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#wow i should probably stop tag ranting and go do some work or something huh
vannybarber · 2 months ago
Moon In Scorpio
Summary: You spill to your bestfriend of what the Moon in Scorpio had Chris on the other night.
Warnings: sexual themes, mentions of smut (bondage, sadistic behavior) cursing.
Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
If you don't believe in astrology, I wouldn't recommend reading. But if you're curious or do believe in astrology, then you'll understand this fic so I encourage you to read :).
Tumblr media
You were lying next to Chris, still slightly out it from last night as you talked about the events that had taken place.
"Man, if I could I could tell Miya about the stuff you've done to me, especially last night, she wouldn't believe it."
You chuckle at the thought of your bestfriend getting hyped to find out you were getting it good like you're supposed to. Chris rubs his hand up and down your hips as you both lay on your sides, face to face, smirking along with you.
"You really enjoyed yourself, huh?" You knew what he was doing, but to hell with it. You couldn't lie.
"Yes and you know it. Never have I experienced something that life-changing before. I feel like a whole brand new woman."
"Well you took it like a champ, baby." You roll your eyes at his words.
"Not like you gave me a choice, Christopher." He slaps your butt and grins at you.
"Go ahead and tell her." Your mind is fast and you look at him to really see of he's serious.
"Deadass?" He nods his head and smiles at your reaction.
"She's your bestfriend and I know she doesn't share the private things you tell her."
You don't hesitate at the opportunity.
Jumping off the bed and scaring the graham crackers out of Dodger you fed him earlier, you grab your phone off the charger and run into the bathroom. You call up Miya, ready to spill everything.
She answers the phone quick and you put her on speaker.
"Miya, girl, okay listen. I need to tell you about last nightttt!"
"Hold up girl. I know that tone. You never tell me about y'all little freaky deakys. What's going on?"
You grin, knowing this is big for her and that it's absolutely true. You and Chris never really share what you guys do because it's no one's business and he's really private about his sex life.
"I know but he told me I could rant about it to you. I didn't want to share too much of how I was feeling with him because he gets extra cocky at praises." You hear him snicker from the bedroom and all you can do is shake your head.
"Ouuu Y/N then spill!"
"Okay so me and Chris aren't new to any really freaky stuff, as you can see everytime I come over to your house from ours," you say with a matter-of-fact tone.
"Yeah because you always have that fucked out look and you can barely keep your eyes open." She laughs loudly and Chris chuckles along.
"Both of y'all shut up." You playfully roll your eyes and continue.
"But he said I could tell you. I got up so fast and dialed your number. Anyways, he was on some Christian Grey, 10x better, but without the extravagant tools. I mean he was spanking me, which isn't new, but it felt different." You didn't finish because Miya cut you off.
"Oh my gosh, I need to sit down for this." You hear her plop on her seat and continue after she gives you the okay.
"I am telling you Miya, I have never seen it before. He was edging me constantly with his fingers. And you know his fingering is very accurate." You give a knowing look in the mirror and you hear a nonchalant "so I've heard" through the phone.
"Then he pulled out some rope and tied my hands together and made me face the body mirror while he destroyed my back. Talk about hitting the spot."
"Girl, I'm jealous. Maybe I need to go out and get me some. Because this ain't fair. A dildo can only do but so much." You silently laugh.
"Well not for me because he came packed with everything. Some stuff I've never seen him have before. He had my favorite colored dildo and he used it on me while I gave him the Gawk Gawk 3000."
Chris is listening in on everything, not even a bit bothered. If anything he's proud of himself and getting hard just hearing about it.
"Well tell me more!" Miya's probably getting ideas for herself the way she's so anxious to know what you guys did.
"And Chris is a Gemini, so you know he loves to dirty talk. He was saying things I can't even say right now. And the names, girl the naaaaaames! I mean, from slut to whore to cumrag to cumslut. I- I fucking loved it."
"BITCH. I hate you." You laugh outloud. If it was reversed, you'd hate her even more since you already know how it felt.
"Miya, I was literally in tears. All I had on was mascara yesterday and it was running down my face. My hair was sweated out and all over the place. I still have the marks from where he was grabbing me and hitting me. And you know the most craziest thing?"
"What what ?? Tell me Y/N!" You take a deep breathe.
"I squirted." There's a silence. You get a little anxious.
"You SQUIRTED?! But I thought you said you would never because you read it was pee," she screams from the other side.
"I know, but I thought I was just gonna cum. But then I felt this urge to pee but I couldn't stop him in the middle of it! So I just keep hollering like a Husky and then *boom*. All over the fucking mirror. I'm not even mad because it felt better than a regular orgasm. I'm still feeling it in my legs as we speak."
"Why are you this blessed? Huh? This should at least be the both of us! So we can compare our experiences. You're coming to the club with me this weekend. No questions about it."
"Hey, it's a deal. You deserve everything I got. But can you handle it though? If I didn't break, I was damn near about to."
"I don't know but I sure would like to find out, hell." You both laugh in unison.
"But here's the gag. Last night while I was soaking in the tub, I got on Twitter and one of the astrology pages I follow popped up and I read it. You know what it fucking said Miya?!"
"What'd it say? What'd it saaaay??"
"It said that the moon was in Scorpio last night. On Chris's birth chart, he has a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon and Scorpio rising. Scorpios are the freaks and sadists of the zodiac. They are filthy. That's the reason why he was like that last night. Whatever your moon is and if it's on that night, it's impactful on you especially. And after everything, he just held me. Like he did not go fucking batshit on me. That's the part for emotional need in a Scorpio moon."
"Oh my fucking wow. That's like the time when the moon was in Taurus last week and you ate all that food that night! Everyone thought you were pregnant, but you have a Taurus moon, so you indulged."
"Exactly! I taught you so well." You smile and hold your chest like a proud parent. "It was hard work."
"Speaking of work, I gotta go Y/N and finish my paper. I'll talk to you later. Have fun getting perfectly dicked down every night!"
"I hope you do eventually! Bye hoe!"
You hang up the phone and limp your way back in the room. It seemed to have disappeared when you first got up. Or maybe it was just your excitement that made you ignore it.
Dodger had left the room, you thinking because he knew exactly what you were telling Miya and did not want to hear it. You climb on the bed beside Chris and lay your head on his chest and look up at him.
"I know you were enjoying yourself."
"What? Me? Nooo!" He gasps sarcastically and you poke his belly.
"Yeah whatever. You owe me a massage. Everything on my body is sore. Everything." You rub your abdomen feeling the pain that came and went when you moved.
"Well you were such a good girl last night, you deserve it." He gets up carefully not to move your lower body, kissing your forehead and goes for all the materials.
You lay there, smiling like a idiot because it won't be an outer body massage for long.
Tumblr media
Hmmm. I like this. I like this a lot. Hopefully y'all to too 💕. Astrology is really cool and very helpful. A lot of my manifestations have gone through and I feel at peace with knowing when to do certain things at certain times. It really is amazing.
I didn't tag anyone because I don't know you guy's beliefs and I didn't want to force it on you 💕.
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criminalmindsmad · a year ago
Are you finished?
This one is SO long (3400 words long lol), and I must’ve been real moody when I wrote this but please don’t be mad at me! I’ve merged 2 requests together because they may have been very similar had I not! Let me know what you think! Leave any comments in replies or in the tags if you reblog ❤️- Ash x
-Something angsty for hotch, i know this is very broad but idm what you choose to do with it since all of your stories are amazing!!
-Can I request a Hotch x reader where they’re close/kinda flirty and work well together but then Hotch is suddenly really cold to her because he realised he has feelings for her and he’s forced to talk about it when they have to share a hotel room?
“Oh hey! Aaron!” you shouted across the precinct realising there were about 7 cops looking at you. You cleared your throat “Agent Hotchner. May I see you in the conference room for a second.”
He looked at you and cocked his eyebrow, he could tell by the look in your eyes you were up to something and as much as he loved it now was not the time. “Is it important Y/N?” you couldn’t stop your cheeky smile forming on your face, it couldn’t be less important if you were honest, but you nodded anyway. Hotch gave in and walked over to you and into the conference room. “What is it Y/N?” he tried to be serious but he couldn’t help but smile a little. You paused briefly wiping the smile off your face, looking out of the window for dramatic affect. 
“Your butt looks good today” you looked back over to him and he just shook his head, let out a little giggle and left. You quickly followed him. 
Over the course of the case you two were your usual selves, talking about everything and nothing in between bouts of case work, gently touching one another whenever you got the chance, catching the other staring and making fun of them. You and Hotch were best friends, anyone in the world could see how close you were. Which was…great…probably…you had resigned yourself to being best friends aware that being anything more was just completely off the table.
A major storm had hit the night you’d caught your unsub, grounding the jet and leaving the BAU stuck in Dallas with nothing to do. Most of the team had taken the opportunity to get some sleep retiring up to their hotel rooms one by one. You’d decided to stay at the bar for a little while and treat yourself to a glass or two of wine, things had been a little dicey on this case and you felt like you needed it. 
As you sipped at your wine and watched the rain splash against the window a warm hand pressed itself against the small of your back. You flinched at the touch and turned to face them, grabbing their wrist as you did so and yanking it away from your body. 
“Hey that’s not very polite!” Some smarmy guy in a business suit smirked in your direction as he put his hand up in defence. 
“Neither is touching someone without their consent.” You released his hand and shoved it away. 
“Look you don’t need to be a bitch, I was just trying to be nice!” He got up in your face, trying to intimidate you “Jeez you’re not even that pretty anyway!”
“Hey back off!” Aaron had emerged from behind him and began bounding over towards the pair of you. You smirked at him as you grabbed the guy harassing you and pushed his face into the surface of the bar, not spilling a drop of your wine. 
“If you think I was being a bitch then…you must think I’m a colossal bitch now! Ha!” You picked him up and shoved him away from you, Aaron caught him as he flew towards the door. 
“I think you owe my friend an apology.” The guy looked at you once again and shook his head. 
“Let him go Aaron, he’s not worth it.” You nodded to him as he let go of the man and walked over to you.
“You ok?” He put his hand on your arm and looked down at you. You smiled back and bought him in for a hug. 
“Yeah, much better thank you" 
That night you two spent hours talking, moving up to your hotel room at around 3am. 
“Look I just think if the toys in Toy story come to life because kids love them then of COURSE food is alive because we’ve all seen kids eat chicken nuggets!” You both laughed as you sat back down from your rant, sitting on the edge of the bed next to him. 
“Your brain is both amazing and stupid!” He laughed and leaned towards you, stopping both of your laughter in its tracks. Suddenly it felt like there was a rope wrapped around you both, pulling you together. Like the world moved in slow motion as your bodies moved closer, your eyes locked on his as you pressed your mouth against his. He returned your kiss moving his hand to your hair and holding your face against his. And then as suddenly as your lips met, your lips parted and Aaron moved away from you “Y/N! This is highly unprofessional” you looked at him with stunned eyes, your mouth hanging open in shock. 
“What?” You could feel the tears prickling at your eyelids as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Aaron?" 
"This should not have happened. This was clearly a moment of weakness on both of our parts.” You stood up and walked towards him, holding you hand out. 
“Aaron can we talk ab…”
“No” he pushed your hand away “I won’t have to take any professional actions against you however we are not to talk about this with each other or our colleagues again, is that clear.” You nodded. Silently willing yourself not to cry. “Goodnight Agent Y/L/N.” and with that he left, leaving you in the dark of your hotel room.
You didn’t sleep at all that night. Instead sat tormenting yourself over what had happened, figuring out what signs you misread and at some point you questioned if it ever happened at all. 
Morning arrived and you slumped down in the lobby waiting for your team. As you glanced around to check if anyone had arrived before you, you noticed the guy from the bar last night staring at you from reception. You pulled your sunglasses down and tried to ignore his existence. 
“Hey, where’s your boyfriend?” The man wandered over a cocky expression plastered on his face “wouldn’t put out for him either?”
"Wow… I would almost have forgiven you for being a drunk asshole but I guess you’re just a regular asshole huh.”
“Listen bitch I know the sheriff. I can do whatever I want right now and you’re heading straight to county!” He tried to get up in your face. Standing up you met his eye level and tried desperately to wipe the smile off of your face. 
“I’m FBI jackass, I could break your arm right now and I wouldn’t get so much as a disciplinary.” It was an obvious lie but this douche didn’t need to know that. 
“Agent Y/L/N!” Aaron’s voice boomed from behind you, as you turned your head and spotted him and the team in your peripheral you suddenly felt a wave of embarrassment wash over you “what are you doing? Do we have to have a talk about your professionalism on cases?" 
"Sorry Aaron this is just the guy from the bar last night.” You motioned towards the now even more cocky man next to you.
“Once again Agent Y/L/N it is not professional to sleep with someone every time we are away on a case.” Your mouth dropped open as he spoke, eyes fixated directly on his. 
“What did you just say to me?” Anger radiated from your voice. “I did not sleep with this man." 
"No she didn’t but she did threaten to break my arm.” You looked at the man stood next to you and without missing a beat he recoiled away from you in fake fear.
“My apologies sir. Y/N you’re suspended. Find your own way back to Virginia and be in my office at 8am Friday.” He spoke as if it was the most natural thing in the world, as if you were just some background character that no-one ever knew the name of and not someone he considered a close friend mere hours earlier. He walked by you, stern face completely unmoved by the shock plastered all over yours. The rest of the team shuffled by offering comforting eyes and the occasional touch on the shoulder, they seemed as shocked and confused as you were. 
And then they were all gone, you were stuck in Dallas, alone and heartbroken…at least you were in a bar…silver linings.
“Aaron… do you want to talk about what happened back in the hotel?” Rossi cornered Aaron in the plane kitchen. Concern spread across his face. 
“What is there to talk about? An agent acted unprofessionally, as they had done many, many times before, and I finally realised I needed to do something about it. I will discuss this further with agent Y/L/N when we meet next week. As for now, I have some paperwork to get started on.” He walked away, leaving Rossi stood at the other end of the plane. Emily and JJ looked over to the older man with questioning looks on their faces which was met, to their dismay, with an equally confused face from David Rossi.
“You’re late Y/N” a very stern Hotch mentioned as you knocked at his office door, not bothering to even glance in your direction. 
“I’m 15 minutes early Aaron.” You noted the clock on the wall. 
“Exactly.” You fought the urge to scoff at his comment “take a seat” you did as he said, sitting yourself in front of him. Usually the time you spent in his office was either splayed out on the couch or perched on his desk, this chair was uncomfortable, no wonder you never sat here. “I’ve taken the difficult decision to place the incident and your behaviour on the case last week as a strike on your record" 
"What?” Your eyes and mouth open wide, you couldn’t quite believe what you were hearing. “But Aaron! That goes on my permanent record, it could affect my role in this team and the FBI as a whole. I find it very hard to believe that what happened last week is grounds for that kind of action." 
"You threatened a civilian Y/N." 
"After I was threatened and sexually harassed! You saw what he was like! I can’t believe what I’m hearing!” You stood up off of your chair and turned your back on Hotch, placing your hands on your head in frustration. 
“Please calm down Agent Y/L/N! Don’t make me extend your suspension further.” He stood up and slammed his hand on his desk making you turn around to face him. You stood eyes connected in complete silence breathing in unison. “The mark goes on your record. You may start back with us on Monday. Take the weekend to cool off and maybe think about what a professional wears to the office." 
You looked down at your v-neck and skinny jeans, an ensemble you had worn some variation of during your entire stint with the BAU. You let out a small scoff, composed yourself and spoke "fine. See you on Monday Agent Hotchner. Have a nice weekend." 
Leaving his office you shut the door and met the gaze of your teammates. JJ was the first to walk over, offering to walk you out. As you stood in the lift with her you decided to let your frustrations out. 
"I just don’t get it! It’s like some weird twilight zone where my best friend has been replaced by a nastier moodier version of himself and nobody but me knows!” She laughed at your comments and placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder. 
“Agent Y/L/N!” Hotch’s voice boomed across the North Dakotan precinct catching the attention of anyone within 15 miles of him. “interrogation room now!” You had become used to being dragged into rooms whenever Hotch saw fit, his eyes burning into you whenever you did anything trying to find a mistake or reason to call you up. And the once gentle touches had become rough pushes go get you to move in or out of somewhere. The last month had been Hell, on top of your one strike Hotch had managed to find a way to give you another, during a week of back to back late nights and stressful days you’d accidentally fallen asleep at a desk and no one had decided to wake you before they rolled out to apprehend an unsub, Reid had gotten injured and sure enough Hotch blamed you entirely ‘had you been there and not sleeping on the job we may have caught our suspect without an agent ending up in the hospital’ for some reason the rest of the team felt the same and your relationship with most of them had been a bit strained recently. 
“Hotch, have I done something wrong?” You asked, shutting the door to the interrogation room behind you. 
“What is this?” He threw a case file onto the desk, notes and pictures sliding out as it slammed against the table. 
“It’s Ryan Knowles, a potential suspect, I saw his name pop up a couple times and had Garcia run him through our system, juvenile crimes, peeping tom and a non existent mother figure. He fit our profile, I asked JJ to put him on the board so that we could…”
“And why would you do that?” His question took you aback, what was that supposed to mean?
“It’s my job? To follow a hunch and see if it pans out.” You furrowed your brow unsure why you were in trouble. 
“Maybe not for much longer. I’ve noticed you’re slacking, sleeping on cases, following ridiculous hunches and causing the team setback after setback!” He threw the case file against the wall sending paper everywhere “follow your hunch, and you better hope it pans out or you’re off this team" 
"You can’t do that!” You shouted trying to hold onto your composer for just a moment longer. He began to walk out of the room, putting his face close to yours,
“Watch me.” He pulled his face away and walked out of the room leaving you shocked and confused. You began to pick up the papers of your case file trying to put them back into some order as your tears began to blur your vision. 
You stood up and wiped away your tears, looking at a picture of your unsub you decided you were going to prove you were right and prove why you deserved that spot on the team, not that you really wanted to be there much more anyway. 
“Put the gun down Ryan!” Your unsub pointed his gun directly at you, you’d managed to catch him attempting to bury his victim,  You had radioed for backup as soon as you saw him and could hear the sirens in the distance “you don’t want to do this, hear those sirens in 30 seconds they’re all around here and if they see you standing there out in the open with a gun it’s not going to take too long for you to be the one in the ground.” You swallowed hard, keeping a level head as you gradually lowered your gun “but if you have me they’re not gonna shoot you, how about you let Amber go and take me instead, look I’m unarmed” you kicked you gun slightly away as you heard the screeching of tyres. 
“Come here.” You walked slowly to Ryan he grabbed you and quickly held the barrel of the gun to your head. You watched Amber run off and be caught by JJ, you sighed with relief that they had made it to you in time. 
As Aaron saw you his heart leaped to his throat and his stomach hit the floor. He’d thought he’d managed to bury his feelings for you after everything that had happened, but there you were completely vulnerable with a gun to your head and he couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly worried. As Rossi tried to talk Ryan down Hotch kept his eyes focused solely on you, catching your stare right back. You nodded slightly and forced yourself downward allowing Morgan to land two shots directly into Ryan’s chest. 
As you pulled yourself free from his arms you ran forward to your team and for some reason Aaron was the first to pull you in for a hug. Your body tensed up and you blinked with confusion but at least you were safe and he wasn’t firing you. 
“I’m sorry Miss Y/N but there was an incident with your room. A pipe burst and unfortunately we cannot let you stay in that room this evening. We managed to collect all of you belongings before they were damaged but it seems you will have to share with one of your colleagues.” The older woman at the desk was ruining your life, not actually but in many ways she was. Your team had already gone up to their rooms while you spoke with reception. “I can give you a spare key to one of their rooms so you can just go and let yourself in ok?” You nodded and took the key, you didn’t mind sharing a room with most of your team, as long as it wasn’t Aaron. 
You knocked on the door and began to let yourself in “Hey it’s Y/N! My room got flooded so the front desk gave me your key! I guess we’re roomies for tonight huh!” You finished opening the door and was met with the face of Aaron Hotchner. You sighed “ah. I will go get a different key.”
“NO!” He cleared his throat “no it’s ok, we can share I don’t mind.” You silent nodded and closed the door behind you, putting you go bag down on the desk you began walking over to the couch to get comfortable “Agent Y/N.” Hotch stated sternly. You stopped abruptly and sighed, you knew friendly Hotch was too good to be true. Turning on your heels you didn’t give him a chance to speak first. 
“Look I know I was reckless, but you didn’t really give me much of a choice. If this means I get fired then fine because I saved a life today and that’s enough." 
"I’m not going to fire you. In fact I wanted to say something.” He looked sincere, and sad like whatever he was about to say was painful or something “that night in Dallas, when we talked for hours and then we kissed, well for some reason it broke me, I knew I liked you and knew I found you attractive, I just never put it all together until that moment. I realised I loved you and I wanted to be with you, and I freaked out. Everything I’ve done over the last month was because I was so scared that I was going to get hurt or that you were going to get hurt and it would break me, but then seeing you today and realising that you could die it all went out the window, I don’t have time to be scared, I want to be with you and I realise that now. I’m so sorry” He stopped his ramble, looking into your eyes with his big brown puppy dog eyes, pleading forgiveness and willing you to return the sentiment.
“Are you finished?” He looked shocked by your question nodding to respond. “And that’s it is it? You made my life hell because you love me?” He nodded again, quickly glancing to the floor. “What do you want me to say now? That I love you too? That I forgive you? Well I’m sorry but no. I used to, but then you ruined it. You cost my friendships with the team, you cost me my perfect record and my job and you almost cost me my life, because you are an immature, petty self centred prick! I’ve been so stressed and tired I’ve lost 10 pounds for god’s sake! I’m sorry Hotch but your half assed confession isn’t going to fix this.” You sat down on the sofa and put your head in your hands leaving Hotch stood in the middle of the room, eyes drilling a hole into the floor, looking the way you looked after he left you alone in your hotel room that night. Neither of you moved, both unsure as to what should happen next. “I’m…I’m not saying that we can never happen. I just need time to process, and forgive you and learn to love you again.” His eyes had moved up to you again and you noticed the tears that had formed starting to leak out as yours quickly did too. “What… what erm… what side of the bed do you want?” He laughed slightly at you comment and smiled weakly at you a smile which you returned. Maybe in a little while, this wouldn’t be so hard again. 
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