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Hi all you beautiful peoples!

I haven’t been on here in forever it feels like. But I’m back! I’m chilling in my natural habitat and will be in here for the next who knows how long so feel free to message me if you might be looking to have a little fun tonight! ^_^ ❤️

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Hi there!! :) 

So, I’m not sure how many Sastiel scenes there are on Youtube. They get removed quite frequently due to copyright. And, like you sadly said, a lot of the content uploaded seems to be favored towards Destiel. 

However, I have been compiling Sastiel scenes together for the past few months from every season. I have up to season 13 saved, and they’re quite long! I just don’t know how to upload them since the file sizes are quite large (under 5GB) and are very high quality. 

I’d be more than happy to upload all of these somewhere, I just have no idea how to get them to people lol. 

And yes! I have a lot of fic recs, but I would love to know which kind of fics you’d prefer? :)

If you’re looking for something gen or beginning to traverse Sastiel, for instance, anything by red_river and HandsAcrossTheSea on Ao3 is really good! 

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so many reqs I’m super excited to get started!

also a friendly reminder to the lovely anons who sent in reqs for drabbles if you’d like to be a specific anon for me just send me an emoji or two and I’ll add you to my anon list ^v^ id love to talk with all you lovelies as well 💜💜💜

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