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lovetorn · 7 months ago
in chains for you [dream]
Dream x Fem!Reader Criminals!AU
Summary: The Dream Team is an underground crime group that works for Techno Industries. But what happens when one of their most valuable members is taken for ransom by their enemy, Schlatt?
Warnings: Swearing & mean insults :(, kidnapping, death, violence, uhhh nothing else? message me if you see anything else!
Word Count: 8.1k+
A/N: I’m so sorry for any mistakes/plot holes, my adhd said no❤️ when i was editing :(
Note: Please remember these are all characters! Since I do not know any of these people in real life, I have created all aspects of their lives, personalities etc. and apologise for any OOC moments. I portrayed Schlatt as the villain purely from his role play in the Dream SMP, obviously, I do not believe him to be like this irl in any way. He is also written as much older than the Dream Team to enhance the villain-like characteristics. Remember, this is just fiction! Thanks! 
Tumblr media
Night had fallen over California, and the icy breeze from the South blew through the city of Beverly Hills. The lights from several luxury hotels and displays lit up the streets and exposed the city. It was more alive than half the people that resided there. Here, people only cared about their money and their assets; barely any room left for emotions towards others that didn’t benefit them. 
“Hurry the fuck up, Sapnap!” 
The gravelly sound of Dream shouting prompted Y/n to run faster. Tensions were high as three criminals rushed to the dark SUV that sat running outside of the tall building. They clutched black duffle bags in both hands when the sound of familiar sirens cried a few blocks away. 
Unlocking the car, George threw open the back car door and launched his duffle bags onto the car seats before hopping in. Dream rounded the car and opened the door to the driver’s seat, Y/n doing the same for the passenger’s side. And whilst they were shoving the bags in, Sapnap came running out of the building, another duffle bag in his hand and a briefcase in the other. The ends of his white bandana flew around in the wind behind him as he missed a dip in the floor.
“What the fuck has he got now? We’ve gotta go!” George exclaimed, hurrying the boy by waving his hand. Dream put the car in drive as Sapnap slammed the door, “Go, go, go!”
The car squealed while Dream pulled off of the curb, the wheels screeching against the tar as he pressed his foot heavily on the accelerator. 40, 50, 70, 100, 130mph. The speedometer jumped by 10s and then by 40s as the car barrelled down the long strip of road, the wailings of sirens fading behind them. 
George, Y/n and Sapnap were laughing as they took their masks off. The sound pissed Dream off as he gripped the steering wheel harder; why is nobody taking this seriously? 
Ripping his white mask off his face and throwing it into his lap, Dream looked at Sapnap through the rearview mirror, “Why did you take so long? That could’ve fucked our whole plan!” 
“Jeez, chill out.”
Dream shot him a glare through the mirror as Sapnap put his hand up, “Schlatt said he had a briefcase full of Chick-Fil-A gift cards, so I grabbed the first one I saw.” 
George lolled his head to the side, mouth agape as he stared at him in disbelief. “Are you shitting me?” 
Sapnap shook his head, resting the case on his thighs and popping open the clasps. 
“Fuck yeah!” He cheered, turning the case around to show the rest of the car the bundles of hundreds of red and white cards that laid on a sheet of red velvet. Sapnap’s eyes remained as wide as saucers the entire time he tilted the case at different angles to ensure everybody saw. 
Y/n turned around in her seat to face the boys in the back and giggled. 
“Can I have one?” She asked, holding her hands up in a praying gesture. Sapnap laughed and nodded, “I’ve got enough for a whole country! And anything for you, Y/n.” Y/n smiled at him, mouthing a quick ‘thank you’ before turning back around to face the road that was gone as quick as it came. 
The deep sigh that came from Dream in the driver’s seat caught the attention of everybody in the car. Sapnap rolled his eyes and shut the case. “Calm down, green boy. She’s all yours.” 
Tumblr media
Arriving at the motel George had found, the four lugged the black duffle bags in the small room. Locking the room door, Dream spun around to see everybody sitting on one of the single beds. 
He eyed the black duffle bags in the corner with a frown, each one full to the brim with thousands of 100 dollar bills that they had to transfer back to base. George cleared his throat when he saw his friend looking at the bags and raised his eyebrows, “Dream?” The man turned at the sound of his name and nodded once. He had an odd feeling in his stomach but decided to ignore it and face the problem at hand first before anything else.
Dream sighed, “We did good tonight,” The three on the bed hollering softly, fist-bumping each other before Dream continued. 
“But...” Y/n, George and Sapnap all groaned, throwing their heads back at the oncoming disappointment that Dream was going to throw on them.
“Sapnap, what the fuck was that? You can’t go off on your own tangents during a plan this big! What would’ve happened if—”
Sapnap’s eyes widened when he realised Dream’s rage was aimed towards him. “Dream! It’s okay, bro. I’m right here, we’re all alive—”
“Don’t talk back to me.”
The silence that followed was deafening. Y/n avoided Dream’s gaze when it landed on her. She didn’t want him asking her to back him up; not tonight. 
“Anyway, I hope you all know what comes next.” The three nodded, heads down and eyes trained on the worn carpet. Sapnap and George stood up and went to different sides of the room, George to the bathroom and Sapnap to the desk where he pulled out his iPod and earphones. 
Dream watched as Y/n lifted her head back up, meeting his gaze. She gave him a soft smile and patted the space on the bed next to her. Dream ran a hand through his tangled blonde hair and walked over to her, sitting where her hand once was. 
“You okay?” She asked softly, placing her hand over his that sat in his lap. Dream nodded before huffing. “I just don’t know how successful this plan actually is. Something’s off.” He whispered, grabbing her hand. Y/n leaned forward to try and meet his green eyes; the ones that made her weak at the knees when he looked at her a certain way. But he didn’t need to know that considering they were just friends.  
“We did good today, look! We’re here, alive and well. And if something’s bothering you, just know that I’ll always be here to help you. Now, I need the bathroom.” She smiled, squeezing his hand before standing up. 
“George? When are you done?” She yelled at the bathroom door. Dream tilted his head to the side as he admired her, what would he do without her?
“Soon! Stop being annoying!” 
Tumblr media
It had reached a point in the night where Dream couldn’t sleep. The single bed he laid in was uncomfortable, and the nagging feeling of doubt kept him awake. Something was wrong. 
He looked over a Y/n who laid in the other bed across from him. His top priority was to keep her safe; he had to. His eyes then travelled to his two other best friends—Sapnap in the desk chair and George on the brown couch. 
He smiled softly. Dream rarely got emotional, but seeing his friends and partners in crime—literally—so vulnerable, had his mind plagued with vicious scenarios that brought tears to his alarmingly vacant eyes. 
They weren’t always void, but seeing death as he did, had pushed the soul of nature out of his once striking eyes. He thought they looked dull now, matching the rest of his face, but Y/n always told him they were the prettiest she’d ever seen. He’d always flush when she said that which always elicited a poke in the ribs and a teasing comment from her. 
Dream forgot how long he’d been lying there, his mind drifting in and out of sleeping until a high-pitched squeak came from the main door. He reached for his knife that held a place under the pillow and sat up, holding his knife and facing the door. 
On the floor next to the door, sat an ominous black envelope. Dream chewed the inside of his lip, his heart beating rapidly with panic. How did they find them?
“How the fuck did they find us?” George asked, his palms sweaty as he held the letter in his hands. The gold foiling around the letters was both alluring and terrifying. 
Palm Casino.  Wednesday Night. 12am.  Be there, or face death. 
Dream had rolled his eyes when he read the letter for the first time; Schlatt was so dramatic. And although fear and doubt had set in his stomach, he didn’t let his friends know. 
How did they find them? They had been careful with the robbery, getting everything they needed without leaving a trace, nothing out of place, except for—
Dream shoved his partners out of the way and leaned down to pick up the briefcase with the Chic-Fil-A gift cards. Sapnap went to interject, primarily to save his prized possession when Y/n grabbed his elbow and shook her head when he turned to her. 
Dream opened it then turned it upside down, emptying the cards onto the rotting carpet. 
“Shut up.” He then continued to rip the velvet from the inside of the case to reveal a small box with a red flashing light. Sapnap stopped his wriggling and stood staring at the device. 
“This is your fault, you dipshit.” 
Sapnap was silent. Y/n softened her grip to rub his elbow comfortingly instead, the action making Dream narrow his gaze. The girl rolled her eyes and spoke up, “How was he supposed to know it was in there, Dream? You can’t blame him for this at all.” 
Dream shook his head and dropped his gaze to the floor before huffing and scrunching his nose in a disgusted manner.
Tumblr media
Midnight had arrived quickly, like a thief in the dark, and the crescent moon hung high in the sky. A light breeze swept into the city, making the palm trees sway in the delicate moonlight as a black SUV pulled up to the Palm Casino. 
“Okay, here we go. I want you all on your best behaviour,” Dream joked. And as his mask only hid half of his face, a lopsided grin graced his face as he popped the door open. Y/n knew that smile; it was one that was begging for chaos, but she knew it was just a deflection from his real emotions. 
Walking to the entrance, Y/n reached up and placed her hand on Dream’s shoulder. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
Dream let out a laugh, “Wouldn’t dream of it, baby.”
The boys sported black on black suits with matching Rolex watches, the gold of the timepieces shining in the low light. The only differences between them being Dream’s smiley mask, Sapnap’s white bandana in his hair, and George’s white glasses upon the top of his head. Y/n, on the other hand, wore a fitting dress with gold jewellery. She would’ve worn anything else, but considering the situation, she complied. 
As the waitress walked them over to the poker table, Y/n caught Dream’s hand in her own, squeezing it once before letting go. She knew he was worried and the action in itself was enough to calm Dream’s nerves for the time being, but as soon as he made eye contact with Schlatt, it all went away. 
“Boys! How are we doing?” The man yelled, throwing his arms up with a smile on his face. Dream nodded once and sat down at the table, Sapnap and George following. Y/n went to sit beside Sapnap but was cut off by Schlatt who took it upon himself to police the members at said table. 
“I’m sorry, gorgeous. I’m afraid this game is only for the men.” He gave her a tight-lipped smile and clasped his hands on the table. Y/n narrowed her gaze at him before rolling her eyes and moving to stand behind Dream. 
Schlatt then stood and excused himself from the table, making George throw Dream a confused look before the man spoke up. He walked towards another room, guarded by velvet ropes, but not before shouting, “Let the games begin!” 
Dream sat observing the last man in the game next to himself, ensuring he wouldn’t lose, not that he ever did. He had learnt from his father early on to read the expressions of the players around him and how to benefit from the folds and raises. People were shocked when they found out his age, bewildered that such a young man could earn numbers like that. 
Dream stared narrowly at the man; his eyebrows raised as he wore a sly smirk. The man in front of him was profusely sweating, his hand reaching to grasp a tissue from his pocket as the last community card was placed down. The surrounding men groaned; their expressions irritable as the Dream Team gained another win. Dream threw the cards onto the Poker table and stood up, offering his hand to the gentleman. He reluctantly accepted then hurried out of the room, four of his acquaintances following.  
Y/n watched as Dream swapped seats with Sapnap, allowing him his turn at the game. She then moved and leaned down to Dream’s ear, “This is bullshit, where’s Schlatt gone?”
Dream shook his head and shrugged quickly, “Fuck knows.”
“Let’s go, Sapnap,” A man they recognised as Fletcher spoke, sitting down in front of the young man as his buddies filed around the table to take their seats. Sapnap didn’t talk, he only glanced back at Dream who tilted his head, holding his forefinger up to indicate this would be their last round.  
Once Sapnap had collected his two starting cards, the game began. Dream watched as each of the men were eliminated through folds and how they apologised to Fletcher for letting him down. The man brushed them off, telling them to “watch how it’s done”. Dream, Sapnap and George stifled a laugh as they watched the second last man fold. Behind them, Y/n grew impatient and began mumbling to herself about how ridiculous it was.
“Excuse me? Can’t you see we’re in the middle of a round? Get the fuck outta here.” Fletcher said, his voice harsh as Y/n’s eyebrows flew to her hairline. Dream went to interject before the man spoke again. 
“A scotch on the rocks.” He then said. 
“I’m not a waitress.” Y/n’s voice was monotone while the man waved her away. Y/n scoffed before she moved towards him. Dream’s hand flew out to catch her wrist, and Y/n rolled her eyes. As angry as Dream was, he wasn’t going to start something with Schlatt’s men before the meeting actually started. Sapnap didn’t pay any attention to the conversations around him, focusing only on winning.
Fletcher chuckled, holding his cards close to his chest, “you dumb kid”. Sapnap’s facial expression went from serious to amused, watching as the dealer placed down the final community card. Sapnap’s eyes flickered to Fletcher’s grey ones as he slammed his cards down on the table. Sapnap then reached to gather his winnings in chips, earning pats on the back from George and a gentle laugh and fist-bump from Dream. 
Fletcher sat in disbelief; he was sure he would win this one. Sapnap stood up and embraced George in a hug before moving to Dream as Fletcher circled around the table. 
“You cheating bastard!” Sapnap held his hands up in defence, clueless as to why this man was coming at him. 
“No cheating here, Fletch, just plain luck,” He grinned, clearly not fearful of him. 
“Dude just take the loss and move on, it’s not that deep,” Y/n said, catching the attention of Fletcher again. 
“Not now, you whore. The men are talking,” Fletcher glowered, looking intimidatingly down at the girl. 
Y/n, however, wasn’t fazed by his words, “Look, it’s not his fault that you lost. I guess you just suck at Poker.” Fletcher’s face went bright red, and Y/n swore she saw steam coming out of his ears. Her eyes widened as she took a step back slowly. George pushed her behind him despite her protests of being able to handle herself. 
“Come on Fletch, there’s no need to go after an innocent woman,” Dream asserted, placing his hand on the man’s shoulder. He soon realised that his actions were a mistake as Fletcher spun around and threw his fist towards Dream’s nose. Dream’s mask had cracked slightly on impact, his green eyes widening in panic as he stumbled back slightly. 
Sapnap scanned the other men around them and calculated their next moves before he ducked a punch from a redhead. George’s hands gripped under Dream’s armpits as he pulled him up, dodging fists from the older men. Dream’s eyes were watering from the unexpected hit to the nose, and he could barely see.  
But what he did see was Y/n raising the metal drinks tray she found on the poker table next to them and slamming it down on the back of Fletcher’s bald head. Her eyes were wide as she stood behind his figure that was now on the floor, groaning. Her eyes met his and Dream felt his breath catch in his throat, but he couldn’t acknowledge it at the present time because there were five other guys to deal with. 
Dream regained his posture and cocked his head to the right, stretching his neck before standing off to the others. The men stood with their fists raised in front of their faces and their feet apart, ready to engage. George, Sapnap and Dream were just as confused as Y/n was, who was making sure Fletcher stayed down. 
“I really fucking hate you guys. Let’s get a move on with the meeting, shall we?” Y/n said lazily, she just wanted to get home. 
Dream sat in a large black chair, the lower half of his face covered in blood, the top half covered by his stained, cracked mask. Y/n had her legs crossed, with a stern expression, glaring at Schlatt as he rounded the table to sit at his obnoxiously large desk. 
Schlatt had demanded it only be Dream and Y/n in the office with him, making George and Sapnap wait outside. The two boys had angrily complained about it, but Dream assured them it would be fine, leaving them to sulk next to the heavy wooden door that led to Schlatt’s office. 
“You two make a good pair, eh?” Schlatt smirked, bringing his hands to interlock in front of him on the desk. Dream glanced at Y/n, who gave him a bored look. 
He then turned back to the front, “Why are we here, Schlatt?” 
“Oh, not very friendly,” He laughed, earning no responses from anyone in the room except for his assistant, Quackity, who stood in the corner. “That’s Quackity by the way.” 
Dream shrugged, uninterested with the introduction of his assistant and remained still until Schlatt continued.
“Now, tell me where the money is, Dream.” There it was—the literal million-dollar question.
The masked blonde didn’t react. Y/n cast her eyes towards him, seeing nothing but the white mask that covered his face. The smile on the front was a harsh contrast to the anger Dream felt. And when Schlatt huffed and wiggled his fingers at Quackity, then Dream perked up. 
Suddenly, Y/n wrists were being grabbed by Quackity, who had crossed the room in seconds. Dream immediately stood, only to be pushed back by Schlatt who had moved in front of him. 
Y/n opened her mouth object when Quackity whacked his free hand over her mouth. She let out a whimper at the smack, tears welling in her eyes in shock. Nonetheless, she continued to struggle against his harsh grip on her wrists. Y/n’s breathing became heavier, her thoughts clouded with fear of the unknown; what would Schlatt want with her?  
Quackity dragged the girl from the large chair towards the other side of the room, where another door lay, but he didn’t take her in yet. Dream’s gaze was locked on Y/n, everything else slipping away as he watched her thrash against her captor. 
“Let’s call it leverage?” Schlatt’s haunting voice echoed through the room, and he had an evil gleam in his eye. “You tell me where you hid the money, and I’ll let her go.” 
Dream’s head was on a swivel when he turned back to face Schlatt. Panic blossomed in his stomach; if he gave up the money, they’d all be dead. And as hard of a decision as it was, Dream knew what to do—he had his full faith in Y/n. He remembered what she had told him when they first started working together and drew in a breath. He nodded at Y/n once, receiving a pleading look in reply, and sighed.  
“Give ‘em hell, baby.” 
“Are you out of your fuckin’ mind?” Sapnap spat as the three men got back into the SUV outside of the casino. George shook his head in the backseat, scoffing as Dream ignored their questions. 
Meanwhile, Dream drove in complete fury. He knew what he did was wrong and stupid, but Y/n once demanded he let her go if she was ever held for ransom. It was an odd request at the time. And this was an irrational move that could get her killed, but he had no choice—it was her or the whole operation, and Dream was loyal. 
“Hello? You fuckin’—” 
The youngest froze at Dream’s tone and sunk into his seat, choosing to look out of the window than at him. He flexed his hand against the steering wheel, refusing to meet their gazes.
“Y/n asked me before any of this started, that if she were to ever be held hostage, for ransom, whatever, to trust her and let them take her. I don’t know why I never asked her why, but we have to trust her, and you have to trust me for making this decision.”  
“Call Techno and tell him that Schlatt’s taken one of us for ransom.” Dream said to no one in particular. Sapnap scrambled to get his phone from his pocket and dial their boss’ number, but not before turning and facing Dream from the passenger’s seat. 
“I—we trust you, Dream. And we’ll be with you till the end, okay?” Sapnap mumbled, gesturing to George in the backseat.  
“She’ll be fine.” Dream had a hard time believing George, “We know Y/n, she’s a strong girl—a whole lot stronger than us—she’ll get through it.” 
Tumblr media
The piercing sound of metal against metal made Y/n cringe, distracting her from the burning of the new rope bound around her wrists. Quackity’s heavy breathing almost made her laugh, they hadn’t even walked for that long.
He didn’t say anything to Y/n when he guided her inside a cell. She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked around the dirty space, scrunching her nose in disgust as she noticed the damp walls and the stray cockroach that scurried across the floor. 
“I’m sorry about the state of this, we don’t have visitors often,” Quackity said, exhaling a scoff he let go of her arms. Y/n’s face dropped when she felt the rope loosen and fall off her wrists. She remained still as Quackity rummaged around behind her. 
The screech of the cell door closing startled Y/n—she thought she’d have more time to fight back. She heard Quackity shuffle away from the cell, and shortly after, the sound of dress shoes tapping on the concrete floor caught her attention. 
Y/n slowly turned around when someone cleared their throat behind her. She rolled her eyes as she came face to face with Schlatt. He stood with his hands behind his back in his usual arrogant suit and his deep red tie.
“Do you know why my tie is this red?” He asked, his head tilted to the side with a patronising smirk. It was an odd question, but Y/n could already guess the answer, she just didn’t want to hear it when she was this vulnerable. 
Schlatt leaned down and closer to the cell, his face fitting perfectly between the bars as his eyes glared into Y/n’s.  
“It’s so you can’t see the bloodstains.” He winked before sanding to his full height, his mood shifting entirely, “Anyways, I’m gonna keep this short. Get comfortable, Princess, you’ll be here awhile knowing Dream and his goons.” 
With a clap of his hands and a small chuckle, Schlatt left, his shoes clacking down the hallway and into the elevator at the end of the hallway. The machine dinged and then it was gone, leaving Y/n in a deafening silence. 
She sank to her knees, crestfallen, onto the concrete beneath her, still in her tight dress. As strong-minded as Y/n was, she couldn’t bring herself to give a witty remark. She was absolutely defeated. She knew Dream would get her out, eventually, but at what cost? Would Dream let everything the Dream Team has worked for in the past 3 years go to waste? For her? 
She didn’t let herself cry as she picked herself up, and hesitantly sat on the cot in the corner of the cell. Her dress was uncomfortable, and the feeling of satin against her skin irritated her immensely. 
Y/n had no idea how far underground she was; she sat in complete darkness and utter silence, nothing but the ringing of her ears and her screaming thoughts to keep her company. 
Dream paced the small space, tearing at his hair roots with his fists, his face red with panic and anger. He was so in his head; he couldn’t hear his two friends calling his name from 3 feet away. The thought of Y/n alone with Schlatt made him so infuriated he could punch a hole through the brick wall next to him. The ringing in his ears was deafening, and the stinging of his nails digging into his palms was numbing. 
Sapnap threw George a concerned glance, his brown eyes pleading George to do something to stop Dream from falling further into an endless loop of guilt and despair. 
“Dream!” The sound of George calling him in that tone caused him to pause his pacing. He turned to look at his English friend with wide eyes, his eyebrows raised in surprise. 
“You need to stop! Y/n wouldn’t want you having an existential crisis over her, she’d want you to hurry up and figure out a plan to get her back.”
Dream stood frozen for a moment; what would Y/n want? It was like a switch flipped inside Dream when he stood up straight, sending him into autopilot. All emotion wiped was from his face, leaving his eyes vacant and face blank. And as much as George hated to admit it, this cold version of his best friend knew what to do and how to do it efficiently. The sudden change shocked Sapnap slightly, leaving him frightened as he grabbed onto George’s sleeve. 
“Ok boys, let’s get to work.”
Emotion is a weakness, and they sure did not need that right now. 
Tumblr media
Y/n had been suffering in the same tight dress and uncomfortable heels for a week; Schlatt’s lack of humanity and human decency (as well as kidnapping her in the first place), had put him in Y/n’s bad books.  
The only human interaction she had was Quackity bringing her meals twice a day and the small conversations they would have as she ate. He didn’t talk about his work much, only hinting at his eventual betrayal and escape from Schlatt. Although, he continually spoke of his family to her, telling Y/n that he was there against his will and was threatened with death if he left. She felt sympathy for the boy, he was so young. 
When Alex, as she now calls him, left her, Y/n was back with her mind. She had remained seemingly sane despite being in solitary confinement but was going insane without Dream. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw his emerald ones gleaming at her through the darkness, their vibrance giving her shivers. 
She missed his touch: his cold hands in her’s, their knees brushing slightly when sitting on the motel bed, his hand on her thigh in the car, despite complaints from the boys. She cared deeply for him, and she knew he did too, but they were both too scared of rejection to get together. Sapnap always teased them for being ‘pussies’, and George would roll his eyes whenever they would flush at their closeness—god, she missed them too.
Biting her lip, Y/n tried her best to prevent tears from falling down her cheeks. But she hadn’t let them fall since being held ransom, fearing she would be seen as weak by Schlatt, and even Alex. The burning at the back of her throat was fiery as she let them out. She struggled to breathe, clawing at her throat when she felt her lungs tighten. Y/n tried to sit upright to calm herself down, but her pained cries filled the cold, concrete basement and rattled the cell bars. She sobbed for hours, only falling asleep when the last ones dried. 
As Dream put the car in park, he turned to face George in the passenger’s seat.
“You ready?” He asked. George exhaled and nodded, “Let’s get her back.” 
Dream smirked. His attitude had flipped entirely from last week, leaving him cocky and ready to fight the world. However, George saw through his best friend’s act. He heard Dream’s choked and ragged cries in the bathroom at 4 am, and noticed his red, puffy eyes at 7 am when they woke up. He saw the way his hands shook every time he drove, and he caught onto Dream’s routine of not eating until Sapnap would force him away from the table with the plans spread across it. 
George was concerned for his best friend, and Dream was oblivious. But despite everything, George knew he was determined to get Y/n back, above all else. Her life came before his own, and that scared George to his core, how far would Dream go to save Y/n?
“Ok, Geor—” The piercing screams of fire alarms made Dream jump as they echoed down the street. The two boys shared a surprised look before they hopped out of the SUV. They jogged down the road towards the Palm Casino with black duffle bags on their shoulders.  
Flames rose as high as the sky and embers rained on Dream and George as they ran through the smoke to the entrance. Employees darted out of the main doors, crashing into the boys as they continued to the central control room of the casino. George heaved the heavy door open before closing it firmly behind them. They dropped the bags and began drinking in the clean air as they set their eyes on Sapnap who sat behind a desk with his feet up on the table. 
“Well, boys, how did I do?” He said, arms out as he cocked his eyebrow up. George laughed in disbelief, “I can’t believe that worked.”  
Sapnap shook his head quickly, “You had no faith in me, did you?” He threw his hand on his chest and stood up from his spot. 
“Sap, you did great!” Dream exclaimed, walking over to slap the boy on the back. Sapnap’s pained expression turned into a smile as he watched George do the same. 
“Ok then, where’s the security office?”
“I can’t fit my fat ass through there, Sapnap.” Dream’s jaw dropped as he measured the gap with his hands, “There’s just no way!” 
George rolled his eyes and pushed Dream towards the duct, “Just go! Do you want Y/n back or not?” Dream’s face scrunched up, much like a child when having a tantrum, and whined. 
“Why don’t you just go? I simply just cannot fit! Here, you wanna see?” George and Sapnap nodded, amused looks on their faces as they watched him dive headfirst into the air duct. 
His body slipped in in such an elegant way that it made them burst out laughing. Dream, who couldn’t see his friends, exhaled deeply before he began crawling along. His movements heightened their laughter, seeing him wiggle through, but it only made Dream more determined to pursue the journey. 
“Oh yeah, you have such a fat ass, Dream! Throw it back for me, baddie!” Sapnap yelled after him, his giggles interrupting the sentence a few times. 
George and Sapnap’s antics were long gone, and all Dream could hear was the squeaking of an elevator and the creaking of the metal beneath him. He had memorised the layout of the ducts in his head and decided that this was the spot to drop down into.  
The first basement looked usual,  with a boiler in the corner and some filing cabinets lining the walls. Dream dropped from the ceiling with no sound, moving silently towards the elevator in the opposing corner of the large room. The sound of shoes slapping the hard ground paused Dream’s movements before he moved quickly behind a cabinet. 
“—He said not to go down there, Tubbo. What do you think he’s hiding?” 
Dream furrowed his eyebrows, were those kids? He adjusted his mark slightly before he peeked around the corner of the filing cabinet. Sure enough, Dream saw two teenage boys, one significantly taller than the other. But nonetheless, they were definitely very young. Why did Schlatt hire two British kids to guard his secret underground prison? Dream shook his head, glancing down at the floor as he crept out of his hiding spot. 
“Oi!” He heard. Dream looked up, seeing the taller boy stalk towards him. The blonde boy stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening as he looked back at the other boy. 
“Tubbo, do you know who this is?” The blonde asked in disbelief. The shorter one nodded, his expression lifting at the sight of Dream. Their jaws dropped as Dream exhaled deeply. 
“Dream? As in the Dream Team? As in Techno Industries?” Dream rolled his eyes behind his mask. He didn’t respond as the two boys inched closer to him. 
“Listen, I’ll give you a few bucks if you don’t mention this to Schlatt, got it?” Dream growled, shoving his hand in his pocket and pulling out a few hundred-dollar bills. The boys’ eyes shone, the shorter one reaching forward to accept the bribe before the blonde pushed him back. 
“That’s all? I was expecting at least a grand each from THE Dream.” He smirked. Dream remained expressionless and went to decline before the blonde continued. “It’s a grand each or I tell Schlatt you were snooping around his casino.” 
Dream shook his head and pulled another $600 from his pocket and shoved it into their hands, “Now shut the fuck up, or I’ll do it myself.” 
The taller one went to reply, but the other one pulled on his sleeve and shook his head. He rolled his eyes and mumbled a string of curse words before turning and stomping away. The other boy muttered a quick ‘thank you’ with a small smile on his face and hurried off in the direction of the staircase that went up to the casino’s main floor. Dream guessed that the fire had been taken care of by the way they fled carelessly up the stairs. 
Dream sighed and trod over to the elevator. He pressed the arrow to go down and groaned when the scanner next to it blinked red. 
He scrunched up his face when he glanced back towards the air duct. The only other option was to try and get down the air duct and into the rafters in the basement below. 
Dream had the urge to throw a temper tantrum at Sapnap’s shitty planning. He pulled himself back up into the duct and crawled towards the wall where the elevator was. Reaching a sharp drop, Dream looked over the edge, his eyes widening at the height. He grunted as he positioned himself above the fall; all he had to do was slide down. 
He could hardly see the bottom, but he knew if he slid down as planned, he would go straight through. So, instead, Dream slowly moved his arms and legs into the small space and gradually let himself down, inching closer to the bottom with every move.  
Sweat dripped down his temple, and his muscles ached as he went, his palms becoming slippery against the smooth and thin metal. He held his breath as he reached the bottom, scared any sound he made would attract unwanted attention from whoever could be in the vicinity.  
He let out a quiet, steady breath, and he returned to his hands and knees in the horizontal air duct. His original plan was irrelevant, so he didn’t know the map of the air ducts in the second basement, leaving him guessing. 
Once he thought the spot was right, he harshly pushed on a panel of the duct below him, hearing it clatter on the concrete as it hit the ground. He cringed at the sound and slowly lowered himself onto the beams that were directly below him. How convenient. 
The sharp sound of the panel dropping had caught the attention of several guards. On this level, there were actual security guards with weapons and not lippy teenagers. Dream made eye contact with one of them, scolding himself when the man scrambled for his walkie talkie as he spotted Dream on the beams above. 
Dream rolled his eyes and dropped from the ceiling, crouching as he landed before standing up. He brought his pointer finger to his lips before bringing his fist to his neck and dragging his thumb across the skin. The action itself made the security guard’s eyes widen and freeze his movements. Dream’s sadistic smile and seemingly wild nature made the guard move backwards into the wall as he passed. 
He went around another corner and was met with an entirely different area he wasn’t expecting. But, Dream was sure he was going to succeed in finding Y/n and escaping as soon as possible. And of course, the echo of a sinister whistle made him freeze. Fuck.
“Dream! Hey, buddy, how’s it going?” As Schlatt rounded the corner, a smirk spread across his smug face, Dream squeezed his eyes shut. 
“A little friend of mine told me you were here! Just thought I’d come and say hi,” He chuckled as Dream cracked his knuckles. Damn kids.
“Schlatt, where’s Y/n?” Dream demanded, cracking his neck when he jerked his head to the side. 
“Now, that’s not a nice way to greet a friend, is it, Dream?” 
Dream’s eyes widened behind his mask. He stood stunned, no words coming from his mouth. 
“Dream, she’s not yours. She never has been. So why do you think you have to save her?” Dream’s expression remained the same as Schlatt continued, “You’re too pussy to even ask her out, let alone be her boyfriend.” It was a ridiculous argument, Schlatt knew that, but he was positive he was going to get a rise out of Dream this way. 
He sneered at Dream’s silence, the deep rumble of his cackle rattling Dream’s bones. Suddenly, a scream added to the ominous atmosphere that Schlatt had created, and Dream jumped into action, launching himself at the older man. 
“Where is she?” His voice became raspy as he threw a punch at Schlatt’s temple. Schlatt growled at the attempt and hurled his arm back at Dream. He dodged it, barely, but stepped back and rushed towards the cell Y/n was in. 
“Y/n?” He shouted, ducking and searching for the girl through the bars of the numerous cells that lined the basement. 
The sound of her broken voice snapped Dream into action. Sprinting down the hallway, he was met with Y/n’s grubby and exhausted body. His heart broke at the sight of her, and he gripped the bars, pulling and pushing them in an attempt to break them. 
Dream was so caught up in getting Y/n out, he didn’t notice Schlatt coming from his left. 
The impact of a fist colliding with his temple sent Dream stumbling to the right, his mask cracking slightly in the corner at the force. He grunted in pain before spinning to meet Schlatt again, who had his arm raised in its previous position. Dream tried to shake his head from his dazed state, the unexpected hit stunning his consciousness. 
Schlatt aimed once again and swung his fist to hit Dream in the face. But, Dream saw it coming and swivelled to the left to dodge the incoming punch. Schlatt let out a guttural sound, growing frustrated with his miss. The hit to his temple left Dream seeing stars; however, he managed to duck and strike Schlatt in his stomach, earning a deep groan. The older man recovered quickly, picking himself back up to his full height as he mumbled, “bastard.” 
Dream was losing shamefully, lazily avoiding punches and swaying lightly as Schlatt grinned at his anticipated win. 
Whilst Dream stumbled slightly, Schlatt snickered, his fist coming across to hit him again. This time, the punch followed through and cracked his ceramic mask fully, the object dropping to the ground and shattering on impact. Schlatt barked out a laugh as he watched the pieces scatter.  
“And here we have, the real Dream! You know, you’re not what I expected. Definitely uglier.” He cackled, doubling over in laughter as Dream watched. He blinked and was void of any emotion as Schlatt stood back up. 
“What? Can’t take a joke?” Dream clenched his jaw, and he lunged forwards, his hands coming to grip onto Schlatt’s shoulders and bringing his knee up to jab him in his stomach. He groaned out in pain as he doubled over, yet again, but this time not in joy. 
The back of Dream’s belt that held his handgun was screaming at him. So, reaching behind him, Dream revealed his firearm. The weapon had wiped Schlatt’s smug look off of his face, replacing it with one of fear. His expression mocked Dream, although he didn’t catch onto Schlatt’s taunting. 
“Dream, listen, buddy—” 
“Shut the fuck up, Schlatt.”
But, Dream’s face contorted to something of confusion and horror when Schlatt started chuckling. He pulled the side of his suit jacket to the side to reveal a similar Glock, making Dream freeze his once confident motions. 
“You see, I’m always 3 steps ahead of you, Dream,” Schlatt tormented, pulling the gun from its secure place in his jacket.  
“You’re fucked now.” Dream went to lunge at him again, but Schlatt stepped to the side and pushed him down.
Dream’s gun went sliding across the polished concrete and out of his reach. The blonde swore as he saw Schlatt stumbling towards his fallen body. He lifted himself off of the ground, panting heavily as he ducked another punch from the older man. Dream stepped back, balancing his weight on his right foot, and threw his fist out towards Schlatt’s cheek. The punch landed, and Schlatt staggered backwards slightly, blood dripping from his lips as he grinned. 
“I see how it’s gonna be,” He lifted his arm and aimed the gun towards Y/n, who stood in the cell behind him. Dream leaned to the side to catch Y/n’s pained gaze. 
“Please,” Dream’s strained voice was barely audible through Schlatt’s booming psychotic laughter. Clenching his fists, Dream glared at him, “Don’t do this, Schlatt.” 
“Oh, Dream, I could do this all day!—” A flat crack bounced off the concrete room and was soon followed by a heavy thud. Dream swallowed in shock as he watched deep red blood spill across the floor, oozing out of the fresh wound. He was frozen in his spot as he watched the body twitch and then loll, unmoving. 
“Dream?” Dream’s eyes flickered from Schlatt’s body to Y/n, who stood with his gun loosely in her hand. 
“Y/n?” His voice was weak as he struggled to stand. The clatter of the gun dropping on the hard surface didn’t come close to silence the thoughts running through his head.  
“Hey, hey, hey, I’m okay, I’m here. Dream?” Y/n cried, wrapping her arms around Dream’s stiff body. His hand came up to feel the wetness on his cheeks, and he pulled it away, seeing red smeared on his fingers. 
“He’s gone?” He whispered, earning a nod from Y/n, “It’s okay.”
“No, I know. It just shocked me, that’s all. I thought he killed you.” 
Y/n sighed, tightening her grip on him, pressing her face into his shoulder, “I’m right here, see. I’m not hurt, I’m fine, with you.”  
Dream turned his head towards her, an unsure expression on his face as he threw his arms around her. 
“Fuck, I thought—” 
“Dream. Deep breaths.” He nodded, following Y/n’s motions in breathing evenly. 
“Jesus, usually you’re the one helping me calm down from something like this,” Y/n giggled, her hand coming to run her fingers through his hair, not minding the dampness of drying blood. A smile broke out on Dream’s face before he noticed Y/n’s eyes widen and her head fly to the side to search for something. 
“What’s wrong?” Dream asked, seeing Y/n’s eyebrows crease, “Your mask.” She whispered, spotting the shattered ceramic feet away from where they sat. 
Dream breathed out a laugh, bringing her face back towards his, “My mask is the least of my worries right now.” 
“I’ll buy you a new one tomorrow.” 
“Of course, you will.” 
Tumblr media
“Y/n!” Sapnap yelled, running towards the girl as she pushed open the security office door. Y/n locked her arms around Sapnap’s shoulders as they embraced, the pair giggling in disbelief. 
“How have you guys not been kicked out yet? The fire’s out.” Dream said, closing the door behind them. George shrugged, “Paid ‘em off.” Dream snorted in response.
When Y/n pulled away from Spanap, she hugged George, who was eagerly waiting behind them. 
“Don’t do that ever again. You left me with two dumbasses for so long,” George mumbled. Y/n felt tears fill her eyes as she squeezed George tighter, “I missed you guys so much.”
And after a teary reunion, the group sat around the desk in the middle of the room. 
“Where’s the big man himself?” Sapnap nervously laughed, dread ate at his conscience at the thought of Schlatt coming after them again. 
“Schlatt’s dead.” The news had George raising his eyebrows and pushing his head forward, “Huh? Sorry? What?” 
“He’s dead, Y/n killed him.” Dream stated, earning a small smile from Sapnap that Y/n laughed at. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. Sapnap’s reaction made me giggle.” 
The group shared a collective rumble of laughter before Dream suggested they went back to the motel. 
“Hey,” Dream whispered at Y/n when she passed him, gently grasping her elbow. “You guys go ahead, I just need to speak with Y/n,” He continued, waving the boys in the direction of the car. George and Sapnap shared a knowing look and tried their best to conceal their cheeky smiles. 
“What’s up with them?” Y/n asked, throwing her thumb over her shoulder at the boys. Dream shook his head slightly, “No clue.” 
“Anyway, I just wanted to ask how you are. You know, after everything.”
Y/n nodded, “I’m okay, I think. I don’t think anything’s really hit me yet.” Dream sighed in response. 
Y/n sucked her lips between her teeth, throwing her arms around Dream’s neck in a hug. He smiled softly, wrapping his arms around her waist. 
“Thank you,” She whispered in his ear, her voice cracking with emotion. Dream’s heart clenched at the sound and tightened his grip around her. 
“You don’t have to thank me, baby. I’d go to the ends of the earth for you, you know that,” He murmured, hiding his reddening face in her neck. He flushed, even more, when he felt her lips against his neck, “I love you, so much, Dream.” 
Dream’s heart skipped a beat before he pulled his head from her neck. His green eyes looked into hers, the closeness of them making Y/n inhale sharply. 
“And I love you. Don’t forget that, okay?” He replied, his voice low. Y/n nodded shortly, inching her lips up to his. 
“Kiss me.” She muttered, nudging his nose with hers. Dream laughed breathy before leaning down and brushing his lips against hers. 
Their bodies had become flushed against one another, her hips against his as they shared a heated kiss. Dream pulled away first, his cheeks pink and his lips plump. Y/n whined silently, bouncing in her heels at the loss of his lips. 
Dream smiled widely at her, “I guess I want you more than I thought I did.” Y/n gasped, taking her hand from his neck to slap his chest, giggling like a schoolgirl at his teasing. 
“Shut up, you’ve wanted me since you met me,” She said to which Dream nodded. 
“You got that right, baby.” 
Feedback is greatly appreciated, always xoxo
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With the possibility of Phil joining tumblr, Im just imagining he posts “hello everyone! It’s me, Philza” and all of the notes are just like “another kinnie blog lmao”. Then he says his username on stream, and we all realize it’s actually him
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anoaeunoia · 7 months ago
Looking after a drunk Wilbur- Headcanon
Tumblr media
* You’d get a phone call off James after a guys night out saying Wilbur was a mess and you needed to come get him
* You’d roll out of bed at 3am to go pick him up from James apparent that was a good 25 minute drive from your flat.
* When you arrive you make your way inside to see him cradling a bottle of vodka in the corner of the room
* “Hey bubs.” “Y/n I missed you.” He says drunkenly putting the bottle down and wrapping his arms around your waist his head resting on your stomach
* “You ready to go home.” “Jeez at least take me on a date first.”
* Lots of eye rolls on your end
* “Y/n…I luv youu.”
* He’d be giggling a lot
* “James can you please give me a hand his heavy and I’m 5’2”
* “Hey hey hey I can walk myself I’m not even drunk.” “Fine go ahead.”
* He walks two steps before almost falling
* You and James carry him to your car
* He wouldn’t put his seat belt on
* “Wilbur put your goddamn seat belt on!” “No!” “Wilbur .” “Hold my hand and I’ll put it on.” “Stop being a baby and put your seat belt on!” “Hold my hand!”
* You Eventually give into him and hold his hand on the drive home
* “Are you mad at me?” “No why would I be mad.” “Because.” “Because what bubs?” “Because because.”
* “I had a dream that you didn’t love me because my hair was ugly and it made me sad youd still love me if my hair was ugly.” “Yes Will is still love you if your hair was ugly.”
* “Do you love me?” “Yes Wilbur I love you.” “How much?” “So much.” “Not as much as me.”
* He’d be taking absolute nonsense the whole car ride
* “You’ve got a cute butt.”
* You’d struggled to get him threw the door
* “Wilbur be quite my roommates are sleeping.” “Call me mr Wilbur quite soot.”
* Struggling to get him up the stairs
* “No Wilbur you need to change you can’t just sleep on those.”
* Managing to get him out of his clothes but it being so much of a struggle to get him into anything else
* “Is that my shirt.” “You look cute in my clothes.” “But you look even cuter with no clothes on.” “Wilbur Soot.” “It’s the truth.”
* “Thank you for looking after me.” “You don’t need to thank my bubs.” “I’m sorry for being a dickhead.” “You’re not a dickhead.”
* “I love you so so so much.” “I love you too Wilbur .”
* Him falling asleep on your chest but waking up with him as big spoon/Luckily for him he doesn’t get hangovers but he still has no recollection of what happened.
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blueeyedgeorgie · 5 months ago
Being Married To Dream In Secret
Tumblr media
Pronouns: She/Her
A headcanon.
"Marry me, Y/n."
You two would be on an adventure in the forest
Stoping by a ravine you two would take a break
Dream would propose out of nowhere
He'd just pop the question
You'd say easily yes and get excited
Because your boyfriend was going to become your husband
Why wouldn't you be excited?
If you two were going to get married, it had to be low key
Barely anyone could be there
In other words, only George and Sap Nap would be there
Dream would be scared to have anyone find out about your relationship
He didn't want anyone to use you against him
The only two people you could trust to be there were his best friends
George was the wedding officiant
Sap Nap was going to walk you down the aisle
He was also Dream's best man
You and Sap Nap always had the brother/sister dynamic, it was perfect for him to be the one giving you away to Dream
No one was dressing up for your wedding
It'd be hard for it to go unnoticed that Dream, Sap Nap, and George were all wearing suits
Instead of a diamond ring, both you and Dream would wear a silver band as your wedding rings
Both George and Sap Nap would congratulate you both
Dream would repeatedly thank them for doing this for him and you
Your 'honeymoon' would be spent inside your house.
Dream loves being able to call you 'his wife.'
He'd mumble it between kisses
"My wife. My beautiful, beautiful wife."
Only a few days after your wedding, Dream would land himself in prison
It hurt to hear about it
A few days after his imprisonment, Sam would allow you to visit him
It would hurt to see him behind bars
You needed to know why
Why did he do all of this?
All you wanted was to have a happy life with him
It was understandable why your relationship had to be secret, considering some people hated him enough to try and use you against him
The future you two had planned wasn't going to happen now
And that's when it all clicked
He trapped you
He trapped you into a marriage so you couldn't be happy with someone else while he was imprisoned
When you realized it, you would go to visit Dream
The only reason you visit him is to do one thing
Give him his ring back
He'd be shocked when he saw you remove your wedding ring and hand it to him
"Y/n? What are you... ?"
He was speechless
You didn't have anything to say, giving the ring to him was enough
After you'd leave, Dream would get angry at himself
Because he could understand how you felt used
Out of everyone, you were the one person he didn't want to hurt
But he still did it
As soon as you were finished with your visit, you'd visit Sap Nap and George
And you'd cry
Because you felt played
You were just a pawn to him
He was trying to use you and you didn't realize it until it was too late
Sap Nap and George would spend a long time comforting you
Taglist: @ivory-raptor @snowcones404 @notphilosopherstudentblog
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aksuallyours · 6 months ago
hi!! i just thought of smth and havent rlly seen anything like it but can we get like a Dream SMP x reader (anyone from the SMP is okay :D) where the reader likes to present themselves as like “🥺🥺🧸🧸🧸✨🪞🪞🐝🐝✨💕💕” but is actually low-key scary?? like they somehow know everything about everyone, is really good at fighting and is super good at figuring out people’s biggest fears/prized possessions and stuff like that?? thank u if u do this and it’s okay if u don’t 🥺🥺💕💕!!
CONTENT: Headcanons; cursing; 
A/N: okay, first of all, this took way too long and i am so, so sorry. there’s a couple requests before this and i got stuck on one, so i just didn’t do the rest? IDK IM SORRY I HAVE THAT WEIRD HABIT. Second of all, i’m going to make an actual fic off of this at some point!! I have some other things i’m working on, though, but as soon as i complete those, i am doing this!! These are just some quick headcanons for this. i’m so sorry for taking this long.
When people first heard that you and Dream were together
They were just like ???
You were adored all around
Everyone only having good/sweet interactions with you
How could you be dating someone like Dream?
It was strange 
Everyone just sorta assumed Dream was threatening you LMFOAF
Like at some point Quackity said
“Blink twice if you need help.”
LMFAO and Tommy put his hand on your shoulder, looked you in the eyes and said,
“I’m always here if you need me.”
Both times you were just kinda like 
You bake a lot with Niki
You force Dream to come 
Niki hates him, we already know this
So as he tries his best to be nice
Niki ignores him
You pretend not to notice
As life goes on, more wars are started
You try your best not to involve yourself since it’s your friends against each other
But, sadly, fighting was inevitable 
You were mostly on defense, not wanting to hurt anyone
And Dream was at your side, trying to defend you as well
But you got separated and someone attacked you
Think you were easy to get LMFAO
Once you were done, you looked down at them
A few people around you just stared, not sure what to do or how to react
Dream walks up behind you, a bit worried until he sees the person on the floor
He’s kinda like “Oh.” but brushes it off
After that, no one messed with you
No one
Everyone dreads any sort of fight against you AND Dream
If Technoblade is in the mix, i think there will be tears from the other side
Sometimes you get insecure about it
Even though you’re a badass and you know it
But you still have those days, y’know?
You explain to Dream that you think no one wants to be your friend anymore
Dream gives you the dumbest look ever
Because, of course people want to be your friend
You’re amazing
And just because you can probably kill anyone if you tried
Doesn’t mean you’re not a good person
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astrolocherry · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
the aries moon child needs discipline emphasising boundaries, redirection, and compromise- it’s possible that intimidating, reactive, and harsh discipline makes rage appear to be the only response to any personal or interpersonal tension
the taurus moon child needs to develop self-value from the inside out rather than outside in, with major emphasis on qualities unrelated to physical appearance or outward image
the gemini moon child needs open communication, their anxieties and overthought worries are very real and require a ‘real’ response, they can tell when adults are ‘just saying something’
the cancer moon child needs insightful,aware,or open-minded caregivers because there are very strong and lifelike dreams that take a long time to decipher from living reality
the leo moon child needs stable, strong, firmly secure, and positive parental role models or guardians, real safety nets that provide the sense of inner and material security to take on the world
the virgo moon child needs strong reinforcement that mistakes are natural and common, to have their fears and worries validated, but not exaggerated or to be identified as ‘a nervous one’ or the like
the libra moon child needs harmony in the home, mutual or compromised if need be, they are too intuitive to be fooled by pretending parents, also rigorous reinforcement that they are not the cause of everything bad that happens
the scorpio moon child needs natural behaviours not be pathologised and their preference for solitude understood as necessary for the development of their intuitive inner life
the sagittarius moon child needs honesty, even if one fears the truth will shatter some childhood rites to fantasy along with exposure to a grand myriad of experiences, places, cultures, languages, and varied teachings
the capricorn moon child needs space to develop independence, but they need someone guarding close by, not developed by force of being neglected
the aquarius moon child needs parents/caregivers to retain their independence and identity outside being a parent,they are intuitive enough to feel guilt over the life they ‘took away’
the pisces moon child needs the lifeline of dream and imagination not be taken prematurely, though they probably wouldn’t believe you anyway, because they are intuitive enough to know they can see what you cant
and really these are things that all children need, but maybe these are some of the most important Cherry
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anoaeunoia · 7 months ago
6 with Will gang gang fam
Not me getting my friends to send me requests so I can write what I want 😳
Bed time - Wilbur soot x reader
Summary: Wilbur is not happy with how long y/n has been awake
Warnings: none that I can think of (lmk)
Word count: 609
Song used - Online love by Conan grey
Tumblr media
“HELLO STREAM.” Y/n shouted as she started her stream only to be shushed by her roommate “sorry.” She said laughing to herself as viewers started rolling in “how is everyone doing chat?” She asked “are we good? You know I’m feeling great, I wrote a song today it’s a very short song like it’s one verse and that’s it but you get the idea.” She explained spinning side to side on her chair unable to stay still “you want me to sing? Shall we make this a singing stream?” Y/n asked the chat which they all responded with yes’s and god knows what else “okay so new song or satisfied from Hamilton?” She asked the chat was very mixed most of them saying new song first and then satisfied “okay new song it is.” She smiled before getting up and grabbing her guitar from the other side of the room before sitting back down
“Okay you guys ready?” She asked before taking a second and a deep breath and starting “You only pass through my city Every once in a million seconds on a broken clock, Yet we talk like we're living Only miles, only minutes from another just around the block, As I stare at my screen, shining blue and green, All alone in a coffee shop, I can't help but imagine what maybe could've happened If you weren't just an online love.” She sung softly trying not to be too loud and wake her room mates. The chat was going mad with how much they liked the song when her discord started going off
“Hi Wilbur.” She said smiling as she answered the call “Go to sleep.” He said she shook her head laughing “go to beddd.” He said making her giggle “I’ve only just started streaming Will.” She said spinning on her chair slightly “go to bed, go to sleeeeep.” He repeat as she giggled “hey y/n, how long have you been up?” He asked her eyes widened “well you know when you called me and woke me up?” She asked “THAT WAS MONDAY MORNING ITS WEDNESDAY NIGHT.” He said shocked “well will you know what they say.” She said shrugging her shoulder “what do they say y/n?” He asked
“As someone once said... Sleep is for the weak." Y/n joked as Wilbur sighed "Who said that?" He asked as she laughed "Me right now" she answered him “y/n I swear to god you better go to bed right now or I will drive to your flat and force you to sleep!” Wilbur threatened she rolled her eyes “oh yeah of course you will.” She said not believe him as he sighed “I’m already here.” He said “no you’re not.” She said in disbelief before her office door opened “Wilbur.” She said looking up at him “bed time for y/n.” He said reaching over her chair “welp chat you heard the man, I shall see you all tomorrow.” She said before he said a goodbye and ended the stream for her
“Sleep time.” He said spinning her chair around to face her she held her arms up he sighed before lifting her out of the chair with ease carrying her out and into her bedroom. Luckily she was only in her hoodie and pyjama pants so she didn’t need to worry about changing “stay?” She asked as he put her down, Wilbur nodded taking his coat and shoes off before crawling beside her “I’ll kill you if you ever stay awake this long again.” He joked as she nuzzled into his side “night night wilby.” She mumbled as he wrapped an arm sound her “goodnight y/n.”
Ask prompt list can be found here
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blueeyedgeorgie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A/N: This is IF Tommy and Dream escaped together 
Word count: 2.4k+
Pronouns: They/Them _________
Their breath was shaky as they spoke. At this point, Y/n was frozen in place. It had been such a normal day, Y/n had gone deep in the forests with Callahan to collect materials for some building. But when they returned, havoc was among them. People were running around in a panic, the prison was destroyed. Destroyed-Just the sight of the prison put Y/n in panic. All they could do was run, they needed to find someone, anyone who would explain what happened. It had taken minutes, but felt like hours. Finally, they had located someone-Tubbo.
"Tubbo!" They pulled one another into a hug, both were exhausted. They treated one another as family, Y/n being Tubbo's older sibling figure. "What happened?!" "I'm sorry Y/n, but Dream escaped prison."
It felt like a slap in the face to receive this news. The color in their face disappeared. This was bad news. "No... no, this can't be true.... I... how?"
"Something to do with Ranboo. Tommy and Ranboo are gone too. No one knows where they are."
Y/n took a step back, feeling their breath shorten. This couldn't be happening. Everything had gotten good,  they were safe. They were safe from Dream. It felt so amazing, but now... everything was going to hell. If Dream was out of Prison, what were the chances he'd come after Y/n? They had known each other since the very beginning, they were friends, but soon it had turned into something toxic. He had manipulated them so much, to the point Y/n was broken down and suffering from a bit of PTSD from everything.
They could still remember the night before Dream planned to capture Tommy and kill Tubbo. They were hiding away in Dream's lair, where he planned to keep future items and belongings of members.
“Please don't do this, Dream.” They were on the brink of tears, “this isn't going to end well.” “This isn't going to end well for Tommy, Y/n.” Dream turned away from the portal, looking at his friend. “Why are you crying? We're friends, aren't we? I said you'd be safe.”
“I'm not crying over my safety,” Y/n stepped closer to Dream, looking up at him. “I'm crying over yours, I don't want you to get hurt.”
The blonde man made a 'tsk' noise, his hand shot up to Y/n's face, grabbing their chin. His green eyes stared down into their e/c ones. A look of disproval was on his face. “Crying is a weakness, Y/n. I thought I taught you better than that.” He wasn't wearing his mask, Y/n was one of the few people to see his face. The only reason they had seen his face was a way to get Y/n to trust him. “Everything's going to end well. Tommy will end up in prison and Tubbo... he'll most likely be dead by sun rise.”
“What?” Y/n froze at the mention of Tubbo. Dream could tell he had just struck fear in them. “Please, not Tubbo. Please, Dream.”
“I'm sorry Y/n...” He now cupped their face with both of his calloused hands, dragging his thumbs under their eyes to wipe away a few fallen tears. “It has to happen.”
“No,” their voice cracked as their eyes watered more. “Please no.” They pulled away from his grasp, tumbling a few steps back. “I've done everything for you. I put the TNT in the community house, I helped you build this hellsite, I did everything. Why? Why can't you do this one thing for me?” Tears were falling as Y/n raised their voice. “Why? Why do you need to kill Tubbo, my brother!" Y/n froze, that was the first time they had called Tubbo their brother, it felt good to say it.
his face showed no emotion as he watched Y/n. His lips parted, only mumbling a few words coldly; "Go home, Y/n. You're tired. You need rest."
“No! You don't get to push me away or order me to do something when we talk about something I want or that I care about! You can't do this to me!”
His gaze grew cold, his eyes beginning to glare, "Go home, Y/n."
"Fine," In one motion, he unsheathed his sword, beginning to walk towards the portal behind him. "If Tubbo is such a problem, I'll get rid of him now."
"No!" Y/n practically threw themself at Dream, grabbing onto his arm to stop him. "I'm going, I'm going. Please, I'll leave. i'll go home and sleep."
Dream smirked down at his friend, putting his weapon away. "Good. Get a good night's rest, you'll need it."
Y/n nodded, keeping their head down in embarrassment. It was cruel to think he could control them so easily. Right as they got to the portal, Dream had called for them one more time. "Oh and Y/n... If you think about spoiling my plans for tomorrow, I promise you I'll make sure Tubbo is dead before I go for Tommy. You know I always keep my promises."
Y/n winced at the thought, barely nodding. This was humiliating.
With Dream out of prison, there was only one thing Y/n planned to do; protect Tubbo. For the rest of the day, the pair walked around with Y/n holding a grip on their sword, constantly looking over their shoulder. Dream was a good fighter, better than Y/n no doubt, but they still needed to at least try and keep Tubbo safe.
When the day had come to an end, Y/n was still on their toes. Of course, Tubbo could tell, so he did the one thing he could think of. He took them up the highest hill, just to watch the sunset. It was one of their favorite things to bond over, they were both busy people, just being able to sit and catch up with each other was something nice.
"You know..." Tubbo picked at his pants as he spoke, he was a bit nervous to bring up the next topic in mind, but it had to be done. "You've never really talked about what was going on between you and Dream. Before he was in prison and everything. Tommy and I would see you and him together, but we understood why."
"You wanna know something, Tubbo?" Y/n sucked in a breath of air, they knew they had to talk about this eventually. "My role was to serve, that's all he needed me for. Yet..." they paused, looking into the sunset. Was it going to be a smart idea to say the next few words in their mind? "I still love him."
"What?" Tubbo's mouth fell agape. he felt something in his stomach lurch, his older sibling had fallen in love with his enemy. "I... I don't understand."
"I don't expect you to," Y/n could look Tubbo in the face, not right now. "I don't really understand it. I fear that man with half of my heart, the other half lives for that rush when I see him. He's like a drug, I'm willing to do almost anything for him. I live for his approval, I love when he says I've done good or tells me I deserve a reward, stuff like that."
"God, I'm so sorry, Tubbo. I really am. I... I don't know what's wrong with me." Y/n shook their head, realizing what they just said. "That... that was fucked up, I shouldn't have said that. Especially to you, you're just a kid, you've gone through enough trauma already. You don't need your sibling scaring you like this."
"No, it's... it's not okay, but it's whatever. I'm just happy you feel okay opening up to me about this. I'm gonna be honest here, Y/n... I'm not really sure what to say to any of this. It feels kind of like you've fallen in love with the enemy here."
A moment of silence followed, neither knew what to say. An unusual tension summoned, it felt strange. Normally, both Tubbo and Y/n were very comfortable around each other, but after Y/n's confession... it all seemed so strange.
Instead of breaking the silence, they sat there. Both kept their focus on the sun, watching it disappear from sight, the sky changing colors as the light left the sky. It had taken a while, but the sun had finally disappeared from sight. The pair sat there, staring off in different directions. The sky was filled with stars, it'd be impossible to see if they were closer to town than they already were.
"I... " Y/n paused, they didn't know what to say. There was so much they could say. "I think I'm gonna go to bed." Standing they muttered a brief 'good night'.  They could hear Tubbo say 'night' to them as they walked away.
This would be the first time Y/n would be alone since they heard of Dream's escape. Honestly, it was going to be hard for Y/n to fall asleep tonight. They already knew they wouldn't feel safe in their own home. As they walked, they could still remember the time when Dream had convinced them to tell him all of the secrets of their house. He knew every passage, every hidden item, any secret entrances.
"This is where I keep my iron and armor," They opened a chest, revealed stacks of iron bars sitting by two chest plates. Dream loomed over them from behind, he glanced into the chest for a brief moment before turning to walk somewhere else.
For the past hour it had been like this; Y/n showing everything there is to show in their home while Dream inspected. Y/n wasn't too sure why they were doing this, but Dream found it important. Whatever seemed necessary in his eyes, Y/n had to comply; it was just the rules.
"Don't you think I've shown you enough?" Y/n chewed on their bottom lip as they spoke, they were a bit anxious to hear his response. It wasn't a good idea to go against him, but at this point, it felt like Y/n had shown him enough.
The dirty blonde paused, turning on his feet to face his friend. "Are you trying to tell me I'm wrong for trying to protect you?"
"What, I-... no..." "I'm only trying to protect you, Y/n. There's going to be people who will want to hurt you, I can keep you safe if I know where your belongings and materials are. I can keep you protected if I know where all the entrances are to your home. Don't you want me to keep you safe?"
Y/n muttered a sheepish; "yeah," as they kept their head down. Moments like these always made them feel so weak.
"And just remember..." Y/n could feel their gaze point upward, Dream had placed a hand under their chin, forcing them to look him in the eye. "I'm never wrong, I know what's good for you."
Their house would no longer be known as a safe space for Y/n. As soon as Dream was imprisoned, Y/n had changed a lot about their house-but there was still a good chance of Dream finding a way to break in. When their home came into view, Y/n picked up their pace. Even if their home wasn't technically safe any longer, it'd still be better than standing out and alone in the dark.
With the door closing behind them, Y/n let out a sigh. Hopefully, they'd be able to find some way to get their mind off of Dream. They made their way through their home, putting away items and even turning on a bit of music as they did. The music was loud enough for Y/n's footsteps to drown out as they walked, loud enough to even drown out the sound of opening and closing chests, putting their belongings away.
Something seemed off, it looked like a few items were missing. A few pieces of armor, enchanted items, and even weapons. Y/n shook it off, they were just overthinking. It was normal for them to accidentally overcount in their stock.
Y/n had placed a few more items down into the last chest, a few apples and carrots they had collected earlier that day. It seemed like everything was going to be okay... until it wasn't.
Just as Y/n closed the chest, the music stopped. They froze. Y/n was supposed to be the only one here, the music shouldn't have stopped by itself. But it did.
There wasn't much they could do, they could run and hide-he'd find them. They could escape-He'd catch them. They could fight-he'd overpower them. What was the best option? Running would make him mad, fighting would make his blood boil-hide. Y/n would just have to try and hide.
Quickly they scanned over the room, chests filled with items were stacked. The room was like a maze, there had to be some chest they could slide into. As they moved, they stayed quiet, one little noise could ruin their chance of safety. The room was big, if they weren't careful they would get lost. Step by step, row by row, they passed by the chests. Every few seconds, they would glance over their shoulder-looking for him.
Just as they went to look over their shoulder for the hundredth time, they froze. Y/n's blood turned cold-the door opened. Heavy footsteps echoed through the room, the sound f metal dragged on the floor. He had a weapon.
"Y/n. I know you're in here..."
Should they run? Should they hide? Should they scream for help and pray someone will hear them?
Holding their breath, Y/n listened to the steps. One wrong move and it was all over for them. Sooner or later, they began to move, trying to stay silent as they listened for Dream's footsteps.
"Come out, this can be so much easier. If only you didn't act like this."
Y/n held their breath as they kept their pace up.
"You know I would never do anything to hurt you. You make me happy; and even more happy to you feel the same, right?"
They could feel their heartbeat rise.
"I know you better than yourself. I know you're in here."
Their pace quickened, listening to him.
"Luckily, it's only going to be me and you soon."
Faster-they were almost there.
"And before you know it-"
Their pace quickened, at this point Y/n was sprinting. Within seconds, they launched themself forward... only to land into someone's arms. An ax clattered to the ground as a pair of arms enveloped Y/n. Dream grinned, looking down at the person in his arms. Everything was going to plan.
"I missed you."
"I missed you too."
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starklious · 7 months ago
a pool of blood | dream
Tumblr media
summery: You get hurt at the L’Manburg revolution, and Dream, your boyfriend is really scared he’s going to loose you. 
request: “Hello! I loved bust a lip. I was wondering if you could right a fic with dream x reader during the dream smp. where the reader... OMFG I SENT MY LAST REQUEST WITHOUT FINISHING i’m sorry. I was watching cutis connor lmao. anyway im sorry again but where the reader gets really hurt and dream takes care of them.”
pairing: dream x reader
genre: phat angst and a lil fluff
word count: 2085
tw: blood, wounds, basically a really bad injury, swearing
note: hihi! this was a request, so thanks anon for sending it in. sorry its a lil late tho!! anyways, hope you enjoy and send in more requests!! happy holidays and happy new year!! :)
You stood by Dream as Tubbo took the stage after Wilbur handed the presidency off to him. You were still in a little bit of shock from Shalatt’s sudden death and Tommy and Wilbur denouncing the presidency, but you smiled at Tubbo as  he made his speech. 
“Well, I’ve been put on a spot here, I wasn’t expecting to be surrounded with friends, uh, enemies, which I don’t hate all that much, I’ll be honest. Thank you everybody, it’s been an honour.” Tubbo said, and it was followed by cheers from the crowd. You watch as Tubbo got congratulated and started to tear down the execution decorations that littered L’Manburg. 
“Are we not going to help them?” you ask your boyfriend, and he exchanges a look with Sapnap. 
“I need you to stay near me, love.” Dream’s voice was hard and you knew he wasn’t going to take no for an answer no matter how much you wanted to help your friends. “You have to stay next to me, okay?”
You sighed and nodded. “Okay, fine. I will-” you were cut off by the sounds of fireworks and Tommy cursing loudly. Technoblade had taken out his infamous rocket launcher and started to murder the people around him. He emerged from the smoke, and approached Tommy who stood in shock at the pure chaos. You squished closer to your boyfriend, as he stood on a pillar with you, somewhat of a safe distance away from The Blade.
“You guys, listen to me.” Technoblade started. “I did not spend weeks planning this revolution, giving you guys gear, for you guys to go in and replace one tyrant with another. Don’t you see what’s happening here? Don’t you see history repeating itself? Do you think Shalatt was the cause of your problems? No! It was government!”
Dream brought you closer to the side lines of where Techno was, past Tommy and near Punz. “Dream, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be here.” you whisper as you watch Punz go through loot. 
“Trust me, you’re better off here than there.” Dream murmured back, and you could sense Dream intently staring at Techno, almost anticipating something. 
“I thought you said that Wilbur was the traitor.” you said accusingly to your boyfriend. Your eyebrows furrowed and you crossed your arms across your chest as you watched Techno continue to address Tommy. 
“He is, but you know how Techno gets with the government. This,” he gestured at the stand off, “was bound to happen. Stay near Punz.”
“Dream, wait-” you started but he was already off trying to get some hits on Tommy. “Goddammit.”
“I see I was wrong to rely on people.” Technoblade said as he watched the fight ensue. The air was getting hard to breathe, and all you could see was smoke and ash. The ongoing sound of fireworks going off and people screaming for their lives echoed throughout L’Manburg. In the heat of the fight, you lost track of Punz, and was desperately looking around to locate Dream.
“The government ends here!” you heard Techno scream into the mass. You stumbled over your feet as you kept seeing the same red, blue and white flash again and again in your eyes. 
“Hey, hey, get up.” you sighed in relief at the sound of Skeppy’s voice. You knew that the Badlands had allied themselves with the Dream SMP just a while ago, so you felt a little better around Skeppy than stumbling around looking for your boyfriend, your safe place. 
“Skep- where’s Dream?” you forced out as he pulled you to your feet and lugged you away from where you last saw Punz. From your position, you could see Sapnap, and Purpled, but no Dream. Dread curled in your stomach, and you had an overwhelming sense to cry. 
“Dude, I don’t know, but what I do know is that we need to get out of here. Now.” Skeppy stated as you pasted Techno. You could see the anger and excitement gleam in his eyes. God, it almost made you sick. He was an antichrist. But Technoblade was your friend, and he fought for L’Manburg. It puzzled you why he picked Tommy, Wilbur and L’Manburg over Dream and yourself, having been very old friends with the man. Now you knew. He knew that this was what he was going to get. Blood for the Blood God. He fought for this country's freedom, and killed its citizens. “I’m going to take you to Bad, okay?” Skeppy’s eyes clouded over almost as if he was trying to remember if you were a part of the plan. 
You caught Dream’s neon sweater just before you heard him. His voice rang louder than the canons, a true display of the SMP leader. “You know who the traitor was?” Dream taunted Tommy. You broke out of Skeppy’s hold on your wrist, and tried to make your way to Dream. 
“Dream-” you tried to call out to him, but Tommy cut you off. 
“Who?” Tommy asked as he stood on a building overlooking the mess. 
Dream looked for you after hearing your voice, easily picking you out as you carefully made your way to him. “Tommy, the traitor was Wilbur.” Dream stated carefully. He grasped your hand, and made ways towards the plaza, so he could truly look Tommy in the eyes, to see the disbelief in his eyes as the person he considered a brother was said to be a traitor. 
“What? No, it wasn’t, Technoblade just fucking killed Tubbo! It was Technoblade!”
“No Tommy, Wilbur is the traitor.” you said as you looked up at the blonde. 
“No, no, he can’t be.”
“Have I ever lied to you Tommy?”
Tommy took a step back. It was true. You never lied to anybody. “Where’s Wilbur? Does anyone know?” He so desperately wanted to prove you wrong; his eyes searched the crowd for his brother figure. 
You heard it before you saw it. You heard the sizzle of the TNT beneath you, and the rumble of the ground under you. Your frightened eyes shot up to try to meet Dream’s but all you could see was the mocking face of his mask. The ground shook again, and you held onto Dream.
“Dream, what the fuck!” you screamed, as he pulled you away from the ground that was shaking violently. You had only heard rumors and whispers of what Wilbur was planning; Dream always tried to plan in secret, and Sapnap would only fill you in on the important details that Dream excluded. Apparently blowing up L’Manburg was a minor detail. 
“Shit!” Dream cursed as he rushed you both to a place he deemed more safer. 
But he was a little too late. The sky blazed a brilliant red and orange, and then you heard it, the huge noise that could only be compared to the time you helped Sapnap blow up an area of the SMP, but even at that, this was one hundred times worse. You shielded your face from the heat with the hand that Dream was not clenching on for dear life, and you could feel Dream and yourself fumble over the rocks and pathway that was being thrown about. 
Then it got quiet. Silent. You squinted through the soot and ash in the sir. Dream stopped where he initially left you and turned around to hold your face with both his hands. His mask was lopsided, and darkened due to the soot stained on it. The one eye that you could now see was searching you, and you realized that he was talking to you.
“I can’t, I can’t hear you Dream.” You stumbled over your words, but you couldn’t hear yourself anyways. You heaved, inhaling the thick air with each word. The only thing you could hear was a weird static noise, and it felt like your head was underwater. You watched Dream’s eye widen as he looked you over and landed on your abdomen. Your brows furrowed at him, and you followed his gaze to your stomach and where you were standing in a growing pool of blood. Your fingers press on the fabric of your shirt and you look at the coat of thick liquid over them. 
“Oh fuck.” you gasp. Your shirt was stained in blood and your pants were stained in blood and your shoes were stained- . Dream’s hands were now all over you; He had his hand pressed against your wound to apply pressure and one that was holding your face to look at him. That’s when you finally felt it. The shearing pain that ripped through you made you gag and your head spin. You could taste the salt from your tears as you started to cry from the pain. Dream’s shoulders heaved, and you quickly realized he was also crying hard. You saw Sapnap rush towards you and Dream, and pulled Dream away from you. You sank into the pool you created on the ground. You sluggishly watched as Dream yelled at Sapnap, almost lashing out at the man. Sapnap quickly pulled off his bandana, and gave it to Dream who sank down next to you and started to wrap it around your wound. Sapnap tried to reach over to help, but his hand got slapped violently away by your boyfriend. The pain was still pulsing through you and you could feel the warmth of the blood you were sitting in. You felt sleepiness drag over you, and you closed your eyes. It had been a while since you got a good eight hours of sleep, and maybe you could-. Your thoughts were interrupted by Dream nudging you and a streak of annoyance interrupted the pain momentarily. 
Can’t he see that all you wanted to do was sleep? Sleep would block out the pain and you were almost there anyways. You felt Dream pick you up, and cradle you in his arms. You opened your eyes a little and all you could see was Dream’s face just overcome with worry and fear. 
“Hey, it's gonna be alright.” you tried to say but your throat felt dry and you still couldn’t hear. All you could feel was Dream’s chest heave with every shuddering breath he took as you slipped into the void. 
You woke up sweating. Your head felt almost clear and your stomach ached just a little. You looked over at the bedside table that housed lots of empty potion bottles and one regen pot. The body next to you pulled you closer and you sighed as the all too familiar smell of Dream washed over you. You glanced around the somewhat familiar room and recognized it as BadBoyHalo and Skeppy’s extra room in their mansion. You sat up, rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and watched Dream’s sleeping face with a small soft smile on your face. He hadn't changed out of his clothes, and you could see the netherite armor and mask he wore on a chair at the foot of the bed.
“How are you feeling?” Bad asked as he walked in the room. You realized you could finally hear again as you looked at him.
“Could be better.” you said as you ran a hand through Dream’s hair. Bad watched your movement, and sighed. 
“He was really worried, you know? He wouldn’t let anyone hear you and patched you up himself. He only let me come near you with the pots after you stopped bleeding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so scared.” Bad told you. He gave you the regen, and you started to sip on it. 
“That’s Dream for you.” you said as you finish off the potion. Bad collected the bottles and smiled at the both of you. “Thank you Bad.”
“Anytime.” His smile widened at you as he left the room.
“Is he gone?”
“Dream!” You shove your boyfriend, and wince at the sudden movement. Yeah, maybe, no quick movement for a while. Dream’s playful look disappeared, and his face shone with concern. 
“We were so close to losing you. I was so fucking scared.” his voice was soft and your heart lurched at it.
“Hey, no, no, don’t worry. I told you. It was gonna be alright. We’re okay.” you hold Dream’s face and make direct eye contact. “I promise I’m okay, and I’m not going anywhere.”
Dream visibly relaxed and snuggled closer to you, putting an arm around your ribcage. “I love you. So damn much.”
“I love you too.”  
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nct99 · a month ago
thinking about how nct dream (00 line + mark) would react to their s/o or best friend sending them nudes when they are with the members
if it was his s/o mark would be the type widen his eyes really wide and quickly turn to you and make it ALL too obvious what just happened. his cheeks would be red and he would lock his phone and clear his throat and honestly be exactly like 😳 if it were his best friend, his reaction would be the same + choking on his spit when he opens it LMAO members of not mark would be so embarrassed and still in disbelief that his partner is so hot
if it were his s/o he’d instantly turn his brightness down and look at the image, then you, then the image, then lock his phone and put it back in his pocket. but he’d be practically vibrating and lost in his daydreams of the moment y’all get home. if it were his best friend, he’d internally freak out but probably very calmly be like “did you mean to send me this yn?” so you’re not too embarrassed 🥺
if it were his s/o jeno would absolutely be the type to be like “let’s go home yn, i see these guys every day. i want to spend time with you.” and if you said no he would be overly clingy, touching any skin he can, and waiting patiently but when you start to drag it out he’s like “okay, we’re going home now.” because he’s such a good boy, but patience isn’t his best virtue. if it’s his bestie, he would be like “uhhh yn 😳” or something equally as vague to give you some space to answer what your intentions were without making it a big deal because he is so precious
haechan would be like “fuck my partner is so hot” just out loud and everyone is like ??? and he’s just smirking and looking over at you. probably changes it to his lock screen and keeps his brightness all the way up because he loves the idea of someone accidentally seeing it. my little exhibitionist <3 if it’s his best friend he would say something like “i knew you wanted me 😏” and if you try to insist it was an accident he would be like “maybe you should stay over tonight and we’ll see what accidentally happens.” and you tell him to fuck himself just because that’s the friendship you have but you definitely end up under him later even if it was actually an accident </3
jaemin would be the type to smirk and reply to you right then. i’ve headcannoned before that jaemin loves to take nudes and videos so he has NO shortage of choices. you two would get into a little war until you excuse yourself to the bathroom and send him a current one and as soon as it’s sent you can hear jaemin say “okay we’re going to my room. nobody need anything for the next hour or so.” and like he’s so blunt about it you’re almost too embarrassed to leave the bathroom but he’s not gonna let you get away with it this time because you started it 😭 if it’s his friend he would probably also send one back so you’re not embarrassed because if he’s seen you naked it’s only fair you see him naked too LMAO
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anoaeunoia · 7 months ago
im not sure how to request but can you do number 3 on the prompt list for wilbur? ur writing is really good btw!
Hey :) I hope you like what I’ve written I was low-key hoping someone requested this for Wilbur because I had and idea of what I’d write for him with this prompt. But yeah I hope you enjoy - Jess
Kitchen utensils - Wilbur Soot x reader
Summary: Wilbur had been hiding shit from y/n so she finally gets her revenge and his reaction is caught on her stream
Word count: 464
Warnings: swearing, other than that just some god ol’ fluff
Tumblr media
“Wheres Wilbur?” Y/n read the chat as she changed the song playing “he should be home any minute, mans decided he’s a chef today.” Y/n laughed as she heard the door open “HONEY IM HOME!” Wilbur yelled walking through the door his typical routine no matter if she was streaming or just chilling about the apartment “Im streaming.” She replied as he walked into there room “hi there.” He said kissing her forehead before leaning on the back of the chair “what you doing?” He asked as the chat went on one as they always do whenever the pair were together “Just vibing spoke to our dear friend Tommy earlier, he told me to call you my bitch.” She informed Wilbur shook his head “and he’s a child.” He said she sighed rolling her eyes “anyway Bubs, whatcha making?” Y/n asked curious at what he’d decided he was going to make “not telling you now have fun with whatever you’re doing” he said before disappearing once again leaving y/n to go back to the stream
Not even 15 minutes Wilbur was already yelling “Fucking hell.” She heard him snap laughing to herself as the comment rolled in knowing the stream could probably hear it too “where the fuck-.” He started growing more frustrated she was trying to contain her laughter as much as possible before she heard the sounds of kitchen utensils being thrown “Y/n!” He yelled she composed herself before shouting back “why can’t I find anything in this goddamn kitchen!” He shouted she replied with a simple “Not a clue my love.” In as serious of a tone as she could.
She turned back to the stream “you see... I in fact do have a clue… Wilbur seems to think he's beyond funny by putting the kitchen shit on the top shelf where my 5’3 ass can’t reach, so I'm getting him back by hiding shit in the bottom drawers." She explained as the door flew open “I fucking knew it!” Wilbur said stoping on “Will no.” She squealed as Wilbur picked her up from her chair throwing her on there bed behind her attacking her as giggled loudly begging him to stop.
“You’re a dick.” He said standing up giving her a hand “you love me.” She said walking back over to her chair “I do but you’re still a dick... also foods almost ready.” He said she nodded before he left the room “Is he a dramatic or what?” She joked “I heard that.” He shouted causing her to giggled before ending up her stream.
Ask List can be found here
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blueeyedgeorgie · 4 months ago
Dream SMP Members Hear You're Receiving Hate
Tumblr media
Pronouns: They/Them
Dream will feel like it's slightly his fault
He'll assume people are hating on you because you're friends with him
DNF fans would get mad at you for interacting with Dream too much
He would constantly apologize to you over it
Dream would tweet about how he wasn't okay with you receiving hate
"I've seen a lot of hate thrown in @Y/n's direction because them and I are friends. Please don't threaten my friends, I'm allowed to interact with people besides George."
He'd get George to tweet out about it
Dream wouldn't address you as his partner because he didn't want people to send you more hate
And he liked having your relationship be private
George would avoid Twitter
He'd wait for you to bring it up first
Because he didn't want to be the one to ruin your mood
Immediately he's comforting you and apologizing for the fanbase
He'll spend a long time just cuddling with you as a way to say sorry
You'd have to ask him to say something to the fans
So George would do the same as Dream; turn to Twitter
"Guys, can e not send Y/n hate? They're my partner, how about we treat them with a little more respect and kindness? Thank you :)"
Sap Nap
I've said it before and I'll say it again; THIS MAN WILL FIGHT FOR YOU
As soon as he finds out you're getting hated on, he's gonna defend you
He doesn't even have to address it with you
He would be in the middle of streaming when he found out
A dono would've told him to check Twitter
he'd pause Minecraft to check
And instead of tweeting, he'd say it live
"Guys, this is not okay. Y/n's really important to me, don't send them hate. That's not cool."
When he's done streaming, he's turning to you
Just so he can love on you and spend quality time with you after how toxic your day was
C! Technoblade
He definitely has a soft spot for you
So when he finds out rumors are being spread about you, he's going to track down whoever started the rumors
This man will AVENGE you
After getting his hands dirty, he'll come and find you
techno would remind you how important you are to him
He'd remind you all those rumors were false and pathetic
Wilbur Soot
Just like Sap Nap, he'd receive a donation about it while streaming
Wilbur wouldn't open Twitter over it
Afterall he hates Twitter
He'd just flat out say it
"Don't send Y/n hate. They didn't do anything. Don't make our fandom toxic by sending hate. The worst part about Y/n getting hate is that I know they're only receiving gate for dating me. Don't send my partner hate."
Wilbur would keep mentioning you every now and then, talking about how amazing you are
Alex would also address it during a stream
He'd be very brief about it
"I've seen Y/n receiving hate recently, stop it. Don't do it, Y/n is very cool, we like Y/n. Leave them alone."
He'd get very serious for a moment while talking about it
As soon as he's done, he's back to his normal goofy self
You'd be watching his stream when he talked about it
You'd text him while he was streaming
'Thanks for addressing it, Alex. It means a lot, it was starting to become too much.'
'Anything for you, mi amor.'
Karl Jacobs
Karl would get so sad over seeing you getting hated on
He'd try to make it up to you for being hated on
In other words, old cartoon network cartoons and icecream
This man would do whatever he could to keep you from being sad
Eventually, he'd realize he should talk about the hate and tell the fandom to knock it off
He'd talk about it in an IG story
"I noticed a lot of people have been sending hate towards my partner Y/n, can you please stop? They're very important to me and I love them a lot. Thanks!"
Karl would then proceed to make an Instagram post with all his favorite photos + videos of you and him together.
He'd caption the post ‘I love you'
You'd be getting hate because of toxic stands wanting Wilbur and Niki to date
Niki's blood would boil after hearing about it
She would address the hate on stream
She'd be very serious about it
She'd also get VERY angry as she talked about it
"I don't want to see any more hate directed towards Y/n. They're a human being, they deserve to be treated with kindness.”
The chat would spam apologizes and say they love Niki
"Don't just love me, love Y/n. They're amazing."
Sam would get really sad over finding out his fans were sending you hate
he'd be really disappointed in them
He would talk about it while streaming
As soon as the stream has started, he'd briefly cover the topic.
"Before we start with Minecraft, I want to talk about something. Recently I found out Y/n has been receiving hate from my fanbase. I'm honestly really upset over this because I expected my fans to act better than this. Y/n is great, alright? Stop sending them hate messages."
Bad Boy Halo
BBH would find out about the hate midstream
He'd receive a dono asking for his opinion about it
"What? Y/n's getting hate? Why are people sending them hate?"
Another dono would explain people are threatening you because you're dating BBH
“Oh no... Guys knock it off. Both me and Y/n are adults and we love each other. You need to resect them."
As soon as he's finished streaming, he's spending the rest of the day/night with you just showering you in love and affection
Punz would also address your hate during a stream
He'd bring it up himself
And he'd be really aggressive over it
It just pissed him off so bad
"Also, I noticed on social media recently that my partner Y/n has been receiving some hate, knock that shit off. They're amazing, I don't know what shit you're on to hate, Y/n."
He'd spend a good 15 minutes hyping you up on stream (even though you weren't there)
Chat would hype you up too
(We all know anyone from Punz's chat DID NOT send you hate)
(Punz's chat loves you too much to hate on you)
Taglist: @ivory-raptor @snowcones404 @goldenhoax @delsinhunter @kiritokunuwu @part-of-too-many-fandoms29​
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aksuallyours · 5 months ago
To Be Wanted - Dream
PAIRING: Dream x Reader
CONTENT: Angst; Toxic relationship; Mentions of worthlessness; Brief mentions of alcohol; Mentions of insecurity; Song based
A/N: okay i’m so nervous because I really like this and idk if it’s even good LMAO. this is kinda based off of Washing Machine Heart and Me and My Husband both by Mitski. they’re both amazing pls listen i stg. also also, i tried a new writing and formatting style with this. i hope it looks okay. im nervous but enjoy, loves!
Tumblr media
You didn’t know when it had begun - the cycle of tasteless laughs, forced smiles, and hesitant kisses. All you knew was that you couldn’t stop. You were in too deep. You couldn’t afford to lose him now.
You stared at your reflection, unsure if you should leave the restroom. You wore a new lipstick. He had said something not too long ago, about you being too boring...this would fix it, right? Changing things up? You felt so stupid, painting your face as if he would care. A part of you that you hated was still afraid he would hate it more. 
You wanted to be kissed again. That’s all you wanted - to feel loved, to feel wanted.
You placed a hesitant hand on the door knob, throat drying at the mere thought of seeing his disinterested eyes. 
You opened it. You walked into the living room where he sat, eyes trained on his phone. An anxious smile formed on your lips. 
“Uh, I’m ready.” Your voice was embarrassingly small. You rubbed your hands on your dress, feeling them wetten with sweat. You were so gross - how was he still with you?
Dream stared at his phone for a moment longer before lifting his head to look at you. A small, emotionless smile appeared on his face. You swallowed nothing in your mouth.
“Alright,” He sniffed as he got up. He grabbed his jacket and walked toward the door. You stared at the ground, staying in your thoughts for a moment. It was better he didn’t notice than to have him hate it, you guessed. You followed him out.
Tumblr media
The party was dull. The music seemed to only be a background noise behind loud voices and drunk kisses. You played with your fingers, unsure of what to do with yourself. You promised Dream you wouldn’t drink so you could drive the both of you home, and the party had very little supply of non-alcoholic drinks. 
You looked around the room. You wanted someone to notice your presence, to acknowledge that you aren’t just another piece of furniture on the floor. You wanted a stranger to stare at you as if you were the most beautiful person they’d ever seen. You wanted a stranger to dance with you. You wanted to be wanted. But you weren’t. By anyone. 
The door to the balcony opened, a soft breeze sifting through your hair and picking at your uncovered arms. You turned, seeing George and Sapnap walk out together, leaving Dream out there alone. You considered your options. You could either sit here, uselessly taking up space in the room, or you could go outside with your boyfriend. You sighed. 
Walking outside, you saw Dream leaning over the balcony railing, beer in hand and tip against his lips. You bit the inside of your cheek.
You stood next to him, mirroring his actions and leaning on the railing. “Hey.”
He didn’t look at you. “Hi.”
“This party is...really fun so far,” You laugh to yourself. You knew he must’ve been having a better experience. He got to drink potential boredom away.
He snorted, moving closer to you. Neither of you spoke for a moment, both pairs of eyes on the stars above and the city lights below. 
“Sorry for making you stay sober,” Dream muttered, placing his beer down on the table near him. “And I know you don’t like it when I get drunk. This is only my second beer, you know. Probably my last one too.”
You tried not to smile. He could care when he wanted to. You looked over at him, head leaning on your own shoulder. “It’s okay.” 
He met your eyes, a small smile on his own face. He lifted himself off of the railing and placed his hands on your sides. 
“You look really pretty tonight, you know. I was a bit worried about leaving you in there alone; I didn’t want some guy to talk you up too much,” He pulled you closer.
You felt yourself melt. He noticed you. You didn’t need random strangers to like you. You realized that Dream was the only one to ever make you feel important; as if you weren’t a waste of space. He was the only one that ever cared. Maybe that’s why you were willing to change for him. 
“You don’t have to worry about that,” You smiled up at him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You’re the only guy I want.”
Dream’s smile grew. He leaned in, his breath hot on your face. Slowly, his lips met yours. Any part of you that was cold from the night air was now burning. You brain buzzed with nothing but a single thought repeating itself: He wanted you. He wanted you. He wanted you. You were wanted.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t stand it. The silence was killing you. You hadn’t heard a word from Dream. It was as if you were constantly drowning, only getting air for a moment before sinking back into the black waters below. And in those moments of clarity, you never get out of the water. You stay in hopes your head will remain above the very thing flooding your lungs, only to be dragged back down.
You remembered the argument. You were fed up with drowning, with dying slowly at his hand. You wanted to communicate; fix what was broken. Leaving him wasn’t a reasonable option, and it definitely wasn’t something you wanted. You just needed him to care about the relationship, care about you, in more than just the moments where he had the time to care.
He took it personally. He always did. He accused you of not appreciating what he does. You remembered every last venomous word that left his mouth that night, each sentence replaying in your head like a song. 
“Are you kidding me, Y/N?” He scoffed, sitting back on his chair carelessly. “We’ve been together for three years. Three! And you think I don’t care about you?”
You gulped, already exhausted. “No! Of course I think you care about me...I just need you to show it mo-“
“If I stopped caring, I would’ve left years ago.” He cut you off. His voice was loud and strong; confident. Confident in what he was saying. “I put up with so much of your shit! Of course I care about you. I’m probably one of the only people who do -  Hell I am the only person who does.”
You hated how he was right. God, why did he have to be right? 
You stared at your blank phone. 
Without him, you meant nothing. Without him, you were a waste of space. Without him, you were worthless.
You had to apologize for ever doubting him, for doubting the relationship. You had to sink back into the water, this time not by his hand, but your own. 
You called him.
Tumblr media
Things were normal. You had called him, apologized, made up. He forgave you. You were wanted again, you meant something why did it feel so wrong? Why did every kiss taste bitter, the after taste burning your lips like acid? Why did his smiles feel fake? Why did you feel fake? 
Every word you said, you regretted a second after, only to see his approving eyes staring at you. You would do things you didn’t enjoy, acting like you loved what you were doing, just to please him, keep him stuck in another honeymoon phase. And Dream ate it up, consuming the person you were pretending to be as if it’s what he wanted all along.
You’ve dated him for three years and known him for longer, so how did he not notice? How did he not care? 
Staring in the mirror felt like staring at a faded painting, colors dulled and lines blurred. You could barely recognize the image displayed in front of you, tear filled eyes desperately searching for the person you once were. 
This wasn’t love. And you knew that; you’ve known that for a while. Yet you couldn’t say it. Not to anyone and especially not to yourself. Whatever you were feeling, you had to push it down, continue to be whatever Dream wanted you to be, to avoid being nothing.
To avoid being forgotten.
To avoid being worthless. 
The thing is, you weren’t pretending that you loved Dream, because you did. You loved him more than anything. 
You were pretending he loved you. 
Tumblr media
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soggycheezit · 4 months ago
How they would ask you on a date <3
Techno, Wilbur, Dream, sapnap, Karl
Gender neutral pronouns
Okay guys let’s me honest here. Techno is not a great wordsmith when it comes to this stuff
He would have to spend DAYSSS working up the courage
Would probably ask through text
Lots of LOLS and hehs
The blade: hey heh so there’s this really cool pasta place down in town and they have a cool fish tank and I wanted to know if you wanted to come lmao
Y/n: like a date?
The blade: it like could be if you like wanted it to be LOL yeah that would be awesome, tonight at 7 LOL
Y/n: it’s a date :-}
Absolutely loses it
Puts on his best robe
Will is quite confident with his words, but not with his timing
It could be at the most random time
At the grocery store
You tagged along
Fighting over who pushed the cart
Knocks you into the toilet paper
“So wanna have a picnic when we leave. Like soon. Like a date”
You’re very taken aback
“Y- sure”
“Sound more confident”
“I would love to go on a date with you wilbur soot.”
You’re a fellow streamer and has been shipped with dream from the start due to you’re well compatible personality’s and both living in Florida
Always feeding the stans
“Dream are you cheating on me with George?”
“I would never my beloved Y/U/N”
Gets a random call from Dream at like 2 in the morning
“Wanna maybe meet up this weekend? There’s like this super insane sushi place I think you would love”
“Totally! Like you me and sap?”
“Just us, like a date?”
Had to mute you’re mic for a squeal
“I would love too”
Sapnap would definitely be in the back ground screeching
Would probably ask Dream for help
Invites you over
You can see Dream peaking around the corner
“So I like know you like um like spooky stuff and like I know this super cool haunted house that’s open year sround and maybe we can get dinner and go tomorrow?”
Closes eyes his eyes waiting for you to respond
Pink face
*gasp* “Nicholas are you asking me on a date?”
“Never call me that again”
“I would love too”
he would probably show up at you’re apartment with flowers
“Dearest y/n, would you like to accompany on a date to ye old Olive Garden”
Dork dork dork dork
“I, sir Karl, would love to”
Hello I hope you like this :)
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anoaeunoia · 6 months ago
hiii i love you writing and i was wondering if you could write a dream x reader imagine and the reader is a streamer and she is on love or host and dream is one of the contestants and in the end he chooses love (pronouns can be anything you are comfortable with)
Love or host - Dream x reader
Summary: y/n’s love or host ends in a way no one expected
Warnings: swearing ect
I hope you enjoy this was a lot of fun to write
Today was the day of y/n’s love it host and to say she was nervous was an understatement despite many of the contestant Being her mutuals there was still a few she didn’t know or had even heard of. Y/n loaded her monitor up and joined the Call Austin had invited her too. She was the last person to join which only made her more nervous
“sorry I’m late I got a little distracted picking out and outfit.” Y/n laughed before Austin greeted her “hi y/n Welcome, welcome you know I told myself I wouldn’t hit on you but it’s gonna be very challenging.” Austin said y/n smiled “oh Austin I’m flattered.” She said adjusting the bottom of her skirt slightly “I’m very disappointed that I won’t be the person chosen at the end of this but it’s okay it’s okay, you’ve got eleven wonderful contestants to choose from today I’m very excited, how are you feeling?” He asked her the smile stayed put on her face “I’m Feeling pretty good.” She said her eyes flickering to the chat next to her “Are you nervous at all? Have you ever talked to this many men and women at once?” Austin asked making her chuckle “I can’t say I have.” Austin laughed along with her “your Twitter would say otherwise… but anyway today it’s about to happen, I’m about to go over the rules of the show with you and then you are going to meet all the contestants.” He told her she nodded “sounds good to me.” She said smoothing down her skirt being her fidgety self “so every 20 minutes you can see the timer above your head, at the end of every round you’ll have a decision to make you will eliminate one of the contestants on the screen you will do so systematically until you get to the last one but each one of these girls has chosen between love or host before they started the show and if they chose love well you know what ever happens happens but if they chose host it’s the end of the road for you, Dose that make sense?” Austin asked y/n nodded “understood.” She said nodding “okay well now you can meet your contestants.”
“Y/n go ahead and introduce yourself to the group.” Austin said as the rest of the call appeared on the screen “you’ve put me on the spot here Austin, so I’m y/n… I’m 20, I make minecraft videos and as corpse who I can see there would say I make thirst trap TikToks to his songs.” Y/n said laughing slightly although they were all muted she could tell they were all laughing “you not gonna tell them about Volleyball?” Austin said y/n sighed “Austin that was supposed to be a secret I can’t have them finding the videos of me on YouTube.” Y/n said laughing
“Now it’s time for everyone else to introduce themselves, let’s start with the person next to you… Karl would you like to introduce yourself.” Austin said as Karl unmuted “Hey y/n… I’m Karl, I’m 22 and I also make minecraft videos can I ask who’s nightmare doing?” Karl said y/n smiled “she’s doing amazing you know you help choose a good one.”y/n said as Karl smiled “I’m glad it was a fun day.” Karl said before they moved in to the next person “Hi y/n I’m Minx, and can I just say don’t you look adorable in your little skirt and fishnets, Gorgeous honestly. We’ve had a many interactions before if I recall most of them we just bullied dream.” Minx said laughing “what a good time Dream needs to be knocked down a few pegs and you were the perfect companion for that.” Y/n laughed before they moved on
“Whudupp baby.” She heard Corpse voice chime “Corpsie.” She said happily “Firstly I have to agree with minx’s those fishnets were the right move.” He told her she giggled softly “what if I told you I wore them especially for you baby?” She asked she hard a little gasp “youre Killing me here.” He said before continuing everyone now introduced themselves ending with none other than Dream “Hey y/n, I’m Dream but you can call me Clay, I’m 21 and a minecraft god.” Dream said cockily y/n rolled her eyes “Clay you know you’re my least favourite person here and Quackity it here.” She joked she hard Clay chuckle while Alex switched his mic back on “Fuck you!” Alex said before deafening again “oh come on now y/n you and I both know that’s not true.” Clay said she could hear the smirk “you wish.” She said laughing before the time ran out
“Y/n Let us get to the first elimination… you must Dm me which one of the contestants you wanna get rid of.” Austin said y/n nodded before she typed out the name of who she wanted to eliminate “okay so… Minx you’re safe.” Austin said “well obviously.” Mink said smiling and leaning back in her chair “Karl… you’re also safe!” Austin said “Corpse, Wilbur, Sapnap and George you’re also safe.” Austin went thought everyone until he got
To the last two “Dream and Quackity.…It’s down to you two.” Austin said corpse laughed “Well see you later dream.” Karl said making everyone laughed “Unfortunately Dream… you are… safe so that mean it’s a so long to Big Q.” Austin said as Alex became chaotic yelling “Stop trying to Hex me Alex!” Y/n said as he rambled in Spanish causing everyone to laugh “y/n you wanna explain why you kept Dream and not Alex?” Austin asked y/n shook her head “nope I’m good!” She said before they moved on got the next round.
“So this round you’re all gonna describe where you’d take y/n on your first date… Wilbur you can go first this time.” Austin said as Wilbur coughed clearing his throat “So, for our first date it kept it simple you know we’d go for food obviously at Pizza Hut because it’s your favourite, Following your alt really helps with these kinds things.” Wilbur said as she giggled “ and then we’d got to the arcade and I’d demolish you at basketball yet again.” Wilbur smirked y/n shook her head “you wish I beat you by a landslide Tommy would back me up!” Y/n protested as Wilbur laughed “yeah because the child is a simp for you.” Wilbur said not knowing he was going to get a mouthful for that “okay George what about you?” Austin asked moving the question on George smiled “ so first of all I’d take you to M&M world because you’re obsessed with them and then I don’t know we’d just drive around blasting music and eating fast food or some shit?” George suggested y/n nodded “food is the way to my heart.” She said as George smiled
“Dream you’re up.” Austin said as Clay cleared his throat “oh this is an easy one, Build a bear.” Clay simply started as y/n’s face dropped “wait how the hell did you know that?” She asked as Dream laughed “I listen.” He said as she shook her head “you liar I’ve told like 3 people that.” She said not buying it Dream laughed “I had a spy.” He admitted y/n Racked her brain trying to think of who it could be “Did you ask Tommy?” She asked and almost on cue Austin added Tommy to the call “Oh god.” Dream said “First of all Wilbur I’m not a simp bitch!” Tommy yelled as he joined the call before all hell broke lose and the call flung into complete chaos
As the hours flew by more and more people were eliminated with Quackity first then Fundy, Rae, kaceytron, George, Sapnap, Karl, Wilbur, Minx leaving the last two people “both of the faceless boys left.” Austin said “I guess you don’t hate me as much as you pretend to.” Dream joked she rolled her eyes her smile hadn’t left her face nearly the whole time “nope you’re just here for the views.” Y/n joked before Austin interrupted him “Okay y/n so you’re gonna get two minutes alone with each boy on a date kinda thing and then you will make your ultimate decision.” He told her she nodded “Oki dok.” She said before being moved into a room alone with Dream.
“Hi.” Y/n said softly “hi there.” Dream said she could hear the smile on his voice “listen I know you’re always saying you hate me but I know that’s a lie.” Dream said y/n laughed “oh really how do you know that?” She asked rolling her eyes “because whenever I tell you how pretty you are or how you look really good in those fishnets you get all flustered.” He said she shook her head “I do not.” She lied, Dream laughed “so what if I told you
That I think your the eyes are the most beautiful thing in the world and that outfit you’re wearing is making me feel some type of way.” Dream said y/n scrunched her nose up before putting her head in her hands trying to hid her blush “Shusssh!” Y/n said as dream chucked “I knew I had an effect on you.” He said y/n shook her head “I hate you.” She said as the timer went off And she was moved into a call with Corpse as much as she wanted to pay attention and give Corpse a fair chance she couldn’t stop thinking about Dream she knew he was right he definitely had an effect on her but she didn’t think it was this much.
“And time is up… now y/n it’s time for you to make your decision.” Austin said y/n but her lip nodding spending a few minutes while Austin ran adds to ponder her choice before sending the DM “So the results are in, the winner of y/n’s love or hosts is……… DREAM!” Austin said as dream laughed and corpse sighed “I mean fair enough.” He said in defeat “I still love you corpsie!” Y/n said pouting slightly “I know baby.” Corpse said before Clay butted in “but not as much as she loves me.” He said cockily y/n shook her head laughing “before he goes we’re gonna see if corpse picked Love or host.” Austin announced “you already know what I chose baby.” Corpse said she smiled softly “I’m sorry bud.” She said “CORPSE CHOSE LOVE!” Austin said before getting corpse it shout out his socials and remove him from the call “Wait wait, before you find out what I chose… I had a lot of fun today.” Dream said making her panic “you chose host didn’t you Dream gosh I should have chose corpsie, I did not come this far just for you to host me I swear to god.” She rambled as Dream laughed “you ready to hear what dream chose?” Austin asked y/n sighed before nodding “So dream the winner of y/n’s love or host… he chose…” Austin said taking his time.
“Wait you did.” Y/n said feeling all giddy “I did indeed.” Dream said as she smiled wildly “You’re in Florida right?” He asked she nodded smiling “I am.” She said softly “How about that date then?” He asked her eyes widened “wait seriously?” She asked dream chuckled “Seriously.” He answered as her cheeks went red “I…I’d love to.” she said becoming a flustered mess “Well guys you heard it here first y/n and dream are going on a date!” Austin said before he ended up the stream before y/n got a DM
Dream😳: I’m serious about that date
-> y/n: me to
Dream😳: I’m really glad you chose me
-> y/n: I’m glad I chose you too.
Dream😳: you free Saturday?
-> y/n: I am indeed
Dream😳: I’ll pick you up Saturday
-> y/n: I’ll see you Saturday
Tumblr media
@Dreamwastaken: children 🐸
@y/nOffical: our* children
@Tommyinnit: Simp
@WilburSoot: For once I agree with the child
@Nihaachuu: you two are the cutest
@Georgenotfound: 😑
->@y/noffical: Jealous Gogy?
-> @Georgenotfound: 😑
Tumblr media
@y/nOffical: Meet Drog and Drog2
@Tommyinnit: that’s one letter away from Drug
@Dreamwastaken: We’re so good at naming things
-> @y/nOffical: bring Friends with Tommy finally payed off
@Georgenotfound: 😑
-> @y/noffical: I’ll say it again, You jealous Gogy?
-> @Georgenotfound: 😑
-> @Sapnap: you just stole his boyfriend off him let him he pressed
-> @y/nOffical: and I’ll do it again
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blueeyedgeorgie · 5 months ago
Valentine’s Day-Dreamwastaken
“can i please please please get something valentine's day themed for my dude, my bro, my pal Dream pls” @notphilosopherstudentblog
Tumblr media
Pronouns: They/Them
Word Count: 600+
Y/n were sick of it, all of it. Today had been such a shit day. People had treated them so poorly at work, traffic was bad, and they hadn't eaten all day. It was no surprise Valentine's day had slipped away from their mind, they had just been so busy.
It was late when Y/n got home, the sun had already set. At this point, their shitty day was the least of their concerns. It was Valentine's day, how could they forget? Y/n didn't know how they were going to explain this to Clay. He was always such a good boyfriend, the one day a year Y/n can repay him for always being there for them, they forgot the date. Hopefully, he'd understand when Y/n explained their case of having a terrible day.
Stepping into the house, the air was filled with a delicious scent; someone was cooking. "Hello?"
"In the kitchen!" Y/n smiled at the sound of their boyfriend's voice. was he the one cooking?
Entering the kitchen, Y/n glanced around. Something was in the oven, a salad sat on the kitchen counter. Clay stood in the corner of the kitchen, busy watching over a KitchenAid mixer.
"What's going on here?" Y/n couldn't help but grin as they stepped closer to their partner. Clay grinned, looking down at his partner, pulling them into his arms.
"I just thought you'd enjoy a home-cooked meal for Valentine's day."
"Everything looks amazing, babe." You glanced at the mixer, he was making mashed potatoes too.
"I was hoping it'd turn out that way," he smiled, placing a few kisses on Y/n's head. "Didn't want you to be disappointed."
"Well considering how my day was, this definitely made everything better. Thank you, C." Y/n let out a small sigh, looking up at the man holding them. Their grin was replaced with a sincere smile.
"Oh god, what happened today? You wanna talk about it?"
"I just..." they paused, "Not right now, maybe tomorrow. All I want is to enjoy our night together."
"Alright, go change into something more comfortable. I'll finish up cooking dinner, then we can eat."
Stepping out of the kitchen, Y/n felt relief hit them. He wasn't upset, maybe their day was going to turn around. Y/n couldn't help but feel their smile turn back into a grin, walking upstairs to their shared bedroom.
But as soon as they entered their room, that's when the realization hit them. Clay wasn't upset... only because he didn't know Y/n forgot about Valentine's Day.
Immediate dread filled them again. Only this time, it was worse. He had spent so much time in the kitchen just to make them feel special tonight, and Y/n forgot all about today. Y/n took their time getting unready, their stomach had begun to tie up into knots. There was only one good option they could think of as they prepared to go back downstairs; just apologize. All Y/n could do was hope for the best and take deep breaths.
Step by step, they made it back into the kitchen. By now, everything was laid out on the kitchen counter. Clay held a proud grin on his face, only for it to disappear after seeing you. "What's wrong?"
"I'm sorry."
"What?" Clay was quick to move by Y/n's side, enveloping them into a hug once again. "I don't get it. What are you sorry about?" He could feel himself starting to get nervous from those two words.
"I forgot today's Valentine's day. I didn't plan anything for you." Y/n could feel their voice crack, here comes the waterworks.
"Oh, Y/n..." Relief flushed over Clay as he pulled Y/n closer, rubbing circles against their back. "It's alright. You didn't need to do anything."
"But you've always been such a great boyfriend and you're so kind and generous-"
"Y/n." He stopped them, "Don't worry about it. I didn't want anything. All I wanted was to make you happy." Y/n smiled up at their boyfriend, their eyes watery. "Now let's go eat and maybe you can tell me about your day."
Taglist: @ivory-raptor @snowcones404 @delsinhunter
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aksuallyours · 6 months ago
Want To Be Yours - Dream
PAIRING: Dream x Reader
CONTENT: drabble, of sorts, very short; kinda song-based; one swear word; dialogue heavy :/; mostly unedited; angst 
A/N: ty @nihachulovebot for helping me w this last night :)) ily mwah! also, i kinda like this, but the more i read it, the less i like it so i’m just gonna stop reading it!! uhm. yeah :)
You sucked in a breath. Your phone lit up on your bed side table, illuminating your room. You knew who it was already. Was that a swarm of butterflies in your stomach or dread? You wished it was the latter.
“Hello?” You answered. You were already breathless.
“Hey.” Dream’s voice was rough and low, the simple greeting sending chills down your spine.
“What’s up?” It felt obvious that you didn’t just wake up - you hadn’t slept in days.
You heard him sigh. “I just wanted to talk to you.”
Was that all you could say? Probably. You would regret choking out another word.
Why did he do this? It seemed as though you came to terms with remaining loveless, he managed to pull your feelings straight from your chest and feed them to you again. You always choked it down, afraid of his reaction if you let it spill. It was in moments like these where you always made the most mistakes.
“Did you,” You hesitated, unsure if this was a topic you could talk about. “Did you have that dream again?”
His answer was quick, “No. Actually, uh...”
“What?” You breathed out, nervously waiting his response.
“I dreamt of you.”
You felt your body grow hot. What the fuck.
“Stop.” The response was dry, but all you could manage.
“Stop what? What did I do?” Dream sounded nervous. His words were rushed.
You could barely hear yourself, your ears only listening for him. “Stop saying things like that, things you don’t mean. You joke around too much. It makes me...”
“What, Y/N? It makes you what?”
“Want to be yours.” His persistence made you lose yourself. He made you lose yourself.
You ran a hand over your face. “I want to be yours.”
The only sound coming from your phone was the sound of his fan. You screwed it up.
“I’m sorry,” It came out as a useless whimper. You needed to stop talking before you made it worse. “Goodnight, Dream.”
You hung up.
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enderdrabbles · 6 months ago
hands against mine | dream x reader
gender neutral pronouns used. just a short story type of thing bc i thought it was a cute idea lolo summary : dream had been staying at your place, and because taking his pc with him would have been more to carry and too much, you decided to share with him. you weren't too much of a gamer, and not the best one at that, but you still had games so you would be able to spend more time with dream - after all he is a streamer and youtuber, so it takes up a majority of his time. since you both were finally together in person, he decided to try and teach you how to play video games. it overall resulted in a very nice, cute time together; a memory you surely would never forget. just a bunch of cute fluffy stuff! theres no tw’s or anything! ^^^^^^^^^^ the sun had finally set, the moon eventually taking its place. an incent was burning at the window, which was cracked slightly so the smell didnt get overwhelming and a nice breeze seeped inside.  a fuzzy blanket was draped over (y/n) ‘s shoulders, shielding them from the breeze. dream sat in the gaming chair across the room from (y/n), rambling on about minecraft statistics and things similar. there was a point when(y/n) had eventually zoned him out, too intoxicated by how the other slowly moved his hands around as he spoke, occasionally letting out a small snicker or chuckle, sometimes even cracking a small laugh.  his smile was what they loved the most about it all, it showed how much interest he actually showed in the game. they could see it was something he was genuinely passionate about, along with streaming and making content. and as much as dream loved these things, he enjoyed (y/n) and their company more - which warmed their heart. the occasional eye contact they made, when dream would look back at (y/n) to make sure they were still listening and that they weren’t bothered or annoyed by his rambling about random things, it would make them smile. it made them happy to hear dream speak about the things he enjoyed with such passion, it was something they also admired about him. along with how he always made sure to check and see if they seemed to be bothered by what he was saying.  dream looked back at (y/n), turning the chair so he faced them. “(y/n)?” he asked, noticing that they had zoned out. “uhm, my bad-” (y/n) apologized, letting out a small snicker. “its nice how much you enjoy this type of thing. you sure know a lot about minecraft, though. i’d never be able to know any of this if it weren’t for you, but its not like its needed since im bad at the game.” dream let out a small chuckle, leaning against the arm rest with his elbow. “you aren’t bad, you just need to calm down when playing.” “everyone always kills me, it makes me mad,” (y/n) said, crossing their arms. “the controls are so annoying.” “here-, c’mere,” dream said, patting his knee. “i’ll teach you how to play.” (y/n) let out a small huff jokingly, then headed over to dream. he spun the chair around so he faced the monitor, shooting the chair back slightly to give enough room for (y/n). he got onto a server, getting a game of bedwars ready. before sitting down onto the others lap, (y/n) turned their led lights onto purple so the room was luminated - the moonlight that once lit the room was replaced. “alright, i’ll guide you,” dream said, putting the two of them into a bedwars lobby to begin a game. “just put your hands on the keyboard. i’ll help you with the rest.” (y/n) smiled slightly, looking at the monitor. they did as instructed, putting their hands onto the keyboard and mouse; dream eventually placed his hands on top of theirs and straightened his back slightly, so his head was right next to (y/n)’s to see the screen better. “we’re gonna die,”  (y/n) said with a small snicker. “it’ll be alright, we will win a few games,” the other reassured.  throughout the game, dream helped (y/n) with the controls, guiding them. as you would expect, though, it didnt go the best due to it being hard playing how they were. often times, one of them would slip up - (y/n) would often not move their hand in sync with dream, or move it too late, resulting in their death. during those times, they were laughing and yelling; overall just enjoying their time together, even if they weren’t winning. it was their 6th game, they had played decently and made it to the end - there was one person left to fight. that person being someone who just camped and got loads of gear the whole game. “dude, that guy is literally stacked. what the hell?” (y/n) said, leaning closer to the screen as they began to actually concentrate, dream doing the same so he could actually see. “that’s not fair. they have such an advantage.” “calm down, you’re doing good, (y/n),” dream said, seeing (y/n) had been getting a bit upset and messing up simple actions from getting nervous. “just calm down. get some extra blocks and tnt, you can build above and blow up the blocks on the bed.” (y/n) nodded, doing as told. whenever they weren’t in a pvp fight or building, dream didnt help them click the keys and mouse, but he always kept their hands on top of was comforting and nice, sometimes he’d even lean his head against the others whenever something wasnt happening.  “alright, alright,” (y/n) said as they built, managing to calm down slightly with the help of dream. eventually they had made it above the others bed, and as dream instructed, they lit the tnt and it fell right onto the blocks guarding the bed - blowing up just enough to to break it. and they did exactly that. they ate a gapple, then engaged in the fight. at one point dream quit clicking the keys, letting them do it themselves - knowing that they would be able to kill the other. when the victory fireworks flew up into the air and the message telling them they won the game, (y/n) flung their arms up into the air.  “we did it!” (y/n) cheered, smiling a bit. they turned slightly so they faced dream, intertwining their hands with his.  dream smiled, letting out a small chuckle. “you did it, good job” he complimented. and with that, the two continued to play bedwars all night long - winning a few games here and there. most of the time dream let (y/n) play, not helping them with keys until they needed it. every time they won, he congratulated them. seeing their smile after they won games made him smile as well, he loved seeing them so proud - he was proud of them as well.
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anoaeunoia · 6 months ago
45 for Dream😗
Pretty - Dream x reader
summary: after finding out Tommy has an older sister dream begs him for her discord and from then on there relationship blooms
Warnings: swearing ect
Due to Corona y/n’s last year of university was unfortunately online much to her dismay but her family was ecstatic her parents loved having her back home and her younger brother was just glad to have someone to drive him around so he didn’t have to get the bus anymore. Speaking of her brother he was busy yelling in his room and she had an essay due in the morning which she was yet to finish.
“Thomas!” She yelled from her room “Yeah?” She heard him yell back “will you shut the fuck up!” She yelled at him hearing him laugh before replying a sorry and letting her go back to her essay hearing him informing whoever he was playing with that “y/n isn’t happy with me she has an essay due.”
It was at least an hour later before the screaming started again this time y/n got up from her seat stomping into his room “Tom would you shut up I have an essay due at midnight and all I can hear is your bloody screaming!” She exclaimed swinging his bedroom door open “I’m very sorry…shut up Gogy!” He said cutting himself off “is that George not found?” She asked changing her tune “oh no not my sister too, chat y/n is a gogy simp.” Tommy said sounding distraught she could hear the laughing though his headset. Y/n had been on Tommy’s stream once or twice but not many of his friends even knew he had a sister
“They want to speak to you.” Tommy said hanging her the headset and letting her sit on his chair while he stood up “hello?” she asked putting them headset on “hi y/n I’m Dream but you can call me Clay.” One voice said “Hi.” She said softly before everyone introduced themselves “is the child as annoying in real life as he is online?” The voice that had introduced themselves as Sapnap said “Toms just loud he’s not that annoying.” She said before Tommy grabbed the mic “yeah bitches!” He said before sitting back down “y/n have you got discord?” Dream asked y/n nodded forgetting they couldn’t see her “yeah I do.” She said as she heard George giggle “tell Tommy to send me your discord.” He said before she turned to Tommy “Tom.” She said catching his attention
“Dream said send him my discord.” She told him but Tommy shook his head “no!” He said she laughed “he said no.” She told him “oh I see how it is.” Dream laughed before telling her to give the head set back to Tommy “Tom.” She said handing him the headset “Tommy.” She could just about hear the conversation going on between them “Dream.” Tommy said swiveling in his chair “come one give us her discord!” George said while Dream agreed “quite trying to get with Tommy’s sister.” Sapnap said she laughed slightly while Tommy just refused “Tommy Tommy listen, wouldn’t you rather me your good friend Clay was in your sisters Dm’s rather than George.” Dream said making y/n laugh “No, no I think I’d rather George not found.” Tommy said his voice cracking slightly “Tommy just give him my discord.” Y/n laughed intrigued to know why he wanted her discord so bad “fine.” He grumbled before sending Dream the link to his sisters discord
From that day on y/n was messaging Dream back and forth constantly she knew Tommy’s streaming schedule like the back of her hand most of the time he let her sit in while he played whenever Dream was on often giving her the headset when he ran off to get a drink to entertain the viewers “Hey Tommy, Tell y/n to answer my message.” Dream said watching Tommy visibly cringe “dream said answer him.” Tommy said looking over at his sister she laughed slightly before opening her phone
Clay: you wanna ft
-> y/n: seriously?
Clay: deadly 😳
-> y/n: okay I’d love to
Y/n quickly rushed out of Tommy’s room hearing a laugh come from the headset and rushing into her room. She knew they’d be streaming for the next hour so she had enough time to get ready. She through on some clothes that weren’t the sweatpants she’d been wearing the last 3 days putting a bit of makeup on nothing to much just her being insecure about her acne despite dream telling her she's pretty everyday she didn’t wanna disappoint. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror laughing at how stupid her brother would think she was right now. Her bedroom door opened as Tommy walked in “where you going?” He asked curious as to why she was so dressed up well compared to her pervious outfit “no where.” She said applying the last layer of mascara “what are you doing then?” She asked as her phone started ringing Tommy looked towards it and then back at y/n
“Thomas I said out”
Y/n composed herself before answering the call as soon as his face flashed on the screen she couldn’t help but stare “what?” He asked laughing slightly “God you’re pretty.” She whispered slightly Clay only laughed more “no wear near as pretty as you.” He said making her blush profusely “no like seriously you’re pretty the stans are gonna die when you stop clowning them and do a face reveal.” Y/n joked Clay rolled his eyes with a smirk “they wouldn’t believe it was me at this rate.” He laughed she smiled “I’m surprised they believe anything you say you are Leo at the end of the day.” Y/n said propping her phone up dream scoffed pretending to be hurt “what’s that supposed to mean?” He asked she smiled “oh nothing don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” She teased
It was almost 3 hours later and the pair were still on face time “I should get ready for bed it’s late.” Y/n said hesitantly not wanting to go “so go change I’ll wait and we can say good night.” Clay said she smiled “but that means we have to hang up.” She pouted Clay laughed slightly “you already can’t get enough of me.” He joked “i told you I get attached easily, I’m worse than Tommy.” She said he smiled “I have an idea.” He said she looked at him confused “when the travel ban in England is lifted what if you and Tommy fly out here and come visit I’m sure My sister would love to finally meet Tommy and I dunno we can hang out in person.” He said fumbling on his words slightly “really?” She asked Clay nodded “yes now go get ready for bed and let me speak to Tommy.” Clay said she whispered an okay before taking her phone into Tommy’s room “Here.” She said handing him the phone before disappearing to get ready for bed.
“Oi that’s my jumper.” Tommy said as y/n walked back into his room to get her phone “mine now bitch.” She said sounding exactly like him she wasn’t exactly sure how the Fluorescent green jumper ended up in her possession but she most definitely wasn’t going to give it back “phone please.” She said before he handed it back to him “awe don’t you look cute in my merch.” Clay said she laughed softly “it’s very comfortable if I do say so myself.” She said crawling into bed “I should hope so.” He said as she yawned “I think you should get some sleep.” He said she shook her head “I wanna keep taking to you though.” She said yawning yet again “nope bed time for y/n, sleep time.” Clay whispered She sighed softly “okay.” She whispered “goodnight beautiful.” He said softly “night night Clay.” She said neither one of them wanting to hang up “same time.” He whispered almost as if he could read her mind she nodded as he counted from three before they both hit it end call button.
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jilliannotfound · 5 months ago
Dream x F!Reader (in-game)
Summary: Y/N finally visits Dream in prison
Warnings: Angst, slight language, I think that’s it :)
A/N: Ahhh yay my first fic is finally here! Sorry it took so long, school is kind of kicking my ass rn. I’m not really used to writing in this style and this definitely isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written so any thoughts/criticisms are welcome and appreciated. I hope you enjoy!
As Y/N approached the large blackstone building, her stomach practically dropped to her feet. She was going to face her anxieties and finally visit Dream in prison.
She walked into the entrance of the prison and pressed the button on the wall, jumping slightly when Sam’s voice came over the speaker and the wall opened to reveal a portal.
“Go through the portal please.” Sam said and she complied.
The purple entryway brought her to a small room but before she had a chance to figure out where she was Sam told her to go back through.
This time when she exited the portal she was greeted by Sam standing behind a desk on the other side of the large room.
“Welcome. Please come up to this lectern and read over this book then sign it.” He greeted.
She walked up, grabbing the book and skimming over it before signing her name at the bottom and handing it over to Sam.
“Okay, Y/N, I have a few questions to ask you and then we can begin our journey to the prisoner, okay?”
“Okay.” She replied shakily.
“Where is your place of residence?”
“Dream’s house. In the Dream SMP.”
“I want you to move in with me.”
The request came seemingly out of nowhere.
They had just finished eating dinner, her standing at the sink washing all of the dishes and handing them to him to dry and put away.
“What?” She asked, staring at him shocked.
“I mean, you already spend all of your time here. Why not make it officially your home? Our home.”
“Dream I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.”
“I’m dead serious, babe.” He said, setting the plate and towel in his hands down on the counter so he could use his now free hands to rest on her waist, turning her to face him.
A wide grin settled on her face as her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him into a hug.
“Do you think the prisoner is deserving of being in the prison?”
“He’s a child Dream!” She shouted.
“A child who’s done terrible things, Y/N. He needs to be punished for them.”
“I'm not saying he doesn’t, but exile?! Really? He’s sixteen and you’re just going to send him off on his own to some strange land?”
“It’s what he deserves.”
“No! It’s cruel! You’re cruel!”
“What are your prior relationships with the prisoner?”
The question made her nauseous.
“I’m his girlfriend.” She croaked out. “Ex-girlfriend.”
“What happened to you, Dream? You used to care about me, about your friends, your family. Now all you care about are a couple of stupid discs… it just doesn’t make sense.”
“I never cared about you, Y/N. I never cared about anyone. It’s always been about the discs and the power they give me.”
“Dream, you don’t mean that. I know you don’t.” She whispered.
“God, you’re so stupid! Of course, I mean it!”
“I don’t believe you.”
He walked towards her as she backed up until she hit the wall and his face was barely an inch away from hers.
“Oh Y/N, so naive, blinded by love. How couldn’t you see that all I’ve ever wanted was power? I don’t give a fuck about you.”
“Dream, you’re scaring me.” She cried.
“Good.” His voice was emotionless as he backed away, grabbing his mask from the table and fastening it to his face before walking out of the house.
“Okay.” He turned around, flipping a switch on the wall causing a door on their left to open. “Go ahead into this room and put all of your belongings in the chest then press the button on the wall.”
Once her items were stored safely and the key was hidden away in an ender chest, Sam led her through the prison passing many checkpoints to ensure that she would remain safe and the prisoner would stay locked up.
When they reached the final bit, Y/N felt like her heart was about to stop. Staring at the lava waiting for it to slowly fall and reveal her lover standing on the other side.
Sam noticed the tension and let his serious warden facade down for just a moment to try and ease her worry.
“It’s going to be okay, Y/N, I’m not going to let anything happen to you. The second you’re ready to leave call for me and I’ll have you back here instantly, okay?”
She took a deep breath and nodded her head.
Sam pressed a button on the wall and began speaking into an intercom on the wall.
“Dream, you have a visitor. Please stand behind the barrier so I can let them in.”
The lava started lowering and just before he was in eyeshot, she heard his voice.
“Tommy?! Is it you?”
“No.” She responded just as the lava emptied and they were able to see each other. The bridge she was standing on slowly inched toward his cell.
She stepped onto the platform as the bridge returned to where it came from and the lava rose around them. The barrier between her and Dream disappeared and she took a step forward, staring him in the eyes.
Even through the dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and minor wounds on his face from fighting with Tommy and Tubbo, he was still gorgeous and she hated it.
They stood in silence, just staring at each other, taking in each other's presence.
“Y/N.” He whispered after a while. “I didn’t think you’d ever come.”
“Neither did I.”
“I fucked up, Y/N. Does everyone hate me?” He asked, his tear-filled eyes never leaving hers.
She just nodded.
“George and Sapnap too?”
He knew the answer, it was obvious after what he’d done.
“I want to.” She choked out. “I want to hate you so badly that it hurts, but even after everything you did to me, to my friends, I can’t.”
They remained silent for a few more moments.
“Did you mean what you said that night?” She asked.
He didn’t answer, looking at the floor to avoid her gaze.
“You know I still live in our house? I wake up in our bed every morning hoping that this was all a nightmare, that you’ll be there to hug me and remind me it was all made up because the Dream I fell in love with would never say such hurtful words, do such horrible things.” The tears that had been welled up in her eyes finally falling as she spoke.
“I can’t be that Dream for you anymore, that’s not me.”
“No, this isn’t you. You can tell me you never loved me a million more times but I won’t believe you because I know it's not true. I know you better than I know myself, Dream. I know that with every tear I shed your heart cracks just a little more at not being able to wipe it away. So you can keep pretending, but it’s pointless.”
That's when he broke. Tears spilling down his face as his legs collapsed and his body hit the ground.
She watched as he cried, her own tears still falling and hitting the obsidian floor.
When he looked up at her, eyes glossy and face stained with clear salty trails, she saw the pain he’d been hiding and wanted nothing more than to hold him close and make it go away.
“Hurting you was the worst thing I’ve ever done.” He said.
“That's debatable, Dream. You’ve done a lot worse than breaking my heart.”
He shook his head. “All of the things I did were terrible, but in some sick and twisted way, I don’t regret doing any of them. Hurting you, though? I regret it every second of every day and I will for the rest of my life.”
He stood up slowly and as soon as he was on his feet she stepped forward wrapping her arms around his waist, hugging him.
He wrapped his arms around her pulling her impossibly closer as he buried his head into her hair inhaling her familiar scent.
They stood there for what felt like hours, just embracing each other.
Sam’s voice came over the intercom scaring both of them. “Visiting hours are over. Y/N, I’m going to need you to stand near the lava so I can raise the barrier and send the bridge to retrieve you.”
Their bodies fully untangled and she looked up at him with a small smile as she stepped backward and the barrier came up.
No words were spoken between the two of them, just a warm kiss pressed to her forehead before she stepped on the moving bridge and the lava rose, separating them permanently.
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