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#tiger men 🥺🥺🥺
dickpuncher420 · 4 months ago
prompt: zukka helping each other feel less homesick🥺
Zuko finds him out on the roof.
There’s the familiar creak of the window swinging open, and Sokka tilts his head just enough to watch Zuko climb carefully through. He’s dressed in a simple tunic and pants, nothing like his ornate Fire Lord robes that he usually wears around the palace, and it makes him look—younger. Boyish.
It’s easy to forget, sometimes, that they’re still barely adults. Barely even men.
“Hi,” Sokka says.
“Hi.” Zuko makes his way over to Sokka in a crouch, careful not to slip on the sloped tiles, and settles down onto his back next to him.
“Are you following me?”
“Um, maybe.” Zuko sounds embarrassed. “Do you want me to leave?”
“No.” Sokka turns away from Zuko’s profile, focuses back on the stars above. “You can stay. You might get bored, though.”
“That’s okay.” There’s a rustle as Zuko shifts; Sokka feels the brush of his tunic against his arm. “What are you doing?”
Sokka lifts one shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. “Nothing, really. Stargazing, I guess.” He hesitates, chews at his lip. When he glances over, he finds Zuko watching him—not with any sort of expectation in his eyes, but with a patience that Sokka never would have thought him capable of a few years ago. It makes that hollow feeling, that constant ache in his chest, ease for just a moment, and—it’s still hard to admit, even after all this time, but he finds that the words come more easily than he expects.
“I, uh, my mom used to take me out to look at the stars, whenever I was upset. We’d go over all the constellations together until I felt better.” He pauses and clears his throat. “I, uh. I thought it might help, if I tried the same thing here. Didn’t really work the last couple of times, but. You never know.”
They’re silent for a few moments, until Zuko says, his voice quiet, “I didn’t know you were feeling upset.”
Sokka has to blink a few times at that, to clear the sudden stinging in his eyes. “It’s nothing, really. I’m just homesick.”
“Homesick,” Zuko echoes. “I know the feeling.”
Sokka cuts his gaze over to him, confused, but then—ah. Yeah. Three years spent at sea, desperately trying to prove himself so that he could finally return home.
“We navigated using the stars a lot,” Zuko says. “I know that the constellations are different here than they are in the Southern Water Tribe.”
Sokka nods mutely. That’s part of the reason why coming out here hasn’t really helped, despite his best efforts. No matter how hard he looks at the night sky, trying to decipher the patterns in the stars, none of them are familiar to him. The memory of his mother’s hand on his, guiding his finger as he traced the shape of the snow hares racing each other through the stars, is so faint that he fears that one day he’ll wake up and it’ll just be gone, forever.
“I can teach them to you, if you like,” Zuko offers.
Sokka blinks. “What?”
“The constellations. I can teach them to you,” Zuko says. He suddenly sounds very unsure of himself. “Unless—unless you don’t want me to. It’s fine if you don’t.”
“No, I—I do.” Sokka reaches a hand out, touches the edge of Zuko’s sleeve with his fingertips. “That would be—yeah. Thank you.”
And so Zuko walks him through the constellations, with the quiet confidence of someone who’s been doing this for years. There’s the Sun Warrior, with his long phoenix-tail, and the twin dragons circling each other in a never-ending dance. The fox spirit, and the tiger-ox, and the procession of Agni’s followers that trail him across the night sky. Zuko reaches out and gently grasps Sokka’s wrist, guides his hand through the unfamiliar patterns—and, slowly, steadily, with every quiet murmured explanation, that familiar ache in his chest begins to fade.
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playmetheclassics · 13 days ago
Fic Recs: December 2021 Part 1 🎄
Tumblr media
🔞(Minors DNI) | 💔 Angst| 😈 Smut | 💘 Fluff | ❌Trigger Warning Indigo's Note: Since the holidays are upon us, and it's all about giving. I'm going to do two parts since it's the Holiday season, I wanted to give you guys a present, extra reads 🎄
Tumblr media
Seat 287 by @knjsnoona 🔞 😈 OH, well shit, this awoke a kink in me, one I’m sure that existed, but like just slapped in the face with it, because dear god. Professor Joon? Office Sex? Well, damn, thank u, Amelia, for writing this beautiful piece of smut 😌
Food Wars by @joyfulhopelox 🔞 💔 😈 💘 Okay, I too would be pissed if Joon was my partner in a cooking class (ily buy, but u might set fire) but omg, the story was so full of angst, flashbacks and sexual tension. LOVED LOVED LOVED.
Good Night Nabi by @sahmfanficbts 🔞 💔 😈 💘 Everything you write is so full of emotion, and depth, and so many feelings, I feel like I’m always whisked into another world whenever I read your works. The way you write is so immersive that I’m kind of like, wow, after reading it, and I need a minute to realise I’m not actually in that beautiful world you created. Still, I was lucky enough to witness some tender, sweet and loving moments unfold in that world. You have such a lovely way to express grief and loss, and you always show how there is life after loss and that everyone has their own journey, but it’ll take time and when it’s right. It’s okay to let go. Thank you for this, Sam 🦋
Partners by @btssmutgalore 🔞 💔 😈 💘 So I read this fic a while ago up until chapter four and then I closed the fic and lost the link and forgot who wrote it and found it like two days ago and binged everything. This is like the most beautiful slow burn fic, but it's not just that there are so many elements and it’s really interesting to watch this story unfold at the perfect pace it has me hooked and wanting more.
Adronitis by @99liners 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Daddy? Sorry Daddy, Sorry Daddy. Jesus I love this entire Trophy wife series, but this one with my bias lord this was something else. Like holy cow I think I need a moment to collect myself but damn. This was something else. 🥵
Tumblr media
God of Mischief by @wwilloww 🔞 💔 😈 💘 OOOF See, I always yell that Kim Seokjin is a God among men, and you just made it come true with your poetic words. This story was so good, so hot and sweet, and yet soft and gentle. I assume it’s like what loving a god would be like 😌
School of the Manticore by @xpeachesncream 🔞 💔 😈 💘 OOOF Nikki, idk how I missed reading this but damn I’m glad I did because ooof, Jin as a Witcher is something to dream about so hot, with the right amount of fluff and angst 🥵
The Wedding by @taleasnewastime 🔞 💔 😈 💘 AHHHHH!! Seokjin at a wedding and then he’s charming af and adorable and hot af??? 🥺😍 ugh the amount of love I have for this story its so sweet and heartwarming.
Afterhours by @mochilatae 🔞 😈 💘 AHHHH the way you write you immediately transport me into another world, one where I’m beyond happy to be in. Professor Jin and Jimin and he wants to make YN and Jimin happy LAWD. This was so hot 🥵
Ringmaster by @koosbabygrl 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ OKAY. I wow. I am actually speechless, this was so so dark (but I love that shit) so well written, like a really fucked up Greatest Showman vibe, but oh my goodness this was so incredibly well written and the ending Jesus. Truly. I don’t know how to give a proper review because I’m completely flabbergasted.
Tumblr media
A Tiger’s Judgement by@borathae 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Oh wow, this was so exquisite. It was like I was transported into a kingdom of magic, mystery and madness. I’m so excited to see another instalment to this series, and I’m so amazed at how you wrote this, a beautiful tale of healing after a lot of pain. Also, Yoongi 🥵 is Truly a work of art. Thank you for this.
Vexed by@taleasnewastime 🔞 💔 😈 💘 OMG this was incredible, like oh my god this is peak boyfriend Yoongi the way I swooned at this fic has me emotional and so soft. What a beautiful story 💕
Devil's Plaything by @taesinferno 🔞 😈 💘 Okay, but like is there a real life sex pollen because Jesus this was insanely hot. Like damn ooof. I too would stay on my knees for Duke Min.
Summer Sweetheart by @dntaewithluv 🔞 😈 💘 Oh my god I think this fic awoken a rich divorced Yoongi kink in me? (That’s a thing I’m sure), let make my way to a country club and find myself a Yoongi, this was so fucking hot 🥵
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend by @balenciaguks 🔞 💔 😈 💘 Okay, I--phew but I too would risk my friendship to get it with Yoongi who is a dilf and oh so fucking hot? This is so hot and sneaky I can’t wait to see this unfold.
Tumblr media
Feeling Good by@bonvoyagenoona 🔞 😈 💘 I-UM WOW. The way your mind works amazes me because Jesus you took me on a trip (and Hobi, Sir, hot) anyway I digress, but the ending YEOW. I didn’t expect that, but that was ooof so playful and clever, amazing as always 💜
Crashing Into You by@taleasnewastime 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ This story went from 0 to 100 but like a the perfect pace, ugh. Hoseok and like crime boss Hoseok is a concept I’m a whore for, but this isn’t just a fuck and ditch kinda vibe, there are so many layers and intricacies to this story which made for an extremely enjoyable and exciting read.
Wont' You Love Me Back? by @jimilter 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Why did my toxic ass love this so much? Ooof a man that would K word for u, is a winner? Well if his name is Jung Hoseok then sure. Ooof this was so hot and deffos keeping me up at night 🥵
Tumblr media
Let's Get Quizzical by @taleasnewastime 🔞 💔 😈 💘 AHHHHHH!!! This entire fic reminded me of pub nights and pub quizzes I’d have when I was in England during my undergrad, ugh, this was like reading a story and being hit with a beautiful wave of nostalgia. Granted I did not have a Jimin, but this fic allowed me to, I loved loved loved the angst, but I love the fic, wonderfully well written. Seriously it was able to transport me back nearly seven years ago. 💜
Hide and Seek by @writtenwhalien 🔞 💔 😈 💘 COCKY JIMIN IS MY FAVE JIMIN BECAUSE MAN KNOWS HE’S HOT AND KNOWS THE COLLECTIVE SUFFERING WE ALL GO THROUGH. Sorry for the all caps, I just Jimin after the PTD concert hurt my soul, but omg this story was so hot, loved the angst, the smut was 🔥 but the ending ooooof, will we see this couple again? Because I like them 🥺💕
Pokemon by @gamerguk 🔞 😈 💘 I need Jimin as my neighbour and for him to also get the wrong package because dear god this was 🥵🥵
Esse Tuuse by @lavienjin 🔞 😈 💘 OKAY WHO TOLD DEMON JIMIN THAT HE COULD BE THIS CUTE AND SWEET HUH, THAT’S RUDE, LET ME GO FIND A LADDER TO FALL OFF TOO AND SEE IF HE WANTS ME TO BE WITH ME FOR ETERNITY. Again I’m sorry for screaming Moon, but you’ve ruined me in the last few weeks 🥵🥲
Tumblr media
One Four Three by @parkdatjimin 🔞 😈 💘 OH, WELP, WOW. Ahem, sub-Tae? WOW, this was ooooh hawt.
Maybe I Do by @chateautae 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Okay, since this story is now over, I’m reccing it again because holy fucking shit 😭 I think I came across this story because I typed in “Taehyung smut” 🤧 and what I didn’t expect to fall in love with this universe that you’ve built. I love how in this fic, you don’t sugarcoat anything. You lay it out like it is because that’s life, and sometimes it can be fucking awful and sometimes it can be amazing. There’s a line in the story where you mention healing, which I felt genuinely like upon completing this story. I started reading this story with a heart that broke for the characters only to have my heart healed and soothed by the end. Truly marvellous. I do recommend tissues because you will cry reading this fic. That’s a given, but thank you for this. 💜
Not That Good by @taleasnewastime 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Ooof, this one the angst really hit hard, really hit home, but the fluff and smut and just how real it all felt was so incredible to read. Truly heart warming 💕
The Diary of a Healing Heart by @taegularities 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Rid, you have a way of writing some of the most serious and heartbreaking topics and you do it with so much style and beauty that it makes me weep (you make me cry a lot), but there’s an element of healing in your stories, and that’s my most favourite motif when I read your work, I always walk away feeling like I gained closure or comfort, beautiful work 💜
Caught in the Cross Fire by @taleasnewastime 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ OKAY SO MY TOXIC ASS LOVES THIS TROPE. But there’s so much more to this story that I envisioned, so much more. Truly an incredible read, but also Taehyung in a suit 🤧
Tumblr media
Polarity by @darkestcorners 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ My toxic ass lives for these fics, so wow. OMG, EVERY SINGLE WORD WAS LIKE A PLOT TWIST. i'm SO EXCITED HIGH KEY WORRIED FOR OC, BUT LIKE ALSO GET IT, GIRL, 🥵
How Long Will We Fall by @jiminrings 🔞 💔 😈 💘 You’re right Hannah, this didn’t hurt like heartburn, BUT IT STILL HURT OMG, the concept and the way you wrote it, the descriptions were so incredible that I felt my heart breaking along the way, beautifully poetic as always ❤️
Don’t Be a Stranger by @diorejeon 🔞 😈 💘 Ugh, I loved this the sexual tension, and then cocky, sexy Jungkook 🥵 I too want him as a neighbour who riles me up and then 🥵🥵
Right Here by @shukakoo 🔞 💔😈 💘 Ooof, this has me hooked. I’m so intrigued. This is so well written, the way it has me hooked, but I only get enough details so that I’m legit waiting for the next update to find out more about their dynamic.
Microwave Misadventures by @bymoonchild 🔞 💔 😈 💘 OOOF, If only a microwave fear would give me this kind of a roommate. This was so good, and Ooof, the smut and the flirtatiousness, I loved it.
está dañada by @minyfic 🔞💔 😈 💘 I-this fic hurt me, I did not expect what I read, I was so happy and reading it and the ending ooof! Definitely relate to OC, but ugh, and Bam makes an appearance 🥺
Only You by @jimidol 🔞 💔 😈 💘 Catie, this fic was so beautiful to read. It was like finding closure. I don’t know what to say other than this fic made me feel safe, and it made me feel like even when everything feels like it’s falling apart, there is always someone there, cheering you on, there is always someone there to help you through it.
Puddle of Love by @btssmutgalore 🔞 💔 😈 💘 ❌ Y’all have you ever sobbed at a fic, I’ve done it so many times at this point idk. This one Ooof, I’m a whore for angst and this fic, it really just hits hard I don’t think there was ever a single chapter that I read where I didn’t tear up. It’s a tough one, to be good for someone, especially when all you really know is how to escape from reality. Beautifully heartbreaking 💔
All Wound Up (Tighter) feat KTH @sunshinerainbowsbts 🔞 😈 💘 Oh my god, this was. Wow. So so damn hot. Like this insanely hot and ooof I didn’t think the PTD concert could hurt me anymore, but Ooof Sunny, you did it. This was amazing.
Homebound by @eatjeanjin 🔞 😈 💘💔 This was so cute and hot and fluffy all at the same time. Ah so so cute!! 💕
Love Fool by @citrustan 🔞 😈 💘💔 Ooof, this is very intriguing and honestly idk who I relate more too at times. A really good read with some feelings that’ll deffos hit home for people, but a good read 💔
A Small Step Forward by @lavienjin 🔞 😈 💘💔 Soft, sweet and hot, ugh I have been pining over dad JK for a while, so a to be dad JK is perfect. I love this Moon!
Make You Scream by @dntaewithluv 🔞 😈 💘 Oh JK can make me scream, okay, but like a JK in a suit and being pouty, and then being hot and thigh riding? OOOF, sorry, none of this is coherent, I have a lot of thoughts after this. 🥵
Illicit Photography by @jkeuphoriadreamland 🔞💔 😈 💘❌ Oh…okay, so like don’t binge this, but or do. I did and I had to get my bearings for a second, but also this is lowkey yandere so don’t read it if it triggers you, but it not…THEN HOLY COW THIS WAS AMAZING. It kind of reminds me of YOU? Like sorta, but way hotter, but the subtleties and the nuances the way you write its just amazing.
Tumblr media
Hot Dilfs Take a Company Trip to Malta by @taesinferno 🔞💔😈 💘UM. I UM. I. HMMMMMM would my toxic ass be okay if this became a reality, just maybe 🥵 this was so fucking hot Jesus 🥵
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foenixs · 4 months ago
I have some time now haha! They are all from Korea/japanese accounts because I literally can't find any good videos other than on twitter 😭.
wish i could understand them, but the grunts... damn 👌
here's who i think fits the videos:
1. hoshi, just the position and the desperate whimpers, i wanna wreck hoshi so bad 🥺 wanna make him get his tiger plushies all dirty with cum
2. i can kind of see this being mingyu, i think he's very into hand jobs amd he'd talk a lot in the beginning cause he thinks it'll keep him from moaning but at some point he just breaks and cries (i'm more into the slow, teasing handjobs, that these fast ones tho)
3. the way he literally CHOKES on air jesums, I 100% think this is woozi (especially with the added knowledge that he used to have a nipple piercing), my guy has sensitive nipples that he loves for you to play with!
4. the fact that she was only using one finger but he was this ruined, damn. i think jun's body would just jolt when you please him and you really have to keep him in place so he doesn't accidentally jump off the bed. he's very bad at controlling his bodies reactions
5. okay now THAT is a superior concept!! men in skirts are EVERYTHING and i wanna see every single one of them in that position, with you just laughing at their struggles in the background
6. ooof i already knew that one, it has a like for a reason xD the fact that so many of these are shot in hotels just gives me ideas over ideas. imagine hoshi calling you up when he's on tour and staying in a hotel and you drive however long you need to just to see him on all fours taking everything you're giving him like an obedient sub (taking the toy like a toy)
7. IS HE WEARING A CROPTOP?! also keeping the underwear on and having him cum in it is so dirty and demeaning and i love it! would love to do this to poor cheolie
pls send pegging videos next
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jahsweetkisses · 5 months ago
♡🌸Welcome to my blog! 🌸♡
🌸pinned post🌸
Hi guys! My name is Jahmeeyah (or Jah for short) and welcome to my personal blog 💗! I’m an Artist 🎨🖌 and writer ✍🏾. I love Art and it’s a part of who I am ❤️🎨🖌. On this blog I’m mostly posting art, writing, astrology stuff, and things that make me happy 😊. This blog is a safe place for all ✌🏾💗🌺🌸🌷🌼🌹🌻🦋🌈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
About ME 💗:
Age: 19
She/her ♀️
Bisexual 💗💜💙
I’m from Chicago, IL 
My height: 5’9
My sign: Aries sun ♈️🌞 + Scorpio moon ♏️🌝 + Capricorn rising ♑️🌄
My life path number: 11 ✨
My Chinese zodiac: Horse 🐎
My personality type: INFP -T
Enneagram: 2w3
I’m a shy & quiet introvert 🙈
I’m a sweet cinnamon roll 💗💕🥺
I laugh a lot 😂 (often randomly)
I’m a little weird 🙃
I’m affectionate 🤗💕💕
I’m a BIG procrastinator
I’m have OCD, ADHD, social anxiety, CPTSD, and anger issues 😡. I’m also an HSP (highly sensitive person). I don’t like my feelings hurt 😢, so please be kind to me 💕.
My dream is to find true love 🥰❤️ and live in a little cottage with a big garden 🏡🌸🌷🌼🌻🌹🌺🍄.
I want to be an art therapist 🎨💗 and an author/illustrator 📚 (even though I’m not a fan of books 😂).
My hobbies/things I love 😍:
Painting 🎨🖌,
drawing 🖍✏️,
knitting 🧶🧣,
writing ✍🏾,
baking 🍪🍞🍰🧁🥧,
listening to music 🎶🎧,
collecting stuffies 🧸🧸🧸🧸
nature/picking flowers 🌸🌷🌺🌼🌹🌻🦋,
Sanrio/kawaii 💕,
candles 🕯🕯🕯,
anime/cartoons 🍥
watching movies 🍿,
astrology 🌌,
psychology 📖,
history 📖,
nail art 💅🏾,
yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️,
playing games 🎮💻,
rainy days 🌧☔️,
Rainbows/colorful stuff 🌈!
I also love Cottagecore 🥧🍓🌷 & Fairycore 🧚🏾🦋🍄💖
My favorite colors: Pink, red, violet, & green💗❤️💜💚
My favorite animal: Tigers 🐅🐯, puppies 🐶🐶🐶, & kittens 🐱🐱🐱💗 (I LOVE animals 🥰!!!)
My favorite insect: Butterfly 🦋 and Caterpillar 🐛
My favorite seasons: Spring 🌷🌸🐣🌧, Summer 🌞🌻🦋🍓🌈, and Winter ❄️☃️
My favorite food 😋: Italian food 🍕🥘🍝 (especially pizza 🍕🍕🍕!), tacos 🌮, mashed potatoes 🥔, and anything sweet 🍓🍰🍩🍪🍨🍦🧁🍫🍭🍇💕
My favorite TV shows/anime 📺: Sailor Moon 💖🌙, The Powerpuff Girls 💚💖💙, Winx Club 🧚‍♀️💖, Miraculous Ladybug 🐞💗, InuYasha 💜, Moral Orel 🙏🏻, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender , Aggretsuko, Code Lyoko 👾, and Strawberry Panic 🍓💞.
My favorite movies 🍿🎥: Persepolis (2007), Paprika (2006), Ponyo (2008), The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (2013), Coraline (2009), My Neighbor Totoro (1988), The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (1995), The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002), Care Bears: Journey to Joke-A-Lot (2004), Freedom Writers (2007), and Precious (2009).
My favorite musical artists 🎶💜: INNA, Edward Maya, Akcent, Aaliyah, Adele, Anna of the North, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Regina Spektor, Amy Winehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, Avicii, David Guetta, Twenty-one Pilots, and Of Monsters and Men.
My favorite flowers 🌸: sweet pea, violet, orchid, jasmine, peony, lavender, rose 🌹, daisy 🌼, and hibiscus 🌺 (I’m a literal fairy 🧚🏾 and I love all kinds of flowers 🌺🌸🌷🌻🌼🥰)
Things I wish I could do ✨: Whistle 😙🎶, play the piano or cello 🎹🎻 , cook everything 👩🏾‍🍳, fly in the sky ☁️, teleport myself, and magically move water 💧✨.
Things I’m afraid of 😱: wasps 🐝(any insect that buzzes and stings), warehouses, large abandoned buildings 🏚🏢, parking garages, loud toilets 🚽, loud alarms/buzzers 🚨, ghosts 👻, public speaking 🎤, being yelled at 🥺, walking alone in the dark 🙈, and being on an elevator by myself.
I support LGBTQIA+🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Dni/not welcome 🚫: nsfw, kinks/porn, sugar daddies, creepy men, pedophiles, bullies, racists, bigots, misogynists, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-BLM, terf, exclusionists, ableists, and just toxic people.
My art blog 🎨🖌: @jahbeautifulart
My IG: jah_beautiful_art
If you want to talk, feel free to message me or ask a question 🥰
xoxo 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
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7-wonders · 5 months ago
I don’t know if you’re writing for him but “i don't think i'm good enough for you, put you grab my face, look deep into my eyes, and suddenly i can't help but to kiss you” with Zemo please omg 🥺
Am I a Zemo blog? No. Am I a whore for Helmut Zemo? Yes.
On the floor below you, in Sharon Carter's high-rise Madripoor apartment, a party is in full swing. People dance, drink, laugh, and are generally free of all inhibitions, which is what you've come to realize is the normal for this city. Even in the silver dress that you wore for your intel mission, dressed to the nines and surrounded by priceless art, you feel out of place.
You really shouldn't even be here. You're hardly out of college, and the only reason that Sam called upon you to help with this mission is because Joaquin Torres recommended your hacking prowess and "chameleon" skills, which is to say, you're able to seamlessly blend in almost anywhere. As a...contractor for the US military, you and Torres had worked together numerous times, and you should feel honored that he suggested you for this at all. You are honored, especially now that the main intel has been recovered and, in the morning, you'll be on your way to Riga in search of the Flag Smashers and their serum. Since you returned from The Blip, you would have never imagined that this would be your life.
"I was wondering where you had run off to," a smooth voice interrupts your pondering, the thick accent immediately clueing you in as to who has found you.
Baron Helmut Zemo, enemy-turned-ally, stands next to you with two glasses of champagne in his hands, one of which he gestures towards you. Taking the flute, you take a sip and scan over the crowd once more, trying to spot Bucky and Sam.
"You did well tonight. This is your first field mission, yes?"
"Having to play this part. Normally I'm on the fringes getting information, never right in the center of it all."
The mission had been simple: Zemo and the "Smiling Tiger," aka Sam, would be offering the Winter Soldier to Selby as a bargaining chip to receive information on the name and whereabouts of whoever has been producing supersoldier serum for the Flag Smashers. You would be Zemo's "little dove," basically pretending to be his arm candy until you slipped away to use the least, that was the excuse you gave. In reality, you had the bar mapped out, and knew exactly where Selby's files were kept. While the men were distracting her, you would be looking for information about this scientist.
Information that you nearly had, until bullets started raining and you were forced to grab whatever files you could and run. Thankfully, Zemo was strict on not leaving anybody behind, even those whose heels hampered how fast they could run, and he basically hauled you through the streets of Madripoor until you reached safety.
In the end, the files that you had grabbed led right to Dr. Nagel and his lab, which made your next steps a hell of a lot easier. It was an open and shut thing. And yet, you couldn't stop thinking about the bar, and how it felt to be absolutely adored, even if just for a moment. Zemo played his part extremely well, looking everything like the possessive baron who would kill anyone that dared to look at you the wrong way. At one point, when the bartender had been suspicious about your group, Zemo had kissed you to make it more convincing. He had even had you convinced for a moment.
But you couldn't live in that little bubble of being Zemo's "lady," as he had called you, forever. No, you would go back to computers and research and code, and he would go back to prison. This would just be a fond memory for you, and yet another day on the job for him. It meant nothing, and that's what you keep telling yourself. This sort of hesitation and doubt is exactly why you can't play a central role in espionage.
"Something is on your mind." Zemo's not asking you; he knows this to be a fact.
"Just...thinking about tonight. First time being shot at, and all." He quirks an eyebrow at you, obviously not believing what you say, and you sigh. "And at how I almost blew it for us."
"'Blew it?'" Zemo repeats. "I would say that you did the exact opposite. You are the one who found out who was making the supersoldier serum, and where to find him."
"Yeah, but if I had been able to blend in more, sell 'us,' then maybe there wouldn't have been a firefight in the first place."
"You don't think that you were convincing? That you did a good job?"
"C'mon," you say with a slight laugh, "they were onto us from the beginning. Even the bartender knew that I didn't belong with a baron, the Winter Soldier, and the 'Smiling Tiger.'"
Zemo sets his glass down on the bannister, and your awkward laughing dies down upon seeing the serious look on his face. "So the problem is that you do not believe that you're...good be seen with me? That I wouldn't have you on my arm normally?"
You nod as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. Zemo nods back at you, takes your own glass and sets it next to his before taking your face in his broad hands and and staring into your eyes.
"You belong here. With James, and Sam, but most especially with me." His lips go to yours, and you gasp at feeling his kiss once more. "You are good enough for me."
"You, uh, think so?" Zemo laughs upon seeing the dazed look on your face.
"Apologies. Normally I would ask prior to kissing a beautiful woman, but the moment swept over me before I could think."
"You don't have to apologize, Zemo--"
"Helmut," he interrupts.
"Helmut." You like the way that his name sounds on your tongue. "We should probably find Bucky and Sam, though. They'll be looking for us soon."
"You're right, but," he pulls you in for a kiss again, "one more for the road."
Just ignore if you're not a Marvel fan lmao
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snuggetfish · 8 months ago
Can you write what Majima's wedding day would be like 🥺👉👈
Ooh I’ve wanted to write about this for a while in fact. 👀 I fully believe that unlike Saejima, who’d want a traditional Japanese wedding, Majima would lean more towards something low-key and modern, maybe he’d even want to just elope and call it a day. 
But, as I’ve discussed before, if the marriage has any hopes of working, his spouse has to accept all of him, yakuza and bloodshed included... and he has to agree to share his whole life with them too. 
So then, maybe a ceremony that introduces and includes his partner in the clan could work. And since I felt inspired... mini-fic below! 💗
Over and over, he runs a shaky hand down the back of his head, as the tailor circles him like a hawk. The two other men sitting behind him are also watching intently, following the old craftsman’s gestures — a tug on a sleeve here, a tightening of the seam there. It’s been going on for the past 20 minutes at least and he’s starting to get restless.
“Jeez, ya sewing me into this thing? I ain’t even the bride,” Majima grumbles.
“Seein’ how ya like to rip yer suits clean off, what’s an extra stitch or two, kyodai?” 
“Hey, least I ain’t bustin’ through them just by bendin’ over,“ he quips back, making eye contact with Saejima through the mirror. 
Normally he’d try to imitate his bro at this point, make a show out of flexing his slim biceps to the point where you could, maybe, just barely, make out their outline through the fabric. It’s the best you can when you’re not built like the big tiger. But he knows today isn’t a day to play the clown.
“Apologies, sir,“ the tailor speaks, fastening Majima’s sleeve button again, for the tenth time after he’s fiddled it undone. 
“I’m almost finished. You haven’t had a new suit fitted in years, I want to make sure everything’s perfect as it should be.”
Well, come to think of it, there hasn’t been much reason to visit the old man’s shop lately. Snakeskin jackets are in constant supply, so much so that he doesn’t even have to call for a re-order, they simply deliver a new one right to his office every month or so. And as for suits... it’s not like he gets much use out of those, outside of the odd stuffy meeting Daigo makes him attend. 
Heh. It pleases him to think that for once, the tables are turned and Daigo’s the invitee. Closing his eye, Majima can almost picture him pacing solemnly around the reception hall, chatting to Kiryu-chan or intimidating the hell out of every Majima family member, through his attendance alone. Maybe he’s getting to know the star of the ceremony, the one the boys already reverently call “ane-san”. Or maybe she hasn’t taken the stage yet, still busy getting fretted over, same as him. After all, that dress has gotta be just...
“Perfect. Right ya are. Y’know, I figured an occasion like this could use some new threads.” 
And not the kinda fancy outfit you wear once and never again. Rather, something sharp and stylish and versatile. Attached to a memory, like all his costumes before. Only this one he’s determined to keep a pleasant memory, more comforting and symbolic than even the ring he’ll be hiding under his glove from now on. 
He’s deep into daydreaming about how one day he’ll be wearing this same suit to his son or daughter’s wedding when Nishida, who’s been sitting quietly all this time, breaks the silence. 
“Are you nervous, oyaji?” 
“Haw? No way!” He smooths through his fresh undercut again, like a man who’s definitely at least a little bit nervous. 
“I mean, it ain’t like I’m gettin’ cold feet, it’s just... “
“Not your everyday yakuza event, right?” Nishida offers.
Yeah. It’s not exactly a Tojo clan get-together, but it’s not your average wedding either. Tonight the guest list for large banquet hall at HQ skews much more eclectic: a handful of officers (the ones he can trust), some old friends like Kiryu, the chairman of course. There are no mother in laws or other relatives to speak of. Blood ties matter little. The former Sunshine girls, with Yuki at the forefront, make up the only other feminine presence apart from the bride and Majima can only hope they’re not already busy fending off advances from the more smooth-talking of his men. In fact, he’s not just hoping, he’s looking forward to putting them in their place, if need be. For all the Majima family youngsters, who’ve never even snuck a peek inside the Tojo walls before, this event is as much a treat as it is a test.
He blinks twice to dispel the haze that’s taken hold again.
“Man... who would’a thought an old hound like me would be turnin’ into a family man? Well, the other kind of family man,” he muses, picking his cufflinks as his new fidget toy. He can’t see it, but the other men exchange a glance that confirms they’re all in agreement: Majima was always “the other kind of family man.”
There’s only one more finishing touch to place — the bowtie. But as the tailor moves to loop it around his neck, Majima slips it from his hands.
“Gimme that.”
In over 20 years, not a soul has spotted Majima Goro wearing a bowtie, but somehow his fingers are uncannily skilled at tying it, a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed. They barely have time to comment on it though, because at once he turns around, beaming.
“How’s it look?”
“Handsome as always, oyaji!”
“Ya look... happy” Saejima mirrors his smile. “And handsome,” he concedes.
“But if yer ready... don’t keep her waitin’.”
Oh, Majima’s ready all right.
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fallowdoe · 11 months ago
Heat of the moment F!MC x Wolf!Lucifer
Possible TW: dub-con
also they say Ily at the end coz I’m soft  🥺👉👈 first smut never ended up editing it bahaha
“I’ll give you a chance, though I doubt you can make it.” He smiles mischievously and steps back again.
“A chance?” You look at him confused but the way he puts his ears down and smiles while showing you his teeth is rather meaningful.
“Come on little lamb.” His gaze darkens. “Run from the big bad wolf.”
Tumblr media
A quiet buzz follows every new text in the group chat. You clutch your bag and scroll through the conversation, little boxes filled with pastries clank happily inside – a result of the whole day spent baking with Luke. Animal versions of the brothers were cute but after almost a whole week you needed a bit of a break. You were just making your way back from Purgatory Hall, the wind gently blew making the leaves on the trees surrounding you move. Usually, someone would walk with you, but it would appear that everyone was too busy, had it been further from HoL you’d just stay the night, probably sleeping on the couch in Solomon’s room, but by now you knew that the short walk alone wasn’t all that dangerous. A few new messages roll onto your screen. Mammon ranting about his photoshoot, Beel mentioning something about training, even Belphie claims he needs to go take care of something. It would appear so that the potion incident didn’t have as much of an impact on the brothers as you thought it did. The tiger version of Mammon on the cover of the next volume of Majolish was definitely something to look forward to. Your brows furrow as the realization sits upon you. With each one of them being busy it looks like you are going to spend the whole evening alone. That would be the first time you being alone since you came to the Devildom. Suddenly HoL doesn’t seem as friendly anymore, it was, after all, a big, possibly haunted, mansion.
Just as you consider turning back and spending the night at Purgatory Hall you receive a new text from Simeon. It’s a picture of the sorcerer in the cooking apron holding a pot filled with purple mess followed by a shaking emoji. It would’ve been a really cute pic if not for sorcerer’s sinister kitchen abilities. After doing quick math you came to the conclusion that a few ghosts would make for a safer company than whatever would come out of that dish and with that you arrived at the door of the House of Lamentation.
All the lights off definitely didn’t make it the cosiest but with the help of a tub of ice cream and a few blankets, you should make it through the night. The moonlight was seeping through the windows as you were walking down the hallway towards your room. The D.D.D still keeps buzzing as some stupid argument is going off in the group chat so you just throw it onto the bed and grab some random shorts and a t-shirt to change into. As you were taking your pants off suddenly you realized what else could you do now, that no one would interrupt. Living with seven men constantly fighting for your attention was amusing but makes it hard to focus on your more human needs sometimes. Especially after Asmo made it clear that they could tell, apparently it was something with how you smell, if you were getting busy with yourself. He did it of course in his own style, by acting hurt that you didn’t invite him, he wasn’t shaming you for it after all. Still, it did make you a bit uncomfortable.
Now was the perfect occasion you thought, taking your bra off and looking at your breasts in the mirror. Your panties suddenly feeling too tight, also were removed. Laying down on the bed your fingers started ghosting the area around your thigs, and when they finally reached your pussy you let out a content huff.
Tumblr media
The sight of your laundry basket’s content being thrown all over the floor made you promise to yourself that you’ll clean your room tomorrow.
With the ice cream on your mind, you make your way into the kitchen only to be surprised by the light coming from the library. Certain that you didn’t turn it on you make you way there with a slipper in a hand as a weapon. Not the deadliest one but if you were to go then at least it wouldn’t be unarmed. Taking a look inside it would seem that the room was empty. What got your attention was the not-so-secret door to Lucifer’s study. After coming closer you could hear the sound of one of his favourite vinyl’s coming from inside. Maybe he finished earlier and came home while you were changing?
You start walking down the stairs and just after you hit the final one you realise how indecent you must be looking. Why would you wear a bra on a night dedicated fully to eating ice cream and watching Netflix? Remembering your earlier activities made you feel even more embarrassed. Relief washes over you when you notice that he’s not inside. You sigh and make your way upstairs again. It was stupid, you’re a grown woman and if he can’t stand the sight of your tits under a shirt then that’s his problem you thought.
Just in case if he was going to flip out, it was Lucifer, after all, you skip towards the kitchen so you can grab the ice cream and bury yourself in your bed, away from any judging eyes, with a Disney movie on.
You grab the tub, close the fridge and turn around only to be met with the sight of the eldest of the demon brothers standing in the doorway, his wolf tail waging slowly behind him. His large frame blocking it almost completely.
“You’re home.” He speaks after a minute, still not taking his eyes off of you.
“You too.” Your reply and put the tub on the counter. His red, glistening eyes follow your every move, slowly taking in your figure. One of his eyebrows rides up and he smirks. After a moment you realize what is he thinking about and try to justify yourself forgetting all about your earlier agenda.
“I thought that I was gonna be…” you nervously stutter.
“…Alone?” He finishes for you and takes a teasing step in your direction, making you automatically take a step back.
“It would appear so,” he got closer again, his tail still slowly waging. “that you were wrong.”
“I uuuh…” the building up tension started clouding your mind. Your back finally met the counter and if he took just one more step you’d be trapped.
His predatory gaze didn’t leave your face for a moment, you could tell he was tense for some reason, the pair of wolf ears on his head kept twitching and his nose was scrunched up. It really did give him a canine-like expression.
A gloved hand came to rest at the counter next to where you were standing, effectively cutting any escape routes. He leans in and you can take a better look at him now. It’s not only that he’s stressed, it looks almost like he’s holding back? There is some sweat on his face and his upper lip quivers as if he wanted to bare his teeth. He smells different too but you can’t quite tell what is it.
Not saying anything he dipped his head down and brought his nose to your neck making a trail towards your jaw. His other hand came to rest on your side, making you shiver and effectively grounding you in place. Your still sensitive pussy was beginning to get wet again.
“Did you know that this form enhances every smell around me? And my dear, I must admit that right now…” He made another trial, this time towards your clothed breasts. “… you smell absolutely divine.”
The coldness of his hand makes you arch your back a little when he lifts your shirt and his fingers wander towards your nipple. His body towers over you and he chuckles when he feels you squirm.
“Or maybe you knew? Maybe when you say you were sure no one was home…” He lifts up your shirt and tosses it somewhere on the ground. “you’re lying.” His hand now fully palms your breast and you can feel his tongue on your neck. He pulls back and after eyeing your dishevelled form before kissing you. His body presses onto yours so you have to lean back again. The hand previously caging you against the counter now make your way under the waistband of your shorts. You moan into his mouth at the new feeling, the wetness between your legs now making itself even more known.
He suddenly steps back and you quietly whine.
“Tell me, my love, were you hoping for something?” He makes his way around you, he’s standing next to the fridge and the light starts leaking into the corridor again. He chuckles again when you shot him a confused look. “For someone to come home and find you in your room while you’re touching yourself?”
Before you can answer he puts his hands on your bare waist again and holds you against his chest again. He buries his face in your hair.
“Were you hoping it would be me?” One of his hands now palms your ass and you whimper. “Or perhaps you were waiting for one of my brothers?” He growls out and you shiver in his hold.
“How am I supposed to control myself when you’re right in front of me smelling this way?”
“What way?” you mutter out.
“Like you’re practically begging for me to take you.” His hold on you tightens. He pulls back just enough so that he can look you in the eyes. The way his pupils shrink makes him look like a predator waiting to pounce at its prey. “I’ll give you a chance, though I doubt you can make it.” He smiles mischievously and steps back again.
“A chance?” You look at him confused but the way he puts his ears down and smiles while showing you his teeth is rather meaningful.
“Come on little lamb.” His gaze darkens. “Run from the big bad wolf.”
You freeze for a second and wait for him to start laughing but he just keeps looking at you hungrily. It dawns on you that he’s serious and you take a hesitant step back. He takes one too and smirks when you take another one.
Next thing you know you’re dashing out of the kitchen and, wearing only your sleeping shorts, make your way to the living room. You can tell that he’s behind you, probably going slower to give you an actual chance. Dashing behind the couch seems like a good enough idea so you do. You can hear his footsteps when he stalks into the room.
“Come on MC, is that as far as you can go?” You can hear his tail wagging in the air.
You peek out from your hiding spot and wait for him to turn around, the second he does, you start running again, this time towards the dark stairs. Your breathing heavy as your veins fill with adrenaline at the sound of a pleased growl and footsteps chasing after you. Fear and excitement finally catch onto you as you make your way upstairs in the dark. At the top, you stop and take a quick look behind you but the only thing you can see in the darkness is the week gloom of Lucifer’s red eyes. You take off at the sight and find yourself in the dark hallway leading to the brother’s rooms. Instead of running you lean against the wall next to the entrance and try to ease your breathing, hoping that when Lucifer enters the dark space he’ll assume you run towards your room.
Only now you have noticed that your body trembles with excitement and at this point you’re really unsure whether you really want to keep running.
Just as you hoped for, Lucifer goes right towards the end of the hallway.
“MC, my dear, do you really think you can hide from me?” You take a chance and as he’s talking, quietly open the nearest door and slip inside.
Much to your dread turns out you entered the wolf’s den. You take a look around Lucifer’s room and try to figure out where can you hide. By now he probably already knows you’re not in your room. The wardrobe seems to be the safest choice so not thinking much you duck inside and close the door. Sitting in the darkness and trying to pick on any sounds you pant quietly. You didn’t notice before but the chase left you rather tired, especially the stair climbing.
The door creaks and you can hear Lucifer walking around the room checking the more obvious spots. The footsteps keep getting closer and you hold your breath.
“You smell like you’re in heat.” He opens the door and doesn’t spare you a second to try and run again as he picks you up. “Only a fool wouldn’t find you. Though I must say I didn’t expect you to try and hide in my room.”
His lips find yours as he hungrily kisses you, the chase must’ve riled him up as much as you. He carries you towards his bed and lays you down under him as his hands roam your body, following every curve and trying to take in the most of your form they can.
“If you want me to stop,” he breathes out between the open-mouthed kisses on your neck “tell me now.”
“Don’t stop, please.” You mewl out as his hand finds your nipple again. He rolls it between his fingers and you hiss at the sensation. He growls at your response and stops to take off his vest and shirt. As soon as he's back on top of your hands start roaming his warm chest catching onto whatever piece of him they can reach.
“You are…” he mumbles into your neck as he keeps sucking and biting on it, surely leaving bruises “…all I can think of.”
You moan when his mouth finds your other breast and your chest presses into it. A gasp escapes your lips when you feel his hand slide under your shorts and tug them down. He looks down at your naked, blushed form and smiles. That’s exactly how he likes seeing you best.
You try to sit up but he grabs your wrists and puts them against the bed next to your head with a growl. His knee rides up to press against your womanhood as he sucks on your collarbone, his teeth occasionally ghosting your skin. A string of mewls and moans escape you as you rut against his knee.
“That’ll show them.” He pulls back and takes a satisfied look at all the marks on your neck. His hands let go of your wrists and he sits at the edge of the bed. You prop yourself up on your elbows only to see his malicious smile as he grabs your thigs and spreads you in front of his face. You shudder when the cold air meets your wet pussy. He shots you a dark look and stars kissing down your tigh not breaking eye contact for a second.
When he finally licks up between your folds you moan loudly and close your eyes at the sudden rush of pleasure. It seems to stir him up even more as instead of teasing you he stars hungrily lapping at your heat every few seconds taking a turn and circling your clit with his tongue instead.
More moans fall out of your lips sometimes mixed with his name. Your hips shudder and your body instinctively tries to back off but his grip on your legs, which he put on his shoulders, doesn’t give you a chance to move back.
“My name.” He snarls between licking up your folds and sucking on your clit.
“Luci… Ah! Lucifer!” You keep moaning, if anyone came home by now they could definitely hear you.
You throw your head back as Lucifer’s tongue enters you feeling your orgasm approaching.
“I’m close.” You manage to form a sentence in between the chanting of his name and moaning.
He doesn’t reply instead he slides two of his fingers inside of your pussy stretching you out and starts fingering you as he sucks on your clit. After a minute the heat building inside your tummy breaks out and you wriggle in his grasp and moan loudly as your orgasm washes over you.
“Lucifer.” You pant heavily, your pussy twitching around his fingers. He looks up at you but doesn’t stop and you shudder from the overstimulation. “I need more.”
He growls but eventually pulls back and you whine at the sudden emptiness falling back onto the bed. You hear the rustling of clothing and again, he’s on top of you kissing you passionately. You expect him to cage you in between his arms again but instead, he wraps his hands around your waist and turns you around lifting your ass up. His hands guide your back down and you bury your head into the sheets waiting with anticipation. You clench with excitement as he lines himself up with you.
First, he pushes his tip in and you arch towards him, your body wanting more. He puts his hands on your hips squishing softly and slowly pushes deeper making you stretch around every inch of him. You know that he is big but feeling him inside especially in this position is overwhelming. After a while, he finally bottoms out. You turn your blissed face towards him. He can’t seem to stop starring at you, teary eyes and a red blush coating your cheeks. You give him a nod and he exhales softly. Slowly he pulls out and then pushes back all the way in again making you cry out into the sheets.
“Lucifer! Luci… Ah!” you moan loudly as he sets a pace. He leans forward so that he can press himself against you and keeps slamming into your pussy, this way he hits so deep that you’re afraid he’ll reach your cervix. You roll your hips against his and your hands dig into your hair. One of his hands snakes in between your legs and rubs your clit which makes you push against him even more.
“Lucifer!” His name keeps rolling off your lips.
“Louder” he commands as he feels you clenching around his dick. You cry out into the sheets. The thrusting of his hips picks up with speed and the only thing keeping you from falling onto the bed is the grasp of his hands on your hips, his hands dig into your skin making you wonder if he’ll bruise you there too.
Suddenly he pulls out and flips you around, being on top again. His mouth immediately finds your neck again as he lifts your legs so that you wrap them around him.
“Lucifer!” You scream as he bites your neck pushing you past your second orgasm.
“Mine. Mine. Only mine.” He keeps chanting. You cry out even more sensitive now as he keeps pounding into you. “You wanted me to take you like this didn’t you? MC?”
“Yes! Yes, Lucifer!” Your voice getting hoarse from all the screaming and moaning.
“Tell me who you belong to dear?” He bites down on your collarbone hard enough to draw blood.
“You! Lucifer!” You cry out getting close once again. The only thing you can think about by now is Lucifer and his cock inside of you.
He licks at the wound he just made and with that you cum once more as he hits that one spot inside of you. As you shudder under him he finally reaches his release and with a groan spills inside of you panting heavily. He pulls back from your neck to look at you. Face wet from tears, hair a mess with a bruised neck and a bleeding wound on your collarbone. He kisses you once again and finally pulls out making you whine at the loss. His seed keeps leaking out of your core.
“Don’t move.” He says, now with a gentle look on his face. “I’ll bring a towel.”
You nod and pant heavily as you try to calm your body down. He’s back after a minute and soon enough you’re clean. He pulls you with him under the sheets and you settle into his arms, laying your head onto his chest. He puts his arms around you rubbing little circles into your skin.
“MC?” he asks hesitantly.
“Hm?” you’re almost asleep at this point.
“I love you.”
“I love you.” You mutter and hear him chuckle as you doze off.
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lost-in-the-shelves · 6 months ago
tbh i'm feeling lonely on this website but i wanna make some friends 🥺👉👈
So, whoever reads this, you can ask me questions or chat with me. :) 
Here's some info:
Timezone: GMT-4 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Languages I'm fluent in: English, Spanish.
Languages I want to study: Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Korean, French, Italian, German, Arabic. 
Writers/Poets/Novels/Comic Books I'm Into, In No Particular Order (some of them were my favorite childhood reads):
Oscar Wilde
Edgar Allan Poe
Sylvia Plath
Emily Dickinson 
Mary Shelley 
Margaret Atwood 
Alexandre Dumas 
Victor Hugo
Agatha Christie
James Baldwin
Christine de Pizan 
John Milton
Heo Nanseolheon 
Adeline Yen Mah
Layli Long Soldier
Annette Clapsaddle
Charles Eastman 
Brian Jacques
Bram Stoker
Chinua Achebe
Murasaki Shikibu
T.S. Eliot 
J.R.R. Tolkien
George R.R. Martin
C.S. Lewis
James Joyce
Diana Gabaldon 
Marcel Proust
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Shel Silverstein
E.E. Cummings 
Pablo Neruda
Miguel de Cervantes 
Christopher Marlowe
H.G. Wells
H.P. Lovecraft 
Stephen King
Grant Morrison 
Toni Morrison 
Edwidge Danticat 
John Webster 
Mary Sidney
Isabella Whitney
Phyllis Wheatley
Edmund Spenser 
Fyodor Dostoevsky 
Ernest Hemingway
George Eliot 
Jane Austen 
Langston Hughes 
Robert Burns 
Charles Dickens 
Geoffrey Chaucer
John Gower 
William Shakespeare 
Rick Riordan
Jeff Sharlet
Neil Gaiman 
Lemony Snicket 
Alison Bechdel
Mary Pope Osborne
Harry Potter | Percy Jackson | The Kane Chronicles | The Song of Achilles | A Series of Unfortunate Events | The Poisonwood Bible | Eragon | LOTR  | ASOIAF | The Magic Treehouse | Junie B. Jones | Ramona & Beezus | Wide Sargasso Sea | Jane Eyre | Wuthering Heights | Frankenstein | Metamorphosis | Bridge to Terabithia | Falling Leaves/Chinese Cinderella | The Hunger Games | The Spiderwick Chronicles | Hellboy | Pride and Prejudice
Breaking Benjamin 
The Beatles 
Three Days Grace
Bad Wolves
Falling In Reverse
Florence + the Machine
Avril Lavigne 
Linkin Park
Hidden Citizens 
Imagine Dragons
Mumford and Sons
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Tommee Profitt
Thousand Foot Krutch 
Video Games: Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy VII, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros., Ace Attorney, American McGee’s Alice, You Don’t Know Jack!
Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Fun Home, A Very Potter Musical, Six, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, My Fair Lady, Amadeus, The Lion King. 
Movies, Anime, and TV series (Netflix included): 
Anne with an E
Avatar: The Last Airbender
What We Do In The Shadows
Blue Exorcist
Bob’s Burgers
Mr. Sunshine
Life of Pi
His Dark Materials
Star Wars 
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
House of Flying Daggers
Kung Fu Panda
Hospital Playlist
Rebellion/Resistance RTE
The Handmaiden
The Crown
Dawson’s Creek
The Addams Family
Being Human
Hidden Figures
Twin Peaks
Law & Order: SVU
Teen Titans
Kill Bill 
Django Unchained
Batman: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series
Nolanverse Batman Trilogy
The Tudors 
The Witcher 
Good Omens
The Borgias 
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Underworld Trilogy 
Penny Dreadful
Peaky Blinders 
The Good Doctor
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Better Days
Crimson Peak
Pacific Rim
The Labyrinth 
Repo: The Genetic Opera
Medici: The Masters of Florence
Hannibal NBC
Breaking Bad 
Better Call Saul 
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rose-wine-selfships · 5 months ago
Aight so!! I'm 3 episodes into bsd and so far 1) atsushi is such a sweet boy 🥺 your man is such a gentleman 🙌 and 2) gonna be honest and say that dazai is one of the funniest men I've ever seen in my life and I'm 100% intrigued by the allusions to his backstory; ive been meaning to watch this and im really enjoying it so far! 🙌
~ starshine-selfships
Aaaah man! I'm so happy you're getting into the show @starshine-selfships! ⭐️🌟💫
You're really going to love this show, and I think you might find a potential BSD F/O in there or two! There are SO many god tier F/Os you can either fall in love with, QPR with, or even make platonic/familial connections with. I know I did the moment I laid eyes on my tiger hubby. At first I thought he was going to be a stereotypical anime shonen protagonist, but then I saw he had childhood trauma portrayed in a very realistic way. Not to mention his bouts of bravery, consideration for others, and genuinely trying to be a good person made me fall for him ever since. 🥰🥰🥰
And boy, do I agree! Atsushi is the sweetest young man I've come across in any anime, and he is a gentleman in every sense. I just..I can't handle his kindness....he's so perfect to me asdfdakjdfkldsa 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰💕💞💘💓💝💓💘💞💕💖💗
Tumblr media
Whoops I gushed a bit! Lol! 🤣🤣🤣
Ahem...anyways, I think you'll like Dazai too. He's a complicated character, but he does have tons of potential to see backstory wise. Honestly, I'd love to see more of his past, possibly a redemption arc, or even one emotional breakdown so we could see he does have a connection to his human side. I don't know if that'll ever happen but...that would be awesome.
Thank you so much for sending this to my inbox sweetie! Now I have a new mutual I can talk about Bungou Stray Dogs with. Have a great day! 🌹🍷✨
Tumblr media
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jaesspresso · 4 months ago
tag game.
thank you for the tag @qianinterprises <3 ilysm
tagging; @neoseetea @najatheangel @lolisicle @bigbrainenergytingz @kpopscruggles @hachanbaecon @jaeminncore @jenctar @earth-to-that-asian @xuxisins + anyone else who wants to do it!! no pressure to those who i have tagged~
what day is your birthday? December 18, 2002
what’s your favourite colour? Red! >:) like blood red- baby pink is also 🥺🥺
whats your lucky number? 9
do you have any pets? Nope :( i want a breaded dragon tho
how tall are you? 5'2
how many pairs of shoes do you own? uhh...7 or 8?
favourite song? nct dream deja vu or mother mother hayloft
favourite movie? Spirited Away
what would be your ideal partner? Haechan or Johnny Suh!! he's just <3<3 perfect
do you want children? YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSS
have you gotten in trouble with the law? um, almost... 😳😳
bath or shower? shower!!
what colour socks are you wearing? not wearing socks but they would be pink :>
favourite type of music? kpop, pop, uhh rock... that's all that come to mind rn
how many pillows do you sleep with? 3 but i only sleep on 1 lmao
what position do you sleep in? usually on my side or on my stomach. sometimes, i also lay straight with my arms by my side and legs together its strange
what you don’t like when you’re sleeping? remembering i was supposed to do something or hearing my alarm go off
what do you have for breakfast? CEREAL! but earlier this week i also ate garlic bread because bread is good :>
have you ever tried archery? yes!
favourite fruit? strawberries
favourite swear word? does cunt count? or fuck
do you have any scars? yes, i have a burn mark on my leg and scratch marks on my arm from fights uhh i have "tiger stripes" on my lower back? dk where from but its cool ig
are you a good liar? yes, thanks to my strict parents :D
what's your personality type? ENFJ
what’s your favourite type of girl? bad bitches with kind hearts <3 by that i mean, they do what they want and don't care about the opinions of others, they hurting aint anyone just vibin with life
innie or outie? innie
left or right handed? right handed~
favourite food? i love food but atm its garlic bread.
favourite foreign food? uhhh i have zero idea-
are you clean or messy? both but rn messy because no motivation.
most used phrase? fuck off :D or bro (i call all my siblings bro)
how long does it take for you to get ready? most days 20 minutes but sometimes almost 2 hours cuz i cant decide wtf to wear, my eyeliner ain't symmetrical the eyeshadow ain't blending well om mY HAIR NEEDS TO BE CURL- last week was 30 minutes late because i took too long on my hair lmao
do you talk to yourself? all. the. time. mostly internally so i don't get strange looks.
do you sing to yourself? yES when i'm doing chores or in the shower
are you a good singer? dk?? i did choir for 1 1/2 years so :/ i hope??
biggest fear? bugs?
are you a gossip? hmm there's always plenty of family drama going on but nothing comes to mind- oM MY DAD THOUGHT MY BROTHER HAD A GF but he's too mf shy to speak to anyone lmao
do you like long or short hair? long but currently its short and i hate it :D
favourite school subject? Business >:)
extrovert or introvert? the personality test said i'm an extrovert but i think i am an ambivert.
what makes you nervous? everythingbutalsonothingbecauseimbeyongcaring interviews/not having reciting my order 500 times before i say it
who was your first real crush? biker boy- a family friend twice my age ✋😌😌 he is v cute <3 goof ball
how many piercings do you have? none :D
how fast can you run? i am speed. very fast, just take my word for it
what colour is your hair? black~ though recently it's turning into a dark brown from all the time spent in de sun acquiring vitamin dick- i mean d
what colour are your eyes? very dark brown almost like black but not really.
what makes you angry? literally almost everything omfg discrimination, men talking women down or talking over women ohh this really gets on my nerves makes me wanna rip them to little shreds, uh hypocrisy, abusive ppl, ppl who are generally horrible and never realise their own mistakes and how much they affect others with their selfish behaviour
do you like your own name? si, it looks v pretty in calligraphy writing(? i hope that's what u call it lmao).
do you want a boy or girl as a child? i want a girl because on my mums side of the family, the first born is a girl and that's been like that for at least five generations and i want continue that but most importantly, i want my baby to be healthy
what are your strengths? understanding and caring. quick learner if i'm passionate about the subject and open to learning/improving. i like to think of myself as a supportive person too. my "idgaf" attitude but thats also a weakness sometimes.
what are your weaknesses? there's too many lmao very blunt at times, i speak before i think quite a lot when i'm angry/tired and i'm very forgetful also hold grudges angerissuesoop uhh i hope thats all
what’s the colour of your bedspread? white
colour of your room? white not very interesting ik
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playmetheclassics · 3 months ago
Heartbreaker Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Preview: “Hana, you have a plan. I can sense it. Unfortunately, it also seems like an evil plan that you have in mind,” Jungkook muttered into your ear. You smirked at his words, you were scoping out someone for the night at the bar, and Jungkook knew you weren’t exactly subtle; you’d lick your lips and bat your eyelashes. “Easy tiger, besides, are there any hearts left in Seoul for you to break anymore?” Jungkook said, laughing, and you grinned, placing your hand on his thigh, making him choke slightly.
🔞 (Minors DNI) | 💔 Angst |😈 Smut |💘 Fluff | ❌Trigger Warning
Series Masterlist Word Count: 9847 Age: 18+ Pairings: Taehyung x Fuck Girl!Reader
Warnings: Smut, a lot of it, so I don’t know what warnings will suffice. Tae is a softie, and the biggest sweetheart OC is not as much of a softie, she’s not horrible, just isn’t here for feelings. Also, for the sake of fiction, let’s just pretend that Taehyung can actually tolerate alcohol and doesn’t cringe at the taste 😅. Mentions of a toxic and manipulative relationship, body shaming and just OC having a hard time loving herself. Men being slimy and not understanding boundaries. Slut shaming, a lot of it, and just being a backwards society. This story ended up being so much intense and angsty then I ended but oh well enjoy xx
Authors Note: Thank you @thehorizon19 for beta reading this and sending it to me you're an absolute angel ❤️🥺
Taglist: @bonvoyagenoona @tangledsparkles @thehorizon19 @bringmetheksj @moonchild1 @skyys-universe @mochilatae @purgatorywriter @namjooningelsewhere @lovelytaes-blog @craztextae @gukkmoans
“Hana, you have a plan. I can practically sense it. Unfortunately, it also seems like an evil plan that you have in mind.” Jungkook muttered into your ear.
You smirked at his words. You were scoping out someone for the night at the bar, and Jungkook knew you weren’t exactly subtle; you’d lick your lips and bat your eyelashes.
“Easy tiger. Besides, are there any hearts left in Seoul that you haven’t broken yet?” Jungkook said, laughing, and you grinned, placing your hand on his thigh, making him choke slightly.
“I haven’t broken yours.” You said, grinning devilishly, and Jungkook smiled back at you.
“You know, under the tattoos and leather, I’m soft.” Jungkook said, pouting, making you smile.
“Oh, hey Kook, didn’t know you’d be out tonight.”
Your jaw nearly dropped when you saw who the voice belonged to.
“Hyung, hey, no. I got dragged out by this one.” Jungkook said, tapping you, and you smiled softly at the handsome stranger in front of you.
You were about to turn on the charm until Jungkook spoke again.
“Hana, meet Taehyung. He’s one of my friends from University.” You froze.
This was Taehyung? The man you brought Jungkook out of his shell, more comfortable in his own skin. You couldn’t cross this sacred line.
“Hi, I’m Taehyung, but Tae works,” Taehyung said, extending his hand out for a handshake, and you couldn’t help but notice how nice and big his hands were.
Although you briefly wondered how they’d feel inside you or around your neck,
“Uh, I’m Hana!” You squeaked, earning a chuckle from Jungkook.
“Hey, Hyung, can you take care of her for a minute? I gotta go to the bathroom.” Jungkook asked before running off.
“So, you don’t seem like someone who needs to be taken care of?” Taehyung said, making you grin.
“I’m not. It’s others who need to be more careful around me.” You teased, grinning at Taehyung, who sat down next to you.
“Oh, do tell! Are you the resident heartbreaker?” Taehyung teased, making you shrug.
“Well, I’ll be sure to stay away from you then,” Taehyung said, making you pout.
“Hey!” You exclaimed, making Taehyung laugh.
“It’s not personal, but I am a romantic and you, my dear girl will crush my heart, and I don’t want Jungkook to choose,” Taehyung said, gently nudging you.
“That being said, can I buy you a drink?” Taehyung asked, and you nodded, smiling.
All the while you were internally face-palming at the fact that you had just met a man who was so ethereal and in the most respectful manner pure sex-on-legs, and you could do nothing about it.
“Gin and tonic?” You asked grinning at Taehyung’s choice of drink as he handed you a glass while he sipped on his drink.
“Always a winner,” Taehyung said, sipping on his drink.
“What are you having?” You asked.
“A Manhattan,” Taehyung said, smiling at you.
“I’m back; what did I miss?” Jungkook said, smirking.
“Dude, you were gone for ages!” You said, inching slightly to give Jungkook space and concurrently inching closer to Taehyung’s side.
“There was a line, okay!” Jungkook exclaimed, taking your drink out of your hand and taking a sip.
“Oh god, that hit the spot!” Jungkook grinned as he practically finished your drink for you.
“Thanks, asshole1” You said, nudging Jungkook, who simply smiled.
“I’ll go get another.” Jungkook said, winking before running off to the bar.
“Okay, he’s still as shit a wingman as he was back in University.” Taehyung chuckled as he set his drink down, his arm moving to land on the back of the seat.
“So, little miss heartbreaker, tell me a bit about yourself,” Taehyung said, taking another sip.
“Well, I have been working with Jungkook for the last four years, that's how we got close.” You said softly, and Taehyung nodded his eyes widening.
“You’re a model?” Taehyung exclaimed, and you rolled your eyes at him.
“No.” You deadpanned.
“What? You’re stunning enough to be one!” Taehyung said, smiling at you, and you rolled your eyes at him.
“Are you always this cheesy?” You asked, and Taehyung frowned.
“And are you always this defensive?” Taehyung shot back.
“Got you your gin and tonic.” Jungkook’s voice cut through the awkwardness between you and Taehyung and this time, you were thankful for his terrible timing.
“So, Kook, what does Hana over here do? I thought she was a model, but she got very offended by that comment.” Taehyung said, and you stiffened and inched closer to Jungkook, who knew the reason behind your behaviour.
“Uh, no, but she actually is the creative lead. She chooses the topics for the magazine each month, gives us a basic theme, and then lets us do what we please. I love working with her because she never tries to limit our creativity.” Jungkook said, and you smiled, squeezing his thigh, letting him know how much you appreciated his kind words.
“Look, gentleman, and Taehyung, it’s been great, but I’m heading home.” You said, not allowing either man enough time to say much as you grabbed your jacket and stormed out the bar.
“Jeez, what’s with her?” Taehyung asked, making Jungkook frown.
“Her ex fucked up. He told her she wasn’t enough. And he told her so often that she believed that she’d never been enough in any capacity.” Jungkook rambled and bit his lip, realising that he’d said too much, but he’d blame the alcohol.
“Oh! Thanks, Kook. I’ll, um, see you around?” Taehyung said as he slapped a few bills down on the table and ran out the bar, leaving Jungkook confused but with two drinks to finish instead.
Tumblr media
“Hana! Wait!” Taehyung yelled as he ran after you. You turned your head around for a second only to turn it back away, and you groaned when you saw Taehyung panting and standing next to you. ‘stupid long legs’, you thought.
“What?” You asked, glaring at him. “I’m sorry! I didn’t realise I hit a sore spot, but even then, I thought I had snapped back.” Taehyung said, pouting, and his voice was soft.
“Jungkook told you?” You asked, worried and Taehyung shook his head.
“No, not the whole story. Just that you were once with a dickhead who was bad enough to make you doubt your worth.” Taehyung said softly, and you sighed.
“Yeah, well, I’m over it, so it’s fine. We can just have a do-over. Hi, I’m Hana.” You said, smiling at Taehyung and felt your breath hitch when he inched closer to you.
“Hi, I’m Taehyung.” Hesaid, smiling, his voice low and husky.
“Hi.” You hated how small your voice came out in front of him, but he was lethal, and you knew you were absolutely fucked.
“So, can I walk you home?” Taehyung asked, slowly moving away from you and you smiled. “Well I’m taking a cab home, but sure you can drop me off.” You said, smiling, as you tried to hail a cab.
“Gladly.” Taehyung said, smirkingas he managed to hail a cab quicker than you, making you glare at him.
“No fair, you used your pretty privilege!” You told Taehyung as you slid into the cab making him smile as he slid in next to you, grinning.
“You think I’m pretty?” Taehyung asked and you rolled your eyes at him. “You know you are!” You said softly, turning to look out the window. You were actually convinced that if you stared at him too long, you’d melt under his gaze.
“Do you know that you are pretty too?” Taehyung said softly, all hints of joking and teasing gone from his voice. You turned around to face him, your breath hitching slightly when you saw how close he was sitting next to you.
“Some days I do.” You said, and Taehyung nodded. “And other days?” Taehyung asked and you shrugged.
“I feel awful, like I’m not good enough?” You said, sighing and looking down at your hands. “How did you feel today?” Taehyung asked as his large hand took your hand and started drawing small circles on it.
“Kind of shit, but then, the way you looked at me, it made me feel pretty.” You admitted shyly, making Taehyung smile at you.
“For it’s worth, you do look fucking delectable, but at the same time, you shouldn’t need me to tell you that. For you are stunning, I just hate what that man did to you.” Taehyung said, and you nodded, pulling your hand away from his.
“Did I do something wrong?” Taehyung asked when he noticed you pulled away and you shook your head. “No, we’re here.” You said looking out the window motioning to the building where the car had stopped.
“Oh, I see.” Taehyung said, and you nodded while getting out of the car. “Hey wait!” Taehyung yelled and ran after you, his tall frame caging you against your front door.
“What?” You asked, you were starting to get extremely flustered by Taehyung and you hated it. It was your job to fluster, not to be flustered.
Taehyung was one-upping you in your own game, and it seemed to be natural for him and that annoyed you even more.
“You know,” You started to say, voice huskier and you noticed the change in Taehyung’s face. A smirk started to grace his handsome features instead. “Yes?” He said, inching closer to you.
“Never got to try your drink by the way? What did it taste like?” You asked slyly.
“I can still taste it on my lips,” Taehyung said, smirking and you tugged on his shirt to make his breath falter.
“Do you want to maybe go out for a drink and you can try a Manhattan one day?” You suggested clumsily, and Taehyung smirked seeing your flustered state.
“Or,” Taehyung said before softly pushing you against your front door as placed his lips slowly on yours, giving you the softest kiss you've ever experienced before pulling away.
“Can you taste it?” Taehyung asked and you nodded.
“Well, I should get going.” Taehyung said, smirkingas he moved away from you.
“As much as I’d love to kiss you more, I don’t fancy my heart being broken, so see you around Hana.” Taehyung said as he waved at you before turning around and walking away.
“Smart ass,” you muttered.
Tumblr media
“So, how was Taehyung?” Jungkook asked you at work on Monday. He was grinning as he walked in holding two iced americanos in his hands, kicking your office door shut before placing the coffee on your table.
“I wouldn’t know.” You said pouting and Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock.
“Little miss heartbreaker didn’t get Taehyung? Oh, the horror, have you lost your touch?” Jungkook jokes, and while you knew he was simply teasing you couldn’t help feeling slighted by his comment, you did have a streak and the fact that Taehyung was ruining it did not sit right with you.
“Anyways, we have a new photographer joining us?” You said, changing the topic and Jungkook nodded.
“Yup. Oh, and behave,” Jungkook warned, and you were about to ask why, but a knock to your office door interrupted you.
“Taehyung?” You exclaimed slightly.
“Reporting for duty Miss.” Taehyung grinned, and you shot a glare at Jungkook who had a shit-eating grin on his face.
“So I'm going to let you two be alone. Let Hyung over here get acquainted with his new boss, he likes instructions and he follows them well.” Jungkook added before running out of your room, with an iced americano in his hand.
“So, you work here now?” You asked, motioning for Taehyung to sit down and he nodded smiling.
“Yes Miss.” Taehyung said, grinning and you shot him a look. “No one here is this formal, it’s Hana.” You said, your voice slightly stern, you hated how good he looked and how at this very moment you wanted nothing more than for him to bend you over your desk and have his way with you until you were a quivering mess.
“Hana?” Taehyung asked, noticing that you were just staring at him.
“What?” You replied and he shrugged. “Shouldn’t you be telling me about my assignments?” Taehyung asked and you nodded.
“Right, um, well this month’s spread is ‘beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder,’ Jungkook can give you more insight into it. I really oversee and act as an editor of the final piece.”
You said, handing Taehyung a stack of papers that had a very detailed orientation booklet, as well as a mock-up of this month’s issue.
“So, you have the final say? Nice, I like it.” Taehyung said, grinning.
“What the hell do you like about it?” You snapped at him, his cocky attitude starting to fluster you and you didn’t like it. “I like that you’re on top.” Taehyung said, getting up,leaving you speechless.
“I’ll go get the details from Jungkook, see you around boss.” Taehyung said smiling as he left your office.
Tumblr media
“I’m so going to kill you!” You whispered, sternly, to Jungkook later that day in the pantry.
“Why?” Jungkook asked innocently, making you glare at him even more.
“Seriously, you knew Taehyung would be working here?” You asked and Jungkook nodded slowly.
“Look, I was going to tell you, but you had your claws out the minute you saw him, so I decided to just stay quiet.” Jungkook said, grabbing a bottle of sparkling water out of the fridge and handing it to you.
“Well, my claws are retracted. I’m not going to go after your bestie from university.” You said and before Jungkook could respond another voice did.
“What if said bestie didn’t mind you going after him?” Taehyung’s voice suggested from behind you making you choke on your water.
Jungkook smirked, taking the opportunity to suddenly flee the scene, allowing Taehyung to slither into Jungkook’s empty seat.
“I’d much prefer you choking around me.” Taehyung whispered in hushed tones, his mouth dangerously close to your ear, and his attitude extremely unprofessional, however the way your core throbbed at his words you didn’t exactly mind.
“So, I want your help, Jungkook said I need to shoot what I find beautiful so I was wondering if I could film you?” Taehyung asked and you glared at him.
“You don’t need to correct what my ex did to me.” You said defensively.
“I know, but I truly do think you’re beautiful, plus, these will be cool pictures, artistic,” Taehyung suggested, smiling at you.
“Fine, show me what you have in mind later? I’m going to Ian’s pub after work, we can meet there, and can you tell me about your concept?” You suggested to Taehyung who grinned and nodded.
“I’ll see you there!” Taehyung said, grabbing his things and waving at you before leaving the pantry.
You kept your eyes on his back as he left. You refused to believe he was as kind as he was, men rarely were.
Or at least your experience had burned you enough to never trust someone just because they were good in bed.
Tumblr media
“Sorry, I’m late.” Taehyung huffed as he slid into the booth across you, his eyes meeting your unimpressed stare.
“No, you’re good, I like being stood up for an hour.” You said sarcastically, making Taehyung pout.
“Look Jimin said he had a small thing to show me, and then it turned into a 40-minute conversation, I’m so sorry.” Taehyung apologised, and you nodded knowing just how amazingly unaware Jimin could be when it came to the concept of time.
“Let me at least get you a drink for the inconvenience?” Taehyung asked and you nodded.
“Sweet, be right back!” Taehyung said, running off to the bar.
“You didn’t even ask me what I wanted.” You said, raising an eyebrow at him as he set down two glasses on the table.
“You said you liked ‘the Manhattan’, so I got you that. You’ll get a better taste.” Taehyung said grinning.
“I liked it better when I tasted it off your lips though.” You mumbled loud enough for Taehyung to hear, but soft enough for him to only raise an eyebrow at you and not ask any questions.
“How was your first day?” You asked, you genuinely did care despite the fact that Taehyung looked like sex on legs, it didn’t mean you could simply gawk at him and not make any normal conversation.
“Good, Jungkook needs a punching bag or something in the office, my bicep has become his choice, but he’s driven. Jimin is very smart, but might need a highchair, like the ones you give to babies? The man fell off his chair thrice in an hour.”
Taehyung elaborated, making you laugh. “So, you’re fitting in well?” You asked and Taehyung nodded. “Yeah, they’re chill and friendly, what’s not to like?” Taehyung said smiling.
“I also like my manager,” Taehyung said coolly, making you sputter on your drink slightly. “I also like knowing that I can make her choke.” Taehyung continued.
“Show me the concept photos, please, before I rethink this entire thing,” you threatened with a slight grin.
“Scooch!” Taehyung said before getting up and sliding into the booth and sitting very close next to you, the smell of his cologne making you dizzy.
It wasn’t overpowering, but it was so intoxicating. However at this point you were convinced that intoxication was personified, but the kind that made you feel like you were in another world, not the one where you cried over an ex or blacked out.
“Hello? Did Manhattan already hit you?” Taehyung teased you by nudging you, noticing that you were just staring at him.
“Thin fucking ice, Kim.” You warned, making Taehyung laugh. “You were ogling me, but here’s the concept,” Taehyung said, handing you his phone and you gasped at how beautiful the mockup was.
“The theme is pastels, I know it’s done to death, but I know I can make it different. But to paraphrase The Devil Wears Prada, I can make florals in the spring groundbreaking.” Taehyung said, making you laugh.
“Okay, fine. I trust that you can, but what do you need me for?” You asked because truthfully you still weren’t sure what exactly Taehyung needed you for.
“The project is to capture what we find beautiful, the nature and the pastels are stunning, but to be able to add you in the photos, well then, I’ll have truly captured beauty.” Taehyung said, smiling warmly at you.
“But there are legit models who work at the company-” You started only to be cut off by Taehyung.
“And while they are beautiful, you captivate me, not them. I’m not in the business of doing a disservice to my artwork by lying.” Taehyung said, making you smile and melt.
“Fine, I’ll be your model.” You said. It wasn’t exactly a hard decision to come to, Taehyung’s words swept you off your feet.
“Shake on it?” Taehyung asked, extending his hand out, and you smirked.
Now would be the time for you to regain the control that you had been losing to Taehyung since the minute you met him.
“Or I can just do this?” You said, while staring at his lips and inching closer to place a soft kiss on his lips, you felt Taehyung hum into the kiss with approval.
“I like how you seal deals," Taehyung said, pulling away from you, but still keeping his body close to yours.
“Look, I need to get a mockup of something with you in it to Jungkook, by next week. Do you think you’d be able to swing by my apartment during the weekend? We can get started then?” Taehyung asked, his hand moving to trace patterns on your knee.
“Mhm, that I can do.” You said smiling and Taehyung grinned before pulling you into another kiss, this time deeper and one that elicited the softest moan from you.
“God, that’s like music to my ears,” Taehyung said, earning a shy smile from you.
You hated how flustered he could make you, and you had to nip it in the bud before he was able to fully melt you.
“Okay, I got to go, I’ll swing by Saturday evening? Text me your details?” You suggested getting up and scooching past Taehyung who nodded.
“Gladly,” Taehyung said standing up and you gently tugged on the collar of his shirt pulling him closer to you.
“Enjoy your first week Taehyung,” you said, placing a soft kiss on his lips, but this time you gently sucked on his lower lip making him moan for you.
Bingo! You thought, hook, line and sinker.
You were the heartbreaker, not him, you just needed to remind yourself that, and ensure he knew where he stood as well.
Tumblr media
“Hello, sorry, the apartment is a bit messy,” Taehyung said, huffing slightly when he opened the door to let you into his space.
You had decided you’d show up in your tight yoga pants and a crop top.
You knew this outfit made you look good, and that’s what you were planning to do, remind Taehyung that you did look good, but also that you had the upper hand not him.
You knew had succeeded the minute he took in your appearance and a faint blush graced his handsome features.
“Sorry, I just wore these because they’re comfy, I hope it’s, okay?” You said innocently and Taehyung nodded.
“If you don’t mind me ruining them then sure?” Taehyung said, smirking at you. Taehyung laughed at your confused expression.
“Sorry, I meant with paint, unless you had something else in mind?” Taehyung said inching closer to you and you rolled your eyes at him nudging him slightly.
“Can I get you a drink? Then we can head upstairs to the studio, and I can start working with you?” Taehyung suggested, and you nodded.
Taehyung guided you to the kitchen and poured you a glass of gin, and topped it off with some tonic water.
“Your poison, my dear,” Taehyung said, sliding the drink to you.
“What’s your poison?” You asked and you smiled the minute you saw Taehyung pouring himself a glass of red wine.
“Nice.” You noted, and you clicked your glasses with him smiling before taking a sip.
“Shall we head upstairs, and work on it?” Taehyung suggested and you nodded following him upstairs.
“Wow, your studio is gorgeous.” You said taking in his art studio.
The walls were covered in splatters of paint, there were large windows that allowed the now setting sunlight to illuminate through the windows, painting his studios in hues of bright orange and pink.
“You there?” Taehyung asked, making you jump slightly; his voice came from behind you, and you could feel his hot breath on your neck.
“This studio is so beautiful, and cozy?” You said and Taehyung smiled, placing a soft kiss on your cheek.
“Thank you, Hana,” Taehyung said fondly.
You hated the butterflies that were starting to form in your stomach, and you hated how the spot on your cheek tingled after his lips touched it.
This man was lethal, but you were a heartbreaker, you couldn’t let yourself fall prey to his charms.
“Shall we get started?” You suggested inching away from him, almost worried that if you stayed too close to him, you’d be captured by his charms and fall for it.
“Sure.” Taehyung said, unfazedby your actions and walked over to take a seat on the stool near his easel.
“Just sit and sip on your drink, you can talk and chill. Let the master do his work.” Taehyung said grinning, making you roll your eyes, but you hated how your body betrayed you the minute Taehyung referred to himself as Master.
“Are you painting me?” You asked, sitting down on the sofa across from him.
“Nah, I usually prefer my models nude if I paint them.” Taehyung jokes, but you failed to see the humour.
“Oh right, because I don’t fit that standard of being a beautiful model, so I’m not worthy of it. So, what is this, a pity project?” You asked offended standing up and Taehyung shook his head quickly, and he got up moving closer to you.
His height intimidated you and you sat down.
“It was a joke but considering this is a topic that has pissed you off on at least two separate occasions, and in the short time I’ve known you, I can tell there’s something deeper here.” Taehyung said softly, making you huff out in annoyance.
“You don’t know shit Taehyung, so just-” You sighed in annoyance.
Who was he to try and even attempt to pry into your life? How dare he attempt to try and break your walls down?
Those walls that you took so much effort in building up, and for him with his stupidly sweet smile and kind deep-set eyes.
Who was he to saunter in and crumble that façade? No one, you thought to yourself.
“I know that my words hurt you, and it makes me wonder why? I do want to apologise.” Taehyung continued, and you ignored him.
“Look heartbreaker, being vulnerable isn’t a crime, and it won’t make you a wuss,” Taehyung said, making you face him.
“Being able to show emotion isn’t a sign of weakness, but instead one of strength. It means you’re brave enough to acknowledge, react and respond to situations.” Taehyung elaborated, making you melt.
“Something tells me you wanted to hear that?” Taehyung said, moving softly to stroke your cheek with his hand.
The fact that you flinched slightly when he moved his hand towards your face was an action that did not go unnoticed by him, but he chose not to comment on it.
“My ex, he just would reiterate that I was sensitive and that I felt too much.” You admitted, letting the first brick of your wall fall.
“He’s an ex for a reason. There’s no such thing as feeling too much, but people who are too weak, fail to see how much passion you have and then lash out at you because they cannot understand that there are people out there who want to live life and not simply exist.” Taehyung said, his words finally melting you.
You smiled before throwing caution to the wind and leaping into Taehyung’s arms hugging him tightly.
“Thank you.” You said, moving to rest your forehead against his.
Taehyung grinned as his gaze moved from your eyes to your lips and you mirrored his expression until both of you inched closer until you melted against his lips in a sweet kiss.
Taehyung smiled into the kiss as he pulled you onto his lap.
“This, okay?” Taehyung asked breathlessly as softly pulled away and you nodded, making Taehyung smile.
“Can I make you feel good?” Taehyung asked as his large hands wrapped around your waist pulling you closer and tighter into his body.
“Fuck, please.” You whimpered, you hated how easily he had gotten you worked up, but you didn’t care, you were soaking wet, and he was the balm that would soothe your aching cunt.
“What do you want me to do?” Taehyung asked and you stared at him confused.
“Not used to that question, right?” Taehyung asked, noting your confusion.
“I’m guessing usually that you just meet a guy, and he just fucks until you barely orgasm?” Taehyung said, slithering his hands up your waist, his thumbs resting underneath your breasts.
“Let me guess, guys usually make this huge promise that they can fuck you really hard, and then they barely do anything? Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll finger your sweet little cunt and if they’re really smart, they’ll go down on you, make you cum?” Taehyung continued to tease, and he pushed up your crop top and pulled it off you, leaving your chest bare to him.
“Fuck, no bra?” Taehyung asked, moving his hand underneath the swells of your breast.
“What if I could do all of that, and actually make you cum?” Taehyung asked his hands cupping your breasts making you whimper. Taehyung’s fingers grazed your nipples, hardening them.
“Touch me, fuck- make me cum!” You begged shamelessly and you hated how you had no control over how your body was so ready to submit to him.
“Can I?” Taehyung asked as he rested his hand on your waist. “Yes, fuck- please!” You begged.
“Sit here.” Taehyung said, patting the couch and you crawled off his lap and hurriedly sat on the couch.
“Good girl.” Taehyung said before kneeling down on the floor between your legs. “Wait, take this off.” You said pointing to his shirt.
“Or I could just take it all off?” Taehyung said standing up and pushing down his sweats, his hard cock slapping against his shirt.
Taehyung pulled his shirt off, throwing it across the room.
“Fucking hell.” You moaned when you took in his sight.
How was it possible for someone to be so perfect, and he was so well endowed that you were almost concerned that he’d make walking the next day a challenge.
“Fuck, can you just fuck me?” You whimpered and Taehyung smirked.
“Baby I need to prep you, otherwise I won’t be able to fuck you,” Taehyung said kneeling between your thighs, parting them slightly, making you shiver as you felt his hot breath on your cunt.
“Easy princess, I’ll eat you out, good princess,” Taehyung said softly, and you rolled your eyes at him.
“All guys say that, and oh-” You froze the minute Taehyung’s tongue pressed against your wet folds.
“Fucking hell!” You moaned as his tongue moved up your pussy to find your clit.
“When was the last time someone ate you out?” Taehyung mumbled against your folds.
“Are men that useless that they don’t bother to eat this sweet little cunt out? Well, their loss is my gain.” Taehyung said, pulling your cunt into his mouth and licking his way into your cunt.
“Fucking hell, Taehyung, so good!” You moaned as Taehyung flicked your clit with his tongue.
“This might be a stretch, princess, but I guarantee you’ll like it,” Taehyung said as he slipped his fingers down to push two long fingers into your cunt.
“Fucking hell-” You moaned as your back arched off the couch, your hands carding through his dark locks.
“More.” You whimpered, and Taehyung smiled against your clit and obliged.
“More?” Taehyung teased and you nodded.
“Fucking hell, so good!” You cried out in pleasure as you started to feel yourself unravel under his touch.
“You’re so wet princess, will you squirt for me?” Taehyung asked as he continued to finger you, and you were certain with the way he was fingering and licking your cunt you would do exactly that.
“No, wait, I want to cum around your cock.” You begged as you tried to pull away from his touch.
“Oh, and you will, you’ll do both for me,” Taehyung said, latching his lips back onto your clit and pushing his fingers deeper into you.
“Come on, cum for me princess,” Taehyung said softly against your clit and that’s all it took for your back to arch, your toes to curl and cum hard.
You swore you could see stars from how hard you came, all over his fingers and tongue. You lazily opened your eyes to his drenched face, glistening with your release.
“Fuck I’m so sorry.” You immediately began to apologise, embarrassed that you squirted all over him,
“Don’t you dare, that was fucking hot!” Taehyung said, hushing you with a soft kiss.
“Mmm, fuck me Taehyung!” You pleaded, and Taehyung smirked, nodding as he adjusted you so that you were lying down on your back on the sofa.
“Are you sure you can handle this?” Taehyung asked and you nodded.
“Please, just fuck me!” You begged, and Taehyung nodded before slowly pushing in, inch by inch.
You felt a burning sensation as he stretched you open; he was huge and thick and frankly you were concerned about whether you’d even be able to fit him in.
“If it’s too much, tell me to stop, okay?” Taehyung said softly until he was finally sheathed fully inside you.
“Fucking hell, I won’t last long, not when you’re this tight!” Taehyung admitted breathlessly. “Just fuck me.” You begged, and Taehyung nodded taking a few deep breaths, so he didn’t blow his load before he even had a chance to fuck you.
“God, such a tight fucking pussy!” Taehyung muttered as he started to thrust, his cock thick and long, and able to hit all the spots inside you.
His technique was superb, the way he was able to angle his cock to reach and every single part of your cunt.
“Fucking hell, stop clenching, I won’t last!” Taehyung warned, and you smirked at him.
“Then don’t.” You said cheekily, and Taehyung glared at you playfully.
“Okay princess, but you don’t know what you just unleashed,” He warned and while you were about to ask, you felt as if he’d answered your question the minute his fingers found your swollen clit.
“You’re cumming with me,” Taehyung said laughing and you rolled your eyes.
“Come on, that was a good joke?” Taehyung said and you groaned. “I’ll laugh later, just fuck me.” You said fighting the smile that was starting to make its way to your mouth.
“Fuck, baby, you’re clenching around me so good!” Taehyung moaned as he kept pounding into you, his fingers never once leaving your clit.
“Fucking hell, Taehyung, going to cum, fuck!” You were pretty much babbling nonsense as you started to fall apart.
Cumming, clenching around him, making him spill his warmth into you moments later.
“Wow!” Taehyung huffed out as he curled into you, pulling you into his chest, his hand finding purchase on your lower back as he traced patterns into your skin.
“Hana?” Taehyung said, looking down to see you barely keeping your eyes open.
“Do you want to nap for a bit?” Taehyung asked and you nodded. You squealed slightly when Taehyung picked you up and carried you out of the studio and into another room.
“Why don’t you take a shower? I’ll leave a shirt out for you?” Taehyung suggested and you lazily nodded, still basking in the afterglow.
“You good?” Taehyung said poking his head into the bedroom a little while later you were lazily sitting on the edge of his bed with a towel around your hair and his large shirt enveloping your smaller frame.
“Yep.” You said smiling at him.
“Well I’ll be on the couch, so yell if you need me?” Taehyung said, and you pouted.
“No stay here, cuddle me.” You said pouting, letting your guard down.
“You sure?” Taehyung asked and you nodded.
“Yes.” You said and Taehyung grinned walking into the bedroom.
“Cool, then let me hop into the shower and meet you here?” Taehyung said and you nodded.
“Hey,” Taehyung whispered softly as he crawled into the bed next to you. He smelt like peaches and peonies, and you just wanted to lie in his arms all night long.
Taehyung made no effort to cuddle, he was trying to be polite and considerate.
“Hold me you dork,” you muttered, making him laugh and Taehyung smiled before turning to pull you into his waist.
His arm wrapping around your waist, his chin on your shoulder holding you tight and keeping you safe and in his arms, allowing you to drift into a peaceful slumber.
“Baby how does this look?” You asked twirling around to face Ethan who could look less interested in your outfit and more interested in whatever was on his phone.
“Baby, I’m meeting your colleagues, don’t you want to at least see what I’m wearing?” You asked softly, making him look up.
“Change.” That was all he said. “Why?” You asked, looking down at the plaid dress and black pumps.
“You look like a child, who wears this? Also, you’re not the kind that can pull off body con. It makes you look fat. Just wear an oversized shirt and jeans. Not like anyone is there to see you, they are there to see me.” Ethan said, walking away.
He wasn’t always like this, he was kind and considerate, or maybe that’s how he operated to get you, and then once he saw how willing you were to always bend over backwards to help him out, he just abused it.
He would bring you flowers or try to sexually please you when he screwed up, but it was wearing you down to be with him, and yet you couldn’t let go.
You jolted awake from your nightmare.
It wasn’t exactly horrifying, but simply remembering the man who made you the way you are—defensive, and guarded—made you shiver, and you stretched and the sight next to you made you shiver even more.
You broke one of your biggest rules, never stay the night.
You sighed and slowly got out of the bed and grabbed your clothes and ran out of his apartment.
You didn’t care about the looks you got; you’d done the walk of shame enough times for it to not phase you.
Tumblr media
“Hana, slow down.” Jungkook warned that evening you two and a couple of your other friends decided to go out tonight.
You needed to blow off steam, and you wanted to get your hands on someone else, someone who wouldn’t try to weasel their way into your heart like Taehyung, someone forgettable.
“Oh hush, there’s no work tomorrow!” You said as you threw back another shot.
“Dance with me.” You said, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the dance floor.
“If your plan is to get with someone, maybe grinding on me isn’t the best way to get that message across,” Jungkook said in your ear, his head resting on your shoulder.
“Oh come on! With the way you feel against me, you don’t seem like you’re complaining?” You teased making him hold you tighter against him.
“You’re a little heartbreaker, this isn’t happening,” Jungkook said letting you go, and you nodded turning to face him.
“I know, sorry, I got carried away.” You said walking away from the dance floor, with Jungkook following you.
“Look, it wouldn't be the first time, but I know I’ll fall, and you won’t. And I don't want to lose you.” Jungkook said, pulling you to his side.
“But I can still be your wingman?” Jungkook offered, and you smiled at him.
He was honestly a perfect man, kind, sweet, loving and the fact that he looked as good as he did was just the cherry on top of the cake.
But he was right you were not a romantic—not anymore, you stopped believing in all that shit, long back—but he was.
“Oh, I didn’t ask, how was Saturday with Taehyung?” Jungkook asked and you shrugged. “Meh made a mess with paint.” You lied.
It wasn’t a complete lie. You and Taehyung did make a mess, just not with paint.
“Right, cool, so nothing happened right? Because I invited him out tonight as well.” Jungkook said, eyeing you and you nodded quickly.
“Yep, wait I’ll be right back, just heading to the ladies.” You said, running off to compose yourself. When you got back you were unable to find Jungkook and you shrugged.
It didn't bother you too much, you’d find him soon enough. You decided to go back onto the dance floor by yourself and find someone to give you crappy meaningless sex.
“What’s your name, baby doll?” A deep voice said behind you.
The nickname already making you cringe, you turned around to face your admirer and grinned.
He was tall, handsome, and forgettable, that was all you needed.
“I can just be your baby for tonight.” You said, pulling the man closer to you. This was easy for you because you wanted the same thing as this guy.
“Um, can you not?” You said when you felt the man start to pepper kisses down your neck.
You weren’t opposed to the action, you were opposed to the location and it being so public.
“Pretty girl, I saw you grinding on some tattooed guy a while ago. I doubt you’re the shy type.” The guy said, trying to slot his thigh between yours.
“Dude, stop, you’ve killed the vibe!” You warned trying to push him away, but his grip was stronger.
“Oh, come on whores like you like this shit.” The guy said, making you cringe, and you tried to pull away, but he held on tight.
“Let go of her, she shouldn’t have to ask twice.” You heard a voice behind you, and you felt relief flood through your body.
“Oh god, thank you! I- Taehyung?” You said, shocked and Taehyung nodded.
“Let go of her.” Taehyung repeated, and the guy let go of you with a gruff.
“No whore is worth this much drama, enjoy her used cunt pretty boy.” He yelled as he walked away.
“Don’t, he’s not worth it.” You said, grabbing Taehyung’s wrist when he tried to walk away.
“Oh, I wasn’t going after him. I was just leaving.” Taehyung said coolly.
“Oh.” You said nodding.
“Um, when did you get here?” You asked and Taehyung smiled.
“Please, you got what you wanted, can we skip the small talk? Jungkook’s been worried about you, maybe you should go back to the table.” Taehyung said as he walked off, you walked quickly to catch up with him.
“So how was your weekend?” You asked dumbly, and Taehyung rolled his eyes at you.
“Woke up disappointed, but I’ll get over it,” Taehyung said as he approached the table.
“Oh, I was so worried!” Jungkook said standing up.
“Yeah well some greaseball tried it, but Taehyung saved me.” You said smiling at Taehyung who simply nodded in return.
You were slightly annoyed; Taehyung was giving you so much attention at first and now he was just ignoring you.
“Anyways, I just want a drink, can I join you guys?” You asked and Jungkook nodded.
“No permission needed, have a seat,” Jungkook said, smiling vaguely pointing to the space next to Taehyung.
“Shots?” Jimin asked and you nodded and Jungkook glared at you.
“You’ve had plenty,” Jungkook complained, and you smiled.
“Oh, I’ll live, it’s a Sunday tomorrow.” You said, earning a chuckle from Taehyung.
“It’s Monday tomorrow, but you’ll live since it’s a public holiday,” Taehyung said.
“Oh right.” You said slightly flustered.
“Well, the point still stands, we can have shots.” You said trying to regain some sense of composure.
“Just don’t get so drunk that you can’t pull later,” Jungkook said, making you laugh and earning a slight scoff from Taehyung.
You did drink quite a bit, but you weren’t in the mind to pull or find anyone, you sort of just wanted to leave.
Jungkook and some girl had hit it off, Jimin was just flirting with everything and Hoseok left with his friend Yoongi.
Leaving you on the podium with Taehyung, who frankly was just either winking at girls or ignoring you.
“Hey, where do you think you're going?” Taehyung noticed how you grabbed your bag.
“Home, I’m tired.” You said, and Taehyung nodded.
“Can I walk you home, or at least drop you off?” Taehyung asked and you shook your head.
“No, I can manage, I don’t need you.” You said, your words coming off a lot harsher than you intended.
“Yeah, you made that very clear, but at least let me walk you to a cab or something? Jungkook won’t forgive me if I let his best friend go home and not ensure your safety,” Taehyung said, standing up and following you.
You were waiting for a cab when a random drunken man started yelling near you.
“That’s her dude, the slut that ignored me on the dance floor, and now she's got this pretty boy.” You turned your head to realise the vile comments came from the same guy who was attempting to grope you on the dancefloor.
“Mate, trust me I’ve seen her here quite a bit. Always leaves with a different guy, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t fuck you, I bet your pussy wouldn’t even be tight, a loose pussy, whores always have a loose pussy.”
The guy continued to hurl insults at you, and you simply stayed silent and still waited patiently for your cab.
Taehyung on the other hand was not as pleased.
“Dude, I’m asking you nicely fuck off before I knock you out,” Taehyung said through gritted teeth.
“Oh, pretty boy, don’t worry. You can be the nice guy in front of her, but let’s be real whores like her aren’t worth protecting.” The man said, slurring.
“You son of a bitch!” Taehyung yelled lunging forward, and you grabbed him again.
“Come on, the cab is here!” You said, dragging Taehyung into the cab with you.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Taehyung yelled the minute you two got into the cab and you glared at him, ignoring him and the weird stare you got from the driver.
“What?” You said once you got out of the cab with Taehyung hot on your trail.
“What the fuck was that? You should have let me punch him.” You rolled your eyes at him turning around to walk up the steps to your apartment.
“Stop yelling here.” You said, and Taehyung nodded but kept a firm glare on you as he followed you into your apartment.
“Okay, now what the fuck is wrong with you?” Taehyung asked the minute he was inside, and you had closed the front door.
“You don’t give guys like that a reaction. That’s what he wanted, why give him that?” You said slipping your heels off.
“He was spouting shit.” Taehyung countered, and you shrugged.
“He wasn’t entirely wrong. I mean sure he said it terribly, but I do usually just leave with someone different.” You said.
“That doesn’t give him a right to shame you for it,” Taehyung said softly, approaching you, towering over you.
“Well, are you done yelling?” You asked, moving away from him and Taehyung nodded.
“Good then leave,” you said pointing to the door.
“No, why did you leave this morning?” Taehyung asked and you sighed.
“It was a mistake, we work together, plus I never stay the night. I broke my own rule.” You said making Taehyung pout.
“That bad you had to leave?” Taehyung asked and you shook your head.
“No, it was incredible, but I just don’t need that kind of attachment.” You said honestly.
“Right,” Taehyung said, nodding.
“Okay, so let’s just chalk it up to a good old romp, and I won’t be snippy. And we can be friends?” Taehyung asked and you hesitated.
“What? Don’t be friends with him, is that your second rule? Are you Dua Lipa or some shit?” Taehyung asked, making you laugh.
“No, but I don’t usually remain friends with guys I’ve slept with. Sex and friendship are very different to me.” You said.
“May I?” Taehyung asked, motioning to your couch, and you nodded.
“Explain,” Taehyung said, and you sighed sitting down next to him.
“Are you scared to lose them? Is that it?” Taehyung probed and you nodded.
“Then why don’t we be friends?” Taehyung asked and you smiled at him. “I could be an exception to your one rule?” Taehyung suggested, smiling at you.
“You’ve already broken so many of my rules.” You said, sighing.
“Please, come on if you’re friends with everyone at work, but me. Isn’t that mean?” Taehyung said, making puppy eyes at you.
“Oh, hell no.” You said, turning away from him.
“Don’t give me those puppy eyes!” You said, and Taehyung laughed slowly, reaching for you and pulling you closer to him.
“Please?” He said pouting and making you melt.
“Fine, but the lines can’t get crossed again.” You said, and Taehyung nodded, grinning.
“Just friends, nothing more, unless you ask, you know I aim to please?” Taehyung said, making you roll your eyes at him.
“Don’t push it, I’m serious, you don’t get both.” You warned Taehyung, making him smirk.
“I technically have gotten both,” Taehyung boasted, and while he was truly only joking, the look on your face made him think twice.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” Taehyung said softly, placing his hand on yours.
“Forget it, we both got what we wanted right?” You said nudging him slightly, smiling at him, letting him know it was okay.
“Hana,” Taehyung said softly, and you shrugged.
“Look I’m tired, can you see yourself out?” You asked and Taehyung nodded.
Taehyung started to leave when he heard you call him back.
“Yes? You hollered?” Taehyung said walking into your bedroom to find you fiddling with your dress.
“Help me, please?” You asked, and Taehyung nodded, he could be mature about this.
“Jesus, what is this contraption?” Taehyung muttered fiddling with your zipper.
“How did you even get into this dress?” Taehyung said and you shrugged.
“Kook helped. What?” You questioned the minute you felt the grip around your waist get tighter.
“Jungkook saw you naked?” Taehyung asked.
“No dumbass, I was in the dress already, he just zipped me up.” You said smiling.
“Besides, why do you care?” You asked and Taehyung hummed, ignoring your question before practically ripping the zip off, exposing your bareback to him, and the curve of your ass.
Taehyung could see the lace red fabric of your thong and he wanted nothing more than to move it to the side and stick his fingers into you.
“Was this for someone special?” Taehyung said, his voice low, his breath on your neck, as his hand gently ghosted your lower back, gently touching the swell of your ass.
“Well yeah, but what a waste, I even shaved.” You muttered.
“It doesn’t have to be?” Taehyung said, his lips ghosting your shoulders planting feather light kisses there.
“I know I’m not special anymore, but it’d be a waste to let those panties not be ripped off,” Taehyung said, turning you in his embrace.
“You’re making me break all my rules.” You mumbled allowing yourself to surrender to his touch.
“And yet I know I’ll be the one with the broken heart, so you can rest easy and let yourself loose,” Taehyung said before guiding you to your bed and pulling you into his lap.
His lips found yours and captured them in a heated and passionate kiss, while his hands moved to pull the dress of your body.
“Fuck me, I can’t get tired of this sight,” Taehyung said before moving his mouth to capture your nipple with his mouth while his hand massaged your other breast.
“Can I ride you?” You asked as Taehyung littered your chest with love bites.
“Fuck yes.” Taehyung moaned out.
“You’re wearing too much!” You said, placing your lips at his neck.
“Hang on,” Taehyung said, moving to stand up. You’ve never witnessed anyone undress quicker in your life.
Because seconds later you were back on Taehyung’s lap, his hard cock rubbing against your lace-covered cunt.
Taehyung moved the panties to the side, and you lifted your hips and moved until his cock was teasing at your entrance and harshly sank down, wincing as you did so.
“Are you okay?” Taehyung asked when he noticed how much you were hissing.
“Fuck you’re so big!” You cried out, trying to get comfortable.
“I can stop,” Taehyung said, and you shook your head.
“No, fuck- let me just get comfy.” You said, and Taehyung nodded, smiling at you as you slowly started to find your pace and started to find a rhythm that was comfortable and ultimately pleasurable.
“So big, so full!” You moaned out as you rode him and you said nothing, but the truth. Taehyung was large, thick and filled you up so good.
“You’re so fucking tight.” Taehyung moaned, grabbing your hips and helping you ride him.
“What?” Taehyung said, noticing how your face fell, as you climbed off him.
“Wait did I hurt you?” Taehyung asked you, noticing how you inched away from him.
“You don’t have to say I’m tight, especially not after the comments the guy made. If I don’t feel good to you, then you don’t need to lie.”
You said, frowning, and started to move off the bed when you felt his long fingers circle your wrist and gently pull you back to him.
“I said that you were tight when I first fucked you, and I’m saying it now, because you are. So fucking tight that I might explode the minute I’m inside you.” Taehyung said making you shiver.
“You’re so fucking tight that I just want to have my fucking way with you, make you scream my name all night long. Neighbours be damned.” Taehyung said.
“I wouldn’t lie to you, but I will also go above and beyond to prove that what the guy said was fucking bullshit and out of line, and if you had let me punch him, he’d be able to speak less,” Taehyung said making you grin.
“Fuck me until I scream?” You repeated, moving away and lying down for Taehyung who nodded.
“Please?” Taehyung said smiling and you nodded.
“Ruin me.” You said. You propped yourself up on your elbows, just enough so that you could gently bite his ear lobe.
“Fucking hell, all fours baby.” Taehyung and you shakily obliged. Taehyung guided you until your hands were able to hold onto your bed frame.
“Breathe baby.” Taehyung said sweetly before slowly thrusting into you, making you yelp.
This position allowed him to fuck you deeper and you weren’t sure you’d be able to function by the time he was done with you.
But you didn’t care, not when he was jackhammering into you.
Not when every single thrust hit a spot so deep inside you that it made your toes curl and made you sink down more and more into the bed.
“Fuck! Good girl, so good and wet and tight for me.” Taehyung praised you, and you felt yourself start to unravel and you came hard for him.
You moaned a few more times until he came inside you making you moan at how he filled you up.
“Hi,” Taehyung said, smiling softly as he guided you back onto your back.
“One second, let me clean you up,” Taehyung said, “and then I can go.” he added, and you shook your head.
“Let’s start the whole friendship thing in a couple of days?” You said, smiling and Taehyung nodded.
“Fine by me, but I still need to clean you up.” You nodded, smiling as you saw him wander into your bathroom, a lazy smile adorning your face.
The plan to begin your friendship with Taehyung in a couple of days failed.
Frankly, it didn’t begin at all.
Not when you woke up the night after the second time to him peppering kisses on your shoulder, and not the week after when you were choking on his thick length, and not now—three months into it—when he was dick deep inside you fucking and making you cum for the fourth time tonight.
You both hung out a lot and fucked, he had broken all your rules, but you didn’t care.
You were blinded by the orgasms, and Taehyung was falling slowly, not that he’d dare to tell you, he didn’t have to, not when heartbreak was just around the corner.
Tumblr media
“Hyung, we should really go to a different bar tonight,” Jungkook said, his eyes widening when he realised where Taehyung had brought him.
“Oh hush, this place has amazing drinks and I want some. Hana has been so MIA I wanted to talk to you, is she okay?” Taehyung asked, concerned, and Jungkook felt terrible and partially angry.
You were his close friend, but so was Taehyung and Jungkook hated what you were doing to Taehyung.
“Hyung, forget her. Come on.” Jungkook pleaded, trying to drag Taehyung who simply laughed, but stopped the minute he caught two people exchanging kisses in the bar through the clear windows.
“Well, now I know why she’s been avoiding me,” Taehyung said, sighing softly as he saw you engrossed in a passionate kiss with a stranger.
“Well, I had three months with a heartbreaker, that's an achievement, right?” Taehyung joked half-heartedly.
“Look I’m going to head home, not in the mood to drink anymore. See you at work.” Taehyung said and Jungkook nodded, waving Taehyung goodbye.
He was burning holes into your head, but said head was too busy with a kiss to notice how you just broke Taehyung’s heart.
Tumblr media
“Hey stranger, you’ve been ignoring me all week.” You said as you walked into Taehyung’s office a week after the kiss—one that you had no idea that he witnessed too.
“I have shit to do, can’t always be there for you,” Taehyung muttered as you frowned at him closing the door behind you.
“Taehyung what the fuck?” You asked, sitting down in the chair in front of him.
“What happened?” You asked placing your hand on his only for him to snatch it away.
“It’s irrational of me to be mad at you, but you fucking played me, and I let it happen,” Taehyung said.
“I saw you, making out with some guy at the bar,” Taehyung muttered, and you nodded.
“And do I owe you anything?” You asked and that made Taehyung snap.
He was willing to be the fool who fell despite knowing what your deal was, but you were being snarky, and it made him lose his composure.
“No, in fact, whores usually don’t. How much should I tip you?” Taehyung asked, venom lacing every word, taking you back and leaving you shocked.
Taehyung sighed, “I-”
“Save it.” You said, your eyes starting to water.
“I’m so sorry,” Taehyung said softly.
“Look, just forget I ever existed Taehyung, okay? Should be easy enough, whores are forgettable, aren’t they?” You said turning on your heel and walking out of his office.
Taehyung felt horrible, but he just continued to work and two doors down his office, you were in yours falling apart.
You were shamed a lot, but this one stung because he came across so non-judgmental and uncaring about it.
However, you were wrong. He just like every other guy cared.
“No man will ever take a whore home to his mother, only back to his place and then put her back on the streets.”
The taunt rang in your mind clear as day. ‘Fine then.’, you thought to yourself, you weren’t exactly looking for a purpose of fulfilment.
Just mind-numbing sex.
You got amazing sex with Taehyung, but he was an emotional weight that brought you down.
You didn’t need him. ‘Out with the old and onto the next.’ you thought.
You were the heartbreaker; you didn’t cry over guys, and you were determined to never let it happen again.
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harryinthecountryside · 4 months ago
inspired by that anon I'm also gonna tag my anons because I send too many anyway so brangelina jenn mess was just as bad but the tea is that when yt conventionally hot men do shit like this, people forget it and forgive it way too easily. whereas tiger woods got penalised way harder than most white men for cheating though he is a man so he didn't suffer as much, but he did
- 🥺
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