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ujalayi · a month ago
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More armor and anatomy practice + still trying to figure out what I like in procreate *sigh* I just gotta keep making art until I like the results I guess lol
What are you reading Tech?? definitely not another culturally inaccurate mandalorian holo-romance.
the reason you squint so much and need those glasses is because you’re always on that shabla holopad
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peapa-artist · a year ago
Cross and Tech are the siblings who give eachother the most shit let's be real
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thebaddestofbatches · 7 months ago
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bandanaboy · 9 months ago
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I think they deserve a close up on their reaction
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julesarago · 10 months ago
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Can’t get enough of these GOOD BOYS!
Star Wars’ one OSHA man Commander Cody
Cody and Rex being beautiful boyfriends
Soft™ Boys
Resting Bitch Faces
Everyone has a Space iPad
and many a shenanigan
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rowansparrow · 10 months ago
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Has this been done yet?
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nahoney22 · a year ago
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florence-pew · 11 months ago
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a 6'4 trooper and his 3'6 baby clone
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yumchxa · a month ago
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Color study of a Tech screenshot bc I’m so in love with him. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
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smolbean-17 · 10 months ago
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May I offer some soft clone comfort this Bad Batch Eve in the form of a Little Golden Book?
(Part 1)
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triggerghoul · 25 days ago
TBB - Tech Headcanons
-Literally never shuts the fuck up.  Ever.
- Dare ask him what he’s working on or what he did that day and you shall in return receive a huge ass lesson on what ever you asked him about (and you better listen to every word)
-If he’s alone in the cockpit  (espessially if it’s night and the trest of the Batch are asleep), he might let you sit in his lap while he works on whatever he’s trying to fix
-Very confident but he also gets flustered very very easily
-He can say and do things to you and have the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, but the second you go to do it back, mans is a stuttering,flustered, pool of nerd
-That amplifies by 100% when the others are around, especially since he knows that they will make fun of him
- If anyone does catch you guys and makes fun of either of you, Tech will alway have a stupid ass remark to try to cover up his embarassment 
-His ears definitly get really red when he does that
-will not initiate anything, unless he DESPERATLY needs it.  
- That being said, he also didn’t understand your obsession with wanting to cuddle with him.  That was until he finally gave in and gave you cuddles
-Wont ever admit it but he loved it, same with hugs.  He didn’t get why people liked them (espessially since he was used to wrecker’s bone-crushing hugs), but after you hugged him, he melted
- Tech is the biggest sucker for neck kisses.  Bonus points if you do it right after waking up in the morning
-He rather enjoys talking to you in Mando’a, even if you cant understand it, he still feels that it is nessicary
-Will scold you for cursing then will “accidentally” end up saying “fuck” right after even though he literally just got onto you for it
-Loves when you play with his hair or give him head pats.  
-Also loves when you carefully lift his goggles up onto his forehead and gentlely trace over the indentations they make on his face.  
-Needy ass mf but will never activly say that he wants, say...,  like a hug or anything when asked
-Isn’t really an animal or people person, very much a droid person
-Jealous AF
-Just give him attention. Please.  He craves it
A/N: Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I haven’t written anything in a while and i dont feel like running this through a spell check rn lol.  -Trig
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peapa-artist · a year ago
I feel like Wrecker is the type of person to actually physically beat themselves up if they hurt someone they love
Tumblr media
Wrecker: Who hurt you so I can squash them into jelly?
Tech: You
Wrecker: So be it.
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zoeykallus · 5 months ago
Shy Tech
Tumblr media
Tech x Reader
Just a short thing I had written down sometime last week. Wrote it down after a dream, wich is why it is so short and a little out of context. Nothing big. No Warnings. Just cute Tech being super nervous around reader.
Shy Tech
You had never been to Geonosis before. It was another desert planet, but this one was covered with red sand and rocks. It looked somehow even more inhospitable than Tatooine.
"Who would want to live here?" you asked to no one in particular as you waited outside the ship for Rex.
But of course, Tech took the opportunity to chat from his infinite store of knowledge.
"The Geonosians are a winged, insectoid species. Despite their insectoid origins, Geonosians have no skin armor, but smooth, thin skin. They have long arms with relatively small hands, crooked legs, and claws on their feet. Despite their gaunt frame, they are very strong. Geonosians are generally naked, except for a loincloth that sparsely covers their private parts. Upper body clothing is unnecessary for both men and women. Because they wear no clothing, they are more agile than most opponents and also use their clawed feet for defense. The Geonosian language consists of clicking and cracking sounds. They live in..."
"Oh my gaaaaawd, shut up, will ya?!" Wrecker interrupted Tech in his loud voice, "Nobody cares about that much information."
Tech was annoyed by this rude interruption, but he actually shut up and refocused on his datapad.
You rose from the box you were sitting on, walked through the red sand to Tech, and sat right next to him. He looked up from his datapad at you briefly, then focused back on the device in his hand.
"They live in...?" you asked him quietly.
Surprised, he blinked and looked back up into your face.
"Please don't encourage him," Wrecker muttered.
"Don't be so rude!" you fired back, silencing him in surprise.
Tech's ears went all red again, and to hide it, he hastily put on his helmet, despite the barely tolerable heat out here. It was interesting and amusing to see. Tech was the one who always kept a calm head in the most dangerous situations, but you always managed to shake him in some way.
Omega appeared at your side and gently tugged on your shirt to get your attention. Omega gestured for you to lean in with your ear to her, then whispered, "I think Tech likes you a lot."
You chuckled, at which point Tech shot a surprised and nervous look at the two of you. He couldn't hear what Omega was saying to you, but he was sure you were talking about him. He uneasily shifted his weight on the crate he and you were sitting on before finally standing up, pretending to be fully focused on the datapad again, and walking to the ship's ramp.
"I think we gave him the wrong impression," you sighed.
But you were distracted by an approaching small troop transport before you girls could discuss this topic further.
"Finally. Rex shows up," Hunter muttered.
As Rex came down the ramp, you were already running toward him, literally jumping on him.
Giggling, Rex wrapped his arms around you and lifted you off your feet for a moment. The other clones watched the scene in amazement. They knew you were friends with Rex, but they had no idea how close you actually were. If you had eyes in the back of your head, you would have seen the worried look on Tech's face. He was worried about how close you really were.
"Hey Firecracker," Rex greeted you teasingly, "How did you end up with these guys? I hope they're treating you well?"
You laughed as Rex eased you to your feet and back out of his embrace.
"They're all very gentle and decent to me," you replied.
"You'll tell me if that ever changes," he stated more or less jokingly.
"Yes, Captain," you replied playfully formal.
With a hand between your shoulders, he led you back to the rest of the crew.
With the supplies stowed on the Havoc Maurauder and everything else ready to go, Rex, Hunter, and Omega headed out to get more supplies before leaving for Ryloth, while Echo, Wrecker Tech, and you stayed behind with the small troop carrier.
You went in first and looked around. There were no cabins, just a few bunks facing each other. So there would be no privacy at all. You suppressed a sigh, you knew it wouldn't be long, two days at most, before everything would be back to normal and the Havoc Maurauder was back.
Tech came in behind you and looked around as well, though you were sure he already knew what it was like inside. You continued to look around, ignoring for the moment that Tech was following you.
Finally you turned and looked at him when he eventually asked you, "How did you and Rex...? Become friends?"
Oh, that's going through his mind now....
"Back on Ord Mantell, in a bar. A guy couldn't take no for an answer and got physical. Rex was in the bar, he was watching the situation and finally intervened when it got out of hand. He saved me that night. Since then, we kept meeting at Cid's place. I went on a few missions with him and.... we saved each other's lives on those missions from time to time. Well, honestly, he saved me more times than I saved him."
Tech scratched the back of his head and thought for a moment before asking, "How close are you, anyway? Just... Friends? It looked like you guys were really close friends."
He was still wearing his helmet, you noted. Probably to hide himself. He didn't want you to read his face, but you didn't have to, because his voice and posture gave away enough to tell you he was nervous again.
"Well, I think when you save each other repeatedly, it creates a certain bond. But why? What are you implying?"
"Nothing! I just ... it looked like ..."
"It almost looked like you were having a romantic relationship," Echo, who had snuck up behind Tech, interrupted him impatiently.
Tech flinched in surprise, and you were sure he was all red under his helmet.
You giggled, "Rex and I, a romantic relationship with each other? No, that's really not the case and never has been. But I think he is probably my closest friend, there is no one I trust as much as him."
Echo smiled kindly and tapped Tech on the shoulder, "Maybe over time we can change that and you can add a few more people to your list that you can trust unconditionally."
You smiled at him and said frankly, "I'd love to. So far, you're well on your way to making it onto that list."
When Echo left the ship for a moment, you acted on an impulse that had long tickled you. You reached for Tech's helmet and pulled it off his head.
"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked indignantly.
When you kissed him on the mouth, gently pressing your lips to his, he fell abruptly silent and the blush shot back up his face.
When you broke away from his lips, he looked at you with wide eyes behind his goggles.
"More?" you asked simply.
He nodded silently, cheeks still flushed.
Echo walked in, "Hey guys look what I-ooookay, I'll- um come back later".
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knight-sister · a month ago
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harassment puppet
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agent-vexys · 14 days ago
Happy Tech Tuesday!
Tumblr media
Here's my completed "Teck Deck" piece! I hope you all enjoy.
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eggdrawsthings · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
edit: deleted the old sketches cos i hate seeing them here
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bandanaboy · 8 months ago
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TECH in The Bad Batch 1.13 INFESTED
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apocalyp-tech-a · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Look at Tech, so confidently putting his hand on the shoulder of Anakin Skywalker, Jedi, General, hero of the Clone Wars. And Anakin lets him. One of the happiest days of Tech's life. Happy Tech Tuesday! 🤓
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cosmicskywalker · 23 days ago
Appreciation post for Tech my beloved <3
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thisweaponisyourlife · 11 months ago
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When someone interrupts your reading/writing.
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