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toby-on-drugs · a day ago
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Kurt Cobain and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)
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lily-sissy · a day ago
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Lily Sissy :)
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s4dpngs · 2 days ago
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nansheonearth · a day ago
How do you drop acid and still end up as a radfem? Even straight guys obtain empathy on lsd. P sus, just saying.
Empathy is what made me a radfem. Sounds like you gotta drop some acid and talk about your mom.
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damaramegido · a day ago
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kulluto · 14 hours ago
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this is pariston
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voidic3ntity · 2 days ago
our love is so corrosive, an agent of heat arises, birthed from the flame of heart, our destiny has always been each other, the lock & the key, our souls, such tribunal connective, our trauma, our bond, bound by eternity, such an opal reflection, saddening realizations of unending pain, an ache which wakes, the passion of the pain, the abyss of pure ambiguity, our hands & our minds, delicately entwined, those few blissful moments; our differences are far too neat, far too beautiful to lose.
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hellobloody · 2 days ago
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its3oe · 3 hours ago
I am queuing this to post really late at night so i’ll forget it’s there. I haven’t played the game at all I’m just learning how to animate in blender. If this gets a million notes I’ll delete it because I don’t want to be a fanart guy. So be careful. Blog in moderation
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