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doodlepens · 5 months ago
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⏳ Madrigal Apologies⏳ "Let's all talk about Bruno!!"
He may be able to predict the future, but he sure couldn't predict this! Since they didn't apologize to him in the movie, this is my Head canon.
Fight me if you have any issues about that. ❤️
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doydoune · 4 months ago
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fear and guilt - pt1
pt2 - pt3
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bernard-the-rabbit · 6 months ago
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Bruno with his hair up bc im 😳
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constellationsinmytea · 3 months ago
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✨🦋🕯La Familia Madrigal🕯🦋✨
The whole set is finished! I loved this project. Who’s your favorite? 💕
Btw, Happy Birthday Mirabel!
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01-reihanehdraw · 4 months ago
Nothing to see here, just Bruno vibes 🐀⏳️
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Best tío of the year 13/10 ⭐️
Ok, who's next?
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glendybluebird · 9 days ago
Happy Father's Day!!! 💚💙🧡✨
Tumblr media
I know it's a bit late, but here you go!
Hope you like it😊
I stayed up all night for this😅 Got way too many homeworks and stuff to do.
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lydtheseance · 5 months ago
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Seven foot frame, rats along his back
fanart by IG @lydsirabella
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neon-green-eyes · 26 days ago
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1/ I had this idea that after the movie ended, what if Bruno could feel all the love from the fans, and feel loved without really being able to explain why.
2/ Happy pride month! I had to do something rainbow related because all Bruno fans are valid! Anyway i hope everyone can feel like this after they come out of the closet (or the walls...).
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dos-oroguitas · 5 months ago
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Following the rebuilding of Casita, you reunite with your lover whom you haven't seen in years after his sudden disappearance.
Bruno Madrigal x Wife! Reader
Being the wife of the misunderstood seer that had terrified the whole town of Encanto was less than ideal. Constantly under scrutinizing gaze and murmurs, one would think you would cave under the pressure. Bruno thought so too but you had smiled at him. As long as the two of you were together, there was nothing else to worry about.
And then he disappeared. In the dead of night, he had left your sleeping form without a note, without a goodbye, without a word. You would only awoke the next day to find your husband’s side of the bed cold and empty.
You grieved your love, you grieved the man who swore would never break your heart. The man who swore that he would always be by your side. And that grieving never ceased. Despite Alma’s attempts to make you stay in Casita, you only shook your head weakly.
“Home.. Home is where Bruno is.” You whispered on that fateful day that you brought up leaving. “And without him, I have no home, not in Casita..”
The Madrigal family watched as you packed your bags and left, bringing along with you what was left of Bruno, your wedding candle and the grief that weighed heavy in the depths of your heart. You would stay at the edge of the town of Encanto, often getting visited by a few family members with Mirabel, your niece, dropping by almost always to keep you company. You noticed she was just like your husband, stubborn, even as you had advised her that you didn't need any checking up on, she had insisted.
Today was different though. After the cracks that occurred on the streets of Encanto, you were cleaning up the damage that occurred in your own home, broken furniture and a few tiles fell off at the earthquake-like shake. The other townspeople had left to help out after the destruction of Casita but try as you may, you couldn’t bring yourself to return to the home that Bruno had left you in. So you stayed here, cleaning up quietly. Even as Casita was finally rebuilt and the miracle had returned you had stayed in your home. Even as the whispers and rumors of your husband’s return fell upon your ears, you didn’t move. Partly because you thought it was too good to be true. You believed that he was still alive. That he’s out there somewhere but you didn’t want to get your hopes crushed. You sighed deeply as you sat in your chair, cradling the wedding candle that Bruno had left with you.
You had expected the day to be slow and quiet as it always has been. Then the door burst open and in came Mirabel Madrigal, green rimmed glasses all wonky and tilted to the side, out of breath. Did she run all the way from Casita to here?
“Tia (Name)!” Came your niece’s frantic cries. You whipped your head to her direction, as frantic as she was.
“What happened? Mirabel, are you okay?!” You exclaimed, cupping her cheeks in your hand.
Mirabel would only shake her head, grabbing your hand. “There is something you should see!” She had managed to drag your confused form up to your doorway before you had halted.
“What is it? Ay, Mirabel, where are you taking me?” You had tried to calm yourself, heart suddenly hammering against your chest.
Mirabel only shook her head. “In Casita! There is someo.. something you need to see, Tia!” You purse your lips, you really didn’t want to go but Mirabel had looked so panicked and her tugs of your hands seemed like it was an emergency.
“Bueno, Bueno, fine!” You had sighed in exasperation, letting her drag you out of your home and to Casita.
As you approached the house you had once called home, you saw a few figures in front of the house. Their eyes had widened and Julieta and Pepa were the first to engulf you into an embrace. Though you would look at them skeptically. They seemed both nervous as well as excited. Alma was by their side, looking remorseful but happy that you were here. Though the three had exchanged looks that you weren't able to see.
You were about to part your lips, wanting to ask what was the problem before you were swiftly whisked away by Mirabel once more. Through the halls of Casita, and you stopped upon nearing your lover’s door. The memories of you and Bruno resurfacing.
“Mirabel, I, por favor, I can’t..” Mirabel had stopped as well, looking at you before her gaze flickered to the door. She shook her head, lips pressed firmly into a line as she stubbornly opened the door.
“Mira, c’mon I..” You were pulled into a tight hug by Mirabel. “Please, Tia, just trust me?” Her imploring gaze made you sigh shakily. You didn’t even know what lies behind those closed doors. It hurt just being there. Your heart clenched painfully but at the same time there was something drawing you in. You purse your lips before sighing deeply. “Whatever it is better be worth climbing all those stairs.” You glare at her playfully, watching as her lips turned into a happy grin.
“Trust me, it’s worth it.” You hear your niece say. You slowly pull away from the embrace, hyping yourself up to once again walk through the all too familiar room. “Here goes..” You entered the room, greeted by the sand that you admittedly missed despite having it on your clothes everyday when you were still living here.
You looked at the stairs, grumbling to yourself. Damn you, Bruno. You had asked him for an easier way to climb the large room but he had never really gotten to it. Slowly you made your way to the top, wheezing and out of breath.
After much climbing and walking you had made it to your lover’s vision cave. You ran your fingers on the worn down walls, remembering all the times you and Bruno had whilst he was still with you.
You smiled bitterly. You never could forget about the eccentric man that caught your heart with both his clumsiness and quirks you found adorable rather than annoying like other people would say.
You had expected there to be nothing but sand. Like it always had. It was left untouched by you, afraid that you would disturb or wipe away any essence that remained of your beloved husband. What you didn’t expect was a lone figure standing there. Unruly dark hair and a familiar green ruana. You squinted before your eyes widened, your footsteps halting. Your breath got caught in your throat.
Bruno Madrigal had expected his niece or any other family members. He didn’t expect to turn and be face to face with the love of his life. The same one he had left all those years ago. You were still so beautiful. Sure you had greying hair like he had but he swore you had still looked the same on the day he left you. And the yearning turned to fear, were you angry at him? Did you hate him? Why weren’t you saying anything?
“I know what you’re gonna say, (Name).” Bruno’s voice trembled as he looked at you. He swallowed thickly, fidgeting under your gaze.
Of course he had thought of a reunion with you two but never like this. He tried to rehearse the words that he would say with the help of his rats but each time it didn't feel right.
“How could I have done this?” He looked at you, desperately as you said no words, you had only stared at him, lips parted. He looked down, rambling even more. “Staying away all of these years, living in Casita’s walls, why didn’t I come back to you..”
“Well, what sign did I have that Mamá or the rest of the family wouldn’t take the vision the wrong way?” He asked frantically, still receiving no response. And his palms felt clammy. Did you hate him so much that you didn’t even think he was worthy of your words?
“That anyone in Encanto wouldn’t see me as a bearer of bad news?” He tried to avert his gaze, his nervousness evident as he fiddled with the ends of his green ruana.
“I tried so hard to get another vision, to find another answer but I couldn’t..!” He continues.
“I-I know that I left you all alone when I promised I wouldn’t,” He continues, tears welling up in his eyes as you remain silent, his voice cracking. “But I thought you’d be better off without me.” You were a part of the reason why he had left. You had deserved better than him, he had thought. Before your marriage to him you were sought after, loved by the village for your kindness but their looks and smiles of admiration turned to pity when they were informed that you were betrothed to him.
You approached him, your gaze longing and as you took a few steps forward, he took a few steps back.
“But I was wrong, I see that now but..” His back met the walls of his vision cave and he stammered. There was no more room to back up to.
“Oh, stop being so stoic, (Name). Go on! Shout, scream, say something!” Your silence made him nervous. He knew what he did was unforgivable and he deserved the questions and the screams you should be giving him but there was nothing. You remained quiet and he was startled to see you raise your hand before he felt your warm palm against his cheek.
His green eyes had widened as he looked at you.
“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” You finally whisper as your eyes gazed at him lovingly. All the years of grief and mourning for the husband you thought you had lost were now washed away by the happiness that flooded you upon seeing his face, feeling his warmth.. it wasn't hallucinations or dreams anymore. He was here. Your Bruno was here.
The tears that welled up in his eyes fell as he closed them shut savoring the kiss that you pressed against his lips.
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taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg
I just watched How to train Your Dragon again and thought this scene was very fitting to a reunion with you and your beloved rat husband, Bruno Madrigal.
I hope you liked it? I thought Bruno deserved so much love 😭💖😔💕
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tesseractrave · 6 months ago
Ay if you wanna draw our favorite rat boy, draw him as a young boy getting his door
Ahhh! Great idea! I always liked the idea of him opening it and having sand surround him as he has his first vision. I added another doodle of how he probably looked as a child apart from the ceremony. A little boy... 🥺
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mrjarviss · 6 months ago
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Ayooo Bruno fanart
I love this rat man
(Also I drew this in ibispaint, so idk how the resolution will be)
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doydoune · 6 months ago
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random Bruno and Camilo doodles cause theater kids got to stuck together
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bernard-the-rabbit · 6 months ago
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no bc.. id' literally kill for him
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01-reihanehdraw · 4 months ago
I made a Bruno plushy :]
Tumblr media
...and I tried my best   (^- ^; )>"
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madjazzhatter · 5 months ago
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Bruno and Florencia Madrigal.
I hope you enjoy this! Yes, they’re the same age.
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mobuaddiction · 5 months ago
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Mateo never answer like that :00
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neon-green-eyes · 3 months ago
Thanks to the awesome @mintmint481 for finding the original post for the rats drawings.
More art of course, these are just so cute!
From Jose Francisco Martinez on IG as @100creatures.
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bluebunf · 3 months ago
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Real sibling energy is making fun of each other lovingly
🥄(💛): *in her best pepa voice* "clear skies"
⏳(💙): *mocking high-pitched voice* "Oooh look at me, I'm miss responsible"
☀️(💚): *deep spooky voice* "boo! I'm the creepy old rat man"
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dos-oroguitas · 5 months ago
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uhhhhh him your honor,,,,, 💍🥰💗💝💕💞💌💟💖💘💗
still learning how to draw his curly hair.. shhhhhhhh
ref pose is by meowmeowhajimechan.deviantart.com
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bloodyyanya · 3 months ago
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Bruno colored doodles
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