#sorry to everyone i didnt @ with these
filibusterfrog 2 months ago
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bump of commissions
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terracyte 8 months ago
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the shoulder pads look cool but don鈥檛 do much against the cold
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halpdevon 8 months ago
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redraw of this is finally done! the starblaster鈥檚 fatal flaw: only one bathroom [ID: an image of the IPRE crew in a bathroom together. lucretia is a black woman with a bonnet on and a toothbrush in her mouth leaning down next to merle to help him with a book that reads Sudoku 4 Dummies. merle is a dwarf with a light complexion holding a towel around himself with his hair up in a bun and looking puzzled at the book. next to them on the right is barry, a man with a light complexion sitting on the closed toilet with a mirror in hand shaving his face. he is wearing acid wash denim jeans and no shirt. above him, davenport stands on the counter, reading a bunch of papers/ blueprints and brushing his teeth with his tail holding the toothbrush. he is a gnome with a fair complexion and red hair wearing shorts that say Cap鈥檔 on the butt. to his left in the background, lup is leaning over the counter blow drying her hair, the droplets flying back and hitting taako who shields his face. lup is an elf with a medium complexion, freckles, and sandy blonde hair. taako, another elf with a medium complexion has dark brown cropped hair, freckles, and is holding a towel blindly out to magnus who is exiting the shower. magnus is a man with a lighter complexion, freckles, and dark hair. he is squinting as he steps out into the steamed up bathroom reaching for his towel. End ID]
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tomatoart a month ago
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what if arizona was real
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redrobin-detective 19 days ago
here鈥檚 some sick truths about Bruce Wayne and his relationship with his kids.
Most reliant on: Dick- he has the first born advantage plus, like Alfred, has wormed his way in to be almost indispensable in Bruce鈥檚 life. B would not be functioning well without Dick to kind of keep motivated and aware of the real world. Poor Dick is classic Eldest Daughter Syndrome.
Favorite child: Jason-聽 B took all the mistakes he learned with Dick and channeled them into Jason. He poured all his dad wisdom and love into Jay and, until the last bitter few weeks, had the most loving relationship. Lets Jay get away with most anything bc that鈥檚 his son.
Favorite Robin: Tim- Tim and B very quickly became a well oiled machine, B trusting Tim to keep up with him mentally and physically often giving the kid too hard tasks just expecting Tim to be able to do it. Which he did.
Easiest child: Cass- For all the B floundered and misunderstood/was misunderstood by his boys, Cass鈥檚 ability to read his intent in body language saved him. Also Cass鈥檚 desire to better herself and make up for past sins means her and B just get each other intuitively.
Favorite to be around: Damian- like Cass, Dami and B do have a lot in common and Dami鈥檚 more reserved habits, eagerness to please, absolute dry and cutting sense of humor means Bruce will seek out his youngest鈥檚 company more often than some of the others.
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ligaminty 10 months ago
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Brook makes the strawhats become gay and homophobic Backgrounds below the read more since Zoro got hidden behind Luffy and Usopp. Twice.
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theminecraftbee 2 months ago
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[image ID: a large collection of screenshots of tags, comments, and reblogs. all of them are expressing that they thought my moon鈥檚 big post was about real life. /end ID]
today on tumblr: i forget to make a VERY IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION, my post breaches containment, and a surprisingly universal experience ensues.
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selkiecoded 4 months ago
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kvlen 9 months ago
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ebonytails 3 months ago
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Good for Her x - art used for Illidan
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worstloki 4 months ago
"Loki killed 80 Shield agents" yeah and then 2 years later it was revealed Shield was infiltrated by Hydra. Y'know what, at this point I'm so tired of seeing the Evil Villain Loki argument that I'm also just willilng to believe those 80 people could have been Hydra. It's a reach but you also can't disprove it. You're welcome Nick Fury.
I doubt there were 80 people at all :/ Nat was just being dramatic and wanted to see what reaction it'd get from Thor, who he'd side with
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spooky-ooky-juno 3 months ago
one thing i despise about the aa fandom is the fact yall will take male character鈥檚 (possibly) unexplored emotional depth and make interesting pieces of fanwork, but then when a female characters have (usually) unexplored emotional depth y鈥檃ll just call them 鈥#girlbosses鈥 and walk away.
i have literally never seen anyone talk about the sheer TRAUMA a character like trucy has gone through, no one ever explores it. trucy is only seen as聽鈥#girlboss magician who does taxes and is the real parent here!鈥 and THATS THAT.
i hate it. i cant stand it.
i can admit, i am at fault of doing similar things in the past. of course, jokingly calling a character a girlboss is fine, but when thats all people see the character as is when its a problem.
maya fey is not your #girlboss, she is literally the survivor of AN ACTUAL CULT!! And no one talks about it!! like, ever!
to restate something i said earlier, YES! ITS OKAY TO JOKE ABOUT THIS! IT鈥橲 FUNNY TO JOKE ABOUT. But holy shit.聽 i literally have never seen ANY discussion of female ace attorney character trauma. It鈥檚 all聽鈥榤ia fey served cunt and died!鈥 and no one talks about the sheer amount of TRAUMA she went through but with a character like miles edgeworth or apollo justice people write PARAGRAPHS ON PARAGRAPHS about their trauma.
鈥榳ell the male characters trauma gets explored more in canon!1!鈥 okay? its not that hard to think of how trauma affects someone. pearl had an abusive and manipulative mother WHO WAS A CO CONSPIRATOR IN 2 MURDERS, it cant be THAT hard to think how that would affect her.
stop girlboss-ifying characters!! it鈥檚 genuninely upsetting. GIVE THEM THE EMOTIONAL DEPTH CAPCOM DIDNT!! PLEASE!!
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ihatebnha 6 months ago
i鈥檒l literally worship you at your feet if you write about chubby chaser! sero dyhhggyjb you definitely don鈥檛 have to do anything with this though
I NEED TO WRITE ABOUT CC!SERO SoOoOoOo BADLY, and ive actually been meaning to since forever ago... but every time i try i actually end up getting super nervous over it and idk why???
like i have a whole ... WIP for an ask i got ages ago and for whatever reason i just cant bring myself to finish it up. it honestly haunts me every night lowkey (among other things) bc i was so excited abt it at first...馃槱馃槱馃槱
but... now that i know its still wanted... maybe i can finish it soon... 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎 plus the sero + stretch marks event ask, too!!!
and just because i was walking around feeling fat tonight... for your trouble:
(warnings: body image n stuff except its just chubby chasin')
Chubby chaser!Sero as your boyfriend who whistles literally every single time you walk into the room, eyebrows raised and cheeks curled in that handsome smile of his as he stares at you and licks his lips...
Every night after work he's on you like a fiend; lanky arms wrapped tight around your belly as he presses you against any surface that he can, fingers strumming the straps of your tank top and the elastic of your waistband so that he has a reason to pull them off...
He just loves your "at-home" look... in jammies and slippers that prove you're his home, or the way you've stopped hesitating to change if he's looking (which he always is), or hide your face when he calls you "his pretty wife," and "his honey..."
And whenever he catches you alone, he always loves to surprise you by sticking his hand down your pants, or by giving you a wedgie that causes your soft hips and fat to bulge between his fingers... Sero's such a sucker for the scolding he gets (loving how you grab his face in your hands and pull away from his kisses) that he practically can't help himself... especially when you let him make it up to you on his knees and with soft thighs clamped lovingly around his face.
He always says that he's so lucky he can come home to you every day... and even luckier that you were blessed with a body that seems as though it was made just for him馃枻
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millin21 a day ago
Encanto watch number 3. One huge cry session later:
.... YOU FUCKERS!!! Abuela DID apologize to everyone! ESPECIALLY WHILE FACING Bruno!! She already talked with Mirabel about her mistake, it is OBVIOUS that she is wanting to mend what she has done to them all these years while she was blinded to聽鈥渒eep the miracle burning鈥. You guys don鈥檛 know how to forgive, and it weighs my heart with sorrow.聽
She had lyrics that was directed at the whole family, WHILE holding Brunos鈥 hand. She said the miracle was you. She accepts all of her family. She accepts Mirabel. And she calls her family the miracle.
It was the miracle that helped save her and her children so they could have a life. She is now going to live that life. She鈥檚 going to allow them to live their lives. They are going to live as a family that will be more open with each other, even while building their house. (I am sure there were a lot more things they have talked during that time.)
And what also gets me is that Bruno said he had a lot of apologies, mainly got out the apology for Pepas wedding, but whenever he tried starting up another apology his family interrupted him saying聽鈥渨e鈥檙e just so happy to have you back!!!鈥 ;-;
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tenshindon 7 days ago
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last year my good pal mistook a ssj goku drawin i did for cloud so ive finally decided to use my abilities Incorrectly
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arty-cakes 6 months ago
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#don't be fooled this is a ramble post #i watched in the heights with my sib the other day but i didnt finish it we had to leave- and it was 2 and half hrs.... #but hey the first song and 96000 are REALLY catchy #so is abuela's song. i gotta finish ittt #while we're talking abt musicals have you listened to hadest- I KNOW I KNOW I NEVER SHUT UP ABT IT BUT THATS BECAUSE #I HAVENT STOPPPED LISTENING TO IT- i would die for literally everyone in that musical and every song i cant get over it #masterpiece. beloved. i cant even talk about it because i cant put into words why i like it haha #ramble #there are a loooot of stuff i wanna talk about and share these days and just talk #but i cant i have mild baby depression!! might've been obvious but also not at all fbhbvfgbv #i appreciate all the asks i get and people trying to make conversation with me but im sorry-- nothing i say is gonna sound authentic :< #thats also why im turning anons off teehee #i feel like im neglecting people- so im sorry!! it'll take a bit before i even feel like doing anything again #anyway on a lighter note; im binge watching ghibli movies and i practically forgot that kiki's delivery service was bascially a movie abt #creative block and how it ties in with self worth and #just saying but watching it while im like t h i s was kind of a comfort!! i guess i will just take a break and wait it out #pouring my feelings into the tags on a shitpost <3 like an absolute clown #i'll be fine tho!! it happens :) #this sucks tho i wanna talk about the dumb cool songs i found and the themes in howl's moving castle and #i wanna gush over how much i love people putting so much meticulous detail into the things they do and make for others and how that circles #around some of my headcanons for ghost and how being robbed of a childhood- ACTUALLY WAIT SHUT ME UP #i had some comics i was too baby to post im gonna use rambling abt headcanons in the tags as an excuse to post them #>:)) effectively tricking myself to post art. its genius #im a god #YES this is okay to rb haha
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purpahaze 14 days ago
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this is what actually matters. ok?
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bluehairedspidey a year ago
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Bisexual Chad
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nbsallyface 11 days ago
TL;DR: my job is mentally draining, and loosening COVID restrictions, I'm trying to look for a new one, but it's been hard to find a WFH job currently, and in general I need some help financially due to having to take a covid test and losing wages while my results were pending. I know i made a post similar to this one last month, and i appreciated those who reblogged it to gain visibility. I've decided to remake it to add some more clarity, and also because I tried to give my job another fair chance. It hasn't been the best there, and I'm trying my hardest to get myself to a better job that fits my needs.
V3nmo: @MondayHunt
Paypal: https://paypal.me/cheerleadereffect
More details:
My name is Aesop and im a mentally ill, autistic gay trans man. I currently work in an office, and while it's manageable, I've noticed that it's been taking a harsh toll on my mental wellbeing. I've been trying to look for a WFH job, because along with the mental stress, my job is loosening their covid restrictions, which worries me for my roommates and myself.
While I've had an interview with one job in December, I have not heard back from any other job I have been applying to. I'm also struggling as i needed to take a covid test due to exposure and the time off for my pending results were not paid.
I'm hoping to raise enough money so i can quit and be okay while job hunting. The money will go to savings and to cover bills and basic needs while i job hunt and to offset the lost wages due to covid testing.
My goal is around 3,000 usd, and this will help cover me while job hunting, and even while i'm waiting to get paid from a new job. I know it's a lot of money, so I'll break it down. This will be for two months:
-rent (1,000 usd)
-car insurance and payment (800 usd)
-mental health services and medication (300 usd)
-electricity, as this is seperated from rent (100 usd)
-internet (80 usd)
-lost wages (720 usd)
Please note the lost wages would go into savings, and help me quit sooner rather than later if this reaches the 3,000 usd.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully donate and/or spread it if you feel inclined. If you have any questions, please reach out to me in my dms!!
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specters 9 months ago
Help me raise enough money so i can finally graduate!
I鈥檓 remaking this because my original post has already lost all traction, but BIG NEWS! I was approved by my college for covid relief funding that went into my student account, which was a huge help. i currently have 500 usd saved across all accounts and currently need ~250 USD to have enough money to pay this spring semester off (as well as ebill payment fees) and remove the hold off my account聽
Tumblr media
if you have any money to spare and want to help, i would be extremely grateful. every bit helps (reblogging will also help me a ton). you can look at the og post for a bit more info, but essentially im a currently unemployed chronically ill trans person with no source of income and graduating will allow me to get back on my feet (if you want any more info, you can message me too)
V/nmo: @DrewGroves 鉁
Tumblr media
P/ypal:聽https://www.paypal.me/drewgroves 鉁
Thank you all so much
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