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Ever wonder how canon Yuuri and Victor might react to all the Mafia, Omegaverse, Coffee Shop fics written about them? I have. So I decided to write about trapping them inside each alternate universe! I’m excited for their commentary… I think Victor might enjoy some of these AUs more than Yuuri, but I never know until the Word doc is finished…

Please check out the story on AO3! Comments and kudos always welcome <3

Yuri!!! on Alternate Universe

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Episode 1

Yuuri skating Victors routin, unkowingly that he is being filmed… 

“I thought you’d be depressed or something!” - “I was. But I got bored of feeling depressed…”

When I first saw Yoi, I was in deep depression and to be honest it was pretty bad. To find this show was the verry thing that made me fight through it. A friend of mine got verry anoyed at that line when I wanted to share the series with her - and I can see why, depression is not an easy thing to deal with and the line might make it sound easy - just shake it of.  But that was not the case for me, still the line sums up exactly what happend to me. I got to a point were I just had to deside for my self that I wanted to get better. Yuuri helped me and I strongly belive I wouldn’t feel this good today if it wasn´t for Yuuri on ice. 

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Viktor came up with the most thrilling (and eye-opening) proposal for Yuuris exhibition skate - to perform Stammi vicino, in a pair skate routine. Practicing the routine quicly became Yuuris favorite thing to do and I really can´t help but think that this must have been the very moment Yuuri first realised how Viktor actually fellt for him - there really couldn´t have been any doubt. From that on everything must have changed 

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I wanted to announce that I am launching a fully fledged Victuuri paint restoration AU! This is my first AU EVER and I hope you all will enjoy it.

To be added to my tag list, please comment, reblog, leave an ask ( @victuurifanartandfanfiction ), or DM me ( @queenwinterofluna )! I highly recommend you join the tag list to stay updated with the story! (I am putting people who commented asking for a continuation on the tag list. If you would like to be taken off, use one of the methods above!)

As of right now, only the writing I have put out is on AO3 and Tumblr. I plan to update this in the future. Because I am a student, I ask that you are patient with me.

Thank you so much for your interest in this AU!

AO3 Link

Tumblr Link


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