is learning to play the violin from Agustín cause she loves watching Bruno teach Diego guitar and is hoping to surprise them with her own version of "fancy guitar".
🌟 Bruno's children are the Keepers of Time whereas Luna and Bruno are the Seers
🌟 Abuela's tokens from her chatelaine were passed down.
The key to Casita for Mirabel, next matriarch
The locket with Pedro for Diego, link to the past keeping family alive in spirit
The pocket watch for Lily, keeper of the flow of time
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bozowrites · 4 months ago
camilo x reader ; bruno x reader : they have a crush.
a/n : i do this for literally every fandom i join
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Tumblr media
sometimes when he’s around you, he changes randomly out of nerves.
he laughs it off though.
makes tons of flirty jokes and messes with you a lot.
he either has all his attention on you or none.
sometimes he just can’t handle the pressure of talking to you!
romanticizes literally every interaction with you, its almost sad.
pepa knows, which means dolores knows, which means the entire family knows now.
he sighs longingly a lot when he’s around you or just sees you from afar.
he does get flustered a lot if you reciprocate any flirty comments.
smiley boy when you are around.
he can get jealous from time to time when he sees you chatting with someone else your twos age.
doesn’t dare show it though.
"well, well, well look at what la casita dragged in~"
Tumblr media
flustered a ton, like as red as a tomato if you will.
daydreams about you a lot.
watches you from afar, like staring and just watching you interact with others.
doesn’t mean for it to be creepy.
everyone in the family knows about his crush on you and make an effort to bring you around la casita so he can be around you more.
hernando isn’t afraid of anything and that includes talking to you.
gets awkward talking to you and makes jokes that don’t make sense.
likes showing you all his telenovelas with his rats. if you like them, he is overjoyed.
tells you really dramatic stories with dramatic expressions and just everything dramatic.
is a little afraid of how people will treat you if you two ever got into a relationship.
refuses to have visions about you. doesn’t wanna see something that could shatter his heart.
"have you met jorge?"
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nixthewolf · 5 months ago
Bruno Madrigal having a heavy crush on Reader HCs
Tumblr media
 Spoilers ahead ! 
Tumblr media
- Please give this guy  love.
- Anyway. You probably met him before he actually disappear.
- You two weren’t really close per say.
- Or at least it wasn’t physical.
- When Bruno was going to the village he would catch glimbs of you.
- You eyes would cross a lot. And boy, did this man blush a lot !
- He fell in love just by watching you from afar, and with the little chats you both shared.
- Too shy to really confess, he would help when he could. But he didn’t wanted to give you his bad reputation.
- So basically, he never gets to tell you how he felt...
- Until.. !
- When he came back, he didn’t exactly expeted you to be waiting for him !
- But please don’t tell right when he comes back. It’s way too soon for him.
- Bruno will still comes to you, talks to you (since you were nice to him before, he quickly came to you)
- He plays with the threads of his ruana when around you.
- If you bring food, or offer to help him with anything, or simply care about him, and even more ! If you ask him to watch his telenovelas... well that’s it, he’s head over heels for you.
- He sometimes daydream about the two of being married, even if you’re not dating yet.
- But he’s terrified of what the future await for your relationship.
- Bruno also wants to see into the future, to just know for sure but... he’s just too scared of losing you.
- He’s worried you’ll end up leaving his side.
- Still, he will always be there if you need him. Don’t you worry.
(Just love him already ! ><)
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invinciblegirl28 · 4 months ago
Bruno Madrigal as a boyfriend
A/N: ok so I finally watched Encanto and I fell in love with the small anxiety-ridden rat man, as was inevitable.
just a note, Horny Thoughts Hour™ is still open and I desperately need some Bruno content, so send me some asks! :)
- Bruno is very clumsy in romantic situations, at least to start with, so you'll have to take the lead a bit.
- He blushes beautifully whenever you compliment him, even for the smallest things. Call him handsome and he will stutter until he falls completely speechless with his face flushed red.
- The same thing happens if you borrow his clothes. Having such a visible claim over you makes his brain shut off, and you just look so pretty....
- Bruno is always the little spoon, since he likes feeling so loved and protected. He'll curl up next to you, normally tucked into your side with his head on your chest and his arms around your waist.
- He's incredibly touch-starved but is far too shy to initiate contact, so he just kind of stares longingly until you get the hint.
- He sometimes gets anxious when the two of you go out into town - the public's opinion of him is still unsure - so PDA can help to settle his nerves. Not anything over the top, just holding his hand can help calm him down.
- His favourite things to do with you are either reading or going on walks. They're just simple things where the two of you don't have to think about the rest of the world and can just enjoy each other's company.
- Mirabel will definitely hype the two of you up and thinks you're the cutest couple ever.
- Camilo, on the other hand, won't admit that he thinks you're cute together, but instead will shapeshift into Bruno when he's around you to tease you.
- Bruno is worried that you and his family won't get along, but the first time you meet them they all love you.
- You help Bruno to come out of his shell more, and he smiles more around you than he has done in years.
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dos-oroguitas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Following the rebuilding of Casita, you reunite with your lover whom you haven't seen in years after his sudden disappearance.
Bruno Madrigal x Wife! Reader
Being the wife of the misunderstood seer that had terrified the whole town of Encanto was less than ideal. Constantly under scrutinizing gaze and murmurs, one would think you would cave under the pressure. Bruno thought so too but you had smiled at him. As long as the two of you were together, there was nothing else to worry about.
And then he disappeared. In the dead of night, he had left your sleeping form without a note, without a goodbye, without a word. You would only awoke the next day to find your husband’s side of the bed cold and empty.
You grieved your love, you grieved the man who swore would never break your heart. The man who swore that he would always be by your side. And that grieving never ceased. Despite Alma’s attempts to make you stay in Casita, you only shook your head weakly.
“Home.. Home is where Bruno is.” You whispered on that fateful day that you brought up leaving. “And without him, I have no home, not in Casita..”
The Madrigal family watched as you packed your bags and left, bringing along with you what was left of Bruno, your wedding candle and the grief that weighed heavy in the depths of your heart. You would stay at the edge of the town of Encanto, often getting visited by a few family members with Mirabel, your niece, dropping by almost always to keep you company. You noticed she was just like your husband, stubborn, even as you had advised her that you didn't need any checking up on, she had insisted.
Today was different though. After the cracks that occurred on the streets of Encanto, you were cleaning up the damage that occurred in your own home, broken furniture and a few tiles fell off at the earthquake-like shake. The other townspeople had left to help out after the destruction of Casita but try as you may, you couldn’t bring yourself to return to the home that Bruno had left you in. So you stayed here, cleaning up quietly. Even as Casita was finally rebuilt and the miracle had returned you had stayed in your home. Even as the whispers and rumors of your husband’s return fell upon your ears, you didn’t move. Partly because you thought it was too good to be true. You believed that he was still alive. That he’s out there somewhere but you didn’t want to get your hopes crushed. You sighed deeply as you sat in your chair, cradling the wedding candle that Bruno had left with you.
You had expected the day to be slow and quiet as it always has been. Then the door burst open and in came Mirabel Madrigal, green rimmed glasses all wonky and tilted to the side, out of breath. Did she run all the way from Casita to here?
“Tia (Name)!” Came your niece’s frantic cries. You whipped your head to her direction, as frantic as she was.
“What happened? Mirabel, are you okay?!” You exclaimed, cupping her cheeks in your hand.
Mirabel would only shake her head, grabbing your hand. “There is something you should see!” She had managed to drag your confused form up to your doorway before you had halted.
“What is it? Ay, Mirabel, where are you taking me?” You had tried to calm yourself, heart suddenly hammering against your chest.
Mirabel only shook her head. “In Casita! There is someo.. something you need to see, Tia!” You purse your lips, you really didn’t want to go but Mirabel had looked so panicked and her tugs of your hands seemed like it was an emergency.
“Bueno, Bueno, fine!” You had sighed in exasperation, letting her drag you out of your home and to Casita.
As you approached the house you had once called home, you saw a few figures in front of the house. Their eyes had widened and Julieta and Pepa were the first to engulf you into an embrace. Though you would look at them skeptically. They seemed both nervous as well as excited. Alma was by their side, looking remorseful but happy that you were here. Though the three had exchanged looks that you weren't able to see.
You were about to part your lips, wanting to ask what was the problem before you were swiftly whisked away by Mirabel once more. Through the halls of Casita, and you stopped upon nearing your lover’s door. The memories of you and Bruno resurfacing.
“Mirabel, I, por favor, I can’t..” Mirabel had stopped as well, looking at you before her gaze flickered to the door. She shook her head, lips pressed firmly into a line as she stubbornly opened the door.
“Mira, c’mon I..” You were pulled into a tight hug by Mirabel. “Please, Tia, just trust me?” Her imploring gaze made you sigh shakily. You didn’t even know what lies behind those closed doors. It hurt just being there. Your heart clenched painfully but at the same time there was something drawing you in. You purse your lips before sighing deeply. “Whatever it is better be worth climbing all those stairs.” You glare at her playfully, watching as her lips turned into a happy grin.
“Trust me, it’s worth it.” You hear your niece say. You slowly pull away from the embrace, hyping yourself up to once again walk through the all too familiar room. “Here goes..” You entered the room, greeted by the sand that you admittedly missed despite having it on your clothes everyday when you were still living here.
You looked at the stairs, grumbling to yourself. Damn you, Bruno. You had asked him for an easier way to climb the large room but he had never really gotten to it. Slowly you made your way to the top, wheezing and out of breath.
After much climbing and walking you had made it to your lover’s vision cave. You ran your fingers on the worn down walls, remembering all the times you and Bruno had whilst he was still with you.
You smiled bitterly. You never could forget about the eccentric man that caught your heart with both his clumsiness and quirks you found adorable rather than annoying like other people would say.
You had expected there to be nothing but sand. Like it always had. It was left untouched by you, afraid that you would disturb or wipe away any essence that remained of your beloved husband. What you didn’t expect was a lone figure standing there. Unruly dark hair and a familiar green ruana. You squinted before your eyes widened, your footsteps halting. Your breath got caught in your throat.
Bruno Madrigal had expected his niece or any other family members. He didn’t expect to turn and be face to face with the love of his life. The same one he had left all those years ago. You were still so beautiful. Sure you had greying hair like he had but he swore you had still looked the same on the day he left you. And the yearning turned to fear, were you angry at him? Did you hate him? Why weren’t you saying anything?
“I know what you’re gonna say, (Name).” Bruno’s voice trembled as he looked at you. He swallowed thickly, fidgeting under your gaze.
Of course he had thought of a reunion with you two but never like this. He tried to rehearse the words that he would say with the help of his rats but each time it didn't feel right.
“How could I have done this?” He looked at you, desperately as you said no words, you had only stared at him, lips parted. He looked down, rambling even more. “Staying away all of these years, living in Casita’s walls, why didn’t I come back to you..”
“Well, what sign did I have that Mamá or the rest of the family wouldn’t take the vision the wrong way?” He asked frantically, still receiving no response. And his palms felt clammy. Did you hate him so much that you didn’t even think he was worthy of your words?
“That anyone in Encanto wouldn’t see me as a bearer of bad news?” He tried to avert his gaze, his nervousness evident as he fiddled with the ends of his green ruana.
“I tried so hard to get another vision, to find another answer but I couldn’t..!” He continues.
“I-I know that I left you all alone when I promised I wouldn’t,” He continues, tears welling up in his eyes as you remain silent, his voice cracking. “But I thought you’d be better off without me.” You were a part of the reason why he had left. You had deserved better than him, he had thought. Before your marriage to him you were sought after, loved by the village for your kindness but their looks and smiles of admiration turned to pity when they were informed that you were betrothed to him.
You approached him, your gaze longing and as you took a few steps forward, he took a few steps back.
“But I was wrong, I see that now but..” His back met the walls of his vision cave and he stammered. There was no more room to back up to.
“Oh, stop being so stoic, (Name). Go on! Shout, scream, say something!” Your silence made him nervous. He knew what he did was unforgivable and he deserved the questions and the screams you should be giving him but there was nothing. You remained quiet and he was startled to see you raise your hand before he felt your warm palm against his cheek.
His green eyes had widened as he looked at you.
“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” You finally whisper as your eyes gazed at him lovingly. All the years of grief and mourning for the husband you thought you had lost were now washed away by the happiness that flooded you upon seeing his face, feeling his warmth.. it wasn't hallucinations or dreams anymore. He was here. Your Bruno was here.
The tears that welled up in his eyes fell as he closed them shut savoring the kiss that you pressed against his lips.
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg
I just watched How to train Your Dragon again and thought this scene was very fitting to a reunion with you and your beloved rat husband, Bruno Madrigal.
I hope you liked it? I thought Bruno deserved so much love 😭💖😔💕
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acewithapaintbrush · 4 months ago
My last post about how Bruno got something in common with every one of the Madrigal kids?
How about I take that a step further and make it angst?
What if the sisters notice?
What if Pepa sees her little Dolores listening and snickering at something and when she asks about it Dolores says "Tio Brunos stories". And Pepa will suck in a breath and scold her for pretending and Dolores sees her mother getting upset and the skies turning dark, the clouds growing heavy with tears rain and she will stop mentioning Tio Bruno as she grows older, like they will all stop talking about him soon.
But as the years go by Pepa will still see her daughter tilt her head to listen and smirk and do that little "eep" sound her brother always made when he was surprised by something and even though Dolores always says "It's nothing" when she asks Pepa will keep watching and wonder.
Always wonder.
And she will applaud her Camilo when he shows her a play he has been writing where he plays all the characters himself and she will remember her little brother, pretending to be someone else and desperately insisting that his real gift is acting as the green still fades from his eyes and his brows are knitted over tearfilled eyes in a headache. And she'll see Camilo rubbing his forehead after overdoing it with the shape shifting and her heart aches in sympathy.
And then there is Antonio and his animals. Always so tender and careful even with little bugs, just like her Brunito was careful with the rats he always seemed to find and nurse back to health. She will remember her brother, whispering with the rodents long after he stopped talking to the rest of the family, feeding them crumbs under the table, trying to ignore Mama's disapproving stare. And when she sees her son playing with a rat or a mouse, her heart rate will pick up and she looks around, expecting to see... But she never does.
She never does.
And Julieta looks at her daughter Isabela and how hard she tries to impress her abuela, how every little mistake and imperfection leads to a meltdown until there are no mistakes anymore and her little girl fashions herself into this woman, a blank canvas, walking around town, gifting her flowers to her admirers without pausing, without lingering with anyone or meeting anyone's eyes. An untouchable goddess, just like her brother was this untouchable pariah, sneaking through town not pausing, not lingering, not meeting anyone's eyes but always on the lookout for Mama and her approval.
And Julieta can't stand seeing the same look in her eldest eyes and concentrates on her food and the little injuries because that is something she can fix.
At least this, she can fix.
And Luisa, carrying too much, answering every call for help, no matter how inconvenient no matter how tired she is. No call goes unanswered because helping the town is her duty, this miracle demands a sacrifice for all the wonders it brings them. Just like her mother always forced Bruno to leave his room, urged him to answer every call for a prophecy no matter how much he begs not to. "They will blame me" he always said when he was still small enough to think what he wants should matter. "You are supposed to use your gift. That's why the miracle chose to give it to you" their mother would say and usher him out the door.
And with the years his protests fell silent and he started to shrink right before Julietas eyes until he was gone for good one morning.
And Julieta looks at Luisa and her beloved daughter looks so strong, and present and just "there" and sometimes she looks like she will disappear any moment and Julieta suddenly can't breath.
Mirabel is so much like Bruno, it sometimes hurts to look at her. Their personalities are so very different but their spirit, oh their hearts and souls, they shine with the same warm light.
Julieta often remembers that dreadful night, the tears and the disbelief and the shock and she remembers Bruno, kneeling down by a shell-shocked Mirabel and ruffling her hair and saying "It's okay, Miri"
And she will only later realize that he was the only one.
Everyone else had said things like "It will be okay" or "We will figure this out". Even she herself had held her crying child against her chest and whispered "I'm so sorry corazon. Please don't cry" and her little girl had cried even harder.
But when her brother said "it's okay" her youngest had stopped crying and stared at that tall, disheveled man like he was her whole world and only too late will Julieta realize why.
Her brother was the only one who said what Mirabel needed to hear.
It is okay. You are okay. Nothing needs to evolve into "okay", there is nothing that needs to be fixed. Nothing to be sorry about.
You are perfect, just the way you are.
Julieta doubts that Mirabel remembers. Too small and too traumatized by that night but sometimes she wonders if maybe her daughters heart still remembers after all. When she walks with confidence through the town, when she talks back to a prickly Isa, when she declares, loud and proud, how much she loves her Familia.
Julieta hopes so. She tries to right old wrongs, tries to overshadow her own careless words that night by repeating over and over again how perfect her Miri is, just the way she is.
Julieta fears it's not enough.
Julieta wishes her brother was here to ruffle her daughters hair.
Julietta wishes for a miracle.
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gardenladysworld · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mytheoristavenue · 4 months ago
Encanto Bruno Madrigal 🍋 Headcanons
Tumblr media
Warning: Sexual content involving Bruno Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto
- Praise. Bruno has never been very confident in himself. His entire life has been built up on the foundation of not being good enough, and walking on eggshells to ensure that whoever he told about a vision took the news well. It’s no suprise that he needs more reassurence, esspecially after living in the walls for a decade. Any form of compliment or praise sends him on a high. It could be anything from his appearence to his performance, anything nice you say to Bruno, in or out of the bedroom makes him absolutely melt.
“Oh, Bruno, that feels perfect, you’re doing amazing.”
“You look so lovely from thins angle, Bruno.”
- Massages. Bruno is not as young as he used to be, well into his early fifties, so his mobility isn’t perfect, especially not after having lived in the cramped room behind the kitchen, and navigating the space between the walls all this time. Because of this, Bruno has developed arthritis in his joints, particularly in his back, neck, and knees. To easy this, you always give him legnthy deep tissue massages with warm oils. Your private times with Bruno were meant to be relaxing and rejuvinating, a time where you both could recouporate from the day, and you never missed an oppertunity to spoil him.
“Ah, (Y/N), that feels great. My shoulders have been so sore.”
“Of course, Mi Amour. I noticed you’ve been slouching more than usual, maybe that’s why?”
- Slow and Gentle. Bruno is ovbiously a very timid man, and he’s no different in bed. He’s always so high strung, trying to ensure that nothing he does brings him anymore bad luck than he already has, so he’s always very cautious when he is intimate with you. You always reassure him that nothing he could do in this moment could change the amount of passion you held for him, and in the back of his mind, he knew that, but it always made him feel more at heast when he was allowed to take his time. No matter what the current task was, whether it be pleasuring you orally, massaging your private bits, or penetrative sex, Bruno is going nowhere fast, and that sits just fine with you.
“Bella, just lay back and let me care for you.”
- Mutual. Anyhting you do to Bruno, he is doing back, and most of the time, he did it first. With oral pleassure, he always puts you first, and the massages he recieves always begin with him giving you a long, tender footrub. Bruno also loves mutual masterbation. It doesn’t matter if you’re touching eachother, or just tending to yourselves together, nothing makes him feel more comfortable than being able to let a kiss follow through to an orgasm with little effort. It’s lazy, but that’s how you both like it.
“Oh, Bruno, Carino, please let me finish you off.”
“Ah, Mi Vida, you spoil me. Now, come closer so I can reach you.”
- Love. Bruno, even before having met you, has never liked the idea of sex without feeling. He perfers to call your intimacy ‘love’, rather than anything else. He feels it’s more romantic, and it reminds him that you both how madly in love you are. He also doesn’t care for swearing, but he will in the heat of the moment. Rarely does he refer to sex as ‘fucking’, but when he does, it’s few and far between. Other than ‘love’ or ‘sex’, ‘fuck’ is the only other word he uses.
“Carino, I’ve waited all day to make sweet love to you, please fulfil my desire?”
“God, Bella, f-fuck, fuck, fuuuck....”
- Switch with a sub lean. Bruno’s roll preference is directly related to how confident he’s feeling that day. Rarely is he feeling  himself enough to pin you down, so he loves that you don’t mind taking the lead. He’s never bothered to submit to you, his favorite angle of you is from below, watching you ride him like a cowgirl, hair flying and breasts bouncing. To Bruno, you look like an angel on Earth. Ocassionally, however, he does get a burst of energy, and takes control of you. He’s always nervous, but with a little encouragement, he does very well as a dom.
-Whiny. Bruno’s voice in itself is on high higher end of the scale, and this, combined with his timid personality always results in a wonderful chorous of pleasured whining. Just like stated before, he doesn’t swear much, but when he does, it’s delivered through a a sting of unrelated words and breathy whines
“*Huff* shit... *huff* shit... ah fuck, *huff* goddamint...”
“Ahhh, Mi Cielo, damnit, I love you so much.”
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movedtomilksxda · 5 months ago
Could you do Bruno Madrigal x reader proposal and wedding headcanons that took place a few years before he left for inside the walls? Thank you so much!
❱ http:˚♡sounds of wedding bells !! ˚ˑؘ 🍙 ·˚
Tumblr media
° └➤ ・゚ˊˎ  BRUNO MADRIGAL  !! gender neutral 
-ˋ₊˚. ꒰ SYNOPSIS ꒱ .  proposal and wedding headcanons 
-ˋ₊˚ :: CONTENT . fluff, super sweet !! 
Tumblr media
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno proposing to his s/o is something he is not ready for however he really really wants this. 
꒰ෆ꒱ He is very nervous at first, he really wants this moment to be perfect, a memory that can be cherished realizing that you both were perfect for each other.
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno is the type of person to recite his speech to you, he will ask his sisters if it was good or not. His sisters would be glad to help, Juilieta and Pepa were good help because they know what a girl would want. They would advise him to be himself and speak from the heart. (im sobbing why is this so cute like wth) 
꒰ෆ꒱ His sisters chose a perfect spot for him, it showed the whole view of Encanto and the townspeople. And in night he knew that’s when all the bright stars would shine! (...bruh i hate how writing just makes me so flustered like wthhhh) 
꒰ෆ꒱ He would leave his s/o a note telling him where to meet him and stuff like that and also flowers outside their window. It is something sweet yet simple! (aweeeeeeee ahhhhguwejfsd) 
꒰ෆ꒱ You followed his note and went up to see him, and oh god it felt like you were in a fantasy. The scenery was so beautiful, flowers were settled on the ground making it look colorful, and the beautiful view of Encanto making the scene fit perfectly as the stars above both of you shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You would be astonished and awed because of the effort he put in this, it made your heart swelled. Your attention would be focused on Bruno who was smiling at you. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I have something to tell you, and I know it is hard for me to say it because I’m scared I’ll mess up....but here it goes..” 
꒰ෆ꒱ And this made your heart beat more and more when he went on his knees, you were trying not to smile sooo hard. You were so excited that you could just jump up and kiss him. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I-I know that I’m not perfect, I know that I have my flaws..and I know that I don’t deserve you. I never found myself falling for someone, I never had a chance to think that I’ll fall for someone who is so-so loving, caring, amazing, and beyond. No one never liked me because of my gift, but...but you saw the good in me...you-you saw that no matter what my gift was you would still stay by my side and you gave me a chance. I-I, you made me realize that....I’m worth something more. I love you mi amor...will you, will you marry me?”
꒰ෆ꒱ And that’s when you started crying, tears were coming down from your cheeks and Bruno was panicking so much because he thought his speech was bad. But in reality you couldn’t help the overwhelming love you have in your heart. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “YES A MILLION YES A THOUSANDS TRILLIONS YES YES YES!!” you would jump up and kiss him right on the spot, the stars glistening above you making your eyes shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ Now onto the wedding, you and bruno would go for something simple yet elegant. Like flowers around the venue (favorite ones to be exact) and everyone in town will be invited. 
꒰ෆ꒱ The wedding was something unforgettable, you remembered how you walked the aisle, you couldn’t help but smile. Everyone in town found it heartwarming despite how they felt towards Bruno. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You remember the way he looked the way he looked like a complete different man, it made your heart swell more and more. You just wanted to be in his arms. You thought you were dreaming, but when you saw him look at you..you realize this wasn’t a dream...it was reality. 
꒰ෆ꒱ When you two shared your vows you cried during Bruno’s because of how much he has been through and how you change his life. When it was time for the ‘i dos’ you didn’t even let them finished you just shouted ‘i do’ 
꒰ෆ꒱ with all the smiles and laughter you shared with everyone, you couldn’t help but admire Bruno more and more. And it felt like how you two first met, two strangers in one small town bumping into each other...
Tumblr media
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xxlemon-chanxx · 3 months ago
Some drawings I did of Bruno because he’s amazing and I’m still simping.
Tumblr media
Kind of off topic, but I drew the bottom left pic while thinking of this, so I think it’s worth mentioning here:
Do you think Bruno ever had days where he really felt his age? Like, the man is fifty and was living in a cramped living space in the walls for the past ten years of his life.
I have a headcanon that Julieta’s food loses some of its magic if it goes stale. So Julieta’s food will stop things like illnesses from being too severe or will be able to fix a scrape or a cut, but if you have cramping or stiff joints, then stale food isn’t going to help much.
Bruno will scavenge for leftovers and then will have to stockpile for both him and his rats until he’s able to venture out again for more, so he probably isn’t eating fresh food very often.
Imagine for a moment; Bruno, slumped in his armchair, or maybe even against the wall adjacent to the kitchen, and just tiredly trying to massage his own shoulders or maybe rubbing at a stiff knee while muttering about how old he’s getting.
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secret-ssociety · 5 months ago
If you accept requests for Bruno Madrigal, then can you write headcanons for Bruno Madrigal x reader who is clumsy and accident prone (almost on the same level as Augustin)? Thank you!
Bruno and his clumsy s/o
Pairing(s): Bruno Madrigal x reader
Warnings: none
A/N: I love how you keep trusting me with headcanons
Tumblr media
even if he could predict every time you were going to have an accident it wouldn't be enough
it happened in less than a second
you would be walking around, going about your day
and then you would be on the ground ten feet away from where you were standing
it was like there wasn't even something in between those two moments
sometimes he would even consider locking you in his room to keep you safe from the outside world and all of its hazards
that is until he remembered his room was a bunch of stairs a really tall tower that was a hazard itself
the only other person he knew who was so prone to accidents was his brother in law, Agustín
so Bruno decided to observe how did Julieta keep her husband from getting injured
pretty soon he caught onto the fact that she didn't actually do anything to stop him, she just waited until he got hurt to give her some magical food
Bruno didn't have that power, so he had to figure out something of his own
but it wasn't an easy task
you were a literal menace to yourself
he considered doing the same as Julieta, waiting for you to get hurt and having her make you a magical meal
but even if your accidents didn't kill you, they would kill him from a heart attack
in all honesty, he didn't have the best body coordination of all people, but it was enough to keep his feet on the ground
he tried everything, helping you with your chores, shadowing you the whole day, making you wear protective gear
you just kept getting hurt
so Bruno took on the best advice his sister could give him:
getting used to your clumsiness and loving you threw your accidents
kissing your injuries away as he patched you up was something you could be live with
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lunamadrigal · 9 hours ago
OMG head cannon: Bruno uses his eyes for flashlights!
New funny comic forming 💚🔦
Bruno's stomach growled, shaking him in his sofa chair. "I guess a midnight snack won't hurt. Juli doesn't have to know.."
Stumbling in the pitch black hallway his eyes focus til the smooth tiles come into view, blanketed in an emerald glow.
"I don't remember them being green." His barefeet tiptoe closer towards the kitchen. "Oh. Right. Duh." Chuckling at the obvious reason for the green glowing tiles.
"Now where does hermana keep the leftover arepas??" The sound of the cupboard creaking open makes him pause, sucking in a breath.
"NO." An angry whisper escapes his lips as two circular shapes on opposite plates stare back at him.
The green glow casts it's shade over every inch of the food taunting him.
"Arepa or patacones? Arepa or patacones?"
Eyes shifting back and forth between the green items, fingers wiggling out.
"Russian roulette it is." Swallowing and praying it isn't his arch nemesis of foods, the dreaded patacones.
Dribble drabble. I actually think Bruno likes patacones personally haha
Tumblr media
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bozowrites · 4 months ago
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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angelltheninth · 4 months ago
Signs of Affection With Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Tags: romantic fluff, crushes, love languages, PDA, dating
A/N: Did someone ask for more Bruno? No? Well here he is again anyways!
Tumblr media
Bruno is very shy with you at first
He doesn't really know how to act around a pretty woman like you, he stutters over his words a lot but his looks are genuine and affectionate
You think it's cute that gets so flustered around you
When he finally gets the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend you can tell that he's rehearsed it so it can be perfect
You take his hand in yours, making him yelp a little, you tell him that you don't expect him to act any different around you, you like the blushy, shy guy he is
He smiles bashfully
Then he notices that he's still holding your hand, his yes widen for a moment before he intertwines your fingers with his
He comments on how warm your hand is and that it's nice to have someone to hold your hand
After that he always holds your hand and he will gently brush his thumb over the back of your hand while doing so
Cheek kisses are a must, even though it makes him flustered every time, no matter if he's the one giving or receiving the kiss
He loves words of affection
He will tell you how lucky he is to have you every day
When you compliment something about him, his looks, his acting skills, tell him how cool and handsome he looks when his eyes glow he will be reduced into a flustered, blushy mess
Of course Pepa and Julieta tease him a little, they are his sisters after all, but they also give him advice and encourage him, they want him to be happy with you
Bruno is a more than a little nervous about PDA, especially in front of his family
He knows he's awkward and knows he gets even more awkward when he's with you
But he also wants everyone to know how much he likes you
So whenever you show up at the Casita, he will have his rats waiting for you with flowers and then he will show up to walk you trough the house, arms linked
When you kiss him goodbye he always gets a goofy smile on his face and sighs lovingly
He is very clingy in private
He loves to hug you, or to be hugged by you
He always whispers to you as you both fall asleep and wakes you up with little, slightly shy kisses
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invinciblegirl28 · 4 months ago
Bruno Madrigal - NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
Buy me a coffee? - ko-fi :)
A/N: ok everyone seemed really excited about this idea so I just had to write it :D hope you guys enjoy!
nsfw under the cut :)
A - Aftercare (what are they like after sex)
He sometimes gets a little panicky after sex, thinking that he's done something wrong or that he wasn't good enough, so he needs a lot of verbal reassurance. When it comes to you, he will do whatever you tell him afterwards if it makes you feel better, whether it's getting you something to drink or cuddling with you.
B - Body part (fav body part of themselves/their partner)
Bruno doesn't care too much about his appearance most of the time, though he does take a certain amount of pride in his hair.
He absolutely adores your hands. He thinks they look so pretty and whenever you're doing something he always finds his eyes drawn to the way your hands move.
C - Cum (where do they prefer to cum?)
He likes the intimacy and connection that comes with finishing inside you. It also makes less mess and he feels as though finishing anywhere else is degrading to you.
D - Dirty secret (self-explanatory)
Just after he met you for the first time, much to his surprise he had a vision of the two of you having sex. Bruno got incredibly flustered after that and refused to show anyone, but he kept the vision in his room for... personal time.
E - Experience (how experienced are they?)
Bruno has very little experience. He knows vaguely how it all works but he's been a social outcast a lot of his life and so hasn't had the opportunity to experiment much.
F - Favourite position (goes without saying)
His favourite position is fucking you while you're spooning. It means he can tuck his face into your neck and hold you close the whole time. (also makes cockwarming easier)
A very close second though is you riding him, bonus points if you pin his hands over his head.
G - Goofy (are they goofy or serious in the moment?)
He leans a little more towards goofy most of the time - he has a tendency to make jokes when he's nervous to try and play it off.
H - Hair (opinions on grooming etc.)
It's not something he really thinks about. He's also not had anyone tell him it was something he needed to worry about so he doesn't do anything with his, and doesn't expect you to do anything with yours unless you want to.
I - Intimacy (how intimate are they during sex?)
Bruno is very, very intimate during sex. He's a romantic and is always 100% immersed in the moment with you.
J - Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Because he has a low sex drive, he didn't used to jack off very often since he didn't feel the need. However, once he's in a relationship with you he starts feeling the urge more frequently, though he'd much rather go to you instead of dealing with it himself.
K - Kinks (again, pretty self-explanatory)
Bondage - he likes being tied up sometimes, since it's a way of giving up control, but also enjoys tying you up every once in a while.
Sensory play - anything involving blindfolds helps Bruno to shut his mind out and focus on the moment, and it makes the sensations that much more intense.
Light dom/sub dynamics - nothing too intense, but he likes subbing for you. He's very responsive to orders and enjoys you taking care of him.
L - Location (favourite place to do the deed)
He's been living in the cramped space behind the walls for far too long, so more than anything he loves a big, comfortable bed.
M - Motivation (what gets them going)
A sure fire way to get him riled up is little things throughout the day. A lingering touch here, a suggestive glance there, enough of it and the tension just builds and builds until he gives in.
N - No (something they'd never do)
He doesn't want to hurt you. He's open to being a little rougher sometimes, maybe even leaving marks on you if you ask, but he doesn't like impact play or any form of CNC etc.
O - Oral (preference in giving, receiving etc.)
He will completely melt underneath you if you decide to suck him off, no matter how much he insists that you don't have to, but he loves eating you out more than anything. He will happily bury himself between your thighs for hours until you physically pull him away, and if you tug at his hair then he's only gonna keep going for longer.
on his most sensitive days he'll finish just from eating you out
P - Pace (are they fast, slow, quick, rough?)
Bruno prefers to go slowly, since going too fast has a tendency to overstimulate him. He wants to make the moment last usually, though there are odd occasions (normally when he's had a hard day) where he gets rougher.
Q - Quickie (opinion on quickies)
He's never normally one to initiate quickies, that's your responsibility, but he certainly won't turn one down either.
R - Risk (how open are they to risk?)
He gets anxious around any new situation, so he likes to stick with what he knows. Trying new things with him will take a lot of reassurance and encouragement, though he's willing to try if he thinks you'll enjoy it.
S - Stamina (how long can they go for?)
Bruno gets overstimulated very easily - each round lasts long enough to satisfy both of you, but after 2 rounds he really struggles to keep going.
T - Toy (opinion on using toys etc.)
He gets extremely flustered at the thought of using toys on you, but he's willing to try it. Once you made him sit and watch as you used a toy on yourself, and he almost came right there just from watching.
U - Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)
Bruno isn't much of a tease at all. He doesn't really see the point in it when he could just make you cum instead.
V - Volume (are they loud or quiet?)
Bruno gets very loud when you're fucking him. He feels so good but so overwhelmed all at the same time so all he can do is sob as he clings to you.
W - Wild card (random headcanon)
When you first started dating, Bruno was still very starved of any kind of romantic affection. The first time you made out with him, he got hard, leading to a lot of stuttered apologies and a very flustered man in front of you.
X - X-ray (what's going on... down there?)
Bruno is pretty average in size, maybe a little above average in girth. He's not too big that it's uncomfortable but enough for it to be a pleasant stretch.
Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
His sex drive is fairly low, but he is very touch-starved and so constantly likes to be touching you, even if it doesn't lead to sex.
Z - Zzzzz... (how quickly do they fall asleep after?)
Bruno normally struggles to get to sleep, but after sex he just feels so comfortable that he falls asleep almost immediately. He feels so safe and happy tucked into your embrace.
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officalaizawa003 · 3 months ago
Why I love the triplets story
Okay so Bruno leaves in the middle of the night to protect Mirabel from the old hag his visions and be outcasted like he was. He probably also took into consideration that Julieta would have to live with a daughter that would either have to leave due to his vision or go into isolation because of it. So he leaves and an intresting detail i havent seen anyone point out is that Bruno in the walls turned his chair to the side where his sisters would be sitting. I couldnt find a good photo, but if youve watched Encanto a million times like I have, you remember where they sat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So no matter what, Bruno wanted to still sit next to his sisters (assuming he followed the pattern of his sisters and sat next to them before he left)
Now of course, we all know Bruno heard the song Pepa's side of the family sang about him as hes seen in the background a few times during Dolores verse of the song, bobbing his head. This song probably led him to think Pepa actually grew to hate him after all these years, meaning that the whole family probably hated him, which is why when Mirabel showed up he was super tense and you could see it in his actions and how he tried to get Mirabel to leave immedietaly after she just showed up as shown below
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fast foward to when Abuela and Mirabel make up at the river and Bruno rides in trying to take the blame for all the bad things that happened. Abuela forgives him yada yada yada they all go back home. Now when Bruno finally makes himself known to his family after 10 fucking years you can tell this man is either boutta shit his pants or run away and hide and then shit his pants because the body language he gives (bad posture, lowering his head slightly, shoulders up, slow movement, etc.) just shows how much he doesnt wanna mess this up. He probably barely had the nerve to even go confront Abuela let alone his ENTIRE FAMILY.
Now hes known Pepa all his life and as far as we can tell, Pepa is fiesty and very strongly opinated. So again, seeing Pepa he was probably like, "Oh she hates me. Im about to either get struck by lighting or get an angry earful." Which explains why when Pepa starts running towards him first, hes eyes go straight to her and the first thing he tries to do is smile and wave (supporting my theory that Bruno forgot what love/psychial love and attention is but thats for another post). Hes probably not as worried about Julieta as he is Pepa, as he knows Julieta's a lot more gentle when it comes to her emotions and feelings. Anyways Pepa comes fucking SPEEDING at him and hes just like, "Ohhh I fucked up." But nah, she SCOOPS THIS MAN UP LIKE HE WEIGHTS NOTHING (he probably is really light tho-) and Julieta hugs them both.
Tumblr media
Of course, being awkward and a bit suprised at the warm embrace, he slowly places his arms around his sisters. Then Camilo having two braincells is like, "So..where are the rats and why are you shorter then me, king?" Bruno goes on to sing his small verse on "We dont talk about Bruno" Now this is what got me. When he blurts out, "I'll start! Okay-" that kinda suprised Abuela, Pepa, and Julieta probably due to his shyness. Now when Bruno holds out his hand to Pepa, THIS WOMAN DID NOT HESITATE TO TAKE HER BROTHERS HAND! Like okay, this stinky skelteton of a brother who I have not seen for 10 years wants me to take his hand. FUCK YES! Like there was still a bit of after-shock from him randomly breaking out in song, but she gave him her hand no questions asked.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She barely had time to blink she took his hand so fast-
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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ashdreams2023 · 4 months ago
Bruno madrigal x fem!reader smut (story or hc whatever ya want)
Bruno is sitting is his room on a chair reading a book and yn comes and suddenly pulls his pants off and starts giving him a blow job and Bruno is to surprised to do anything,after he first have yn takes him to bed when they do some more
Giving bruno a blow*ob surprise
Look he’s already not used to people just giving him affection out of nowhere much less a blowjob
He was just minding his business reading a book Pepa let him borrow with the promise to not let the rats touch it
It was going all fine until you walked in, which wasn’t strange on it’s own but he noticed a sparkle in your eyes
He wondered what thoughts you hid behind those doe like eyes
Well he was quick to find out when you dropped to your knees all of a sudden in front of him
He was too startled to react when you pulled his pants down
And more shocked when you took him in your mouth
"Amor…what are you doing" he whimpers
He whimpers a lot
Grips the sides of his chair because he doesn’t know what to do with his hands
He can’t help but thrust into your mouth time a few times
When he cums he grabs your hair tugging on it
It felt good he makes sure to tell you that but of course will try to repay you back
Takes you to bed and goes down on you and doesn’t stop until your legs are shaking
Then some good old love making because he wants to do something both of you enjoy in the same time
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magicalencanto · 4 months ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Being Bruno's child with shadow powers! ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Bruno Madrigal
✎ ⁞ requested by @lilycore
✎ ⁞ date: 31.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're Bruno's child. You were born shortly before Bruno disappeared. Your mother was too weak to survive the labor and Bruno knew about it. Although he was heartbroken, he was very happy to have you.
Unfortunately, due to seeing the prophecy with Mirabel and broken Casita and for your safety, he decided to disappear. It broke his heart to leave you but he knew he had to.
That's how you grew up without the father. It was sad but you had other family.
But it doesn't mean that you were loved as a child should. Due to you being Bruno bloods and owning...dark gift, you were often ignored and isolated.
Your gift ceremony was a secret. Alma couldn't wait any longer and during the night, she woke you up and took you to your door. There you touched the candle, and then the doorknob. On the door appeared an older version of you, with a creatures behind you, like a shadows.
Alma was scared. And when your family discovered what had happened, they complained to Alma and took a pity in you.
But you didn't care. At this point you turned apathetic to some things and that was one of them. Why should you care?
The next day, you found out that you had a shadow knight protecting you. When you were in your new room at night, you couldn't sleep and wished to have someone there with you. And just like that, that someone had appeared. It was a tall, shadow figure, with an armor and bright yellow eyes.
On a contrary, you weren't scared. You always were drawn to shadows. You were raised in the shadow of your family so maybe that's why you've got such a gift? To truly become a shadow.
Since that day, the knight was with you everyday. During daytime, he couldn't be seen, because he blended with your shadow. During nighttime, he appeared in his psychical form an spend time with you.
You were a quiet, emotionless and apathetic child. You didn't like to socialized and often stayed in your room for days. Your room have everything you needed. It was a open room, with big bed and almost 360 view on the night sky. The star constellations could be seen and moon was high in the sky, which was synchronized with the moon outside your room.
Fun fact: no one has ever been in your room.
Mirabel was the only one who tried to talk to you. She was extremely concerned for your being. It was like...you truly never existed. There's no photos of you, your doors disappears when you want it to and she, and other Madirgal's are lucky to even catch a glimpse of you. Whenever she saw you, she greeted you friendly and tried to talk to you, but you always ignored her and disappeared in the shadows.
Antonio's gift ceremony, you watched from the shadows. You didn't went to his room and soon after he opened the door, you went back to your room.
One of the birds told Antonio that you were watching him, and the child was so excited, he tried to look for you but you were already gone. The truth was, Antonio didn't even know how you looked like. He knew you were somewhere there and was honestly sad that he couldn't meet you.
He and Mirabel talked about you a lot. In secret of course. Mirabel told him about your situation and showed him that there was nothing to be afraid of.
You were just misunderstood and alone.
And Bruno watched it all, with broken heart.
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ taglist: @10n31y-100n3y-10s3r, @justbookworm, @beamingbeaming, @vampireviel, @dreashappyworld, @wtfwithmylife, @realgaytrash, @pls-love-me-camilo, @chamomiledelight, @nightmare-chaser1, @mythicalbinicorn, @islandoffllowers, @kaz3yo, @sleemao, @i-yam-awesome, @camileon, @ermespop, @kanattac , @spilltheyeasis, @fangirl-2610, @mnomno, @dos-oruguitas, @prettygh0stg1rl, @aardoruwu, @hhaizulas, @yelenamybelovas, @onlywekn0w, @dos-oruguitas, @dos-oroguitas, @itsmesmileyface
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