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#emo life

overworking is going okay. another day down. and i feel like i’m making progress generally. so it goes.

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say what you want about being 14 but you gotta admit no music will ever go as hard as the music you listened to when you were 14 

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Being an emo kid in the Midwest is a struggle because it is hard to blend in when everyone else around you is wearing ranching clothes and listening to country and rap and you wear all black and listen to MCR and the other emo quartet bands and stick out like a sore thumb.

Where are my midwestern outsiders at?

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This is a place for the hipster weirdos.

The girls who love the dark side.

Who fancy in grundge, early 2000s emo and nostalgia.

The light hits better under the moon. Xoxo

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Sometimes i feel so much love for the people around me thAt it turns to pain because i cant bear the thought of anything even remotely bad happening to them. My love spills out of my eyes and instead of showing them i love them i have to try and hold in my sadness.

I wish i could protect them

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But really.

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That awkward moment when you’re almost 30 and you feel just as lost and confused and angry as you did in high school and you miss your black eyeliner and purple hair and plaid miniskirts and giant black boots but you can’t go back because you’re a grown adult who now works with children and their parents probably want them to skip the emo phase you seem to be getting sucked back into.

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my chem reunion!! fourteen yr old me is shaking in her knee high combat boots

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UM hi, please i need followers.

if you like

- musicals (like be more chill, little shop of horrors, and such)

- creepypastas



-honestly emo stuff


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Sometimes you have no option but to be the class clown because you’d rather people laugh with you than at you.

Bryony Shaw

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I start a diary about, what is life being a 18 yrs old hungarian emo…

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I wish that wasn’t my last time seeing you! I wish you could see me now, not much has changed but this time I’m really trying :/

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I don’t let myself get this drunk anymore buuuuut tonight is a different story.

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