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#girls who do meth

I’m not going to tell you to not do drugs . I’m not your mother and it would be as effective as yelling at a deaf person . I will tell you to do them carefully . I will tell you to still take care of yourself and your body . and I will tell you that one day it’ll go from “being high is fun” to “I’m sick” “I can’t get out of bed” “I cant function without it” . it goes from I just wanna have fun to I had better do this line if I want to function . I’m not going to tell you not to do drugs but I’ll tell you how it ruins your mind . I’ll tell you how you missed your sisters wedding because you were carpet crawling for too long . I’ll tell you how you’ll go from doing it strictly socially to doing it alone in the bathroom while your family’s on the other side of the wall . I won’t tell you not to do drugs but I will tell you what happens if you do . I will share my experiences and hope it helps you .

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I only met one dude off of tinder (when I was single right before I met my mans) he told me all about his sober life and then I did coke off the center piece of his car at midnight in a dollar tree parking lot . man those were the days .

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Tips for powder drug users

  • Whatever you drop, you drop . don’t go carpet crawling for it . it belongs to the house now . carpet crawling on meth you’ll end up in the floor for HOURS .
  • Speaking of which don’t do powdered drugs in your bedroom . powdered drugs are bathroom drugs . the last thing you want is to get crushed meth all over your bed and end up laying in it .
  • If you’re on a stimulant I suggest setting timers so you don’t lose track of time . yes you’ve been in the bathroom popping acne for four hours and no this is not a joke .
  • Don’t chug drinks while on heroin . you will puke violently and you wont like it .
  • Water drips . Water drips . water drips . if you’re like me and prefer to snort things I suggest cleaning your nose out once you’re done .
  • That’s ash in the floor its not powder .
  • If you’re like me and were blessed with dark eyes, they probably don’t notice you’re high . I went 6 months straight high everyday multiple times a day and not a fucking person noticed til I overdosed . if you have the curse of light eyes . they can tell . everyone can tell .
  • Please take care of your body . eat before you put the drugs in your system . stay hydrated . take a break between benders for sleep .
  • Hallucinations . no that wasn’t a ghost . you didn’t experience anything spiritual . you’re literally tweaking . Most likely its the sleep dep . take a break from the meth to fucking sleep . they will only get worse and you will end up hurting yourself or others .
  • Eat a light meal beforehand . this will help with the nausea .
  • Heat exhaustion is a real thing . I’ve seen the effects of it . don’t do a line, wear all black and then go for a joyride in the middle of summer with no a.c that’s a good way to get FUCKED .
  • Also don’t go on 12 hour sex binges with no breathers this is another way to get FUCKED .
  • Dehydration, heat exhaustion and sleep deprivation . I don’t recommend staying up past five or six days this is when hallucinations become unbearable for me at least . you’re more likely to dehydrate . Water . Water . Water .
  • I cannot stress heat exhaustion enough .
  • That’s candle wax, don’t snort it . see this is why I said don’t fucking carpet crawl .
  • If you have a weak stomach I suggest not looking into your nostril after snorting . its not pretty .
  • Do NOT one line your drugs unless you are positive of your tolerance . the first time I did this my head hit counter and I passed out for god knows how long .
  • Take a shower as your high is wearing off to remove any loose powders in your nose and on your skin . this also prevents acne and looking like a fucking crackhead .
  • Smoke your weed before you do your stimulant or on the come down . I promise you wont enjoy it if you do it during .
  • You’re first time using, do it with someone who has already done it . they know the portions and how to tell if somethings wrong . don’t ever try new drugs alone . that’s a good way to get FUCKED .
  • Not everyone should know the extent of your drug use . if you want to talk about it that’s what tumblr is for . don’t talk to your mom about how much you love the drain on coke .
  • Don’t put the meth bag in your mouth . this is acceptable for coke but not meth .
  • Coke numbs but meth burns . that’s the rule for snorting anyways . I typically “taste” my drugs before I one line my bag . just in case .
  • Don’t drink and do heroin . don’t drink and do Xanax . don’t drink and do downers . do you want to fucking die ?
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