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Eto YOSHIMURA in her One Eyed Owl kakuja

This is from episode 12 of Tokyo Ghoul : Re

Eto when she appears before Haise Sasaki and want him & Kanae to fight to the death !!!

I love how Eto is connected to her Kakuja through the mouth and how big the mouth is when Eto comes out of it !!!!!

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Eto YOSHIMURA in her One Eyed Owl kakuja

This is from episode 12 of Tokyo Ghoul : Re

Eto Yoshimura fighting Black reaper kaneki

I love how big and messed up Eto’s Kakuja is and how it talks !!!!!

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Armin get out this isn’t even your bloody anime what are u doing.

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Ahhhh I'm so excited for this blog! :D How about headcanons for Eto in a relationship with a human s/o (sfw or nsfw, either is fine with me)?

Of course! I’ve only written SFW at the moment, but I’;ll make another post later with NSFW for you! ⊂((・▽・))⊃ Hope you enjoy the first batch, and i’m sorry for the long wait dearest! 


  • Eto teases her S/O relentlessly. And by teases them, I mean she likes to scare the daylights out of them. She makes up for it though by cuddling them and gushing over how cute they were/are, leaving her S/O  a blushing mess
  • She would maybe have them make an appearance in one of her books as a main charcter or a side character, and/or dedicate one of her books to them. Her S/O would be glowing with joy and would show off their talented girlfriend as much as they could
  • “If you must know it’s called fashion??? I like to keep up with the latest trends, keep up”
  • If anyone ever layed a hand on her S/O wether they were a normal ghoul or a part of Aogiri she would flip and I mean flip. You’d be lucky if you didn’t end up dead
  • Eto is practically glued at the hip to her S/O most of the time, fearing that just like her father they would abandon her. Whenever shje was away on a mission or away with work for a long time she’s constantly texting or emailing her S/O checking if they’re okay and asking them all sorts of questions as well as constantly reminding them to look out for themselves should anything bad happens
  • I feel like if a human S/O did leave her, she would kill them to prevent them going to the CCG. She also wouldn’t want anyone else to bewith them - she’s actually very possesive but she’s scared of getting her heart broken again
  • Her S/O constantly assures her that they would never leave her while holding her close and telling her all the things they love about her. It’s also rare when she has a bad nightmare were she ends upp completely alone and her S/O does all they can to help comfort her.
  • Prepare to be completely and utterly spoiled. Eto would spend hundreds of money on dates and gifts and anniversaries. She would love to take her S/O out to a fancy restaurant, obviously acknowlaging the fact that they’re human, and they shouldn’t have to cook all the time, and since she doesn’t want to ruin their dinner as she has no knowledge of cooking, she would take them to the best places in town. If they were window shopping Eto would buy them a whole new outfit they liked or heck even a spa day if her partner mentioned one of their friends getting one, she just wants her S/O to be happy. okay but she’d show off too and buy them all of her books and personally sign them, all while smirking 
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“My god is not an almighty father but rather a child with an absurd amount of power… I shall become your god.” - Eto, Tokyo Ghoul.

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Ok, so apparently there are a lot of people in the fandom who find that Eto isn’t capable of literally anything? They also question why I defend her and like her so much? Then say she’s just giddy and crazy?
*cracks knuckles*
Here we go:
Eto, Takatsuki Sen, the One-Eyed Owl.
Three identities, one girl.
One girl who hasn’t been caught by the CCG, who is a famous best-selling author, who had been abandon and emotionally traumatized as a child to the point where she snapped and became this, an emotional shell. There’s nothing left for Eto to feel but hatred, anger, sadness, fear, and insanity.
She’s tired of whining, she finds people she thinks are crybabies, and breaks them.
She has tortured Seidou for three years, forcing him to eat his parents. She is using her father for experimentation. We still don’t know what she did to Amon, but he was able to escape in the least. Kanae? She found him weak and wanted to mold him to be stronger. Just like the rest of them.
Eto is not someone to be taken lightly, she is the most powerful ghoul known in the manga at this point.
Eto is not a good character, she is a villain.
No, this does not make the CCG the Hero’s either.
The CCG are also the villains.
In truth, there is no good in this manga.
Haven’t you learned anything by now?

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If you have not read the manga I advise not reading this post any further to keep the surprise.

Ok ok ok. I finished the manga months ago and I was of course shocked to see that eto was the one eyed owl and the manager’s daughter. But I totally missed the part about her being Kaneki’s favorite author. I just saw something and all I have to say is WHAT!? im super upset I didn’t recognize her without her bum clothes. I love eto a little bit more but this makes me sadder about Ken’s situation. I’m kinda freaking out

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