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#how are they still alive
wishfell · 11 hours ago
*dusts off blog* OKAY,,,,,, give me until july to like, update my muse lists, tracker (whatever threads/inboxes i got--i don't like dropping/deleting things. i just...... take 10 years to do them), catch up on all my series/shows, and basically just organize everything dkjfdsklfjsdkfjdsfkjddfk
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beautifulterrors · 15 hours ago
for any of your muses !!
how often does your muse get sick?
does your muse know when to rest, or do they push themselves?
does your muse snore? sleeptalk? sleepwalk?
the thing(s) your muse thinks about before falling asleep.
is your muse a fitful or a quiet sleeper?
                                                                           [ ask meme. ]
Tumblr media
is your muse a fitful or a quiet sleeper? — cassandra’s waking life, but also her dreams, are haunted by her knowledge; her curse, that ravages at her being yet never relents enough to allow her to be believed. to make the pain, the burning of her eyes and the failings of her body after nights without sleep chaining together worth it. she’s never been interested in romance, but her flailing limbs and screeches upon waking would scare away any thoughtful admirer.
Tumblr media
does your muse snore? sleeptalk? sleepwalk? — all three of the above, often with... interesting results. people at parties have taken to barricading them into wherever they sleep, hopeful that it will stave off any bonus chaos. when they sleeptalk, it could be in one language or three. sometimes it is a language everyone has forgotten. as for the snoring, try finding a lion that’s louder. it’ll be more difficult than you think.
Tumblr media
the thing(s) your muse thinks about before falling asleep. — where it all began to go wrong; the things she could’ve done better, not that she’ll admit it. why she’s still here, if zeus was next to her. where he is and what he’s doing ( and who he’s with ) if he wasn’t. the realisation that she’ll never have to worry about either, now that he is dead. the comfort of her lover. the things that in her ostensibly immortal life she is still to achieve. how she can protect too-sweet hebe from any more pain dealt by this cruel world, and the monster she can — and will — become if anyone seeks to do her harm.
Tumblr media
does your muse know when to rest, or do they push themselves? — with the self-given gift of good fortune comes a privilege of success in spite of laziness, so it might be that tyche is a touch too gifted in the art of resting. they have definitely never pushed themselves, because why do so if they do not have to?
Tumblr media
how often does your muse get sick? — full disclosure, venus is a baby when it comes to maladies of all kinds. if she’s got a cold, she has absolutely, undeniably, contracted the plague. it is everyone’s problem, particularly if the issue is more severe than a simple cold and involves more discomfort. if she doesn’t get to enjoy her life, she doesn’t think anyone else should either.
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fluffyk97 · a day ago
Ultra Dragon headcanons because I miss them
-Ultra still kept the personalities of all the dragons.
-Ultra is pretty well behaved because they were well trained dragons, but they’d have times of snapping at each other's heads.
-Mainly Wisp and Flame’s heads would get little angry at each other despite the other two being in-between them.
-Mostly the dragon heads would just snap at each other over food though.
-Whenever talking to Ultra, sometimes the ninja would call an individual head by his original name. Such as Cole addressing Rocky a lot when he’s around the dragon.
-Ultra of course grew really close to Lloyd.
-I said before in my lil Lloyd Dragon+Oni headcanons, Zane theorized that dragons see Lloyd as a baby dragon. Ultra is why Zane began theorizing that.
-Ultra would sometimes just feel sadness coming from Lloyd after a rough day and one of their heads would pick Lloyd up out of nowhere and bring him to snuggle and take a nap with.
-The ninja can’t count how many times they’ve searched all over for Lloyd but ending up finding him sleeping with the large dragon. Sometimes they’d join.
-Lloyd would go to Ultra on his own a lot though on those sad days, and the dragon would instantly pull him in and start purring to the kid.
-Once Jay caught Ultra trying to groom Lloyd themselves though after Lloyd was assigned to give the dragon their own bath.
-Ultra was also be pretty protective of all the ninja, but since Lloyd was their rider, they’d mainly be protective of him above the rest.
-Once on one of those rough days, Lloyd had an argument with the ninja and went to Ultra to have a flight and some alone time. Kai tried stopping Lloyd, but Ultra ending up growling at him to back off. Flame’s head not so much, but he still put himself in between the red and green ninja.
-Flying with Ultra was very therapeutic for Lloyd.
-Once on one of their flights they were caught off guard and knocked out of the sky. Lloyd was about to be cornered and overpowered by numbers, but Ultra fought off their own injuries to stand over Lloyd and scare off their attackers.
-You know those “using my scary dog privilege to walk alone undisturbed” tiktoks? That’s all the ninja whenever they bring Ultra along. Again, especially with Lloyd.
-Ever since Cole ordered liver and toads from Creatures Beasts and Beyond for Rocky’s old favorite treat, Lloyd loved seeing how happy it made the dragon. So in turn, Lloyd definitely stole Cole’s credit card time to time to spoil the dragon with more things from CBB. Cole knew about it, but he ended up finding out that Lloyd ended up ordering five instead of four one day (Lloyd tried the treat once and started wanting one himself thanks to his dragon side.), and that’s when he began cutting him off.
-Lloyd’s obsession with candy when he was younger wasn’t just because he was a kid, but because dragons actually really like sugar and sweet things. So in turn, so did Ultra.
-On their trips alone, Ultra would steal a lot of the treats Lloyd would get for himself.
-Lloyd got himself an ice cream cone? Too bad, Shard’s head stole the whole thing in one bite. Cotton Candy? All Wisp’s. Spicy chips? Flame’s. Rock Candy? No point in trying on hiding it from Rocky, he’d find a way to pull it out of your pocket.
-Sometimes Ultra would get jealous of the Golden Dragon whenever Lloyd brought it out to fly instead.
-Other times, Ultra would encourage Lloyd to bring the Golden Dragon out so it’d have a friend to fly with when the dragon felt homesick.
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Yugioh au where in the first episode Seto never reveals he’s actually a jackass to Yugi because he’s just so earnest and looking up at him with those big ol’ eyes that make Seto feel so so guilty, so the series continues with Yugi thinking Seto’s this big softy who has trouble making friends because he’s a bit shy but everyone else knows that dude is a competitive so-and-so with a penchant for violence who wouldn’t hesitate for a second to sell out their souls as well as his own to win a children’s card game
Yugi introduces him like “This is my friend Seto! He likes dueling, and he’s so nice!” and the people he’s introducing him to look at Seto who’s standing behind Yugi with the aura of “I’ll rip out your spine through your kneecaps if you look at me wrong” and just know that he’s nice to Yugi only
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rose-colored-tea · a day ago
anw how the fuck is there even a sustainable human population in the opm world when cities are getting leveled on the daily. it don’t make sense
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birdhapley · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley
“He was laughing, too, partly to cover over just how much his entire soul had snapped to attention. His free hand clamped of its own accord over the Eilean Mòr postcard in his pocket. This was it, the reason he had wanted to work here; the chance to go, to see if there was anything in the north that he remembered, or maybe even to find the person who had sent the postcard, why it was a hundred years old, all of it. Maybe Madeline was still there. If she had waited - he didn’t even know. The idea of seeing the lighthouse had so much gravity he already felt like he was falling towards it.”
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maxinities · a day ago
obsessed w wolcred rn
#addie and thancred.... so important to me specifically#ESP cant stop thinking abt like. how i interpret their relationship to be#.text#ffxiv#adaline rozovy#addie 100% understands her role as the warrior of light (even if she despises it and what it makes her do)#and with that she understands that her life goes before her friends & that the world goes before hers#if she ever had to make the choice between thancred or say the country she would have to choose the country#she understands that. and as much as she hates it she knows its her duty#meanwhile. thancred has and will continue to choose her over everything#thats ESP how i interpret their relationship in shb#post innocence trial. adaline is dying and could turn into a sineater at any moment.#and yet still he and the other scions try to find a way to keep her alive#adaline is so against her being alive that its. i wont say its borderline suicidal but shes uh. not doing great!#she knows that if she were to turn every realm out there would lose its chance of survival#but like. thancred. and the rest of the scions? wont accept it#they didnt care abt that chance. they just wanted to find a way for their friend to survive#and thancred esp. he just lost minfilia. he doesnt want to lose addie too. hes so against her dying that -#- it puts a strain on their relationship for the time being#esp bc. hehe. im so sure the wol will die in endwalker. but anyway#i love how thancred just Doesnt Fucking Cope in canon. he just doesnt. thats perfect for me#post innocence trial addie. shes in pain 24/7 she cant see and shes slowly dying. shes collapsing left and right -#- because of immense pain and shes sitting here. knowing shes going to die. and that she cant reverse this.#and that her death means the death of thousands. and even w all of that she still has to deal w -#- her friend being kidnapped and w emet selch trying to off the scions. AND with the scions so. depressed. so angry and still -#- denying whatd GOING to happen to her#it especially hurts to see her kids go through this. shes never wanted alphinaud and alisaie to see her so weak#and ryne. ryne can visibly See her soul breaking and feel the pain addie is in. it hurts her to know her kids are hurting too#shb addie doing AWFUL#i ran out of tags :(
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sunnydalebimbo · a day ago
All of Buffy’s Season 1 looks are so 90s but honestly so cute. Buffy’s baby blue blazer and blue eyeshadow in Welcome to the Hell Mouth? Adorable. All of her little high ponytails and buns? So so very cute. Her green with white detail dress from Never Kill a Boy on the First Date? I’d date her. All of Buffy’s pleather skirt, knee-high boots, and tank top combos AND her leopard print trench coat in I Robot, You Jane?Hooooot. Her light blue leather jacket over the three-tone shirt? I’s wear that in the year of our lord 2021. Buffy’s leather jacket and chunky cross necklace layered over her white prom dress? Most icon Buffy look of all time ever. All Buffy fashion is hit or miss, but there’s just something about Season 1 that hits so hard.
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averagelovenjoyer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
me and the boys waiting for the angst to end so we can have some meme material
also remember when my hero academia actually had hero academia (along with other student)? good times
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hotgirlsrk · 2 days ago
stem kids scare me
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nerdkiller · 2 days ago
I honestly think that weird-ass line in P1 that Khan has is him posturing lmao. You Know the second Capella looks at him he will lose his free will privileges. In general tho in both pathologics Capella is Terrifying, even more so than Maria I think. Maria is out there having a goth girl summer while Capella plans world domination
Oh he's definitely posturing, he's a 10 yr old baby general extraordinaire and i kind of love/hate him for it. He's like 5 yrs younger than her in P1 & wanted to marry her at 15! Absolutely insane! Please seek help!
Later he explains that part of the reason he wants to be w Capella is that he's scared of Maria so he's literally hiding behind her skirt but its like he's making up for this indignity by being a lil brat about it
It does crack me up tho how he's so ideologically driven & stubborn but goes in both P1 & P2 "Capella's idea was better she's smarter than me" & he's completely sold to her vision and being used as a tool for it
From my paltry knowledge of Pathologic (only got P1 recently but i've been looking around things & spoiling it for myself whoops) I do agree w you about Capella. Which is why Khan is wild for wanting to insert himself in between these 2 RIVALS like was having Nina for a mom & Maria for a sister not enough for you? You want to be locked in this balance of power for the rest of your life?
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bnhayyy · 2 days ago
I desperately crave AUs where Reiner switches sides pre-timeskip, be it intentionally or because he simply falls too far into his split personality and fails to resurface until he's already been branded a traitor to Marley. However, I keep running into the barrier that is the fact that his family would probably be "sent to paradise" as a consequence and I simply cannot lose Gabi that way.
But then I got to thinking. What if, when the alternate version of return to shiganshina rolled around, things still got bad? And what if Bertolt was still eaten in the chaos? But here, it was a random mindless titan that got him, and that titan turned out to be Gabi?
The colossal titan is suddenly in the hands of an eight year old, and the survey corps are in the undesirable position of having to decide what to do about that. And because you know they won't be able to bring themselves to feed her for someone or use her as a living weapon, it ultimately means that the colossal is going to be basically out of commission for a few years. (Also, bonus pain because, as far as they are aware, the curse of ymir means that she won't live past 21.)
And once that is out of the way, the scouts still have a terrifying challenge ahead of them. Child-rearing. Child-rearing with a very traumatized, very brainwashed, very racist little girl.
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
"DSC_8565" by Wonderlane is licensed under CC CC0 1.0
#italked#original post#ccposting#places tag#i dont mean to like. try to appropriate mess into convention by posting this btw#like this isnt me trying to glamourize it#i just appreciate like. genuineness in and of itself#and so things where you can see all the paint and stuff because someone was working on something is neat to me#ive also spent a significant amount of my life waiting or hiding around in the most abandoned concrete corners i could find#so for me unpolished slightly run-down tiles and concrete and stuff isnt like. repulsive#now obviously i still have hygiene standards but in terms of a little dust? some mysteriously coloured (oil?) stains?#doesnt bother me#i dont subscribe to like. 'grunge' per se because thats all about making dirty stuff pretty. thats not what im about#i dont see a point in fake wear and tear or purposefully destroying something just to take a picture of it. i think thats insulting#and i know that makes me sound potentially like im putting on an affect but im really not. this is fully just how i think#i dont like artifice. i like to see people feeling comfortable being alive in public spaces#real signs that someone really found value or safety or usefulness in a setting. places can be well-loved just like stuffed animals#this picture is only cool to me BECAUSE thats real paint from a real thing. it wasnt put there to be 'artsy' or whatever#its just a part of someones life#and i think thats cool as fuck#environmental storytelling in the flesh. in our world and our reality and it tells a story of someone who cared about something#itagged
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iskarieot · 3 days ago
wait i didn’t know you watched reign pls what are your thoughts on it i personally love it and think it is an abomination
genuinely do not remember a single thing about it other than at some point I was so filled with rage watching it that I just could not continue sitting there subjecting myself to it djdjjdjdj
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envysparkler · 3 days ago
“He traveled halfway around the world, his birth mom sold him out, and then he got tortured by the fucking Joker.”
Bruce was still silent.
“You remember what you told me all those years ago, Bruce?” Dick asked, raising his head.  His fingers were jittery and he curled them into fists.  “About how dangerous it was to teach me how to fight, about how no one would be Robin again?”  He slammed a fist onto the desk, and watched Bruce go still at the sound.  “Jason nearly died because of that!”
“No,” Dick snapped, “No.  If Jason had been trained, he could’ve gotten himself out.  I would’ve gotten myself out. You thought you could keep us safe by keeping us at home, and look how well that’s turned out for you!”
Something in Bruce’s eyes cracked, but Dick didn’t stop.
“If Jason had been Robin,” Dick hissed, vicious, “He wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
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