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#god i love this

alright, so i talked my friend into watching merlin (i have watched it a lot already). she sobbed when lancelot died so i said s5e13 was going to ruin her. here are her thoughts on what will happen:

~ they won’t kill of arthur because he is arthur and merlin will save him

~ they can’t kill gwaine or elyan or percival or leon because they are the kings knights and they need them to go on quests

~ they won’t kill morgana off because she is the antagonist

~ they can’t kill gwen because imagine arthurs anger if they did

~ so gaius is probably who will die and that is the really sad thing.

she thinks she is so smart…. who’s gonna tell her?

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I listened to Ballerina by Jeremy Shada like 18727473 times before I fell asleep last night, and if you guys haven’t you definitely should.

Isn’t Jeremy the sweetest person ever, like I literally died of cuteness.

But. Have you guys seen this dorks story oh my God,

I really. They, huh?

(via @charles_gillespie Instagram stories)

edit: can tumblr stop showing my Instagram details on videos that I crop perfectly (the actual one on my phone doesn’t have bits that arent Charlie’s story post and I just—). 🤡 pls pretend y’all can’t see it

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Kristen, Adaine and Fig went away for one weekend and in that time the boys:

  • stole jawbone’s phone and tricked gilear into buying them alcohol
  • pulled up next to gilear and put a bag on his head and yanked him into their van, robbed him, then left him on the side of the road
  • fabian got so high he momentarily became one with the Great Wheel
  • tried to set up Ragh with a Cool Guy by writing a haiku that started with “im sorry” and ended with “we are in love”
  • stealth mode
  • everything about stealth mode
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oh my god thats so funny so bottomless pit originally was supposed to be an episode like phineas and ferb’s blackout (which came later im aware but its the same premise) where in order to sort of cut the work of having to produce so much animation and so many backgrounds the characters are just floating through nothingness with a black background but they realized they couldnt make a plot that was JUST that so they ended up going with three short stories but that had three times as many locations LMAO 

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The Wrecks are an amazing band. 

These live stream concerts have just been awesome. They are just what we need in this fucked up world.

Right now Nick’s brother (or roomate? or both I am not 100% sure) is entertaining us on MS Paint while waiting for the band to start the after party. This is quality content.

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