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#warrior of light

This week is going by and I’ve seen so many amazing wol/ds! 

When I first came up with the idea for POC WoL Appreciation Week I honestly did not think my post would get more than ten notes. That it would just get buried. And I was absolutely stunned to wake up next morning to see it get almost a hundred notes–and even more so when I saw that number grow. This was something people actually wanted.

When I saw that first entry show up in the tag, I felt pure joy. I love scrolling through the tag. I’m seeing people bravely sharing their own experiences. I’m seeing people being encouraging and supportive. Which is nice to see given that so many people are going through rough times in our world right now. 

I hope this event continues to reach the people of colour in our community. And I hope it helps anyone who is struggling. Because no one should ever feel bad about wanting characters who look like them. 

I am so glad this even kicked off like it did. I was honestly not expecting this amount of enthusiasm. And I want to thank every one of you. Because without your support I wouldn’t even have had the confidence to host it. 

So keep it up. We’re half-way through the week and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your characters. 

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