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Okay, I have a Head Cannon/Hypothesis of how RWBY Volume 9 is gonna go and I wanted to share it.
(Also a bit of hope that Whiterose becomes cannon)
(Edit : Ended up longer than I expected, sorry)
The first 3-4 episodes are everyone waking up on the island and getting their senses together.
Except for Neo who is still angry and trying to kill everyone by using some Guerilla tactics and illusions.
A Neo Ambush and epic fight later, she's captured and asked several questions by the group. Rolling her eyes, she starts writing in a notebook about her origin.
As the search for the murderous ice cream girl goes on, the gang starts talking about things, like Jaunes worries for the people of Vacuo and Atlus, Blake being both mad and hugging Yang for scaring the daylights out of her, and Weiss and Ruby cooking some food they found.
I imagine that Torchwick was with her when they were kids, they were thieves, and he was mortally wounded on one heist and Neo tried to save him.
Salem happened on them and offered to heal Torchwick in exchange for something. Neo had nothing, but offered her voice. Ursula style, Salem heals him and Neo becomes mute. Then Torchwick offers his services for Neo's voice back.
Neo doesn't quite realize that Ruby didn't make the killing blow on Torchwick, but a Wyvern of Salem's. When she is told this by Ruby, she's quite skeptical. But she sees in Ruby that she's telling the truth, and Neo gives up her quest to kill her.
One epic fight later, they decide to pass though the Vacuo Door. They appear outside the vault room, and the door behind them is locked shut. They emerge from the building in the school, Shade, and into a city in chaos.
After some training, some friendship bonding, and a short (well-deserved) vacation, Weiss and Ruby are sitting on the beach, talking.
(Big leap here). They start talking about how they feel. About how Weiss felt so bad about when she was forced to leave Vale when Ruby was in a coma. She says she's been thinking about her ever since. Ruby also confesses she's been thinking about Weiss while on her journey to Mistral. She missed her dearly.
Hands together, faces close, Ruby gives Weiss a kiss on the cheek. Weiss, blushing like an apple, looks at Ruby.
Ruby, stuttering an excuse, is kisses on the cheek by Weiss.
Weiss : "If that's how you feel, would you like to see where we go?"
Ruby : "...Yeah."
They hug, and start dating.
After a few more days, Jaune discovers something.
The gang find a a very cliche hidden area behind a waterfall at the center of the island. It contains the 4 doors of the vaults and a scary looking guardian. Que boss music.
Salem had commanded several gigantic Grimm to carry her horde through the ravages of the desert, as well as a few Grimm producing Grimm, and has descended upon the kingdom. With the last kingdom in sight, and several of her minions gone, she takes to the battlefield herself with Cinder and Tyrion.
The Huntsmen, led by Winter and Qrow, along with team SSSN and CFVY, have been fighting to defend Shade. Shade has become the shelter for the city and is one of the last defenses standing.
The gang show up, and see Winter cut an Ursa in half, finishing the pack. She turns and sees the gang. Very tired but strong, Winter looks at Weiss and just goes up to her and hugs the daylights out of her and tears up. Weiss hugs back.
"Winter, I thought we don't do hugs?"
"We do now."
Ruby joins in the hug.
"Um, this is more of a-"
Seeing Ruby about to frown, Weiss says "By the way, um, Ruby's my girlfriend now."
"Oh... then, hug all you want."
Qrow join the hug too. "About time you confess to Weiss. I've been waiting to tease Winter about it."
Winter goes "Hey, this is-" before everyone just starts a big group hug and she's cut off.
Another horde show up and the gang fights it. Several episodes become a sort of campaign to push the Grimm out of Vacuo and protect the Summer maiden, who has not been revealed yet.
Coco is blasting everything out of the skies.
Blake and Yang are killing the Grimm producers.
Weiss, Ruby, and SSSN are defending Shade from hordes of grimm.
JNR are escorting more citizens who haven't gotten to Shade yet.
Square after square are cleared.
At the fourth to last episode, Salem makes a final attack on our Heroes. The Group Divides to Conquer. Team JNR, Emerald, and Winter face off against Cinder and Mercury. Qrow faces off against Tyrion. And team RWBY, Neo and Oscar face off against Salem.
After a hefty fight, Tyrion falls, but Qrow is poisoned again and is out of commission.
A lot of emotions between Emerald, Cinder, and Mercury, eventually leading to Mercury switching sides over to the good guys and Cinder fleeing the battle after being beaten back.
Neo confronts Salem with a silent stance with her Umbrella pointed at her.
Salem : "Ah, right, Torchwick's pink sidekick. Your probably wondering why the Wyvern are him. Simple enough. His value had run out, and I simply disposed of him. Otherwise, he'd turn, like Emerald, Hazel, and yourself." Salem whistles, and the ground shakes.
The last remaining Giant Grimm in the battle shows up to help Salem, and Yang, Blake, and Neo break off to kill it.
Ruby, Weiss and Oscar fight a brave stand against Salem. They see Salem's weapon, a terrifying combo of a flintlock and duel headed swords (think Darth Maul's lightsaber). Ruby, in a flashy attack, cuts Salem in half, by the waist.
Salem just sits up by her hands and starts talking smack to Ruby, saying her battle is futile.
Ruby : "That's Humanity for ya. Even if you got all of it vaporized millennium ago, we come back. We're stubborn like that."
Salem : "You'll realize soon enough. You'll regret your actions soon enough."
Ruby : "Why? You killed my Mom you jerk!"
Salem : "Like I told your sister, I don't even know who that is."
Then two wyverns come and grab her two halves and fly away. Her forces are slain, and Cinder and Salem have retreated. Team JNR has recovered the lamp relic and staff relic.
The third to last episode starts with Yang, Blake, and Neo killing the giant Grimm. Then switch's to Ruby, Weiss, and Oscar's scene. Suddenly, Ozpin takes over and traps Weiss inside his Bubble shield.
A dozen of Brotherhood members enter the scene and Ruby tries to fight them off to help Weiss. Ruby is still exhausted after fighting Salem, she's knocked half conscious.
As Ozpins men hold Ruby by the arms as he readies his weapon, a secret blade inside his Cane, with an aura core inside of the top of the cane, capable of harvesting the aura of it's victim.
Weiss has been trying to break out of the shield by pushing Myrnaster out of the bottom and summoning her knights, but is unsuccessful so far. She yells at Ozpin to back off, to release Ruby, and why he's doing this.
For all team RWBY has done for him, Ozpin decides to tell her. Although Jin told him Salem could not be defeated, Ozpin found a way to make her powerless.
During the beginning, the world was covered in the spawn pools of Grimm. Although the Kingdoms were protected, it was near impossible to venture out. After some experimentation, he found out that the soul of a Silver eyed warrior used in a magic ritual could permanently neutralize these pools. The more powerful the soul, the larger the radius.
The Silver Warriors are descendents of a clan of Huntsmen that was blessed by the Moon Spirit, charged with the protection of the people of Remnant from the Grimm and their dangers. The magic of the Moon Spirit is what the ritual uses.
For hundreds of years, he would recruit Silver eyed warriors to his Brotherhood, the secret of his ritual kept from them and any family/friends of theirs. (Qrow has no clue). That's why Ruby and Maria are the last Silver eyed warriors left. He's sacrificed most of them, and Salem has killed/grimm transformed the others.
Ozpin reveals he killed Summer Rose in this ritual, and recruited Ruby 2 years early so she could become stronger. All so he could harvest her soul faster. He plans to use it to destroy Salem's Last Castle, the last land of Grimm Spawn pools, and eradicate the Grimm once and for all. For this will render Salem powerless.
Ozpin asks Weiss to understand.
Weiss tells him to go f$&# himself, and to release Ruby.
Ozpin : "Do you not get it? It's either Ruby or the world."
Weiss : "F&$# the world! Give me back my Rose!" Her sword bending the bubble outward, almost free.
"And I promise, if you harm her, I WILL destroy your stupid Brotherhood and kill you, as well as all of your reincarnations, so YOU. STAY. DEAD!"
Ozpin : *Sigh* "I'm sorry, but I'm fine with that." Then he turns, and stabs Ruby in the chest, sucking out her aura. Once finished, he lets Ruby fall to the floor, lifeless. Weiss cries out several obscenities at Ozpin in the bubble shield.
A shimmer passes through Ozpin, as Oscar falters at the sight of Ruby, weakening the shield. Myrnaster breaks through and a platoon of knights pop in and attack the Brotherhood. One secures Ruby, one busts the bubble shield, the rest chase after the retreating Brotherhood with Ozpin in possession of his Cane.
The second to last episode starts with the city wondering why a whole lot of bright Grimm and glowing knights are attacking this group of Huntsmen running to the airport.
Weiss comes in to the square where everyone is, Ruby in tow. After hearing Oscar/Ozpin has betrayed them, they head off to their battle, leaving Weiss and Jaune to keep Ruby the point of no return. Qrow is sitting off to the side, being healed, and in shock of this revelation.
Yang and Neo have reached the Airport before everyone else, but Ozpin has taken off in a crusier, with a small team to hold off any chasers.
Neo is fighting 3 hunters while one holds Yang's hair and activates his "Boulder" Semblance, where he's invulnerable, unmoving, and super heavy. He mocks Yang as she's powerless to save her sister.
Yang quickly grabs a knife from her belt, and a flashback comes in where she's young, meeting baby Ruby for the first time. Back at home, Yang is commenting on her big, unruly hair, and how she should cut it. Then a crying Ruby quiets down by playing with the hair. She decides to keep the hair as is. The years pass, and Ruby is still loving her hair, and Yang let's it grow out, since her sister loves it so much. Even more scenes of sister pass through mind, from little scenes to their days in Beacon.
Back to the present, Yang slices off her hair, turning into Broly levels of Super Saiyan. Instantly beating up the squad, she throws them into the sky to use them as mid-air launch pads. With Neo in tow, she flies into the air, jumping on her enemies.
The ship pilot yells over the intercom "BRACE FOR YANG!", then Yang busts through the cargo area and punches everyone into the walls of the ship, Looney Tunes style.
She reaches the bridge, but Ozpin destroys the floor beneath her and she falls out. Yang has no launch pad to get back to the ship. Neo fights Ozpin, but he manages to push Neo out.
Yang returns to Weiss, Jaune, and the others waiting for her. But she slumps to her knees, crying that she failed to save Ruby's Aura. But Neo puts her hand on Yang's shoulder, and hands her the aura core, which she had quietly grabbed out of Oscars pocket.
Neo doesn't want team RWBY to lose Ruby like she lost Torchwick.
Before Jaune passes out, he revives Ruby. A little groggy, she looks at the gang, asking what happened. Weiss only kisses her, tears streaming down her face, and hugs her tightly. Everyone joins in.
Last episode, the citizens of Vacuo and the refugees of Atlus are putting the city back together. The gang is resting at the hospital, nursing their cuts and bruises.
Ruby crying with Yang and Qrow over the truth of Summers death revealed.
Ren and Nora are sitting with an exhausted Jaune.
Emerald and Neo are nudging a tired Mercury back and forth as he adjusts his legs.
Team CFVY and SSSN are hanging out in the cafeteria.
Winter and Weiss are dealing with logistics and junk. Their Mother tells Weiss and Winter decides she is going to take back the Schnee Dust Company, to lead it back to greatness, and hopefully help the world heal again.
[Insert Scene of either a Black Sun Moment or Bumbleby moment]
Afterwards, Weiss and Blake are talking down the hallway, drinking coffee.
Blake : "It's tragic. Qrow spent so much time with the man who took Summer from his family, and Ozpin just used him like that."
Weiss : "And tried to take Ruby. Him and his cronies. For that, I'll keep my promise to him."
Blake : "Promise?"
Weiss : "To destroy his Brotherhood. And to kill Ozpin, for good."
Blake nods and says "If he comes back, Yang will do anything she can to protect her sister from him. So how's about I help you with that?"
Weiss smiles, and clink their coffee cups together. "Deal."
At the last scene, everyone gets together and they try to piece together the situation.
Salem has run out of minions. Her Grimm horde has been thinned, and they've learned that she lacks the ability to grow them back quickly. She has no relics, and only one maiden. She has retreated back to her castle. They're safe on that front.
Ozpin has revealed himself to be a traitor of his own, sacrificing others for his own goals. He's gone into hiding.
The Kingdoms of Remnant are more or less recovering from Salem's attacks. Vale even has their Communication Tower back up, so the scrolls are working again. Mistral is regaining strength after Haven was liberated. Atlus is kinda infested, but nothing a small Mantel extermination can't fix. Vacuo has been saved, and is quickly getting it's footing back.
Many members suggest that since there's no reason to continue fighting, they see no reason they don't return home.
But someone enters the scene. The Summer Maiden (who turns out to be Shades Headmaster) carrying the relic of destruction. She hands it to Winter, saying she does not have the power to protect it from Cinder if she finds her again.
The 3 relics in hand, the game has kind of changed. Too powerful to leave in uncertain hands, everyone wonders what to do.
Ruby makes a suggestion.
"We return to Beacon. We take it back. And we find the last Relic. So we can return the relics to their makers."
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Ruby: If we were frogs would you let me share your lilypad, be honest
Weiss: [sighs] But we're not frogs...
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She is trying ok!?!
Got the idea from @tupayapsina
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Ruby: Oh no, I wonder why there's mistletoe hanging above us! I guess we have to kiss now.
Penny: *Holding the mistletoe on a stick above Weiss and Ruby*
Weiss: If you want a kiss you can just say-
Ruby, sweating: I don't know what you're talking about JUST KISS ME
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All we have is each other
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me @ me:
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10潞 Day: Pick
Choose your Ruby.
Escolha sua Ruby.
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Keep annoying her.
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They're made for each other okay
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[Yang and Blake flirting]
Yang: I talk a lot, huh?
Blake: Yeah, but it's nice. I love hearing your thoughts
[Ruby and Weiss flirting]
Ruby: Grapes are easy to acquire and easy to eat
Weiss: If you say anything else on this topic, I'm going to murder you
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ice flower
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Ruby: *Uses her silver eyes*
Weiss: How do you do that?
Ruby: I'm fearless.
Weiss: I saw you run from bees yesterday. You flailed around and tripped over a chair. It was both moderately humorous and sad.
Ruby: I'm mostly fearless.
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White Rose, Glasses.
Tumblr media
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hi I finally got caught up with rwby so here鈥檚 some white rose because I love them :)馃尮鉂勶笍
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kiss version
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31潞 Day: Risk
To finish (thanks God), a scene from a Fanfic I'm reading.
Pra terminar (gl贸ria 谩 Deus), uma cena de uma Fanfic que eu t贸 lendo.
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