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camileeon · 12 hours ago
Heyy!! CONGRATULATIONS ON 200+ FOLLOWERS BESTIE AAA im so happy for you 💖 To celebrate i’ll participate in ur second event as well ^w^
I read the list of prompts, and i think prompt A-15 “I love you more than I love food. Feel appreciated” would be perfect for Camilo! The short fic could take place in a soft morning after y/n stays at casita overnight with Camilo. Y/n could be trying to start the day but Camilo just doesn’t wanna get up yet. I AM ABSOLUTELY SOFT FOR MORNING CUDDLES AKSKWOSKWODNE *malfunctions*
thank you so much take care 💖
🍵- absolutely nothing other than soft fluffy lazy mornings and loads of kisses from the sun himself <3
🦋- GN!Reader x Camilo Madrigal
🍊- enjoyed making this bc of how fluffy it is :(( ever just want fictional characters to be real? yea same 🙁 Thank you so so so much for requesting! @sweettooth-simps I'm very sorry this took awhile, other than that pleas enjoy!! <3- ceres 💗
Dawn sunlight drew streaks of yellow on the shapeshifter's curtains as the light wind rustled in, snores and unrecognizable mumbling came either from the couple as they slept soundly in eachother's embrace. Y/n was over at Casita for a sleepover with the madrigal grandchildren, the night before was just to be described as chaos rather than ecstatic. Playing different games, sneaking out to grab midnight snacks in the kitchen while trying to be as silent as possible, and a few of them even getting to draw on Luisa's face due to being the first one who hit the hay early.
“They had each of their frolics as the night went wildly for them, resulting them to stay up late until atleast a slit of the sun peeked from it's sleep after those hours that seemed neverending for all seven of them. All of them went back to their rooms immediately after, feeling all of the energy drain away from their bodies and collapsed into their cushioned mattresses, y/n slept over at camilo's as their limbs entangled eachother through the remaining hours of sleep they've gotten.
Flinching to wake up as soon as their alarm rang, getting out of bed to shut it off to avoid waking up the sleeping chameleon. They groaned quietly before slumping back on top of him, laying their head on his chest as they admired how pretty he was while sleeping, giving him kisses on his lips to try to wake him up as gentle as possible while they kept a closed distance.
“amor.. we gotta get up.. we've slept in.”
They attempted whispering quietly, laying beside him as he snuggled against their embrace. Sending the message of not wanting to get up or "5 minutes more" but continues to sleep in for the next hour, they needed to get up or they'd miss breakfast.
They continued to try various attempts, being gentle with him to avoid having him in a bad mood just because of being woken up. In the end, they sighed exhaustingly as to not even denting him one eye awake.
“Camilo, we need to get uupppppp” they tried to pull him up to stand, hearing him groan as he just clung on to them while being up half awake.
“Nooooo...you've been trying for the past hour, give up..” his morning voice sent shivers down their spine, his breath against their neck. Camilo wrapped his arms securely around their waist as they stayed in a very comfortable silence, swaying them around in a circle continuosly as their eyes lock from time to time.
“Now you're up, can we go down to eat already?”
“You really want to leave now? Can't i just give you kisses and cuddles, to have you the whole day to myself?”
“ you're actually putting me before tia's arepas? That's new.”
“Amor ever since you came into my life, i've loved you more than i love food, feel appreciated. Anyway.. back to business.”
they let out a snort at his response before being lifted back on to the bed and tackled by the boy in yellow “you're all mine, food can wait.” he retorted, the sun giving his moon loads of affection and kisses wherever he could place any as they laid in bed for the rest of the day.
Bonus: Dolores hears what they were up to and saved a plate for the both of them, leaving it on a tray in front of his door. A few hours later, Pepa knocks in and finds an adorable sight of camilo with his arms around them protectively as they waltzed their way to dreamland once more.
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Are we gonna talk about how the rats that live with Bruno enthusiastically perform along with Camillo's song, despite knowing that almost everything about it is false?
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badwolfwriter · a day ago
Encanto gifts
Ok, but can we talk about how so many of the gifts are trauma/psychology based in Encanto? Like the triplets- their gifts are so about controlling and fixing things. Knowing the future, controlling the weather, and healing. These things scream trauma- whether that was the trauma of having to flee their home at such a young age or the trauma of their mother taking her own PTSD out on them.  (We love Abuela, but we also know she’s toxic and so many of the issues in this family stem from her.)
Then the kids. With the eldest ones it’s easier to see- we have Luisa who has to be strong. She’s been raised to be of use, and when it came time for her to get her gift casita went oh no, she needs to feel useful, let’s give her something that’ll help with that. Isabella, always expected to be perfect, and so she got the most graceful gift. Dolores and her sensitive hearing. She probably spent her childhood listening around corners to know what was going on, what mood is everyone in, what are they saying about me or my family and how do I protect them from it?
Camillo, a middle child. Chaotic but loving, probably always feeling like he was the wrong person for the job. So he got the ability to make himself just the right person. Antonio, so lonely his whole life, afraid of failing the family in the same way Mirabel supposedly did (and I will fight anyone who harshes on her), gets the ability to talk to the animals he already spends all his time with. Because they are his home, where he can finally feel accepted.
And Mirabel. Technically she doesn’t have a gift, yes. But it can’t just be me who noticed that Mirabel seems incredibly linked to casita. The cracks appear when she’s upset, the doors flicker as doubt creeps into her mind. It’s almost as if the house is feeding off her energy explicitly. Or as though, instead of giving Mirabel an isolated gift, the house chose to give Mirabel itself. What else do you give the child who is so enamored with you, so bonded with you at such a young age. And when the house was reborn, who was able to wake it up? Mirabel. 
I don’t know. Just my two cents. But it feels like every gift given by the house was a reaction to their psyche and trauma, and there’s just so so much to read there.
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not-as-endearing-fanatic · 2 days ago
Camillo: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t “fit in” and I don’t WANT to fit in. Have you ever seen me without these stupid sunglasses on? That’s weird.
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kingreywrites · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let’s hope tonight is not a horrible disaster!
Collection of some great faces from the dinner scene
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sketchnwhatevr · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part one of a fan board/animatic I’m working on!
I'm so in love with this movie and these characters that I had to start making my own scenes 😭 This obviously isn't canon since Camillo never got to see Bruno's hideout in Casita #1 in the movie, but this is just to pretend that Mirabel and Bruno showed him.
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sock-ness-monster · a month ago
Camilo be like
Tumblr media
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artmadval · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
grandkids round up! 💃💃💃
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encantosus · a month ago
Camilo, sweating: y/n, there’s something I need to ask you-
Y/n: Finally! You’re proposing!
Camilo: How’d you know?
Y/n: Camilo, you’ve dropped the ring five times during dinner.
Y/n: I even picked it up once.
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yumbees · a month ago
Don't think about Mirabel back in the nursery after her ceremony (don't think about the box on the floor of the things she refuses to unpack)
Don't think about her hearing Abuela rage at anyone around
Don't think about Camillo sneaking in with party food for her
Don't think about Luisa throwing her around in the days to follow, trying to get a laugh
Don't think about Dolores teaching her songs and sewing and painting, any kind of distraction she can think of (Don't think about how she wants Mirabel to have something to call a talent)
Don't think about Abuela refusing to acknowledge Mirabel for days
Don't think about Julietta pleading with her mother to "think about this reasonably!"
Don't think about Felix and Augustin yelling at Casita, begging for an answer that it cannot give
Don't think about Pepa hiding away in her room to make sure she won't spoil the sunshine, because Mirabel deserves *something* nice
Don't think about the hundreds of flowers Isa didn't grow, not wanting to flaunt the magic that somehow she deserved more than her little sister
Definitely don't think about how, with all the attention, negative and positive, the one thing Mirabel won't stop thinking about it why Tio Bruno was so upset with her that he abandoned them all
Definitely don't think about that.
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camileeon · a day ago
So I have this friend who really loves Camilo, I share your posts with him and he really likes them. He would love to look through a male reader x Camilo, which is really rare finding one. 
The reader likes to cook, but weird things, like really extravagant combinations. Camilo loves his tía's food, but he has never tasted something like this before, or seen someone as beautiful as this. 🤝
The fluffer, the better. 
Love your work Ceres! 🧃
🍵- who knew the taste of falling in love were to be so... Odd?
🦋- Male Reader x Camilo (he/him and he/him)
🍊- (a/n) first x male reader fic! And i agree there aren't much fics and it's very rare to find! But your wish is is my command, i'm open to making so much more of these! Also yes i do like cheese and chocolate together, I've tried it with waffles and when i tell you it slaps- i know the combo isn't that extravagant but it's a little weird i suppose and maybe unfamiliar to others:D ANYHOW, ENJOYYY!! tysm for requesting <3@astroddon i hope ur friend likes this!-ceres 🍊
Aromas of different flavors swirl in the air on the buzzed streets of encanto, tangs of different flavors comes from a certain shopkeep owned by the L/n's. They were infamous for their delicious apptizers and on the go snacks but mostly for their extravagant yet strange flavored combinations, they founded the beauty using different tastes and textures on their dishes, they weren't typically what most sought through food but it was something the town's people of encanto appreciated and loved, that was enough for them.
The madrigals had good history with the culinary versed family, the gifted chef amongst them, Julieta, came by when she can to converse with the family about food and dishes. Exchanging different tips and notes about their expertise, on what they could do to heighten the flavorful rollercoaster ride for different customers.
One bustling afternoon, It was Y/n's shift for the day. Customers think of him as the shop's sweetheart, always very approaching and kind to all those he encountered, not to mention he was also very good looking. Helping out his father in every way he can in looking after their beloved store, serving the dishes they put together to see a satisfied smile on client's faces.
On the other hand, the boy in yellow roamed around the familiar cobblestone pavement of the town. Simple there was nothing more and nothing less to him, practically running around the community daily to help out people using their given gifts. All the pondering and wandering soon made his stomach grumble, looking through the stalls and stores that were around and decided to treat himself for a snack at the L/n's, never having the opportunity to taste any of their dishes before. He ambled towards the wooden counter and knocked onto it, tapping it lightly with his knuckle before being greeted by a warm smile from the cook behind the counter, getting taken aback for a little bit as he was met with a face of another. He couldn't deny it as a first impression, he was pretty.
“Good afternoon! What can i get for ya?”
“depends, what do you recommend cariño?”
Y/n's cheeks rose up to noticable tint from the comment the shapeshifter made, rolling his eyes before clearing his throat to answer
“Hm.. you're the type to say "surprise me" don't worry, you'll like anything here.” brutally honest he was, at the same time camilo felt his heart starting to thum lightly against his chest, the same warm noticably rosy shade on his face. Quickly the chef began to put together a meal for the waiting boy in yellow, gathering various and ingredients that seemed questionable for a moment in the boy's point of view but he wasn't there to judge but just to eat, it was the L/n's expertise after all. After moment of waiting and making small talk while the other cooked, Camilo was served with a plate of a normal looking grilled cheese sandwich but with chocolate as well?
“Well? Look, it isn't typical but I'm going to bet you're going to come back tomorrow looking for more.” Y/n proudly commented, with his hands on his waist filled with confidence. Camilo didn't retort at all but just pondered, he did like cheese and chocolate and their flavors did seem to contradict eachother's as he thought about it.
“alright, bet.”
He slowly met the sandwich up with his lips to take a bite out of it and all there was to say about it was just merely on his expression, his eyes widening out how good it was. Chewing continuously as a grin came to view “Woah.. this is delicious.” was all the shapeshifter could've said at that point. The saltiness of the cheese and the sweet yet satisfying tang of the chocolate just went very well together, the breading of the sandwich acting as a wall for the both of it to send waves of flavors into the shapeshifter's mouth.
“So... I presume you're coming back tomorrow for the same order?” Y/n smiled cheekily as he watched the shapeshifter happily nomming on the snack he made.
“Honestly, i don't care if i lost the wager this is delicious.” the shapeshifter retorted before sliding an empty plate back towards him “Also.. who said i'm only coming back for this?” the boy in yellow added, leaning closer to shorten the distance between them. His eyes meeting his as Camilo gave a little ruffle through his hair, tucking a few strands behind his ear as their faces flushed into a tint of crimson to their noses slightly brushing eachother's caused by the close space they shared. By the time, they just had noticed the sun began to set and sky began to grow darker by the second as they pulled away the shared distance.
“I won't take much of your time, I'll be here same time tomorrow. Buenas Noches Y/n.”
giving him a wink as he sent a little wave before tripping a little on a rock as a result of walking backwards, earning a flustered chuckle from the chef who seemed to be occupied by what just happened.
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misschibidoodles2 · 21 days ago
"my child is fine" your child is listening to Surface Pressure on repeat
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suspiciousplant123 · 29 days ago
Camillo: I miss my Tío Bruno and his seven foot frame with rats along his back w-
Bruno from the walls: quit telling people I’m seven foot
Camillo: sometimes it’s like I can still hear his voice
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Tumblr media
I give you another poorly made Encanto meme, this time you might have to zoom.
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piaart · a month ago
Tumblr media
It's lonely here
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houseofmaddnessandarts · a month ago
If you know the movie Encanto you are ether in love with
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Buff goddess
Tumblr media
Shape-shifting pretty boy
Tumblr media
Scrawny rat man who everyone don't talk about
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im-a-swiftie-i-guess · a month ago
The Madrigals Having Dinner
Abuela: *eats like normal*
Pepa: *storm clouds cause she bit her tongue*
Felix: *passes Pepa orange juice*
Bruno: *talking about his rat-plays*
Dolores: *completely invested in said rat-plays*
Isabela: *listening to rat-plays as well*
Julieta: *in the kitchen making healing pastries*
Agustin: *eating said pastries to cure bee stings*
Antonio: *conversing with his animals*
Mirabel: *talking to Luisa*
Luisa: *actually in her room cause she finished early and she's tired*
Camillo: *pretending to be Luisa so he can have seconds*
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that-1-masked-wierdo · a month ago
Camilo's punishment
Camilo x reader
Gender neutral!reader
Note : fluff , , chaotic reader
Modern au
(I'm trying to explain the outfit please don't sue me)
A/n: please be notified this is my first fanfiction and my writing skills aren't as good as your tipical writer so I'm sorry of grammar mistakes and slight character miss accuracy, this idea sounded better in my head
Tumblr media
"No please have MERCY ! AGh--"
Delores heard Camilos voice while sitting at the kitchen table staring at the bread concerned . She has been hearing whining from the upstairs for a while now.
You and Camilo have been going out with each other for quite some time now . You met his parents and the family knows you. The biggest surprise of your relationship that you are the more chaotic. You were always moving when your bursts of energy came ,tho you loved sleeping and cuddling more than anything. It was a confusing dynamic but theirs family liked that you made Camilo a lot more careful than before
Today you seemed mad . Kicking Camilos door with a mysterious bag through your shoulder , while Camilo screamed when he saw you , sure was an weird thing for the Madrigals to witness. You closed the door behind you , with only Delores hearing what's happening.
"Ah.. M-mi Amor , please let me explain" Camilo wimpered while moving back to his bed genuinely scared
" YOU promised and yet you didn't came yesterday . It was SATURDAY and on that day you don't usually have PLANS" you sounded pissed.
" you know what happens now.. you shall be punished " you said opening the bag
" no, pleas NO-- AgH " Camilo begged before being tackled on the ground
" Ow! Please be more gentle - Ah! Let's talk I beg y-you mi Amor ..." Delores heard more groaning from Camilo . It has been 2 hours of pure screaming and moaning from Camilo.
"N-No NO Don't please do--" his voice cut off. Delores has had enough of this. She rushed up he stairs quickly and BURST though the door .
" WHAT ON THE CASITA ARE YO- " What Delores saw stopped her shouting.
It was you with Camilo head between your legs trapped. On the floor their where 4 broken hair combs and a box of pink rubber bands and ribbons. Camilo was in a pastel pink maid dress.The dress seemed very puffy , had a medium length skirt and a small fake white cat tail, cute for cosplays and other thing. It surprisingly looked good on them. You where trying to brush his head and give him ponytails like on the video on your phone but his hair was too fluffy to achieve the same results.
As they noticed theirs sister , Camilos face became as red as a tomato. Delores took a picture and left laughing .
"Ookaay i think we just need some final touches " you said after applying eyeliner . You took out a red lipstick. To Camilos shock you putted in on your lips and then ... SMOOCH ! You kissed them on the mouth for a few seconds. You took of your lips from his. " Gosh dang it! Its not straight! " You said as you started applying lipstick in the corner on his lips where your kiss didn't reach . The poor lad was sitting there paralyzed with his cheeks painting with a vibrant blush .
To this day Camilo never gave you that dress back. Who knows,maybe he secretly liked it .
Tumblr media
(if anyone was wondering this is how the dress looked like in my head, picture from pinterest)
Tumblr media
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encantosus · a month ago
Camilo: *standing on a balcony and sneezes*
Y/n: *standing on the roof* Bless you.
Camilo: God?!
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captaintophnoceda · 19 days ago
Bruno when His Rats left him alone in the Walls to go be Camillos backup dancers for We Don't Talk About Bruno
Tumblr media
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