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If it werent for you, I wouldve never touched drugs.

If I never touched drugs, I wouldve never overdosed.

WTF have I done with the last 3 years?!


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Meant to reply to my ao3 comments but I’m wayyyyy to high for that

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I keep getting distracted I mean to check the dispensary website and its been literally like a week. Brain die

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i want to… drug myself to sleep.

that’s all i want most.

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I ask myself what am i doing here, theres some one shooting up and another girl smoking the pookie, my best advice is get the fuck out of there and i did 

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i want to take a t break i DO but it makes me so sick 😭 OH FUCK TOMORROWS SUNDAY i can get more flower tomorrow if i want….

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alright i’m officially out of weed i don’t even have enough to pack my rich boy vape completely, only for a half oven😔 press f to pay respects

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Port is in place! Had some complications along the way in surgery, but I am back home! They did not give me enough anesthesia so I woke up before I was supposed to and couldn’t breathe which then caused an anxiety attack. Also the X-ray of my port showed a kink in it and so I got put back on anesthesia just to find out my port was fine.

The doctor prescribed me pain meds and I am taking them responsibly so far and I hope to keep it that way. This was a wild ride but in the end, I got what I needed!

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Bean and Oona doing drugs together is the best shit I never knew I needed until just this moment.

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