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#winter is coming

COVID-19 is really going to be a huge wavering factor for most Americans when voting comes.

And I feel like with how a lot of white Americans feel about Trump, they’re more than likely going to vote for him again and he will serve a second term. ‪I mean I hate to say it, but y’all should be very weary about this pandemic and remember everything that happened with Iraq. Most conservative Americans will feel that he is our best candidate at this present time and he will win again. He’s already bribing y’all with money since America is basically closed until further notice.

I just never saw it for Bernie as he’s already out of the race again (like last time) and Biden definitely doesn’t have a chance. They just don’t have the IT factor like Obama did. If not the conservatives then definitely some Russian hacker team will hack us again and Trump will be re-elected by default. Winter is coming

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Helloohoo? When are out leaders finally going to listen to science?? Our country will drown this century, yet still our government is opening an extra airport next year. Wtf?!?

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