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#dogs are perfect

Be careful walking your dog if it’s too hot out!!

I decided to walk the dog a bit early today, and my dumb ass didn’t realize that it was 92 degrees out and the road in front of my house was scorching. The poor guy is fine, but it really freaked both of us out. Be careful!! Dogs are perfect and deserve un-burned paws.

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daa: afghan dogs, for the tho afghans who started at me while I exited the pharmacy this morning. they truly looked like cartoon afghans, like they've come directly from shooting 101 dalmatians

there’s something just a little unreal about afghan hounds. they’re a bit uncanny valley, like if you looked over and saw one gliding along the ground instead of actually walking you wouldn’t be totally surprised.

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You know what I love the most? Dogs. I love when you walk up to one and they acknowledge you by wagging their tail and then you pet them on their head and they kinda close their eyes a lil bit and they just seem so happy that someone is petting them and I get so happy that they’re happy because I love them and then when I try to leave they open their eyes and sorta look at my hand as it goes further and further away and then you see that they realise cuddles time is over but they are not sad they are still really happy that they got the cuddles and the love ugh I wish I was so nice.

And then sometimes a dog will look at your hand and sorta follow it with their mouth like it’s a treat BEFORE you start petting them and it’s like this sweet, innocent game to them and all they are saying is “hello person I know you are here to give me cuddles but I also want to play so can we pla- OMG WE ARE PLAYING YAAAASSSS” and then they get excited and then they let you pet them and ugh I wish I was so good at social interactions.

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