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havent smoked weed for like a month now so ive been lung inhaling tobacco

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People that continue to say they hate drugs while still using are lying to themselves and to you they don’t really hate the drug they want attention when they post about it it’s a lie if they really and truly wanted to be off the drug they would be at a meeting or going cold or even a rehab they would not be bitching on tumblr about it nor would they use the drug tags and follow drug blogs I don’t buy it and neither should you don’t like there posts it only encourages it

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I want it all, redemption from hell, as I wish to fall into it
Up, up, to be in the center
Down, down, to be up
And in the center, below
And in the center, gray, I’m not interested
I want it all
Lust, greed, everything
Nothing is something
Something is nothing
I want to find a love as alive as the hell itself where I was so much, where I had everything
Perhaps you could save me
But down, up, not in the center
Down, to be up
Because still, I dream of flying, of becoming air, and, there are only two ways to reach you
Love or lust
Ten cents coin
Tell me
Which one will kill me first?

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things r going very weird but i think i have reset my learned weird association w being stoned. however in the words of mx max bemis i am far too stoned to leave my bed

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