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man bun
reader and camilo go to casitas roof to get away from unnecessary chores. reader realizes they have a hair elastic on them, so they put camilos hair in a bun.
camilo madrigal x gender neutral (no pronouns used) reader
no warnings only fluff :)
sometimes, you and camilo needed a break. camilo doing his chores, you following around him as if you were forced to be his helper—it got tiring. though you couldnt do everything camilo could, you still helped him with everything he did, which wore you both out. which is why you both decided to hide up on casitas roof, in a place no one will try to look for either of you if they need you.
camilos head laid in your lap while you leaned against one of the houses outter walls behind you. it was peaceful up here—just you and him, away from the noise of the village, away from the people calling your names every few minutes, away from everyone else. you ran your hand through his hair, admiring each curl that looped around your fingers at the gentle pulls.
you two had been up here a few times, after learning that camilos room was the first place people would look for you guys if you disappeared, and were never bothered, or even found by anyone. it was becoming a safe place for the both of you, where you could be yourselves and not deal with your lives.
and casita never snitched on where you two were to anyone, which made it even better. the only time the house ever bothered the two of you up here was when it was important.
you couldnt stop listening to camilos shallow breaths below you. he sounded so calm like this—his eyes were closed, muscles completely relaxed. at some point he had reached for your free hand, his thumb rubbed the back of your hand so gently you could barely feel it.
you looked from your conjoined hands back to his hair, and noticed the hair elastic you'd completely forgotten was on your wrist. an idea came to mind..
squeezing camilos hand lightly, you let go and ran both of your hands into his hair. he let out a content sigh, you smiled.
you started shaping his hair rather than just playing with it, pulling it back and combing your fingers through it to get as much hair into a bunch as possible.
"what're you doin'?" he asked quietly, opening one eye and tilting his head to look at you.
"man bun." you stated simply.
"excuse me?" he said, sounding almost offended.
you chuckled, "i'm putting your hair in a bun."
he relaxed his head again and let you continue. you held his hair in one hand and pulled the elastic over it, wrapping it around once, then twice, and that was all his curls needed to be tight enough to stay.
camilo opened his eyes again when he felt your hands leave his hair.
"i look pretty hot, dont i?" he smirked playfully.
"mm.. you look pretty, not sure about the hot part, though.. maybe another time." you smiled at him and watched his face fall into a faux frown. you giggled at him, and his expression was quick to change back to a grin.
"am i pretty enough to kiss?" he puckered his lips at you, fluttering his eyelashes overdramatically.
you leaned down close to him, and looking into his eyes, you murmured, "constantly," before pressing a gentle, loving kiss to his lips. camilo snaked his arms around your neck and held you into the kiss, his head tilting up to deepen it as best he could.
you leaned back, he pouted.
"as much as i love you, and i love kissing you, that position is uncomfortable as hell." you stared down at the pout that was still on his lips, then smooshed his cheeks with your hand. "you're cute when you pout."
camilo scrunched his nose and furrowed his eyebrows, faking annoyance.
"can you just kiss me again? please?"
"maybe.." you dragged the word out, pursing your lips together.
camilo sat up with a huff and turned around to face you. he crawled onto your lap and put his hands on your cheeks. you admired him—the way stray hairs that didnt quite make it into the bun were framing his face, how nice he looked with his hair all pulled back like that.. god, he was so pretty.. he was like eye candy. you didnt want to pull your eyes away from him.
your lips formed a lovesick smile as he pulled you into another kiss. you rested your arms on his shoulders and took the small amount of control in the situation, pressing multiple pecks to his lips, looking into his eyes and smiling between them, muttering quiet compliments about how pretty he was.
"i love you." camilo spoke between a few of your pecks.
you held a longer kiss, then pulled back, "love you too, mi amor."
just as you went to lean back in, casita began dancing around you two. then, tuning back into the world outside of just you both, you heard a call that dinner was ready.
one last kiss, and you were heading down from the roof.. much less voluntarily, as casitas tiles were pushing you both to get going.
he only got a few teasing comments about his hair.
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could i get camilo x fem!reader who just loves the water, whether it be rain, the ocean, a lake, etc. and pepa was just having a really bad day, she stayed in her room but it still started raining outside, and reader dragged camilo outside to dance in the rain with her and pepa sees them and while it’s still raining there’s a rainbow outside and above pepa (im picturing it being like sunset)
tysm ❤️❤️❤️
"take my hand, dance with me under the rain."
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: no proofread!- lip biting (only once lol)
a/n: this was so fun to make awwe -- also “Camilo Valdez Madrigal” isn't his canon name, it's just my headcannon
listen to this for the vibes:
The sky was gloomy as Camilo hears drops of water gently patting against the rooftop. His mother was having a bad day and had locked herself in her room. Camilo decided it was best to leave her alone for a while and had instead decided to stand by the house entrance to admire the serenity outside. He shivered as the cold humid air nipped at his arms. The boy took his ruana and wrapped it around himself, feeling relaxed and warm.
“Camilo!” A distant call makes him snap his head up, eyes locking with a very familiar gaze. She smiles when she sees him, quickly rushing over. She drops the umbrella in her hands on the ground, quickly engulfing Camilo in a tight hug. Camilo chuckled and wrapped his arms around her, leaning back against the wall.
“Is mami ok?”
“She’s fine, mi vida. Mami just needs to let off some steam.” Y/N hummed and buried herself into his neck, not realizing that he was softly gazing at her. Camilo’s heart was beating erratically but it seemed that time for him had slowed down as he found peace being with her. His eyes darted between her form and the rain, an idea popping up in his mind.
“Take my hand, dance with me under the rain.”
Out of nowhere, Camilo grabs her hand and pulls her under the rain. She gasps when she feels the drops of water start to drench her hair and clothes. Camilo just laughs and holds both of her hands with his.
“You are crazy, amor.” She jokingly whispered as Camilo pushes her away slightly so he could spin her around, watching as her skirt elegantly twirls around her form. The girl suddenly yelps as Camilo drops her into a dip. He leaned down to her face and grinned before tenderly kissing her.
Camilo hummed into the kiss, he felt his thick curls start to droop down from the rain but he paid no mind to it. His heart was so full of adoration for this girl and this was a feeling he wanted to experience for the rest of his days.
Breaking away, he started to place sloppy kisses on her face this time. Her chest rumbled with laughter and Camilo pulled her up again. He was smiling so wide, he felt his cheeks start to burn.
“If I’m crazy for doing this then I’ll gladly make you insane.” He started to slowly sway with her in a loose form of the cumbia. His cheeks were warm as the shapeshifter swore his heart was leaping up for joy right now. His feet stepped in synch with hers, hands far too busy clasped in each other’s grip. Y/N giggled and popped her hips, tapping her feet along to an imaginary beat.
The shapeshifter clung to the warmth of her skin as she pressed against him. Both of them sharing another tender and sensual kiss under the rain. He pulled away from her, lightly biting her bottom lip as he did.
“Camilo Valdez Madrigal!” She glared at him lightly, her face flushing as she slapped him on the shoulder. Camilo just sent her a cheeky grin, far too dizzy with excitement. He couldn’t think of a time he’d ever been happier. Bright sunshine suddenly surrounded the two of them as a rainbow appeared, despite that- the rain didn’t disappear.
Camilo caught sight of his mother standing by the balcony. She was crying happy tears while Felix stood beside her. Felix sent Camilo a thumbs up, watching as his son snorted— sending him one back. Pepa just smiled at him softly, holding her hand to her chest.
“They grow up so fast, corazon.” Pepa sniffled as she leaned against her husband. Pepa raised her hand to wave at Y/N, watching lovingly as the girl waved back. Felix smiled, softly caressing her sides.
“They do, mi vida. They do.”
Camilo turned his attention back to Y/N, pulling her flush against him. With a soft smile, she angles her head up to place a small kiss on his lips. Both of them shared a little laugh afterwards.
“Dance with me in the rain again, with the rainbows and sunshine this time.”
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Camilo, Isabela, & Y/N: *screaming*
Dolores: *runs into the room* What's wrong, Isabela?!
Camilo: Wait, why are you asking Isabela that when Y/N and I are also here?
Dolores: Because Isabela wouldn't scream unless it's an emergency. You two scream whenever you have the chance.
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Being friends with Camilo
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
You fanned the cookies, watching the steam rise from them. Sliding on your mittens, you carefully picked up the tray and turned. You raised your gaze, a squeak leaving you as you stared at... yourself? A huff left you, quickly realizing it was just Camilo. You watched as he laughed, clutching his belly as shifted back into himself.
"Oh, you should've seen your face!" He wheezed out, wiping away a tear. You scowled, kicking the shapeshifter in the leg and moving around him.
"How many times have I told you not to scare me in the kitchen, Camilo?"
"Como... cinco veces?"
"More than that and you know it. One of these days I'm gonna throw coffee in your face." You set the tray down on the table, feeling Camilos curls brush against your cheek as he peeked over your shoulder. You watched him reached out, hearing the satisfying hiss and whimper when he realized they were still hot.
"Karma." You muttered, grinning when Camilo let out a soft offended scoff. "And anyway, these are for your brothers ceremony. Speaking of, shouldn't you be getting casita ready?"
"I've already helped."
"Your presence isn't help."
"Yes, it is. You get work done when I'm here which means I helped." You scoffed.
"I get zero work done with you around, Camilo." You took off the mittens, setting them down. You motioned to bowl beside Camilo, quietly thanking him when he handed it over.
"Can I have one?"
"Pretty please?"
"You're so annoying." You picked one of the cookies up, seeing Camilos eyes light up. He happily took it, humming as he ate it.
"(Y/N), could you get back to work? You've got all night to flirt with your friend." Your mother called from the front of the bakery. Immediately, both you and Camilos cheeks flushed.
"We're not- he's not even-" You turned Camilo around, pushing him towards the backdoor and shoving him out.
"See you tonight." Camilo muttered, rubbing his arm. You nodded, closing the door and exhaling. You shook your head, deciding to get back to work.
When all the desserts were done and taken care of, you set off to the Madrigal residence. Alma greeted you and your family at the doorstep with a smile. You got the desserts set on the tables around the center of casita, adjusting plates and making sure the desserts looked presentable.
"Hola, (Y/N)!" You glanced over your shoulder at Mirabel, smiling and offering her a wave. You noticed the box in her hands.
"Need any help?"
Before Mirabel could respond, a voice caught your attention. "Finally." Your head snapped towards Camilo, smacking his hand before he could dip his finger in the cupcake frosting. Camilo pouted, rubbing his hand.
"Camilo, stop bothering (Y/N)." You heard Felix call from the stairs.
"Yeah, Camilo, stop bothering me."
"You love me." Camilo huffed, cheeks flushing once more. You looked down at the table, picking up one of the cupcakes and offering it to the boy.
"Your favorite." You smiled. Camilos blush darkened, taking the cupcake and muttering a thanks. He stared down at the cupcake before glancing up at you.
"Would you.. Would you like to dance later?"
Gifs aren't mine.
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Anything for you mi amor ➝ Camilo Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Summary ➝ Camilo helps you with sneaking out to visit a firework show outside the Encanto.
Tumblr media
“I wish i could go there with you.” You sighed through the phone while plopping down on your bed. “Yeah me too.” Camilo said while walking through the streets of the Encanto.
The two of you were originally planning on going to a firework festival just outside the Encanto. But when your parents found out about your plans, they desperately needed to ruin it for you, which they did.
So now, you were laying on your bed while reading comic books while talking with Camilo through the phone.
“Maybe i can still see the fireworks from my window.” You smiled softly while staring out of your window. “What’s the fun in that?” Scoffed Camilo playfully.
“I don’t know. But it’s not like i can actually go to the festival. My parents will kill me. They practically locked me up in here.” You told Camilo while turning around so you were laying on your back.
“Did you ever climb out of a window?” Asked Camilo suddenly which made you frown. “No why?” You asked curiously.
“Because i’m standing in front of your window.” Camilo smirked while throwing a small rock against your window which made you jump slightly.
“Wait what?” You asked while quickly getting up from your bed. “Yeah I’m serious. Look out of your window.” Camilo chuckled.
You immediately ran over to your window and looked down to see your boyfriend, Camilo.
You quickly opened your window and hunched over the railing to get a good look on Camilo. “What are you doing here?” You whisper-yelled while Camilo was just smiling like a proud child.
“I’m here to pick you up.” Camilo said while giving you a quick wink. He always did that. “What?” You half heartedly chuckled.
“Yeah we’re going to that festival we talked about.” Camilo smiled. “Camilo i can’t.” You sighed while your smile slightly faded.
“Yes you can. Just put on something warm and climb out of your window.” Camilo shrugged with a slight smirk.
“Yeah and you think i can do that.” You scoffed while playfully rolling your eyes. “Yes i do in fact. Just trust me. I’ll help you.” Camilo said softly.
“I don’t know Camilo…”
“Please mi amor?” Asked Camilo with pleading eyes. You sighed while looking over your shoulder to see if your door was closed.
“Fine but you need to help me.” You scoffed while quickly running over to your closet to grab a hoodie and some sweatpants.
“Don’t worry i will.” Camilo whisper-yelled. After about five minutes, you were done with getting ready.
“Alright how does this work?” You asked nervously while looking down at Camilo who was still patiently waiting for you under your window.
“Just, place one leg over the railing and grab that pipe against the wall.” Camilo instructed. “And then what?” You asked quickly.
“And then you place your other leg over the railing and slide down through the pipe.” Camilo spoke as if this all was very normal.
“W-what if i fall?”
Camilo smiled while shaking his head softly. “You won’t trust me. Now come on, you don’t want to miss the fireworks, right?” Camilo smirked while holding up his hands.
“D-definitely not.” You spoke nervously while placing one leg over the railing. You immediately grabbed the pipe which was next to your window before placing your other leg over the railing as well.
“Yes just like that! Now slide down carefully.” Camilo smiled while getting closer to the wall.
“A-alright.” You carefully put your legs around the pipe before slowly sliding down the pipe.
“Yes mi amor!” Camilo cheered while quickly grabbing your waist the moment your feet touched the ground.
“That was fucking terrifying.” You sighed while wrapping your arms around Camilo’s neck. “I know but you did great.” Camilo smiled against your neck.
“I wonder how i will go back up once we’re back.”
“Don’t worry about that. We will sort something out.” Camilo chuckled while taking your hand in his.
“Now let’s go before it’s to late.” Camilo smiled while dragging you with him. When the two of you were around the corner of the street you lived in, you saw Camilo’s yellow bike leaning against a wall.
“What you didn’t think we would walk right?” Camilo smirked while grabbing his bike. He helped you onto his bike before he got on himself.
“Hold on tight okay?” Camilo smiled in which you immediately wrapped your arms around his waist. “I will.” You whispered while pressing your cheek against his back.
“Alright let’s go then.” Camilo smiled before taking off with his bike.
Tumblr media
“Camilo wait!” You snapped while reaching out to grab your boyfriend’s hand. “Calm down mi amor. Here.” Camilo grabbed your hand and pulled you onto the rock he was sitting on.
You carefully sat down next to him and he immediately secured you by wrapping one of his arms around your waist.
“Thank you.” You smiled while putting your head on Camilo’s shoulder.
The two of you were currently sitting on top of a rock on one of the highest mountains outside the Encanto. Why? Because you had the most perfect view from there.
“Just a few more minutes.” Smiled Camilo while checking the time on his phone. “This better be worth it.” You joked while burying your face in the crook of his neck.
“Don’t worry it will.”
By now, ten minutes had passed which meant that the firework show could start anytime. “Why is it taking so long.” Groaned Camilo while rolling his eyes.
“Just wait mi amor.” You chuckled while grabbing his hand, intertwining your fingers with his.
Just wait. That was exactly what you and Camilo were doing for more then fifteen minutes. You could tell that Camilo was getting irritated. He just wanted to show you something beautiful.
“Alright let’s just go home.” Camilo sighed while getting back to his feet. He reached for your hand, to help you up. But when you grabbed his hand and pulled him back down, he was a little taken aback.
“Look!” You smiled excitedly while pointing at the sky. Camilo followed your finger and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw beautiful yellow fireworks in the sky.
“It’s beautiful!” You smiled while looking at all the fireworks. Camilo carefully placed on of his arms around your neck to pull you closer in which you cooperated.
You gently placed your head back onto his shoulder while Camilo placed a loving kiss on the top of your head while also watching the beautiful fireworks.
He was really happy he could show you this. He really was.
“Thank you for taking me to this Camilo.” You smiled shyly. Camilo placed another kiss on your head before nuzzling his face in your neck.
“Anything for you mi amor.”
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dos-oroguitas · 19 days ago
His amor
Tumblr media
In which Camilo turns to his sister for help but she insists that he hears the truth from you. You shed light to who you are and where you came from.
The long awaited part 2 of ‘his girl’. Part 1 is here ! masterlist !!
t.w abuse, mentions of blood and beating
Tumblr media
The walk back to Casita was silent with Camilo deep in thought. He kept trying to think of the reason why your mother despises him so much. Was it his pranks? He was sure he hadn’t done anything to mess with her. Maybe she caught wind of his troublesome ways and thought he was a bad influence? No, something inside the shapeshifter knew that it was something much deeper than that.
And he knew one person who had the answers to his questions.
He was somber, gazing on the ground as Casita opened its doors for him. As he trudged to the direction of his big sister’s, a little soft ‘hm’ interrupted him from his thoughts.
He looked up to see Dolores, with those wide round eyes staring at him and she played with her fingers whilst pursing her lips.
“I know something you don’t..” Dolores had covered her lips, shaking her head. No, no, that wasn’t your story to tell, she scolds herself. “I know something you would never know.” She had continued before slapping a hand on her mouth again.
Camilo bit his lower lip, making his way over to the balcony and looking towards the direction of the rest of Encanto and you were. He had also wanted to know but he wanted to hear it from you. Or at the very least, know how you were after that ordeal.
“She’s okay.” Dolores’ soft voice had brought him out of her thoughts and she looked down. “You know, sometimes the gift I was given doesn't seem like a gift at all.” The young woman murmured as she joined her brother on the veranda, leaning against it. “You hear some things you wish you can’t. You know things you should never know. I don’t want to say anything for her sake.” She smiled down at her brother.
The girl sucked in a breath and Camilo knew she was trying her hardest not to tell him and he smiled, grateful but also in a comforting way as he patted Dolores’ back.
“Just.. When you finally know why, be there for her, hermano. Be by her side.”
Camilo gazed at his big sister before slowly nodding. “I will, hermana. I will.”
It would be a while before he returned to his room, laying in bed as he stared at the ceiling, curiosity eating him up as well as the desire to check on you but he had to restrain himself. Until he could no longer just lay there.
He grabbed his ruana in a flash, grabbing a lantern to light his journey to you. Though at his preparation, he failed to hear the soft ‘clinking’ of rocks against his window.
Camilo breathed in before opening the window and instead of being greeted with the cold breeze of the night, he was instead hit with a particularly large pebble. Startled and slightly pained, the boy held onto his nose with a groan.
What the..
“I.. um.. oops?” A voice had squeaked out from outside his window and his eyes widened, immediately running over to see you with an apologetic smile and rocks and pebbles of different sizes in your arms. You were wearing a thick shawl, a little lantern in your hand and some mangoes from before as a.. ‘sorry’ gift of some sorts.
“Agh, there are small pebbles there, princesa, couldn’t you have just stuck to one size?” Camilo had whined quietly, rubbing at his now red nose. You would only laugh nervously, dropping the assortment of pebbles and rocks.
“I didn’t know which one to pick.” Dios, you were lucky you were adorable.
He had chuckled, shaking his head as he had gently tugged down one of the winding vines that Isabela had created around the house and with Casita’s help, you had entered his room. Immediately, you ran up to him, enveloping him into a hug.
“I missed you, Camilo.” His eyes softened as he held you close. “I missed you too princesa.”
Slowly you pull away and you purse your lips. Cheeks heating up at what you had just done and you shake your head. Now was not the time for that. You were sure Camilo was still reeling over the events before. And you dreaded telling him just why your mamá reacted that way but something told you that he would understand somehow.
You took a deep breath. “I have.. something to tell you.” The shapeshifter’s eyes widened. “Are you sure, princesa? You don’t have to tell me anything until you’re ready.” And you would nod. He deserved to know what had happened after that run-in with your mother.
Where would you even start? Taking in another deep breath and closing your eyes, you felt Camilo’s hand hold yours as if telling you without words that he was there. He would listen.
“My mamá and I came from a village far, far away from Encanto.” You murmured. “She was married, married to this.. awful man that was my father.” Your voice wavered. “Father was a businessman, a noble of sorts if you will, and she was betrothed to him at a young age. I heard people say that they were happy, the perfect couple.. and when I was a child, I thought so too.”
Suddenly everything had made sense for Camilo. Your elegance, the blatant lack of knowledge or wisdom of even the simplest thing such as picking out fruits, and as well as your not so simple outfits. You were once in a higher place in society. Loveless marriage in nobility was more common than one may think and yet your mamá tried to love your father as best as she could.
Camilo looked at you, nodding a little and offering you a reassuring smile. He was listening.
“Until the beatings started.” You whisper, voice trembling as you try not to break down in front of the Madrigal boy whose expression had been appalled. “At first it was just scolding, y’know? Father would get mad, he would yell and shout.. and then it snowballed into harsh squeezes, pinches, and my mamá, my poor mamá thought that it was nothing. Couples fight all the time, she said.”
You were always so careful as to not anger your father. Your mother, when you would manage to mess up, would always take the blame in order for your father to spare you but she couldn’t hold him off for long.
The squeezes and pinches turned into full hits and slaps. You mamá wore nothing but long sleeved tops and skirts that reached down to her shoes. Her face was always caked on with powder and covered with a silk fabric to hide the bruises your father inflicted on her. You had bruises as well though not as much as your mamá, it was mostly from pinches or slaps on the back of your headvwhenever you would say something he didn’t like.
You can still remember the day that he got her scar and you grimaced, hugging yourself. Camilo would place an arm around you. He didn’t speak. He wanted you to know that he was there for you and to take your time. “Don’t force yourself, princesa.” And again you would shake your head. You wanted him to know. No more secrets.
“The last straw was when he lashed out on me.” Your voice shook. “He was drunk, he was angry and I dropped something. I was clumsy. I didn’t mean to. I don’t even remember what I dropped.. but my father, he was so angry was going to.. he had a navaja in his hand, he was out of control. There was glass breaking and mamá, all I saw was mamá on the ground and blood on the floor.”
Camilo shut his eyes tightly, already knowing what became the outcome of the incident. The scar that ran through your mamá’s face.. was caused by your father.
“And that was it. After that we had snuck off in the dead of night. We didn’t know where we were going but we heard whispers. Somewhere safe, in the mountains where no one could find us.. there was a cart bound for Encanto and now here we are..” You swallow thickly as you finish your story, chest heaving up and down and tears threatening to roll down your eyes.
“I’m sorry, about my mamá, she wasn’t like that before.. She was gentle, kind, and always so helpful but..” Camilo slowly shook his head. You didn’t need to explain anything more but you continued.
“She’s just.. afraid, afraid that I would end up being a fool in love with a man like my father. Afraid that I’m going to get myself hurt.” You admit. “Not that I ever thought you would hurt me.” You quickly added. “I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for someone unkind, promised myself I would find someone who wouldn’t hurt me and would always treat me right.. and I think I fulfilled that promise.” You glanced at him before looking away quickly, your cheeks turning warm.
And Camilo was taken aback, his heart hammering against his chest as he quickly whipped his head towards your direction, eyes wide and heat creeping up to his cheeks. He had honestly looked dumb, gaping at you like a fish.
“I.. you..” He stammers out. Was he hearing right? Did you just..?
“You heard right!” Dolores’ voice had quipped from inside the room next door. “.. Sorry!” She calls out her apology for ruining the moment.
And as you two had sat in silence, cheeks burning hotter than any sunny day that Pepa had made, he held your hand in his.
“I think you fulfilled that promise too.” Camilo says bashfully before clearing his throat. “I want to prove myself to you and your mamá first though. I want to do this right. I want to earn both you and your mamá’s trust. And to prove to you that I will never ever hurt you.” Your eyes would widen at his declaration before he gently made you look at him.
“If I should ever raise my hand at you, it is only to caress your face in my hands. If I should ever shout, it is only to let the world know how much I love you.. know that I will never hurt you. Te prometo esto. This is the promise that I will fulfill to you, mi princesa, mi amor.”
Tumblr media
Your father is a dick, Camilo would jump him with the Madrigal Family if he ever showed up.
Also Camilo being the absolute king he is. I hope you guys liked this one. Though as always I would love to hear your thoughts!
taglist: @writing-shroom @ilorichi
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mylifesuckswithoutyouinit · 24 days ago
Y/N: I thought you didn’t really get to meet your tío Bruno?
Camilo: Yeah, I didn’t
Y/N: So how do you know he has a 7ft frame, sees our dreams, and feasts on our screams?
Camilo: Oh, I don’t
Y/N: So you lied?
Camilo: Pretty much
Y/N: Why..?
Camilo: It’s fun to give Mirabel a little scare, plus it helps in not talking about him
Y/N: What do you mean by that?
Camilo: I mean, if you’re scared of something why would you keep talking about it?
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levithestripper · 15 days ago
I have no shame, anonymous thingy off, can you pls write for Cam <3 no specifics tbh I just love him
Misc. Romantic Headcanons with Camilo Madrigal
✩ Masterlist! ✩
✩ Warnings: gender-neutral reader ✩
✩ Taglist: @ban-canram ✩
✩ Length: 1.2k || Read on Ao3 ✩
✩ A/N: hey i love you and i love Camisole here you go <3 expect a part 2 soon ✩
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo is singlehandedly the most clingy boyfriend you’ve ever met. He refuses to let go of your hand. Doesn’t matter where you are. You’re holding his hand, and you’re gonna have to deal with it. When Cami has something he wants to show you, he laces your fingers together and pulls you along.
Kisses. Kisses all day, every day, constantly. Nose kisses, forehead kisses, kisses on the back of your hand, kisses up your arm like Gomez from Addams Family. Camilo gets the last one from his father, who does the same thing to Pepa.
Camilo’s love language is physical touch and acts of service. He makes the bed in the morning, makes you breakfast, even does some of your chores for you if he has time. At dinner, he sets a place for you next to him at the dinner table so he has an excuse to a) constantly bump your hand when he passes you stuff, and b) so he can easily press his leg against yours underneath the table.
He lets you wear his ruana!!!! He sees you shivering one day when you forgot to bring a jacket, so he slips his off and puts it on you. Cami wraps you up like a lil’ burrito <3 He also uses it as an excuse to hug you from behind.
One day, Cami finally convinces you to have a sleepover with him, so he plans the entire day with cute, couple-y things to do. The day begins with breakfast with his family, then right after he speeds through his chores, he takes you on a walk through the forests surrounding Encanto. Camilo leads you to a secluded spot where he had an entire picnic already set up, a wicker basket chock full of his tía Juliet’s arepas, empanadas, and other various snack foods she decided to pack for you two.
While you were eating, Cam notices that you had gotten food on your face; so being the little romantic devil that he is, instead of simply telling you about it, he kisses it off of your cheek. He loves how flustered you get when he does it <3
The rest of the day consists of Cami dragging you around town shopping and watching people perform in the town square. When the sun starts to set, Cam brings you back to Casita, where Isabella was waiting for him with a smirk on her face.
“You having fun, loverboy?” she teases him.
“Isa, shut the fUCK UP—”
When you actually do get to the sleepover part of your day, Camilo is all over you once he gets you inside his room. If you think he’s glued to your hip when you’re out in public together, you won’t believe how glued to you he is in private. Cam’s hands cup your cheeks when he kisses you, the pads of his thumbs stroking your cheekbones. He doesn’t go past aggressive make-out sessions, however. Mostly because he doesn’t want to rush the relationship, not wanting to push your boundaries.
Camilo is so lovesick, it’s disgusting. He literally looks like a cartoon character with heart eyes. When he hasn’t seen you in a while, he pushes the food around on his plate because he’s too caught up in his own head thinking about you. Abuela thought he was sick, so she asked Julieta to cook him something but, Dolores spills the beans about his crush on you.
Now, the whole family is invested in Camilo’s crush/relationship with you. Even Casita is in on it. Whenever you come over, Casita moves the tiles so you’re now standing directly in front of Cami. Like, nose to nose, can feel his breath on your skin, kind of close. It makes Cami super duper flustered, which is a wonderful bonus. Whenever Casita does it, you simply kiss Camilo on the nose and smile at him.
Dolores tells you all about Camilo, even things he thought no one knew about. Like how his heart beats really fast when you’re around, or how his palms get really sweaty when he’s waiting for you to arrive. Or how he paces around his room at night when he’s nervous.
Dolores loves to tease her younger brother about you, elbowing him in the side with a knowing smirk. At dinners, she’ll purposely bring up embarrassing things that Cami’s done, just to see him grow flustered and hide behind his hands, pulling his hair down in front of his eyes. Specifically, embarrassing things that he’s done because you were around. One time, he saw you shopping on your own in town and he stared at you instead of looking where he was going. He ran right into a wall, causing his gift to glitch, making him look fish-eyed.
Camilo loves to entertain you with his gift! He enjoys shapeshifting into people and putting on little skits to make you laugh.
“Hey, mi vida?” he asks, his head cocked to one side.
“Who’s your favorite person?”
You didn’t even have to think about it before replying, the answer obvious. “My favorite person is you, silly.”
Cami asked you who your favorite person was so he could shift into them to use them in a skit, so he wasn’t expecting you to reply with such a sweet answer. It made him feel all soft and mushy on the inside, almost as if he was going to melt into a puddle right then and there. Camilo moves to sit on your lap, his arms wrapping around your neck. “Mmm, cariño,” he groans, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. “Te amo tanto, mi vida.”
He’s so genuinely in love with you it’s not even funny. In the big foyer of Casita, he’ll teach you how to dance if you don’t already know how. Even if you do know how to dance, he’ll show you new moves he’s made up recently, or he’ll just opt to sway around with you like a slow dance. Camilo stares at you unabashedly when you’re looking down at your feet as you try to match his footsteps, only looking away when you catch him staring. Once you get the hang of it, Cami’ll spin then dip you, allowing him to smirk and kiss you like the romantic he is.
It’s always either early in the morning before everyone else is awake, or later at night when the sun is setting when he dances with you. He chooses those times specifically since he loves the way the rising/setting sun washes over your pretty features. And it’s typically when most of his family is out of the house, giving you two some alone time together outside of his room.
Camilo will fall asleep in your lap sometimes when you two’re snuggling together. At first, it starts off with him resting his head on your shoulder before it eventually evolves into him sliding down enough for his head to fall into your lap. You always run your hands through his soft, curly, golden-brown hair. Whenever you do, a smile appears on his face, even when he’s sound asleep. You keep a hand free, so you’re able to trace the soft curves of his face, the pads of your fingers running back and forth over the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mari-mari-maricela · 9 days ago
⇨ encanto
⇨ camilo x fem reader
⇨ fluff, embarrassed y/n
⇨ in which camilo is getting measured for the suit he'd be wearing for his sister's wedding, but will not allow the tailor to get her work done.
"Camilo." Y/N huffs, taking the tape back from him and rolling it back up, "Stop messing around with my stuff."
"What? I'm not doing anything!" Camilo retorts, shrugging his shoulders as he sat up on his bed. He watched as she began placing her other equipment on his desk, hand on her hip as she wrote down her new client. A small smile appears on his lips. "How's your family doing anyway?"
Y/N turns to him, leaning against the desk as she places her pencil down. "They're doing well. Padre was about to forbid me from measuring you, but Madre was persuasive enough to tell him off though." She chuckles, walking towards him now.
Camilo raises a brow as he stands up. "Your dad doesn't trust me?" He says, pouting playfully with a tilted head, "He doesn't trust his daughter with her loveable, mature boyfriend?"
She rolls her eyes and unwinds her tape, taking his hand and placing Camilo in front of the mirror in his room. "Yeah, whatever you say, mi querido." She hums, standing behind him.
He watches her in the mirror, how she eyes gaze at his shoulders and begins to measure the width.
Y/N and her family were the town's tailors. If anybody was looking to buy some new fitted clothing, then they were the ones to go to.
Her father would be the ones to acquire the materials and cut them to the needed size for any client. Her mother would be the one to sew the clothing together as well as do the finishing details. That left Y/N with the task of taking their measurements and delivering the finished products to the houses of the clients.
After all, she was probably the most approachable out of the three of them.
The reason they were here today at the Madrigal house was to get everyone fitted for their wedding attire. Since there was twelve of them, and Y/N and her mother would be handling the measuring while her father gathered materials, the Madrigal family was split into groups of six.
Y/N's mother would be taking care of Abuela, Julietta, Augustin, Isabella, Luisa and Mirabel.
Y/N would be measuring Bruno, Pepa, Fèlix, Dolores (with the exception of her trying on her dress for the first time), Camilo and Antonio.
"How has your family been, 'Milo?" She questions, pulling away to write down his shoulder width.
He looks over to her. "Same old, y'know. Dolores keeps asking me if she thinks that dating Mariano for two years is enough to get married." He chuckles, shaking his head, "Did you know she's thinking of asking you to be one of her bride's maids?"
Y/N stops, blinking at Camilo before making her way over to him. "Ah, no, actually." She says, looking away in a flustered motion, "Why would she want me?"
"Maybe because you two are basically best friends now?" He huffs, tilting his head, "You guys bully me all the time."
"No we don't." She scoffs, a smile on her lips.
"Yes you do."
"Aw, I'm sorry, 'Milo."
"No you're not, encantadora."
Y/N rolls her eyes again, now facing him to the mirror. She ducks under his raised arms to stand in front of him, Camilo's eyes now on her. She states, taking out her tape again, "I'm going to measure your waist now, alright? Sorry if I tickle you, querido."
He shrugs it off, allowing Y/N to place the tape against his stomach and snake her arms around his waist, aiming to put the end of the tape to the roll, thus getting the measurement she needed. "That tickles." He says.
"Tough it out." She retorts, making Camilo let out a snort. Y/N tries to glance over his shoulder to watch her hands. She sees the it's connected, so she leans away, ready to read the measurement.
But she widens her eyes as Camilo's arms drop around her shoulders, pulling her closer into a tight embrace. She sighs, chin on top of her boyfriend's shoulders, "'Milo."
"Yes, mi amor?" He hums, nuzzling into her shoulder with closed eyes.
"I haven't finished." She states, unable to stop the smile on her lips as she gently hugs him back. Camilo was always the one of the pair to hug the other first. And Y/N could never reject him.
Camilo responds, slightly swaying the both of them, "Mm, that's alright. A quick break never hurt anybody." He pulls away a little, now able to look his lover in the eyes. Leaning his forehead against hers, Camilo taps behind her shoulder a few times. "I'm your last client, aren't I? You can take it slow now, encantadora."
She closes her eyes, grinning softly at how relaxing her boyfriend was. "Don't you think your parents will be suspicious if I spend too long in here?" She jokes, moving so that she can rest her head against the crook of his neck.
He chuckles, holding her closer, "Not at all. That's a lie. They were suspicious of me as soon as your mother said you'd be measuring my family." He feels her shake her head at that. "But it's alright, my family loves you."
She stops, looking towards Camilo as she relaxes even more in his hold, pulling away a little. "Is that true?" She mumbles.
Camilo glances at her as if she was stupid. "Um, of course?" He says, bringing a hand up to hold her cheek, "They think you're an angel and that I'm gonna', like, turn you to the evil side, ya'know?"
Y/N gives a small smile, leaning into his warm palm.
He can't help but stare at her. "You're absolutely perfect." He whispers out.
Sometimes, Camilo could be so sweet and loving that Y/N found it hard to actually take it all in at once.
She huffs, pulling away and moving to stand behind him, redoing the measuring tape around his waist, "Okay, okay, I—I need to finish now."
And Camilo knows how that gets her whenever she suddenly moves off to do something else. He can't help but smirk every single time.
"Aw, what's wrong, mi belleza?" He laughs, turning around with his hands on his hips, tilting his head. The tape is still snug against him and he watches as Y/N quickly takes note of the measurement and turns to write it down. He only smiles wider, following her. "Ooh, you're so embarrassed and cute and ignoring me now—Y/N, come on! It's okay!"
She only covers her face as Camilo hugs her from behind, chin on her shoulders as he watches her write down meaningless words. He notices that she's already got his size written down. Now, she just keeps writing 'mean Camilo' over and over again.
He squeezes her tighter, giggling like a little kid, "Oh, stop that, I'm just telling the truth." He gently turns Y/N around, who immediately hides her embarrassed and burning face into his shoulder. "Que hermosura..."
"Stop it." She whines, muffled by his clothing.
He pulls away and holds her chin in his fingers. He gets to let out a short chuckle before leaning towards her, pressing a kiss onto her lips and letting her ease into him.
As she reciprocates the action, Y/N rests her hands on his shoulders. He did know how to make her feel better.
When he pulls away, Camilo presents this wide and loving smile on his face. "Alright, let's finish this up and then eat lunch with Tia Julietta." He pats her arms before walking off towards the mirror again.
Y/N takes in a deep breath, soon following along.
"Right. Before Dolores tells us to shut up."
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dead-inside-writer · 21 days ago
"Amor de mi Vida" (Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: Camilo madrigal x reader
summary: Camilo heard that Y/N had a date this Saturday.
theme: fluff and bits of angst+jealousy!
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 785
The market was full of bustling noises, barters, and people constantly moving around. It was a busy day, for another special event was coming up in Encanto.
The Madrigal family wanted to celebrate Casita coming back after its fall a few days ago. Even if Abuela Alma tried to soften her words and ways, it was hard to break old habits. She wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. However, she did include her son, Bruno, and granddaughter, Mirabel in preparing the party.
As expected, The Madrigal family was extremely busy. Running here and there, gathering decorations, and doing thousands of tasks.
Luckily, Camilo had just finished all of his tasks, and before his padre or anyone else could ask him to help or add another task for him to do, he ran to the market.
He needed a break, for four days in a row he had not seen his vida and he was getting desperate. He just wanted to feel their embrace, missing their touch and presence. Oh dios mio, he just needed to be with you this instant!
In a crowd filled with people's voices, his ear immediately perked up when they caught your voice. How could he ever miss it? It was his favorite after all.
Knowing that you were just a few steps away, a large smile find its way to his face. He turned to see you and your friend chatting away, his heart missing a beat when he saw your breathtaking smile.
Just as he was about to steal you away, something your friend said stopped him in his tracks.
"Y/N, you're going on a date this Saturday, right? Want me to help you dress up?" Your friend winked at you teasingly.
You blushed up, you haven't seen him in a while so you can't help but feel a bit flustered about meeting him, your amor.
"Oooooo with him right? That handsome guy," Your other friend nudges your shoulder, smiling mischievously.
"Oi stop or I'll smack you this instant," You let out a laugh, not noticing the boy in his yellow ruana looking at you with sad eyes.
'A date this Saturday? With who?' Camilo thought, his heart ripping as he realized what this could only mean. 'N-no way. They would never do that to me. They love me! They would never cheat on me!'
Feeling like someone was watching you, you looked around and made eye contact with Camilo. Your eyes widen, not expecting to see him in the market. Instantly, you made your way to him, leaving your friends behind.
Your friend saw who you were heading to and understood what was going on.
"See you later, Ms. Simp!" One of your friends shouted, running before you can smack them on the head.
You rolled your eyes, you were definitely going to get them later for that, but right now, there were more important matters.
You ran and hugged him tightly, placing your head on his shoulders, but stop when you realized that the boy wasn't hugging you back.
"Mi amor, what's wrong?" You looked up to him, letting go.
His eyes were hesitant to meet yours, and when they did, it was full of pain. You panicked when you see this sight. What happened? Was his Abuela too hard or-
"Date..." He murmured, his voice low.
"Date??" You repeated, confused.
"You have a date this Saturday...?" He said looking at you with betrayal, his voice almost breaking.
"Huh?? Querido, you asked me to go on a date with you after the party, remember?" You said, desperate to make the look in his eyes go away. Holding his arms, scared that he'll leave you without hearing you out.
Your tense shoulders lighten up as you see a soft smile crawl up to his face.
“I’m so sorry mi vida” Camilo immediately brought you close to his chest while playing with your hair. “I’m so dumb, I completely forgot that I asked you on a date after all the preparations for the party,”
He squeezes you tight as he says, “I… I thought you cheated on me. I know you would never do that but when I heard your friends said you had a date and I-“
Before he could ramble on, you pulled on the collars of his shirt, bringing his lips on yours. He was frozen for a few seconds, but it didn’t take him long to completely melt under your touch, holding your head to deepen the kiss.
You let go of him and gave him a quick peck after seeing his flushed face.
“I’ll never cheat on you, you’re the only one for me, amor de mi vida”
note: my first ever fanfic hereeee !! tumblr is so fun to write in. please leave a like and feel free to request some encanto fanfics from me! -din
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froggywritesstuff · a month ago
Since We First Met | Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pairing: Camilo x fem!quiet!reader
Warnings: none that I can think
A loud sigh echoed through out the Casita.
Camilo wandered around the house for probably the sixth time that day.
No destination in mind.
Camillo was bored.
And when Camillo was bored, he made sure everyone knew.
By everyone, Dolores.
Call it a sibling thing, Camilo loved annoying his super-hearing older sister.
Either that, or he was genuinely bored and needed someone to tell him what to do and Dolores was the best person for that job.
Before another sigh could leave his lips, a door burst open.
"Camilo Madrigal, I am trying to read!"
Camilo spun on his heel to see, as expected, Dolores, annoyance written on her face.
"Oh, hey, Dolores," he began, a smirk on his face, "You know, I had no idea you were home just then."
Dolores glared at her brother, before taking a deep breath, "If you're so bored, just go outside. Try and make a friend or something."
"Hey, I have friends!" Camilo argued, only receiving an eye roll from Dolores.
"Then go see them." she whispered.
"And if I don't want to?" Camilo asked. To be honest, he really had no reason not to go outside. And no reason to annoy Dolores. But who was gonna tell Camilo otherwise?
Dolores just sighed and muttered something to the Casita, when Camilo felt a force pulling at his legs. He looked down to see the tile floors pushing at his feet.
Camilo stared at her in confusion, when he felt the wave of tiles pushing away to the door and outside the house.
"Really?" he groaned, taking a step toward the doorway, before it slammed right into his face.
You could say that it was no day to annoy Dolores.
"Casita?" Camilo asked hopefully, his expression lighting up when the door flew open, only for it to Dolores, the same pissed off expression she had since the last two seconds they saw each other.
With another obnoxiously loud sigh, Camilo left the Casita.
He began his walk through the town of Encanto, taking in all the sights he had ignored many times before, when he found a large tree.
More interestingly, the person lying under the tree.
1 hour earlier
"Y/N!" came a call from outside the door.
"Yeah," Y/N mumbled in response, barely looking up from the book she was lost in.
A gateway ticket to a whole new world, filled with magic, fantasy, romance and death, right at their finger tips, and in the comfort of their own bed.
"Have you been in there all day?" came another shout.
"No..." she mumbled, slowly closing the book, trying to get another paragraph in, when the door burst open.
"Really Y/N? I know this move has been hard on you, but you can't just avoid the reality by staying inside forever. It's been nine months."
'Books are so much more happy than the sad reality we live in,' she thought, not daring to say it out loud.
She sat up from their bed, facing her mother.
"Easier said than done." she mumbled, staring up the ceiling as if it would provide all the answers.
"Well, it's not like you've tried." she sighed, leaning against the doorframe.
Y/N sighed, looking down at her fiddling hands.
(M/N) echoed Y/N's sigh and sat down next to them on the bed, "Y/N... you will be fine here. I promise."
Y/N smiled at her mother, "Thanks mama..."
(M/N) smiled back at them, before standing up, "Now get out there! At least try and make a friend or something,"
Y/N took a deep breath, "Ok, mama, I'll try."
Y/N was quickly out of the house, their book hidden in their jacket.
She had to admit, the fresh air was better to read with than the stuffy air they were breathing in all day long.
Y/N ventured around the town, before finding a large tree.
Anyone would've just seen the tree, though 'nice tree' then moved on.
But Y/N?
'Perfect new reading spot!'
She skipped toward the tree and sat down, her back leant against the hard wooden tree trunk.
With a peaceful sigh, she got back into the book.
Hours could've passed, when they felt someone sit down right next to them.
Y/N didn't bother looking up from the book, 'Not making that mistake again'
She figured that whoever was there would get bored soon enough and then leave.
Boy were they wrong.
"Hey," the person began, snapping Y/N away from the journey the book took them on.
"Hey," she mumbled, barely audible.
"What book you reading?"
Y/N let out a small sigh and looked up to face the person, "It's called..."
It was like the words dropped dead on her lips when they looked up at the person.
Dark brown curly hair on their head with hazel eyes that would get Y/N lost in, more than she could ever got lost in with her books.
In short, they were adorable.
"It's called...?" The person asked, a confused expression on their face as they stared at Y/N's.
Y/N quickly blinked and recomposed themselves, clearing their throat as they turned the book the other side to show them the front cover.
The person's confused expression vanished almost instantly, replaced with one of excitement, "Oh yeah, I think I've heard of that one. Is it any good?"
"Is it any good?" Y/N asked, trying to see if she heard them right.
"Yeah," they responded, naïve to what was going on inside Y/N's head.
"Buddy, it's not good. God, this is the best book you'll ever have the pleasure of reading,"
The boy smiled at how enthusiastic she was.
"Th-there's this kingdom that's like, slowly dying, so the queen sends off her daughter to get married but she's not into it, cause she thinks that the guy's only in it for the kingdom's lost power, and- oh yeah, the princess's ancestors had all these cool powers that would..."
As Y/N went on and on, they couldn't help but smile at her, and how excited she could get about a book, when she slowly trailed off and stopped talking.
"S-sorry," Y/N said quietly, "You probably didn't need to hear me go on about that."
"What?" he asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion, "You don't have to apologize, that was adorable!"
He slapped his hands against his mouth when he heard what he said.
'Adorable? You just met them and you're calling them adorable?! Jeez, now you've scared them off. Great going Cami,'
Y/N's cheeks flushed bright red at what they had said, before she managed to stutter out a small, "It's fine,"
He smiled at Y/N, trying not to think about how 'adorable' she was, "I'm Camilo." He introduced himself with a smile, holding out his hand for her to shake.
Y/N blushed once again, before shaking his hand, "Y/N."
"Nice to meet you, Y/N," Camilo said, his warm smile still on his face, "I don't think I've seen you around here before. You just move here recently or something?"
Y/N nodded, "Well if you call nine months recently, then yeah. Me and my mum moved here just recently."
Camilo shrugged his shoulders, "I mean, it's not exactly the go to description, but it still counts,"
Y/N laughed at Camilo, who in response, just laughed back at her.
And their relationship only grew stronger from then on.
Y/N didn't make many friends (much to her mother's dismay), and she rarely got out of the house, but when she did, it'd always be to see Camilo.
Whether it was helping them with chores, going on walks, or (subtle) flirting, they'd always be together.
Of course the Madrigal family (mainly Isabela who needed some revenge) would be quick to tease him about it, asking stuff like 'When's the wedding, Cami?' and 'How's your girlfriend doing?', but with a blush on his cheeks, he'd lie and say that she was just a friend.
But he wasn't fooling anyone.
Except for Y/N, who was about as oblivious as the fly in your room that acts like they teleported inside instead of going through the window, and has no idea how to leave the room.
Of course Y/N had feelings for Camilo, but she's the shy main character, so of course she had that mindset that thinks that no one likes her.
Though that all began to change when Y/N got a visit from Mirabel.
"H-he likes me??" she asked, trying to get through her daily chores.
"Yes," Mirabel replied, trying to get through it as fast as possible, knowing that it would take Y/N a while to come around to the idea.
Y/N's hands grew sweatier as she carried around the woven laundry basket, "H-how do you know?"
Mirabel smiled at Y/N's question, "Camilo tells me everything, and anything."
Y/N just gave a confused look to Mirabel, before she huffed.
"Fine, Dolores told me."
"Well, thank goodness for that," Y/N mumbled, "But how can you two be so sure?"
"Y/N! He flirts with you everyday, he talks about you non stop, and goddamn it, Mariano wishes he could look at Dolores the way Camilo looks at you!" Mirabel explained, very passionate about the topic, "And don't even get me started on you! I see the little blushes on your cheeks whenever you see him. Oh, and let's not forget that you literally only leave your house for him!"
"Why do I feel attacked right now?" Y/N mumbled.
Mirabel shrugged, "That's love for you,"
Y/N nodded, "Thanks Mira," she smiled, before walking off.
Mirabel quickly hurried after Y/N, "Soooo, just to recap.... we've discussed that my cousin likes you, you like him back, and what are you gonna do about it?"
Y/N took a deep breath, as if she were about to say something motivational and empowering, "Ignore it until Camilo eventually forgets about me and moves on, to avoid my fear of rejection and losing him!"
"Y/N, that's... no." Mirabel sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.
"Yes." she argued.
"Y/N I will slap that laundry out of your hands and drag you to my dumb cousin myself if you don't pull yourself together."
"Heh, right," Y/N mumbled.
10 minutes later
"You could've at least let me pick up the shirts from the ground!" Y/N argued as Mirabel dragged her toward the Casita.
"And give you an excuse to back out? Oh, you underestimate me. And there's no time to worry about that!"
"Why?" Y/N groaned.
"Because we're already here and Camilo should be coming out now!" Mirabel announced, a proud smile on her face.
Before Y/N could argue anymore, the front floor creaked open, and out came Camilo.
"Oh, hey guys," he greeted as Y/N couldn't help but notice the small hint of red on his cheeks.
Just the sight summoned swarms of butterflies in her stomach.
"Well, I'll leave you to it!" Mirabel shouted, before skipping off inside the Casita.
Her ship was sailing and she couldn't be happier.
"You good, Y/N?" Camilo asked, concern lacing his voice.
Once again, Y/N found herself getting lost in his hazel eyes, and counting his small freckles on his cheeks, that she didn't even hear Camilo speak.
"Y/N?" he repeated, snapping her out of her thoughts.
"Oh, sorry, Cami."
Camilo chuckled, "You ok?"
"Mmm hmm," she hummed, before shaking her head, "No. Well yes, well I think so, maybe... yeah we're gonna go with maybe."
"What's wrong?" he asked, placing a hand on Y/N's cheek, unaware of how fast her heart was racing.
"Nothing! Nothing, I just..." with a deep breath, Y/N continued, "You know he feeling of butterflies you get when you're with some you lo- really, really feel good around? And sometimes your heart just beats super fast, and other times, you're hands get all sweaty and weird, and you're cheeks feel really hot?" Camilo nodded, a serious expression on his face as his hand moved from her face to her hand which he gripped tightly, "Well... that's how I feel... with you."
Camilo's eyes widened when Y/N continued, "I like you, Cami. Like, I 'like' like you... Y-you don't have to respond, or-"
Before Y/N could go on any further, Camilo moved his hands up to her face, cupping her cheeks, a warm smile playing on his lips, "I like you too, Y/N. Since the day we first met, I knew you were someone special."
Y/N felt her heart melt at Camilo's words, whey they closed their eyes, breaking the distance between them with their first kiss.
When they pulled apart, they stood with each other, Camilo's hands on Y/N's hips and their foreheads touching.
"You have no idea how nervous I was."
"Tell me about it..."
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ftmcamilo · 12 days ago
camilo: that reminds me of a dream i had where i was kissing y–..
y/n: ...
camilo: ...a girl..–
y/n, dying of laugher: uh-huh, good save.
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caramellahoney · 2 days ago
hello hello!! can i please ask for part 2 of listen to the whispers?? with a fluffy ending please my tear ducts can't take it :')) thank you and have a great day!! <33
“listen to the whispers.” PT.2
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: angst at first but lots of fluff at the end!
warning/s: reader flinches thinking they’re abt to be hit, emotional breakdowns
a/n: enjoy! there's some angst but it's like mostly fluff --btw you and Camilo are like 17-18 here
taglist: @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @breadglasses @goatmilkaddict @sankareatheundead @jvsefinq
Camilo had been looking for Y/N all morning, which was proving itself difficult to do. Every time he caught sight of her figure and called out to her, she would quickly run away to leave. He was sure he had run across the entire village at least three times, and he was so overwhelmed, bad thoughts invading his mind, especially after he brought up the one thing he’d never want to happen to the both of them.
“Y/N! Please just talk to me! Wait!” Camilo heaved, close to tears, as he started to run after the girl. He quickly shapeshifted into someone taller and grabbed her waist tightly, finally turning her around to face him. She kept her eyes down, glaring at her shoes.
After he was sure she wouldn’t run away, he let go of her and raised his hand to caress her face-only for her to instinctively flinch away. Camilo swore he felt his heart shatter into pieces. An uncomfortable silence followed, lasting for a good 5 minutes. Camilo eventually broke it, slowly stepping closer to her.
“Amor, you know I would never raise a hand against you.” Camilo painfully shut his eyes, voice low. He opened them up again to glance at her. He held his arms open as an invitation to hug him if she wanted to. Y/N stepped forward and buried herself in his embrace, melting at the familiar warmth and smell of his cologne.
“There you are hermosa...” Camilo’s arms drop down to her waist, pulling her tightly against him. Y/N was hovering a few inches above the ground as Camilo had his arms wrapped around her torso so he could securely hold them. She hid her face in the crook of his neck, hands gripping his ruana tightly. Camilo leaned his head against hers, whispering sweet nothings into her ear.
“We can take slow yes? We’ll get past this together...right?” Camilo murmured softly, a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Y/N closes her eyes and cradles his head, her fingers raking through his curls. Camilo pressed his lips against her temple, keeping it there. He hummed a soft tune underneath his breath as he swayed the both of them.
“Si, we will. I don’t…I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave you.” Camilo planted a small kiss on her cheek, still swaying. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breathes, holding him closer. The couple held each other tightly, softly swaying together in a makeshift-slow dance.
“Can you carry me home, I’m tired from all that running.” Y/N muttered jokingly, tracing circles on the Afro-Latino boy’s back. Camilo breathed out a laugh, the mood around them lightening up. He hooked his arms underneath her knees and firmly held her in his grip.
“Of course, anything for you mi vida.” His voice was genuine as he stared down at her, adoration swimming in his eyes. He leans down to give her a gentle kiss on the lips, smiling when he felt her kiss back. Y/N gripped his collar tightly as her heart sped up at the smallest show of affection. Damn this boy and his charisma.
The walk back to casita was silent, the couple just wanting to enjoy each other’s presence. There was an unspoken change between them ever since that argument, Camilo was terrified it would tear the two of them apart but it only seemed to make them stronger.
He had been more attentive to her emotions ever since that day. He had not realized that his ignorance of her emotions had led her to think that he did not care for her. He ran to Felix for advice, notebook in hand as he took note of every word. He didn't need it to be honest, he's practically engraved his father's advice into his brain at this point.
Nowadays, instead of telling her to think positive all the time, he would sit down and let her vent- if she didn’t want to talk then he would just pull her in his arms so she could cry it all out while he whispered comforting words to he. He knew he wasn't perfect but he'd be damned if he didn't try his hardest to make her feel better.
"Here you are amor." Camilo wiped the tears building up in her eyes away, placing a warm cup of tea in her shaking hands. She smiled up at him thankfully, leaning up to press a kiss against his jaw. Camilo grinned and dragged her into his arms, careful not to spill the hot drink. The two of them were cuddled up on his bed as Y/N had a particularly hard day today.
'What is wrong with you?!" Camilo glared at the girl who pushed Y/N into a puddle of mud. He got on his knees as he helped his lover up. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she slowly stood, feeling guilty seeing that the yellow dress that Camilo bought for her was now ruined.
"Oh please- she tripped! It wasn't my fault!" The village girl argued, Camilo just rolled his eyes and focused all his attention on Y/N. Frowning, he noticed tears building up in her eyes. He brushed them away and pressed two quick kisses on her cheeks.
"Cami, I'm so sorry- the dress is ruined-" She stressed, holding the damp skirt in her hands.
"It's ok, we can get this cleaned up. Are you ok?" He soothingly rubbed her shoulders, shielding her from the curious glances of the people around them.
"Yes, but can we go home?"
"Of course mi vida, c'mon let's go." He threw his arms over her shoulder, his other hand gently caressing her own. Before leaving, he turned behind him and pointed to the village girl once again.
"YOU'RE CRAZY WOMAN!" Camilo shouted, glaring once more before running away with Y/N-snickering to himself.
"CRAZY?!" The girl raged, face turning into a fiery color of red.
"I-Camilo. You didn't have to call her crazy you know.." Camilo snorted and just smirked, leaning his head against her own.
"She was loco, amor. I don't get why she's so mean to you, you didn't do anything."
"Thank you, 'Milo." She sniffled and took small sips of the drink, enjoying the feeling of his warm embrace. Her boyfriend just nodded his head, softly caressing her sides as he whispered comforting words to her.
The shapeshifter started to notice the smile that slowly spread to her lips as she listened to his whispers. It made his heart swell and in turn, also made him smile.
"I'm here for you, mi vida."
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bandshirts-and-books · 15 days ago
Camilo: Where are my fucking keys?
Y/N: Camilo, Antonio is around, can you say it a little nicer?
Camilo: May I ascertain the whereabouts of my FUCKING KEYS?!
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eatplastiic · 16 days ago
dance with me, mi amor!
Pairing: camilo madrigal x fem!reader
Summary: y/n and camilo have been oblivious to each other's obvious crushes for far too long. until one day, they use rain as their own matchmaker
a/n: i just watched encanto and have been obsessed. i jusy wanted to write something short and i choose camilo because i love him so so much so enjoy!
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
it seemed the sky was suspiciously bright today, y/n noted. pepa was never in such a good mood for entire day, and with the big gathering in the casita tonight, it was sure it will not stay like this until the end.
abuela decided to organise a huge welcoming of the people in the new casita, for she wanted to share the miracle with everyone. after everything that has happened, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for everybody to connect more with each other.
y/n walked down the street towards the house she was awaited in by 2 small children, a boy and a girl and their parents.
"y/n thank you so much!" the woman said frantically shaking the girls hand.
"no problem, i'm happy to help" she answered, smiling to the children
the little girl got on her tippy toes, reaching towards y/n with her fingers "you're the señorita who's always with camilo madrigal!"
y/n laughed sincerely, indeed she is.
"we have to go" said the man, taking his wife by the hand and opening the door for them to leave "listen to señorita y/n, kids!"
spending the day at somebody else's house taking care of children was not something she was planning on doing, but she found herself not hating it. viviana was a small girl who liked to tease her brother. y/n noticed she was quite a bookworm since she made her read two books out loud.
lorenzo was a year older boy who liked to run. he really, really liked to run which made y/n curse him a few times under her breath.
"let's go on a walk!" said lorenzo, taking y/n by the hand.
"sure" the girl was already tired but it seemed a better option than staying in.
the trio made their way through the crowded streets, lorenzo already running through the people in play.
"well hello, mi vida" y/n turned around only to be met with her identical twin.
"hi, camilo" she said already laughing
"what happened chiquita, you look tired"
"been running around all day behind these two" she said motioning on the siblings holding her hand only to realise lorenzo is missing. "dios mio, cuando lo alcanzo..."
camilo stiffened a laugh "it seems you're not that good of a babysitter"
"shut up"
"luckily you have the best friend ever who will gladly help, you're welcome"
viviana seemed more excited than y/n, tightening the grip on her hand.
the boy easily shifted into viviana's look alike and went to look for the boy.
a few moments later camilo was walking towards the girls with lorenzo holding his hand. y/n rushed to them, making sure the child was alright and then finally hugging her best friend. unfortunatly, just a best friend.
they hugged tigtly, y/n taking in the intoxicating smell of his hair that ruffled under her palm. he squeezed her closer by her waist, closing his eyes in hopes she never lets go.
they both felt like happily dying in the moment, in each other's arms.
pulling away, y/n stopped to look at camilo's face so close to hers. his eyes faled to remain in place, trailling down to her lips and back to her eyes. the girl wanted to do something more, anything, but alas, it was not in her nature.
"will i see you tonight in mi casa?" camilo regained himself
"yes, you will"
"then i will see you soon, cariña" he said, kissing her hand and storming off.
the night was easpecially glowing, the moon and the stars shinning a little brighter. "ay, mi vida, come in" camilo's face lit up as he saw the girl knock on the door.
"camilo!" pepa came rushing towards the two of them "oh! y/n how wonderful to see you again"
"mami? you wanted something?"
"no, no, i will leave you two alone, i'm just looking for tu papá"
hours have passed, joy filling the casita. camilo ans y/n have spent the whole time together, not noticing the secret giggles and curious gazes of madrigal family.
"i should probably get going" she said, looking at the time
camilo's face frowned "what? no, you just got here."
unable to change her mind, the loverboy decided to walk his beloved home. he has always loved his mother to death, but dios mio how he loved her in that excact moment.
as an ending to perfectly sunny day, pepa had become sad and upset, causing the rain to fall. camilo mischeviously smiled, looking at the girl who was frowing from the thought of going home now.
music played from the outside and an idea creeped up to the back of camilo's mind.
the boy stepped out, walking under the rain drops and turning on his heel. y/n laughed "what are you doing, idiota"
"me gusta" he said, laughing from ear to ear
the girl burst out laughing "i need to go home!"
"dance with me, mi amor!" he exclaimed, holding out his hand for her to take
"i must be out of my mind" she said, following him in the middle of the street
camilo pulled her closer "that makes the two of us, mi vida!"
they swung around to the faint sound of the music from casita, getting soaked underneath the open sky. already wet to their skin, camilo gripped her waist, wishing they could be even more close.
the dance wasn't perfect - they stepped on each others feet a couple of times, almost slipped a few and it was messy. but it was just the way it had to be.
"mi amor, we are terrible dancers" camilo whispered
"and i wouldn't have it any other way"
camilo didn't know what it was but he felt invincible. with her in his arms, it seemed he could conquer the world.
taking her head in his hand, camilo didn't think twice before pressing his lips onto hers. rain fell down their heads as they kissed deeply and passionately, pulling apart after hearing a few cheers from the people from the inside.
"i wanted to do this for so long, princesa..."
"i started to think you never will"
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camilos-amor · 25 days ago
Wait- Love?
camilo x reader
summary- you don’t know how to act or respond when camilo says “i love you” for the first time.
part 2
Tumblr media
slight angst?? i don’t even know myself💀💀
Camilo walked home with a sadness that followed him.
did you not love him back? were you not ready? did he rush you?
he couldn’t stand the thought of hurting you or making you upset.
meanwhile you sat down in your favorite spot flustered and shocked. he loved you? you? as in you? who trips while running and makes the stupidest jokes?
you felt guilty as you realized that you didn’t respond to camilo, you completely stood up and left with “bye.”
oh, god. does he hate you? is he mad? upset? will he hate you for not replying? you were just flustered.
you both were overthinking.
you stared at the ceiling in your room while thinking of how he was out of your league. that didn’t go well with the fact of you hearing girls fangirling and talking about wanting to court Camilo.
maybe you weren’t good enough.. should you let him go? maybe you should give him space. you might be clingy to him. should you ignore him now? you didn’t know but sooner or later you were crying and staring at yourself in the mirror. “those girls are prettier though. so why does he love me? was it a joke? Cami makes a lot of jokes..”
“whats up with you Camilo?” his tia Julieta asked. “he said ‘I love you’ to y/n and they didn’t respond and left.. wait-“ dolores gasped. “they think you might have said it as a joke Camilo.. they’re overthinking.” dolores said.
Camilo poked at his food. “I think I might’ve made them upset or rushed them. that’s the thing I don’t want to do. maybe i’ll give them space. give them time to think.”
dolores rolled her eyes. he seriously just ignored her comment. but maybe she’ll let him do it his way.
though the next day, he passed by your house with a simple flower in his hand.
he knocked on your window, leaving the flower and a letter.
when you opened your window he was gone. you really wanted to see him but after reading the letter, maybe he was right.. and maybe you shed a few tears reading it.
you cried that night, staring at your ceiling once again at 3:00 am.
why was love so scary? you wanted to tell him that you weren’t upset, but some part of you agreed with the fact of giving each other time and space. even if it did hurt a bit.
(AYO PART 2🤨🤨???)
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dos-oroguitas · 20 days ago
i really love ur writings and idk if ur requests are open or not, i’d not pls just ignore this buttt
could i get camilo x fem!reader who’s known as the town sweet-talker and can get camilo out of tons of trouble and she started doing it before they were even friends (that’s when they started being friends lmao)
tysm ❤️❤️
Tumblr media
In which you, the angel of the town with words as sweet as honey, would get Camilo out of trouble, prompting the start of your beautiful friendship.. or more.
part 2 is here ! masterlist !!
Tumblr media
If anyone were to ever ask who the town’s angel was, all fingers were immediately going to point to you. You were pretty, kind, and always a delight to talk to. If you had a miracle of your own, it would probably be the ability to charm and sweet talk the people around you. You would always be greeted with a smile, children had loved you and would always accompany you throughout town while you would do your errands. They would often even get into fights about who gets to hold your hand while you walked. One curly haired boy was almost always the winner although you had kept track of every child, that particular boy never gave his name to you. Though you can only shrug.
The children couldn’t help it though. You were always so gentle and caring towards them and they considered her as their big sister. The adults couldn’t help but admire you as well, treating you as they would treat their precious daughters. After all, you were responsible as well as helpful around town. Need someone to smoothen an argument? (Name) to the rescue. Need to haggle? (Name) manages to get it for free? Somehow?
The citizens of Encanto would honestly bend over backwards for the you who would only smile and say ‘thank you’ or even ask them how their days were after a hard day’s work. You were a god sent.
Camilo Madrigal was the opposite of (Name). He was a menace. Well, not really but he was troublesome if anything. Always tricking and pranking whenever he wasn’t helping out with the village children. You’d always hear someone yelling Camilo’s name even from the other side of the village.
Though it was quickly followed by (Name)’s name being said so lovingly. Yeah more or less, you were the troublesome Camilo’s sweet talker. You would often be found sweet talking people whom Camilo had minorly inconvenienced and irritated with his constant tricks and pranks, making sure they wouldn’t stay mad at the Madrigal boy whilst also keeping the peace in Encanto’s streets.
Curious thing was, you and him had never talked to one another before. As small as Encanto was, you would only get a glimpse of one another but the two of you had never conversed. And you had wondered why exactly was that?
You’d get your chance soon enough when upon finally finishing playing and interacting with the children in town. Passing by the empanada stand, you were greeted with the scent that made your stomach grumble in hunger.
“An empanada for Encanto’s angel?” The familiar sight of the empanada stall’s shop keeper had greeted you and a smile made its way on your lips as you turned to the old man.
“Depends, Joselito, is it on the house?” You’d never use your sweet talking to take advantage of people though you had an inkling of a feeling that Joselito isn’t who he may seem, everyone knows that you wouldn’t ask for free things and you would often argue and protest but by the end of the day, your arms were filled with gifts from the townspeople but it seemed that Joselito had forgotten about that as he had quickly grabbed said empanadas and stuffed it in a paper bag. You hummed to yourself.
“On the house, chiquita—“ Though before he could give it to you, a sudden shout was heard.
“Camilo Madrigal, what are you doing giving away free empanadas?!” Ah there it was. With a knowing smile, you turned to the ‘Joselito’ that manned the stall who had fumbled before immediately turning to the Madrigal shapeshifter who had grimaced.
“Yeah, Joselito.. doesn’t give away free empanadas, Madrigal. He’s as cheap as a crab.” You stifled a laugh as Joselito had approached you two with a frown, crossing his arms over one another.
“I knew something was wrong when you asked to help me sell empanadas!” Joselito had grumbled before he can even notice you were there. “I heard from the children that you were giving them out! For free! Free!” Once he had caught a glimpse of you however, Joselito had gasped.
“Were you trying to trick our dear angelita into giving you more money than necessary?!“ He gently reaches out to pat your head. “Oh our precious angelita, are you alright? You were just hungry weren’t you? and instead you were almost deceived by this trickster!” Joselito says dramatically.
“That must have been a very traumatic experience, angelita! Here, you can have all these for free this time around, hija!” Joselito didn’t give free empanadas but for you who he considered as his beloved daughter like any other of the citizens of Encanto? Everything’s free.
Camilo had blinked, jaw dropping in disbelief. “Hey! That’s what I was doing! I wasn’t deceiving her, I was just..!”
Clearing your throat, you would beam up at the two with a smile that shines brighter than the sun. “Ay Tio Joselito, Camilo didn’t mean no harm! He just wanted to.. give the people a free taste of your empanadas! You know I hear in the big city, when you give free samples of your products, more customers would be more inclined to buy!”
The two of them stilled before Joselito had huffed, thinking about it himself. “That is true.. and I already got a few orders of empanadas while I was taking my break..” He looked at Camilo who stared at you in awe, who had managed to calm down the bull of a man that was Joselito.
Joselito grumbled to himself. “Gracias, Camilo.” He says begrudgingly before you had smiled, pulling Camilo along as you thanked him.
“Thank you, Joselito! You have a great day now!” You beam happily before turning to Camilo who had looked at you with his jaw still dropped.
You giggle, gently placing a hand on his chin and lifting it up for him. “You’ll catch flies if you keep your mouth open like that, tonto.”
At the action, Camilo’s cheeks had felt warm and he immediately looked away. “You really have a gift, don’t you, angelita?” Something about the way he spoke the nickname that most of the villagers have given you made butterflies flutter in your tummy.
“Someone’s got to keep you in line, tonto.” You chide playfully, bumping your shoulder with his as you snapped out of your flustered state.
“That’s true. Guess you’d have to keep me in line yourself, my dear angelita. You’re the only one capable of doing so.. and the only one I’ll allow to do so.”
He winks and smiles at you before snatching one of the empanadas from the paper bag you were given and running off, laughing as you blinked before following him with a huff.
Though somewhere in Casita, Dolores had rolled her eyes at her brother’s words. She had sighed, often hearing Camilo’s plans and schemes on how to either gain your attention or spend time with you.
“Acting so smooth like he wasn’t changing into one of the children to hold her hand while she walks.”
Tumblr media
So I really enjoyed doing this one! I hope you love and enjoy it as much as I did! Plus Dolores, my beloved 💕
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camilosangel · 23 days ago
Hi again! I hope you don't mind me sending another request but I'm already in love with your writing, soo; this is your fault-/j
Anyway, I was wondering if you could do a Camilo x fem!reader with the reader being super artsy but she's super embarrassed about it, so she has a secret sketch books filled with doodles and drawings of him in random poses and little notes of the reader saying how cute Camilo is and how much she loves him. And one day Camilo is over at reader's house and while reader goes to get snacks for the both of them, Camilo being nosey; randomly starts grabbing things off reader's desk to see what it is and he eventually grabs the sketch books and starts flipping through it and looks at the the lovely art and the heartfelt notes about him and just melts and when the reader comes back with the snacks, she realizes that Camilo is looking through her sketchbook and she gets all embarrassed and starts apologizing and Camilo's like, "why are you apologizing, I them sm and I love you sm." And then they hug and be happy.
It's alright if you don't do this one and I apologize if it's hard to understand, I'm bad with words lol. I hope you have a great day! Bye! :)
omh i love this idea !! and tysm, i didn’t really like the writing i did so i’m glad u did ❤️❤️
Eres demasiado perfecta
Tumblr media
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
camilo - he/him, reader - she/her
666 words 😩❤️
You’re camilo was too perfect, his personality, his attitude, his looks, his hair, his freckles, everything. So it makes sense that your creativity flowed whenever you interacted with him, drawing him whenever you could, along with venting (positively) under your doodles of your beloved. However, your perfect lover didn’t know about your hidden talent, especially not all the drawings of him. You stashed your drawings and sketches away for no one to see.
Granted why you were cautious of camilo coming over to hang out, however his mother had been stressing all day so it was a rainy day in Encanto, which you didn’t mind, since everyone needed to let their emotions out, it just meant your drawings were at risk of being seen, but you hid them well. Camilo knocked on the door as your [parent/guardian] opened and let him in, you stashed the sketch you were working on under your bed as he quickly knocked and came in
“mi amor!”
“ay Camilo you’re soaked!” you said concerned for your boyfriend’s health, even if he could be healed with his tía’s arepas.
he then jumped on your bed and on you shaking his hair like a dog, “now you’re soaked, mi vida!” your beloved said as you both cracked out in laughs and giggles. After you had calmed down you heard your [parent/guardian] call and say that they just finished making some empanadas, as you said you’d be back to your boyfriend you got up and left him alone to go get the snacks.
now you’d think, camilo being your lovely angel of a boyfriend, he’d sit still and wait for you to get back. well you were wrong and if you thought that, i don’t know if you’ve met your boyfriend.
as soon as you closed your door he sat for about 10 seconds before peeking in your bedside drawer, seeing a few ink-drawn pictures of him, with scribbles of writing underneath, curious as all people would be, he picks it out, as well as the others in the stack, and holds it up to his face to read the writings
‘why must he be so pretty’
‘his freckles are the perfect touch to his face’
so on and so forth, he read through all of them after observing the work and effort put into these sketches of him, drawn by his love, confirmed by the little initial you put next to each sketch. Soon enough as he was gazing at a close up of his face in black and white, you walked in a plate full of empanadas in one hand and the other on the door from opening it, you froze. he looked up as he heard the door, as well as smelled the empanadas, he then realized he had snooped and was holding the evidence of his ‘crime’. you placed the empanadas down and shut the door as you freaked out internally, did he think you were a creep? that you were a stalker who drew him every hour of the day? you stuttered and tried to stammer out an explanation and apology “i’m sorry-“ but before you could finish,
“you better be sorry! i can’t believe you never told me you could draw! let alone draw so well!” he had a grin on his face looking from you to the sketch in his hands again. you felt your ears heat up “so you don’t think i’m a weirdo stalker creep?” he placed the sketches on the bed as he stood up and walked to you cupping your cheeks
“mi amor, why would i be upset about this, my perfect girlfriend has amazing art skills and decides to draw me of all people to show her talent, i love these with my life, as well as you” as he said this you felt the blood rush to your cheeks as he smiled at you, kissing your face as you giggled, maybe some tears in your eyes.
“mi amor, eres demasiado perfecta”
AHHH okay i’m kinda really proud of this one 😭😭 again please let me know if any of the spanish is wrong, i used google translate 😭❤️
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mari-mari-maricela · 8 days ago
Deal Between Strangers
⇨camilo x fem reader
⇨ in which the madrigal family and l/n family are connecting together, but only through a seemingly unwilling proposal.
⇨ part one | part two
"We will be having another family at dinner tonight, so everyone please be on their best behaviour." Abuela states, setting herself down at the head of the table for breakfast. Everyone suddenly turns their eyes to her. "You all know of the L/N family, correct?"
"How could we forget?" Fèlix chuckles, leaning back in his chair, "The head of the L/N family came here from out of Encanto, and they're pretty impressive, aye?"
Augustin hums out, putting down his glass of juice, "Yes, they're a family of mechanics. Their inventions are magnificent."
"Yes, they are." Abuela says, tilting her head up to her family, "They've reached wondrous feats, which is why we've decided that our families will be working together to keep Encanto safe from harm."
Mirabel furrows. "How are we going to do that?" She questions cautiously.
"That will all be explained when dinner comes along." Abuela reassures them.
But everyone already knows.
As soon as breakfast is done, all the cousins as heading out to town together. Dolores is the first to speak up.
"I hear Abuela talking to someone earlier this morning, I think it was Mr L/N." She explains, looking at each of her cousins and siblings, "There was something about how both of our families combined would be able to give Encanto a good start to the next generation, whatever that means."
Luisa then huffs out, hands on her hips, "Oh no, this isn't another one of their arranged marriages, is it?"
The rest look scared now. Who would be the unlucky pick?
"Well that sucks, but at least we'll be able to have some mechanics around casita." Camilo says, trying to make the sun shine a little bit brighter.
"What if they try to marry me off again?" Isabela mumbles, holding her cheek in her palm.
Mirabel shakes her head. "There's no way, especially since Abuela knows how your last one went down." She states, hand on her bag strap, "Congrats on your four year anniversary by the way, Dolores."
"Ah, thank you." She squeaks in return.
"Are you sure Mr L/N even has any sons?" Antonio suddenly speaks up, grabbing everyone's attention.
Nobody answers. Because nobody knows.
"He could have a son." Luisa mentions, "But... we don't know for sure."
"There you have it!" Camilo chimes happily, dusting his hands off, "No arranged marriages for la familia Madrigal. Now let's go, the town needs helping!"
Antonio follows after his brother with joy, ready to do as he needed to.
Dolores and Isabela share a look before sighing, walking off to do their part.
"How else would they join our families together then?" Mirabel questions, looking to her strong older sister.
Luisa shrugs her shoulders, tilting her head. "Maybe this is just another deal between families."
Hours would pass before dinner had struck, and everyone was nervous about it.
Camilo sets the table along with Antonio, Dolores, Mirabel and Augustin, not minding having to do the extra plates and cutlery. He's about to make a joke with them when he feels a tug on his shoulder.
"Mami, what's wrong?" He asks as soon as he sees who is holding him. Pepa has a growing cloud above her head, turning into a deep shade of grey that made him more worried.
"Aye, Camilo, I need to speak to you about dinner." She whispers out, trying to calm herself by playing with her hair, "It is very important."
Camilo raises a brow before noticing his father waving him over, looking serious for the first time in ages. He takes a deep breath in and takes hold of his mother's hand, walking towards Fèlix.
When they are away from the family, Pepa takes Camilo's hands tightly in her own. "My son, I have to tell you something." She begins, voice wavering a little before Fèlix rests a hand on her shoulder.
Her son watches her with careful eyes, slowly reaching out a hand in case she needed it. Pepa clears her throat, "Your... Your Abuela has organised something with the L/N family, and we—I had just found out because she told me a few minutes ago."
He waits, furrowed brows as he squeezes her palms. "Mami, wait a second." He says quietly, "Try to relax first, casita will be in the middle of a tsunami if you continue. It's alright, take your time."
Pepa is eternally grateful for her children, always so patient and loving. Fèlix and herself must've done such a wonderful job.
"He is right, mi vida." Fèlix claims, sending his wife a smile, "Take your time."
She loves this man with her whole entire life
A few moments of reassurance later, the clouds above them are dispersing and Pepa is able to think properly. Fèlix lays a gentle kiss to her forehead, nodding towards their son.
She turns to Camilo with a determined expression. But is cut off at the sound of casita's front door's opening.
"Oh no." Pepa mumbles, lightning striking the floor in between them.
"Camilo, go help your cousins, I will calm down your mother." Fèlix asks of his son.
Camilo listens, hugging Pepa one last time before moving off downstairs. He sneaks passed Abuela, who is greeting the guests.
"Welcome to la casa de la familia Madrigal." Abuela says, happy tone as she shakes hands with two people, one of them notably being Mr L/N.
Camilo takes one look, not seeing anyone else in front of Abuela before getting into the dining room and finishing off whatever needed to be done.
Then Abuela entered the dining room. She wears a joyous grin on her face before speaking up, "Please take your seats. Our guests have arrived."
Each of the families sat on one side on the table, Abuel being at the head and leaving at the other end for the guests. Camilo watched as his parents entered, Pepa still looking shaken up and Fèlix keeping his eyes on his wife. They sat down soon after.
Here entered the L/N's.
Mr L/N is giving a friendly smile as he enters with his wife. "Thank you for inviting us into your home, familia Madrigal." He speaks up, arm wrapped around the woman beside him.
She says, sporting the same coloured outfits as her husband, "We hope it wasn't a hassle."
Julietta then states, "No, it wasn't. We are always happy to cook for friends."
A few more greetings before Mr and Mrs L/N take their seats. There is one seat empty, making everyone glance around to each other. An awkward silence falls over the two families before Mrs L/N begins to apologise for the delay.
Before she gets to the cause, the front doors open and hurried footsteps are heard.
"La excusa!" The person calls, panting a little while she fixes her blouse, "I was caught up with work and lost track of time, I apologise."
Abuela only smiles, gesturing over to the seat beside Mrs L/N. "Oh, it's alright, it's good to see that you are a hardworking young woman." She chimes.
The new girl gives a nod before setting herself down. She takes a deep breath in, sitting up straight. She can feels eyes on her, then looking to see Isabela gawking.
She knew. It all came together now.
Everyone fell into a steady beat, food going around and drinks being poured. But Isabela only had one thing on her mind.
Did Camilo know?
He did not know.
Until Abuela clears her throat.
"Now, we should talk about the whole reason for this dinner." She says, placing her hands on her lap, "Mr and Mrs L/N and I have been discussing something."
Dolores gulped.
"Y/N." Abuela calls, making the girl look over to her, "You're of age now, yes?"
She nods her head, a slightly clenched jaw as she tightening her grip on her skirt. Here it comes.
"And so are you, Camilo."
He snaps up from his glass, furrowed brows as he slowly nods.
The clouds above them tell the table all they need to know about the situation.
"We have decided that the best way for our families to protect Encanto would be to join together through marriage."
All the dread and fear that Y/N was feeling seeps in.
Almost everyone is shocked at the table. Augustin and Julietta are wide eyed and mouth agape. Luisa has stopped pouring a drink for Antonio and holds the jug in mid-air. Mirabela's glasses nearly fall of his face and Delores is letting out a few small squeaks of surprise.
But they can't understand why Y/N isn't reacting.
Camilo slowly breathes in and out. He glances towards Y/N, who only stares down at her lap for a few seconds before lifting her head and giving a big smile.
"Muchas gracias." She says, tilting her head, "It's an honour to be able to join our families."
Abuela gives a big grin, about to say something when Camilo suddenly stands from his seat.
Everyone watches him.
"I'm sorry, I just need to get some air."
As soon as he leaves, Abuela is turning to the L/N's. "I apologise, this is not how dinner was supposed to go on." She claims, shaking her head.
"No, it is alright." Mrs L/N says, waving her hand.
It's quiet for a few seconds before Y/N stands up. "I will go talk to Camilo, if that is alright." She says quietly.
Thunder booms around the room.
"I promise not to hurt your son." She says towards Pepa, who is unable to look back at her.
The Madrigal is holding onto her husband's hand tightly, closed eyes as she tries to calm herself down.
Abuela nods at Y/N to go, so she does.
Outside, Camilo is among the birds and bushes, a few feet from the treeline as he sits on a trunk. He's furious, he's appalled. He's picking at a stick and drawing lines in the sand. He's so angry, that he won't even let a word out.
It's not that he didn't like Y/N. It's that he didn't know her.
How could you marry a person you barely knew?
Camilo closes his eyes with a sigh.
"I'm very sorry."
He doesn't have to turn around to realise it's Y/N. It's the same voice that so publicly thanked Abuela for the chance to be apart of the Madrigal family.
"You seemed happy about it." Camilo claims, continuing to face forward.
"I'm far from it." Y/N retorts, setting herself down on another tree trunk beside him. Camilo looks at her. "I just turned 19, and now I'm supposed to get married off to the town's magical family."
He raises a brow. "So what? You just don't like me?" He mumbles, furrowed brow.
Y/N blinks at him, shaking her head. "We just met today, Camilo." She reminds him, "I just... I wish I got to do a lot more before I got married."
Camilo turns away from her, dropping the stick. "Like what?" He asks light-heartedly.
She lets a fond smile grace her lips. "I, um... want to finish my projects." She informs him, "I really love working as a mechanic around town, but I just want to make something for my own enjoyment, y'know? Just because I want to?"
"And why can't you do that after you get married?" He inquires, leaning back a little.
She chuckles back, "Because after marriage, you're expected to start a family. I don't think I could juggle both at once."
Camilo gives a tiny grin.
She didn't seem too bad.
"So why did you agree to this if you don't want to get married?" He sighs, rubbing the side of his neck.
Y/N fiddles her fingers. "Because my parents asks me if I could." She states, "See, I'm an only child, so they want me to carry out our bloodline and all that. I'm doing this purely because it would make them happy."
She stands up, brushing the dirt off of her skirt before holding out a hand to him. Camilo takes it after hesitation, pulling himself up. She squeezes his hand with a serious expression on her face.
"I have no intention of falling in love here."
Camilo raises his brow at her words.
"Please just pretend whenever you need to. In return, you can do whatever you want and I won't bat an eye." She says, shaking her head once, "I'll finish my work as usual, and you can help the townspeople and not have to deal with an actual marriage."
Y/N gives him a pleading look, lips pressed into a line. She just needed him to do this one thing.
Camilo then sighs, showing her a tired smile, "Okay. You got yourself a deal, amor de mi vida."
"Are we doing pet names?" She deadpans.
"Yes. It's what I would do if this was an actual loving relationship." He claims.
"Fine. But don't call me the 'love of your life', you literally walked out of dinner after you were told to marry me." Y/N huffs, walking towards the house.
Camilo snaps his fingers. "You're right." He says, "How about just mi vida?"
She stops, hand against the door as she glances to Camilo.
"Try not to use it that often."
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dead-inside-writer · 18 days ago
idk if this would be too much but can you do camilo with an s/o who over works themselves and one day they just like faint or something if not that’s fine 😎 but i think it’d be interesting to see how he would react!
"Personal doctor" Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader
Tumblr media
a/n: AAAAAAAAAAAH THANK U SM FOR THE REQUEST! This is such a good one AND NO IT'S NOT TOO MUCH DW! Hope it meets ur expectations <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Overworked! reader
summary: Camilo taking care of you after you fainted from exhaustion
theme: fluff and slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 1.2k
Camilo hasn't seen you lately, and when he did, you had to do something like babysitting the neighbor's kid (which he volunteered to help but soon was called to help out his cousin with a task), sell fruits, clean the house, help prepare parties, and so on. You were busier than him and he's Camilo Madrigal, a member of the busiest family in Encanto! He knew that you were a hardworking and independent person, after all that was what made him adore you so much, but to the point where you had no free time at all? It was starting to worry him. Did his amor even eat at all today? Did you get enough rest? So many questions with little to no answer.
So he take it upon himself to make sure that you were alright. He decided that no matter what, he'll help you with your task, anything he can do so your burden will weigh less. If it's possible, he'll make you rest for once (he won't admit it but he's also itching to spend some quality time with you.)
He went straight to the market after Dolores told him that Y/N was there to help her aunt sell handcrafted goods. It didn't take him long to spot you as you were advertising the goods with such confidence that there was a whole crowd listening to your words.
"Not only that, but it's a wonderful gift for your wife!" You dramatically said, showing the crowd the item in your hand.
Soon, a long line of men queued to buy the item after what you had said. You smiled in relief, glad that your trick worked.
You sat down, taking a short break after all of that talking, to hydrate yourself. To your surprise, the love of your life appeared in front of you.
"Mi amor! You did so well before, you almost got me wanting to buy it for you," He smiled, taking you in a hug.
You hugged him back, missing his embrace and for some reason, you felt a bit dizzy, so you held onto him for some support.
"Thank you querido! What brings you here?" You looked up to him, still hugging him tightly.
"I haven't seen mi vida in a while since they were sooo busy, so I'll be helping them!" He smiled.
"Wow, lucky them for having such a wonderful boyfriend," You separated from him, having to go back to work, "Here, please carry some of these boxes to over there,"
"Aye aye captain!" He raised his hands to his forehead like a soldier then took the boxes from your hand to fulfill his duty.
You smiled at the playful action from him. He just always knows how to make your days feel less hard. You were about to get the next item to promote when suddenly your legs just gave up and your mind shut down in exhaustion. Before everything went black, your boyfriend's voice was heard screaming for you, filled with worry.
Camilo rushed to your frail body lying on the ground.
“M-mi vida, what’s wrong?” His voice shakes and his hands tremble over you. He was a mess at first, checking your forehead then flinched at how hot it was. You look so weak and in so much pain laying down there on the floor.
You worked so hard while suffering a fever this hot? Why did you push yourself to this extent?
‘How did I not notice that mi vida was in this much pain?” He hates himself for not being able to stop you from overworking.
He stopped himself from going into a deep hole of self-hatred and carried you bridal style. You were his main priority and he hurried off to Casita. He tried to run as fast he can, holding you tight in his arms so you won’t accidentally slip out.
He barges into the kitchen, hoping that his tia Julieta was there. Luckily, his tia was currently making her special arepas.
“Tia, please help! Y/N fainted!” He begged his tia, as tia Julieta gasped at the sight.
“Lay them down on the couch! I’ll be back soon,” Julieta said calmly.
Camilo softly lay you down on the couch, putting a pillow under your head. He looks at your pale face, how your lips slowly tremble, and your breathing messy. His heart aches at the sight of you being sick.
He pushes your hair out of your face since it was slightly drenched with your sweat, then holds your hand, never leaving your side.
Soon tia Julieta came back with towels and a bowl of cold water.
“Sobrino, make sure to change the towels every hour,” Tia Julieta said as she drenched the towel into the cold water, placing the wet towel on your hot forehead.
“Okay tia,” He said, “Will they be okay?”
“Don’t worry mi sobrino, they’ll wake up soon,” Julieta ruffled her nephew’s hair, smiling at how worried Camilo was over you.
“You must really love them, huh?” She asked.
“Of course, I love them with all of my heart,” He looks at you, rubbing your hand with his thumb.
Your head aches as you groan, stretching your body. You slowly opened your eyes not used to the bright light.
“Mi amor, are you awake?” Camilo hold your hand tightly.
“Yes querido, I am,” You slowly sat upright, your boyfriend's hand placed on your back to help you as he mutters a soft ‘careful’.
“How many hours was I knocked out for?” You asked, thinking about how many tasks you had missed.
“Around four hours and a half, why do you ask?” Camilo replied.
“FOUR HOURS AND A HALF? OH NO, THAT’S BAD I MISSED SO MUCH WORK, I HAVE TO GO BACK AND-“ You panicked, trying to get off the couch, but your head stings from the sudden movement.
You let out an ouch as Camilo nags you to stay still on the couch.
“Mi vida, why are you overworking yourself? Don’t you see that your body is exhausted?” His voice sounds desperate to make you stay and his eyes are so full of worry that your heart throbbed.
“Let me help you mi amor, it pains me to see you like this,” He softly caressed your cheeks, “Tell me what's going on in your life, all of the details."
"I'm so sorry that I made you worry carino," You said as you leaned into his hand that was caressing your cheeks.
"It's just that..." You bite your lips, thinking of a way to explain everything, "My Madre is sick and we can't afford the medicine for her."
"Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped you mi sol," Camilo looked you in the eye.
"I didn't want to bother you and I thought that I could do it all by myself but look at me now," You scoffed at yourself.
"You tried your best and it's good that you're independent but it's okay to ask someone else to help. I would drop anything to help you mi amor," He smiled at you and those words hit you hard. Tears pricking your eyes after hearing it from him.
You truly were lucky to have him.
Full of mixed emotions, Your body shakes as you remember how much pain your Madre had to suffer through. You sob into Camilo's shoulder, his hands stroking your back gently.
"There, there, mi vida, it'll all be okay," Camilo whispers to your ear, "I'll help you earn money and give you some of tia Julieta's arepa for your mom, okay?"
You weakly nodded yes, your voice gone from crying.
"Rest now mi cielto, I'll try to make you some soup," He kisses your forehead as you lay down to sleep with a small content smile.
You're so happy that you have your very own personal doctor.
note: sorry if this took so long GUDWGIWOOI i might do a bonus part for this, please do leave a like and feel free to request! -din
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