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#colored contacts

Hala! Does anyone know where I can get some custom contacts? I need just one for a cosplay and it needs to be blue in the middle and red around the rim. I would super appriciate it if anyone could help me out in either finding ones that look like that or finding a place where I can get them made.

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does anyone have any recommendations for places i could buy colored prescription contacts? the place i used to order from doesn’t have the right prescription for most of the pairs I’ve looked at, and their filter system sucks

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Hey, I know you've cosplayed as Azula before, and I was just wondering if you'd think that you'd ever want to get some amber colored eye contacts for a future cosplay?

I’ve thought about this a lot, but I’m not sure I trust any particular brand of fake contact lenses for cosplay purposes.  I’m afraid to put something in my eye that could potentially do damage.  Do you (or any other cosplayers) have any costume contacts recommendations?

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Hey cosplay side of Tumblr! Where’s a SAFE place to buy non-prescription colored contacts, not super expensive? Ya boi wants to do a Todoroki (or Keith from Voltron maybe) cosplay and I want the eyes to be right but I’m also broke and I don’t want to hurt my eyes, figured some cosplayers on here might know!

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