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this was @kitasgloves' idea馃槶馃槶
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(this is like, my 5th reupload,putangina ang hina kase ng network)
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[you and carlos texting]
Y/N: i cant sleep :< Carlos: is that my problem Y/N: :( no
Y/N: SOMEONES KNOCKING AT MY DOOR WTF Carlos: open up idiot Carlos: its cold out here
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Y/N: two years ago, I married my best friend
Y/N: Carlos is still mad about it, but Camilo and I thought it would be funny
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are your reqs open cause i have smth 馃憖 hb a camilo x gn reader who is cold hearted and mean but quiet so no one rlly talks to them but one day carlos sees them in the forest making flower crowns and reader gets flustered when he approaches them.. since then only carlos gets to see readers soft side and slowly falls hihihi
"my flower"
Tumblr media
鈥斅燙arlos only thought of you on the surface, brash but quiet. He doesn't think much of it until he saw a different side of you that made emotions bloom inside his chest. You were more than what everybody says.
鈥 mild angst to fluff
鈥 gender-neutral reader. I do not speak fluent Spanish and all of the Spanish here is translated from google, feel free to correct me if I got something wrong though I will refrain from using too much Spanish.
鈥斅犅爃eyyyy I hope you liked this one and thank you for requesting !
Tumblr media
Eyes were set on you every time you walk through a crowded area. They whisper amongst each other when you give them your usual scoff and glare. You didn't need to meet them in the eyes to tell them off. With your hands in your pockets, you strolled through Encanto, trying to get peace of mind but people keep sending you dirty looks. You pass through a large number of people, bumping into shoulders roughly without muttering a single apology. They all give you glare for it but you could care less.
You were known to behave this way ever since. You were as cold as ice, their words, not yours. Your brash attitude even rivaled the town's devil (again, their words not yours), Carlos Madrigal. Pretty much everyone has heard of that guy, other than the fact he's a Madrigal, but mostly because of his merciless pranks and callous attitude. Though unlike him, you were more laid-back yet still considered mean.
No matter where you went, you couldn't escape their disapproving stares and name-calling. Even if your face was void of emotion, it's overflowing inside. You wouldn't dare let the townsfolk know that you were hurt because of their treatment of you. Of course, you're aware of your own behavior and you know it's hard to deal with sometimes. All you needed is for someone to understand that, yet nobody shows that they can.
Finally, you escape those judge-filled eyes and into the woods. You blink back the tears forming in the corner of your eyes, with a sharp inhale through your nose, you make your way through the woods. It didn't take long for you to arrive at your favorite place in the entire world. A tiny smile graced your features as you gazed upon the fields full of various flowers.
You strolled through the field and smelled the fresh scent of the flowers. You heard stories from the locals that this field was where Isabela Madrigal used to play as a child, no wonder it's overflowing with flora. You lie on the field. For a long time, you would escape into this place. This was your comfort, your sanctuary. Because the truth is, you're just as delicate as the flowers growing on the field.
You carefully picked the flowers nearby and began assembling them together in a shape of a circle. It was muscle memory, you've been creating flower crowns since you began walking. You enjoyed making them and found them soothing. You placed the finished flower crown on top of your head with a heavy sigh. You always felt alone and it made you weep sometimes, but you're too scared to let anyone show your true colors. For a long time, you've become too afraid of what people thought of you so you create this huge wall around you.
You wonder, would you forever be like this? That's just utterly sad. You barely had any friends or anyone to rely on, laugh with, or share secrets. Sometimes it made you think that you're on the wrong here. As you frowned, your hands began crafting more crowns of flowers.
Tumblr media
He smiles viciously at the sight of his successful prank. Carlos sends a group of people running, he felt gratified as always. With a whistle, he proudly takes a walk through town. There were eyes filled with fright sent in his way, at this point, he was used to their negative glances at him. It's not like he can do anything about it. If they wanted to treat him like the big and bad wolf, he might as well act like one.
Carlos sneered his way through the crowd, earning anxious whispers as they cowered away, giving him enough space to walk on. They knew to not dare rub shoulders with him and he was cool with that. However, today was out of line. Carlos felt someone bump against him, as he opened a mouth to let out an insult, a pair of cold eyes causes the words to get trapped in his throat.
Everyone around him gasped in horror. They all hushed, terrified to say a word about the scene. Carlos gazed at those icy eyes, his lips were drawn into a fine line. He was tongue-tied, something he hasn't been in a long time. That cold glare belonged to you. Carlos heard a lot about you, but this was the only moment he had a proper meeting with you. For a while, he didn't understand why the townsfolk loved comparing you to him. He found it distasteful but now seeing you up close, he can see why.
Carlos heard of your cold behavior that made everyone shiver with discomfort. Before he knew it, he felt the shiver tingling from the top to the bottom of his spine. Your eyes felt like he walking through a blizzard. Those eyes felt like you have secrets buried in the snow, and Carlos would聽love聽to know. Your nose scrunch at him with disgust.
"Watch where you going,聽cabr贸n"
You spat at him with venom and walked out of his sight. Everyone watched the encounter with bated breath. Carlos lets out a shakey scoff, unable to believe what just happened. You talked back to the infamous Carlos Madrigal. The shapeshifter dusts his shoulder off and gained his composure before anyone can tell. The annoyed look on his face returned as he scowled at the townsfolk.
"What the hell are you all looking at?"
He growled and this immediately sends the people rushing to get away from him. He hums with satisfaction and goes on with his day. Oddly, he couldn't get you out of his head. Your eyes were mesmerizing and intriguing, it really seemed like you were hiding something more. This thought fed Carlos' curiosity about you. He knew that he was a nosy person, something he shared with his twin brother. Hell, if he had his older hemana's gift, he'll use it to be nosy and pry on whatever he finds interesting.
With a new goal set in mind, Carlos smiles and begins his quest to find out more about you. If he's happy enough, he'll use whatever he can find against you.
Tumblr media
From the beginning of the day, you started to feel overwhelmed. For the first time, all the stares and whispers are finally getting into you. As you try to hold in a sob, you pushed yourself through the crowd, desperate to disappear. Eventually, you reach your breaking point and began sprinting through the woods the second you think someone's not staring.
But someone was watching you. Unbeknownst to you, Carlos Madrigal has been following you all day. He watched you with a keen eye and noticed the change in your usual demeanor. The corners of your lips were twitching throughout the day. Your eyes looked glassy and it almost made Carlos worried. Nevertheless, he follows you into the woods until he finds you sprinting through a field of beautiful and various of flowers.
He stopped to gaze in awe at the enormous amount of flora. Carlos snapped out of the trance to look for you. He silently marched through the field of flowers, he inhaled the fresh fragrance of the flowers along the way. He searched until he found your figure, he eyed you for a while. You were shaking and you were fiddling with something. Carlos cautiously took a step closer and it dawns on him.
You were crying, he feels an aching jab on his chest. Your eyes were filled with tears as you sniffed and let them fall down your cheeks. Carlos' eyes slowly gazed at your hands and saw you were...making a flower crown?聽His eyebrows furrowed with confusion. He watched you sob while making the crown, he was impressed by how well you made them despite it being too intricate.
When you were done with the first flower crown, you feel eyes boring at the back of your head. You turn with a gasp, Carlos Madrigal was staring at you. Instinctively, you threw the flower crown to his face and tried to flee but he was faster. The shapeshifter grabs your wrist, you look at him with horror. He holds up the flower crown you made to your face, almost mocking you with it.
"Didn't take you to be the type to make these things"
Carlos says. He was not prepared for more tears to trickle down your face, his eyes go wide with panic as you begin to cry more.
"Shit, I'm sorry I-"
"Please....please don't tell anyone"
You pleaded with tinted cheeks. Carlos gently lets go of your wrist and tilts his head in confusion. He has never seen someone cry before besides his little brother. He awkwardly holds unto the flower crown while waiting for you to finish sobbing. But you were taking too long to calm down. Carlos groaned as he watched you hiccuped and forced to gain your composure. He mutters a curse as he places the flower crown on your head and roughly pulls you into a hug. From what he learned from his mam谩, hugs often help people calm down.
You pause for a while when you felt hands engulfing you in an embrace. But you crumble and buried yourself into the Madrigal and clung unto him for dear life. Carlos turned rigid, he was fully expecting you to push him away and scream profanities at him not you melting in his arms and squeezing the life out of him. Cautiously, he caresses the top of your head.
The tears finally come to a stop. You snuggled longer into the shapeshifter, inhaling and imprinting his scent in your brain. He smelt like coffee and fresh summer leaves. Carlos can feel his heart banging in his chest, with each passing second he can feel his entire body being swallowed with fuzziness. When he was about to pull away, you do it first. With a wipe on your eyes, you let out a sharp exhale and looked at him. Your eyes look so...warm.
"Um, can you do me a favor and...leave? Can you leave and not speak of this again"
Over my dead fucking body
Carlos replies with a cross of his arms, you frown at him. The Madrigal was not prepared to dismiss what he just witnessed. He eyed you from your toes to your head, you looked like the complete opposite of what the townsfolk painted you to be. He understands it but he couldn't hold back a chuckle. You furrowed your eyebrows.
"Okay fine, but please don't tell anyone about this"
"And why?"
"Look I...damn, I just...ugh"
You groaned and faced away from him. Carlos was about to protest when he saw you picking flowers and instinctively making another flower crown. He watched your breathing relax as well as your features.聽 The shapeshifter looked at you becoming at ease. Then you sent him a sheepish look but he returns it with a grin.
"Aw, is that for me?"
"...Would you like it?"
Carlos' mouth suddenly felt dry. You wordlessly placed the newly made flower crown on top of his head, you adjusted the curls on his face with gentle hands. You offer him a timid smile and avoided his wide eyes. Heat comes rushing to his cheeks as he cleared his throat. He'd be lying if he said he didn't want to feel your hands caressing his hair. Carlos watched you with fascination as you created another crown made of flora. He carefully reached his hand to brush a strand of hair out of your face, his insides melting at the sight of your flustered expression.
"I won't tell anyone about this but in return, you have to teach me how to make those"
His lips pointed at the flower crown on your hands. You smiled in relief and nodded your head. Today felt like a fever dream as you spent it with Carlos in the flower field, acting like you two were the only people left in the world.
Tumblr media
"Have you heard? Carlos and [Name] have been getting close lately"
"Oh dios,聽why must they join forces?"
"Honestly, those two are only a bunch of weirdos"
Carlos can hear the townsfolk whispering again, he swiftly gives them a deadly glare. They collectively gasped. You walk in and grant them a cold scowl as it sends them retreating. As soon as there are no people out of sight, Carlos joins you on the way to the field of flowers
It's amazing how you can switch from cold-hearted to literally the most adorable being in the entire world. The most gratifying feeling Carlos has ever felt is when you only show this side of you to him, it sends him over the moon. He enjoys getting distracted by you making flower crowns.
"Hey, you haven't even started yet"
You pout and pointed at the flowers on his lap that he barely even touched because he was too busy swooning for you. Carlos lets out a soft laugh and apologized. You smile and continue to teach him how to make a flower crown.
"Wait can you do that again,聽mi flor?"
"Oh okay-wait what?"
"Carlos, di-did you just ca-call me your flower?"
"Huh? Yeah, so what? Now can you rewind what you did there?"
You become short-circuited and buried your face with your hands. The shapeshifter finds the scene cute, he shuffles closer to you as he smirked.
"Come on, you promised you'd teach me how to make flower crowns. If you don't move, I'm telling the whole town,聽my flower"
"Carlos stop that!"
"Stop what,聽mi flor?"
He sends you a teasing grin when you look up to pout at him with pinkish cheeks. You look absolutely flustered that it's hard not to laugh at it. But if he were to confess, he would love to call you his flower with no sarcasm.
Tumblr media
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Fake Date ! ~ Part Three
Tumblr media
Now reading; Fake Date
01:43 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈼忊攢鈹鈹鈹鈹 03:50
鈬嗐叅 銋も梺prev 鉂氣潥 next鈻 銋ゃ叅鈫伙豢
Pairing : Aged up!Carlos x fem!reader
Warnings : Foul language, hatred, fighting, name calling, insults, mentions of blood, fistfights, arguing, steamy make out session, kissing scenes, typical enemies to lovers stuff idk.
Plot : You can鈥檛 stand Carlos. Everyone knows that. However, he needs a girl who won鈥檛 catch feelings to fake date him for a while, leading up to his sisters wedding, to break up afterwards. What happens when real feelings come into play?
Pronouns used : he/him for Carlos, she/her for reader.
Note : I am not a Spanish native and I don鈥檛 know any Spanish, all Spanish nicknames mentioned in this story are translated from google. If anything is wrong PLEASE let me know and I will correct it.
Info : Welcome back to another series! Will it be 2-3 parts, will it be 5-6 parts, will it be 7-8 parts? Who even knows at this point.
Carlos taglist : @tigreost @try-cry-why-try @dai-tsukki-desu @xxhome-is-where-ria-isxx @cassiopeia-black-brenda @eeyahhh @camilos-mivida @inky-clover @elegantkidfansoul @ale-creates-worlds @belladonna271 @soumya-13 @bxbykayla @n3r0-1417 @moon-cakiie @simpforcarlosmadrigal @it-is-up-to-you
Tumblr media
You were like a zombie at work for the last three weeks. Dark circles were under your eyes from the lack of sleep you鈥檇 had in the previous weeks. You headed towards the fountain in the middle of the plaza where you would usually meet up with Mirabel. Your eyes scanned the area nervously, your breathing was speeding up. 鈥淗ey!鈥 Someone said from behind you, making you jump.
鈥淲oah, woah, hey! It鈥檚 me. It鈥檚 me. Carlos.鈥 He quickly let you know, finally coming into view. His face dropped when he saw the bags under your eyes and the fearful look in your eyes. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I scared you.鈥 He spoke.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not yo-鈥 You cut yourself off. 鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, Carlos.鈥 You sent a reassuring smile his way.
鈥淎re you okay? You鈥檝e been out of it for weeks and the circles under your eyes seem to be getting darker with each passing day.鈥 He stated.
You let out a long sigh, finally lifting your head; causing your eyes to meet his. He wasn鈥檛 wearing his usual smug smirk, there was no playful tint in his eyes like there usually was. He was concerned. Worried even. You weren鈥檛 expecting to do what you did next but you couldn鈥檛 help it, you wrapped your arms around the boys torso and buried your head into his chest.
His eyes widened as you pulled him close, causing him to lean down slightly as you were still in your sitting position, he slowly snaked his arms around your shoulders and held you close to him, his hand on the back of your head as he delicately combed his fingers through your hair, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 up, (name)?鈥 He questioned, gently.
You took in a deep breath, breathing in his scent. 鈥淭hree weeks ago, I woke up at three o鈥檆lock in the morning to find my window open and I saw somebody running from my house. I shut my window before I went to sleep and I have no idea who it was. I haven鈥檛 been sleeping well ever since.鈥 You replied honestly.
He let out a soft sigh, 鈥淗ow about I come over tonight?鈥 He suggested. 鈥淵ou need to sleep, amor.鈥 He let you know.
鈥淵-you鈥檇 do that for me?鈥 You questioned.
He glanced down at you, your arms around him never faltering, 鈥淵eah, of course!鈥 He sent a faint smile your way. 鈥業鈥檇 do anything for you.鈥 He wanted to add but refrained from doing so.
Mirabel slowly approached, 鈥淗ola (name).鈥 She said cheerfully.
You slowly unraveled your arms from around Carlos and sent a smile Mirabel鈥檚 way, 鈥淗ey!鈥 You grinned.
鈥淚鈥檒l leave you two to it. I鈥檒l see you later, okay?鈥 Carlos spoke. You nodded in response causing him to lean down and press a soft kiss to your forehead before walking away, spinning his penknife around his fingers as he did and plastering his snarl back onto his face.
Mirabel eyed you, 鈥淓verything okay?鈥 She asked you.
鈥淵-yeah. Everything鈥檚 fine.鈥 You smiled reassuringly, linking your arm with hers. 鈥淐ome on.鈥 You smiled, beginning to drag her through the town.
Tumblr media
You eventually made it home and immediately collapsed onto the couch, you felt like death. You were tired and exhausted. You were on the verge of passing out when you heard a faint knock on the door, you slowly and tiredly pushed your body off the couch and headed towards the front door, pulling it open.
鈥淗ola.鈥 Carlos sent a smile your way.
鈥淗i.鈥 You responded weakly.
He lifted his hand showing a tub of popcorn, 鈥淚 had mi tia rustle up some popcorn for us. I thought we could maybe watch a movie?鈥 He suggested.
鈥淚- I don鈥檛 have much. I only have Cinderella and Cheaper By The Dozen.鈥 You mumbled.
鈥淲orks for me. Come on.鈥 He said as he walked in.
You closed the door of your home before following the taller boy into the living room, he flicked through the channels on your tv before finding Cheaper By The Dozen. You took your seat on the sofa, Carlos produced a blanket from under his ruana and placed it over the pair of you before placing his arm around you. You pulled your legs up onto the couch and rested your head against Carlos鈥 chest.
He was actually really warm. Somehow, you felt protected now that he was here. You tried to focus your gaze on the television but your eyes refused to remain open so you gave up fighting it. Your eyes fluttered shut as a feeling of warmth exploded in your chest when you felt Carlos resting his head against your own before you fell into a deep sleep.
Carlos glanced down at your sleeping form as you curled into him, he stared at the tv, watching the movie play through as he popped a piece of popcorn into his mouth. His fingers delicately combed your hair as you slept before planting a soft kiss on the top of your head, a soft smile gracing the boys features.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you awoke to the birds chirping loudly outside. You stretched slightly before feeling a light weight on you, you tilted your head, seeing a sleeping Carlos. Soft snores left the boys mouth, his arms were still around your body; holding you protectively, his head was still tilted to the side so that it was resting against yours. The sun shining in through the curtains made the curly haired, maroon ruana wearing pain in the ass boy you had weirdly grown to like look even more ethereal than he was.
You stayed admiring him in the morning light, something inside your chest was warm and fuzzy, something inside of you was fluttering.
Could you鈥 No, you couldn鈥檛 be, could you? Not for Carlos Madrigal. Not for the boy who you were supposed to hate. You couldn鈥檛 be鈥 Falling for him, right?
鈥淵ou can stop staring now.鈥 Your eyes quickly wandered back to his face, seeing that he was wearing an amused smirk as his eyes flickered open and met yours.
Your cheeks flushed red as you pushed yourself away from him and turned your head away, 鈥淲hatever, pendejo.鈥 You mumbled, trying to hide the smile that was threatening to creep through.
鈥淲e should do something today.鈥 He told you.
鈥淵eah, like what?鈥 You questioned.
鈥淚鈥檒l figure something out.鈥 He shrugged.
A smile graced your features as you stared at him, 鈥淲e could go to the flower field?鈥 You suggested.
Carlos cocked a brow, staring at you, 鈥淒idn鈥檛 take you for a flower kind of girl.鈥 He pointed out.
鈥淚鈥檓 not. It鈥檚 just that鈥 It鈥檚 quiet and peaceful there. It鈥檚 nice. I like to read there.鈥 You shrugged.
He nodded, 鈥淥kay, let鈥檚 do it.鈥 He smiled. 鈥淏ut first鈥︹ He began, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around your torso before flopping back so that your body collided on top of his.
鈥淥OF!鈥 You managed to let out in shock as your bodies crashed together. You placed your hands on his chest and tried to push yourself up but his arms stayed put, trapping you between them, 鈥淣ever had you down as a hugger.鈥 You cocked a brow as your eyes met his.
鈥淵ou tell anyone, I鈥檒l kill you.鈥 He told you, cocking a brow of his own.
You rolled your eyes, 鈥淎h yes. Your impeccable reputation, we can鈥檛 mess that up can we?鈥 You spoke sarcastically.
Now it was his turn to roll his eyes, he quickly planted a soft kiss to your forehead before opening his mouth, 鈥淪hut up. Go get changed.鈥 He told you, pulling his arms from around your body and finally letting you go.
Tumblr media
Your head was in Carlos鈥 lap as you read, whilst Carlos effortlessly made a flower crown above you. Your eyes scanned word after word as you flipped page after page.
Carlos鈥 hands delicately added flower after flower to the crown he was making, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 your favourite food?鈥 Your question pulled the boys gaze off of the flower crown as he glanced down at your laying figure. Your book was now on the grass beside you as your hands rested on your stomach, your head was still on his lap as you stared up at him, waiting for his reply.
鈥淓mpanadas.鈥 He finally spoke.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 your favourite colour?鈥 You asked.
Carlos glanced down at his ruana before staring at you, 鈥淩ed.鈥 He replied, turning his attention back to the crown.
鈥淲ho鈥檚 your favourite person beside your mam谩?鈥 You questioned.
鈥淲hat is this? Twenty questions?鈥 He laughed slightly.
A smile graced your features as you shrugged slightly, 鈥淣o. I just鈥 It seems that you know a lot about me but I don鈥檛 know much about you so I just wanted to get to know you better.鈥 You chuckled lightheartedly.
Carlos rolled his eyes with a smile before nodding, 鈥淥kay. I鈥檓 Carlos. I鈥檓 twenty. My favourite colour is red, favourite food is empanadas, favourite person beside mi mami is mi papi, my favourite sport is f煤tbol, my best friends name is Miguel, my favourite cousin is Mirabel, my favourite weather is rain, my favourite flowers are chrysanthemums, I played midfielder on the f煤tbol team in high school and for my last birthday, everybody focused more on Camilo than me as he鈥檚 the golden child and you know how Abuela is.鈥 Carlos told you.
A soft smile graced your features, 鈥淥kay, what did you guys do for your birthday last year?鈥 You asked, raising a brow.
Carlos鈥 brows scrunched together as he thought for a while before his eyes met yours once again, 鈥淲e went to the zoo in the city.鈥 He shrugged. 鈥淚t was good. It was fun. But all anyone cared about was Milo really, mami and papi did check on me from time to time but I didn鈥檛 wanna upset them, you know. And according to Tonito, one of the animals even wished Camilo a happy birthday but didn鈥檛 wish me one.鈥 He shrugged.
You quickly sat up, an idea suddenly popping into your head, 鈥淲ait right here.鈥 You told him as you stood up and sprinted from the field.
He frowned as his eyes followed you whilst you ran away, he finished off the little flower crown before hearing hooves padding on the ground. He immediately lifted his head as he saw you jump off the horse and jog towards him, 鈥淐ome on!鈥 You grabbed his hand, a childlike grin on your features as you dragged him towards the horse. You climbed on the horses back and reached your hand out to Carlos, he hesitantly took it as you pulled him on to the horses back with you.
鈥(Name), wait.鈥 He began. You glanced over your shoulder at him, he gently placed the flower crown on your head and rearranged some strands of your hair with a smile before wrapping his arms around you. 鈥淣ow we鈥檙e ready.鈥 He grinned.
You rolled your eyes, a soft smile gracing your features as you lightly kicked the horse so that it鈥檇 start galloping. Carlos suddenly got a bubbling question building up inside of him as the horse slipped through the crack in the mountains, 鈥淲-where are we going?鈥 He asked you.
鈥淲e鈥檙e going to give you better memories of the zoo.鈥 You told him, ignoring the warm sensation in your chest that you were currently feeling due to his breathing on your neck.
Carlos watched you, a smile on his face as you guided the horse. 鈥淗ave you been to the zoo before?鈥 He asked.
鈥淵eah. My parents used to bring me here when I was around fifteen or sixteen.鈥 You called back, unsure if he was able to hear you due to the wind rushing past you both as the horse galloped at full speed.
Tumblr media
You hopped off at the zoo, a smile on your face as you turned to Carlos. He began to put the horse in a safe space as you paid the entrance fee, Carlos soon stood by your side once again and you grabbed his hand as the pair of you entered the zoo together.
Carlos interlocked his fingers with yours as the pair of you wandered around the different enclosures. You couldn鈥檛 help that warm feeling in your chest again when you saw the look of wonderment and pure joy in Carlos鈥 eyes as he looked around at the different animals.
You stared at him, a soft smile gracing your own features as you held his hand and wandered around.
It was an hour later when you turned to Carlos as the pair of you shared a bowl of ice cream from the ice cream store. He sent a smile your way which you returned, 鈥淭hank you for today, (name).鈥 He told you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcome. You deserved to feel love on your birthday, Carlos. Sorry that I couldn鈥檛 do it then, but I can do it now.鈥 You responded.
鈥淚t鈥檚鈥 It鈥檚 been perfect.鈥 He let you know.
鈥淪铆. It has been.鈥 You nodded, a grin spreading across your face. 鈥淗owever, I haven鈥檛 shown you the best part yet鈥︹ You smirked, wiggling your brows slightly.
Carlos dropped the little plastic spatula into the little bowl, standing up and staring at you as you grabbed his hand, 鈥淲here are we going?鈥 He asked, turning to you.
You began dragging him around the zoo and pulling him through different doors. That鈥檚 when you stopped in a room, you sent a grin Carlos鈥 way and began dragging him towards the centre. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e being pretty mysterious.鈥 Carlos mumbled.
You sent a wink his way before a door at the opposite side of the room was opened and five tiger cubs ran in, Carlos turned to you with wide eyes. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 happening?鈥 He questioned as you pushed him to sit on the floor.
鈥淗appy birthday, Carlos.鈥 You sent a smile his way as the cubs pounced on the pair of you. You immediately began stroking your hands through their fur as your laughter filled the air.
You turned to Carlos, seeing the joy and happiness emanating from his features as he played with the cubs. You watched him, a soft smile playing on your lips as you did.
It was the end of the day, you and Carlos exited the zoo. You headed towards the stable where Carlos had put the horse, 鈥(Name), this was the best day I鈥檝e ever had. Thank you. You鈥 You鈥檙e amazing.鈥 He spoke from beside you.
A grin emanated from your features, 鈥淪o, you liked the little surprise then?鈥 You asked.
鈥淪铆. I loved it.鈥 He smiled, a childlike excitement in his voice.
Tumblr media
The pair of you galloped back into Encanto, your laughters filled the air as you stopped the horse outside of la casa Madrigal and the pair of you hopped off of it.
Carlos turned to you, pulling you into a big hug, 鈥淭hank you. Thank you for today. Thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me better memories for my birthday.鈥 He told you.
You snaked your arms around him and hugged him close, a soft smile gracing your features, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcome, Carlos.鈥 You grinned, planting a soft kiss to his cheek before pulling out of the hug.
鈥淒o you wanna come in?鈥 He asked you.
Y-yeah. Mirabel invited me for dinner anyways.鈥 You responded, following him inside.
You quickly washed your hands in the kitchen before joining the family in the dining room.
It was half way through the meal when Alma turned to you, 鈥淲e didn鈥檛 see you or Carlos around the Encanto today, (name). Where were you both?鈥 She asked you.
You coughed slightly, choking on your food. 鈥淯h鈥 Uhm, we were in the city.鈥 You replied. 鈥淚 took Carlos to the zoo.鈥 You added, a grin spreading across your face.
鈥淭he zoo? How was it, mijo?鈥 Pepa asked with a grin.
Carlos tried to fight the grin that was threatening to spread across his face as he stared at you and then his mother, 鈥淢ami, it was great. It was perfect!鈥 He stopped fighting it and sent a grin her way. 鈥(Name) arranged for us to have a chance to actually be in a room with around five tiger cubs and we got to play with them for like an hour or two.鈥 He explained.
A grin spread across Pepa鈥檚 face as a rainbow appeared above her head, 鈥淲ait! You got to play with the cubs?! Why didn鈥檛 we do that for mine and Carlos鈥 birthday?鈥 Camilo asked, jealousy showing in his eyes.
鈥淯h鈥︹ Pepa began.
鈥淵ou got to play with the cubs?!鈥 Antonio asked excitedly.
鈥淲e did. It was amazing, Tonito! We had such a great time.鈥 Carlos grinned.
鈥淭hey were so soft.鈥 You chuckled.
鈥淎nd playful! I swear one almost bit into my arm.鈥 Carlos chuckled.
鈥淥h, you鈥檙e being dramatic. She barely grazed you. Plus, she was yawning, not trying to take a chunk out of you.鈥 You scoffed.
鈥淪he could鈥檝e looked elsewhere when she was 鈥榶awning鈥. Instead of staring at me like she wanted to take a chunk out of my arm.鈥 He replied.
You shook your head as laughter escaped your mouth before taking another bite and turning back to your food.
Tumblr media
You were helping Julieta wash up when you saw a shadow on the floor, a shadow that you recognised. You dropped the plate you were in the middle of washing as your breathing picked up, you slowly backed away from the sink before turning your head, 鈥淚t was you?鈥 You began.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry?鈥 They responded.
鈥淵ou. That night. You were in my house. You snuck in through my window and you were in my damn bedroom!鈥 Your thoughts were going wild as you spoke. 鈥淲hat were you even doing there?!鈥 You asked.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about!鈥 They responded, defending themselves.
You opened your mouth, ready to yell at the intruder, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on in here?鈥 Somebody asked, causing the pair of you to turn your heads, seeing Alma.
鈥淎lma!鈥 鈥淎buela!鈥 You both spoke at the same time.
鈥淎re one of you going to tell me what all of the yelling is about?鈥 She asked.
You and the intruder stared at one another, Alma stared between the two of you.
鈥(Name)?鈥 She asked. You quickly noticed the rest of the family gathering in the doorway of the kitchen, watching the scene unfold. Carlos eyed you, worry evident in his irises. You shook your head at him, sending him a soft smile to let him know that you were okay.
Alma eyed the pair of you, waiting for one of you to tell her what was going on.
She turned to the intruder, opening her mouth to ask them what was going on, like she did with you,
Tumblr media
~ Hai everyone! Hope that you鈥檙e all doing well. I know I haven鈥檛 been publishing stories/updates that often recently, which I apologise for. Motivation is low. Also, this part isn鈥檛 the best and I know it kinda seems like the story might be moving a little fast but honestly, I just wanna get this story over with right now. I really don鈥檛 have any motivation or ideas for it at the moment and it鈥檚 becoming more and more difficult to write 馃槶 Anyways, lemme know what y鈥檃ll think, angels! 馃槝 Stay hydrated, make sure you鈥檝e eaten today, remember you鈥檙e loved more than you鈥檒l ever know and stay safe, lovelies! Mwah! 馃挅
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Carlos doodle 鉁
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mmaeveric 3 months ago
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after the fall
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iyahpostsstuff 2 months ago
Abuela Alma appreciation post
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She does not deserve the hate that she gets
She's amazing and wonderful :)
Abuela is a very well written character that does not deserve the hate that she gets
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm just speaking facts here
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carlos madrigal headcanons
Tumblr media
Carlos was born a few minutes after Camilo and unlike his brother who had given his parents a smile once he was born, Pepa and Felix received a glare from the younger twin.
Him, Camilo, and Mirabel were close whilst growing up and would often hang out with one another.
Even though he鈥檚 the youngest, Carlos would be the one who acts as if he鈥檚 the more mature one.
鈥淐amilo, Mirabel, don鈥檛 get yourselves into trouble.鈥
鈥淲e won鈥檛, Carlito.鈥 Eye twitching because he doesn鈥檛 like nicknames but he鈥檒l make exceptions.
While Carlos was Carlito, Camilo is Camilito. It was cute. They matched.
Upon getting his powers, he wouldn鈥檛 be like Camilo who was eager to help the town. He had developed a dislike for the townspeople of Encanto after shunning his Tio Bruno.
He doesn鈥檛 do Camilo鈥檚 little twirl when he shifts into someone else. He just stands there menacingly. It鈥檚 a bit unnerving.
While Camilo is a theatre kid, Carlos is more of a sportsy type of kid. Often he excels in sports related activities but his lack of motivation to do anything plus his short temper makes it hard for him to play team sports.
Regularly gets into fights with boys his age because unlike Camilo, he isn鈥檛 the type to make people smile with his gift. He鈥檚 the type to create chaos.
That being said he once tried to blow out the candle for not giving Mirabel a gift.
He sticks close to Mirabel just in case someone teases her for having no gift.
He would pull a knife on them.
鈥淢irabel? Delivery! I gave you the 鈥渟pecial鈥 since you鈥檙e the only Madrigal kid with no gift. I call it the 鈥渘ot special鈥 special. Since uh, since you have no gift.鈥
Cue a click of a pocket knife.
鈥淵ou want me to remove that gut of yours, Osvaldo?鈥
He鈥檚 definitely Alma鈥檚 least favorite because he doesn鈥檛 help as much and doesn鈥檛 use his gift much to honor the miracle. He could care less though.
Carlos deemed that the townspeople weren鈥檛 worthy of helping after knowing about his Tio Bruno from his sister Dolores.
He would still often get mistaken for Camilo which he isn鈥檛 thrilled about no matter how much he loved his brother.
He would wear more darker colors, heavily contrasting Camilo鈥檚 bright yellows with dark or burnt oranges.
The two slits on his eyebrows weren鈥檛 intentional.
After getting into a fistfight with someone who bullied Mirabel, he had acquired a wound on his eyebrow from the impact of their punches. Which he had returned tenfold. Rather than letting Julieta heal it, he allowed it to heal naturally despite many protests.
This would later become the two slits you see on his eyebrow and a way on how to tell Camilo and him apart.
Carlos has a beauty mark on the left side of his chin next to his lower lip.
He also has heterochromia. His right eye is brown while the left eye is green.
Unlike Camilo who is more into acting and plays, Carlos is more into musical instruments and plays the tiple.
He doesn鈥檛 get into fights often but when he does he鈥檚 giving it his all. If you say some shit about his family, best watch your back.
He loves his family but he has his own way of showing it.
His voice is Camilo's Italian VA
Definitely knows about his uncle inside the walls because Dolores babbles about his Tio's telenovelas.
Cries along with Dolores when the main character rat he was rooting for gets killed off.
Probably the least pressured of the Madrigals since he could care less about helping the town.
Has the tough guy exterior going on but he does care.
Definitely gets on Alma's nerves.
After Casita gets rebuilt, he may be helpful at times.. only if he's up for it.
Still a menace.
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh vanity-insecurity @roundsquishydubu @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs鈥搘ife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @clovdy-svnshine @sleezy-AXERIIX @dylanjones @merymikey @emitune @cappuccinoko @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @froothoops @unstableyetloveable @ionlyshopathottopic bxbykyla @froggydobegaytho @blobette @casitasbestie @tsukijin thelovehashira143 @jjk-ily
idk man im hyperfixating shh
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more carlos & camilo for the people
Tumblr media
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encanto concept art icons! 鉁
like/rb if u save
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You're mine
Carlos x fem-reader
May be a bit ooc bc I'm still learning how to write the emo boy. Also first time writing in second person whoooaaa. Hope y'all enjoy ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tranquility was always something Carlos felt when he was with you. He would feel calm, his normal scowl replaced with a small smile on the rarest days. You always brought his softer side out even though he wants no one to know about that hidden side of him.
The breeze was soft, the trees blowing as the village bustled with activity. Carlos smirked, watching and waiting for his next victim. His younger twin brother off to help those in need. Carlos rolls his eyes at the thought, grumbling to himself. He leans off the alleyway wall, walking into the busy market of encanto.
Carlos glances around, his eyes moving from one person to the next. No one really shining to him. He grumbles to himself, deepening his scowl. He rolls his shoulders, coming up to a fruit stand, quicky snatching a mango. The shop owner calls after him. Carlos smirks, taking out his pocket knife and cutting into the fruit. He hums, enjoying the tater of the fruit, taking in the sounds of the Encanto.
"oh camilo!"
Carlos turns, his smirk replaced with a immediate scowl. Of course it wouldn't be a normal day without someone mistaking him as his twin. A girl runs up to him, placing a hand on his forearm.
"(y/n) was looking for you!" The girl says, patting his forearm before running into the crowd behind him. Carlos' eyes widen, his thoughts running.
What could you possibly need with his brother. His younger brother he might add. Carlos grumbles again, walking the way the girl came from. He looks around, looking for you.
"To many people" he grumbles, slipping into an alleyway, leaning against the brick of someone's house. He takes an aggressive bite of his mango, his face scowling at nothing.
What could you even want from Camilo? He's so much better than his twin. In so many ways as well! Carlos drops his mango, a new mission on his mind.
Find where the fuck you were.
Tumblr media
Camilo rushes up to you, his curly hair a mess as he breathes heavily. His hands on his knees as he leans over.
"Just...give...me" he huffs out, running a hand through his hair. You raise a brow at the boy, placing the crate you were caring on the ground beside you. Camilo stretches his back before looking at you sincerely.
"So, who's the guy that asked you out?" Camilo asks, a questioning smile on his lips. Your face scrunches up, as you place your hands on your hips. You groan, as Camilo laughs.
"It was Diego! And you know how he can't take a hint" you groan out, reaching down and picking up the crate again. Camilo gasps, grasping you forearm as he laughs.
"Him!? Really?!" Camilo laughs out, walking beside as you walk into the busy street. You sigh, grumbling to yourself.
"yeah, and he started saying stuff like" you say, starting to mock the boy "'you need a strong man to be your husband' 'you women need to be in the house watching the kids and make us men food" you gag out. Camilo burst out laughing, tears brimming to his.
"Oh my" he wheezes out, clutching his stomach when you come to a stop. You glance at the boy before shaking your head, setting down the crate.
"Here se帽orita maria" you say softly, as the lady looks at the crate.
"Oh gracias!" She says, waving at you as you walk with Camilo. The said boy still laughing his ass off.
"Will you shut it" you grumble, hitting his shoulder as he belows in laughter. Camilo finally calms himself, wiping a tear away.
"oh hombre, solo espera hasta que mi hermano escuche esto" camilo let's out, a smirk coming to his lips. You choke on air, hitting your chest as you glare at the twin.
"Do not tell Carlos!" You say, your face becoming flushed at the thought of the older twin. Camilo snickers, glancing at you.
"Oh I don't know princesa. I think it'll be a great react from mi hermano" Camilo sneers, smirking down at you. You grumble, shoving him away.
"As if he'd-"
"What'd you want to tell me?"
You and Camilo go silent. Camilo looks back, rubbing his neck as a awkward chuckle escapes his lips.
"ah! Carlos, just the man I wanted to see" camilo says, glancing at you before looking back at his brother. Carlos crosses his arms, a scowl evident on his face. Camilo gulps before wrapping a arm around his brother.
"Well you see here, (y/n) here. Got asked out on a date~" Camilo teases, seeing his brother's eye twitch. Camilo smirks, patting Carlos' shoulder. Camilo leans in, a smirk still plastered on his face.
"To bad you were beaten to the game, hermano" Camilo whispers. Carlos glares deeply at camilo, huffing. He grumbles, shrugging his brother's arm off before looking at you.
"Who asked" Carlos asks, his scowl deepening at the feelings raging inside his chest. You let out a chuckle, playing with your hair.
"Ah well,, it was Diego" you mumble, watching Carlos' eye twitch yet again as a nastier scowl comes upon his face.
"B - But I said no to him after all.." you mumble, watching Carlos' face slightly relax. Camilo watches the interact. A large smirk on his face as he slips away.
Carlos takes your hand into his, dragging you away from the busy streets of Encanto.
"Carlos!" You call out as he drags you behind him. His eyes set in front of him, scowl still present on his lips. You blink, stopping your struggling at you let the boy pull you.
Carlos takes you to a river bank. The trees overhang and create shade over the bank. Carlos let's go of your hand, walking forward. He sits down near a tree, leaning against the trunk. You blink at the boy, confused as to why he dragged you here.
"Carlos?" You say, staying in your spot. Carlos ignores you, playing with his ruana. You sigh, walking over to him and taking a seat next to him. Pulling up your knees, you wrap your arms around your legs as your head rests on top of your knees.
Silence washes over you two. The stream of water and a few animal noises keeping you company. You look down towards the grass, thinking of a way to break the heavy silence.
"Did you really say no?" Carlos says, breaking the silence as his arms rest behind his head. You glance at the boy, his hair shining in the beams of sunlight. You smile as you feel heat rush to your cheeks. Blinking, you turn away, resting your cheek on your knee.
"S铆, I don't like Diego" you answer softly, as Carlos nods. Carlos looks up to the sky, his thoughts running wild.
鈥淕ood鈥 he mumbles, glancing at you. Your eyes wide, as heat flushes your cheeks.
鈥淲 - What鈥 you stutter out as Carlos chokes on his spit. He leans forwards, hitting his chest coughing. Carlos looks at you, his fave flushed. his hair covering his eye in a beautiful way. You gaze into his eyes. He quickly looks away, coughing.
鈥淛esus鈥 Carlos mumbles, facepalming himself as he grips his ruana. You raise a brow at him, a smile on your face.
Tumblr media
Carlos falls onto his plush bed, smashing his face into his pillow. Two weeks have passed since that faculty moment and it feels as if that Diego guy continues to get at you. Anytime you and Carlos hang out, he just has to be there. Or when Carlos tries to talk to you, there he is, flirting with what鈥檚 his.
Carlos grips his pillow, screaming into it with frustration. Carlos hears his door creak open with footsteps. He glares, his face still smushed with his pillow.
鈥淕o away鈥 Carlos growls out, his voice muffled. Weight is added to his bed, making Carlos move slightly.
鈥淵ou know, you could just ask her out鈥
Carlos glares at his brother, a sneer on his face.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not that easy idiot鈥 Carlos growls out, his grip on is pillow tightening. Camilo sighs, looking at his swaying feet.
鈥淚t鈥檚 sad ya know鈥 Camilo says, glancing at his older brother who glares at him. Carlos grumbles before sitting up and sitting next to his brother.
鈥渨hatever鈥 he grumbles out, his posture slouched as he glares at nothing. Camilo feels pity for his older brother. Knowing how both Carlos and (Y/N) fee about each other. Camilo smirks, an idea popping into his head.
鈥淲ell i guess I鈥檒l just have to tell Mami about your crush鈥 Camilo lets out, making his brother jumps and grips his shirt.
鈥淣o you won鈥檛!鈥 Carlos growls out, glaring at his brother. Camilo smirks, moving to get up.
鈥淥h but i will~鈥 Camilo coos, as his brother tries to stop him.
鈥淒o not tell mama鈥 Carlos says, desperation in his voice. Camilo smirks, turning on his heel to face Carlos. Camilo Lena鈥檚 forward, getting into his face.
鈥淲ell then confess鈥 Camilo teases watching his brothers face erupt in color. Camilo doubles in laughter as Carlos tries to quiet him. Carlos runs a hand through his hair, showing his other eyes.
鈥淔ine鈥 Carlos grumbles out as Camilo smiles in satisfaction.
How did Carlos find himself in this situation again? Watching the love of his life crush talking to that good for nothing Diego. Carlos gags as his grip tie tens on his arms. Jealousy rising in him like a raging storm. He watches as Diego touches your arm in a sweet manner. Carlos grimaces, his grip tightening.
He should be the one touching you
Diego laughs as you scoot back, clearly uncomfortable by the boy who鈥檚 pursing you. Carlos鈥 mind is riddle with terrible thoughts on how to torture the poor boy. Carlos soon finds himself walking up to you two. A scowl on his face as he strides over. Carlos reaches up and grips Diego鈥檚 shoulder, pulling him away to get in front of you. Diego double takes, seeing the trouble maker. His face dropping as Carlos smiles up at him, a closed eyes smile.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you scurry on, yeah?鈥 Carlos lets out, looking at him with a dead pane look. Diego almost pisses his self, nodding before running away. Carlos watches the boy retreat, a weight lifted off his heart fr the time being. You look towards Carlos, your cheeks rosy as you look at the boy. Carlos turns back towards you, taking your hand in his before dragging you off.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine, don鈥檛 forget it鈥
Taglist: @itsmesmileyface @junqwonni @orphiczero @m1ntyspiiees @akarithesimp @tyyneyswasgone @fullvoidmoon
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cahmilo 2 days ago
What it feels like.
Tumblr media
pairing: carlos madrigal x fem reader
genre: fluff
tags: oneshot, flirty reader, cold and oblivious carlos, mutual pining, bickering, arguing, making out, not proof read
summary: you loved to make fun of carlos madrigal who always had a stoic face, and you were continuously teasing and pranking him to get his attention. every time you see him, you always made it your goal to annoy him. on one fine day, he tries to talk back and it leads to something else you finally had been waiting for.
"I don't know, Carlos Madrigal just seems interesting to me." You smirked, taking a sip of coffee as you trailed off talking about Mirabel's cousin who was just outside the window tending to his chores. Beside you was Mirabel who had a questioning look on her face.
"You're peculiar Y/N. I always thought you'd be interested in Camilo instead, your energy matches his." Mirabel trailed off, eyes on Carlos who was walking around the village. Looking at her, you shrugged your shoulders, "Yeahh, no. Sometimes he's too much for me to handle AND he has eyes on the baker's daughter and I'm sneakily setting them up."
"And how are you gonna do that?" You put down your mug of coffee on the table as you laughed and shook your head. You had a mischievous grin that Mirabel just stared at blankly.
"I stole Tia Julieta's banana bread recipe that Camilo likes so that he goes to her shop everyday to buy hers instead." Mirabel gasped at your plan. "Oh, you are sneaky, does any of them know?"
You smirked and wiggled your eyebrows, a scoff exiting your lips. "Ugh, do you really have to ask? I'm like the sneakiest pranker after Camilo that not even he can figure it out."
An eruption of laughter filled the kitchen of Casita as you two shared stories about pranks and jokes around the Encanto. Early in the morning, you always felt giddy when you enter the Casita. Not because of the coffee, but because it only served as an excuse for you to see the boy in maroon ruana that somehow caught your attention for no reason.
Speaking of the devil, he walked in to a cult-like setting in the kitchen, only hearing squeals and wheezes of laughter by you and Mirabel. A questioned look was on his face. Once you noticed his presence, you immediately put a smirk when you approached him slowly.
"Hola, mi amor" You flirted, finger stroking his arm while he gives you a disgusted look. Mirabel kept laughing at Carlos who stood still.
Noticing his frozen state, you patted the kitchen island and as commanded, Casita shifted its tiles to bring a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
You nudged Carlos' shoulder. "I made coffee for you, querido, hope you like it." Carlos glanced at the cup before muttering a 'thank you' and dashing out the door.
You can only let out a soft smile when he finally turned his back at you. Not a grimace or a smirk, but an actual smile of adoration. Mirabel caught up to you and put a hand on your shoulder. "He would have been fun if he only flirted back."
"It takes time, Mira" You said, bumping your hip with hers gently. "Its actually surprising that he hasn't stabbed me by now."
"Yeah, he carries a pocket knife." Showing off a proud smile, you looked at Mirabel who had a stunned look in her face. "I did not know that."
"There are many things you don't know about him. He's that type of boy to be secretive and stoic with his feelings and that's exactly my type." You trailed off, showing the girl a playful smile. "I'm gonna make that boy part of my life someday"
"Jeez, you really are a hopeless lovesick flirt."
"Only for him, Mira. Only for him."
Running back to his room as fast as he could, Carlos sat down on his desk as he held the cup of coffee you made. His hands were shaking, face flustered from your continuous flirtations.
"Dios mio, What are you doing to me Y/N?" He asked out loud.
His lips curled whilst he was thinking of you, an expression that no one else saw. Sure, he has let out a few smiles and tears to his family but you, you were something else.
Never did he once thought that he would be feeling love. After hearing stories from his parents, he always thought that romantic love was what made one truly happy. As he grew older, his perception of that changed as soon as his personality did too.
Having to be the shadow of the Madrigal twins, he never felt like he was special. Carlos never felt like he mattered, that he was solely there to help the community like a servant. He was never looked at, never talked to, never laughed with, never loved.
Until you came along.
He can't pinpoint a specific date, but he swore that one day you showed up in his life and his perception of it took a 180 degree turn. You weren't like the rest. You kept looking at him, you kept talking to him, you kept laughing with and at him, and,
You seemed like you liked him.-
Scratch that, he refused to put his heart on the thought of latter. You were a flirt. You weren't always an ass, but you constantly teased him. You always flustered him. You always somehow manage to almost break the cold persona he worked hard for to show.
Do you mean everything you said? Or was I just another toy to you?
One of the things that bothered him was that question. Why exactly did you choose him as the one you kept messing with? Oftentimes he would shapeshift to stalk you silently but you never had the same personality you had with other boys in the village. There were guys more appealing and attractive than Carlos.
And the thing is, he never showed you any response nor teased you back. He never made a move on you, he shoved you away, completely ignores you and if you two were to speak, your conversations would be done after 2 minutes, with you carrying. He pushed you away and never reciprocated your advances, so,
"Why me? Y/N?"
He can only sigh as he took a sip of the coffee he made. Like the drink, he felt his cheeks getting warmer and his stomach getting weird. His heart fluttered. He loved your coffee. It was perfectly balanced and tailored to his taste. The creamer and sugar not to sweet, and the brewed drink not too bitter for his taste buds. It was just right.
Raking his hands through his hair, he stood up and yelled while he plopped his body on his comfy bed. Facing the ceiling, he lightly slapped his cheeks.
"She needs to stop."
As much as he liked the attention from someone like you, he hated how to him, you treated it like it was a joke. You were constantly messing with him, always trying to break his fa莽ade, always trying to make him look vulnerable.
He hated that the first time he felt love was from a dangerous flirt that seemed to toy him.
Taking a deep breath, he stood up from his bed and dusted his maroon ruana. He went out the door, putting back a blank face as he walked out the Casita, doing something he has never done before.
Looking for you.
Letting Carlos' legs trudge through the dried and mossy pavement of the village streets, he was out to find you. If he remembered correctly, you were either at your house, the garden, or at your parents' stall. He avoided the first and last option, still too nervous to approach both you and your parents.
Walking towards the large garden at the far side of the Encanto, he saw your figure. The sight of you is, strange.
He doesn't see the smug and flirty Y/N at all. Instead, he saw a lovely girl lying on the hammock by the large tree, casually reading a book. Your hair was flowing gracefully with the wind, your eyebrows furrowed as you were into whatever you were reading.
You didn't seem to notice Carlos approaching, it was only when he was literally standing in front of you with a blank face.
Immediately at the sight of him, your usual smirk was plastered on your face, sitting up from the hammock. "Fancy seeing you, here amor. Missed me already?"
Carlos glared at you. "As if, I only wandered here and found you. Sad you didn't fall."
You stood up and walked closer to Carlos, the close proximity of both your bodies sending him shivers to his spine. His eyes sparked a bit of surprise before it went blank and empty.
"Oh, does it count when I already fell.. for you?"
Now Carlos' face was flustered. You noticed a dark tint in his cheeks and it gave you a spark of hope that maybe your flirtatious deeds seem to have an effect on him. Carlos tilted his head, blank face trying to desperately hide the blush, "For all I care, I wouldn't catch you anyway."
Showing a dramatic face of disbelief, you put a hand in your chest. "Owh, being mean are we?" Inching closer near to his face, you whispered to him with a low tone, "You know how I always fall for bad boys right, amor?"
"Don't call me amor."
"What about..." You traced your hands on his chest, slowly leading up to twirl a strand of his curly hair "mi vida?"
Carlos snapped from his trance, hastily shoving your hand away from his face. "No, you need to stop."
"Oh, I see" You backed away, crossing your arms. "You're being hard to get now-"
"Enough!" He finally yelled, leaving you taken aback. Never had he raised his voice, and honestly, you didn't know what to do. Immediately the atmosphere became tense.
"I've had enough, Y/N! You keep doing this to me, acting like you have a thing and then laughing at me, I've had enough!" His eyes shown anger. Not that you weren't used to it, but the tone of his voice legitimately scared you.
"I'm not just some guy you can toy around with okay? Messing with my head, making me feel like crap and then you leaving happily as if you don't give a damn, I hate it! I don't know what's gotten into you, but you need to leave me the hell alone and do whatever your pathetic life tells you to do!" He burst, leaving no space for you to respond. He was angry, and it terrified you.
After rambling, Carlos put a hand in his mouth, not realizing how much he has said to you than the 3 years you two ever talked. If you weren't fixated in his eyes, you would fail to notice the slight tear escape from his glassy eyes.
And it pained you to know that you were the reason behind it.
With a deep exhale, Carlos put his hands over his hair, trying to pull it. He dropped them and with a last glance on your unreadable face, he turned around, trying to escape. But you caught his hand in time.
Still not facing you, you looked down and whispered. "You wanna know why my life is pathetic?"
Carlos turned around and his heart broke at the sight of you. You weren't giving him a smirk, not lifting your eyebrows like you used to, you had hunched shoulders, and your eyes were also glassy trying to hold back a tear.
"Because you're not part of it."
You inched closer, still holding his hand. You grabbed the other, forcing him to face you. Carlos had disbelief plastered all over his face, not used to the vulnerable sight of you right now.
You looked down and continued to finally speak. "Everyday I dreamed of having a story like my fairytale books, a prince being there for the princess and they lived happily ever. All throughout my life, I believed that love with come to me. And I thought I did, when I saw you."
You looked up, and see his tear stained cheeks. Letting go of his hands, he felt sad at the warmth leaving. But that emotion didn't last long when you palms found their way to his cheeks instead, your thumb wiping away the tears from his eyes.
"But as I see it, you didn't seem to know what love is. You didn't know what love felt like. So instead, I tried so hard to grab your attention, to teach you what I feel about love, but-"
"I guess it backfired, and made you upset instead, and I'm sorry. But, I meant all of I said, I wasn't toying with you, and I never would want to."
Leaving a deep sigh, you brought your lips to the corner of his lips and gave him a soft peck. He only stared at you in shock, still completely frozen.
"I apologize, Carlos. I'll never bother you again."
Carlos finally managed to snap back to the current world, train of thoughts all around his mind when he felt your palms leave his cheeks, immediately losing the warmth that made his heart flutter. Looking at you, he saw you turn around and trying to look away.
She loves me. Someone loves me. And it's Y/N.
He couldn't just let you walk away, not after all the feelings he finally figured out. So he reached out to grab your hand, turned you around to face him. At the spur of the moment, he grabbed the sides of your face and collided his lips with yours.
You can tell he was inexperienced, making you giggle through the kiss. You led his hands from your face to your waist, and you brought yours around his neck, brushing against his curls. You inched closer, and deepened the kiss.
So this is what love feels like? Carlos thought to himself. To have his heart fluttering, to have a smile upon his face, to have goosebumps all over his skin, to have a reason to wake up in the mornings for the best coffee he's ever had, to be able to finally show his true colors to you, whom he trusted.
Yes, this is what love feels like. For Carlos to feel warmth in your embrace, to be appreciated for his existence, to be seen in a light that isn't about his gift or powers, to be feeling affection from someone he had been longing for, to have Y/N L/N be finally part of his life.
Yes, this is what love feels like. For you to finally get the prince you've been asking for, to be reciprocated by the boy you longed for, to have his lips synchronize with yours, to have Carlos Madrigal be finally part of your life.
This is what love feels like.
taglist: @thegirlwiththebangs @mirabelleza @carcat-02 @brushofease @camilos-luna @kitasgloves @ducky-is-dead-inside @elegantkidfansoul ++ join here
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froggywritesstuff 3 months ago
Cari帽a | Carlos Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pairing: Carlos Madrigal x g/n!reader
Warnings: swearing, fluff, google translate
Request: no
Shout out to聽@dos-oroguitas聽for all the amazing Carlos fanfiction that inspired me to write this
A/N: for anyone who doesn't know, Carlos is an older design of Camilo who was gonna be all emo and shit, but in this one shot, he's Camilo's twin
"Hey, Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?"
Y/N smiled when they were聽met with the face of聽their best friend, Camilo Madrigal.
"Sure, what do you need?" they asked, pushing their door open wider to let him inside.
Y/N and Camilo had been the best of friends since either of them could remember. The two were inseparable. They did everything together. It was perfect.
Almost perfect.
Because unfortunately for Y/N, shapeshifting Madrigal鈥檚 came in pairs. The other half of that pair being the only downside to being friends with Camilo.
The downside called Carlos.
No matter how hard they tried, Y/N just couldn鈥檛 stand Carlos.
And Carlos wasn鈥檛 exactly helping them.
Carlos was down for the idea of a rivalry with his brother's best friend, and did everything in his power to keep that rivalry going. To the dangerous pranks he pulled, the snarky comments he鈥檇 pull, he would never fail to get under Y/N鈥檚 skin.
And it only got worse when Y/N developed the teeniest crush on him.
Something about the smirks he gave, and how his hair perfectly fell over his eyes made Y/N鈥檚 heart rush.
And as much as they tried pushing those feelings down, claiming that they had reached a whole new level of hatred, they knew that someday those feelings would need to surface.
But for now, all Y/N could bring themselves to do was continue to fuel the unspoken feud with the shapeshifting Madrigal twin.
"Uh..." Camilo began, running a hand through his hair, "I don't think we should be friends anymore."
The聽comment barely even fazed Y/N, seeing as聽the shapeshifter was known for his pranks, "Ha, very funny. Was there anything else you needed.
Camilo sighed, an annoyed look gracing his face, "Y/N, look," he began, the seriousness and frustration in his voice making Y/N begin to worry, "Don't make this any harder on yourself. I don't wanna be friends with you anymore."
Nervous laughter left Y/N's mouth, "C-come on, Camilo. Your pranks are better than this."
"God, Y/N," Camilo rolled his eyes, "Don't you get it? I don't like you anymore."
Y/N felt tears sting the back of their eyes.
They had never seen him like this.
"Y-you're serious?"
Camilo nodded.
"Why?" Y/N demanded, receiving a look of surprise from Camilo, "You're just gonna聽drop me out of the blue for no reason? Why? What is it?!"
"I dunno," he scoffed, "I just don't-"
"Shut up," Y/N mumbled, turning away so hide the tears that were streaming down their face.
"What?" Camilo asked, his face morphing into one of surprise.
"Just shut up! Leave me alone,"
Camilo held back a laugh, before he noticed Y/N's eyes filled with tears, "W-wait, are you crying?"
Anger bubbled in Y/N's chest as they frantically wiped away the tears, "I said shut up!"
"Y/N, I-" Camilo tried to speak, but was cut off by Y/N's shout.
"Fuck off!"
Camilo's eyes widened. He聽had seen Y/N get angry, but this was especially new to him.
"Y/N..." he whispered, careful not to anger them anymore, "I'm sorry."
When he finally had Y/N's eye contact, 'Camilo' shapeshifted back into himself.
"Yup," he nodded, a smirk on his face, "You know, I'm kinda surprised that you didn't realize it was me earlier. I mean, why would my brother dump someone like you out of the blue?"
Y/N just stared at the shapeshifter with wide eyes, unaware of all the tears streaming down their face, until a loud sob escaped their lips.
Carlos's expression morphed into one of sympathy as he stared at Y/N, "Oh, cari帽a," he whispered, a burst of confidence rushing through him as he wrapped his arms around Y/N, pulling them into a hug.
"Don't call me that," Y/N hissed.
Despite Y/N's harsh tone, they were quick to melt in Carlos's tight hug, sobbing into his shoulders.
Carlos would never admit it, but he could've stayed like that forever. Something about Y/N made him feel safe. They made him feel whole.
"I... I'm sorry,聽cari帽a," he whispered, moving his hand up to Y/N's head, stroking their hair.
"You should be," they whispered.聽Y/N's sobs had died down, though their breathing was still relatively heavy, "Though you do give surprisingly good hugs."
Carlos chuckled, repositioning his arms to look at Y/N. He could've got lost in their eyes for days if he had let himself.
What he did let himself do, was lean in closer to Y/N, to the point where their noses were almost touching.
Y/N's cheeks burned bright with passion as Carlos tucked a stray hair behind their ear
"驴Siempre has sido tan hermoso/hermosa?" he whispered, staring deep into Y/N's eyes.
Y/N's breath hitched, their heart racing as Carlos pressed his lips against theirs.
Deepening into the kiss, Y/N ran their hands through Carlos's dark curly hair.
It was only a matter of time before they both ran out of breath, and had to pull away.
"I-I have to go," Y/N whispered, stepping away from Carlos, "I have to go meet Camilo. Which I'm late to do, because I thought I already had met with him."
"Right," Carlos sighed with disappointment,聽as Y/N ushered him out the door, shutting the door behind them both.
"Uh..." Y/N began, looking around as if someone were listening in on their conversation, "Don't tell anyone about this?"
A smirk found it's way on Carlos's face, "And if I do-?"
"Carlos, you're insufferable. But could you just do this one thing for me?"
With a roll of his eyes, Carlos nodded, "Fine." Y/N let out a sigh of relief, before walking away, "I'll see you later, cari帽a!" he called, his voice a little bit too loud for Y/N's liking.
Y/N spun on their heel to face Carlos, sending him a glare, to which Carlos only laughed at.
"Don't call me that!"
"I know you love it,聽cari帽a."
A/N:聽for a chapter about a character that doesn't even exist, I'm really happy for how this came out! hope you like it
Fan art by: https://vm.tiktok.com
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kitasgloves 13 hours ago
so...may I ask for...more...
Carlos Madrigal x fem reader where the (filipina) reader is new to town,tries to pick a fight with Carlos(because she's like him,and dresses like him),and ends up dating him?thank you/salamaatttttttt
Tumblr media
鈥斅犅燳ou arrive at Encanto with a fresh start. Carlos Madrigal was the first you noticed in this magical town, as soon as you gawked at him, you knew you had to make him yours. So, you decided to pick a fight with him.
鈥 fluff
鈥 female and Filipina reader. I do not speak fluent Spanish and all of the Spanish here is translated from google, feel free to correct me if I got something wrong though I will refrain from using too much Spanish.
鈥斅爃eavy cussing
鈥斅犅爄 see you're back for more lmao but i hope you enjoy this ^^
Tumblr media
From all the way across the country, you and your family have finally settled down in your supposed new home. You weren't entirely fond of the idea of moving away from your home country. But it was your parents' decision and going against it means you're asking for your ass beat.
You're not very comfortable with the sudden change and the cheery atmosphere of the town you have to move in. You hear that it was named Encanto and it reeked of magic. After doing some research, you have a sense of what it must feel like living here. The townsfolk were welcoming,聽too welcoming聽for you. It's odd that they weren't suspicious of your family. Some locals were mumbling with each other and glancing at you. With a roll of your eyes, you dismiss their gossip.
"Anak,聽you should've worn that new skirt I bought for you"
"Next time, ma"
Your mother sighs in defeat at your reply. Though it wasn't like you were uncomfortable with wearing skirts, you just wanted to wear something comfortable. That's why you're wearing dark pants, a thin white undershirt, a pair of sandals, and a ruana in your favorite color. You thought you have dressed appropriately for the climate.
Eventually, you and your family settle down in your new home. As soon as you're done unpacking your belongings, you went out for a quick stroll around Encanto. While taking in the sights, you couldn't find them remotely interesting. This might be just as bleak as the town you came from. However, as you walked past the block, the color maroon steals your attention and you turn to look.
Holy shit, who's that?
Your brain suddenly stops functioning as your heartbeat goes into overdrive. Swiftly, you hide and watched with unblinking eyes. There was a guy wearing a maroon ruana and聽goddamn聽was he the most handsome guy your eyes landed upon on. His hair was brown as chocolate with one bang covering his eye, his sunkissed skin was decorated with freckles, and he was fairly tall. He had a dangerous smirk on his lips as he toyed with his pocket knife.聽Fuck,聽being聽that聽good-looking should be illegal, you wish you could sue.
You pursed your lips. You weren't dumb to know you're developing a form of attraction to this guy,聽a crush. You were shocked by how fast that happened, it should be a new world record. You continue to gawk at him from the sidelines. Now, he's taunting some of the townsfolk by shapeshifting into one of them and sending them screaming for their mommy. You couldn't hold back a laugh from the sight.
He must be one of the Madrigals due to your basic knowledge of them having magical gifts. A shapeshifter huh? You remember hearing one of the townsfolk say that the mayor of this town had a grandson who was a shapeshifter.聽Damn, you can't remember the name.
"Carlos! Mam谩 is looking for you"
Someone called for his name. You tilt your head to see...a copy of him?聽Oh, it must be his twin brother or something. He has the same features as the shapeshifter, except for his attire and hair. So, Carlos is his name? You smile to yourself as your eyes trailed him letting out a heavy sigh and following his twin.
It was almost noon when you went around town searching for Carlos. He's been living in your head rent-free ever since your eyes landed on him. Maybe this town wasn't so bad after all. Unknown to you, the person you're looking for has his eyes already locked on you. Carlos sneered at you parading around town and trying to steal his style. Really? A ruana with your hair also covering one part of your eye? What a聽pathetic copycat.
Carlos shapeshifts into an unsuspecting local and spies on you. So far, you propose very little harm though you intimidated a lot of the townsfolk. Hearing about you and your family's background, he was admittedly interested. He slithered behind you, sneaky like a snake. The way you walked gave him an impression you were the confident type, maybe more bold than what he preferred. Carlos watched you searching around, what you were looking for was beyond his knowledge. Sooner, the shapeshifter decides to stop following you.
For some stupid reason, he couldn't get you out of his head. He wouldn't dare to admit but he found you quite pretty, especially wearing a ruana. What will you look like if you were wearing his instead?聽Wait...hold up. Carlos shakes his head to banish the thought. There's no way he's letting himself be attracted to you. You're just a silly girl, nothing special. He huffs and crossed his arms, Carlos rolled his eyes while he leaned against a light post.
It took you more than thirty minutes to find the handsome shapeshifter, he was twiddling with his pocket knife. A cunning grin rises on your lips as you buried your hands in your pockets, casually approaching him. You didn't flinch when he suddenly lifted his face to send you a glare.
"Oye se帽orita, are you trying to look for trouble? "
He warns you but you give him a chuckle. Carlos meets you face to face and he can smell that you were up to something. Oozing with confidence, you take a step closer. He tilts his chin up and pointed his knife at you threateningly.
"Hmm, ang sungit mo naman"
You purred and began circling him with your eyes locked on his. Carlos frowns at your foreign language, he doesn't like that smile on your face. Did you just insult him or what?
"What is your problem,聽pendeja?"
"That lousy look on your face"
Carlos' face went sour at your reply. He gritted his teeth, feeling annoyance rising in him as you continued to circle him like a predator. He's supposed to be in the upper hand here!
"Boohoo, too bad I don't give a fuck about what you think, fucking copycat"
You raised a brow at him at his interesting choice of insult. Carlos lets out a gruff laugh and points at you with his knife.
"Look at yourself,聽tonta.聽Who told you it was a good idea to parade around town stealing my style?"
"Awww, are you jealous because I wore it better than you?"
Carlos seethed at your audacity to bite back at him with that stupid smirk of yours. A tiny part of him was impressed but he was more annoyed. You relish getting under his skin with a snicker.
"You better watch your fucking mouth"
"Or what? You're gonna punch me? Well, bring it on,聽gago"
You say as you took a step back and raised your fists. Carlos scoffs but takes the bait, he swiftly tucks his weapon away and also raises his fists. He was a bit reluctant about the idea of getting into a fistfight with a girl, he knew he shouldn't stoop this low but聽fucking hell聽you were getting into his nerves. However, instead of throwing a punch, you marched forward towards Carlos and cornered him until he was against the light post.
"What the fu-"
Carlos gasped when you slammed your hand on his chest and intensely looked into his eyes. You steal his breath out of his lungs as he gazed back at you with disbelief. Your eyes were lidded and he can feel your warm breath tickling his face. The shapeshifter watched you speechlessly with unblinking eyes, unable to make a move. You smile viciously at him.
"You're hot"
"I..wa-wait wh-"
"So, what is it gonna be, Carlos, right? Are you up for a date with me?"
Holy fuck that was attractive
He can feel his throat getting dry and his palms turning sweaty at your sudden proposal. At this angle, he found himself submitting to you and it was almost embarrassing. Carlos felt his entire face go hot as he stumbled on his words.
"Hm? What? You better find your words there, sweetheart"
"Fuck,聽I...yes...I'll go on a date with you"
You smile radiantly at him and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder. You step away from him and Carlos barely even catches his breath or thinks about what the hell just happened. Eventually, the shapeshifter gains his composure and scowled at you while the blush on his face was still apparent.
"I'll meet you here tomorrow, don't be late, Carlos"
You briefly say but before you can take your leave, you feel a hand on your arm. You look to see Carlos gazing at you with wide and dilated pupils.
"Hey, you didn't give me your name, copycat"
"It's [Name]. And I bet you're gonna think about my name all night"
You teased and gracefully slipped away from him as you began to walk away. Carlos sucks in a breath and whistled, that was the smoothest move he has ever seen. He couldn't wait to take you out tomorrow and make you swoon too. The shapeshifter makes his way back home, trying his best to hide the lovestruck smile on his face.
Meanwhile, you were humming happily to yourself because you can't believe that your plan worked.
Tumblr media
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justanothercamilofan 3 months ago
Tumblr media
since Carlos isn't canon im just gonna add gifs with the color red LMAO
i was supposed to write angst but the idea i had was shit so have this instead
Tumblr media
To Shut You Up.
It was just another normal day in the town of Encanto. The townspeople were as busy and lively as ever, it was a good day for everybody鈥 Well, almost everybody. A certain someone would be having a peaceful, chore-free day if it weren't for you. Now his day is only chore-free鈥 not that he did any.
"C'mon, Carlos, please!" You whined childishly, pouting at your lover. His eye twitches in annoyance and a glare is sent your way. You've been bugging him for the past ten minutes. Carlos doesn't know what it's all about, but what he does know is that he wants you to shut up. "(Name), what do you want from me?" He asks, clearly exasperated. A grin makes it's way towards your lips. You didn't really need anything. God has decided to let you live another day, so you're here to make it Carlos' problem.
Carlos loves you, he really does. And as much as he loves hearing your voice 鈥 which he'd never tell you out loud, by the way 鈥 times like these make him want to tape your mouth shut. A loud, irritated sigh escapes him, "For the last time, mi princesa/pr铆ncipe, what do you want from me?" He asks, staring at you through his half lidded eyes. The tone in his voice causes you to erupt into laughter, and it only annoys him even more. "I'm sorry, mi vida, I just wanted to see how you'd react, I didn't think you'd get this annoyed." You apologize between laughs.
The boy decides he's had enough of it. Carlos grabs the front of your shirt, pulling you towards him. He then places a hand on your cheek, pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened at this, face warming up almost immediately. The kiss, although quick, was gentle. His lips were soft, a contrast to his rough personality. The moment he pulls away, Carlos releases you, shoving his hands into his pockets. He takes in the flustered look on your face, a satisfied smirk forming on his lips.
"Finally, some peace and quiet."
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why cant i tag some of y'all wtf
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pink02 3 months ago
Camilo slandering Carlos!! Low-blow Camii
Owl house meme reference!! I cannttt
Carlos and Camilo simps 馃拃馃拃
Tumblr media
[Aftermath snippet of the twins link. (#Carlos-is-just-a-softy)]
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astr0meda 3 months ago
Tumblr media
We don鈥檛 talk about Oscar 馃槨
Mariana and Carlos doing that one part in WDTAB 鈥
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iyahpostsstuff 2 months ago
Just a quick reminder that I don't hate Turning Red and it's fans, this is just a joke that isn't supposed to be taken seriously
Tumblr media
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justmik0 3 months ago
no bcs i can definitely see that Camilo and Carlos would date someone who is the exact opposite of them
Camilo- someone who is introvert, shy or has short temper. He'll be the one to calm his partner down whenever his beloved has reached their limit.
Carlos- someone who is bubbly, talkative and has a lot of patience. His lover would be the one who WILL calm him down whenever he reach his limit.
fight me in this, camilo is felix, carlos is pepa.
AAAND now i have an inspiration to write a oneshot about this ehe
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