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thats-a-rock-factt · 3 months ago
Bruno’s room?? Analysis??? Theory? Headcanon?? Thingy???
Encanto Spoilers!!!
Okay, I promise this will get to Bruno’s room but for starters, I think I should talk about how the casita’s rooms are implied to work. Sorry but it’s important!!
In both the film and the concepts, it very much seems that the casita’s rooms reflect a combination of who their owners are to others, and who their owners want to be. We only see a small handful of rooms in the film but this is best seen in Isabela’s room, which is a perfect, flowery, empty room. There isn’t any furniture that we can really see besides her hanging bed, the rest is all for show, literally advertising how perfect she is with topiaries of herself making “perfect, practiced poses”. This is who she wants, and strives to be for others, but secretly worries that she is lacking in identity outside of what she portrays to others.
Tumblr media
Why is this important? Because her room changes with her. In “What Else Can I Do” her entire room shifts and changes just as she does– the more she explores herself and the freedom and passions she never knew she was capable of, the room grows more colorful and wild and more difficult to navigate with her.
The concepts for Luisa’s room were similar– her room concepts consisted of various training areas with a secret room that led to an amusement park– a place where she could just relax and be a kid, but that she felt the need to hide it from others to appear strong. Jared Bush also recently confirmed that Pepa’s room never had “a place for her to let loose”, that that was “part of her problem”-- insinuating she’s been taught to compartmentalize and suppress her emotions instead of letting them go.
So now… we talk about Bruno.
Tumblr media
So firstly. No way did Bruno’s room always look like… that. Casita would have never given a five-year-old that room. And it logically doesn’t make sense!! We know from extra content that when Bruno first got his gift he was the “golden child”-- that people were impressed by his gift to see the future, it was only when they believed that he caused bad things to happen that they rejected him. Does Bruno’s room really reflect that golden child?
One thing I noticed was that the wood to Bruno’s room is… hardwood. Underneath all that sand and rock is the remnants of the beginnings of a normal room. It seems like such an odd choice and detail to put there when the rest of the room is all built into natural surroundings. It looks like the remnants of a living space that’s just been covered up to the point of becoming unlivable. And when we examine the specific ways this room has become unlivable, it starts to paint a very interesting picture about Bruno and how he perceives himself.
So we know that over the years Bruno’s reputation has shifted from the “star child of the family” to the Madrigal that no one talks about except in hushed whispers– the one that people are afraid of and dislike. We know from implications as well as discussions from Jared Bush that Bruno had already started isolating himself long before leaving to protect Mirabel.
So what better way to isolate yourself than a literal mountain of spiraling stairs?
Tumblr media
They’re so impossibly long that it’s clearly meant to keep most sane people out (sorry Mirabel, it’s true). And we know he didn’t have a shortcut, he used the excuse of the tower having a lot of stairs as a reason to not live there. But again, and I can’t stress this enough, no way did casita give a five-year-old that amount of stairs (and in such a dangerous fashion!).
They’re there to keep people out. Now whether this is because Bruno just wants to avoid them and keep people away from him, whether this is to keep people from harassing him for visions, or maybe (and likely) a combination of both, isn’t explicitly stated. We know that Bruno’s visions can be both emotionally and physically exhausting and draining– to the point of physical pain and weakness. It isn’t much of a surprise that he would want to avoid people asking for visions.
But personally? I think it was also out of a desire to protect people as well. He really starts to internalize this idea that he makes bad things happen, so the more he can avoid people, and the visions, the better. The more he hides away, the more a burden it all becomes, the longer and longer the stairs get.
They’re eventually disconnected completely from the door with an enormous gap. I think this was the last straw when Bruno broke the vision and left, and his door stopped glowing. It disconnected from the inner sanctum completely and the entire room disconnected from the casita. When Bruno disconnected from his family. When he rejected his gift, and with it, himself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mirabel knows the casita to the point of even being able to understand its non-verbal communication like she would anyone else, and she seems shocked that it cannot help in Bruno’s room, implying that this isn’t the norm for the magical rooms. His room is cut off because he is cut off. And the deleted scene “Chores” contributes to this idea. Félix says that “his room turned all rotten and gross and Abuela was like ‘no one is ever allowed in there again.’” We know that Alma forbids anyone from going into Bruno’s room because it’s ‘off-limits”, and we can clearly see how dangerous and unstable the room has got, so this isn’t out of the realm of possibility for film canon either. Like Luisa said, his room is off-limits for a reason.
His room refused to let anyone find that vision.
Tumblr media
So after Mirabel risks her life to get to the inner part of Bruno’s room, we finally see these relief sculptures of Bruno on the walls. There’s no beating around the bush, they are terrifying. Empty eyes, blank expressions, gaping mouths. (And they pretty much prove that Bruno’s room didn’t look this way because they display the steps of his ritual, which Jared confirmed he invented himself later on after receiving his gift.) It’s a terrifying depiction of himself, meant to scare people away. He’s considered a curse, treated like the village bogeyman, and he’s clearly internalized these ideas about himself because his room reflects it so much here, in the same fashion that Isabela’s room flaunts the topiaries of her perfect posed stature.
But here’s something I have to mention. The designers did not simply pull this design out of thin air. It is heavily inspired by existing Colombian architecture… specifically burial tombs. The Tierradentro tombs, located in the southwest region of the nation in the Inzá municipality, were made somewhere between 600 and 900 CE and served as a burial site for elite groups. Their structural and decorative features are entirely unique and not found anywhere else on Earth, and the geometrical patterns within them signify the individuals buried there.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So. Bruno’s room is based on an existing gravesite. That’s a lot to unpack.
Bruno feels that he, or at least the version of himself that his family wants from him, is dead. The star child. He had tried to cling to this idea, to be someone they could be proud of, but he just doesn’t know how. His family no longer understands him. He feels like a stranger who has replaced the person they used to love, who’s now buried in a literal tomb of self-doubt.
A tomb that Mirabel almost dies in because of how unstable and disconnected it has become. A tomb that follows an infinitely long spiral staircase up to a room filled with spiraling imagery– all to find a man who truly has spiraled. And one who isn’t there because he is so terrified of hurting people.
Tumblr media
Bruno’s room looks the way it does because of his warped self-image that has become so twisted over the years. This internalized perception that he hurts people- that he causes these twists of fate- and while I think he knows on a logical level that this isn’t how his gift works, clearly doubt has infected the way he feels. We can see it in the way he treats Mirabel, wanting to push her away at first because he’s scared he’ll somehow hurt her, refusing to do visions, refusing to help until she tells him that the family needs him. And that’s all he ever wanted, really.
Maybe his next room won’t have all those stairs.
Tumblr media
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invinciblegirl28 · 4 months ago
Bruno Madrigal as a boyfriend
A/N: ok so I finally watched Encanto and I fell in love with the small anxiety-ridden rat man, as was inevitable.
just a note, Horny Thoughts Hour™ is still open and I desperately need some Bruno content, so send me some asks! :)
- Bruno is very clumsy in romantic situations, at least to start with, so you'll have to take the lead a bit.
- He blushes beautifully whenever you compliment him, even for the smallest things. Call him handsome and he will stutter until he falls completely speechless with his face flushed red.
- The same thing happens if you borrow his clothes. Having such a visible claim over you makes his brain shut off, and you just look so pretty....
- Bruno is always the little spoon, since he likes feeling so loved and protected. He'll curl up next to you, normally tucked into your side with his head on your chest and his arms around your waist.
- He's incredibly touch-starved but is far too shy to initiate contact, so he just kind of stares longingly until you get the hint.
- He sometimes gets anxious when the two of you go out into town - the public's opinion of him is still unsure - so PDA can help to settle his nerves. Not anything over the top, just holding his hand can help calm him down.
- His favourite things to do with you are either reading or going on walks. They're just simple things where the two of you don't have to think about the rest of the world and can just enjoy each other's company.
- Mirabel will definitely hype the two of you up and thinks you're the cutest couple ever.
- Camilo, on the other hand, won't admit that he thinks you're cute together, but instead will shapeshift into Bruno when he's around you to tease you.
- Bruno is worried that you and his family won't get along, but the first time you meet them they all love you.
- You help Bruno to come out of his shell more, and he smiles more around you than he has done in years.
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squeamishdionysus · 4 months ago
Twists and Turns
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Reader
CW: none to note!
Summary: Bruno begins to fall for a single mother with triplets and a bookshop.
Notes: reader uses she/her pronouns! I may make this a series, so let me know if you'd like to be tagged!
Tumblr media
You huffed, setting in the last book on the shelf in alphabetical order. You did love Camilo Madrigal, but sometimes you wondered if the boy was trying to drive you insane. He always had a hard time choosing books to purchase, meaning he'd pull nearly every book in your store out of the shelves and then put them back in the wrong place, leaving you to reorganize it every time. Sure, this is what you signed up for when you decided to open up a book shop, but that didn't mean you enjoyed doing it.
You sighed heavily, pushing in the last book right as Julio, one of your little boys, shouted from the front desk.
"Mama! Amira is trying to drink your coffee again!"
You groaned, rolling your eyes and turning just in time to catch your five year old daughter trying to take a sip from your cup of coffee.
"Amira, no! Coffee is for grownups!" You scolded, walking over and taking the cup away from her. Maybe Camilo could make things up to you by watching over your kids sometime this week, because you were getting to the point where you needed a break.
Amira crossed her arms and pouted, giving a glare towards Julio.
Julio gave her an angry look, standing by your side.
"I am not a tattletail!"
"No namecalling either!"
The ringing of the bell at the front of the shot quickly distracted you from the argument your two kids were beginning to have, your head turning to spot your last child at the front door with a big smile on his face.
"Mama, mama! Can I have my future read?" David said, running up to you and throwing his arms around your waist. You were perplexed as to what he meant, returning the hug hesitantly.
"David, honey, what are you talking about?"
David looked up at you with big wide eyes and an even larger grin.
"Mirabel's tio is coming to the shop, and I wanna have my future read!"
Oh, right, of course he meant Bruno Madrigal. Admittedly, you didn't know much about the man other than he was the tio of your best customers and the town's resident fortune teller, and you had never really given him much thought beyond that. Of course, you became a little more intrigued when the man came out of hiding, beginning to spot him more and more around town. You still didn't know much about him, other than the fact that he was oddly handsome and your kids seemed to love him.
Before you could answer your little boy, the bell at the front rang again, this time the man in question being the one to open the door. You looked at him right as he looked up at you, his eyes wide and surprised as if he wasn't expecting you, the owner of the book shop, to be there. Of course, he may have been overwhelmed by the sight of your son squeezing the life out of you while your two other children fought in the background, which would be... understandable.
You gave an awkward cough and smiled at him, gently leaning down to pick up David.
"Hi! Welcome to the Encanto bookshop. How may I help you?"
He continued to stare for a moment before snapping out of it, stammering just a bit before he cleared his throat.
"Oh, um, I'm just here to browse. My niece recommended your selection and i just thought I'd... check it out."
You noticed that his voice was oddly shaky and unsure for someone who was supposedly in his fifties, but you guessed living alone for ten years would make anybody a little unsure, so you just nod.
"Ah, Mirabel?"
He stood up a bit more, peaking up as you mentioned his family.
"Oh, um, Dolores actually!"
You grinned, recalling the numerous times the young woman had visited your store. You were sure if you didn't get any new shipments, she would've nearly cleaned out your romance section by now. If you let her, she would go on and on for hours about the most recent one she had read, and you let her know that she was always welcome to talk to you about her love of reading whenever she wanted to.
"Ah, that makes sense. She's one of my best customers. Well, your whole family is, but she's definitely my most frequent one."
He laughed hesitantly, smiling affectionately.
"Yeah, she lent me a few of the books she had gotten here and I decided I ought to just check out the shop myself."
"Well, take your time! Let me know if you need anything, I have some shelves I need to restock."
He gave you a nod and immediately went off to the nearest shelf to browsed. You watched him for just a moment, taking note of how he immediately seemed to gravitate towards the dramas and plays more than anything else, seeing how his brown eyes lit up when he saw you had a certain title. But, when you heard a sharp cry behind you, you quickly lost your focus, turning around to see your two other children swatting at each other.
You gasped, immediately beginning to scold the two of them.
"Now, you two are old enough to know better than to fight each other! Amira, go sit in the back room. Julio, go to the front. I don't want to see either of you move until I finish restocking! Is that clear?"
They both gave remorseful looks and nodded, Amira making sure to stick her tongue out one last time at Julio before making her way to the backroom.
You sighed, putting David down and ruffling his hair.
"Now, don't bother Mr. Bruno, okay? He's just here to buy some books, not to read your future. Now, why don't you go find something to do and watch your siblings while I do my job?"
David nodded with a grin, going off to a little table with paper and crayons on it to draw. You let out another heavy sigh, stretching out your arms and heading back to your desk to drink the rest of your coffee.
"Triplets, huh?" you heard your only customer say, causing you to look up at him. He already had a red book in his hands surprisingly and a warm smile on his face.
You gave a small smile, chuckling.
"Yeah... they're a handful sometimes, but I love them."
"They remind me of me and my sisters when I was their age."
Your eyes widened as you suddenly recalled that Bruno was a triplet himself, your hand running over your face.
"Oh, yeah! You, Pepa and Julieta are all triplets, right?"
He laughed, nodding.
"Guilty!" He rolled his shoulders, looking to the side. "We were just like your little ones when we were kids. Julieta and I would always manage to get on Pepa's nerves and we would just keep pressing her buttons until we swore she was going to shoot us with lightning."
You laughed, already imagining Pepa fuming up and a storm brewing above her head.
"Why am I not surprised?"
"Hey! That's siblings for you."
"Well, I guess I'm just lucky my kids can't control the weather, then."
He laughed, nodding. You smiled and looked back down at the book he had in his hands, holding your free hand out to him.
"May I see what you picked out?"
Bruno looked down at your hand then back at you, nodding and passing it over before going to scratch at his neck.
"Uh, yes!"
You gave him a grateful nod and began to look over the book, turning it so that you could read the title on the spine.
"Ooh, this is a good one! Lots of twists and turns in it. I take it your a fan of drama?"
He chuckled, nodding.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"I get it. It's nice to worry yourself with other people's problems sometimes."
He sighs, nodding as if he knows that feeling all too well. He looks like he's about to ask you something before he's interrupted by a certain someone running up to him.
David looks up at Bruno with big doe eyes, surprising the man as he's taken back by the little boy.
"Is it true you can read the future?" he asked loudly, standing on his toes to look up at the man.
Bruno gave him an awkward look, chuckling shyly and nodding hesitantly.
"Um, yes, but I'm afraid I can't do any uh... prophecies right now, sorry."
You were about to scold David for trying to ask for a prophecy before David spoke ahead.
"No, that's okay! I predicted my own future!"
And with a quick motion, David held up a picture he had drawn, of what appeared to be him, albeit grown and super tall, with the bookshop and a stick animal in the back.
"In the future, I'm going to be big and strong, so strong I'm going to be able to carry the book shop all around the world and I'm gonna give everybody books! I'm also going to have a dog!"
Bruno looked at the drawing curiously, grinning as he looked down at your kid. You looked down at him, too, surprised at the creativity and thoughtfulness he had put into the drawing.
"Yeah, kid, seems like it to me!"
David giggled, bouncing excitedly. You heard Julio whine from the front of the store.
"I wanna draw my future!"
Amira echoed back a "me too!" and with that, you sighed.
"Alright, you two can come back out if you promise to behave."
The two kids quickly ran up to you, nodding and swearing they wouldn't fight again as they quickly turned to the drawing table. Bruno smiled at your three kids as you gave David a squeeze.
"Why don't you go help them out, sweetheart?"
And with that, David was gone as well, leaving just you and Bruno again.
"Your kids are really great," he said, gazing over at the three of them all passing crayons to each other. You gave a proud smile and nodded.
"Yeah... they're my babies, after all!"
He looked back at you and smiled, before pointing back down at the book.
"How much do you think it'll cost?"
You hummed, looking up at him through your eyelashes and giving him a sly smile. You hand it back over to him, your fingers brushing lightly against his as you pat his hand. You take a sip of your coffee before saying, "since it's your first selection, you can have it for free. Your niece buys enough from me that I can afford to give a few books out."
The man seemed to flush at your gesture of kindness, looking down at the book and then at you with a surprised reaction.
"I- uh- I can't, I'll just feel bad later. Seriously, I have the money, I can just-"
"No, no! Please, just let me know if you enjoy it, maybe over a cup of coffee? That's the most you could do for me."
Bruno's face began to burn slightly as he stared into your eyes. Your own face began to heat up as you realized you just inadvertently asked him out on a casual date. Well, not date really, but still.
Regardless of your flustered selves, Bruno managed to smile and give you a thumbs up.
"Alright! I'll swing by whenever I finish."
You beamed, happy you managed to convince him. Bruno began to walk out the door, before looking back at you.
"I'll see you later, Miss...?"
He flushed even further.
"Right, (Name). Goodbye!"
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movedtomilksxda · 5 months ago
Hello! Can you please write Bruno x reader cuddling headcanons?
:: cuddles. Bruno
Tumblr media
── cuddling headcanons with bruno!!
── a/n: I hope you enjoy this cute little headcanon!! Bruno is such a cute sweet man like augh sending all my love to him!! THANK YOU SM FOR REQUESTING IT MEANS A LOT TO ME ESPECIALLY HOW I HAVE SM MOTIVATION!!! Sending all my love to you!! (>^w^>)💚
Tumblr media
꒰⚘݄꒱ considering the fact that Bruno was living inside the walls poor man didn’t have anyone to keep him warm.
꒰⚘݄꒱ until he found you….
꒰⚘݄꒱ if ever you ask him, he will stand there confused…but will eventually give in
꒰⚘݄꒱ lowkey shy to even ask if you want to cuddle with him (please spare him)
꒰⚘݄꒱ please have patience, because he could be a bit stiff or well not ‘a bit’ but most likely stiff because again it’s been so long since he’s ever felt this.
꒰⚘݄꒱ as he warms up more and more it be so cute like you be mumbling sweet nothings as he nuzzles onto you. (My heart can’t handle this i swear im screaming as i write this)
꒰⚘݄꒱ he loves it when you play with his hair, like just massaging his head or whatever. He will literally feel more comfortable and relaxed like all the tension will leave his body.
꒰⚘݄꒱ he prefers you being the big spoon instead of him, however there are times when he wants to be the big spoon. But that’s rare because he prefers you making him feel safe, it’s his first time having someone who makes him feel this way and please it makes you feel so so so much special inside (totally not screaming inside again)
꒰⚘݄꒱ there are times when he craves for this feeling, and that’s when he feels exhausted or just wanting attention. And to be honest it is literally the cutest thing.
꒰⚘݄꒱ (bonus if you love singing) please sing him to sleep because it would calm down all of his nerves. Of course him being with you makes him less calm but this made him want to just stay more
꒰⚘݄꒱ he wouldn’t let you go when you try, it makes you feel so happy inside that he is starting to warm up and get comfortable more and more like your heart be exhilarating to the max.
꒰⚘݄꒱ there are times when he catches you mumbling reasons why you love him. And he couldn’t help but smile in the inside.
꒰⚘݄꒱ “i’m so grateful you’re mine, mi amor,” and oh my gosh it killed him when he heard you said that. Like the feeling of validation instead of the feeling of invalidation made him cherish you more and more.
꒰⚘݄꒱ “te amo, mi amor.” And there he is sleeping peacefully and you decided to join him.
꒰⚘݄꒱ cuddling with bruno is so wholesome literally 100000/10 (i tried not to cry because this man makes me wanna just jump hug him smmm)
Tumblr media
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magicalencanto · 4 months ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Dating Bruno ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Bruno Madrigal x Reader
✎ ⁞ requested by @arcanaartandlove
✎ ⁞ date: 30.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This man, would absolutely adore you. Do you know how Pedro looked at Alma? Then that's exactly how he's looking at you, with his eyes full of love and adoration.
If you give him something, he would tresura it forever. It'll stay with the other things he got from you and probably be passed to your children later on.
Bruno is worried that you'll be affected by people gossips about him, but everyday you prove him wrong. You always assure him that you don't care about them and you're in love with him.
When you see him using his powers for the first time, you're so amazed and fascinated by it. I mean, it's so cool! AND! You've got to keep the prophecy for yourself. The green glass showed you and Bruno lovingly hugging each other and you almost melted when you saw it. (Bruno actually passed out, because he was so overwhelmed and happy)
You like watching him "acting". It's so funny and heartwarming to see him so content. Sometimes you even play with him!
Bruno secretly loves cuddling, but would never ask for it. So you'll have to initiate it first and hold him tightly, because he needs it.
If you can cook and you'll cook something for him, he's ready to marry you on the spot. He loves food and I'm sure he's secretly a sweet tooth. So if you bake him something sweet, he'll actually cry from happiness and spin you around, thanking you profusely.
Bruno likes when you run your hands thru his locks. It's so relaxing and nice, he often falls asleep while you do so.
This man is so supportive. I'm telling you, whatever you're doing, he'll be cheering you on, listening to you rating about it and helping you when you need it. The best partner to have.
Likes to take naps with you. It doesn't matter where it is, but as long as your with him, he'll fall asleep with ease.
Complement, dote and love this poor man, because he needs it! The moment you started your relationship, Bruno gave you his heart. Please, take care of it.
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ taglist: @10n31y-100n3y-10s3r, @justbookworm, @beamingbeaming, @vampireviel, @dreashappyworld, @wtfwithmylife, @realgaytrash, @pls-love-me-camilo, @chamomiledelight, @nightmare-chaser1, @mythicalbinicorn, @islandoffllowers, @kaz3yo, @sleemao, @i-yam-awesome, @camileon, @ermespop, @kanattac , @spilltheyeasis, @fangirl-2610, @mnomno, @dos-oruguitas, @prettygh0stg1rl, @aardoruwu, @hhaizulas, @yelenamybelovas, @onlywekn0w, @dos-oruguitas
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stutteryprince-difficulties · 5 months ago
Do you have any more Bruno headcanons? Your one about him being grumpy was perfect lmao
Oh dude
• When he was younger whenever Agustín or Félix came over, Bruno would announce their arrival with the same teasing "PEPA/JULIETA, YOUR BOYFRIEND'S HERE" his eventual nephew would pull. Pepa would get huffy and embarrassed and zap him a little and Julieta would shove extra food into his mouth to shut him up and Bruno would be amused like the bastard "little" brother he is the entire time
• Bruno (and Pepa and Julieta) is a fairly good dancer and singer! Alma taught him and sisters from a young age, wanting the three of them to look nice in a way that she hoped, at the time, was fun for them at the celebrations for years to come. Bruno isn't perfect in either regard, he never was and he's very rusty after all this time, but he can certainly carry a nice tune on his own and could teach his nieces and nephews how to dance (after he relearns how to do it himself first)
• Tío Bruno is the head babysitter, hands down. When all the other adults are out the house and Bruno is left in charge, the young ones think it'll be a piece of cake getting to do whatever they want. Bruno couldn't parent his way out of a paper bag, let alone simply adult his way out. The day would be nothing but fun and freedom
Could not have been more wrong if they tried.
Not only is Bruno strict about the rules that have been left behind, he's also one step ahead of all of them. Bruno uses his gift to glimpse into the near future every handful of minutes to predict when his nephews and nieces are up to some shit.
Antonio about to fall off his jaguar? Bruno is there to (messily) catch him.
Mirabel finally convincing Casita to let her Isabelas room for completely innocent reasons? Bruno walks by and scoops her up and carries her off while she insists wasn't gonna do anything.... well, not anything Isa couldn't deal with
Camilo checks the entire house for Bruno and, when he's certain he is safe, goes to sneak extra snacks he's sure his tía won't miss. And there's his tío, leaning casually against the pantry and pointing Camilo back to the living room.
Now, while he is strict, Bruno isn't all that stern. Yes, he keeps to the rules and keeps the kids all out of trouble, but once the potential "my sisters will kill me if I allow this to happen" situation is handled, Bruno has no problem in being the proper clown uncle he's meant to be. He rides on the animals alongside Antonio to make sure he stays safe while he has his fun, he helps Mirabel plan a prank on her sister that'll result in a lot less Being Grounded, and he brings Camilo a better snack to split than the ones he was after and shrugs as he tells Camilo to tell Julieta that he ate them all himself.
Bruno is 100% the fun uncle, but he isn't going to let you jump off the roof to see if you can fly, especially when your mom told you not to, sorry bout it, kid
• I love the growing headcanon that Bruno can and will sleep just about anywhere at any moment. People move him to somewhere more comfortable if they find him at the table or just straight up curled up like a cat on the floor, but it's starting to become hard to tell if moving him to the couch is a good idea at all. Not because it's bad for him or the furniture, but more so because it starts a chain of people coming to rest with him, often starting with Luisa and just growing from there. Antonio is always a close second and Dolores a third, all three of them claiming Bruno to radiate this kind of calming peace when he's sleeping, but it rarely takes long before half of the Madrigals are crowded and cuddled up on and around the couch, either half awake or fast asleep.
• Bruno adores the feeling of the sun. If he can't be found in the house, he's probably sitting outside or taking a walk in the forest to feel the sunshine on his face after so long without it
• Bruno is very good at doing hair. Growing up with two sisters made him an absolute expert at weaving braids and tying up buns and ponytails and even stylization of them, always wanting his sisters to look good for their dates even if he teased them through the hairpins held between his teeth as he worked. Isabela was ecstatic to find about his skills and comes to him almost every morning to get her hair done and do his in return, giving him a style that he will protect with his life throughout the entire day
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xxlemon-chanxx · 3 months ago
Some drawings I did of Bruno because he’s amazing and I’m still simping.
Tumblr media
Kind of off topic, but I drew the bottom left pic while thinking of this, so I think it’s worth mentioning here:
Do you think Bruno ever had days where he really felt his age? Like, the man is fifty and was living in a cramped living space in the walls for the past ten years of his life.
I have a headcanon that Julieta’s food loses some of its magic if it goes stale. So Julieta’s food will stop things like illnesses from being too severe or will be able to fix a scrape or a cut, but if you have cramping or stiff joints, then stale food isn’t going to help much.
Bruno will scavenge for leftovers and then will have to stockpile for both him and his rats until he’s able to venture out again for more, so he probably isn’t eating fresh food very often.
Imagine for a moment; Bruno, slumped in his armchair, or maybe even against the wall adjacent to the kitchen, and just tiredly trying to massage his own shoulders or maybe rubbing at a stiff knee while muttering about how old he’s getting.
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angelltheninth · 3 months ago
I ask for more bruno x fem reader it must have nsfw so as fluff romantic…….Oh cmon Im single……BTW I LOVE THE LAST BLOG YOU MADE ABOUT BRUNO IT WAS SO GOOD LIKE OMG❤️
THANK YOU! Great username btw! I actually have an angsty smut story with Bruno x Fem!Reader in the works but here are some fluffy headcanons!
Pairing: Bruno x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, fluff, established relationship, gentle sex, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjobs, gentle Bruno
Tumblr media
Bruno is a very gentle lover
He always puts your needs and pleasure before his own
A little insecure in the beginning and maybe fumbles a little
He gets hard really quickly when he's around you
Loves to start of with kissing you everywhere
Makes sure to keep eye contact at all time
Bruno becomes a whimpering mess when ever you give him a blowjob
Loves to praise and be praised
Doesn't like positions where he can't embrace you in some way or look at your face
Very fast and eager learner
Likes to get feedback so he can make things even better for you next time
Bruno lovies, loves, loves to go down on you
If he isn't hard he will get you off by fingering you, but he prefers to fuck you with his dick
Won't jerk off often, he prefers you instead
Loves to hear and see you come
Also loves when he comes inside of you, it makes him feel more connected
If you play with his hair or caress his face during sex he will practically purr
Quick to clean up and get you anything you need afterwards
Be ready for lots of cuddles afterwards
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bluebunf · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
First off I want to thank everyone for all the notes, reboots and follows from my last younger! Bruno doodle dump! I'm really glad you guys like em!! ;;u;;)/
I definitely see younger bruno as a very reactive and expressive person so I think everytime you talk to him, he always has his hands flailing, or you could always tell what he was thinking. I feel like he gets a bit better at masking later on in his life, but he's definitely more animated when he was younger.
More younger bruno to come!!
I also like seeing him blush so that's coming up next
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7official7spacekitty7 · 2 months ago
Some Bruno hcs that live rent free in my head:
Has these little green reading glasses that he uses to read (obviously)
They have a chain attached to them that Mirabel made when she was like 3 or 4 (yknow like the little glasses chain that loops around so you can take the glasses off and have them hang around your neck)
Can hear his visions sometimes—like if it's a vision of someone talking to someone else he can hear the conversation (though it's very rare; when it does happen though, it takes a lot out of him)
Can feel most of his involuntary visions coming up to an hour before they happen
It starts as a fuzzy pressure behind his eyes like a tension headache and the intensity increases until it finally shows itself
His involuntary visions can also be very sudden; one second he's talking to his sisters or making coffee and the next his eyes go wide and start glowing as green images flash in his sight and when he comes back he's lightheaded and a bit confused but ultimately unfazed (albeit annoyed)
It scares the shit out of most, but Pepa and Julieta are pretty much used to it by now and they make sure he doesn't faint on the spot when he comes to
Speaking of—when they happen, Bruno can't see anything other than the vision; so from the outside, they can see his eyes glowing as he looks around frantically, but he's still aware of his surroundings so he can still hear and feel them outside of his vision, but it's somewhat difficult to respond when he's not doing a prophecy and it's just an inv. one
Has a severe sweet tooth (will eat any candy EXCEPT licorice, but dark chocolate is his most favorite and everyone disagrees except for Julieta)
Bruno: it's better than milk chocolate
Pepa: take it back. Take it back rIGHT NOW OR ISTG-
Rarely ever drinks, but when he does he's a spacey drunk (and a fuckn lightweight)
Like he'll just sit there staring at the floor while Agustín and Félix are joking around and Julieta will come in and be like "wait are you. Are you drunk?" And Bruno will look up at her, deadpan, and go "heheh. yeah"
Is emotionally attached to his ruana and if he loses it he loses his shit and is very anxious and upset until he finds it again
Camilo got the :3 smile from Bruno
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo's is more pronounced but Bruno's is still there :3
Has a funky ass high-pitched scream and is v embarrassed abt it (this is basically canon tho bc his sCREECH WHERE MIRABEL DROPPED HIM I- PFFHSHSHHAHSHSSH)
Is probably aro/ace (I understand that some people are going a bit too far with the lgbt hcs, I just wanna say that is not what I am doing here; I know the movie is about family relationships, Colombia, generational trauma and finding self-worth!! I promise I'm not trying to take away from the main theme, it's just a lil idea in my head, that's all <'3)
Definitely a sneezes-in-threes guy (they used to be super loud but now he sneezes like a mouse (or a rat hahsgdakgjgd))
When Bruno is sick/very VERY tired, his powers get wack (as does the other Madrigal's)
Constant visions, left and right, about things that will either happen the second he stops seeing it or things that won't happen until like 100 years later; his eyes won't stop glowing even when he's not seeing the future; one sneeze causes either a plethora of sudden visions or fastforwards time by like a couple seconds, leaving everyone in the Encanto confused as to how they were just getting up to go get a snack to already looking in the pantry
Has visions in his sleep but usually can't remember them until they happen
If he manages to sleep at all that is
He's a very light sleeper, the smallest creak leaves him wide awake
Doesn't snore. Like at all. Unlike Pepa who sounds like a friggin freight train
Has very quiet footsteps, sneaks up on everyone unintentionally (one time Pepa was reading a book and she looked up and he was just standing there in the doorway staring at her and she was like "HOW TF DID I NOT HEAR YOU"
The last 3 above are all probably either just how he is or because of him hiding in the walls
Has surprisingly great hygiene
Cares a LOT about the rats and was overjoyed to be able to communicate with them when Antonio offered to translate
Bruno doesn't consider the rats his rats; "they just kinda adopted me, I guess" he told Mirabel and Camilo when they asked about it
Used to be mistaken for a little girl sometimes when he was a kid once his hair started growing out
This prompted Julieta and Pepa to dress him up like a sister all the time, and he honestly didn't mind it; his "sister name" was "brunilda"
Sometimes his visions give him nosebleeds or sore eyes (his sight gets kinda fuzzy for a few days but it's nothing terrible)
When he's not nervous or stressed, Bruno is a pretty laid-back chill kind of guy, might have been a little troublemaker in his early years
Is really good with kids; Hernando and Jorge used to be his imaginary friends but he brought them back for his sister's kids
Basically he's That One Uncle That Everyone Thinks Is On Drugs Or Has Done Drugs But He's Really Just Naturally Like That™
I'll add more when I'm not about to pass out from lack of sleep 😭👍
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m0chaminx · 3 months ago
hiii, if its not a hassle could you please write a bruno madrigal and reader where he gets jealous bcs someone is flirting with his girlfriend(reader)? and he gets all scary and intimidating and everyones like "woah!!" bcs no ones ever seen him that angry before?? totally fine if you dont wna write it but thanks!!
Sorry this took so damn long, wanted to do my Bruno justice
Tumblr media
Request : hiii, if its not a hassle could you please write a bruno madrigal and reader where he gets jealous bcs someone is flirting with his girlfriend(reader)? and he gets all scary and intimidating and everyones like "woah!!" bcs no ones ever seen him that angry before?? totally fine if you dont wna write it but thanks!!
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : drinking/intoxication, slight violence, Bruno being a blushy mess
Paring : Bruno Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Bruno can get very jealous and protective, very quickly
656 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Once Bruno came back to Casita properly, not inside the walls, he was beyond nervous, to say the least, but you had always brought him a sense of calm. You had dated Bruno for years before he disappeared and after a very sad, mad and confused reunion, a few months later your relationship was restored.
With Dolores and Marino getting engaged, and the town genuinely happy that Bruno had returned, Abuela threw a large party. Bruno was extremely nervous and was basically attached to your side for the night, which you didn't mind, because of course, Bruno needed to readjust to people. You were his rock, his everything, and he was yours.
"Hey, I'm gonna grab us some drinks yeah?" Bruno asked as his eyes caught a fruity drink table.
"Yeah, do you want me to come with you?" You asked while brushing Bruno's hair back. Bruno shook his head but promised he'd only be a few minutes. You nodded, promising you'd stay put so he would know where you were.
"Y/N?" A voice questioned. You turned around to see Diego walking towards you. "Holy hell, I haven't seen you for ages." Diego was drunk, if it wasn't clear by the half-drunk bottle of wine in his hand, then it would be the sway in his step or the slur in his words. Diego was an eccentric kind, overly so when he's drunk.
"Hey Diego," You said sweetly. "I think you've had enough." You reached for the bottle, but Diego pulled the bottle away from your reach, instead he simply placed a hand on your waist leaning in close to your face.
"You know Y/N, I've always thought you were the hottest girl around," Diego slurred his words, already trying to saddle up your side. The stench on his breath made you want to vomit, but when you tried to step back, he simply followed you. "I'm taken Diego, and you are wasted," You said sternly.
Diego shrugged his shoulders trying to lower his hand over your ass, but he was quickly shoved away. The familiar green poncho came into view and your eyes widened seeing Bruno standing in front of you protectively, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breaths. The surrounding guests stopped and stared at the sudden outburst from the quiet man. "Listen, dude, I was trying to" Diego didn't get another word in as Bruno threw a punch at his nose.
"Bruno," You called to him, taking his hand in yours. His expression softened at the realization of what he had done. "Why don't we go back to your room yeah?" Bruno nodded, letting you pull him away.
As soon as you entered Bruno's room he sat on his bed, shoulders slumping in defeat. "I didn't mean to- I don't why I- I shouldn't have-" Bruno rambled covering his face with his hands.
You knelt in front of him, slowly taking his hands away from his face. Bruno looked at you, eyes blown wide and his lips pulled into a pout, if you were honest he looked like a kicked puppy. "I'm going to be real with you, I never expected that" You spoke softly, almost as if you would scare him away. "But I understand and am very glad you did. He was drunk he wasn't in his right mind, who knows what he would've done." Bruno smiled softly at you squeezing your hands. "And if I'm honest, that was hot."
Bruno's face darkened immediately with a blush throwing his hands back on his face. "Why?" Bruno whined while tugging his hood over his head. "You can't just say that." Bruno reached out, tugging on your shirt making you fall on top of him.
"Do you wanna stay up here? I'm sure Abuela will understand," You offered, using your hands to hold yourself up. Bruno nodded frantically, rolling you to the side so you could lie next to each other.
Tumblr media
Request : Masterlist
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invinciblegirl28 · 4 months ago
Bruno Madrigal - NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
Buy me a coffee? - ko-fi :)
A/N: ok everyone seemed really excited about this idea so I just had to write it :D hope you guys enjoy!
nsfw under the cut :)
A - Aftercare (what are they like after sex)
He sometimes gets a little panicky after sex, thinking that he's done something wrong or that he wasn't good enough, so he needs a lot of verbal reassurance. When it comes to you, he will do whatever you tell him afterwards if it makes you feel better, whether it's getting you something to drink or cuddling with you.
B - Body part (fav body part of themselves/their partner)
Bruno doesn't care too much about his appearance most of the time, though he does take a certain amount of pride in his hair.
He absolutely adores your hands. He thinks they look so pretty and whenever you're doing something he always finds his eyes drawn to the way your hands move.
C - Cum (where do they prefer to cum?)
He likes the intimacy and connection that comes with finishing inside you. It also makes less mess and he feels as though finishing anywhere else is degrading to you.
D - Dirty secret (self-explanatory)
Just after he met you for the first time, much to his surprise he had a vision of the two of you having sex. Bruno got incredibly flustered after that and refused to show anyone, but he kept the vision in his room for... personal time.
E - Experience (how experienced are they?)
Bruno has very little experience. He knows vaguely how it all works but he's been a social outcast a lot of his life and so hasn't had the opportunity to experiment much.
F - Favourite position (goes without saying)
His favourite position is fucking you while you're spooning. It means he can tuck his face into your neck and hold you close the whole time. (also makes cockwarming easier)
A very close second though is you riding him, bonus points if you pin his hands over his head.
G - Goofy (are they goofy or serious in the moment?)
He leans a little more towards goofy most of the time - he has a tendency to make jokes when he's nervous to try and play it off.
H - Hair (opinions on grooming etc.)
It's not something he really thinks about. He's also not had anyone tell him it was something he needed to worry about so he doesn't do anything with his, and doesn't expect you to do anything with yours unless you want to.
I - Intimacy (how intimate are they during sex?)
Bruno is very, very intimate during sex. He's a romantic and is always 100% immersed in the moment with you.
J - Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Because he has a low sex drive, he didn't used to jack off very often since he didn't feel the need. However, once he's in a relationship with you he starts feeling the urge more frequently, though he'd much rather go to you instead of dealing with it himself.
K - Kinks (again, pretty self-explanatory)
Bondage - he likes being tied up sometimes, since it's a way of giving up control, but also enjoys tying you up every once in a while.
Sensory play - anything involving blindfolds helps Bruno to shut his mind out and focus on the moment, and it makes the sensations that much more intense.
Light dom/sub dynamics - nothing too intense, but he likes subbing for you. He's very responsive to orders and enjoys you taking care of him.
L - Location (favourite place to do the deed)
He's been living in the cramped space behind the walls for far too long, so more than anything he loves a big, comfortable bed.
M - Motivation (what gets them going)
A sure fire way to get him riled up is little things throughout the day. A lingering touch here, a suggestive glance there, enough of it and the tension just builds and builds until he gives in.
N - No (something they'd never do)
He doesn't want to hurt you. He's open to being a little rougher sometimes, maybe even leaving marks on you if you ask, but he doesn't like impact play or any form of CNC etc.
O - Oral (preference in giving, receiving etc.)
He will completely melt underneath you if you decide to suck him off, no matter how much he insists that you don't have to, but he loves eating you out more than anything. He will happily bury himself between your thighs for hours until you physically pull him away, and if you tug at his hair then he's only gonna keep going for longer.
on his most sensitive days he'll finish just from eating you out
P - Pace (are they fast, slow, quick, rough?)
Bruno prefers to go slowly, since going too fast has a tendency to overstimulate him. He wants to make the moment last usually, though there are odd occasions (normally when he's had a hard day) where he gets rougher.
Q - Quickie (opinion on quickies)
He's never normally one to initiate quickies, that's your responsibility, but he certainly won't turn one down either.
R - Risk (how open are they to risk?)
He gets anxious around any new situation, so he likes to stick with what he knows. Trying new things with him will take a lot of reassurance and encouragement, though he's willing to try if he thinks you'll enjoy it.
S - Stamina (how long can they go for?)
Bruno gets overstimulated very easily - each round lasts long enough to satisfy both of you, but after 2 rounds he really struggles to keep going.
T - Toy (opinion on using toys etc.)
He gets extremely flustered at the thought of using toys on you, but he's willing to try it. Once you made him sit and watch as you used a toy on yourself, and he almost came right there just from watching.
U - Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)
Bruno isn't much of a tease at all. He doesn't really see the point in it when he could just make you cum instead.
V - Volume (are they loud or quiet?)
Bruno gets very loud when you're fucking him. He feels so good but so overwhelmed all at the same time so all he can do is sob as he clings to you.
W - Wild card (random headcanon)
When you first started dating, Bruno was still very starved of any kind of romantic affection. The first time you made out with him, he got hard, leading to a lot of stuttered apologies and a very flustered man in front of you.
X - X-ray (what's going on... down there?)
Bruno is pretty average in size, maybe a little above average in girth. He's not too big that it's uncomfortable but enough for it to be a pleasant stretch.
Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
His sex drive is fairly low, but he is very touch-starved and so constantly likes to be touching you, even if it doesn't lead to sex.
Z - Zzzzz... (how quickly do they fall asleep after?)
Bruno normally struggles to get to sleep, but after sex he just feels so comfortable that he falls asleep almost immediately. He feels so safe and happy tucked into your embrace.
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y2fandom · 4 months ago
Hi! Could you please write some Bruno x reader headcanons on what would he be like with an s/o who likes to read, make art, and play music? Thank you!!!
Bruno Madrigal with an artsy s/o
→ A/N: this was so cute to write I hope you like it!!
English is not my first language and this is not beta-read, please let me know if there are any mistakes
We all know Bruno loves the arts, it is A Fact
So if you are into any form of art he Will encourage the heck out of it
You love reading?
Perfect, tell him all about it
loves listening to you rant about books and remembers every single plotline you tell him about
Every single one
He is not a really big reader, but he loves when you read to him
If he really likes a book or a particular scene he will reenact it with his rats
sometimes he even ropes in his family
He loves seeing your delighted expression
Sometimes he’ll really like a quote (especially if it’s a very heartfelt one) and he’ll memorize it and recite it to you
You like making art?
He is your biggest fan
If you let him he will hang every piece of art you do on the walls
Anytime anyone speaks to him they end up knowing a lot about his very talented s/o
If you ever draw him or paint him he will lose his mind
I am talking tears
You have to be careful because this man Will Cry
He Will treasure it forever though
It just moves him a lot to see himself through your eyes
He can tell how much you care about him in every single stroke
He is not used to being so openly loved
Don’t worry if he randomly bursts into tears he just loves it that much
You make music? Play instruments?
Again, he is your Biggest Fan
Will sit down and listen to you play for hours
He'll even dance to the songs with you 🥺
Asks you to teach him and if you say yes he will give his all to learning
He is the best student there is
No matter what you enjoy doing he thinks it is all awesome
And he will look at you full of adoration no matter what you do
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squeamishdionysus · 4 months ago
Can I please ask for some headcanons for Bruno with a female reader who has dimples and thinks his powers are the coolest thing EVER
Bruno x female reader with dimples and a strong fascination with his power coming right up!
Tumblr media
Okay, so for this scenario, I'd like to think that you're just a bit younger than Bruno, most likely still in you forties, and you've only just moved to Encanto about 3 years before the movie.
You immediately captivated by the Madrigals, as anyone would be and probably was if they lived in Encanto. It was just like one of the many fantasy books you had read growing up, and it really brought out your inner child to say the least.
You were the local baker, and you had to make several deliveries to the Madrigal house for certain celebrations, as poor Julieta couldn't be left to handle all the cooking on her own. You quickly befriended her and Pepa over a shared love of cooking, and by happenstance, you began to bond with the rest of the Madrigal family.
You, of course, became friends with Felix and Agustin, as any friend of their wives was a friend of theirs.
You were considered to be a "cool aunt" figure to the older girls, giving them helpful advice and letting them borrow whatever they needed from you, as long as they promised to keep out of trouble.
You listened to Dolores as she went on about her crush on a young man in town, and helped Luisa relax when she overworked herself too much.
You gave Isabel hair tips and let her vent to you whenever she needed somebody to talk do who didn't see her as "Senorita Perfecta."
With the younger kids, you'd hype up Camilo's acting skills and shape-shifting, often sitting through the one-man shows he would frequently put on. You noticed fairly quickly that the boy was very drawn to Shakespeare.
You didn't judge Mirabel or see her as less impressive than the rest of her family, but rather, you praised her for her astounding sewing skills, and even taught her how to crochet from time to time.
And little Antonio, sweet baby Antonio... well, when Pepa needed a break to collect herself or just a night to spend with Felix, you took the burden off of Dolores's shoulders and offered to watch him yourself, growing quite attached to the young boy.
Soon, you were practically living in the Madrigal house, and yet, for the three years you had been close with the family, you never heard anything about the black sheep of the family... Bruno Madrigal.
Yes, of course you knew of him; Pepa mentioned him when discussing her wedding day with Felix, and Abuela Madrigal had told you that for your own safety, you were not to go into Bruno's tower. You never really asked for more details on Bruno, a. Because it was a touchy subject in the Casita and b. He was never really brought up enough for you to really sit and wonder about it.
However, when you finally did meet him in helping the Madrigals rebuild their Casita, that excitement and wonder came back immediately.
I mean, you knew about his gift, but just like the general consensus of "Oh, he could see the future." You were just as clueless as Mirabel, as you had no idea the visions were actually physical tablets or that he had his own VISION CAVE?!
Despite your excitement, though, you tried really hard not to act like you were only interested in his power, because you weren't. You were curious as to what he was like and what his relationships with the other Madrigals were and just exactly what he was up to over the last decade.
You'd be lining if you didn't think he was cute too but that's beyond the point.
Everyday when you came over to the Madrigal Casita, you would always take some time to talk to Bruno, with the excuse of "Oh, I had extra hand pies and I thought you deserved to try some of baking yourself!"
He talked about his interests in theater and his rats and what his life was like before he disappeared. You talked about your time in Encanto and your baking and your love of romance novels and plays.
And well. Of course you fell for him.
And Bruno couldn't help but fall for you, too.
Okay, so this would definitely sound creepy out of context, but Bruno really first saw you the first time you visited the Madrigal house. He grew to accept you like the rest of the Madrigal family, even if you never directly interacted with him, and slowly got to know you through overhearing your conversations with the rest of the family.
He loved the way you were able to comfort Pepa during her mood swings, and just how helpful you were with Julieta when she had too much on her plate (teehee pun).
He loved the way you interact with his older nieces, supporting them in a way he wished he had been when he was their age.
And he just thought your encouragement and love for the littler ones was just so sweet and admirable.
And, well, he really, really liked you.
Once he caught Dolores in the kitchen in the middle of the night, delivering him some tea, and he managed to ask if you were married, to which Dolores shrugged, and said "she's never mentioned a husband."
"Hmm... by the way this is uh... the rats speaking... still."
He came to find out when he finally left the walls of his house that you were in fact very much so single, and he was over the moon.
The more and more active he became in the Encanto community again, the more and more time he spent with you.
You'd two frequently go for walks together, either through Encanto or just outside of the mountain range.
He'll start coming to your bakery, too, and you'll even let him taste test the batter before you bake it.
Eventually, the two of you are inseparable, and even though you aren't official, many of the people around town just assume you're a couple.
It leads to some awkward moments, but neither you nor Bruno seems really bothered when people make the mistake.
It's when you finally have to guts to ask about his power that you two make it official.
After months of wanting to ask about his power and tip-toeing carefully around the subject as best you could, finally managed to ask how his gift worked.
He, of course, groaned, explaining it hesitantly, but as soon as you asked him to demonstrate, he quickly made all of the troubles that came with having a gift like his apparent.
"-and look, why would I even want to murder a goldfish!? what would I gain from killing a-"
"Bruno! Calm down... I'm not going to judge you because of your power. I know who you are, and I know that you and your gift are two separate things. I won't judge you because of your gift."
Bruno looked down to the ground and gave a heavy sigh, slowly blinking as he thought it over. Finally, after a long while of silent deliberation, he gave you a soft smile and stood up.
"Alright then. I'll show you."
And so, off the two of you went to his room, which, in comparison to the old Casita, was much more lively and had a lot less stairs. Once you arrived in his vision gave, he set everything up that he needed to and sat with you in a circle of sand.
You swore when he started his gift, you could barely turn away from his glowing green eyes. They were mesmerizing, and you would've asked for a vision anyways if it only meant you could see his eyes.
Around you, the sand showed a vision of you, traveling through the world. Your past. Then it showed you arriving in Encanto, meeting all of the Madrigals until you finally stopped at Bruno. The image of you froze, staring at Bruno until she reached out to embrace him, with Bruno hesitantly returning it.
And with that, the vision ended and the cave echoed with your high-pitch squeal.
Bruno smiled brightly as you gave such an excited reaction, admittedly a little flustered due to what the vision showed, but overall more focused on your reaction.
And when he saw how wide your smile was and how cute your dimples were when you did, he didn't even care anymore.
With a quick flash, you embraced Bruno, pulling him close to your chest and smiling, holding him tight.
"That was so cool, Bruno, thank you for showing me! It was even more impressive than I thought."
You pulled away for a moment, and looked into his big, now brown eyes. You blushed slightly.
"And about what I saw in the vision-"
"No, no, I get it! It's weird that I may like you a bit and it's even weirder that a vision showed it, but please don't think you have to-"
You interrupted him with a kiss on the cheek, cupping his face gently as you softly asked,
"Would you like to have dinner together?"
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movedtomilksxda · 4 months ago
Could you do Bruno Madrigal x reader proposal and wedding headcanons that took place a few years before he left for inside the walls? Thank you so much!
❱ http:˚♡sounds of wedding bells !! ˚ˑؘ 🍙 ·˚
Tumblr media
° └➤ ・��ˊˎ  BRUNO MADRIGAL  !! gender neutral 
-ˋ₊˚. ꒰ SYNOPSIS ꒱ .  proposal and wedding headcanons 
-ˋ₊˚ :: CONTENT . fluff, super sweet !! 
Tumblr media
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno proposing to his s/o is something he is not ready for however he really really wants this. 
꒰ෆ꒱ He is very nervous at first, he really wants this moment to be perfect, a memory that can be cherished realizing that you both were perfect for each other.
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno is the type of person to recite his speech to you, he will ask his sisters if it was good or not. His sisters would be glad to help, Juilieta and Pepa were good help because they know what a girl would want. They would advise him to be himself and speak from the heart. (im sobbing why is this so cute like wth) 
꒰ෆ꒱ His sisters chose a perfect spot for him, it showed the whole view of Encanto and the townspeople. And in night he knew that’s when all the bright stars would shine! (...bruh i hate how writing just makes me so flustered like wthhhh) 
꒰ෆ꒱ He would leave his s/o a note telling him where to meet him and stuff like that and also flowers outside their window. It is something sweet yet simple! (aweeeeeeee ahhhhguwejfsd) 
꒰ෆ꒱ You followed his note and went up to see him, and oh god it felt like you were in a fantasy. The scenery was so beautiful, flowers were settled on the ground making it look colorful, and the beautiful view of Encanto making the scene fit perfectly as the stars above both of you shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You would be astonished and awed because of the effort he put in this, it made your heart swelled. Your attention would be focused on Bruno who was smiling at you. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I have something to tell you, and I know it is hard for me to say it because I’m scared I’ll mess up....but here it goes..” 
꒰ෆ꒱ And this made your heart beat more and more when he went on his knees, you were trying not to smile sooo hard. You were so excited that you could just jump up and kiss him. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I-I know that I’m not perfect, I know that I have my flaws..and I know that I don’t deserve you. I never found myself falling for someone, I never had a chance to think that I’ll fall for someone who is so-so loving, caring, amazing, and beyond. No one never liked me because of my gift, but...but you saw the good in me...you-you saw that no matter what my gift was you would still stay by my side and you gave me a chance. I-I, you made me realize that....I’m worth something more. I love you mi amor...will you, will you marry me?”
꒰ෆ꒱ And that’s when you started crying, tears were coming down from your cheeks and Bruno was panicking so much because he thought his speech was bad. But in reality you couldn’t help the overwhelming love you have in your heart. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “YES A MILLION YES A THOUSANDS TRILLIONS YES YES YES!!” you would jump up and kiss him right on the spot, the stars glistening above you making your eyes shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ Now onto the wedding, you and bruno would go for something simple yet elegant. Like flowers around the venue (favorite ones to be exact) and everyone in town will be invited. 
꒰ෆ꒱ The wedding was something unforgettable, you remembered how you walked the aisle, you couldn’t help but smile. Everyone in town found it heartwarming despite how they felt towards Bruno. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You remember the way he looked the way he looked like a complete different man, it made your heart swell more and more. You just wanted to be in his arms. You thought you were dreaming, but when you saw him look at you..you realize this wasn’t a dream...it was reality. 
꒰ෆ꒱ When you two shared your vows you cried during Bruno’s because of how much he has been through and how you change his life. When it was time for the ‘i dos’ you didn’t even let them finished you just shouted ‘i do’ 
꒰ෆ꒱ with all the smiles and laughter you shared with everyone, you couldn’t help but admire Bruno more and more. And it felt like how you two first met, two strangers in one small town bumping into each other...
Tumblr media
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magicalencanto · 4 months ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Being Bruno's child with shadow powers! ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Bruno Madrigal
✎ ⁞ requested by @lilycore
✎ ⁞ date: 31.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're Bruno's child. You were born shortly before Bruno disappeared. Your mother was too weak to survive the labor and Bruno knew about it. Although he was heartbroken, he was very happy to have you.
Unfortunately, due to seeing the prophecy with Mirabel and broken Casita and for your safety, he decided to disappear. It broke his heart to leave you but he knew he had to.
That's how you grew up without the father. It was sad but you had other family.
But it doesn't mean that you were loved as a child should. Due to you being Bruno bloods and owning...dark gift, you were often ignored and isolated.
Your gift ceremony was a secret. Alma couldn't wait any longer and during the night, she woke you up and took you to your door. There you touched the candle, and then the doorknob. On the door appeared an older version of you, with a creatures behind you, like a shadows.
Alma was scared. And when your family discovered what had happened, they complained to Alma and took a pity in you.
But you didn't care. At this point you turned apathetic to some things and that was one of them. Why should you care?
The next day, you found out that you had a shadow knight protecting you. When you were in your new room at night, you couldn't sleep and wished to have someone there with you. And just like that, that someone had appeared. It was a tall, shadow figure, with an armor and bright yellow eyes.
On a contrary, you weren't scared. You always were drawn to shadows. You were raised in the shadow of your family so maybe that's why you've got such a gift? To truly become a shadow.
Since that day, the knight was with you everyday. During daytime, he couldn't be seen, because he blended with your shadow. During nighttime, he appeared in his psychical form an spend time with you.
You were a quiet, emotionless and apathetic child. You didn't like to socialized and often stayed in your room for days. Your room have everything you needed. It was a open room, with big bed and almost 360 view on the night sky. The star constellations could be seen and moon was high in the sky, which was synchronized with the moon outside your room.
Fun fact: no one has ever been in your room.
Mirabel was the only one who tried to talk to you. She was extremely concerned for your being. It was like...you truly never existed. There's no photos of you, your doors disappears when you want it to and she, and other Madirgal's are lucky to even catch a glimpse of you. Whenever she saw you, she greeted you friendly and tried to talk to you, but you always ignored her and disappeared in the shadows.
Antonio's gift ceremony, you watched from the shadows. You didn't went to his room and soon after he opened the door, you went back to your room.
One of the birds told Antonio that you were watching him, and the child was so excited, he tried to look for you but you were already gone. The truth was, Antonio didn't even know how you looked like. He knew you were somewhere there and was honestly sad that he couldn't meet you.
He and Mirabel talked about you a lot. In secret of course. Mirabel told him about your situation and showed him that there was nothing to be afraid of.
You were just misunderstood and alone.
And Bruno watched it all, with broken heart.
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ taglist: @10n31y-100n3y-10s3r, @justbookworm, @beamingbeaming, @vampireviel, @dreashappyworld, @wtfwithmylife, @realgaytrash, @pls-love-me-camilo, @chamomiledelight, @nightmare-chaser1, @mythicalbinicorn, @islandoffllowers, @kaz3yo, @sleemao, @i-yam-awesome, @camileon, @ermespop, @kanattac , @spilltheyeasis, @fangirl-2610, @mnomno, @dos-oruguitas, @prettygh0stg1rl, @aardoruwu, @hhaizulas, @yelenamybelovas, @onlywekn0w, @dos-oruguitas, @dos-oroguitas, @itsmesmileyface
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solarwindswriting · 4 months ago
Bruno with Pregnant Reader HC
Bruno Madrigal x Pregnant!Reader
Requested: @ryukyshinigami25​
A/N: This is my first HC, so bear with me.
Tumblr media
As soon as Bruno knew you were pregnant that was it. You weren’t to lift a finger.
You hadn’t seen Bruno smile as much as he did for the next several weeks.
It took much convincing from you and his sisters that you can and should be moving around.
He was always at your side, asking if you needed anything.
It would take either Felix or Agustin pulling him away for you to get any time alone.
Bruno has always been a sympathetic puker. When morning sickness started setting in, Bruno got very good at excusing himself from the situation and throw one of his sisters in to help you.
Bruno loved standing behind you, head resting on your shoulder with his hands cradling your stomach. A position he was commonly found in.
You and Bruno would take strolls through the Encanto, arm in arm.
He’d buy you anything you even considered. Arms always full by the end of the trip.
Bruno wouldn’t admit it, but he was terrified of being a father. He never had one of his own growing up. What does he know about being a parent?
As it became more difficult fo you to move around towards the end of your pregnancy. Bruno found himself extra busy. That included building the crib for your shared room or helping Mirabel sew little plush toys or any of the other hundred things that still needed to get done.
When your water broke Bruno just about fainted.
Whatever anxiety or stress you were feeling, he was feeling it 100% more.
The speed at which that stress turned into pure love for the little bundle in his arms would breakneck.
Any worry about how good of a father he’d be would be gone.
You, his baby, his whole world fit into this little room.
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victoriaflores · 3 months ago
hi, could i have what their kisses would be like? 🙃
warning: english is not my first language. unchecked.
note: i suck at this, yes, but i wanted to respond the first request in this blog as fast as possible. hope you like it ‹3.
pairing: bruno x reader ; isabela x reader ; dolores x reader ; camilo x reader ; mirabel x reader.
summary: encanto characters' kisses.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this guy doesn't do kisses, i'm so sorry for you lol
but this is not because he doesn't like them, he's just too shy about it and would feel awkward from time to time.
when he does give you kisses, these are soft and full of his love for you.
obviously he'd blush before and after every kiss, i can even see his hands shaking a little.
enjoys the feeling of you pressing kisses against his cheek in greeting though, even if it leaves him like a blushing mess.
he also enjoys caressing your cheekbone when you are sleeping, either with his thumb or fingers.
that is his way of taking advantage of the fact that you are not seeing him.
if he feels confident, he would leave a little kiss on your forehead or lips.
omg, she gives the sweetest kisses of all.
always full of love and warmth, that type of love that she only shows when she's with you.
butterfly kisses are her favourite, and is the one form of affection that she'd openly indulge herself in whenever she's with you
lots of kisses on the cheek when she gives you back hugs, which is very often coming from her.
if you two are alone, she literally loves to initiate the kisses.
the best part of having her so near is her scent, isabela literally smells like a florist and you love it.
if you kiss her first, her hand would immediately come to your cheek.
i think she'd be the one to break the kiss just to look at your face and admire your beauty.
when she finishes one of those beautiful kisses, she would give you the cutest and fluffiest smile in the world as if even she couldn't believe the beautiful moment you just had.
this girl would kiss you super softly and hold you like you’re a porcelain doll.
she's not actually shy but can become nervous really easily when it comes to kisses.
absolutely loves giving and receiving those cute kisses on the cheek for greeting.
always intertwine her hands with yours when kissing.
sometimes she'd mutter cute words while leaning to kiss you, just to see you a little flustered before responding her lips.
if you're feeling tired or stressed, she'd be there compensating you with things like grazing her lips along your knuckles and soft but lingering kisses on your head.
kisses won’t be super deep and passionate usually, but are super soft and sweet (playful too).
literally steals kisses from you absolutely anywhere any time.
in public, at home, in front of his family.
whether it’s quick kisses on the lips or those long loving ones.
asks for kisses constantly while giving you a smirk and even winking.
can be super romantic or really playful.
will sometimes spin you around and then bring you towards him quickly to leave kisses all over your face.
once you two break apart, he will quickly peck your lips before smiling making you ridiculously soft.
kisses with mirabel are often casual and sweet.
like the ones her mother give her everytime, with all her love and affection for you.
always kind of spontaneous.
to her, kissing you comes as naturally as holding your hand.
likes to cup your cheeks with her both hands and spread kisses all over your face to make you take her off you.
she doesn't care at all if her family tease her, she loves you and has no fear to show it.
sometimes she likes to disappear from her house for a couple of hours for you to miss her and receive her with your hugs and kisses.
those are very short moments she adores.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 3 months ago
Signs of Affection With Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Tags: romantic fluff, crushes, love languages, PDA, dating
A/N: Did someone ask for more Bruno? No? Well here he is again anyways!
Tumblr media
Bruno is very shy with you at first
He doesn't really know how to act around a pretty woman like you, he stutters over his words a lot but his looks are genuine and affectionate
You think it's cute that gets so flustered around you
When he finally gets the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend you can tell that he's rehearsed it so it can be perfect
You take his hand in yours, making him yelp a little, you tell him that you don't expect him to act any different around you, you like the blushy, shy guy he is
He smiles bashfully
Then he notices that he's still holding your hand, his yes widen for a moment before he intertwines your fingers with his
He comments on how warm your hand is and that it's nice to have someone to hold your hand
After that he always holds your hand and he will gently brush his thumb over the back of your hand while doing so
Cheek kisses are a must, even though it makes him flustered every time, no matter if he's the one giving or receiving the kiss
He loves words of affection
He will tell you how lucky he is to have you every day
When you compliment something about him, his looks, his acting skills, tell him how cool and handsome he looks when his eyes glow he will be reduced into a flustered, blushy mess
Of course Pepa and Julieta tease him a little, they are his sisters after all, but they also give him advice and encourage him, they want him to be happy with you
Bruno is a more than a little nervous about PDA, especially in front of his family
He knows he's awkward and knows he gets even more awkward when he's with you
But he also wants everyone to know how much he likes you
So whenever you show up at the Casita, he will have his rats waiting for you with flowers and then he will show up to walk you trough the house, arms linked
When you kiss him goodbye he always gets a goofy smile on his face and sighs lovingly
He is very clingy in private
He loves to hug you, or to be hugged by you
He always whispers to you as you both fall asleep and wakes you up with little, slightly shy kisses
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manehead · 3 months ago
I am not worth a fight
In which Reader has a short temper and will always defend Bruno, no matter what (bit dramatic)
“Tú! How dare you? Stop mistreating and accusing him like it’s his fault! Did he predict something bad about your future? News flash! He can only see what is going to happen, he has no control over it!”, you snapped, feeling everyone’s eyes on your figure.
To be completely fair, you really didn’t mean to cause a scene; you had tried to clench your teeth while you and Bruno were at the plaza watching amused el pequeño Antonio playing with his friends, catching all those people glancing at the man near you, whispering mean comments.
And yet you didn’t react because you knew Bruno’d be too embarrassed and self conscious about having all that attention on himself; but seeing him shifting uncomfortable under those spiteful eyes, gulping nervously as he couldn’t even enjoy his precious time with his nephew, struggling to pretend that everything was fine, made your blood boil in your veins.
Still, you hadn’t say a word — definitely not thinking about how liberating it would have felt to punch each one of them.
That was until some older man decided to ruin the day completely and marched in Bruno’s direction shouting about some vision which had showed his estúpida collection of cactus completely dried out.
“Tù! Aquí estás! It’s your fault! It’s all your fault! You made my cactus die! Él malo Bruno—“
The whole situation would have been almost hilarious, something you and Bruno would have laughed at and shared at dinner with his familia that night, begging Camilo to turn into the man to show how ridiculous he had been, if it wasn’t for the fact that that specific man had followed Bruno around for days in order to get a vision, even though the curly haired man was obviously busy and warned him of the possible consequences — as he always did.
Your head turned around to a worried Bruno, who was attempting to become smaller, hiding in his shoulders, preparing to defend himself as the man looked like he was ready to throw hands at him. It made you even angrier — that was the last straw. So, you finally snapped.
“Él es maldito! My collection of cactus, mi preciosa collection! One whole year of struggles—“
“Oh, cry me a river! I bet you didn’t even took proper care of your plants. Besides, may I remind you it was you who followed him around not caring about what he was doing, questioning and insisting even though he told you clearly it wasn’t a good idea and yet, you are the one complaining!”, you took a step forward in his direction with each word.
“It— it’s not that— I didn’t—“, he stammered, looking around trying to find some back up, his façade quickly coming down as he began to retreat nervously.
“Escucha me, Bruno is way too nice and gentle to say anything, you don’t deserve him, but let me give you a vision myself, if you”, you pointed your finger against all the villagers, “If any of you keeps bothering Bruno nonsense, you will have to deal with me, and I am most definitely not playing around”, you threatened firmly, not trying to hold back the rage anymore.
Everyone looked at you in silence, staring back between you and Bruno, who hadn’t say anything yet, or locking their gaze on the ground, no one even daring to add any other word to your speech.
You couldn’t help but grin at your victory, yet your smile soon dropped when you heard Bruno hissing firmly to you, “Vamos”, grabbing your arm. “Tonito, I bet Dolores is already coming, just wait for her right here”. The little one nodded, offering you a worried smile. Mierda.
The two of you remained silent during the whole trip back to Casita, letting you eventually come to your senses with what you just did in the village.
Maldición, did you actually say all of that? Even though you could have been way meaner— No. Bad idea.
Cursing at yourself for being so impetuous, you wished you could see Bruno’s face in order to find any sign of anger or worst, disappointment, but he was walking a few steps ahead and, honestly, you didn’t have the gut to ask him to stop and turn around.
You went back to the Casita and he hadn’t look back to you even once, he simply continued walking towards his room. Terror was now spreading in your body: not knowing how he was feeling was killing you slowly and without mercy. You felt your stomach twisting and your mouth was dry. What if he is mad? He could be mad. He has the right to be mad. He looks mad. I didn’t mean to overstep, he knows I did mean well. He knows it, right?
“Bruno, please, let me—“, you blurted out once in his room, trying desperately to save what could be saved, but one harsh look from Bruno was enough to shut your mouth. You gulped waiting for your destiny, like you were going to be put through the wringer.
“You didn’t have to say any of that. What were you thinking?”, he questioned bitter, his voice deeper than it had ever been. He was definitely mad. “I am used to it, I am used to being looked up and down and- and talked back, but you— you can’t be the one people get mad at, you don’t deserve that kind of treatment, so what made you think it was a good idea for you to say that? Why did you defend me? Now those people will assume things—“.
“Let them”, you mumbled under your breath. Bruno sighed, shaking his head, not daring to dig any further in that. “No, they can’t. I won’t let them. I won’t let them say bad things about you because you felt pity for me”.
“You think that’s why I said all of that?”, you asked shocked. “You don’t deserve the way they treat you! No está bien just because you are used to it, Bruno!”, you were getting yourself worked up here, again. “Are you being for real?”.
“Sí!”, he yelled, taking you by surprise. “I am being for real, because what is going to happen when people will get the idea that maybe we are—“, he gesticulated with his hands between the two of you, as he searched for the right word “— close, and will start mistreating you for that, and you will eventually grow into hating me like everyone else, and will leave me alone because that’s what’s gonna happen, I know it, I have been there! Èl maldito Bruno deserves nothing but this loneliness—“, your head felt dizzy. You had been so careless. All he cared about was you.
His eyes shifted to a light green because of his intense emotions and you couldn’t help noticing the tears forming in the corners. “Deja. Deja, lo entiendo Bruno”, you begged him.
“I am not saying anything that it’s not true”. He looked at you completely defeated, tired, sad and you hated each one of those people who had ever made him feel bad about himself.
“I promise you I am not going anywhere—“, he chuckled, a knowing, melancholy smile on his face. “Lo dices ahora”, he whispered. You came closer to where he was, watching his eyes light up in surprise.
“Sí, I say this now, but I do know myself, you know me, and when I tell you that I stood up for you not out of pity but because I genuinely care about you, and not because we may be— close, but because you do deserve love and acceptance like everyone else, I need you to believe my words”, his eyes followed attentively your steps, until the two of you were only a few inches away from each other.
“I understand that life hasn’t been very easy for you, but I intend to be part of yours for a long time, if you will let me”, at this point tears were rolling down on both of your faces. You gently caressed his cheek, resting your hand and letting him slowly lay there. “And if you will have me, you will also get these parts, where I will pick up fight with people for how they treat you, or I will get mad at you when you don’t recognise your own worth, and I will work my ass off, reminding you everyday how amazing you are and that you deserve every kindness in this world if that is what it takes to make you believe me”, you stated. His hand was now on yours, a crocked smile forming on his lips.
“…People will assume things—“, he repeated. “Why do you keep saying that?”, you asked. “I don’t want your status to be dragged down because of me”.
“What—?”. “People will assume we are— ay, cómo puedo— you know… together”, he mumbled, spreading butterflies into your stomach just at the thought of the possibility.
“As I said, let them”.
He shook his head. “You don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t want that”, you don’t want me, he wanted to add. Shifting from the previous position, he took a step back, not looking at you anymore.
“How do you know that?”, you uttered, feeling hurt: does he really think that little about me?. “Can you stop thinking about what everyone else is gonna believe for one moment? Could you stop assuming what I—“
“I don’t have that privilege! En verdad, I don’t understand why we are even discussing it in the first place, it is not like you have any feelings for me at all!”. Silence filled the room. His chest was going up and down due to his rage, his heavy breathing the only sound other than your incessant heartbeat.
You felt your ears ringing. Now, you have to tell him how you feel now. It’s now or never: but no words escaped your mouth.
Bruno sighed defeated and started mumbling to himself, fidgeting with his ruana: “Entonces, I will go back to the village and explain to everyone that you really didn’t mean what you said before and everything will be fine—“.
“I do”, you admitted whispering, not daring to look at him.
He stopped his ranting. “Qué?”.
You gulped, fighting to gain the courage you needed to speak up. “I do have feelings for you. I had for a while. So, if people start assuming things it wouldn’t— I mean, I wouldn’t complain”, great speech, you thought.
“You don’t have to say that—“
“Por favor, don’t lie to me—“
“Dios, would you stop assuming things and let me talk!”
Bruno stayed quiet and in order to avoid meeting his gaze, you went on: “It drives me mad that people mistreat you, not when you are so kind and gentle, and I get it, I am a mess, so sí, I wasn’t thinking about how you would have felt about it, y lo siento, I am sorry about that, but not about what I said because I meant it and I would do it again. I will pick up a thousand fights for you, because you are so worth it”, you sighed, the urge of saying how you felt was so strong, winning over all your fears, and all those emotions you had desperately wanted to keep secret, that you had kept locked deep down for so long, were now screaming to be heard.
“Te amo, Bruno. Not out of pity, but truly and fondly and hardly, seriously, sometimes it takes a lot just not to kiss you and— and other things— and, fuck, I had a point, I wanted to give you a big speech about this because it feels big to me, and—“ you had now lost control over your words, praying that the earth could just dig an huge hole and let you fall in it. “And I love you and it feels so good to be able to say it out loud, I love you, and you deserve the world and more, and I love you, no one will ever make me want to not be with you, and I love you and now I have to shut up, fuck, stop—“.
Realising you had been holding your breath this entire time, you exhaled, forcing yourself to look at Bruno’s face, because you had to know: he was left completely speechless, his cheeks still wet with tears but his eyes were now sparkling, and, you wouldn’t dare to be sure, wouldn’t dare to hope, but a tiny smile was now appearing on his lips.
“I am not lying. Por favor, say something”, you begged.
Not dropping his smile, Bruno came slowly closer. “You’re shivering”, he observed. You rolled your eyes, physically forcing yourself not to run away. “No me diga…”.
Bruno cupped your face in his hands, so kindly, so tenderly. “You smell good”, you whispered so softly he thought he imagined it. Regret came across your face and Bruno let out a little laugh and seriously, you were going to combust. “You’re shivering too”.
Your hearts were pounding so hard against your chests and all you could think about was how close he was standing. “Did you mean it?”, you caught that subtle doubting in his voice again and all you wanted was for that to disappear. “Do you really love me?”.
“Didn’t you notice?” you couldn’t help to not let slip out how desperate you were.
“I never dared to hope that, honestly. Not with you, not me”, his voice cracked. He was now caressing your cheek with his thumb.
“Do you— I mean, well… Do you— No, alright… Lo siento, I promise I am better at this, it’s just that you are so close and your eyes are so green and I am mumbling all over again, please show a little mercy on me—“, his lips were now way too close to yours. His smile was so beautiful you had to restrain yourself not to kiss him right there.
“If only you knew for how long I have been waiting for this — These words, from you”, his voice sounded so incredulous. Bruno stared at you for what seemed like years, still smiling, as you were the most beautiful miracle he had ever seen in his life.
“Alright, let me.. I am sorry amor, lo siento if I can’t express well what I feel, but, it feels so unreal—“, he confessed, his voice trembling, “I couldn’t even — How could you love me? I didn’t stand a chance. When you stood up for me, I felt— overwhelmed by all these emotions, fear, love, protectiveness, and I got mad, y lo siento, because I know how it feels like to be left out and the idea of you being mistreated, or even just the thought of you walking away from me— No. You light up every room you are in, you are breathtaking, eres la razón de mi sonrisas, la única—“, you gave a small whimper, smiling tenderly. “The idea of you loving me—”, he shook his head. “Not even en mi sueños”.
“Funny of you to say that, because I feel like I am dreaming”.
You both giggled softly. Your forehead were now touching, his hands still gently on your burning cheeks. His eyes searched yours. “Then I really don’t want to wake up”, he whispered, brushing his lips to yours, so kindly asking for your consent.
You finally kissed him, a kiss you had wanted for as long as you could remember, and it was even better than anything you ever expected. He was better than anything you ever expected. His lips locked perfectly with yours, as you both grinned into it. His hands grabbed your waist, as yours were on his neck, holding each other closer as you could, feeling the need, after all that time, to be juntos.
“Te amo”, he confessed, putting so careful a small lock of hair behind your ear. “Gracias por fighting for me, for not giving up on me— gracias”.
You gave him another kiss. “I will always fight for you, Bruno. You are so worth it”.
“You know, I thought you were going to punch that guy”
“Maybe I should have—“
“Qué? It isn’t like he didn’t deserve it, or do you think I couldn’t handle him?”
“No, mi amor, I am sure you could. I was actually worried about him”
“Ah, a quien lo importa— there’s nothing Julieta’s arepas can’t pull back together”
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