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#the rum tum tugger
acatpersonapparently · 41 minutes ago
Tugger and Bombalurina are a cute ship but a cuter OTBromance
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pack-the-pack · 5 hours ago
Some cats headcanons I have!
• Quaxo and Misto are two different cats. They're twins and Tugger being the Himbo he is, doesn't clock into this fact for the longest time. He is very confused why one moment "Misto" hates his guts and in the next is very receptive to his flirting and even teases him back.
• Both Quaxo and Mistofelees are Bustopher's kittens.
• Demeter and Bombalurina are Jellylorum's daughter's.
• Macavity has two daughters. Jemima through Demeter and Electra through Bomba. (@jellylorum-thecampcounslercat has this hcn as well and I couldn't have agreed more when I saw it on her blog).
• Etcetera was found by the tribe abandoned in the streets and Jenny took it upon herself to raise the kitten.
• Mute!Victoria. Just this. No need to say more.
• Plato is Asparagus Jr.'s son, and he never misses a chance to embarrass Plato in front of Victoria (either intentionally or not).
• Victoria is super feminine, delicate and pastel-y but she's impulsive and kind of a little shit. That's why her, Jerrie and Teazer get along so well.
• Both Plato and Victoria are Bi and they Bi panick together as a couple.
• Electra is a great listener and knows everybody's secrets. You want to know anything, you know that she knows. But she only opens her wise mouth when truly necessary.
• Skimbleshanks has no kittens of his own, so he has a huge soft spot for the Toms and lets them play in the express's carrier carriage whenever it's not in activity.
• Cassandra is a suave goddess and a killer business woman and one of those people that don't need to put effort in how good they look, they just look flawless as soon as they wake up.
• Munkustrap receives gifts from nearly all kittens on father's day every year. Because yes, he deserves it.
• Jemima and Electra have an inkling of Macavity's magic. Jemima can feel other people's feelings on herself like a mirror, while Electra has occasional visions and premonitions. Both of them can see Auras.
• Okay but Alonzo x Electra (Alectra?) anyone?
• On the same note Bombalurina x Cassandra because come on you guuuuys. Two beautiful Queens. Alone. No Tom good enough to hold their incredible power. They might as well help each other and become invincible lesbian moms.
• Coritopat and Tantomile are also magical cats. They're telepaths.
• Coricopat has a crush on Exotica and can't talk straight when around her. He stumbles into his words so bad that at some point he entertained the idea of having Tantomile tell him what yo say telepathically so he doesn't look so stupid.
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demons-incorrect-alw · 7 hours ago
*Mr. Mistoffelees enters, to the sound of dramatic music*
Mr. Mistoffelees: ...Huh, thanks for the musical cue!
The Rum Tum Tugger: Any time, baby!
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i-overanalyze-musicals · 8 hours ago
Here's another tuggoffelees tiktok
The theme: tol pestering smol
On my way to find more lol
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 9 hours ago
I've never watched tts but annapantsus cover of crossing the line is so good for my villain tugger au. Like it's got all the angst i pictured and how he feels and why he leaves the tribe im screaming lol
ngl in normal cannon i see Munk not being the best big brother in the world as a kitten. Tugger sees it as Munks holding him back and Macavity manipulates and uses him and that's enough to break him
also here mac and bomba are mates who have electra and munk and dem have sillabub and jemima, so while tugger has feelings for misto here, he doesn't do anything about it and probably feels incredibly lonely. Mac and Munk attend to their protector/leader duties, their dads barely around, and their mom left years before
he runs away thinking he's better on his own, clearly not learning that lesson from griz. on his own, no one holds him back, no one uses him, he's not just seen as the annoying little brother that all the elders look down on. no one asks him why can't he be like his brothers anymore. he's spent his whole life in their shadows, but now he's in the spotlight
tugger is my favorite idk why i give him sm angst and sorrow
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linadoondraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATS - Tiny Tugger (my beloved)
*gently holds*
Here’s my Commission Sheet!
Hit me on chat if you’re interested!
If you like my art, please consider supporting me on Patreon ( or Ko-fi (! ♥
Reblogs are very appreciated! ♥♥
This is my art. Do NOT use/repost/copy/trace.
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i love how based on who you hc as Tugger and/or Munk's mom, you can make their lives absolutely miserably or happy and fluffy
Grizabella 😭😭💀💀💔💔 or Jennyanydots 🥰🥰✨✨💕💕
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favorite chorus cat and favorite principal cat?
well my favorite chorus cat would be bombalurina. a least predictable answer. would be demeter
my favorite principal charachter is either tugger or jenny
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munku-collar · a day ago
Rum Tum Tugger: So what's everyone's favorite spot in the Junkyard?
Munkustrap: Demeter's lap
Bombalurina: Demeter's lap
Mungojerrie: Demeter's lap
Rum Tum Tugger: Are you serious? You can't all think that.
Mungojerrie: Buddy, have you ever laid your head in her lap? Has she ever scratched your ear and rubbed your shoulder?
Bombalurina: Naps in Deme's lap are godlike. She's so warm and soft. There's a reason I'm always in her den, Tugger.
Munkustrap: [to Bomba] You frequently cut into my lap time, but yes, I wholeheartedly agree.
Rum Tum Tugger: Are you serious??
Everyone: Yes!
Rum Tum Tugger: ....Well shit.
Rum Tum Tugger: [Yells] Hey Demeter????
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(after they get into a fight and break up)
rum tum tugger: well... i still have your underwear
bombalurina: i still have your virginity
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ive seen a bunch of posts abt electra being bomba's daughter through macavity and ofc im like hell yeah???
but combine that with jemima also being his daughter through demeter. ofc theres so many possibilites w that. but. i cant help focusing on the mental image of munkustrap and tugger suddenly like "oh shit we have kids now"
like tug and bomba arent dating anymore, but ofc he helps her raise electra platonically. he calls electra his daughter and ofc misto helps out, too! ("wow, electra, your mom let's you have two dads!" - etcetera)
(not to mention the angst of both girls being their brother's daughters like. imagine the discussions between the two brothers??)
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catsonstairs · a day ago
Here is my first attempt to make a gif on tumblr, but more importantly, something I've noticed a few mins ago-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mr Mistoffelees in the background, checking on a big black nothing his bf during The Journey to the Heavyside Layer
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ok lets talk about how tom hooper only let tugger and bombalurina sing the rum tug tugger and macavity because it was realy bad for their character
the songs they sing is important for how we see them. lets talk about these songs
the rum tug tugger: this is the song that introduce us to the rum tug tugger and well he is show to be a young cat who is aware the other young toms look up to him and most of the queens have a crush on. he is a cool cat who seems to think he is above the other  cats
old deuteronomy: here we see that tugger is aware that he is not the top cat in the tribe. he show he respect old deuteronomy jist as much as the rest of the tribe
magical mister mistoffelees: tugger show again high respect for a other cat. this time a cat who is not of a higher status than him. more than that he come through for his tribe when they start to lose hope. tugger show them there is a way to save old deut and he does it in a way that lift their spirits
the gumbie cat: bombalurina is very respectful of the way jenny help the mouse and crocroaches. she is aware that the older cat work hard and its clear she cares for her
the rum tug tugger here we see her act for the first time form the group.  she is the queen that really try to flirt with tugger. just like tugger she is aware how hot she is. the first good look we have of her character is that she very lustful
grizabella the glamour cat: we see here for the first time how protective she is of demeter. huging her after she get scared and lay a arm around her shoulder when grizabella start to leave to comfort her. she also have a little bit more focus than the other cats when she show disgust for grizabella which may implide that they have a past together
macavity: this is the song that hint to some backstory for bombalurina. just like demeter she seems to have a past with macavity. she warn the other cats of his crimes. 
so yeah hooper did not just take most of bomba’s and tugger’s songs away. he took away their personality. their relationship and bonds with their tribe. in the movie they are just there to sing two of the most popular songs of the musical.
realy both bombalurina and tugger deserve more
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roselessart · a day ago
Can't stop thinking about Tugger playing soccer and notice Misto. He try to impress him with his tricks only to hit Misto's face😱 and have to go to the nurse's office for the rest of the day. Tugger is embarrassed and afraid to face Misto thinking he's mad at him. Now I have reason to draw Tugger wearing Soccer uniform🥰
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dellinquents · 2 days ago
Here’s a half serious half joking idea: Instead of Romeo and Juliet, they preform Cats the Musical, and Kizana can be Grizabella the glamour cat who canonically dies at the end when she’s chosen to got to the heaviside layer to be reborn. Ayano could rig it so Kizana has a little ‘accident’ after ascending and actually dies.
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