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blackstar30 · a day ago
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Johnny Depp signing autographs at the premiere of Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Shanghai, China in 2017
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make-me-imagine · a day ago
Anything for You
30 Day Writing Challenge Day 20 - 'Rescue'
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow x G!N Reader
Warnings/Triggers: Mentions of hanging, noose/ropes. Guns/gunfire, fighting, death, blades/swords.
Word Count: 1.6k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire Potc Taglist: @hybrid-omegaverse Requested Taglist: @robertdowneyhiddlesbatch, @spuffyfan394
Tumblr media
Jack paced back and forth on the ship as he kept looking at the docks, waiting for you to appear. You had been gone far too long already, and should have returned by now. If it had been anyone else he would have left by now. But because it was you, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Even as the rest of the crew mumbled and asked why they hadn’t fled, because surely you had been captured.
“Jack! Jack.” Gibbs said breathless as he ran onto the boat, causing Jack to turn around quickly.
“Gibbs! Finally, what took you so long!?” He asked perplexed and annoyed as his eyes flicked to behind Gibbs, where he had assumed you’d be “Where’s Y/n?” He asked as he looked back at Gibbs.
“There’s been a ...hiccup in the plan, so to say.”
“Hiccup? What hiccup? Where’s Y/n?” He asked again as he stepped past Gibbs and looked around at the crew.
“That’s the hiccup Jack.” Gibb’s began. And as Jack turned and looked at him Gibbs lowered his voice and took a step closer to Jack “I’m sorry Jack but...Y/n was captured...and...well sir, they’re taking them to be hanged.”
Jack stared emotionless as Gibbs for a moment as he processed his words. “Captured?”
“To be hanged?”
“Yes. To set an example.”
Jack felt an almost unbearable pain fill his chest as he thought about you dying because of the plan he set up. The task he sent you for. He knew it was risky, dangerous, but now he was truly weighing the consequences.
“When?” He asked Gibbs suddenly.
“When? Uh, well, best I could”
Jack turned suddenly and faced the crew “How many of you have had your necks saved by me?” The crew looked from one to the other, only one or two raising their hands, slowly. Jack frowned “ many of you have had your necks saved my Y/n?” Jack let out a small “Ah.” As most of the crew raised their hands. “Good. Now, how many of you would like to repay that debt?”
- - - - -
*Your POV*
You looked down at the metal shackles around your wrists before looking up at the two guards outside of your cell. You then looked around your cell, trying desperately to find some way out. But as you failed to do so, you felt your heart sink as the fear of what was about to happen filled your head.
You thought of Jack. If he learned what was happening, would he come for you? Or would he think it too late to do anything and flee? You hoped that he cared about you enough to save you, but part of you was afraid he didn’t care enough to risk it. Sometimes you doubted he cared about you at all.
It was hard to tell with Jack. Sometimes he was sincere and told you things that made you feel special. Did things that made you think he might even love you. But they were nothing more than possibilities. He never said it. Never proved it. Never even kissed you or held you in his arms. And now as you looked out of the cell windows, and saw them strapping up a noose, you doubted if you’d ever find out.
As the cell doors opened, you leaned against the back wall. And as the guards began to pull you out of the cell, you tried to fight back, but failed as they held you down and practically drug you out of the prison and towards the hangman's noose.
The closer you got, and the louder the chanting of the lynch mob became, the harder your heart pounded, filling your ears with a loud ringing as you realized truly, that you were about to die.
They had removed your shackles and replaced them with rope as you were now standing at the top. As the hangman began to adjust the rope and place it around your neck, you felt hopelessness take over. You were going to die.
As you shut your eyes tightly, taking a few deep breaths, your ears caught onto a sound within the crowd. Something familiar. A song you knew. As you opened your eyes quickly, you looked around the crowd for the source of the noise. It was whistling, whistling of a tune Jack would sing on the ship.
Your eyes catch onto a familiar face, one of the crew, face peeking out from under a large hat. Looking around more, you spot another, and another. And just as you look up, you see a familiar figure standing on top of the fort walls. Jack.
But suddenly, the lever was pulled, and you fell.
Within the second of you falling towards the ground to your death, you hear a shot, followed by screaming. And instead of you hanging by your neck, you land roughly on the ground. It takes you a second to figure out what happened before you look up, seeing the rope snapped, broken by the shot. As you look up again at the fort walls your eyes catch on Jack. He smiled at you and bowed his head before jumping down and disappearing.
You smiled and let out an incredulous laugh before seeing the guards running towards you. Quickly standing you begin to run through the crowd, spotting the back of one of the crew, you follow quickly. A few more of the crew appear in the square and begin firing at the guards and armed men that came rushing in.
As you exited the square, you see a dead guard lying on the ground, and beside him, his sword. Crouching down, you cut your binds away, before grabbing the sword, as well as the pistol lying nearby. Hearing someone yell out, you spin around to see a guard aiming at you. Quickly firing the pistol, you hit the guard in the shoulder before turning and running.
Climbing up some artillery barrels, you climb over a wall, jumping and landing on your feet. As you continue to run, you round a corner and stagger to a stop as you see two guards pointing their rifles as you. Turning to run the other way, you stop as two more guards appear. Backing up, you hit a wall, now cornered.
“Stand down, pirate.” One of the guards spit out maliciously.
You took a deep breath, knowing that fighting was pointless. But just as you were about to lower your weapons, you spotted a figure step out behind the guards.
“Am I interrupting?”
As two of the guards turn to look at Jack, you quickly raise one hand and fire your rifle at one of the guards before unsheathing your sword and fighting the other. As you did this Jack quickly began to fight the two guards facing him.
As you both finished off the guards, you turned back to Jack with a smile “You came to rescue me?”
Jack stood up a bit straighter “Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I?”
You let out a short laugh. “I can think of a few reasons.”
Jack seemed to ponder that for a moment before letting out a ‘tsk’ sound “I can’t.” He said before quickly grabbing your hand “Let’s go.” As he began to pull you along, you stared at the back of his head in surprise, before a large grin spread across your face.
After running down some alleys and onto the docks, you dodged some gunfire as you barely made it onto the ship with the other crew members. As some of the crew fired at the guards at the docks as you pulled away from the dock, and back into the sea. You let out some relieved breaths as the adrenaline continued to run through you.
After successfully escaping back into the open water, you followed Jack into his quarters. Closing the door behind you, you watched him for a moment before finally speaking. “I really thought I was going to die today.” You admitted.
Jack sat down in his chair and looked up at you “Almost did.”
“Yeah. A few seconds too late and I would have been. Thank you Jack.” You said with an honest and grateful smile.
He smiled at you. “Anything for you, love.”
You let out a chuckle and shook your head “I wasn’t sure you were going to come you know.” You said as you walked over to his table, sitting on the corner and looking down at him. “I wasn’t sure you cared enough.”
Jack watched you silently for a moment “Didn’t think I cared enough ay?”
You shook your head lightly “You’re a hard man to read.”
Jack stood up from his chair, now right in front of you, looking down at you, merely a couple inches away. “Well, read this.” He said before suddenly leaning down and kissing you, catching you off guard.
You leaned away for only a moment out of shock before moving back in, as he brought his hand up to cup your face. A few more seconds passed before he pulled away, smiling down at you “I may not always have the words to express my feelings, love, but believe me. I’d sail to the end of the world to save you if need be.”’ His voice was uncharacteristically soft as he said this, as was the gaze he held as he stared into your eyes.
“I never thought I’d live to see the day.” You muttered out in surprise, as Jack smirked.
“You almost didn’t.” He reiterated, making you smile before he moved in closer to you again. Bringing his finger under your chin, he tilted your face up a bit as he got closer, his lips almost touching yours “Let’s not risk it again shall we?” He asked before kissing you again, this time, you set your hand on his chest as you fell into the kiss. Glad you finally knew how he felt about you, and relieved you had the chance to return it.
Xx End xx
I suck at endings lol, but I hope you liked it nonetheless.
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starryfandomgirl · 4 months ago
Wellerman but an epic version that sounds like it should be playing in the background of a pirate fight scene 
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nataliedecorsair · 7 months ago
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Capt. Jack Sparrow and Capt. Hector Barbossa - frenemies forever UPD - I drew a bunch of the new PoTC arts and I added them to the post. Now it’s a whole bunch of characters xD
UPD - New art with Davy Jones! UPD - more Barbossa x))
UPD - it’s 9th of June and Johnny’s Depp birthday, so I added more art (cursed one included)
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mrgraveside · 3 months ago
A Pirates of the Caribbean Take Nobody Asked For:
Will may have learnt How To Pirate from Jack, from the first film and that crazy rescue mission (I mean, the last scene at the gallows says everything to me — the hat, the dramatic sword throw, the teamwork with the rope — he’s Jack’s protégé whether he likes it or not) And for a while I thought the same thing about Elizabeth, only then I realised: she didn’t learn piracy from Jack. She learnt it from Barbossa.
She’s always been more ruthless than Will, more efficient, more fierce. Most of the first film, she spent with Barbossa, and she knew he was dangerous. She was exasperated with Jack and underwhelmed by him when they were marooned, and came up with her own plan, completely without his help. She schemes and lies and plays it smart, she’s proud and dignified and she knows it.
If Will was Jack’s unwitting protégé, Barbossa was Elizabeth’s unwitting mentor.
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drinkupmepirates · 6 months ago
No thoughts, just Keira Knightley dressed like a man
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one-time-i-dreamt · 18 days ago
Jack Sparrow told me, “I am a modern art supremacist,” and became a dolphin.
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