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kaijudyke 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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24000-kerching-necktoll 5 months ago
there's such a loneliness in being fan of an ongoing mainstream media franchise and kind of knowing that the queer side character is either going to get killed or rejected as some sort of attempt at teaching the audience a moral lesson.
like okay, maybe seeing a queer character be good and earnest and still die despite that can be a huge learning experience if you have never had to consider the queer struggle.
however us queer folk know of good and earnest queer people who have died. In our eyes we're already humanized, we don't need a death to teach us our worth. We're all constantly mourning people we've lost that we never got to meet. I flinch at sight of barbed wire despite being an infant when matthew shepherd's murder made headlines. Every time i hear stories of people of queer people who survived the aids crisis i feel such a hopelessness. We constantly learn about queer heroes from the past only to find out they did suspicious or frightening deaths.
Look what I'm getting at, it's not new or a morbidly beautiful thing to see one of us die, -despite being earnest despite being good-, again. You're not making the point you think you're making, you're just adding sadness to the community you say you're serving. You're just making us learn another name.
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puyopuyotetris2 27 days ago
Draco Centauros Puyo Puyo is like Link from BOTW. He is transmasc, she is transfemme, they are a gay man, it is a lesbian.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Draco is every queer identity at the same time.
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thoopsy a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Deleted scene where the returning contestants want to go home.
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valencrime a year ago
New chapter of Gordon in Breen鈥檚 Office What Propaganda Will He Make
I made it :]
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the-antman 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Scott Lang, Hufflepuff
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ii-mepad 3 years ago
455 words, rated G? Just a short little drabble of what it felt like to be Callie in the Splatoon 2 Octavio Fight.
Callie had never woke up from a dream feeling breathless and like she鈥檇 been screaming for hours on end. She鈥檇 never had nightmares before, not the kind that woke her up. Unsettling dreams yes but.
Nothing had ever felt like this. She was standing on something moving. Everything felt wrong, and blurry especially from one eye in particular what was up with that--?聽 She thought she鈥檇 been dreaming, or was this a dream? She鈥檇 been so sure of herself just a moment ago.
Everything was wrong and Marie was singing and her belly was cold and Callie just wanted to fall down and cry, but instead? She sang. It was easy to keep singing, she could sing with her eyes squeezed closed to just take in her own thoughts.
She鈥檇 been so sure just a moment ago that she was hated, that Octavio had taken her in at her lowest moment. It was foggy, so hazy. Foggy foggy foggy.
It hurt to look at anything but her eyelids, her head hurt, nothing made SENSE.聽
Bomb Rush Blush came easier than scrambling for any memory of Octavio recruiting her. Did she just wake up-? Already with him--?? That wasn鈥檛 RIGHT, none of this was RIGHT!!
The platform she was on jerked sometimes, like it鈥檇 been hit by something. She kept standing, she kept singing. What was Marie saying? She sounded longing? Callie couldn鈥檛 focus on the words. She kept singing back though. What words was Callie singing?
The music stopped. Callie stopped too. What were the words to her song-?聽鈥淯ghgh, my head.鈥澛
鈥淐ALLIE! REMEMBER!鈥 That was Marie, and a beat was starting. A different one this time.聽鈥淭hat heavenly melody!鈥
She did remember, didn鈥檛 she? A song so ingrained in her. She heard it in.. Her dreams...聽鈥淭he one and only....鈥 Everyone always announced them the same didn鈥檛 they? Everyone always called them.... Two of them, a set.......聽鈥淚.. I remember...鈥
Everything snapped right into place, and she found herself grinning and leaping for whatever weird contraption Marie was on.
Singing came even easier.
Everything was sharp now. Marie and her didn鈥檛 match, her outfit was whatever Octavio鈥檇 put her in, but they matched in spirit. The choreography was right.
She saw every move of that little Agent, jumping up and around on grind rails. Dodging and shooting and Callie just kept on singing.
It was hard not to grin. She鈥檇 missed this. She鈥檇 missed being right next to Marie and getting to hear one of her very favorite singers sing one of her very favorite songs.
Felt warm, felt right.聽
That Agent seemed to dodge every attack, sometimes to the very beat of the music, It was beautiful. Everything felt right in the world.
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squid-ink-personal 10 months ago
"You can't consume problematic media!"
Maybe YOU can't. I, on the other hand, have critical thinking skills and a lot of spite
Edit: Because I鈥檓 tired of people selectively taking my tags out of context and not following directions, have some spite聽and learn things please and thank you.
#i lived through the steven universe fandom#i have seen things#the zelda fandom is like. peak 'be critical of what you consume but you can also enjoy it'#proud of you guys#for those reading the original tags#this is NOT about me consuming steven universe#this is about the su fandom's attitude towards what they perceived as problematic setting a dangerous precedent for#how we interact with media as a whole#tldr: su fandom made purity culture popular and now we all suffer#what this REALLY is about#is me recognizing that the loz universe has some pretty glaring flaws#and wanting to engage anyways#like the gerudo#the gerudo are a fucking MESS#but the fandom doesn't tear them apart#they recognize that zelda has its flaws and that as long as you're mindful you can enjoy it anyways#so if dsmp or harry potter or attack on titan or anything like that are the same for you#go for it#i don't engage with those because they make me feel icky#because i can't separate the content from the creators#but i don't judge people who do like it#my zelda is someone else's mcyt is someone else's madoka magica etc etc etc#in short: do what makes you happy and don't tell strangers on the internet what to do#you wouldn't go into a barnes and noble and smack a copy of the sorcerer's stone out of a reader's hands#don't think your criticism on the internet isn't just that in digital form#new edit:#If you're here for the tags i strongly encourage you to read the rant#it's in the notes#especially if you find issue with these tags
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ocdnatural 7 months ago
when multiple mutuals are all interacting at the same time .... sleepover
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fancyson 8 months ago
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kaijudyke 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
How best to describe Nandor? I would say that he鈥檚 blessedly unburdened with the complications of a university education.
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24000-kerching-necktoll 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I am debating taking a break from fandom for a while, however I thought before I go I should share this playlist I have been working on!!
I tried really hard to encorperate a solid thematic journey of Jaskier being in love and following someone for 20 years.
I tried to cover the euphoria of love, the bitterness of unrequited queer love, sexual frustration, Angst, post-mountain Anger, yearning in general, and a surprising amount of lesbian bops!!!! It ends hopefully because I am a sap and my faggy heart cannot NOT put magnetic fields in there!
If you are to listen to only one song let it be this male vocals cover of this Sapphic anthem because it's serotonin in a jar and I have had it on constant repeat the whole year!
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thoopsy a year ago
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valencrime a year ago
New GiBO chapter!
If you were waiting around for a new chapter of Gordon in Breen鈥檚 Office, What Propaganda Will He Make, today [or, a couple days ago?? I forgot to make this post] is your day!
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the-antman 2 years ago
hi! im bored and technically i should study for exams but i don't want to so if you guys want, send me ideas for moodboards! they may suck but idk, it's fun to do anyways :)
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deanwasalwaysbi 6 months ago
I'm not going to stop posting queer content and using curse words so yall better start accessing the hellsite on a web browser.
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daifei 8 months ago
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leverage-ot3 a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
leverage + screenshots of despair
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kaijudyke 3 months ago
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Maybe in your next life you鈥檒l be a little less nosy!
concept by @weirdgirlcore
[ID: Seven gifs of scenes from the show Our Flag Means Death, primarily featuring the character Lucius.
1. Lucius stands on the deck with Stede, holding his journal. Caption: 鈥淵ou said to record everything, warts and all, so that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 doing!鈥
2. Ed sits at an injured and unconscious Stede鈥檚 bedside, watching him. Lucius walks into the room and stops short, staring at them.
3. Lucius stares in disbelief as, in the foreground, Stede gently plucks something out of Ed鈥檚 beard. Caption: 鈥淥h my god, this is happening.鈥
4. Ed listens with a thoughtful expression on his face as Lucius, whose back is to the camera, talks to him. Caption: 鈥淭hat bizarre little man over there likes you very much, and you like him!鈥
5. Lucius sits next to Stede by the window in his cabin. Caption: 鈥淎nd do we think this is more of a spat or a rupture with Blackbeard?鈥
6. Lucius speaks gently to Ed in his dimly lit blanket fort. Caption: 鈥淎nd this fictional character... he鈥檚 having a hard time?鈥
7. Lucius and Ed stand on the deck of the ship at night. Ed grabs Lucius and throws him overboard into the water.
/end ID]
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24000-kerching-necktoll 5 months ago
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