theoptia · a month ago
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Federico García Lorca, from Blood Wedding
Text ID: I want the blood running through my fingers to make a delicate sound.
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shiftythrifting · a year ago
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Oddly specific mug, Derby KS.
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yeonjune · 6 months ago
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happy holidays message from txt 🎄
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odekirk · 2 months ago
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he’s so professional and energetic and upbeat
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muppethole · 5 months ago
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vodid · 15 days ago
me in 2014: wow i love this character. his name is prowl and he struggles with emotions
me in 2019: huh i do wonder why i started to like him back then. like why does he click with me so much
me in 2022, researching alexithymia: oh.
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justfordramas · 17 days ago
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Bye Ken~
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eppysboys · 10 months ago
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John Lennon’s first ever self-portrait that he painted at art college in 1958 ... The abstract work in oil depicts a red figure side-on with unflattering features. During his time at college Lennon became known for drawing cartoons and misshapen, satirical characters ... The figure in red is set against a black background and looks drawn and despondent. The distinctive spectacles are absent and it appears he had turned his skill for unflattering depictions on himself.
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paneerlajwanti · 5 months ago
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slavicafire · 4 months ago
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We're still getting heavy snows in my area, but after a brief melt, I got to see this little guy poking up. Spring is stirring🏵️
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gwarden123 · a month ago
I think what it is is how much the slang is but also how much it’s just a little off of what the modern consensus of Old Western cliched speech would be? Like, it sounds made up. I mean, duh, it is but because of that cultural drift it sounds extra made up and wrong. He sounds like a fake cowboy.
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I think you are one of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever met on Tumblr. I love you and your blog. you’re always there with a kind word, and a dirty thought if ever one is needed 😂
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chrismequick · 5 months ago
c!eret: it was my mistake for trusting someone.. but i guess thats how the others felt with me
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foxpriestss · 14 days ago
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ANGER,   jaw clenching, hands balling into fists, teeth grinding, yelling, going non verbal, stuttering speech, rushed speech, slow concise speech, rambling, quiet, arms crossing, shaking head, tearing up, animated, expressionless, projects, internalizes, vents, withdraws, passive aggressive, direct, physical outbursts, verbal outbursts.
JOY,    easy smiles, fighting back grins, suppressed laughter, loud laughter, giggles, chuckling, smirks, whole body laughs, covers mouth when laughing/giggling, throws head back when laughing, slaps leg, touches people around them when laughing, looks down when laughing, looks for eye contact when laughing, sparkling eyes, bubbly happiness, quiet subtle happiness, obnoxious happiness, wants to spread joy, quietly savors joy.
SADNESS,     crying, bottling it up, seeks distractions, wallows, meditates and processes, avoidance, seeks out comfort, withdraws, talks it out, internalizes it, sad smiles, depression naps, uses alcohol, uses drugs, seeks out sources of joy, fidgets with sentimental item, sits in silence, broods, gets moody, wants someone to share the misery, tries to hide negative emotions, nurtures others to make themselves feel better.
EMBARRASSMENT / SHAME,  blushing, looking away, rubbing at back of head, covering face, laughing nervously, laughs it off, overthinks, lets it go, self deprecating humor, deflects, gets irritated, smiles, withdraws, crossing arms over stomach, crossing arms over chest, hands in pockets, shoulders sinking, shrugs, falling into silence until comfortable again, talking a lot to compensate.
GUILT,     avoiding eye contact, shoulders sinking low, head hanging down, crying, chest aches, lashes out, internalizes, apologizes, deflects, communicates, withdraws, grand gestures for forgiveness, accepts fault easily, punishes themselves, martyrdom, victim complex, guilt complex, healthy conscience, internalizes even after forgiveness, seeking redemption, moves on easily, denial, lack of guilt/conscience, sorry they got caught more than caused harm, can’t handle knowing they hurt others.
FEAR / ANXIETY,  trembling, crying, sarcasm/sass to cope, rambles, goes silent, gets angry, fidgeting, clenching jaw, picking at nails, chewing at lip, pulling at clothes, adjusting jewelry/clothing, swallowing thickly, eyes widening, over-reacts, under-reacts, calm, logical, panic, irrational, overthinks, carefully analyzes, talks to themselves, breathing exercises, fight, withdraw, fawn
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bi-demon-ium · 16 days ago
20, Mr b & Constance?
"breaking the rules" + constance & mr benedict
Constance had never been one for rules. She didn't like how constricting and uncompromising they were, and she didn't like how no one ever explained why they existed, or why she should follow them.
Most of them were stupid and arbitrary, or only meant to control her. And Constance hated being controlled.
But being a little girl who hated rules—however stubborn and mature and fierce—meant she had had to get used to her fair share of punishments. She'd ignore the rules, bend them, break them, and the adults who were supposed to watch over her would get mean.
Over time, she learned to make herself bigger, louder, angrier, meaner, until she was more intimidating them then they her.
Still, though, she was very young, and that meant she was very small. She was relying on willpower, on smokescreens. Should someone truly wish to hurt her... well, despite all the spunk, Constance was certainly one to run if necessary. She found no shame in self preservation.
Mr. Benedict, though... Mr. Benedict was different.
She could feel his sincerity—when she broke all of his stupid rules in his silly, inane tests, he was genuinely delighted. He was impressed with her ingenuity, her questioning, her stubbornness.
And when she told him to his face his tests were stupid and rules were for fools, he'd laughed, loud and honest and pleased, and then. fallen asleep.
At first she thought it might be a trick. Plenty of adults pretended to like her or find her less annoying than they truly did, but she could always sense the anger and irritation beneath.
But she could read him. And Mr. Benedict... genuinely thought she was hilarious. Genuinely liked her poetry, and more than liked her inclination towards breaking the rules.
(The closest he'd come was when she'd insulted the others—the big man, Milligan, and the other kids—and even then it had sort of been a mild distress mixed with an amusement he seemed to internally scold himself for, which was kind of hilarious in of itself. But insulting him? Nothing but pure joy. He thought she was funny and smart.)
She was pretty sure he liked rules—order, puzzles, things working perfectly—but only if they were just. He had no problem with a litlte mischief, either, and he had no problem explaining his reasoning, nor did he have a problem with her way of doing things, so long as she wasn't hurting herself.
There weren't really any rules she wanted to break, anymore.
The ones that did exist as hard and fast rules were few, and they were mostly for her safety and health—the worst of which were things like no candy for breakfast, wear a helmet if you want to ride a bike, a loosely enforced bedtime.
But even when she did break these rules—snuck candy, or stayed up too late—there was no punishment or screaming. He'd fuss over her if he was worried, if she'd hurt herself, and they'd talk, but she never felt like he was angry at her, like he wanted to hurt her, like she had something to fear.
The longer she stayed with him... she knew she should be afraid, letting herself get attached like this, but she wasn't. She was comfortable. He made her feel safe.
She'd never felt safe like this before.
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theirloveisgross · 28 days ago
Chaos at the barricade. Joshua jumping on the barricade trying to get a pic, Louis being pulled and not let go, Joni seeing his life flash through his eyes after not being able to get Louis off the barricade. All the good stuff. Bogotá, Colombia.
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nekoagent · 3 days ago
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ruined by loneliness.  you are so lonely. you are miserable in your solitude. you hate that you cannot bring yourself to reach out, to ask for help. you will be forgotten by all who never knew you. your biggest fear is that you will die alone, and you know this fear will be seen to fruition. you refuse to extend yourself beyond the box that others put you in. and it is a box that no one dare come near. you are lonely because you are afraid of yourself.
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ponyoisms · a year ago
the jordeclan sweetmetal plot line was actually howls moving castle levels of romantic and i do NOT say that lightly
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crowtobio · 9 months ago
happy oct 4th for p3 fans :)
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club577 · 6 months ago
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