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Arya Stark & Nymeria - Created by Tula Lotay

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listen, if Sansa Stark doesn’t somehow end up with another direwolf by the end of this series, I will RIOT

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Hi there!

I think it is foreshadowing that Tyrion will be an enemy of the Starks. In a way he already is.

Thanks for the ask!

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I have this little headcanon that the Starklings’ (and just skinchangers in general) eyes turn the color of their animals when they skinchange them. Like when Bran wargs Summer his eyes go gold, and whenever Jon merges a little with Ghost and uses the wolf’s senses, his eyes flicker red.

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I’ve noticed with Tyrion all the dire wolves wanted to attack him even ghost when Jon first met him. You know the dire wolves are always right. Got such a bad feeling about Tyrion love the character though he brings spice just like little finger and Sir Jamie and cersei.

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I’m pretty sure, it’s Lady.

Lady is hanging out elsewhere , I think, while Grey Wind has returned to the crypts of Winterfell.

Up above he heard drums. They are feasting in the Great Hall, but I am not welcome there. I am no Stark, and this is not my place. His crutch slipped and he fell to his knees. The crypts were growing darker. A light has gone out somewhere. “Ygritte?” he whispered. “Forgive me. Please.” But it was only a direwolf, grey and ghastly, spotted with blood, his golden eyes shining sadly through the dark …     (ASOS, Jon VIII)

This seems like a pretty clear reference to the Red Wedding. Drums and feast, light gone out, the crypt, a bloody wolf, his golden eyes. Jon seems to see Robb and Grey Wind in his dream, suggesting like Ghost, he can still sense them to a degree. They have returned to the crypts together, like the kings of old with carved wolves at their feet.

It is Lady whose Shade has not returned home yet, according to Bran, and whom Summer could not sense anymore.

Sometimes he could sense them, though, as if they were still with him, only hidden from his sight by a boulder or a stand of trees. He could not smell them, nor hear their howls by night, yet he felt their presence at his back … all but the sister they had lost. His tail drooped when he remembered her. Four now, not five. Four and one more, the white who has no voice.     (ASOS, Bran I)

Lady’s body was returned, but he can not sense her, just like Ghost can not sense only one of them, even though two are dead.

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Countdown to 1r0n anniversary (1/73) - favourite moment in every episode:
The Stag and the Direwolf - Winter is Coming (1.01)

Lord Stark? There are five pups. One for each of the Stark children. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. They were meant to have them.
- Jon Snow

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Hi anon!

Easy fix: I don’t think he will be a fire wight. 😊

I don’t think he will physically die at all. I think he will be kept alive by the same direwolf magic that kept Bran from dying in his post-fall coma, and he will spend the time warging inside Ghost, while a few of his loyal friends care for his body. He may be rumored to be resurrected but I don’t think he truly will be. Much like Sansa’s Joffrey murder and batwings, the truth is a little more prosaic. Something will wake him like the crow in Bran’s dream. Like Cersei says, one part magic and nine parts mess, and the things that look like magic can be the messiest of all.

Dany has fire survival powers. Why should Jon not share the wolf survival powers of the Starks? He has the direwolf to show for it.

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Dear Grrm,

You can describe direwolves to be big and dangerous all you want, they’re still just fluffy huggable dogs to me (and to their owners too).

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Ned [a large box in his arms]: what would you say if I came home one day with six direwolf puppies?

Catelyn: what’s in the box?


Catelyn: what’s in the box, Ned?

Ned: I think you know

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Lady was sacrificed to save Arya’s life.

After the violent confrontation between Arya and Joffrey someone was going to die or be severely, horribly punished. Joffrey had accused Arya and her wolf of attacking him, so peasant boy Mycah’s death was insufficient to soothe Lannister pride. In fact, Mycah’s death wouldn’t even have factored into Cersei’s retribution calculation.

Since the official narrative promoted by Cersei would not allow for any wrongdoing on Joffrey’s part, there were only two other possible actors upon whom the blame could be placed: Arya or Nymeria. Given that choice it’s easy to see why the consensus among the adults was to blame a “vicious” animal rather than a small girl. Even impetuous Arya had recognized the danger Nymeria was in, and so she chased her wolf off so she couldn’t be found. But if Lady hadn’t been there to be killed in Nymeria’s place, the blame, and the punishment, would have shifted to Arya instead. There was not even the smallest chance that Cersei would have let the matter drop if there hadn’t been a second direwolf on hand to kill.

If Lady hadn’t been there to take the punishment, Ned might have been able to negotiate a punishment for Arya that wasn’t death, but he wouldn’t have been able to keep it from being something truly horrible that would have left Arya permanently scarred or maimed. I’ve seen Lady’s killing described as a sacrifice that saved Nymeria - but it wasn’t really, because Nymeria was out of Cersei’s reach. Lady’s killing saved Arya from becoming the focus of Cersei’s vengeance.

Lady saved Arya from Cersei. Summer saved Jon from the Wildling raiders. The direwolves don’t only protect the Stark children they’re bonded to, at times they’ve also saved their siblings.

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the news of the Direwolf not being a wolf and being it’s own weird canid came as GREAT news for me, someone with a silly fantasy project I want Direwolves in. similar to the Warg, which is essentially a bigger cave hyena, it has evolved to prey on the beasts which dominate it’s ecosystems, and is thus larger and more robust than real-world Direwolves. their range frequently overlap with Wargs as well as Hatchetcats, each having slightly different preferences for prey, Direwolves being the most likely to target mammalian beasts and the young of medium-bodied drakoniforms like griffons. They are more commonly known as Maskhunds or Masked Wolves, with those closer to the north being the ones more commonly called Direwolves, as their longer fur and duller colours make them more closely resemble the smaller Common Wolf it shares some northern territory with. Much farther north, Common Wolf are more and more common, their smaller bodies and more social behaviour being better suited to harsher winters.

(this is a fantasy design and is not 100% accurate to the real animal!)

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So with Wolf Walkers released, rewatching it a bunch of times, I can admit I have a new fan obsession, but its not just that.

With Sir Sean Bean playing Bill Goodfellowe, its got me wondering, especially seeing the ending.


Bill saves Robyn and takes on his own wolf form in her defense then helps to heal Mabh’s mother.

And maybe I’m just a general fan of anything to do with wolves, but doesn’t that just spark the idea of a sort of crossover?

I admit, since seeing Bill in his wolf form, I haven’t stopped thinking of Ned Stark of Winterfell as a wolf walker and looking the exact same in his wolf form.

If anyone is reading this and decides to write something for my crazy idea, please tag me!

(I’m not getting anywhere writing my own idea for this.)


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Trying to get the hang of this Blog Tumblr…………… grrrrr

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The legendary dire wolf may not have been a wolf at all
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Direwolves from ‘Sport of Thrones’ have been actual, however they went extinct due to this gorgeous purpose

Direwolves from ‘Sport of Thrones’ have been actual, however they went extinct due to this gorgeous purpose

“Sport of Thrones” could have excited viewers with tales of dragons and fictional heroes and heroines, however one facet of the present was actual, based on a brand new research: dire wolves.
In keeping with analysis revealed within the scientific journal Nature, dire wolves existed from 125,000 years in the past till 9,500 years in the past. Nonetheless, they could have gone extinct as a result…

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