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k-beckerart · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day three: portal
im playing catch up now njhgvcf three more prompts to go and ill have done a drawing for every day of dannymay for the first time :D
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k-beckerart · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day thirty: fantasy
some fae, faery, nymph-ish sam lknjbhgv
her earrings are made out of iron nbjjbgv
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k-beckerart · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day twentythree: cozy
this isnt the same kind of cozy i was going for at first cuz i couldnt draw maddie the cat the right way but i think cats are cozy animals so it still counts
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k-beckerart · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day twentynine: conspiracy
wes never thought hed be unraveling a conspiracy about himself but here we are
clone wes au
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k-beckerart · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day twentytwo: mist
this relates to my ectober week fics, pulse, darkness, reanimation, and redrum along with a few drawings that im not gonna go find kjnbhvg
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k-beckerart · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day seventeen: freedom
idk if this is actually funny or not but nbgvjfch just cuz of what sam was doing in the episode and sidney being trapped in the mirror i think its funny
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q-gorgeous · 15 days ago
this is a continuation of this fic i wrote awhile ago
another oc but this one at least also has danny in it
Oliver started as he heard the door on the other side of the glass slide open. An agent stepped into Danny’s cell, looking at him and the mess on the floor before turning back to face Oliver.
“Did you find him?” Oliver asked, a mix of apprehension and anger in his gut.
“Yes, we have successfully located Vlad Masters and have detained him inside of the compound.”
Oliver nearly sagged under the weight of relief. “Does that mean we get to go now?”
The agent just stared at him for a few moments before shaking his head slowly.
“What? What do you mean, no?” He stood and walked up to the glass, slamming his fists on the surface. “You promised us our freedom if we told you where Vlad was!”
The agent brushed nonexistent dust off of his suit jacket. “Before we can process your release the both of you must be decontaminated. His levels of ecto-contamination are nearly off the charts.” He nodded towards where Danny lay on the table. “And yours are too high for comfort, considering you have an ecto-signature.”
“What does that mean?” Oliver snapped. “I literally can’t even do anything. What’s it matter if I have an ecto-signature?”
“It makes it more likely you’ll become a ghost when you die. It’s probably why that town of yours has always been infested with those vermin.” The agent scrunched his nose. “We’ll start by running tests and go with the procedures from there.”
“Tests?! What kind of tests?!” Oliver exclaimed. 
“Whatever tests that give us a means to an end.”
And then the agent left, leaving them alone again. 
Oliver sat back down on his cot, bringing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He was startled when he heard a wet cough.
“Don’t worry..” Danny said. “I’m sure… Sam and Tucker will have a plan soon, if they don’t have one already.”
Oliver rolled his eyes. “They’re two teenagers, what are they going to do?”
Danny coughed again. “My secret is already compromised. They have that to their advantage. They’ll tell my parents and once it spreads around town that the GIW captured two human kids everyone will start raising hell.”
“Doesn’t most of the town hate the Fenton’s? And your classmates too? What help are they gonna be?” Oliver frowned.
Danny paused, studying the ceiling. “I know it sounds like a longshot, but trust me. I know the people who support Phantom will come to our aid when they find out.”
He let out another wet cough and his eyes slid shut again. Oliver looked around the table Danny was strapped to, his ectoplasm still dripping off of it and onto the floor. He couldn’t shake the heavy feeling that weighed down in his stomach. 
“I hope you’re right, Danny. For your sake.”
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q-gorgeous · 16 days ago
“So let me get this straight.” Neil said as he twirled a part of the live fish the ghosts had managed to catch in the ghost zone over the fire. “You’re part ghost?”
“Yep.” Victoria popped the P, already chewing on her own fish. 
“How does that even work, like? Did you die to get like that, kind of like how I got my ecto-signature? Did your parents somehow get the freaky on? I just don’t understand.” Neil pulled his fish out of the fire.
“The second one. And don’t ask me, I always tuned my parents out when they were talking about it, trying to explain it to me. I really didn’t want to understand how their sex life worked.”
“I feel that. The birds and the bees talk is the worst.”
Victoria nodded.
“So what can you all do?” He asked. “There’s gotta be some perks to being some kind of half dead amalgamation.”
She rolled her eyes. “I can turn invisible, intangible, I bleed brown. I could probably make an ectoblast but that’s not something my parents ever taught me.”
“Wait, you bleed brown?”
“Yeah, my ectoplasm and blood are mixed together so they just make a really gross color.”
“Can you fly?” Neil asked excitedly.
She tsked. “Too human for that.”
“What about glow? Do you glow?”
She thought on that one a bit harder. “I don’t think so, not that I’ve noticed. My eyes glow sometimes if I’m experiencing a particularly strong emotion. But I’m not, like, a glow stick or anything.” 
“But you’re not dead?”
Victoria threw her head back and laughed. “No but it’s how I feel on the inside.”
Neil laughed and looked at her. “It sucks that you’re not even really a real ghost and you have to be stuck here. All of us humans. Even the ghosts. It sucks that those goons drove all of us away.”
She smiled sadly. “Yeah.. But at least we’re safe for now.”
He nodded. “As long as we have something to eat and drink I guess there’s not much to complain about.”
Suddenly, Troy came sauntering over and he clapped an arm around Neil’s shoulders.
“You would not believe what the ghosts just found on a nearby island.”
“Is it a shower?” Neil joked. 
Troy gestured behind him and Neil turned, his eyes opening wide, disbelief written across his face. He looked at two ghosts who were leading a live deer towards them. 
“Where the fuck are these ghosts finding live animals in the world full of dead things?”
Victoria chuckled. “You’d be surprised by what makes it’s way in here. I totally believe there could be a shower floating around here somewhere that a ghost portal yanked out of someone’s bathroom.”
Neil shook his head. “I hope so because I’m starting to smell.” 
He stood up and walked over to the deer, patting it on the head. After a moment of looking at it his eyes widened. “Wait, we’re supposed to eat this guy, aren’t we?”
The two ghosts nodded. 
“Aw! Look how cute he is though. Can’t we keep this one? You guys will probably keep finding more random things in the ghost zone. We can keep eating fish.”
Victoria walked up to the deer as well. “We could probably use another live companion. I think this guy could boost morale around here. Give everyone something to look forward to.”
Troy groaned. “I’m so hungry guys.” When he looked at him they were both giving him a pleading face. He sighed. “Fine, fine. What are we going to name him?”
“Hm.” Neil thought, tapping his chin. “What about Billy?”
“I like that.” Victoria said.
“Okay, well, that’s settled then I guess.” Troy said.
“Welcome to the family, Billy.”
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q-gorgeous · 16 days ago
i am tired
“Now, you guys need to behave while you’re here. I may be apprehensive about ghosts, but not all of them are inherently evil by nature. Most of them are just still here living with their families, it’d be rude to bother them.”
Vlad stared sternly at his two friends, who looked way too excited to be visiting his hometown. It probably didn’t help that his hometown was haunted and riddled with ghosts, but they knew ghosts existed, so why did they have to get so obnoxious about it?
“Oh, boy, Vladdy! This is gonna be great! I’ve never seen a real live ghost before. Well, not a live ghost, but you know what I mean. I-”
Vlad stopped listening and he paused in his walk from their car to his front door, disbelief filling his mind. 
“Jack you’ve never seen a ghost? How?”
Jack shrugged. “I think they always just wanted to talk to my parents or something. Because, you know, they were also ghost hunters and researchers! Or maybe those dastardly creatures were too afraid of the old Jack Fenton charm.” He smiled. 
Vlad rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t believe that.” He continued walking to the front door, pulling his keys out. “But if you’ve never seen a ghost how do you actually know they’re real? Why study something you’ve never seen before?”
“Of course ghosts are real! My parents studied them all the time, it’s been a career passed down through the generations.”
“Of course ghosts are real, Jack, but-”
“Vlad, are you going to open the door soon or are we going to have to camp in your front yard?” Maddie said, lifting an eyebrow at him with a smile. 
He grumbled and made the rest of the way to the door and unlocked it. As soon as he got the door open he was almost barreled over by his sister, Anastasia.
“Hi, Vlad! It feels like it’s been so long! Are these your friends that you were telling me about?” She looked behind him at Jack and Maddie. 
“Yes, this is Jack and Maddie.” He gestured at them. “They’re studying ectobiology with me at school.”
“Ectobiology huh?” Anastasia said. “Never heard that one before, but I bet they’ll enjoy staying here for a little bit then, won’t you guys?”
“Oh absolutely!” Maddie said, pulling a small notebook out of the breast pocket on her flannel shirt. “Jack and I have a list of things we want to study while we’re here, but Vlad said we must keep it humane because ‘not all ghosts are evil’.”
“That’s right. Some of the ghosts here are quite lovely. I’m gonna start on dinner, would you mind picking up a few things for me from the store, Vlad? Mom said we’re all out of salt or some wacky thing like that. She made a list.”
“Sure, sure. I bet Jack will be excited to go into town.”
Jack’s face lit up. “Is that where all the ghosts are?”
Vlad nodded. “A lot of them hang out in town during the day, doing shopping or gardening. Some of them are street performers.”
“Okay, well hurry back soon.” Anastasia called as she pulled a pan out of the cupboard.
Vlad, Jack, and Maddie headed back out to the car and pulled out of the driveway and into the street. Once they made it into town, Vlad found a parking spot near the grocery store and they got out and started walking. 
They passed many people, both humans and ghosts, and while Maddie was looking around in fascination, Jack still looked like he was waiting in anticipation. Vlad’s brows furrowed. Surely he should have noticed the ghosts by now?
Heading inside, Vlad grabbed a basket and went about gathering the ingredients on the list. 
Salt, garlic, incense, rosemary, eggs, wood, and… silver? 
What kind of shopping list was his mom making? 
As they walked around the store, Vlad noticed that Jack kept looking up front towards the register. He looked and saw that one of the ghosts was on the register today. But instead of being excited about finally seeing a ghost, Jack just looked very confused. 
Vlad was looking at a bag of oranges when Jack walked up to him.
“Hey, Vladdy, do you know what’s happening at the register? There’s no one there but everyone’s still getting their groceries.”
“What do you mean there’s no one at the register?” Vlad asked. 
“There’s no one there. It’s like the groceries are ringing themselves up. How- Look, that apple is floating into the bag!”
Vlad felt a sad feeling sink into his stomach. “Can you not see them Jack?”
“See who?”
“The ghosts.”
Jack’s face fell. “I must not be able to. I’ve been wondering why everyone looked so normal, it hadn’t looked like I’d seen a single ghost. I just… I’m gonna go wait outside.”
Vlad watched as Jack sadly walked through the store and left through the front entrance. Maddie came up beside him.
“Where’s Jack going?” She asked. 
“He can’t see the ghosts.”
“Oh..” She whispered. 
“Yeah.” Vlad said quietly. 
Together he and Maddie quickly met up with Jack outside and they headed back to the car together, but this time Jack just stared at the sidewalk. 
As soon as they got home and Vlad showed Jack to the room he’d be staying in, he quietly excused himself and holed himself up in the room. 
Anastasia was almost done with dinner when she finally asked Vlad.
“So what’s up with Jack? He seemed pretty down when you guys came home today.”
Vlad sighed. “He found out that he can’t see ghosts while we were at the store. He wasn’t able to see any of the ones in town. It explains why he never saw any of the ghosts his family studied when he was younger.”
“Hm.” Anastasia hums. “That must be pretty weird not being able to see ghosts. But you should go see if he’s ready to come back downstairs, dinner’s ready.”
“Yeah, I’ll go see if he’s up for it.”
Vlad stood up and headed up the stairs towards the room Jack was staying in. He knocked once and opened the door.
“Listen, Jack, I know you might still feeling down, but-”
Vlad paused when he looked up. Instead of a disappointed Jack, he looked like he was vibrating with excitement on the desk chair he was sitting on.
“What’s going on?” Vlad asked.
Jack stood up and thrust some blueprints in his face. “Ghost sight goggles! I figured there must be some way for me to be able to see them and if I want to be a ghost hunter then I gotta be able to see them, right?”
“I still think we should change that to ghost researcher but-”
“With this!” Jack held the blueprints up again. “I’ll be able to see all those spooks! It’ll take a couple days to put them together, but it’ll be worth it.”
Vlad chuckled, smiling at his friend. “Well, I think you should take a break now. Dinner’s done. You can tell the others about it while we eat.”
Jack beamed at him and together they walked down the hall and back downstairs.
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q-gorgeous · 17 days ago
theres no canon characters in this theyre all ocs but thats fine
Neil was running. He had had to throw himself out of his bedroom window because he was finishing up reading something when he heard the door slam open downstairs and the pounding of feet were heard coming up the stairs. 
“Come on! We’ve found another one with an ecto-signature!” They shouted. 
Ever since his near death experience in high school, something had been different but he’d never been able to exactly distinguish it. All he’d known was that a lot of the ghosts that didn’t know him were more prone to talking to him and he was allowed inside Old Man McConald’s house now. 
Just before his door had been slammed open Neil had made it out his window and down the tree to the ground. He started running.
All around him were ghosts flocking from all over the place. They seemed to all be heading in the same direction. He didn’t know who those goons in his house were, but he did know he was probably better off going wherever the ghosts were headed to. 
They all turned around a corner and as he followed behind them he saw the ghosts diving into a swirling, green vortex. He stopped running and held back. What was that? That looked like it could be radioactive. 
A ghost came running up from behind him. Grabbing onto his arm and trying to pull him with them. They were pleading at him with their eyes and he could once again hear the pounding of feet coming from behind them. 
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It’s not like he had a choice right now. There wasn’t enough time for him to get anywhere, especially not with these guys tracking them. Whatever this portal led to had to be better than the situation they were currently in. 
He started running forward, the ghost still holding onto his arm, and together they jumped in. 
As soon as he entered he felt gravity pull him down and he looked down so he could see where he was placing his feet, but there was no ground. Just endless swirls of green. 
Panicking, he started struggling. The ghost pulled him up and carried him bridal style as they flew deeper into this mysterious world. 
The sky was black but it was filled with many swirling looking clouds of many shades of green, some of them a bright neon color that seemed to illuminate the entire endless space they were traveling through. He was staring at a purple door when he felt the ghost suddenly shift. He turned his head to see they were heading to a floating island. 
Once he was set down, he looked around. And to his surprise he saw other humans. How many of them had “ecto-signatures”? 
As he kept studying the other humans that were here with him, his gaze landed on a familiar pair. His eyes widened and he ran over to them, throwing himself at his friend Troy, wrapping his arms around the other boy.
“Guys! What are you doing here? What’s happening in town?”
Troy hugged him back and Victoria spoke up beside them. “Those goons are capturing ghosts and trying to kidnap people they think are ecto-contaminated.”
“Yeah, but what are you guys doing here?” Neil asked. 
“Part ghost.” Victoria said calmly before disappearing for a second and reappearing a moment later. “I have an ecto-signature so they came after me when I was visiting Mr. McConald.”
“Part ghost?”
“I’m here because she came to find me and tell me what happened.” Troy said. “She was going to leave without me but I wanted to come with. I couldn’t bear to not know what was happening.”
While his mind was still reeling at the “part ghost” mention, another heavy thought fell on his shoulders. “What do we do now? It’s not like we can go back. We won’t know when they’re gone.”
Victoria looked down. “I don’t know. We could find a portal that takes us out somewhere else or stay in here. But.” She said, pulling something from her bag. “I was to start with this.”
She held a device in her hand that she studied for a moment before pressing a button on the side. Out from the opening on it, a swirling blue blob came out and it formed into a ghost that Neil recognized.
“McConald? How?” 
“This thing captures ghosts. They were gonna try to take him with it. I figured if they could take him, so could I, so I brought him with me.” Victoria said. 
Old Man McConald looked around. “So this is the ghost zone. I’ve never had the pleasure to come here before.”
Neil watched as Old Man McConald looked at the three of them. He sighed and gestured for them to follow him. 
“Let’s go see if any of the other ghosts have any idea what we’re going to do with you kids.”
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k-beckerart · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day twenty: seasons
i didnt wanna draw weather kind of seasons so i drew some valeries from each of the seasons of dp
first version of it under the cut because i realized it might not have fit as well with the others because it wasnt a front view but i feel like it fills the space better
trying to redo it was literally making me angry so i had to stop kjbhgvf
i also didnt know if the numbers worked so i have two versions so ye kjnbh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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k-beckerart · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021 day nineteen: wings
credit for the suggestion to draw a duck sometime during dannymay goes to my friend gerby nbjvgf
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q-gorgeous · 19 days ago
continuation of lightning and doorway
theres nothing frozen about this i literally just used the word in my fic once
Dash stepped out of his truck, locking the door behind him. Shrugging his backpack onto his shoulder, Dash headed towards the front entrance of Casper High where he could see his friends waiting.
“Hey! Dash! Where have you been? I was trying to text you all day yesterday but you never answered me.” Kwan said, throwing an arm around Dash’s shoulder.
“Haha, sorry.” Dash said, scratching the side of his face. “I kind of wanted a sort of relaxing weekend. Decided to just go for a couple walks and all that.”
“Where’s your jacket?” Paulina asked. “Not that I’m complaining. It’s nice to finally see you wearing something other than your letterman jacket but something must seriously be up if you don’t have it.”
Dash scoffed. “I do not wear my letterman jacket that much.”
“Sorry to break it to you bro but you’re hardly ever seen without it.” Kwan said.
“Ooh did you finally meet some girl Dash? Did she sweep you off your feet enough for you to lend it to her?” Star asked, a teasing look on her face.
“What? No!” Dash exclaimed.
“Well then where is-” Paulina got cut off.
“Uh, Dash?”
Dash turned around to see Danny standing behind him, sheepishly holding his hoodie and letterman jacket in both hands. He held them out to him. “Here.”
“Thanks.” Dash grabbed them from Danny, who gave him an awkward thumbs up and walked away. When Dash had put his jacket on and re-shouldered his backpack, he looked up to see all his friends following Danny with their eyes.
“Why did Danny have your jacket?” Kwan asked.
Dash was trying to loop his hoodie over part of his backpack strap when he replied without thinking. “I gave them to him on Saturday.”
“YOU’RE AN ITEM?!” Star and Paulina shrieked together.
Dash stilled, frozen to the spot. Slowly he turned and looked back up at his friends again. Star and Paulina looked very confused but Kwan looked like he was trying not to laugh at them.
“What?” Dash asked, chuckling nervously.
“When a guy gives their letterman jacket to someone else that means that they’re in a steady relationship.” Paulina said, gesturing with her hands. “Why else would someone give someone else their jacket?”
“Uh, because it’s cold out?” Dash said.
“But it’s part of the high school code, Dash!”
Dash snorted. “You know what also had all sorts of dumb rules and codes? The A-Lister club. That’s why we got rid of the membership and paperwork, remember?”
“But why would you give Fenton your jacket if you’re not dating him then? It doesn’t make sense.” Star said, crossing her arms.
Dash ran a hand down her face. “Haven’t you guys ever thought of being nice? It was raining? And cold?”
“It sounds so romantic!” Paulina fake sobbed.
“If you and Danny aren’t dating then what were you guys doing before you gave him your jacket?” Kwan asked.
“Uh.” Dash hadn’t thought he needed to come up with a lie. He didn’t think through the fact that in order for Danny to return his jacket and hoodie at school on Monday would involve doing it in front of someone. It didn’t matter if it was his friends or not, Casper High’s rumor mill was faster than even the news station covering ghost attacks.
What was he gonna say? That Danny was being chased by ghost hunters? That he literally ran right into Dash and punched him? That he was actually thinking about Danny before he showed up and couldn’t stop thinking about him all of Sunday?
Apparently Dash had taken too long to answer because the next thing he knew the bell was ringing and Kwan was patting him on the shoulder with a knowing look.
“Don’t worry. You can tell us when you’re ready.”
Dash groaned and begrudgingly followed after his friends into the building. He looked up and after a moment saw Danny with his two friends across the school yard. They looked like they were both reaming into him in different ways, Tucker teasing Danny while Sam seemed to be lecturing him about something. After a moment all three of them looked up and met Dash’s gaze.
Tucker was trying very unsuccessfully to stifle his laughter and Sam was sending a glare his way. Danny gave an awkward pair of jazz hands and smiled nervously at him.
Dash rolled his eyes and put on his biggest smile, making eye contact and waving at Manson. Turning back towards his friends, Dash could only hear Tucker’s raucous laughter directed at Sam.
“Did you just wave at Danny? Oh my god.”
Dash groaned at Paulina. As if his friends weren’t bad enough, he was gonna have to deal with Fenton’s friends too. He snuck a look back at Danny.
After a moment Dash felt a nudge on his arm and looked up to see Kwan giving him a teasing smile. Dash scowled and walked into the front entrance of Casper High.
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q-gorgeous · 21 days ago
hohoho another dannymay fill
Jack looked at where Danny sat on the other side of the couch. Now that he knew, he couldn’t ignore the faint glow that settled around Danny’s lichtenberg scars. It was a grim reminder of the accident with the portal and what Jack now knows happened afterwards. 
Something that had caught Jack’s attention while studying the scars was actually the lack of any other marks anywhere on his son’s body. Jack knew Danny was Phantom. And he knew all of the hits and injuries the boy must have taken. Some of them, regrettably, came from himself. He remembers boasting about a nasty mark he left on Phantom’s arm but there was no trace of it on Danny. 
“Uh, dad?”
Danny’s voice startled Jack out of his thoughts and he looked up and met his son’s face. 
“Am I doing this right?” He held up his hoop that he had in his hands that had fabric held tightly inside it, a needle and thread hanging from the front. He could see the beginnings of Danny’s friend’s faces coming to life in the embroidery.
“Yeah! It’s great, Danno!”
Danny smiled and turned back to his hoop, hand fidgeting with the needle but not quite starting again, still feeling Jack’s eyes on him. 
“Dad? Did you have a question or something?”
Jack smiled sheepishly and ran a hand along the back of his neck. Danny was getting good at reading him, knowing when he had thoughts going on in his head. 
“Yeah, it’s just.” He gestured at Danny. “You have those scars from the accident but there aren’t any new marks on you besides that. Because surely you’ve been hurt badly enough to gain a couple new scars. I should know…” Jack mumbled that last part. He cleared his throat and continued. “I was just wondering if you still scar at all anymore.”
Danny shook his head. “No, it doesn’t seem like it. My ghost half gives me accelerated healing so even the worst injuries I’ve gotten are gone by the next day or two. Nothing has ever really left a mark on me before.” Danny pursed his lips and squinted into the air. “Although I would have to say losing a limb would probably scar.”
Jack’s heart nearly fell out of his chest and he just stared at his son, flabbergasted by the nonchalant way he said that. “Well I’m glad to hear that that’s never happened before at least.”
“Knock on wood.” Danny leans forward and knocks on the coffee table in front of them. “You never know with Skulker hanging around.”
Jack sighs. “I guess not. But he better not actually do any of that stuff he’s always yelling otherwise your mother and I will lock him in a thermos and bury it.”
Danny rolled his eyes. “As if. Skulker’s either just really dumb or he doesn’t plan to catch me anymore. I think a lot of the ghosts view it as a game now. Some of them are actually pretty cool when they’re not trying to destroy the city.”
“You talk to them?” Jack asked. Danny shrugged and looked back at his hoop.
“I mean, yeah. I’ve known a lot of them for a couple years now. They’re still annoying but they’re not that bad to talk to. I think some of us are friends now?”
Jack just stared at Danny. “That… That’s really something.”
Danny nodded. “Yeah.”
“I’m glad you have some ghost friends to talk to.”
Danny smiled. “Me too.”
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