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#oh also i forgot to add that their laughs in this clip make my brain feel like pop rocks
thegardenoferos · 5 days ago
Okay wait hold up after scrolling through @bdubsclips I realized I have my favorite older Bdubs and Etho moment from Mindcrack! They’re idiots your honor
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quirklessidiot · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
title : cigarettes and parfaits [3] pairing : older!nanami kento x younger!reader [13 year age gap, ft toji fushiguro] Genre: romance, fluff, slice of life, josei, angst, comedy, strangers to lovers au
Summary: you’re pretty sure you’d remember marrying a man 13 years older than you, right?
Warnings: alcohol, smoking, mild smut, y/n making stupid decisions, everyones a human-au so yeh non-canon stuff and everyone’s happy (periODT) i keep forgeting to add that this isnt beta-rread..all of my stories arent so yeah shshs Notes: ah, i feel like this story will be lengthen more than 8-10 chapters shshshs i wanted to add a little spice anyways thanks for all the comments uwu ily all!
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Tumblr media
You cringe in embarrassment as soon as you hear that awfully familiar and cheerful voice, you could barely remember this man and the events that transpired the night before but here he was, acting like your new best friend. You weren’t even sure if you wanted to go here but you needed clarity. Surely you didn’t just legally marry a man at an Izakaya out of all places last night?
“Oh, you actually did marry him.” Gojo Satoru proclaims as soon as you take a seat across him, he gestures around his face, “I could tell by your whole, ‘I hope this guy is messing with me’ face. You have it, signed and sealed. Even got the cute matchy rings that I had one of my assistants delivered.”
You pale at the thought of his assistant coming in with a silver ring. Wasn’t he sober? How could he not have stopped you two from doing something as reckless and stupid as this? Weren’t older men supposed to be more responsible than this?
“Why the hell didn’t you stop us?” You groaned, burying your face in your hands, embarrassment painted all over your features.
“I was just as drunk as you two.” He confessed, scratching his head, “probably even more drunk but anyways back to the topic in hand, I only remembered it when the same assistant came in and congratulated me about it. It’s good I had your number on my phone before you two bailed.”
“So you don’t really remember?”
“Bits and pieces.” Gojo grinned, this guy was a maniac, how did the serious man you met just this morning have friends like this? You probably wouldn’t even last long, “I did call Nanami-”
He’s cut off by the rough sound of someone pulling a chair out, you immediately jump on your seat when you realize it’s Nanami Kento, the guy from this morning. The man you had recklessly married!
“This better be some prank you’re pulling, Satoru.” His voice was anything but kind that you almost wanted to hide behind Gojo’s back.
“Hey, hey.” Gojo raises his hands, “Don’t look at me. I didn’t force you into anything and stop scaring your poor little partner.”
Nanami snaps his gaze towards you and you notice how his eyes soften just a bit when he sees your red ears and your eyes looking away from him, “You better call Geto and fucking fix this, I refuse to bother this young-”
“It’s fine.” You cut him off, still shy and red, “It’s...fine...I just…Please don’t think I’m burdened by it. It was technically my fault for even agreeing immediately.”
Nanami clenches his jaw and turns away, “Nevertheless. L/N-san’s young. I hope to not be such an uncouth man like you.” he retorts, voice sharp as he eyes the white-haired businessman up and down. Gojo, seemingly used to it, rolls his eyes behind his dark shades.
“Maybe you guys should try it out.”
The blonde man looks like he’s about to smite the white-haired man out of existence yet Satoru remains oblivious to his friend’s gaze, “Don’t ya think so? It will take a while for those divorce papers to settle in so why don’t you two go out and get to know each other? Who knows…” he sing-songs the last part and Nanami is so close to chunking his briefcase towards the tall businessman, not even caring 
“Ah, he’s not exactly wrong, Nanami-san.” you try to calm him down, placing a small hand on his broad shoulder.
“Don’t tell me you’re actually listening to this idiot’s idea.” Nanami replied, gaze narrowing.
“Not really but you have some problems I can help you out on and I have problems that you can help me out on...Of course, the last say is on you...”
“Told you I actually had a brain.” Satoru piped in.
“Shut up, Satoru.” he quips, then turns to you, “I’m thirteen years older than you, L/N-san. I have two high school kids that could pass off as your siblings, and-”
“Well, I technically did marry you.”
“You were drunk.”
“Doesn’t exactly really excuse it.” You laugh nervously, “The whole divorce process usually lasts up to a few months, some even takes a whole year. I could help you out with the boys and I can use you to ward my family off from moving back home.”
Nanami is quiet for a moment, actually thinking about it. Weighing the pros and the cons, not only would you be able to help him out but you’d also be able to get Gojo and blind-dating out of his back.
There really wasn’t anything he could loose, really.
“Or you two might fall in love.” Satoru teases, making Nanami throw him another side-eye, as if saying ‘I dare you to say another word.’
Tumblr media
It’s a Thursday today and Sukuna absolutely loathed Thursdays     apparently because it reminded him of Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. They all were far from the weekend     Everyone seems to be happier than usual though. Maybe it was because you were there teaching some basic shit at the board or something.
“...and if we transfer this here and change the positive to a negative, you’ll end up having five as your answer.” You smile, placing your chalk down, “Does anyone have any questions?”
Echoes of no’s resonated throughout the room.
“Alright then, let’s end the lesson here so you guys can have an early lunch. I don’t think an assignment is in order since many of you were able to get a perfect score in the activity awhile ago.” You winked. A couple of whoops resonated throughout the whole class right after. 
As the kids shuffle out of the room of the class, Sukuna remains behind. The ojisan had cooked them something delicious this morning and he wanted to eat it in peace without that pesky Nobara grabbing a share from his bento and Yuuji’s annoying babbles about horror movies with his best friend Junpei (the only one who was really bearable was Megumi, really)
“Sukuna-kun?” you called out, snapping him out of his small trance,  “Are you alright?”
He notices a glint of worry in your eyes, he had to admit since his transfer here last Monday, you were the least annoying teacher in the academy     the blue-haired professor in Japanese literature was absolute shit since he loved to tease him a lot and that bald-headed teacher in science who looked a lot like Mike Wazowski was an annoying twerp who loved dawdling in him and Yuuji’s business     and you were kind of good at your job. Not only did his idiot of a brother stop coming to him and their ojisan for help in math but he could actually do the worksheets right and get an actual decent grade at it.
“Yeah.” he roughly replies.
“That’s good.” You smiled, he watched as you bind their worksheets together and clip them in utmost delicacy, “You should head to the cafeteria now, I heard they’re serving milk bread today.”
Without saying anything more, you left the room, leaving him there in the silence.
Well, the Christmas tree idiot was right.
You kind of had a motherly aura on you and it didn’t even look forced.
No wonder, everyone in this room was whipped for you despite your subject being a pain in the ass.
Tumblr media
“You look like an idiot.” You mumbled as you slapped Mahito’s hand away in annoyance, your workmate wiggling his eyebrows like the little shit he is.
You completely forgot you did have someone like Gojo Satoru in your life and it was one of your co-workers, Mahito, a Japanese literature teacher who was too nosy for his own good.
“You’ve got a ring on your ring finger and a mailman comes in and gives you an invite for Zen’in Toji’s fortieth birthday.” he whistles, “Even Jogo-sensei gossiped by the water cooler awhile ago, saying that you had eloped with the man. Not that I’m judging you or anything...”
You choke on your saliva, clearly thrown off by the backhanded comment. That darn bald-headed fool that looked like the green eyed monster from the DreamWorks cartoon, he sure needed to lay off the gossip and actually focus on his job as the head of the science department, “You’re not denying it.” Mahito stated, narrowing his eyes in suspicion, “Why aren’t you denying it?”
“I’m not dating Megumi-kun’s father.” You grumbled, finishing up your paperwork, “That man is off limits.”
“Right,” he drawls on sarcastically, “...because you have a strict rule against dating hot older men with money.”
“I also teach his kids and his cousin…” You deadpan.
“We don’t even have a rule against that.” He retorts, rolling his eyes, “If we did, Hanami-sensei would’ve been fired a long time ago.”
“You’re an asshole.”
“And you’re so secretive. If it isn’t Toji Zen’in, who’d ask you out?”
“Hey, I do have a man.” You huffed, “and he’s very kind and considerate...”
The image of the tall and lean man sleeping next to you slowly wormed its way back from your memory and you feel your cheeks start to flush. Good god, what were you? twelve? How embarrassing.
You needed to get that image off of your head, it wasn’t right.
It was all temporary, anyways and he doesn’t even see you in that sort of way-
“Yes, I’m Sukuna and Yuuji Itadori’s guardian…” a very familiar stoic voice could be heard from the nearby table, cutting your thoughts short. Wait, were you so head over heels for the man that you started imagining him here? Yuuji and Sukuna’s guardian? Wait a minute.
All color drained from your face as you snap your head behind you to find the same man you were imagining.
Oh no.
Oh no, indeed.
There stood Nanami Kento in all his glory;  crisp suit, stoic face, and eyes laced with mild worry.
“...L/N-sensei is Sukuna-kun’s adviser, by the way. It would be best to discuss this with them.” Akari somberly informed the man, turning to your direction. You don’t miss the shift of expressions when he sees you standing there.
Your mouth parts and you know you look like gawking fish trapped in a small aquarium.
“Akari-sensei’s looking at you with the new hot daddy.” Mahito mumbles next to you, eyeing him up and down, “Definitely wonder where all these old men come from these days.”
You were only half-listening to your co-worker because your head was all over the place, just what were the odds that he was the guardian of the new transferee’s? Just how awkward would everything be? Why did it even have to be at this school out of all places?
Never ending questions pop out of your head as you approached them, “Good afternoon, Nanami-san.” Your smile comes out very stiff and awkward while you hold your hand out for him to shake, clearly there was no memo on how you were suppose to act around your sort-of-fake-husband-whos-kids-you-actually-taught.
Nanami reverts back to his stoic expression as he clears his throat, “Yes, good afternoon to you too, L/N-sensei.” he greets, maintaining a straight-laced tone.
“Akari-sensei says that Sukuna has been class…” you try to rack your brains up to describe his kid.
“Your son literally pointed out that the history lesson I was teaching was fake and that I should study again so he could get his tuition’s worth.” Akari looks clearly perplexed and ready to throttle the boy if it was legal. You had to admit, Sukuna went overboard with that insult.
You knew how passionate Nitta was about her job and what Sukuna just said to her was like a big ‘fuck you, you suck.’ to her.
“I’ll be sure to talk to him about this,” he sighs, bowing down, “I’d like to ask for forgiveness for that, the boy is a good and smart student-”
“Nanami-san, the school not only cares about grades but character as well.” Akari Nitta sighed, cutting him off, “I’ll let this slide once, if he does that again, it goes on the record.”
You internally bit your cheek, still trying to process everything that was going on.
“I understand. Thank you for that.”
“I’ll walk him out, sensei.” You immediately say soon after, wanting to have some alone time with him, “Let’s go, Nanami-san.”
You walk right next to him silently, some students peerlessly glancing at the tall blonde next to you but you were too immersed in thought to notice the stares, “Nanami-san?” you ask softly as soon as you reach the exit.
Nanami Kento looks at you, his eyes still laced with a bit of worry, “It’s okay.” you silently comforted him, “Just talk to him calmly.”
“That’s not the problem.” he sighed, “I just didn’t expect that the person I married would be the boy’s teacher.”
You sweat drop, “Aren’t you worried about talking to Sukuna? I mean, he literally just disrespected a teacher and you said that he and you weren’t in good-”
“It’s easier to talk to him about that rather than…” he paused, showing his ring, “this.”
You blinked.
Seemed like Nanami knew what to say about the little attitude problem his son had, “So you must be used to this?” you asked, “Him disrespecting the teacher?”
You notice the shift of expressions on his face, you had only known this man for a few days so far but he was starting to get easier to read. His eyes shed more emotion than his face, no wonder he likes wearing those funny sunglasses a lot.
“It’s something I’ve scolded him over a couple of times,” he gruffed, trying to dance around the subject, it seemed like he had such a soft spot to the point where he had a problem with disciplining them, “At times I believe it’s just because he’s way too smart for his age. The boy has read history books for fun when he was a kid and solved quadratic equations to prove that he’s better than me when he was ten.”
“It still doesn’t give him the free pass to say things like that to a teacher”
“I know,” he acknowledged, “I’ll be sure to give him a better scolding-”
“No, you see. This is why he thinks he can get away with it. He isn’t afraid of you. You’ll only probably tell him that you can’t do that.” you frown, crossing your arms, “You do know that not all sensei’s are as nice as Akari-sensei and he could get in trouble for that even more in the future, right?”
Silence lingered between you two for a moment and suddenly you realize that you must’ve said something way off the rails.
“I..” you turn red, embarrassed by the sudden outburst, “That was too much, wasn’t it?”
You look at him directly in the eye, the worry-filled ones are now replaced with a softer gaze. God, he really needed to stop looking at you like a kid. It would only make this set-up more awkward!
“No,” he mumbles, “It...It wasn't too much…”
“Oh.” you cleared your throat, flustered and looking away from his face, “Well, okay then goodbye then Nanami-sa-”
You needed to get out of this conversation quick.
Your gaze snaps directly towards him, clearly taken aback by the correction.
“We’re technically married now, right?” he softly corrected, “Call me Kento.”
“Oh,” You uttered again, this time softly. You looked down on your shoes, it seemed like the floor looked really interesting now, “Then bye-bye, Kento.”
“Bye Y/N.”
He leaves you standing there, cursing yourself because of your erratic heartbeat at the way he says your name in that voice. First name basis? okay, totally normal for sort-of lovers, right?
Tumblr media
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The Gym Rat and His Brat. (Florian Munteanu x Reader Imagine)
Tumblr media
A/N- Hi sorry for the cheesy title but I couldn’t think of anything else lol. Also like this is one of the dirtiest things I’ve ever written and I’m nervous?? I’m blaming Florian and his thirst trapping ass for posting this pic and making me have hoe thots, like always🥵. Anyway, this was a random idea and I decided to join two prompts I was sent. Hope you enjoy and I apologize for the filth....also sorry if this isn’t your thing, carry on without my filth ruining your day. 🙈✌🏼 
-Prompt #1 sent by @thatgirly81 “Florian with the i may have left some marks prompt please!”
-Prompt #2 sent by @honeychicana “I know you can be louder than that.”
Warnings- FILTHy SMUT,Daddy!dom,Brat!sub,fluff,creampie,choking,teasing,vibrator usage..masturbation,slight I said...filthy. 😬
WC-2,755. Excuse any mistakes my brain is mush.
✨As always, all my stories are written with a Black/WOC reader in mind and are purely for fun.Enjoy!✨
      Florian had been gone for hours, he left for the gym from your shared condo in the middle of your cuddle session. It was turning into more til he decided the gym was more important at the moment. Leaving you frustrated and bored on the couch. He said it would be a quick workout but you should’ve known better. 
You were horny and tired of waiting for him. Seeing as he left you literally wanting and waiting, you needed to get back at him. You couldn’t hold in the brat any longer. 
You text him. *Almost done?🥺* 
He read it but didn’t reply. He knew how you got, especially when he read your texts but didn’t reply. He wanted to do this. So, that’s why he wound you up and then left suddenly. Well, he was gonna get his wish…
You sent him another text. 
*I’m waiting. I want you.*
 He replied with a photo. 
*Is this what you want?*
*Yes, please daddy 🥺*
*I don't think you deserve this. Beg.*
You thought to yourself, imagining the ways you wanted the night to go. Since he seemed to want to handle your bratty ass, you decided to add more fuel to the fire.
*No.* you reply and giggle to yourself. Game on.
*Excuse me?*  He didn’t expect that. Usually, whenever he told you to beg you would start before he even finished the word. 
*I said no. You said you’d be back, soon. I’ve been waiting for almost two hours.* 
*Maybe I’ll go out with Masias now since you want to be a little brat.*
*Then maybe I’ll use my friend in the nightstand since you won’t get back here and fuck me.* 
*Don’t test me.*
You send him a selfie, holding the tip of your favorite vibrator which was also the one he loved to tease you with just inside your mouth.
*I’ll be back soon.*
*Soon. He says while still flexing in front of a mirror. 🙄🙄*
You took it a step further...
He’s typing out a reply when his phone vibrates in his hand. 
 *Video Message Received*  
He taps the screen prompting the video to play and he almost drops his phone. Your moans fill his ears, although the gym was empty he was still thankful for the wireless earbuds. He pauses the video to take a seat on a nearby workout bench. He can’t believe you took it this far, although he had hoped you would let your bratty side out,but this? This was unexpected but very appreciated, not that he would let you know that least not at the moment. He smirked to himself. Palming his erection over his shorts then pressed play to continue watching.
Your moans and whimpers fill his ears again as he watches you fuck yourself with the vibrator, jealous it wasn’t him. It glistens with your cum in the camera flash as you glide it in and out of you while moaning his name. The clip ends with you placing it in your mouth and winking at the camera. 
     You see the three little bubbles pop up that indicates he was typing as you toss your phone to the side to continue pleasuring yourself. 
The screen lights up and you read his reply. 
*You better not cum.* 
You laugh to yourself but stop your movements. You knew the video would get him and he was probably on his way to you right now. You’d play nice for now and wait for him to make his appearance before you continued. 
*No promises. I’m really close and this toy is hitting all the right spots.* You reply. Your message instantly shows as ‘read’ and you can almost hear the deep breath he lets out as if he was right there with you.  
      Barely even ten minutes later you hear him enter the apartment. His heavy steps louder as he draws closer to the bedroom. Your heart was pounding in your chest. Goosebumps appear on your skin and excitement bubbles inside you. It’s been a while since you were this much of a brat. You couldn’t wait for what was next. You continue your earlier actions, your legs spread open just for him. Facing the door so he’ll get a full view when he enters. You moan his name as the door swings open, making a loud thud against the wall. 
You jump a little, slight fear cutting through your excitement and arousal. You look up to see him standing in the doorway. His massive size taking up the whole door frame. His jaw was clenched, muscular arms hanging by his sides, fingers twitching. Anger rolling off of him in waves. 
“What are you doing playing with my pussy?” He practically growls. 
“It’s not yours. It’s mine. ” you tell him while sliding the vibrator over your clit, a wicked smile on your face.
“Is that right?” He questions. 
“Yup. All mine.” You answer.
He walks over to you and his hand goes to your throat.
“Is this the game you wanna play? You wanna be my little brat?” His voice is low, lips near your ear and his hot breath on your neck.
“I’m always your little brat.” You reply with a giddy smile and try to pull off his shirt. 
“I didn’t say you could touch me. You aren’t even supposed to be touching yourself.”
He backs away from you and undresses. Standing just out of your reach his hard length in his hand, his eyes never leaving yours as he strokes himself slowly. You lick your lips and he smirks before he runs his other hand over his hair and beard slowly, knowing how much you were enjoying the view.
“Flo-” you whine. His eyebrows shoot up. Whoops,you meant to say Daddy but Florian came out. 
He walks over, his heavy muscular body hovers over you, before laying next to you propped up on his elbow. His eyes roam over your naked body as you lay there anticipating his next move. He blows gently over your nipples causing your breath to stutter. You wanted so badly to touch him. His scent and proximity making you even hornier.
You whimper. “Daddy,please-”
“Be quiet. Lay back and turn off that toy.” You forgot you even still had it, you turn it off and place it next to you. You had a feeling he wanted to use it on you later...
“Hands behind your head.” You do as instructed. He gently caresses your face before tracing his thumb over your lip and you take it in your mouth without prompt. He smiles at you and kisses your neck before whispering in your ear.
“I love you and that mouth of yours.” 
He trails his hand down to your breasts, slowly tracing each nipple before continuing down your body. His fingertips trace a circle over your hip before he slaps the top of your thigh causing you to jump then you spread your legs. 
“Good girl.” He places his large palm flat over you. He can feel how wet you are, he saw just how wet earlier but finally feeling you almost has him losing control. Collecting some of your slick, teasing you a bit before swirling his finger gently over your clit and back to laying his palm flat against you. 
“Look at you ,baby. So wet and just for me. I can’t wait to feel that pretty little pussy wrapped around my dick” 
Your hips begin moving as you grind against his palm. His smile turns wicked as he shoves two of his thick fingers in you. You moan out in pleasure finally having some part of him in you as your hips continue grinding on him. He curls his fingers slightly and starts to pump them in and out of you, loving the noises your wet pussy was making from just his fingers.
“You like that, Princess? You like having Daddy’s thick fingers in you like that? He’s getting you ready for his dick. Answer me.” he stops pumping his fingers in you.
“Yes! I love Daddy’s fingers in me.” you cry out.
He chuckles darkly before continuing to finger fuck you. 
 His fingers were magic but you needed more, before you realized, your hands find your nipples tugging and pinching them. He slaps your hands away and replaces them with his lips. Taking each nipple in his mouth swirling his tongue around before gently biting and pulling away with a pop. He brings his mouth to yours and kisses you deeply. His beard burning against your skin but you didn’t care. You moan into his mouth and your hands find the back of his head and you leave scratches across his thick shoulders. 
He pulls away with a wince. You bite your lip as he looks at you in disbelief. You knew he was filming and still had shirtless scenes to shoot. He didn’t need nail marks on him. He takes your hands and pins them above your head. 
“I didn’t say you could touch me yet, brat.” He lightly nips your ribs and arms causing you to squirm.
 “You know you aren’t supposed to leave marks on me.”
“But you’re mine daddy and I want people to know that.”  
“Oh, they know baby. Just like the neighbors are gonna know who you belong to.” 
 He withdraws his fingers and slowly brings them to his mouth. You moan at the sight of him sucking his fingers clean of your juices. 
“Are you ready for me baby?”
You laugh giddily. 
“Yes,I’m ready. Please, fuck me.” He waits for your reply before lining himself up to you and slowly enters your warmth. Your legs wrap around him holding him in you before he withdraws and slams back into you. 
   His strokes are deep and slow at first making your eyes roll to the back of your head. He pinches your nipples and grunts feeling you clench around him. His thrusts never faltering, he knew exactly how to get you to the edge. You were right there, your brain starting to get fuzzy and your body was beginning to tingle.
“Please. Please. Can I cum?”
“Are you begging? What happened to the brat that said she didn’t beg? Are you done being a brat?”
“Yes! Yes, daddy, I’m done. Please let me cum.”
“You’ve been the biggest brat today and I don’t think you learned your lesson.”
He abruptly slides out of you leaving you empty and frustrated more than ever. He pulls away and watches you in amusement as you writhe on the bed with need. Your whines and whimpering are like music to his ears.
“Florian, please. Please. I need you please.” You're repeating yourself not even making sense but you just want the release you’d been teased with all night. 
He’s sitting back on his knees stroking his hard dick that was coated with your slick as you watch. You grab the discarded vibrator from next to you and start fucking yourself chasing your orgasm. He moves faster than you thought he could, grabbing it from you leaving you empty once again. You shout impatiently as he takes it in one hand and holds your wrists tightly above your head in his other.
“Look at you. My greedy, needy gorgeous girl.” He playfully mocks. 
“Ugh Florian, please. No more teasing I can’t take anymore. Please I need you in me. Ple-” The last please is cut short as he crashes his lips into yours again and pulls away. He grabs your chin forcing you to look at him. 
“Call me Florian again and I’ll tie you to this bed and leave you here while I cum on these tits.” He pinches your nipple harder than usual causing you to wince. “Understand?”
You swallow thickly and nod your head. “Yes, daddy.”
“That’s my girl.” He let’s go of your chin and pushes one of your knees to your chest and slams his hips into you. His pace slow again at first until you feel the vibrator on your clit and his thrusts speed up. Your moans turn to cries of pleasure as you teeter on the edge but you knew better than to cum without permission. 
“Can I cum daddy, please?” You plead under him biting your lip trying to hold back your impending orgasm. His thrusts don’t let up. He bites your neck and sucks the soft skin leaving a mark to show you who you belong to. 
“You want to cum for me? Tell daddy whose pretty pussy this is.” He breathlessly grunts. You don’t reply fast enough so he holds himself still in you, his hand going to your throat gently squeezing. 
“Fucccccck,yes daddy.” A smile on your face as your head starts to spin. 
“You wanna cum,babygirl?”
“Yes, daddy.” You mumble. 
“I know you can be louder than that...Tell. Me. Whose. Pussy. This. Is.” His hips meet yours as he pounds into you after each word.
“Yours. All yours.” You shout  looking into his eyes.
“You got that right baby girl. Now cum for me y/n and show me whose pussy this really is.”
He grunts in your ear. It’s all you needed,his permission and you were gone. Your scream turns into a soft whimper as you finally lose yourself in your orgasm. Your walls clenching his hard length that was buried in you. You turn to jelly, your whole body on fire but also numb. It was heaven, you were gonna be sore for days. “Fuck! I love feeling you cum just for me baby.” He groans above you. 
 .. But,he wasn’t finished with you yet. He reluctantly pulls out of you and flips you over onto your stomach, slightly angling your hips up, spreading you open seeing your dripping pussy clench onto nothing. He runs his tip over you before slipping back inside with a deep moan. He fucks you relentlessly, slapping your ass a few times as your face is pressed into the mattress. ”Gonna fill you up, princess. You want that?” You nod your head yes and he gives you one last deep thrust before you feel him spill deep inside of you coating your walls with his cum as another orgasm hits you. He pulls out of you and you whimper at the loss of him.  He turns you around and brings you to his chest cradling you in his large arms. You’ve got a blissful dopey smile on your face as he brings his lips to yours again. His hands run up and down your back gently and he whispers into your ear. 
“There’s my girl. You did so good,Y/N. I love you, baby girl. You ok, baby? You here with me?” 
Your heart softens at how he returns back to being the gentle sweet calm giant you loved so much. You can’t really form words so you mumble an “mmhmm” and nuzzle into his big warm chest. A few more moments pass as he continues to rub your back and give you constant reassurance he knew was necessary. His thumb was gently rubbing across your cheek as he peppered kisses across your face and neck when you were finally able to form a thought. 
“I love you, Florian.” 
“I love you, y/n.”
“Thank you for always taking care of me. In and out of the bedroom. I would say sorry for being a brat but look where it got us.” You wink then look into his beautiful green eyes. You trace your fingers across his muscular chest, down his arm then interlace your fingers in his. 
“You’re welcome baby. No need to thank me. You know I love you and your bratty ass. More than you’ll ever know.” 
“Even if I may have left some marks on you? I’m sorry, I know you’re still filming.” Your cheeks warm with embarrassment as you cover your face with your hand. 
“Hey, that’s ok, love. I left some on you,too.” He pulls your hand away from your face and places a soft kiss on your cheek and nuzzles his nose in your neck.
“Let’s not worry about that now. We need pizza!” 
“And a bath!” 
“Yes,a bath!” He tries to get up but you don’t move. 
“Carry me, please?” You pout at him. 
He chuckles sweetly and his heart swells at the sight of you. 
“Of course. Anything for my bratty little baby.” He says then boops your nose. 
Sorry if this was trash I have no confidence in my smut writing and ahhh idk I’m nervous posting this ok bye thanks for reading. I will stick to writing my fluff and teasing from now on. 🙈💖
Thank you for reading,hope you enjoyed! Lemme know what you think about it! ☺️💖
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drariellevalentine · a year ago
Medically Inevitable
Chapter 4- Radical Revelations
Characters:- Arielle Valentine, Sienna Trinh, Bryce Lahela, Landry Olsen, Elijah Greene, Jackie Varma, Rafael Aveiro, Ethan Ramsey, Harper Emery
Pairing:- Arielle Valentine x Ethan Ramsey
Warnings:- None
Tumblr media
Arielle’s PoV:-
Completely exhausted from the day’s events, you head into the locker room and take a nice but quick hot shower. Drying off, you quickly change into a cute pearl silk tied top with a comfy pair of ripped jeans. Taking out the bun in your hair, you decide to let your hair down, parting deep to the left, caressing your revealed shoulders.
You enter Donahue’s to find it completely packed. You try to squeeze inside apologising every now and then and look around to spot your friends.
You finally find them sitting in a table at the furthest corner of the bar.
"Long day?" Si asks as soon as I slump into the seat next to her.
“You have no idea, according an 18 year old, I look younger than him, so apparently I not eligible to be a doctor cause I look too cute!," I sigh dramatically and she giggles.
"Careful please," Bryce says before placing a tray of shots in our table.
Jackie scoffs, " Why are you even buying us drinks, meathead?"
"He's being nice, Jackie.”, Sienna smiles.
"Yeah, and also you think you could afford to buy that tonight?" I add.
"Sure," she rolls her eyes, "Thank youu," she says sarcastically.
Bryce laughs. "Think of it as a good luck drink guys. You are going to need a lot of luck to get into the diagnostics team."
"Wrong meathead. What we need is brains and hard work. Duh!"
"And luck," Bryce adds smirking, ‘lots of luck’. He emphasizes on the word "luck".
After minutes of bickering in between Bryce and Jackie, Bryce leaves to join his fellow surgeons. But my friends are still talking over the fellowship.
"I can't still believe they'll be taking an intern in the team!" I hear Landry say, his voice filled with excitement. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they'll even consider giving an intern a spot in the team let alone train them."
"Cheers on that," Jackie says forwarding a glass.
"Let's have a toast guys," Elijah forwards his glass. "To having a marvelous fellowship."
As we all toast to it I say, "Honestly guys, good luck. I won't be joining the fellowship but I wish the best of luck to you all." I smile. Everyone stares at me like I just refused a million dollars.
"You won't be joining the competition?!" Jackie asks shocked. "But why?"
"Not everyone wants to join the diagnostics team, Jackie," Landry states.
"Maybe not everyone, but Arielle does. The diagnostics team is the very thing that made Arielle apply here, in Edenbrook. That's one of the many things she said to me the day we met." Jackie turns to me then giving me a look that says "I want an answer".
"I know. The diagnostics team is what made me apply here on the first place, but I changed my mind. I got through my first week because of you guys. I don't think I could have done it if you guys were not there to support me," Sienna places a hand on my shoulder, giving me an understanding look.
"I don't want to ruin our friendship by competing with you guys. I need you guys by my side not against me."
"Idiotic choice but your call," Jackie rolls her eyes. And I smile as Sienna hugs me. A while later, you all head home for the day.
General PoV:-
Harsh sunlight streams through the open curtains of Arielle’s magazine cover worthy bedroom. Arielle turns around in her bed to grab her phone from her nightstand. The alarm clock catches her eye ‘9:15 a.m.’ She bolts right up in bed, rushing to her closet while ranting a ton of expletives. Hearing the commotion, Elijah and Sienna rush inside to see Arielle on the floor half-naked tangled in a bunch of clothes. Sienna stares at her in confusion while Elijah understands what’s going on and bursts out laughing.
“What’s so funny?”, Arielle asks.
“You forgot today’s our day off, didn’t you?”, Elijah asks knowingly.
“It is? Oh shit! I completely forgot!”
They help Arielle out of the tangle of clothes. “Anyways, we were thinking of going to a baseball game so...I bought everyone matching t-shirts but they only come in two sizes you’ll have to adjust yours. Only then Arielle notices their shirts. Sienna hands her an red oversized t-shirt. “We’re leaving in an hour, get ready!”
Arielle’s PoV:-
You shower and slip on a robe after drying yourself off. “There’s no way in hell I’m wearing this!”, you exclaim holding up the red,baggy, oversized shirt. If there’s one thing you care about, it’s your style. You grab a pair of fabric shears and crop the oversized shirt folding the hem to create a neat finish using fabric glue, then cinch the extra fabric on the slides and secure it in place with a few stitches. You hold up the newly altered shirt and look to your mirror. “Much better!” Pairing it with a pair of studded white jeggings, white heel sandals and a couple of accessories, you sit down on your vanity’s stool. You take out your braid from last night, leaving thick curls in its place. You carefully clip your hair out of place and decide to brush on a little extra makeup. After finishing with your usual moisturiser, concealer and primer, you accentuate your almond eyes with a jet black eyeliner and brush out your brows. Knowing that you won’t need any help in the blush department, you move on to your lips. You decide on your favourite red transfer-proof lipstick ‘Bold Beauty’. You grab a crossbody purse and place your wallet, keys, phone and other essentials and head to the living room.
“What do you think? Is it too much?”, you ask uncertainly.
“Hot damn!”, says Jackie.
“You look gorgeous.”, Sienna says.
“Woah! You look good!”, says Landry.
“Someone call the fire department cause it’s getting hot in here!”, exclaims Elijah.
You blush furiously. “Thanks guys, I’ll drive us there.
You pile in the car as Elijah rides shotgun and gives you directions. You reach there at 10:30. “Ok, 10 minutes till game starts. Everyone split up and stand in a different line and get one of everything. I’ll get the drinks.” Sienna tells everyone where the seats are and everyone splits up. You get a drink tray full of sodas, beers and a lemonade for you, everything packed with ice, and head down to the first row where you find everyone holding snacks.
“Great seats Elijah!”, says Sienna.
“Have to be close to fully appreciate the bloodbath, these teams loathe each other.”
Landry and Elijah start geeking out as you, Jackie and Sienna are talking.
“So...I may or may have not seen you get into Dr. Ramsey’s car yesterday.”, Sienna slyly says.
“Crap!”, you think.
“Tell us everything!”, says Sienna.
“Seriously?”, Jackie asks.
You slowly confide in them about yesterday’s events and what you confessed about your personal life.
“Oh my god, Ari! I’m so sorry!” Sienna pulls you into a hug.
“It’s okay, I’m fine now.”
“Now I feel really bad for judging you, also very surprised and impressed that you managed to get away with sleeping on Dr. Terminator’s shoulder.”, says Jackie.
“It isn’t that big of a deal!”, you counter. Both of them give you a look. “Ok, fine, it is. He was actually really sweet, he even tried to console me.”, you confess. Sienna smiles wide at the mention of this.
“Anyways, you both have to promise not to say a word about this.”, you give them a pleading pout. Jackie’s about to ask about something else when you realise some kind of commotion is going on.
"Oh no, did he faint?" Si says and I look forward to see Jake Sandburg, one of the players lying on the floor. 
The other players rush to his side trying to wake him up.
"Uh, coach, he's in real bad shape," another player says leaning down beside him.
Their team manager hurries out," Damn our team physician quit on us just before the game."
"Is there any doctor here?" The manager asks and on instinct all of our hands goes up.
The manager looks clearly shocked to see five doctors in a front row but doesn't express it as we move towards the field asking the other players to help us move Jake inside.
We follow the other Nighthawker players into their locker as they carry Jake on a stretcher.
"Have you called 911?" I ask their manager.
"Yeah, the paramedics are on their way," the manager sighs, " Poor kid."
"Lay him here," I hear Jackie instruct them as they follow.
"He's got a pulse, but his breathing is shallow," Sienna says in a low and shaky voice. This sudden situation is clearly affecting her.
Landry pulls a stethoscope from his bag and places it against his chest.
"Sounds like fluid build up. We have to solve it fast or else he could be in trouble," Landry announces.
As the others take his vitals, Elijah and I  go to ask his teammates some questions, which we think might help us to crack the case.
"Is there anything we can do to help?" One of the player asks as we approach them.
"You can help us by answering some questions. Has this ever happened before?"
"Not as far as we know," he looks at his other teammates. " Also he had to pass a physical test just recently."
"He was called up from the minor league just a few weeks ago," the manager adds.
"Did he complain about any pain recently?"  Elijah asks.
"No, he was pretty quite, kept to himself. I think he was worried," the player says. "About what?"
The player shares a look with his manager as soon as I ask that. 
"Look, he's been struggling in the majors. I was in discussions with ownership to send him back down to the minors," the manager answers, a pained expression plastered across his face.
"Did he know about it?" Elijah asks in between.
" You know, the guys talk. Rumors."
"He was kinda freaking out about it, he kept sweating, hyperventilating," the manager adds and I make a mental note of it.
"Hyperventilating... How often?"
"I only saw it a couple of times," the managers states.
"Well, it could've been panic attacks," I conclude thoughtfully.
"He always seemed tired too. Yawing in the meetings, like he didn't get any sleep at all," the player from before says.
"Have you seen any changes in his behavior recently?" Elijah asks.
"Uh, I guess he's been hitting the ice bath a lot recently. Probably because of feeling sore," the guys answers. "But he'd do it even in the days when he wasn't playing," the guys adds after a moment.
"Thanks you for the help. Was he on any medications?" I ask before moving towards the table
"No. The team doctor left all the prescriptions and Sandburg wasn't prescribed anything," the manager says going through the charts.
"Thank you that'll be it," I say and look forward to find a player from the opposite team sneaking in. 
"Hey! You aren’t allowed here," I motion the others towards him as the player who was helping us moves towards him. But then to my surprise he hugs him and the other one whispers words of encouragement in his ears.
"Wait, weren't you two fighting in the field?" I ask shocked.
" Yeah, but that's only on the field. Ray and I grew up playing together in the streets of Miami. We are basically family," The Nighthawker player concludes.
“It’s that easy?”, you ask.
“When we’re in a game, our minds are focused on the game. But the minute it’s over, we’re brothers again. Iron sharpening iron, you know.”, he says but your mind is somewhere else.
“Iron sharpening iron. Competing makes them stronger...” You run back towards the patient.
I think it's a drug interaction. His medicines are amplifying each other out," I announce reaching them. "Two medications perfectly fine on their own, cauting each other to have an outsized affect."
"Oh, that could be it!" Sienna says, a sudden excitement hinting in her voice.
" But the team manager said that their previous doctor didn't prescribe him anything," Elijah says confused.
"Sandburg was already worried about being cut. If the team knew he had a medical condition, they'd be oven less likely to keep him around," I reply.
"So you think he kept him situation quiet to keep his job? Wouldn't be the first time someone's done that," Jackie shrugs .
"What do you think he was taking?" Landry asks.
"Well, maybe something for his panic attacks. Let's say fluoxetine," I reply to him
" That could be it. Getting a prescription for that isn't really hard..."
"Okay, maybe you are right. But what was reacting with it. What else was he taking?" Jackie cuts in between.
"Something for his soreness. His team members said he'd be sore even the days he was not pitching," I answer remembering what the player said.
"It could have been arthritic inflammation," Sienna states.
"Right? He's male in his twenties..." I try to think what it could be.
"Ankylosing Spondylitis!" Landry says.
"He could've been taking N.S.A.I.D for it, like - celecoxib," I say while checking his locker, " Here they are." I say taking out the medicines proving what we said is right.
" It could be doing irreparable damage to his kidneys! We gotta take him to the hospital as soon as possible," Elijah says.
The sound of helicopter blades cut through the commotion in the locker.
" The paramedics are here!" Sienna exclaims happily.
Soon the paramedics enter and you see Rafael running towards you. We explain him about the situation.
"Would you like to have a ride on the choper? My shift will end in five minutes. So after dropping Jake to the hospital we could maybe roam around the city," Raf says nervously once we are out of the locker. The other paramedics get Jake in the chopper.
"I would love that," I give him an assuring smile which he returns.
"Great!" He says making his way towards the chopper after asking me to follow him.
"Any certain place you have in mind where you'd like to go?" He asks smiling broadly getting back to the choper after we've successfully admitted Jake.
"Not really," I give him a silly smile.
"We'll have a tour over the whole city then, more fun," he winks and I giggle.
I am really enjoying the birds eye view. The city looks more beautiful from up here. Capturing the breathtaking city from above, I put it on my Instagram story.
The next picture I take is ours, I smile towards the front and Raf's is a candid, he's looking forward flying the chopper but smiling.
I post it on my Instagram feed, tagging Raf and captioning it "Soaring high with @raveirotheemt.”
Tumblr media
You notice you have over 250 likes already. Perks of being famous.
"What do you see?" Raf asks and I look down.
"Edenbrook!" I squeak happily. " The first day in there, the hospital looked so enormous but now it looks so tiny!"
"Everything comes into perspective up here. It's one of the reasons I like it so much."
" How'd you learn to fly?"
"My uncle was a pilot in the Marines. He started teaching me to fly when I was still in high school."
"That was so young!"
"I just saw it as a fun thing to do on the weekends, you know. It was a great way to spend time with a great man," he smiles recalling the memories.
"Are you guys still close?" I ask
"He... He died two years ago."
"I'm so sorry Raf."
"He was really active in our community. When he wasn't flying, he'd organize food drives and buses for anyone struggling," he smiles sadly remembering those days," He's the one who inspired me to be an paramedic. I wanted to help people the way he did."
I nod at him understanding.
"Buckle up. We're ready to land," he tries to say it as normally as possible, smiling. But I know it is just an effort to not let people show his broken side.
“Hey, Jake and many other lives have had a chance to live because of you.”, I assure him.
He relaxes. “You too, Arielle.”
“You both land on Edenbrook’s helicopter pad as staff takes Jake away. You inform them of his condition.
“So... are you ready for the tour?
At first I thought that Beacon Hills were the most beautiful thing I saw today. But when we were taking a turn over Cape Cod Bay, my opinion changed. Nothing can be more beautiful than this. The breathtaking view of the glimmering ways merging with the bright golden sun creating a golden hue in the clear ocean water. The scenery is just breathtaking.
"It is beautiful," I say softly, still looking at the ocean.
"It's the best thing you can see in the city," Raf smiles.
"Can't disagree with that."
"And as much as I would hate for this to end," he smiles sadly, "But I need to return the chopper to the hospital now."
"It's cool Raf, we've been out here on it for a while," I smile.
Within minutes, he manages to fly back to the stadium and drops me off.
You return to your friends and show them the wonderful pics and views that you took.
“Of course!” After some time, you and Si head to the food court for a refill on food and drinks.
Ethan’s PoV:-
You’re stuck closing off an important deal with Banner Health alone, as Harper was called in for an emergency. You’re walking towards the bar in need of a stiff drink when a familiar waft of vanilla and cinnamon hits you. There she is, her beautiful jet black curled tresses falling below her waist, standing near you ordering something. She doesn’t seem to notice you. You turn your head the other way and ask for a club sandwich. A few minutes later, you receive a tray full of cheeseburgers. Somebody calls you.
“Excuse me sir, but it seems our orders got mixed up.” You turn around to find none other than Arielle. Her violet eyes widen in realisation.
“Dr. Ramsey! Hi, guess the world really is small!”, she responds enthusiastically.
“Some would say too small.” A petite intern who often you see beside her comes and doesn’t notice me.
“Hey Ari! I’ll take these down. You coming? In a minute, Sienna.” The intern leaves.
“I wouldn’t have pegged you for a baseball type of guy.”
“And you pegged me just right. I’m here to close a deal with Banner reps. They have me in the box suite, trying to butter me up with lobster and wine.”
“That doesn’t sound so bad...”
“I know it might surprise you, but I’m not one for schmoozing.”
“Nooooo... I don’t believe it. The great Ethan Ramsey doesn’t like it when someone butters him up!”, she feigns shock.
“Would you like to join me?, the words slip out before you can react.
Arielle’s PoV:-
You’re surprised. You’d never thought that your medical hero would need your help. He notices your expression and starts explaining, more like rambling.
“You know I’m not much good at speaking to other people, much less idiots but this is a very important deal for Edenbrook. Harper was taking the reins but she was called in for an emergency. One of your traits is that you’re quite persuasive, I was hoping that would help.”, he says.
“Of course.” You follow him to the private entrance which is blocked by a guard.
“Ah, Dr. Ramsey. The Banner Health execs are waiting.” He gestures for you to follow. The guard stops you.
“I’m afraid I’ll need to see some ID, Miss. Alcoholic beverages are being served.” Dr. Ramsey gets irritated.
“I can assure you she’s older than 21.”, he says. The guard insists. Sighing, you pull out your ID. His eyes flash with recognisation.
“I’m extremely sorry miss, but I have to follow protocol.”
“It’s quite alright.” Dr. Ramsey leads you into the private box, where you see a crowd of ‘business’ dressed people lounging on the posh sofas. He picks up two glasses of Malbec and hands one to you.
“Thank you. To deals, negotiations and whatnot!” He rolls his eyes. “To negotiations.”, he toasts.
“This is quite nice.”
“It is, don’t get used to it. I knew many great doctors, all who swore never to make it about the money but did. Don’t let it become about the money.”
“Ha! If only he knew I had millions of dollars in my name and still live like this.”, you think.
“You’re right. It never should become about the money.”, you say truthfully. Two reps saunter up and start sucking up to him. You roll your eyes internally.
“I’m sure there are many opportunities. By the way, let me introduce you to Dr. Arielle Valentine, one of Edenbrook’s newest interns, and one who shows much promise.”, he says.
Your lawyer/advocate instincts kick into action, which includes an amazing first impression.
“Hello, I’m Dr. Valentine but no formalities between us. I have already been impressed upon the very invaluable and precious bond of Banner Health and Edenbrook and hope today will also add on to that. I’m looking forward to the other ways that you have suggested for this partnership, all to help our patients.”, you say.
“Oh my, if this is who Edenbrook is recruiting these days, our partnership is very sure to exceed high expectations.”, they say. Dr. Ramsey nods in approval. They all start negotiating deals, which end in their favour and not-so-good for Edenbrook. Dr. Ramsey looks to you for help.
“Okay, time to pull out all the stops!”, you mentally prepare yourself. You launch into a very persuasive but subtle argument slowly shifting the deal in Edenbrook’s favour. By the time you’re done, the execs have given their consent and you just got them to add a lot of benefits starting from loans to better rates on different services including neurological and cardiac.
“Thank you, Ethan and Arielle for the pleasure. Perhaps we could meet for a round of golf next week to hammer out the fine points.
“Oh hell no!”, you think.
“Oh! Dr. Ramsey is busy next week but how about later tonight?”, you say. They’re about to agree when you drop the bombshell. “Dr. Ramsey and I have an appointment later this week at the shooting range and self-defence center downtown. Don’t worry, I have quite a few guns to be spared, but be warned, I’m quite experienced.”, you say trying not to burst out laughing seeing their shocked faces. You catch Dr. Ramsey which a not-so-well hidden smirk on his face.
“That’s quite alright, we both have made many commitments later this week.”, say frantically say.
“That’s alright, another time then.” A few minutes later, they both leave claiming they had to go. As soon as they leave, you burst out laughing.
“That was quite an act you put on there.”
“Who said it was an act?” He gives you an incredulous look.
“Anyways, it was quite impressive how you shifted the deal in favour to Edenbrook.”, he says questioningly.
You sigh. “Pretty much everyone in my family are lawyers, different areas though. I picked up a lot of skills when watching their hearings.”
“You’re quite good at it. May I ask why you didn’t follow their path.”
“...My godfather was also a doctor. He would tell me stories of how he was able to save lives, make a difference, experience all the love, pain, loss, heartbreak. And I fell in love with it over time. My father wasn’t supportive of it though. I don’t know what went wrong. When I was a child, we had an unbreakable bond. Over time, he buried himself in his cases, that bond slowly evaporating. My brother always knew that I would work in the medical field and was very supportive. When I announced that I had gotten into Johns Hopkins for med school, my father was angry and didn’t support me. He claimed that I had led his hopes up and shattered them, when all along I always was hinting about my dream to become a doctor. We both said hurtful things that a father nor daughter should ever say, that night. After that, I cut off all contact with him.”, you carefully say making sure not to give any clues that Dr. Banerji is your godfather.
Ethan’s PoV:-
You’re shocked. Utterly shocked. You’d never guess that this bright, cheerful, kind intern had such a rough childhood. Especially when your’s made you turn out like this.
“I believe you made the right choice.”, you assure her.
“That means a lot to me.(more than you could ever know)”, she says and whispers.
You both relax and lounge on the comfy sofa, watching the game.
You notice the sun setting as the game ends. “It’s quite late, how will you get home?”
“My friends and I came here by my car, but I told them to take my car when they said they were leaving early. I spent all my money on food so I’ll take a train or something.”
“I’ll drive you home, it’s the least I can do.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose.”
“It’s alright. Let’s go.” You lead Arielle to your car, at the same time kicking yourself. “Dear god Ramsey, what the hell is wrong with you? Offering a ride!” You convince yourself that it’s just a thank you but you know it’s because you want to make sure that she gets home safe.
Both of you are exiting the stadium and stop when you see Harper.
“Ethan! Thank god you’re still here. I just received the terms of agreement of our deal with Banner. What did you do?” She notices Arielle.
“Dr. Valentine, what are you doing here?”
“She was here with her friends when I saw and asked for help with negotiating. She was the one who turned the deal into our favour.”, I quickly reply.
“Very impressive Dr. Valentine, but do know that this doesn’t make a difference in the fellowship rankings.”, Harper says.
“I know Chief Emery, anyways I haven’t entered the competition. But thank you though.”, she replies. You’re surprised. You thought she had entered, but you never checked the list of participants. You tell her to wait at the car.
“You’re dropping her off?”, she asks.
“She literally just scored us a very big deal. I’m just thanking her.
“Hmm... Well I’ll see you later. Goodbye, Ethan.” You nod and get in your car. Turning on the engine, you drive.
“Where do you live?”, you ask.
She pulls up a location 20 minutes from here on her phone.
“Why didn’t you enter the fellowship?”
“Did you want me to?”, she asks. You don’t answer.
“My first week was hard enough, with a competition that would jeopardise our friendship, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Especially when they were the ones who got me through the first week.”
“I understand. A lot of friendships of mine were severed during my residency due to the competitiveness.” You both talk about leisure topics until you reach a tall apartment complex.
“This is me. Thanks for the ride, Dr. Ramsey.”, with that, she swiftly exits out of the car. You reverse the car and drive to your apartment.
Arielle’s PoV:-
You walk up to the entrance of your building, taking the elevator to your floor. You pull out your keys when Jackie opens the door and lets you in.
“I was wondering when you’d be back.” You smile, taking off your shoes and head into the living room.”
“Hey Ari! Join us for a drink!”, says Elijah.
“Nah, I don’t want a drink. But yes for the company.”
“You all better kiss that fellowship goodbye, cause I just solved that case in record time.”, Landry says.
“You do realise that Arielle was the one who did most of it and we all helped.”, Jackie says.
“Exactly, I looked at the clues and diagnosed the problem!”
You laugh with your friends as they playfully egg each other on. You’re going over today’s events, thinking about all the crazy events, when you realise that you haven’t been true to yourself. “Competing makes them stronger.”, you remember saying. You’ve given advice to other people but you aren’t following your own. You bolt up from the sofa, grabbing your purse and keys and head towards the door.
“What are you doing, Ari?”, Sienna asks.
“You smile replying, “Something I should have done way before.” Your roommates give you a knowing smile as you head towards Edenbrook.
You park your car, rushing through the atrium and up the stairs towards Dr. Ramsey’s office. You a minute to compose yourself and knock.
“Come in.”, his professional but baritone voice replies.
You enter his office to see a minimally decorated desk, covered with papers and patient files. He files them away neatly as you enter. “Rookie. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“I want in.”
“I made it clear that the cutoff was midnight.” Your eyes follow his gaze to the wall clock. ‘12:02’
“What makes you think that you’re an exception?”
You steady yourself. “I know I can be a good doctor. I know that I can make a difference in people’s lives, like you do. It just took me a little longer to realise it.” You gulp, wondering if you’ve blown your chance.
He smirks and pull out a long list of names, adding yours at the bottom. “You had me worried there. What changed your mind?”
“I always advised other people to follow their dreams, never give up, to take a leap of faith. I realised I needed to take my own advice.” He nods with approval.
“Good Night, Dr. Valentine.”
“Good Morning, Dr. Ramsey.”, you say, pointing at the same clock ‘12:08’. He shakes his head with amusement.
You head out to your car, the cool autumn breeze in your hair, and drive into the night.
“Bring it on.”
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sapphicadhder · 2 years ago
EIL4 day 1 panels+general stuff (LONG POST)
(This are in random order; p.s I have another post with things that happened to me and/or other fans)
During the opening ceremony, during the "trailer" of the actors that were attending they played High Hopes by P!atd and 1)I died cause I love Brendon, I even went to his concert some months ago 2)some people actually sang along!
In the opening ceremony when people were being introduced Lukas got the biggest (or at least one of the biggest) applauses and Mile's reaction to it was amazing😂. She was so taken back, she definitely didn't expect it😂
Assa talked about fans calling her a queen and it was the sweetest thing ever
She also talked about not thinking of herself as a celebrity (even tho her family and friends say so) because she still does normal teenage stuff like chores
She said that it was really nice seeing black girls, muslim girls and girls who are both being happy/proud of her and the represantation
But she says that non black and non muslim girls also tell her that they see themselves in her a bit and it makes her happy
She also talked about how it was a bit embarassing/awkward filming the kiss scene cause it was the only kiss of the season so everyone tried to sneak in to watch it so there were a lot of people
She said that while she coreographed most of the dance scene herself she did ask for a coach who gave her some pointers and they only told her that she had to add a sequence with Laïs the night before the shooting
When asked about what character she would play she said Kiki or one of the boys from the boy squad cause she'd "love to fight for a brain cell"😂😂😂
Carl said that everyone tells him that he looks like Robin and David (Skam og)
That's why if he could play another character he'd play Magnus. Either him or Matteo cause he says that he relates to Matteo a lot
Lukas said that he'd probably like to play either Abdi or Stefan. Abdi cause he thinks he's funny/goofy and I don't remember the reason for Stefan😅 sorry. I think it was because of Carl's portrayal but I'm not too sure
Lily said that she loves Hanna a lot and wouldn't want to play any other character but if she really had to then probably Kiki
Tua also said Kiki and I think Juliane did too but I'm not too sure
The translator was surprised by everyone's (Druck cast) ages but he was especially surprised by Carl, he told him that he doesn't look that young and the he "already looks like a man". It was super funny😂
He was also surprised by Juliane's age cause she's the youngest
And he reffered to himself as "the only old hag" up there on the podium thingy? Not podium but you know what I mean
But for real, the translator was so funny😂. If you go to Lukas and Tua's stories you can find his url (I'm following him now)
When asked about favourite lines of the character they play Lukas said (in german) "I'm a boy, I just have to try a little harder" he actually wrote that line himself
Juliane said that her favourite line of Leonie was the schlampe one, if I remember correctly it was because even tho it makes her seem like a bitch Leonie is actually really protective of her friends and Juliane likes that
Mile said the pregnant line which she jokingly suggested at a meeting cause they said that they had to put something funny since it was April 1st. She didn't actually think that they'd use it
Tua said that her fave line was "ich will dich nicht" I think it was because it's a strong line (I'm not too sure tho). Everyone (myselfed included😅) awwwed in a sad way when she said so
I think Lily's fave was the one about potatos???
And Carl's fave was the one where Stefan braged (Carl's words, not mine) about being in Green Peace but tried to make it sound like he wasn't bragging. Cause it was funny
When they were talking about how they got casted Lukas said that they were looking for a specifi type of person and then he said "spoilers I'm trans" and Mile's reaction was golden😂😂😂, she prentended to be surprised and everyone loved it😂. I looked at Lukas he had an expression that said "how am I friends with her😂?" 😂😂😂
Lukas also said that first he watched Skam og so he was a bit critical of the remakes but then he watched Druck s1 and s2 and he really liked it, especially the acting which he thought he's really realistic
Lily said that she wasn't interested in acting but her neighbour knows the producer (or someone like that) so that person asked the neighbour if she knew any girls for that and the neighbour told them about Lily. After a while of the casting process she sent an email saying that she changed her mind cause she had school but they sent her another email asking if she could change her mind again cause they really wanted her
She also said that she did one of the readings/auditions with Tua and I think also Mile and Anselm
Tua said that she thought that it was a joke that they were looking for hijabi because there are barely any hijabi actresses worldwide let alone in Germany so she wrote an email to Pola asking about it and she asnwered to Tua decided to audition even tho she had never been interested in acting before
I don't remember all of Carl's answer but he did say that he knew Lily before working on Druck and that he had to be super secretive about Druck so one of his friends, who likes Druck, was talking about Druck theories like the night before the clip in which Stefan was introduced dropped and Carl had to pretend to not know anything cause he couldn't tell his friend that he booked Druck
He also said that when he got the news he almost tripped😂 but couldn't tell anyone so he just said that he had gotten a part for a show that looked like "booked" (like the word)
I forgot Juliane's answer, sorry😅
Oh and Lukas also said that since Michi wasn't available he had to do an audition with Anselm as Matteo and that he does a great Matteo
Maxence talked about the House of Gaunt
He said that they still needed funds so they'll do a fundraiser and they need like 15 thousand euros
He said that the cgi effects are amazing and that they all worked really hard
A fan asked if in s5 he could make Eliott wear the shirts that he has been wearing this summer and at the con (you know which ones)
Axel said that crying in front of a camera is hard because you're making yourself vulnerable in front of people you don't know so David (I think it was him) took him outside for like 5 mins, told him idk what and when he came back he was able to do it
It was Edouard's bday so they sang happy birthday to him in french
To the question "who would die first in a horror movie?" Edouard and Alienor both said her. Alienor said cause she'd be too scared to even move and Edouard said cause he would push her in front of the mosnters to save himself😂
I asked Marlon what which scene was the most fun to film and he said that it was the scene where he had to like climb up the window and he broke it😂
He also added something else but I was so high on adreline from the fact that he said hello to me and answered my question that I lowkey zoned out at the end of the answer😅😂. I was too energetic😂
He also talked about having finished college
And that he'll do a year of like backpack travelling (I forgot the correct term) in Chile, where his family is from
A fan asked if he knew how important it was that during the coming out scene Jonas said "is it me?" (If Isak liked him). And he said yes and talked some more about it
He was also asked if he would've done a Jonas season had he been offered and I think he said maybe (his face was really funny😂, he had a really funny thinking face)
And that's more or less all the panel stuff that I remember (I forgot a lot, ik😅😂)
General stuff now:
A fan gave Mile (during the autographs) a stuffed elephant and she screamed and then she got up, said "I love elephants!" And then she hugged the fan
Carl took like 5 selfies in a row with a fan and he made really funny faces😂
The actors sometimes even walked around without their bodyguards and everyone was really chill. No one assaulted them or anything (like I was afraid). All we did was smile and say hi to them and they did it back
Paul even went up and talked to some fans (they were in a line) for like 5 mins and then for a few min Coline joined as well
Paul also came up to some girls and I while we were in another line and he started dancing😂 he then made some jokes I assume cause the girls laughed but idk french so...
Lula did the same as him to us😂
Maxence and Lukas seemed to really get along, when I came up to them to have my duo photo they didn't even notice me at first cause they were laughing with each other😂
In the restaurant at the hotel (I went there to eat and then) all the casts and Marlon arrived, check my other post if you want to know more
Apparently Marlon spent like 10 minutes looking at merch and the fanartists expo (I was told this)
Lukas said (on his stories) that one of the artists let him have a fanart with his fave quote
A fan told Lukas (during the autographes, she told me herself) that she was nervous and he answered "don't worry, it's all chill. We're all friends here"
There was a fan with black and yellow shirt that said "David is the superior Even" and I told her "yes, just yes"😂😂😂. Shoutout to her😂
And that's about it
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fuschsiaflowerrising · a year ago
Lee Woo interview w/Ed video #3
OMG !!!!!! my heart!!! I am NOT ready!!! I have tears in my eyes!! My heart is pounding!!! WTF!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready. But I LOVE him so much!! I just am so excited for what he will say and just….EVERYTHING. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Ok ok ok breathe …..
HAHAHAH it just started and you are right the editing is hilarious!! Hahaha But Geon is so good at keeping a neutral face even though Ed was being weird. (Is he ever called Ed? I just decided to do that for convenience. Its short. Im not typing Edward each time.) Geon has LOTS of practice with weird behavior from his Madtown days. And lets be honest Daewon is such a lovely wierdo hahhaha. Geon can be weird himself so I am interested to see how much of that wierdness shows during this interview. 
Ok, i paused it at 7 seconds and I already talked THIS much. Wow….this is going to take a while hahahahaha
Who are these boys sering the wine? I'm just so curious. OK WAIT is he for real? Is Geon and the other guy drinking tea and Ed and the other guy on the right drinking wine?
Hmmmm….I think Geon’s face is very interesting. I think he is like...deciding what to think about Ed. I really don’t know Ed or his personality bc I dont watch his vids. So I feel like I am learning how to take him with Geon. Like..who is this stranger? And what does his wierdness mean? Hahaha
Ok i am already noticing some nice closeups of Geon!!!mmmhmmmm!!! Take full advantage of the FACE!!!! 
OH my Dalmation!! I have heard of them but I cant remember any of their songs. 
Oh Geon almost fell off the chair bc he was laughing!! Hahah CUTE!!! I really like his light suit. I mean I have already talked about him in oatmeal colors AT LENGTH. So you already know!! BUT I feel like he stands out especially because of the light color and his light brown hair. Since the other guests have dark colors on and dark hair.
The kid sitting behind Ed is so goofy hahahahah. Geon keeps almost cracking up because of that kid!! Its the best. 
ALSO JUST LET ME DIE FOR A SEC!!! I know this is BARE MINIMUM but I LOVE Geon’s speaking voice!!! HOLD ME!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!
He just said a full sentence and I am through!! Oh god…. Its like….I love his toned down talking normal voice. I mean.. I love when he is laugh and when he is silly and ALL that. But when he is just talking so softly and calm its like….a whole other level. I am about to cry. 
OMG this video is about 20 min. I am at 1:55 !!!!! I really am like….I can’t take it ….OH GOD!! I LOVE HIM!! And he is talking about debuting with Madtown...I just….i had to pause it and ...just LOOK at them on the screen!! Look!!!! My MEN!!! sh*t this makes me want to put my Madtown poster back up!!! I moved last year and never put it back up. I was trying to  make this new room look more “adult” Hahhahaha but I am IN my feels so like...what the hell.
OH….my brain cant process this all…..whew….ok….the loud kid...said he knew one song...was that YOLO he was trying to do the dance to? Hahahah
AHAHHA the way that kid was like “Did MBLAQ help you guys out a lot?” and Geon was like …”yeah” and Edward saw his reaction and was like “hahahah NO!” hehehe. I think that was funny but of course we know that MBLAQ and Madtown are on good terms. 
Geon is so good at interviews and interacting with people. I am just losing my shit over this. Because you can see him reacting appropriately to what the other people say. Making eye contact but not too much eye contact. And always looking relaxed. I know he MC’d a lot with Madtown bc he has always had the ability to handle groups and I am just eating it up right now. I love him!! It would be funny for me to count now many times I say that by time this is over. Also...I am only at 2:52. Hahahahahahha I keep rewinding EVERYTHING Geon says!! And pausing too much!! I am a mess!!
What a second!!! Geon says he NEVER rewatches the videos. Or he has NEVER watched them at all???? He has probably seen them!! Right??!! Yeah… i think he means he just never rewatches them. Which I totally get. It must be awkward to see yourself on screen all the time.
I love all of Geon’s facial expression. He is like lowkey shocked all the time but trying to hold it together hahahah its so funny!!!
That loud kid is hilarious. What even is his name? Was I freaking out too much to hear him say it?
Oh my this Dalmation video!! The chick licked his FACE!?!?!? Wow!!! I cant believe that made it in the video in 2010!
Oh i see what you mean about Geon being the youngest? If the others debuted that early they could be a lot older. I wonder….
That kid!!! Ahahahha He just keeps talking!!! He needs to be put on TV he is a comedian. 
Also...the inserted slide that said that they had to cut a lot of fotage...OMG...please release it ALL!!!!!
That KID!! He knows too much!! He said he knew it was origionally a B1A4 song! He really is hilarious. He said he already knew the guy from Dalmation so I guess he just feels really comfortable. Or maybe he is always like this! Hahaha
Its hilarious how they keep editing in that clip of the lady scraming “SHUT UP” bc he keeps talking so much and about random stuff! Hahahah He is delightful!
Ed is loving all the abs in the Dalmation mv! Hahahah he is dying! Hahaha
Watching Geon drink that wine has me feeling some type of way!!! Like...I dont even drink alcohol bc it tastes nasty but he just looks so damn FANCY!!! UGH!!!! I like how he said the Dalmation guy has a sweet voice so it would suit love songs!!! Wow!! Such a compliment coming from Geon!! Like...does that guy even know??!?!?!??!!? He WILL KNOW when they hear Geon sing!!!!
The Dalmation guy is so proper. to say this..he is well trained in how to speak in interviews hahaha. He says all the right things in all the right ways. Its very polite and correct. But at the same time I feel like I’m not getting to know who he really is. The loud kid is just all over the place so i feel like that is just who he is ahhahahah
And Geon is being a good boy and trying not to fidget too much. 
MY STOMACH JUST DROPPED WHEN HE SAID THEY WILL WATCH MADTOWN NOW!!!! I feel so nervous!! I am so attached to the group i feel like I am the one being observed!! AHHHHH!!!! Is that wierd to say?? Hahah I just feel like….i take any criticism of Madtown a little too personaly so I hope they love them. Well you said that they did like the group so i should just calm down and keep watching.
HE IS TOO CUTE! Trying to do the dance along with it and being like...Oh i forgot! Hahaha
OH!!! Its so sweet watching him laugh and smile!! He really is like so cute being embarassed having to rewatch it! Ed’s face is like...almost smitten. He just keeps looking at Geon like...awww! Hahahah
AHAHAHAHAHA when Geon said they choreographed everything that kid said the CEO didn’t do anything but reap the rewards! Hahah HE IS RIGHT!!! That f*cking CEO and the next one too!! But I officially LIKE this kid  a LOT! Hahaha Geon said….pretty much!! Hahahahahah Thats right sweetie!! Let them know!!!!!!!! 
AWWW he said ...we had phones. Hahahah Thats good. The company was shit but thank god they had some small freedoms. 
Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh OMGT!!! I love how this kid is reacting!! Hahahah He is just loving it!!! He knows the songs and is like practically a fanboy!!! I cant!! Hearing Geon sing along!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! How do i handle this!???!?!??!?! I like that everyone is complimenting the song. By everyone I mean the kid from Double A ( i just looked at the title of the vid again and was like oh duh its right there!!) and Ed. they legit should just hire the Double A kid to do all the interviews with Ed. Because Ed ads direction to the flow of conversation and the kid adds all the spice ahahahhaahh That kid said Geon was like the CEO bc Geon explained that they didnt do a song unless everyone liked it hahahahhaaha...well..Geon was the Mom of the group and the MC of the group so I guessed he isnt so wrong hahhahaha.
I love that he pointed out that Daewon did the whole choreography but I DIDNT KNOW GEON DID THE CHORUS!!!!! What???? Does that mean we have him to thank for the little wiggles??? Wait that part during the chorus??? I think so…
He said he doesn’t want to dance anymore hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah its ok sweetie. You did your years of dancing! He miss it but honestly its fine. Just sing your soft ballads and stand still.
AAAWWWWWWWWW Geon talking about H.O. being a Youtuber now...i CRY!!!! I am overwhelemed!! Ed says he follows him on IG!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I cant!!! I cant i cant i cant!!
My babies!!! My precious ones!!!!
I am 12 minutes in...i really am ...i …...i have a lot left and i am hurting!! Its like….sensory overload!!!
Oh wait...he choreographed the part where they kneel??? Hahahahahahaahahahah its so easy!! Of course our sweetie made easy choreo...ok…. Am very curious tho. Like i want to know exactly what moves he picked. Like...exactly which ones!!! So many thoughts!
I like that Ed is trying to get madtown on his channel!! YES!!! Keep that energy Ed!! Get that collab! 
Ed has HEART EYES for Geon. I UNDERSTAND!!!!! Like..yes!! I feel like he sincerely adores Geon. He has this constant little smile when he listening to Geon talk. Ugh!! I love watching ppl fall in love with Geon!!
And that Double A kid knows EVERYTHING!! Did he know he was going to be on the show with Geon so he looked him up??? Or does he really just pay attention to everything that is happening in the music industry?? Because he was the one to say that Geon’s career is doing well as a ballad singer. Geon and his fanboys!! A never ending story!
There goes honest Geon saying he drank a lot the night before so he might suck!! Ahahah ok but NO!! I know he wont suck!!
That kid acted like he knows Memories!! He really be listening to Geon’s stuff?!?!!?! Adorable!! He really was cheering like Momories is his fav song! Hahaha
I love the editing when Geon began to sing!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO the flower petals!! Oh yes!!! That is THE mood when Geon sings.
I find it so funny how the kid keeps talking and asking questions. He asked Geon if he likes alcohol and Geon was like ‘’of course” ahhaah I feel like they would all be very shocked to see the other side of Geon that is the tough sportsman and the goofball! Hahahah 
That kid is trying to get everyone out together for drinks! hHAHAHA i love it!!! 
Ok, now its his turn. What will this kid say?? Hahahahah I have never heard of Double A i dont think. So this will be new! 
Wow that was an experience!! Hahahah He was so silly!! I love how he laughs so much. You know what? I can see why this kid gets along with Ed who is an American, I believe. Because this kid is so chatty and silly and a bit over the top. Which suits Americans hahahahahah
I can say that bc I am one.
Omg!! I am in the comments section and you are so right MOST of the comments are about madtown and Geon!! Awwww!!!!! 
I even see wa_moos left a comment. I remember her bc she was a die hard fan and was very active in the fandom!!! I am shocked to see that user name suddenly pop up!
It warms my heart that so many people commented that they STILL listen to Madtown regularly! Its so wonderful to see that so many people never forgot them and actually love the guys!! And i can tell they are acutal fans posting bc they are saying things like...oh Jota was my bias, and I own all the albums. Or I listen to Stunning all the time! Or I learned the choreo for YOLO! 
I am just blown away!!! A lot of comments mention Daewon and Geon on the Unit. And some even mentioned Moos!! Like ppl REALLY miss Madtown!! I am so surprised!! I mean...i knew they were gaining popularity steadily but its crazy to see how many people acutally know the group and more than just the name. Like...ppl mentioned the lawsuit and stuff. I ….wow!!! I really dont even know what to say!! But I hope the boys see all these comments and know how loved they were/are!! 
Seeing ppl say they clicked BECAUSE of Geon’s face!! What!!!!!???? Gasp!!! I mean...thats how I am but i didnt expect others to say that too! Hahahahahahahaaha
Now that Ive watched this video I am SURE that these old fans are the ones that just started to follow Buffy on IG!! I feel like so many people were happy to be reminded of the group and went to find out about the other members! 
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kae-karo · 2 years ago
Hi Katie! I just want you to know that I want your analysis of this new sims video more than anything and I'll just patiently wait for it... Have a nice day!
hi dear!! new sims vid, did u mean dnp simulator?
dorks spending the first ten seconds dancing in fake snow 
why virtual friends???? ??
my daddies gave to me y’all,,,,,,there’s knowing your branding and then there’s acting on that knowledge and i think this may have been one time where acting on your knowledge maybe was not a good call like ily and u do u and all but
i love phil loving his branding it’s cute also shoutout to @dnpscloset​ thanks for finding it (x) bc i want one now if anyone needs a last minute xmas idea i’m lookin at u mom u always wait til the last minute
Tumblr media
same dan, same
Tumblr media
‘we all have new faces and new lives and everything’s changed, this is gonna be hella dramatic’ *inhale* *exhale*
‘when u imagine the howlter family’ god they’re such adorable n sentimental nerds i love them
phil’s actual default is bein a leany boye
Tumblr media
dnp arguing about what ‘desperate’ actually is as if the entirety of their first year after meeting they weren’t talking as often as they could five hour skype calls amirite
get away from me stalker lmao bold of u to say that danny
phil sweetie i love you with my entire heart he’s so so excited abt the virtual snow i love him
Tumblr media
tiny zoom in jumpcut at 2:08 overlapping audio interesting
a mood and a half
Tumblr media
phil immediately going ‘yeahhhhh thin walls family hearing things they gotta get out’ abt dab and evan like m8 we get it all u think abt is sex we get it god u and ur husband really are made for each other aren’t u (dnp = devan reference #1)
‘i presume evan is also jobless’ ‘i hope so!’ phil is it really,,,,,,smth to be excited about,,,,,,,
dan’s doin a lot of the hand phone lately u cute boy
Tumblr media
we should have a redbull what is wrong with them phil can barely handle having too much sugar y’all thought it was a good idea to have a redbull also we should have a redbull they share literally everything which tbh is probs for the best lbr phil on a whole can of redbull hmmmmm yes ik it’s v possible and in fact probable that phil had his own can let me live
‘it’s a sensible lightweight jacket’ in the fucking snow wow dan u really did just set urself up for phil to drag u about not dressing for the weather
dan’s fucking laugh at 4:39 gives me life literally there is no purer and more adorable sound like that’s up there with kittens purring
‘i think he’s gonna be a bit of a diva in this relationship’ did you mean: dan howell (dnp = devan reference #2)
[slight bit of ankle is showing] dan: ‘and now you’re wearing shorts’
Tumblr media
where’s the lie tho honestly that lil pause before he said mate
this clip will live in infamy bc i want this in every fucking phan edit for the rest of time like i can’t even think of the right out-of-context clip right now but anything that can be answered with phil saying ‘it’s dan’ i need it
mandatory phil covering his mouth and bein a cutie
Tumblr media
yes destroy gender roles in the snow universe (although seriously dan’s ‘life is just about uncon-doing the horrible conditioning of all these gender stereotypes, phil’ is so important also i stan phil recognizing that before dan i think it’s really easy to forget that just bc up til recently he’s not been as expressive as dan of his opinions on how stupid gender roles are doesn’t mean he doesn’t have just as if not more progressive a mindset than dan)
‘it’s like a dan vs phil’ dnp = devan #3
dan has such a lovely singing voice i miss him singing
dude phil’s eyebrows are making a Solid appearance v expressive
i s2g this is a different moment from the one above he’s just so fricken cute???
Tumblr media
‘but they’ve got each other’s backs, phil, just like dab and evan’ yeeeeaaaa i’m gonna go ahead and go with dnp = devan reference #4 here i think that’s fair
snow angels are the least fun thing to do and yet (x - it literally won’t let me put it in bc it’s a privated vid rip)
Tumblr media
amazing they just started having a snowball fight how cute n domestic am i talking abt dnp or dab and evan hmmmm - dnp = devan #5
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i get that infinity war was a meme but lads it’s time to let it go
‘and they’re called the howlters’ lmao as if u ain’t an honorary lester daniel (dnp = devan #6)
Tumblr media
i’m living for phil’s excitement i mean if that’s what redbull does to him i’m here for it i guess?
Tumblr media
hi they’re dumb this was cute
Tumblr media
‘we don’t want to be those people, but for us personally, we very much found that you just need to just move into a big city of some kind and just jump into life with both feet’ this is not only adorable advice but also where dnp simulator comes into play aka we did this so uhh dab n evan should do it (dnp = devan #7) also dan speaking for them both singular pronouns are quaking
‘don’t trust that’ what on earth are u on abt phil what don’t u trust the fuckin desert or?????
scalyburg phil stop pls we know we get it dan’s a furry ur a scaly we got it
why does dan spend an entire 7 seconds (8:40) adjusting is he moving closer to phil? switching which leg he’s sat on? idk but it lead to me pausing at this moment which was a gift in and of itself
Tumblr media
‘the deposit on that one, plus the weekly went would make us instantly broke, so that’s fun, us when we moved to london’ bih do u hear me crying
does dan remember phil’s first manchester apartment what kind of question is that phil have u met dan he probably remembers every bloody inch of that place i mean he did remember that there wasn’t a bedside table so
stop that
Tumblr media
middle of the city, romance festival, geekcon, pretty views and cherry blossom trees sounds like dnp’s ideal location do u get why i’m calling it dnp simulator yet also dnp = devan #8
we don’t want to move next to the karaoke legends wow dan bold of u to say after belting helena at 2am real bold
phil having flashbacks to the apt they toured where they found out people died there
hi phil just looks so excited by everything
Tumblr media
look i’m not saying anything except they’re managing to find a lot of similarities b.w their lives and what they’re doing for dab and evan okay like this apartment is great for people-watching? which is what phil did in his manchester apt?
context whomst? idk her
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shoutout to the wardrobe
big bold life-changing steps
Tumblr media
anon spitting truth up in this house (but like,,,,,my thoughts exactly lmao i was like they’re such introverts they would’ve avoided meeting their neighbors at any cost including apparently smacking into a locked door trying to avoid small talk phil we love u bab)
casually mentioning dan saying ‘we are dil-’ was he gonna say dil’s son, maybe but i like to remember the bloops of dan repeatedly calling dab dil so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
omg okay so from like. this point on, when dan’s like ‘here is my vision’, i’m absolutely getting queer eye vibes like amateur queer eye tho like two gay nerds trying to embody queer eye in their lives a bit oh wait
okay okay okay dan u said an ensuite bathroom and then failed to add a door to the bedroom do u understand how frustrating that is???????? do u understand how stressful it was for me to watch that whole damn vid and know that u forgot the door????
a space for hobbies what hobbies who has hobbies
they learned nothing from building their house before: phil should take the mouse away from dan immediately look at him he is such a sugar baby in this jfc
Tumblr media
god dan is so cute get these idiots a penthouse apartment super high up so he can have his bath next to a window okay he deserves that in life
stop it they’re literally agreeing on almost every single thing god they literally share a single brain
Tumblr media
leany boye
Tumblr media
‘they are young adults moving into their first apartment, you don’t have art!’ okay first of all don’t even go there daniel second of all i’m sorry you’re the one arguing for spending literally all their money but u don’t want to get some art bc it’s unrealistic????
dan saying lovely
phil’s mr carpet
navy??? navy? when did they? why? 
i would get involved in a criminal plot to have that / i’m gonna throw you out of one
wow pro tips makin a comeback
phil is Losing Steam
Tumblr media
oh my god okay so i was joking but literally phil is losing steam lmao 18:35 he says ‘ayy’ and it’s so tired-sounding
leany leany boyes
Tumblr media
okay look ik dan’s going into ‘aww poor philly’ mode but also he knew that very quickly like honestly that’s not a Thing i would ever notice about someone tbh i’m not saying it’s like Significant but damn danny was really into phil to know that shiz man
Tumblr media
the high-fashion gigantic rug of our dreams
okay look i can’t make this up phil literally leans away for a bit and then
Tumblr media
hello daniel’s Curl
Tumblr media
i stan phil getting excited over plants
Tumblr media
dab and evan will be having a mario kart fest will they (dnp = devan #9)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dude big mood god they’re so fond and full of memories 
Tumblr media
honestly dnp made it that way like u cannot convince me they didn’t purposely decide to do that mmkay
‘see they are ready to have their romantic dinners. and then they can pretend they have another friend and it’s fine!’ am i talking abt dnp or dab and evan who knows :) (dnp = devan #10) 
cold in the middle what on earth i literally have no memory of that i mean it could just be my shit memory but jfc they just remember that stuff goddamn
scrunchy boyes also phil where’s ur arm at hm
Tumblr media
like i’m not fuckin joking where is it
Tumblr media
you can’t exist without a computer i mean
what is important in life / the internet
they don’t even have fucking doors and dan’s like ‘uhm they need a terrarium’ dan i’m stressed
oh my god i’m sorry phil is so done with this now it’s actually comical
hi they didn’t add a door for the ensuite
give dnp an interior design series honestly give them any series
phil reached for dan’s hand u cannot convince me otherwise
‘not my personal taste’ really,,,,,really
when dab n evan hug dan looks at the screen n phil looks at the camera things u didn’t need to know but now u do
Tumblr media
lmao jumpscared by the kiss
‘i feel like i’ve never nailed anything more in my entire life’ hmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm hm
the fuck was dan’s ‘getting a job’ that’s his fnaf voice u stop that
doon doon doon doon
Tumblr media
hi uhm what the Fuck was that jumpcut at 28:30 i hate Obvious Jumpcuts with a burning passion specifically bc of dnp
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anahera-sdm · 2 years ago
Hotel Del Luna (2019) Thoughts
Tumblr media
Warning: will contain spoilers. I suggest you watch the drama first to relate with what I’m talking about because it will be messy.
Disclaimer: Everything written only reflects my own thoughts. There’s a possibility of incoherence. Forgive me, sometimes my brain is all over the place.
Ever since IU was announced as a main lead for this drama, I have been looking forward to it. I have enjoyed IU’s other dramas especially her most recent one in Netflix - Persona. Yeo Jin goo is an actor I like but the last drama of his that I was able to finish (and barely at that) was Orange Marmalade (2015). I couldn’t get into his next dramas after that and ended up dropping them. 
After seeing the plot and the fantasy tag (I always have a soft spot for fantasy dramas), as much as I enjoyed and looked forward to new episodes of its predecessor, Arthdal Chronicles, I also could not wait for it to start. 
Additional warning: Everything is all over the place and this is going to be a lengthy post. I wrote everything that I wanted to talk about right after watching the subbed version of the last episode but there is no proper structure. I apologise in advance if you decide to read everything.
I don’t even know where I should start. The Hong Sisters really did well with this drama - the years spent on it was worth it. That ending was, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I was so satisfied even though they didn’t spend much time together in this life. I was expecting a bittersweet ending when the drama started anyway. I loved the ending and that reincarnation scene (although it is not definite but just an ‘eventually, it will end up that way’ scene) was everything to me. I don’t know why but I loved how they didn’t try to extend Man Wol’s time with Chan Seong (example, releasing her from the hotel and making her human again). It was enough for me because Man Wol also spent enough time suffering. Her time with Chan Seong, although brief, was good enough because she experienced the love she needed and she gets sent off full of it.  
That twist at the end though, how Chan Seong was chosen by Mago - I’m crying. Chan Seong was definitely a reincarnation of someone from her past. They were actually acquainted during Man Wol’s childhood - and he was the one who introduced her to the guesthouse of the moon. 
So now, let’s go to the other parts I really wanna talk about.
One of the reasons why I got hooked and invested with Hotel Del Luna was the fact the way they executed the comical elements despite the horror and drama tags. Additionally, the music and the CGI were really well done. The soundtrack really gets me.
The other reasons, well, IU can really pull off Jang Man Wol - a protagonist who can be ruthless, has a slightly bitchy attitude, crooked (but her actions can be justified) and holds a deep resentment. Yet, she has her cute sides too; all the Kim Joon Hyun moments were a sight to see (her obsession for the restaurants he’s been to, enjoyed it! Later we find out her obsession to find good restaurants were actually influenced by Chan Seong who went to the past! Mind blown!). And her fighting scenes were so cool. IU’s eyes are really expressive in my eyes - 
Tumblr media
I love how despite being crude in her ways when it comes to dealing with the grudges of the souls she’s helping, there is an underlying meaning to it - example, Hyun Joong being able to graduate because of the money donated by his friend. And, I can’t blame her for loving money and wealth. After all, that was what she didn’t have when she was living. I have to add that one of the things I look forward to every episode was IU’s outfit changes. She looks so good in everything! [I actually couldn’t stop myself from buying some of the stuff she wore. Hold your horses, I can only afford the cheap ones like the earrings and hair clips from Get Me Bling that she wore. And I wanna do a face palm because I accidentally bought 2 sets for one of her earrings so now I’m like, what do I do with this?]
Tumblr media
The bickering between the leads together with that comical/mischievous soundtrack, pure gold. It’s easily one of my favourite moments. It’s just really funny how sometimes Jang Man Wol is left without words because Chan Seong is right.
Tumblr media
The more I watch this gif tho, it starts to look weirder to look at so don't watch it more than 10 times.
I also like how they dealt with Man Wol’s back story - not giving the viewers everything in just one episode. Instead, it was spliced and distributed nicely throughout. Oh but gods, I was a wreck when everything was laid down - Chung Myung’s sacrifice... I just can’t. And how he was with her as a firefly since the beginning... My heart... I actually forgot that scene from the beginning until they showed it again. I though it was just an artistic shot. I actually wanted Man Wol to go with him to the afterlife when it was finally time for him to go. When she escorted him, I wanted her to walk with him during that moment. But at the same time, I can see that there was only a one-sided love left between them because Man Wol spent so many years resenting him that there was no love left. When she finally learned the truth, the only thing left in her was forgiveness and that was the only thing she can offer. The CGI on the bridge to the afterlife though, the aesthetic, props to the CGI team.
Can I just talk about how the actor grew on me? Like, omg, I’m now looking forward to any drama he’s going to be on. [Note: I have since seen him in a new drama, The Great Show (I was watching it because of Lee Sunbin (one of my favourite actresses)) and he’s the teen version of the male lead! I screamed when I saw him.] I should check him out on his previous dramas but when I saw the list of dramas, I don’t think I’ll get into them yet.
Tumblr media
Help my heart, their story is so sad.
Helping Kim Seonbi /Kim Si Ik solve his grudge was really fun to watch. And the ‘fact’ that he was the writer of those stories almost all Koreans know, what a twist. Man Wol really cared for him despite not showing it to him - how she tried to find a way to solve his grudge and how she cried after he finally left. 
Choi Seo hee’s story was an unfortunate one but it added more flavour to the already flavourful drama. Those who value family ties or still have crooked views when it comes to family lineage will resonate with her story and perhaps have a change of heart.
Hyun Joong; I love how they gave more depth to his story. That it was not only because of his sister that he was staying as a hotel staff but deep inside there was a resentment. When they wrapped his story up, all I can do was to smile wistfully. His story arc with Yuna was a great addition despite their bittersweet goodbye.
The Sanchez story arc; I... I... He was such a fun character and a good friend to Chan Seong. I sincerely thought they were going to get rid of his character when he went overseas to oversee the funeral of his girlfriend. But we got him back and see another side to him - a rather relatable side where if one loses a loved one, they would find ways to reconnect or hold on to any sliver of hope that they’ll be able to once more be able to talk to them or give them something. Probably, not making sense anymore, but if you’ve lost a loved one before, you’ll get what I'm talking about. After finally getting over it, well, he was not the same Sanchez after that but there was growth in his character.
Tumblr media
Mira and Young soo. A twist of fate, these two. Enemies in the past life but became lovers in their current life. Their bitter fates became sweeter this time around. I can't entirely hate on Mira’s past life because her next lives were spent repenting (although it wasn’t shown). Her currently life was finally rewarded, if you can call being with Young soo in her current life a reward. I kept on thinking Mira was just like Chan Seong (not a rich person) but I was so surprised to learn her parents were kimchi factory owners and that Young Soo ate those kimchi since young. 
Mago - easily my favourite character. Wait, characters. Because of how many personalities/sisters she has. Really have to give mad props to the actress. She is just so good. Probably my favourite sister has to be the pink sister and then the eldest. It was so funny when they were having a meeting discussing about the new hotel owner and mentioned the ‘poor’ sister still stuck in Joseon dynasty.
Ah, the cameos in this drama. I can’t not cover that.The amount of cameo is just, whoa! This drama is so rich with it. Some really memorable ones to me are: Kim Won hae (as a corrupt mayor), Lee Joon Gi (as an exorcist; Park Il Do hahah, The Guest feels (I ought to make a post on my thoughts about this drama soon); can’t forget the Scarlet Heart feels too), Lee Si Eon (as an astronaut; I couldn't help laugh at the scene), Lee Yi-kyung (as an actor who can’t really act; Waikiki feels!), Kim Joon Hyun (as himself; I screamed because the first few scenes didn't show his face), Park Jin Joo (as an imaginary spirit), Sulli (as the granddaughter of Chairman Wang), Nam Da reum(as a water deity; I really don’t like the fact he’s younger than me; kidding. He’s a talented kid.) Hwang Young Hee (as IU’s previous manager; she’s a really good actress) and Kim Soo Hyun (as the new owner of the hotel; He renamed it Hotel Blue Moon. I’m telling you, I hyperventilated when his scene came. Such a good way to end the drama - at least for me. Hotel Blue Moon as a drama please!)
Tumblr media
For the last episode, I wanted to watch it during the actual broadcast time but I actually calculated the time wrongly (thinking I'm 4 hours ahead but actually just 3 hours; good thing I checked the site). I missed the first 25 mins of the actual broadcast. But I eventually re-watched it with subs and came to write this post). I can only understand roughly 80-85% of the dialogue for the raw version but even then, I was bawling - all the goodbyes; it was so sad but so satisfying at the same time because they were sent off really well. From Kim Seonbi’s to Choi Seohee’s. Painful to see the goodbyes but also very heartwarming; how they finally come to resolve their resentments, came to realizations and tied up loose ends - it was so beautiful. The relationship between the Hotel crew was just so precious - Jang Man Wol crying as she realises how she’ll miss them. Feels. Feels. Feels. 
Overall, I learned so many things in this drama and came to certain realisations such as treasuring the time you have with others, don’t take it for granted. One day, when the time to say goodbye comes, you won’t regret anything. Also, even the people who did bad things in their life can have the chance to live a better one in the next once they have paid for those wrongdoings.
This drama was a perfect blend of comedy, drama, horror, fantasy, romance. In terms of food, it satisfied my cravings. Watching this drama was one of the best things that I did this year. As much as I want to talk more about this drama and cover more areas, I should stop here. All in all, I would say, I really loved this drama. I’ll definitely go back to watching this when I have nothing else to watch. P.S. I ought to make a Jang Man Wol inspired look but when I tried, I failed. 
Tumblr media
I’ll miss you, Jang Man Wol-ssi.
Rating: 10 / 10
Re-watch value : 10 / 10
Soundtrack : 10 / 10
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turqreviews · a year ago
I watched all 26 episodes of an obscure Australian cartoon in one week and I’m not okay - My journey with Wicked! (2001) PART 2 - The Actual Review
Tumblr media
Hello again! I just checked my watch and I noticed that it was time to talk about the cartoon with the apple-headed guy some more!
When I last talked about this delightful piece of obscure media, I went over the origin story of how the show was created, introduced the cast of characters, and then talked about the main draw of the cartoon that makes it unique of other cartoons of its quality.
And then, at the end of the blog post, I mentioned that I think that the cartoon is merely “Okay” rather than anything Amazing. It has a great idea but ultimately, it really is just an alright show.
So now, after introducing this beautiful cartoon and explaining to everyone just what the hell is going on, it’s time to break this whole thing down.
The Good, The Bad, and The Apple-Flavored
Tumblr media
Wicked! is a weird show to grade. The animation itself fluctuates in quality and there’s some very obvious cut corners from how frequently animation is recycled in some of the episodes, scenes can have weird editing or continuity errors, and sometimes they’ll even recycle sound bytes like insults that Dawn and Rory shout at each other or Gramps reminding everyone about Normandy. I feel like I heard The Appleman mention that something was “100% real nightmare” like five times while watching this whole thing in quick succession.
Information for this cartoon is practically nonexistent, but my theory is that this happened because the animation was all produced in a single in-house Australian studio rather than shipping bits of it overseas to get tightened up. Again, I could be wrong, and if anyone has any better information, please send me an ask, but a lot of the techniques that Wicked! use reminded me of Filmation, which also famously kept everything in one studio.
Just be warned, similar to when someone watches He-Man and go “oh hey, I recognize that talking animation from the second episode”, there are shots that get reused often to save time. Get used to that one scene where Appleman is laughing and running across the steel walkway suspending over the refinery vats, it’s used a ton.
That being said, when they give them the budget to add a little polish to the show, they do a pretty good job!
Tumblr media
Don’t be fooled by my talk of He-Man - this show actually looks pretty great. Most of the time the animation is pretty fluid and the decision to constantly use shadows to wrap around the characters really works in its favor and gives it an extra layer of moodiness.
It just reuses animation on top of that.
Tumblr media
I think that, in many ways, Wicked! is carried more by the strength of its ideas over its actual execution. Even if this show gets super goofy at times (this is a show where the Appleman literally infects the Internet by taking a piper and dropping glowing green goo on a CD-ROM), there is a definite horror undertone to the show that gets carried through its entire season.
Dare I say it, the show actually gets a little scary at times. That scene where the kids discover that their pets are nothing but empty skins with all the organs and bones sucked out in the first episode actually sets the mood really well and feels extremely faithful to the original books.
Plus the concept of The Appleman being able to tinker around with a living virus and create something that can mutate literally anything is a fun as hell idea, even if it doesn’t make sense most of the time and seems like a weird mutation (hah) of the conflict from the books. It’s just fun that this guy can create literally anything out of thin air as a weapon just so long as he goes to his lab and makes something that allows him to do so.
Tumblr media
The Pros
*The Appleman. Yeah, there’s a very good reason why the only thing people remember about this show is The Appleman. He’s just a fun character and a fun villain. His design does takes a bit to get used to on account of how uncanny he can be, and there are times when they draw him off-model and make him look just horrendous, but once you see how far they go with the apple-theming, you kinda start to vibe with the apple headed monster.
Sure, he’s basically your run-of-the-mill cartoon villain but with a bonus tragic backstory, but his vocal performance by Bill Conn really sells the whole package. You can tell that he’s greatly unhinged and that he’s not exactly playing with a full deck. It’s only until the last episode that they flat-out say that he’s being controlled by the same virus that he’s been using to infect other creatures, but I’m pretty sure your average cartoon-watching kid is able to guess that just from the small hints that they drop.
Also all of his vehicles are apple-colored and I love a villain that takes the time to make sure he has a proper theme.
Tumblr media
(The “starting out with an island with apple trees on Animal Crossing: New Horizons” moodboard)
*The Family. I liked that, since this show is about terrorizing one particular dysfunctional Australian family, all five family members of this show get enough character development that the mom and dad feel like they’re more than “the mom and dad character”. Save for that one episode where Gramps was constantly bragging about how back in his day, he didn’t need electricity, he was a fun, lovable grandpa, and I like that the kids get someone to talk to about mutant frogs and such.
They’re definitely dysfunctional and, as I mentioned in the previous post, Rory and Dawn constantly insulting each other in every single episode can be grating at times, but I like that their level of dysfunction is not because of the mom and the dad having an emotionally abusive relationship. If anything, the mom and the dad have the most stable relationship in the whole show! Eileen and Jack love each other and I hate that I’m at a point where I see this husband and wife genuinely enjoying each other’s company and I go “Yes, this is something refreshing”.
Also, gotta give the show points for having the family be two single parents from past relationships finding each other and getting married and for having Eileen be totally cool with her new in-law Gramps. 
*The Slobberers. Expanded from the first creatures from the books, I like that the apple-headed monster has giant worms for pets (again, gotta aggressively keep to the apple theming) and, while there’s a couple episodes where they’re just something to give The Appleman something to talk to, their designs are fun. Gives the animators an excuse to draw slime.
In a later episode, he mentions that he considers them his only friends and boy...that’s rough, buddy. 
Tumblr media
*There’s an episode where characters travel into the Internet and fight a buff video game avatar of The Appleman in a late 90′s dungeon crawler computer game. I looooove late 90′s Internet imagery in cartoons, what can I say. You even see the dial-up pop window and a clunky late 90′s webcam!
*This is a show where a divorced man keeps bugging his own son and ex-wife while sometimes trying to kill his ex-wife’s new husband - all while keeping to a strict apple and virus theme - and honestly, this is a pro on its own. The Appleman is such a petty bitch at times and I love it.
*The Appleman is allergic to medicine. Minor touch, but I like that, since he’s a virus-themed bad guy, they apply “Revive Kills Zombie” logic on this guy and he literally can’t take painkillers because it’ll only cause him more pain and agony. This comes up in an episode where he’s screaming in pain and wishes he could make the pain go away but just can’t.
*The Title Cards. This is one of those shows that freezes on eye-catching artwork for each episode title before they continue with the rest of the episode and they’re really nice.
Tumblr media
*The Accents. Forgot to mention this anywhere else, but since this is an Australian produced cartoon that aired primarily in Australia, everyone is rocking a very noticeable Australian accent and say things like “Oi, you two! Come and get a wriggle on!”. It’s fantastic.
They were definitely at the level where, if this show ever did make it to the states, they would’ve dubbed it to sound more American. And probably flip the animation so that the characters are driving on the opposite side of the road.  
The Cons
Tumblr media
*The Reused animation and sound clips. This is unfortunately the show’s biggest strike against it. Once your brain picks out which scenes get reused and which voice clips get reused, you’ll notice that some of the episodes have a noticeably smaller polish than others. The episode “Decayed” in particular felt like 50% footage from previous episodes and boy, did it stick out like a sour thumb because of it.
That being said, I didn’t mind too much (watching a lot of B-list anime and Filmation shows will do that to you) and I feel like you would’ve noticed this a lot less if you weren’t blazing through all 26 episodes in a short period of time like I was. But it is definitely a bummer that they had to cut corners like this because again, when they don’t cut corners, this show looks utterly fantastic.
I guess the lesson here is that the animators of this show didn’t get paid enough, but really, you can say that about literally every animated project in existence.
*Weird continuity inconsistencies. This goes into a weird nitpicking “you probably only noticed this because you’re an adult with too much free time/boy I sure hope someone got fired for THAT blunder!” territory, but sometimes this cartoon does a thing where something minor is established and then the cartoon subtly retcons it.
Mostly I’m using this space to complain about how Dawn explicitly mentions that they don’t own a cat, but then in the “character shrinks to the size of an ant” episode, they have a pet cat! They have a pet cat that lasts a grand total of one episode and no one says anything!
What happened to the cat, Rory? What happened to the cat?!
Tumblr media
(my theory is, like his father, it ran away from this family)
*Some episodes use stock cartoon plots. There is an episode where the main characters shrink to the size of an ant. There is a camping episode. There is a school dance episode. There is a Halloween episode. There is an episode focused on teeth. There is an episode that talks about the dangers of too much fast food.
Like the reused animation issue, depending on the episode, you end up not minding too much about this on account of how utterly bonkers The Appleman is when he’s concocting his evil schemes. The “characters teleport into the Internet” episode ended up being one of my favorites, as did the school dance episode.
But at the same time, two of my least favorite episodes are the stock episode plot episodes, so it’s definitely a mixed bag.
*They use real photographs in background shots and it bugs me. Come on, guys. Just have the blank wall or scribble in some posters. Anything will look better than this cartoon character standing right next to a still image from Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, especially when you clearly had the time to draw that cartoon skull on the door.
Tumblr media
*The three plot-heavy episodes unfortunately have weaker animation. This just seems like weird planning on their parts, but Episode 1, Episode 4, and Episode 26 are all episodes that deal with backstory of The Appleman and this wacky dysfunctional family and, for some reason, they didn’t bring their A game in regards to actually animating these episodes.
I feel like if you’re dealing with heavy backstory, you need to make the episode look good, because that’s going to be the stuff that the audience remembers. You need to have the flashback of The Appleman’s horrific transformation while he was working at the old refinery look amazing, but instead it just....doesn’t.
Tumblr media
(picture unfortunately related)
Just to make a note, the episodes with the most fluid animation are the following: The one with the mutant plants, the one with the mutant sheep, the Halloween episode, the episode with the dinosaur bones, and the episode where The Appleman learns how to make clones. None of these episodes are important to the overarching plot. 
*One of the episodes is unfortunately popular because it depicts animation that caters to the inflation fetish. Just...noting this for posterity. It makes google image searches of this cartoon a bit awkward. I’m not going to elaborate much further.
*There’s a minor transphobic joke in one of the episodes. In the episode “Decayed”, The Appleman dresses up like a nurse, tries to adopt a more feminine voice, and puts on makeup and fake eyelashes. Thankfully, this only happens for like three seconds and is never mentioned again.
The rest of the show otherwise passes the “can this still fly in 2020″ test. I’m just making a note here because it is pretty shitty. 
Closing Thoughts
Wicked! is not the best show in the world, and I struggle to call it “great”, but it is a solid and enjoyable one and honestly, the things that it has going for it are unique enough that I recommend giving it a shot despite its shortcomings.
If anything, my main takeaway from watching this whole show is that this show does not deserve to be as obscure as it is. At the very least, the concepts and characters introduced here are strong ones - the villain is a bitter divorced man transformed by a hate-feeding virus after all - and I feel that, in a more fair world, this show got the small but dedicated fanbase it so woefully needs. It doesn’t deserve a huge following of fans, but I say it definitely deserves a tag with 200 fanfics total and a lot more fanart than what it does.
While I’m not sure I could recommend it as one of the great obscure cartoons that everyone missed, I think it’s definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a fun time. It’s definitely a hidden gem, even if the hidden gem has a few imperfections. If anything, this show is a definite wild ride and I think it’s time for everyone to give this cartoon a shot.
Anyway I got to see The Appleman playing Second Life and moving the muscle slider all the way to the right, so I obviously had a blast.
Tumblr media
Next time, I talk about the actual episodes!
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lollercakesff · 3 years ago
Time & Again 14
Also available on AO3...
“I couldn’t unlock the door today,” El says from the couch in the cabin as Hopper walks in. He drops his utility belt on the table by the door and removes his hat, walking towards her.
“Sorry - what?” He pauses and looks between her and the TV, her eyes zeroed in on it.
“I had to crawl through the window after Mrs Wheeler dropped me off. Normally I can open the door without a problem,” she repeats and glances up at him then looks away.
Rubbing a hand across his face, he sighs. “Where were your keys? I thought we talked about this. You’re supposed to be cutting back on using your powers.”
“I forgot them,” she shrugs. He steps in front of the TV and squats down to her level, his eyes focused on her.
“El,” he watches as her wide eyes blink and her composure crumbles. “Kid, it’s okay,” he whispers into her hair as he wraps her up in his arms.
Hopper tries not to be frustrated with her, she was just a kid, but she had to know how serious this situation was. Though her symptoms weren’t getting worse - she hadn’t had a seizure again since the first one - her headaches weren’t really easing off. Doc Owens’ tests returned nothing substantial - her brain scans were not showing any degradation which was a relief, but the mystery persisted and was starting to wear on them both.
“What do you say we call up the Byers and see if they want to go out to eat tonight?” Hopper asks when she finally pulls away, her momentary lapse in independence ending.
“Can we go to McDonalds?”
Phone in hand, he scrunches up his nose at the suggestion as he dials Joyce’s number. She picks up on the third ring, breathless on the other end of the phone. “Hello?”
“Joyce, bring Will and let’s go out to dinner tonight. My treat,” he offers knowing her bills are usually tighter than his.
“Oh, I don’t know Hop,” she groans and he can practically hear the stress in her voice.
“Mom!” Will yells from somewhere in the house, the sound cutting across the line.
“Shh, I’m on the phone!” She shouts back and Hopper chuckles at the reaction.
“We’ll be there in twenty minutes,” Hopper states and hangs up, unwilling to take no for an answer. El and him make quick work of getting ready and arrive sooner than expected to a dark house before them. “I just called them…” He mumbles, looking between Joyce’s car and the empty windows.
Another second passes and Joyce and Will spill onto the front porch, Will struggling to put his coat on as Joyce drops her keys not once, but twice. He frowns at her flustered movements, watching carefully as they head towards the truck and pile in.
He knew the transition to not having Jonathan in the house would be tricky - Joyce relied on him heavily to keep Will looked after between her jobs - but he hadn’t expected the situation to fall apart at the seams like it looked to be.
“Hey,” El greeted as they clipped their seatbelts in and Joyce let out a heavy breath.
“Hi El - how’re you doing?” Joyce replied, turning to face her and focusing in on her in the way that made Hopper’s heart stumble with affection.
“I’m okay. I couldn’t open the door today so he’s trying to make me feel better.”
Hopper starts the engine as Joyce looks towards him, her hand reaching across the seat to grip his tightly in solidarity. The comfort comes unspoken between them and he manages to give her hand a squeeze before returning it to the wheel.
They’re halfway to town when Hopper shoots Joyce a look, eyebrows raised. “Why were all the windows dark when we picked you up?” He asks lowly as Joyce’s face flushes.
“She forgot to pay the electric bill,” Will pipes up from the back, laughing at the situation. Joyce scowls at him and tries to shush him from her seat.
“Oh,” Hopper nods, glancing at her briefly and gauging her reaction. “Was it a money thing or - “
“No. I just forgot. I went to the bank to wire the money for Jonathan’s tuition but I forgot to pay the bill when I was there. It’s fine,” she stumbles over the words as though she’s putting them together on the fly. He didn’t need to be a detective to see through it, but he knew better than to question her on it.
“Got it. Do you guys want to stay at the cabin tonight until you can call them tomorrow? It’s supposed to get cool…”
“Yes! Sleepover on a school night!” Will shouts from behind his seat as Joyce smiles weakly towards him.
“You’re sure that’s okay? I can bring the air mattress and set it up,” she offers a strained smile as he pulls into a parking spot.
“You guys can share Hopper’s room Mom, we know you share your room all the time when El stays over,” Will interjects and Hopper watches as El punches his shoulder.
“You weren’t supposed to tell them that we knew,” she hisses towards her friend, their attempt at keeping the secret falling apart.
“Yeah but the air mattress sucks. It has holes and everything, El. She’d basically be sleeping on the floor!”
“Okay - got it. Let’s just leave it at that,” Hopper laughs awkwardly and makes a show of leading the way into the restaurant.
They settle down to eat and after El and Will disappear into the playplace leaving Joyce and Hopper alone at the table. Neither of them know really where to start with the conversations they need to have so instead they choose to sit quietly, Joyce coming over to lean next to him as they watch the kids beyond the glass.
The ride home is a loud one as the kid’s excitement ramps up. Smiling, Hopper listens to the noise with a contentment he hadn’t felt in a long time. When Sara died he’d thought that that was the end of family for him - he was on his own. He’d divorced Diane less than a year after her death, his drinking and self-medicating tearing apart the patchwork marriage they’d been struggling through for the last year. Moving back to Hawkins and taking on the Chief of Police position had been a measure of desperation and he’d disappeared into himself, drowning in alcohol and a spree of one-night stands.
He’d never imagined that the disappearance of Will would be a catalyst to changing so much of his life - it had brought him El, lead him back to Joyce and somehow helped him build a paper house that he was determined to make work for as long as he could. He didn’t want to think about the end and what that would mean for him. He’d been telling Joyce the truth that day when he’d said he wouldn’t survive it. He wouldn’t. Couldn’t.
But that wasn’t a thought he wanted. Not as Joyce and Will piled into the truck with their overnight things and he drove back to the cabin in the dark. He got lost in the feel of the evening, the laughter coming easily as they forgot about everything that was going on. When Joyce and him were left on the couch as the hour grew late, he didn’t care that the kids were in the other room as he pulled her to him, his lips settling on hers as he sighed against her.
“I thought we were hiding our tracks better,” she murmurs after a moment, leaning back so she can look at him as her arms wrap around his neck.
“Mmhm, it was bound to happen eventually though.”
“That’s true. I don’t know - I guess I just,” she shrugs and tucks her head against his shoulder. “I think I just worry - they’ve been through a lot in the last few years. I don’t want us not working - “
“Are you thinking we’re not going to work out?” He interrupts and pulls back, a chill running through him.
“No - not at all. I’m just...“
“Scared?” He offers when she pauses, her lip between her teeth.
“Yeah. That’s a good word for it. I feel like everything is going well for once, like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop or something.” He closes his eyes and nods, his arms bringing her close again.
“God, I feel the same way. But I think half that fear is that you’ll just stop needing me and find someone else again,” he whispers the last part, self-conscious and vulnerable as he admits it.
“Again?” She presses, her fingers lightly scratching through his hair.
“It’s stupid.” His words are muttered, his lips placing kisses along her neckline as he tries to distract her.
“No, it’s not. Jim, when did I ever stop needing you?” She sits back and searches her eyes with his, fingers gripped in his shirt as though she couldn’t bare the thought of letting go.
“Like in highschool, with Lonnie,” he shrugs and looks away sheepishly. Joyce’s burst of laughter makes him jump in his skin, his eyes snapping back towards her.
“You told me that you couldn’t be with me,” she scoffs.
“I did not. I said that  - “
“‘I’m not right for you, Joyce,’” she tries to mimic his voice, her hands coming to her hips as she sits up tall on his lap. “It hurt me. I didn’t know how to deal with it and I made a mistake. But I never stopped needing you. That’s why I found you on Graduation Day and told you about the pregnancy. I needed your help then but - “
“I went off to war,” he adds quietly. They pause, their memories heavy on them until Hopper leans in and presses a whisper of a kiss to her lips. “We’ve found our way back,” he murmurs, his hand sliding up to cup her cheek. She returns the kiss, deepens it, before drawing back and getting to her feet.
She leads them into his bedroom and they take their time undressing in the light of the bedside lamp. When they climb into the bed and pull the quilt up around them, Joyce makes an effort to tuck her back against his until they’re flush and his hand is free to ghost over her skin.
They ensure to keep silent, their moans swallowed as their hands explore. It’s only after Hopper slides out of her, his body spent, that she rolls over and slips her leg between his with her nose against his throat.
“Are you going to call Owens about El?” Joyce asks when their breathing returns to normal, the calm night around them quiet and still.
“Yeah. I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t know though - I feel like maybe it’s a good thing if her powers stop working. She can be a normal kid for once if it - I mean, is it shitty for me to feel like this?” He mumbles above her, his body instinctively tightening at the admission.
“No. I don’t think it’s bad to think that. It’s been a challenge for her - for you both… Who knows what’s going to happen.”
“Right? I feel like we can handle it. Whatever happens. This is actually - jesus - it’s the first time I feel that way.” He pauses and squeezes her to him. “Thank you.”
“Mmm, don’t say that now. Show me your thanks in the morning,” she whispers and runs her hand down to his ass where she gives it a playful squeeze.
“Oh, don’t worry - I fully intend to. Can I ask you something though and you won’t get mad at me?” His voice is tentative and low and her response is a mumble that he takes as a yes. “Did you really forget to pay the bill, or were you out of money this month? It’s just - I know the tuition to NYU is insane and as much as I love you here in my bed, I don’t want - “
“Hop… We were having a nice time,” she hisses and moves her head until she can look up at him. He laughs and slides his hand into her hair, guiding her back against him.
“I know. I know. It’s just - I love you and that kid. I can help or we can figure something out that works - “ She pulls back from him then until she’s practically out from under the blanket, her elbow propping her up and exposing her breasts, the distraction immediate.
She stares at him until his gaze slides from her chest to her eyes, the tears that shimmer there making his heart stutter.
“Joyce - “ He starts, terror and confusion lacing through him. What had he said to cause this reaction? Reaching, he brushes his hand over her shoulder and up to her chin, pausing there as she leans into it.
“Hop.” Her whisper reverberates within him and he forces himself to keep his mouth shut. He felt like they were on the verge of something huge, the chasm between them one they needed to cross. “I - I mean… I love you too.”
The breath of relief shakes through him, a deep laugh rumbling through his chest as he pulls her towards him. “I thought I’d pissed you off,” he mutters and kisses her forehead.
“You do, regularly. But I’d never heard you say you loved me before,” she says and he can hear the smile in her voice.
“Well I do. I have. For quite some time,” he admits willingly. He couldn’t remember specifically when it happened, but it was somewhere between a shared cigarette at her kitchen table and watching her fall off that ladder.
“I don’t know if I stopped, to be honest,” she whispers in response as a yawn strikes her and has her curling in closer.
“Joyce…” His fingers lift her chin so he can capture her lips with his, a slow kiss that deepens as he becomes harder at her hip.
“We need to sleep,” she giggles as her hand wraps around him.
“I know. But we just said something huge. Shouldn’t we - you know - seal the deal?” He asks lowly as his own hand finds her center and slips his fingers inside her.
“You’re definitely right. What was I thinking?” She sighs and surprises him by rolling him back and straddling him without warning. He takes the hint and changes his attention to her breast, teeth scraping across her nipples as she rises up and takes him inside.
The act is heated and quick. Their bodies working together, chasing each other with hands and lips, until Hopper has to lift a hand to her mouth to stifle her moan as she comes hard above him. When she collapses onto his chest he revels in the way her teeth nip at a sensitive spot on his neck, her heat squeezing around him until he can’t stand it anymore and he comes inside her with a heavy grunt.
Exhausted, content, they let their bodies cool until Hopper pulls the blanket over her shoulders.
“Hey Hop,” she whispers as her body moves to be his little spoon.
“I love you.”
“Love you too.”
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All Hell Breaks Loose 8, Melb 2017 Photo ops, a.k.a I’m a dickhead.
So.  I need to get this down.  It’s going to be practically a diary entry and ya’ll are welcome to read, reply, ignore, adapt a screenplay, whatnot.  Just be kind, okay?
If you want to read about the panels [link coming].
This was my first con, my first celebrity photo op thing, and I went to the Sunday only (May 7th).  And spoiler alert: nothing that happened to me that day was actually that bad.  I’m just a sook.  A brutally honest sook.
This is a cautionary tale, at best.
ANYWAY.  Let’s start with a good point: I got to the train on time!
If you do choose to make a screenplay of this, your first act has to include the previous night.  Something grainy please, full of the timelessness and suspended fear of motherhood while I check on the 4-year-old with croup four times, and breastfeed the baby three times because, of course, she’s coming down with the same thing. Include the baby’s nappy leaking as give her a final feed before I head out the door.  And include the beautiful dawn rain that clears as I reach the train station and I text my Canadian friend “Holy Shit, I’m on time!!”  (Casting: you’re looking for a c-grade Kate Winslet, someone who looks like she recently bumped her head, who’s smile says “I used to be fit. This is a new shirt!”)
I don’t know what it was about my morning but it was smooth AF.  Even after the terrible rest, and after the baby’s nappy leaked, still smooth and a tonne to be thankful for.  Train on time.  Tram on time.  Rain cleared.  Found the venue easy peasy.  Utilised the cloak room!  So smooth!!
My line for wrist bands moved well, my line for tokens moved well.  So well in fact I didn’t have time to start up a timid conversation with anyone around me, and not enough time to really think about what I’d get, or remind myself of what all the different combo’s meant.  I could math enough and realise that getting two individual pics - one with Jared, and one with Jensen - was cheaper than one together.  I was not awake enough to realise I should’ve hung back and thought longer about my options, if only to pace myself.  But you know anxiety disorders - perspective is elusive, hindsight’s a bitch.
For all the movies I haven’t seen and clothes/coffees/meals I haven’t bought in the last 5 years, I spent what was a-lot-of-money-for-me on photos.  And on this, I’ll say now, I don’t regret spending the money.  Even though I don’t like the photos, and I didn’t love the experience, the event of it was enough.  But more on that later.
If your screenplay is swinging a documentary-style flavour, you need to include that Saturday had been fraught for AHBL8 .
A member of the staff (the amazing Hub crew) was hit by a car during an errand!!!!   D:  and needed leg surgery Saturday night!!!  I can’t imagine the upheaval and concern.
Also, the photo ops had gone to 4pm, way over time, and people who’d purchased missed out.  They were scheduled to have their photos done first, so Sunday was overloaded already.  The amazing Hub staff were ever lovely and patient, and I got the impression that it’s rare for people to miss out at AHBL.
I was able to run downstairs and meet, in real life, @dorky-and-i-know-it​. She was just as lovely and kind as I thought she would be, and I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself to your friend Dorky!  I still envy your weekend.  Thank you for chatting with me by phone during the day!
Soon we were all herded into the auditorium where general announcements and photo op calls were made while we watched fan vids and episodes and generally chatted with strangers.
Here’s what I learned about some fans who aren’t me:
Not everyone has watched everything released in Australia.  This stunned me. I assumed all fans would have watched everything they could.  And that if they’d spent money to come to this then they would surely have bought/seen the Seasons 1-11 DVDs at least.  I’m sure they’ve got perfectly good reasons (like being 4yo when the series began) - I’m not saying they don’t - I’m just pointing out my dense assumptions.
Not all fans can recognise the opening shots of an episode, like Just My Imagination (S11E8) for example.  Come to think of it, they probably don’t know, or aren’t concerned, that this was Jenny Klein’s last ep she wrote for us and we will never again have her gentle heartbreak or amazing Dean.  lolsob.
They deal with photos better than I do.  lolsobsnot
Because of the previous day’s disruptions and schedule blow-out, Sunday’s run was superduper cat’s-butt tight.  Word was already around that photos were running very quickly, but my brain didn’t link that with the whole ‘Oh you get about 15 seconds per photo’ being threatened…
(Again, I cannot impress upon you enough just how chronically tired I was.   I figure I got about 4 broken hours of sleep the previous night, and I haven't slept more than five in a row since Nov 2015. Tired on tired.  As a gauge, I looked at the coffee selling nearby and actually thought Yeah I’m not sure what that’s gonna do to me.  *glares at camera*)
So our rows were called and, more smooth, I went up the escalators, walked down the busy corridor made of queues and merch tables, and was ushered, with haste, straight into the room.  In line, I dropped off my bag with everyone else’s, and walked, almost without stopping, to fourth.  Then third.  Am I going to have an anxiety attack?  Nope! No time! I’m second!  
Now I could see Jensen.  Tall and more slender than I expected and- my turn!  I stepped up to where the last person was, recognised the lovely photographer from the facebook clip full of tips (which I all forgot) and I did what I thought I should do, eeer did what the last person seemed to do,  activated a primal derp gene.
I think I said Hi, and then I shut up and smiled.  I gingerly, loosely, put my arms around him coz I’d been thinking of how he must’ve been squeezed by a thousand people in the last day. Tired brain said neither:
“So don’t hug him at all, you dolt.” Nor
“The con rules, which you read twice, clearly state no unsolicited hugging.  Knock it off.”
My brain only said say “Oh he’s only using one arm!” so I dropped one - Nope! Bad timing! Take it again! - I mumbled the start of a word, Sorry or Not- I dunno.  I don’t know.  (Edit: It may have been Snoh but if it was actually “Sorry- Not-” I will take myself to hell.)  Then my left arm panicked and went back to where it was.  >:(  Snap again!  I have a vague memory of smiling and saying Thank you and I just kept walking.  It took maybe 6 seconds.
Jared’s section was right next to Jensen’s.  There was one person before me waiting for Jared.  I went to some parallel universe in my mind trying to figure out why I so wanted to document almost sharing the same piece of Earth with that particular guy, and then it was my turn again for Existential Dilemma No.2. I stepped forward.
Jared swung me around because he wanted to change sides.  So lovely.  (So wasted on my sleep deprived self.  My peripheral vision wasn’t even working.) More smooth.  He hugged me and I hugged back and then he really hugged me and I thought AAW yeah Imma get into that! CLICK.
I had my eyes mostly closed. 
He said something like “That was like a dance move there, huh?” and I said “Yeah, that was smuh.” And walked away.  Actually I think I said it as I walked away.  Because I was pretty sure they wanted me to just go.  And I was not very functional.
I floated back to my bag and wafted down the escalators, finding no one nearby my seat, so no one to talk to.  Instead I found a powerpoint in the foyer to recharge my phone while I rested my head for a nap and listened to poor patrons hear that photo ops with Jared and with J2 were sold out.
What I learned:
I have no cool.  I’m geek AF. 
I’m a dickhead who shouldn’t do things like this on 4hrs messy of sleep and I need to write that shit down for when I’ve only had 4hrs of sleep and can’t protect me from myself.
Next time I will listen to the feeling of being overwhelmed and maybe even step out of line for a moment to just look around, check I’m human, get my bearings.
Next time I will take the time I look at them and go slower and smile and I know it might add a few seconds to my spot BUT what I have now is this:
One photo where I look alright (read: tired, tbh) and Jensen is smiling but he doesn’t look happy. (*see below) He looks slllllightly shirty about me, this dopey desperado, moving my arm.  He may very well have been on auto pilot and I wouldn’t blame him one jot.  (In fact, I suspect he and I agree that photo ops can be fun, lovely, worth it, and important, but are still kind of a strange thing.)   And I don’t blame him!  I’m the dense cow who couldn’t follow one instruction, and his natural reaction (though admirably covered) was captured.  His reaction was how I feel now, as though he channelled future me.  You and your A1 acting nailed me again Mr Ackles sir; touché.  (DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.  I won’t show it to you.  I don’t even want to look at it.)
One photo with a wonderfully friendly Jared, that documents a wonderful moment, except that I look like a sloth trying to cop a good sniff.  I fuck you not, it’s the worst photo of me I’ve ever frikken seen.  I can’t even laugh at it. (I’m sure I will one day, of course.  What a delightfully miserable day that will be. I mean what the fuck will have happened to make reflecting on this photo a  sweet, uplifting moment.  Christ.  #motivationalkitty.) Not to mention the memory of how rude I was to that lovely man as I left.  *glares at self indefinitely*
I’m a vain, sensitive snowflake about my face and I know this because when I saw the pics I crashed, wondering what the hell made me think it was a good idea in the first place.  How pitifully frazzled am I? (See also: too tired to feel my eyelids.)  Maybe I forgot about how the outlandishly good looking can inspire a comparison burn.  Maybe I forgot that good looking people don’t raise the attractiveness of bystanders - there’s no charitable averaging of the looks.  I mean, I saw myself that morning - what the fuck did I expect? Regardless, when I saw my photos on the table for us to collect, I didn’t say Oh well shit happens LOL, or OMG facefart! Wait till I show Kakak!!  I thought, Holy fuck. No.  People have seen these. I need to get over myself and get happy with what I have, for my daughters if nothing else.  It’s not healthy.  I may not be coping with my age, I dunno (and that’s a whole other thing.)
So next time!!  I want a photo of them!  Not necessarily me, and I should work that into the situation.
Maybe, beyond all else, if I’m being really, really honest, it’s this:  I respect and admire Jensen Ackles a lot.  I think he’s an amazing actor, a phenomenal model, fucking hot as all hell, funny and skilled, intelligent, sweet and smart and just-  You know how they sent that record out into space with all the greetings from all the languages? Well, if they did something similar for “the humans”, he’d be on it.  He’s an excellent example of man, to me.  I think it’s okay if he needs to ‘act’ himself into ‘Happy to be here’ - it’s work after all.  But *I wanted to make him happy to be there - to say Thank you for coming so far, or Congrats on your twins, or even Hi, How are you?  Make it so that the few seconds I stood next to him were even just slightly better than his few seconds before.  Or simply be, as @saenalife so eloquently put it, pleasantly forgettable.  Instead, I managed to deliver my most pathetic, unthinking, non-present, derptastic self to that moment, and it mortifies me. I wasn’t even half my best, and I know it for sure.  I suspect it’s probably what all of us want - to have made a positive difference to these people we admire so much.  I didn’t do that at all.
I am also aware that some people would give a toe for a photo op with Jared and/or Jensen, and here I am whining about what I got.  Believe me, I get it.  They won’t be back in 2018.  We don’t know when they’ll be back next.  I’ve watched the show for 12 years, watched it again with friends and I still, after all that privilege, can’t appreciate it.  That’s why I’m angry at myself, for stuffing it up and for being a whiny dickhead about it still.
At this point I’d appreciate a character-growth montage, please.  Something that shows how I’ve come to terms with my all-round averageness, my Earned via Motherhood ™ skin and hair, and laughed with mature friends a la incontinence PSA.  Maybe I’m wearing a sari.  Something that will inspire critics to say “I’ve reviewed enough self-indulgent, pathetic, white chic early mid-life crises.  Let’s talk about GotG 4.”
Tumblr media
Moving on.
The Panels.
Now, in the hours that followed I learned that if I didn’t want a photo I could’ve slept in, put the baby down for her nap and turned up around 1 and still had time to faff around.
And it would still have totally been worth it.
Except!  I would’ve looked at Jared and Jensen on the other side of the room and thought Damn, I coulda stood right next to them.  And that’s why I refuse to don’t regret the photo experience.
The Panels - post coming soon…
My endless thanks to @seanalife, @inkiestdawn and @ilostmyshoe-79 for their support and encouragement regarding this post. And just to reiterate, I won’t be posting any part of either of the photos. :)
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puckish-saint · 4 years ago
yooo glad to hear you're feelin' better and ready to accept requests again ^-^ So could I request how Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker would do if a young child was brought into Talon, either because they have exceptional combat or tech related skills Talon wants to exploit or they're being held there as a long term hostage to ensure someone's cooperation? Like how would they interact with the kid, if at all? (sorry if the asks a bit long ;-;)
An agent picks the child up fromkindergarten, but it’s Widowmaker who sits in the back of the car,a small handgun cradled in her hands that the girl eyes bothfrightened and awed.
“Do you work for my mama?” she asksas she fastens her seatbelt as if she’s being picked up by randommen in black suits every day. The words stranger danger evidentlymean nothing to her.
“It is more accurate to say that yourmother works for us.” Widowmaker says. At least now she will, sheadds silently. The agent lets the autopilot drive and while the carpulls out of the school’s parking lot together with half a dozen ofother parents with their children, he turns around and waves hisphone.
“Lets take a photo so your mommywon’t worry, alright?” he suggests and whatever else the childmay be, camera shy she is not. She makes faces at the camera, makesthe agent snap picture after picture, usually with Widowmakersomewhere in the background although at least once she sits on herlap and pretends to brush her hair.
“You could braid it,” the girl saysand Widowmaker, whose patience for people who are not targets or herhandlers runs low at the best of times, yanks her hair out of thechild’s grasp.
“I don’t want to braid it.” shesays and hopes that is the last of it.
Amélie and Gérard thought abouthaving kids but never acted on the impulse. Her career was tootime-consuming, his work too dangerous to make child rearing arealistic option. And though she used to make the occasionalappearance before young ballet students her contact with children hasbeen minimal. Thus she had no idea about young children’s lack oflong-term memory.
“You could braid it.” the child,Widowmaker doesn’t bother to memorise her name, says. It’s been alittle over two weeks and the times the girl suggested braiding herhair ranks in the dozen. It’s hard to believe she really doesn’tremember, but that’s how she asks, with the same enthusiasm as ifshe just figured out the potential of tying hair together inappealing patterns.
Once again she pulls her hair out ofreach and hopes the child’s lips wobbling won’t mean it will cryand make a scene.
“I already told you, I do not want tobraid it.”
As if she hasn’t heard the childcontinues, merrily ignoring her lunch that might keep her mouth shutfor a few minutes.
“It’d look really nice with bows init. Down here,” she holds the tips of her hair. “And here, here,here, here,-”“Yes, I get it.” Widowmaker glares at Reaperwho hasn’t laughed but is also very pointedly not laughing. Insteadof helping her deal with this persistent little menace he puts aglass of orange juice in front of the same and goes back to readingthrough the mission data for his next op. It’s his first contactwith the child, not living on base as she does, so he couldn’tpossibly know how annoying the little pest is. She’s supposed tostay in her room at all times, but instead of having her food broughtto her she gets to sit at the kitchen table and count the long longlist of hair accessories she owns.
“And a tie that has three bobbles onit, and another tie that has one big bobble on it, and a clip thatlooks like a fish.”
She stops to breathe and Reaper, thebastard, uses that pause to ask, innocent as can be: “Oh? Whatcolour is the fish?”
“Don’t encourage her.” Widowmakerhisses, but it’s too late, and for the next twenty minutes she hasto listen to the painfully dull conversation only a five year old canlead, about what colour her fish is and the many many differentcolours in which fishes come. Reaper nods and contributes to theconversation, because he gets to leave and kill things soon, whileshe’s stuck here, having to listen to this nonsense all day, everyday. Whatever project Talon needs that child’s mother for, sheprays it ends soon and they can all rid themselves of her.
While Reaper is off somewherereenacting slasher films, Widowmaker gets her first reprieve from thechild that insists on following her around wherever she goes.
“They called me in to work on the newsoftware,” Sombra says, patting the child on the head in a gestureas condescending as it is inattentive. “Heard you have a fan.”
“I’m the fan.” The child saysproudly and receives another pat for it. Widowmaker groans and wishesTalon had a job, any job for her to escape this little monster.
“You will not be so smug once she’sfollowed you around for an entire day wherever you go,” she saysand emphasises, with a glare at the child, “Wherever you go.”
All she gets for her efforts is a widesmile, but at least Sombra provides a little distraction and givesher the first time in weeks off to herself. She’s looking forwardto living up to her name again, to being called her name again,unlike the child who somehow figured out she used to be called Amélieand wouldn’t use anything else to address her. She’s not Amélie,especially not to a snotty brat who has more hairclips than brains.
Sombra, meanwhile, explains what Talonis all about.
“Can’t believe you don’t knowyet. They didn’t even make you take the entrance test?”
“What entrance test?”
While Sombra boots up the computersshe’ll be working on, an internal network not connected to thelarger one that practically runs the base, she lists all the things aprospective agent of a super secret organisation needs to do to provethey’re worthy of being accepted.
“Well, first they have to prove theycan find their way anywhere-”“I can do that.”
“Can you? Well, you’d have to beable to find, say, the officer’s lounge just by askingpeople.”Again the child she confirms that she’s able to dothat. Sombra hums thoughtfully.
“Well, next agents have to prove theyare strong. Someone your size must be able to carry something theweight of … say a sixpack of coke? I think there is some in theofficer’s lounge, but of course, you’d have to find your waythere, and then you might not even be able to lift it-”“I cando it! I’ll prove it, look!”
And off she goes, intent to prove thatshe has the makings of a Talon agent. Sombra sits down at herworkstation and kicks back, laughing at Widowmaker and the troublesshe had with the kid. Amateur.
A sixpack of coke, warm slippers andsilky brushed hair later, Sombra’s genuinely beginning tocontemplate getting Talon to expand into child labour. Nothingsinister or backbreaking, of course, she’s not a monster. But thelittle goblins make for good entertainment if one knows how tomanipulate them.
“... nine apathetic, sympathetic,diabetic old men on-” The kid gasps for air and Sombra shakes herhead and clicks her tongue, as if she’s disappointed and not on theverge of hysterical laughter.
“You’ll have to do better thanthat. A real secret agent can do the whole thing in a single breath.”she says and sends the child off into another attempt to pass hermade up test, allowing her to work quietly and with a steady supplyof soft drinks.
Gabe takes the child away from herhours later when he returns from his mission, undoubtedly to get herto fetch his own slippers. Maybe the newspaper. Could she teach hertricks if she got treats from somewhere?
She shouts the suggestion after Gabewho gives her the finger, probably in no small part because she keepscalling him Gabe.
She keeps working and doesn’t thinkmuch of the child until much later that night when she wanders intothe kitchen to find Widowmaker, enjoying her first yoghurt in weekswithout having to yank her hair back from curious fingers.
“Hey, you see the goblin?”
Sombra falls silent when Widowmakerholds up her finger and shakes her head.
“I just forgot about it, what reasoncould you possibly have to remind me of its existence?”
There’s a beat of silence.
“I wanna see how much gross stuff Ican make it eat.”Widowmaker sighs and rubs her temples, wavingin the general direction of the door.
“The bosses foisted the thing onReaper last I knew. When he complains remind him he encouraged it.”
Sombra makes it her business to knowthings, it’s her trade, her passion, her overarching goal in lifeto know more than anyone else. That’s why she knows Reaper’s realname, and Amélie Lacroix’ birthday, and that Gérard Lacroix wasinfertile but never told his wife. She even has a copy of theadoption papers that were found in his desk after his death, halffilled out and hidden underneath case reports classifiedintelligence. She understands Widowmaker’s distaste for children,something she doesn’t share with the woman she used to be. And sheunderstands, or thought she understood, what Gabriel Reyes is allabout. A family lost or never had didn’t feature in the equation.If he wanted one or not, he’s lying in a bed half his size readinga silly story to help a young child fall asleep in a room that’snot hers, cared for by people who are not her family. Sombra watchesunseen as the child curls up closer against his side like it’s themost natural thing, like the monster seeping dark tendrils when hedoesn’t pay attention is supposed to be there.
“Is Mama fine?” The child asks whenGabriel pauses to turn the page. It must have been on her mind forsome time, but she wouldn’t have asked Widowmaker who’s annoyedwith her, or Sombra who messed with her. She waited for the ghosthaunting this place to come home and read her a bedtime story.
“She’s fine,” Gabriel says andnot even the hoarse rasp of his voice bothers her. “Her work isdangerous, but we’re looking out for her. And for you, so no badguys can get to you.”
Even Sombra almost believes they’renot the bad guys the child needs protecting from. She slips awayquietly, suddenly no longer interested in messing with the kid.Gabriel’s voice, picking up the story from where he left of,follows her long after its physical echo has faded.
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adashofstarshine · 4 years ago
Fire Emblem Fates Conquest - A Review
As promised on the outset of this game, for every criticism I have, I’m going to make a positive comment too. However, as not expected on the outset of this game, there are a few more positive comments that perhaps I would have thought. Either way, this is a long post of me trying to get everything down before my brain starts its sieve like tendency of losing everything that isn’t immediately relevant to my interests.
I’m going to split this bulletpoint style review into two sections: Gameplay and Story. The first will cover everything mechanic, and the second includes my thoughts on the plot and characters! 
Just a note: I got very few supports on this playthrough but I will fix that on my second, which I will be calling SmoochQuest like the mature adult I am. Anyway, on with the review, spoilers ahead!
Level Design. Probably the game’s strongest feature and the reason the game was enjoyable to play. The variation in level design was great, from the appearance of the levels themselves (Special Mentions to the Opera House and Little Rooms and Stairs levels) to the variety of things you had to do to complete them. It wasn’t all sieze/defeat enemy, which I remember disliking in FE13. 
Dragon Veins. For a while they felt distinctly un-Fire Emblem, but I must admit warping the landscape is fun, especially as any of your royals can do it, not just special Corrin.
Different units, weapons and magic for different cultures. Liked that a lot, even if I forgot what some of the Hoshido weapons were occasionally.
Location pictures.  I liked the fact that we got pictures of the locations when they were introduced. I also liked some of the music, the boss battle rendition of Azura’s song probably being my favourite (but the battle music is nowhere near as iconic as the GBA games.)
The Castle. Useful to have everything in one place, and there were a few unexpected shopkeeper laughs. (Mostly from Odin.)
Weird voice clips. I’d prefer if they narrated the whole line or didn’t. Having a character say a random word at me that’s only semi-relevant at most is confusing at best, annoying at worst.
Only the protagonist is allowed to have a same-sex relationship.  This has probably been said a thousand times, but here’s my go. If there are characters who feel attraction to the same gender, why is that attraction only allowed to be directed at the MU? Dragon Pheromones? Who knows.
Fliers wielding bows. That’s not how fliers work, please, how is a FE veteran with an awful memory supposed to keep remembering they have bows now. Also add not being able to attack at melee range with Tomahawks to my weapon quibbles I’m too used to Titania being able to and it cost Camilla a lot. A nitpick perhaps but important to me.
No post-game content. My last save is before I fought Garon, and I would have liked to wander round Corrin’s castle thing and see what everyone thought post-coronation. However FE doesn’t usually have post-content so that’s not too unexpected. I’m not that tempted by the DLC.
Promotion Issues. Put back Auto-Promote pretty please. Also I’m confused as to why Keaton promotes (Laguz didn’t) but maids don’t when it would sort of be fitting for the heroic maid to rise above her station.
Corrin was ok. I didn’t particularly love them overall, but I didn’t dislike them either. Sometimes I felt sorry for them and there were some rather nice supports.
Nohr Siblings. I found all the Nohr Siblings very interesting and wished I got all their supports, I’ll try again in SmoochQuest but if not then, I’ll look them up online.
Royals and Retainers. I’m interested in the dynamics and stories behind all the siblings and their retainers. Though like Corrin I do wonder why everyone siblings and retainers, seem to be a fresh sort of peculiar. (If I see the comic about the discount retainer store again I will have to reblog it.)
I am genuinely curious about Revelations. How can this be resolved without one family getting its children slaughtered?
I also like Niles. (I’m scraping the barrel of positive comments here) Also the potential of Niles and Lep being together. It’s hard for me to ship things these days but I like the potential for these two. 
I might think of more things I like later, I’m currently in a post-game head whir so I’ll see what’s left after my brain has calmed down.
What the heck was possessing Garon and Takumi? Going to explain that to me ever? Could whatever it was become a wider issue? Well who knows, not me. 
What about the Dragon God. Why did only not!Garon worship it? Was it actually ever saying anything. No explanation there.
The Great Trouser Shortage of Fate(s). Enough people have complained about outfit designs so you know what I’m talking about.
Limited character interest. Whilst I liked the Nohr siblings very few other characters immediately gripped me as someone I would want to know more about. These uninteresting characters got shelved immediately so I saw very little of Peri, Laslow, Nyx, Mozu, Benny, Charlotte, Keaton (for a while but then I needed good units), Flora, Izana, Jakob and there might be more I’ve forgotten. Therefore I got few supports and no children from these people.
Lack of Tragedy. They clearly tried to make the deaths tragic but when you’ve only seen a character for one of two cutscenes their death isn’t that tragic, even if they are Corrin’s mother.
Flat plot. I’m not entirely sure this is an overall criticism, but there was nothing in plot that seemed like a shocking twist and turn, nothing made me go ‘oh’. There were surprises but I didn’t care enough about the people involved to be invested enough to be enthralled by it. I kept going for the characters and their interactions, not the plot itself. It was very ‘we must get invade and the throne to reveal the bad thing’ and then we did that for many chapters, there wasn’t much else to it.
Why is there no religion in this world? Bar Garon’s mysterious dragon god. I’m curious as it’s been a mainstay of all FE games.
Well my brain is now forgetting everything as I type. Maybe I will remember more when I replay on SmoochQuest. For now, I would love to chat about the game with anyone who feels like it! 
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