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Alright! Fuck!! ……..

I lied…. I’m sorry…..

I’ve had 2 more since the last pic…..

This is just a really difficult period of time, & I constantly find myself thinking of questions I’ll never get answers to, & just causing myself a lot of unneeded pain and sadness. I know that’s an excuse, but it’s also the truth

Deal with it! I’m trying here…

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On the left, all I got left until the high risk of being dropdead broke no longer looms over me,

And on the right you see the final of 3 lines I enjoyed tonight, that will sadly be my last few rippers for a good wee bit.

I would like to regain control, as myself, & even a friend, noticed I was getting a little bad again. Plus, there are some personal things & adventures I’d like to enjoy, & you bet your sweet little peache shaped booty I want to indulge the wonderful euphoria that booger sugar can & will provide.

Also, I really fuckin wanna go camping & drop acid, so I’d like to have some blow to, as the two combined provide me with the most incredible peaks I’ve ever experienced. To top that off, I’ve made some of the biggest, & possibly the most life changing self-discoveries on trips that I’ve combined the two. So yeah…. that would be great lol

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Started doing some art during quarantine. This was my first time using oil pastels. Definitely feel inspired to try new things.

Reblog & like if you want more trippy art. ✨🌈🧚🏼‍♂️

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