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yoursweetdenial 2 days ago
Y/N: *deep breath* Everything is gonna be fine. It's just a crush.
Pepa: Hello.
Y/N: I love you!
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monochromatic-ahhhh 17 hours ago
Okay wait no its literally midnight dont mind me
Initially, it was the miracle candle that gave the house life right
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Then-then casita died and they fixed the house and then mirabel put in the doorknob and then CASITA WAS ALIVE AGAIN
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This has probably been realized by everybody already bc it's like the most obvious thing buT-BUT THE MIRACLE AKAUDHHSD IT'S THEM
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never-ending-fanfic a day ago
For whatever reason you might want to know this: I watched Encanto in my mother language (Polish) and I noticed that the dubbing directors did something very funny.
In Poland we have a pet name that literally means "little sun" (s艂onko/s艂oneczko) and it's usually used by parents towards the kids and Pepa uses it on Mirabel when she collects Antonio's stuff from the nursery.
Also when she's looking for him before his ceremony, she has a storm cloud above and calls him what in translation would be "little thunder" (ma艂y grzmot) when expressing her irritation with him. I think it's fun that they decided she should use those names, it gives off her gift's energy very nicely
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pariahsparadise a day ago
dolores "it's like i can hear him now...i can hear him now (her lines in 'we don't talk about bruno')" madrigal, everyone.
i wonder how many times she tried to drop hints to the family that bruno was literally living in their walls, only to be completely spoken over/ignored. it just blows my mind.
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kaicanto 8 hours ago
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"You鈥檙e the real gift, kid, let us in.鈥 ENCANTO (2021)
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somequeerteen 2 days ago
Camilo: Dear diary, today I couldn't find my diary so I'm writing this on both my Kung Fu Panda 2 DVDs
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aetherdecember a day ago
Encanto | Pray For Me
@encantobrainrotten my hand slipped... couldn鈥檛 resist doing your idea <3
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neo--queen--serenity 13 days ago
Antonio probably feels excessively endeared to his t铆o Bruno, because when the rats 鈥渢old him everything,鈥 they probably gave him what is likely the greatest, glowing, 5-star review possible in a squeaky speedrun of joyful infodumping about their favorite human. They probably spent the whole time just gushing over how great he is and how well he takes care of them, and I think this is why Antonio wears that shy, but knowing smile on his face when he looks at Bruno from then on out. Because how can he NOT smile and feel close to him after hearing from so many animals about how much they love him??? I cry
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paper-sunflower-lane a month ago
*Bruno and Camilo set the kitchen on fire trying to cook dinner for the family.*
Bruno:聽We need an adult!
Camlio:聽 T铆o Bruno, you鈥檙e the adult!
Bruno: We need an adultier adult! Go get your T铆a!
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fandom-thingss a month ago
So I just watched Encanto and I want to say something about it.
Bruno didn鈥檛 leave only because everyone hated him. It definitely seemed as though everyone hated him and he was vilified by the entire town and his own family, but that鈥檚 not why he left.
He left because he knew the rest of the family would find out about his vision. He knew they鈥檇 blame him for what would happen, but he also knew they鈥檇 blame Mirabel more. He was worried that she鈥檇 be vilified too. Mirabel was only five at the time, she was too young to deal with what would inevitably come to her as a result of the vision. He thought that if the rest of the family found out, it would ruin her life, and he was probably right. Mirabel would鈥檝e been treated the same way they treated him.
Bruno left because he didn鈥檛 want Mirabel to experience what he was going through.
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disgusting-polymorph 22 days ago
all of the madrigals: singing about how awful bruno is
bruno, sobbing while dancing: its,,, *sniff* its such a b-bop tho...........
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yoursweetdenial 7 days ago
Y/N: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl....
Pepa: ....
Dolores: .....
Antonio: ......
Camilo: ..Who?
Y/N: That's the thing we don't-
*Everyone stares at Camilo*
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ahhjaydraws 5 days ago
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Guess who watched Encanto twice now? Eyyy I might actually watch it again for the third time hehe
The movie was so good and the songs are stuck on my head now, especially "We Don't Talk About Bruno". It's a movie I definitely recommend watching.
My deepest apologies for the third image XD I don't speak Spanish so I used Google Translate, don't judge me.
鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥
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never-ending-fanfic a day ago
Another take from the Polish dubbing version of Encanto- this time a little heartbreaking:
In the scene where the candle goes out and Julieta finds Mirabel, in English dubbing she asks her daughter if she's hurt, to what Mirabel shakes her head silently.
So in Polish dubbing she actually asks her if she's alright, to which Mira shakes her head.
No idea why the directors decided to change it, but thanks for a hearbreak I guess
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michael-yagoobian 29 days ago
People are giving the Madrigal family a lot of hate which isn't really warranted? Everyone not wanting to talk about Bruno was very clearly about him leaving the family, even if they blamed it on the wedding/etc. Their reactions to him coming back makes that obvious.
No one except Abuela treated Mirabel differently for not having a gift. Isabela just treated her like a sister. Being accidentally excluded/looked over during Antonio's ceremony was still shitty and Mirabel didn't deserve that, but people are acting like she was maliciously cast out which just isn't the case.
Overall, Encanto was a cute movie which was less than 2 hours and had plot and character development issues because it's a children's movie. Do not expect masterful storytelling lol
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sablesides 12 days ago
All the sets of Madrigal triplets represent a different saying:
Julieta- Past
Pepa- Present
Bruno- Future
Cool Colors:
Isabela- Beauty
Luisa- Brawn
Mirabel- Brains
Warm Colors:
Dolores- Hear no Evil
Camilo- See no Evil
Antonio- Speak no Evil
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somequeerteen a day ago
Camilo, makes some joke about Dolores:
Dolores: I heard you were talking shit about me
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obviouslythetommoway 6 days ago
My little Encanto headcanons :
Pepa is kinda sassy and mischievous
The Madrigal family knows sign language for days when it's all too much for Dolores
When they were kids, the Madrigal triplets would put on shows for Alma; Bruno was the script writer, Julieta made props, Pepa did the special effects and they all preformed together
When Bruno was gone, the Madrigal triplets' Birthday was always sad for the three of them because they used celebrate it together every year
Mariano has a wonderful singing voice and he'll sing for the whole town
Antonio would crawl into Mirabel's bed during storms and she'd tell him silly stories
Dolores is the one who leaves food for Bruno in front of that picture
There's a small memorial in the mountains for Pedro and Abuela visits it occasionally to release some anxieties or talk about how wonderful the family is and how much he would've loved them all
Bruno cried the night Antonio was born because he thought he'd never get to meet his nephew and Dolores teared up at the sound
The house breaking was tough for everyone but it was absolutely awful for Dolores because she could hear the house breaking and the screaming all over town so she felt a flash of happiness when her power were gone because it was finally quiet
Dolores and Bruno have an unspoken trust like she knows he's there and he knows she knows, ya know
Camilo is a total mama's boy
Bruno is the town uncle and the kids love his rat telenovelas
Isabela has a garden that the kids in town help grow without the help of her Gift
Bruno's room used to have rock spires in the middle of all those stairs, a nice bed and a stage where Bruno preformed for his sisters as a kid but those disappeared when Bruno left his tower
Mirabel is incredible at sewing and embroidery and she'll make intricate things for her family and the town
Dolores absolutely loves Bruno's stories
Mariano's Mom is sick and he takes care of her
Camilo's room shifts too, it changes to however Camilo wants it in the moment
Antonio's room is the biggest although Bruno's is a close second
When the encanto first happened, everyone stayed in the Casita until houses were built
Camilo and Mirabel acted like twins when they were kids
Mariano loves the entire Madrigal family
Pepa learns how to control her powers and use them regardless of her current emotions
When Bruno was in the walls, at every meal Dolores stole some of whatever they were eating and gave it to Bruno to make him feel more included
F茅lix and Pepa love to dance together
There is a picture of Luisa holding the entire family in a wagon when she was five
When Bruno left it stormed for a month straight
Isabela grew up fast because she felt like she had to be mature to be perfect whereas Dolores grew up fast because of her powers
Mariano plays the guitar
Agust铆n makes sure Julieta remembers takes care of herself
Dolores will sometimes hike into to the mountains just to be physically father from the nosies
Mirabel likes to surprise people with clothing/things and for clothing Camilo is her stand in for measuring
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neo--queen--serenity 19 days ago
Thinking about when Luisa tells Mirabel, 鈥渓ast night鈥攚hen you saw the cracks鈥擨 felt weak,鈥 I was struck by how she said 鈥淲HEN,鈥 not 鈥渋f,鈥 not once questioning if what Mirabel said was true, and how it鈥檚 the first, possibly the only time she got verbal affirmation that someone in her family believed her and took her seriously the night she told them something was wrong with La Casita.
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paper-sunflower-lane a month ago
Bruno: I am just so mad at you right now! There is literally nothing you could say that will make me forgive you!
Mirabel:聽T铆o Bruno, I鈥檓-
Bruno: *Hugging Mirabel tightly* You鈥檙e forgiven and I鈥檓 sorry I yelled.
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