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If you have the time would I be able to get one for Marvel, Shadowhunters and Riverdale please? I’m 5”5’ with light brown hair and blue eyes. I’m a lesbian with absolutely no fashion sense. I love to write and be creative. I’m a happy gal who has acute trust issues and is very introverted when it comes to large crowds and outings. I play video games and my fave kind of character is the ones who have baggage. Thank you! Fact: Flamingos bend their legs at the ankle, not the knee 馃Ι 馃Ι

I ship you with WANDA MAXIMOFF!

  • you’ll be friends at first but soon the sparks will fly
  • you will be playing video games together
  • you will listen to her when she’s talking about Peter
  • a lot of hugging
  • everyone will expect you to be the fiercy couple but in reality you’ll be the sweet one, like full of fluff type of relationship
  • she will be holding your hand when going out
  • “whats up, Wanda?” “we’re going to the club!” “oh” “come on, we will have fun” “what if someone starts to flirt with you?” “well, they can try but my eyes are on you”
  • making out sessions in the living room whenever a movie starts to be boring



  • she will be your personal stylist
  • Izzy will be always by your side at the club
  • you two will be spending most of the time in the bed, cuddling
  • “i want it to be like this forever” “me too Izzy”
  • she will be jealous over your friendship with Clary
  • “hello beautiful” “you want something Izzy?” “a kiss”


I ship you with TONI TOPAZ!

  • she will be flirting with you everytime she sees you
  • she will be asking Betty if you’re single
  • “hi there” “oh, hi Toni, what’s up?” “i was wondering if you want to go to the cinema with me tonight?”
  • spending most of the time with her and playing games
  • Toni will be winning all the time
  • “you’re cheating!” “no!” “Toni! just confess” “you want me to confess?” “yes?” “i love you”


how are u holding up, love? xx
wait what what what what??? so they’re not bending at the knee?? my whole life has been a lie

gifs not mine


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Pairing: Jace Wayland X Reader

word count: 1557


Originally posted by grayacejace

You sighed for what felled like the millionth time. You were overlooking the main room. Alec was arguing with his father while all the other Shadowhunters around them were working. You caught Lydia parading around like she was the queen all while keeping an eye on Alec. 

Your eyes traveled to Izzy, who was looking at the monitor with a concerned look. You sighed once more. How did everything get so complicated?

“You’re awake” You heard a familiar voice note from behind you.

“I am, thank you for noticing, Jace” You replied not daring to make eye contact.

“I assume you’ve heard I never went to visit you,” He said but you stayed silent, wondering what excuse he’ll make up “It’s just- do you remember what you said to me before you blacked out?”

“I do” You mumbled silently.

“(Y/N)… look at me,” He said softly, he sounded so vulnerable, something you thought Jace didn’t know how to be.

You did as told and looked him in the eyes. There were so many emotions written on his face but only one stood out; confusion.

“I still like you a lot… It’s just with everything going on, with trying to stop Valentine… I just… I can’t risk it. I can’t risk losing you and I can’t risk being weak. I think it’s best if we keep our distance” He said. 

“So what? Love makes you weak? Is that what your Parabatai does? Does Alec make you weak?” You asked, clearly showing the hurt in your voice. 

“That’s different, you wouldn’t understand” Jace dismissed your theory.

“So it’s just me then. I’m the problem. I’ll stay out of your way, don’t worry” You said and left.

“(Y/N)! Don’t do this!” He called after you.

You flipped him off and walked out of the institute.

You immediately called Magnus, not knowing where else to go. “I know you said you’d talk to me soon, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon”

“I’m sorry Magnus, but I didn’t know who else to call or where else to go…” You trailed off as you hugged your jacket closer to your body.

“You’re out of the institute? By yourself?” Magnus asked you.

“Yeah? Why do you sound so worried? I have done this before” You replied confused.

“That was before word got out you have the cup” He explained.

“I’m nearly at your apartment, don’t worry” You brushed it off.

“Hurry” He replied before hanging up.

You placed your phone back in your pocket and turned the corner. You could see Magnus’ apartment, but that was also the last thing you saw before being abducted.

“Let me go!” You yelled as you fought whoever captured you off. 

“You always were a fighter,” A deep voice said, making you immediately come face to face with your father.

“Valentine,” You said through gritted teeth.

“I’d say it hurts that you refuse to call me father, but then again I haven’t done much to earn that title have I?” He said as he studied you. “You have made quite the name for yourself lately haven’t you”

“So have you” You bit back.

“Don’t use that tone with me, it may have used with your mother but not with me” He snapped making you wince. “Speaking off-”

“Mom!” you yelled as Valentine moved out of the way to let you see your asleep-like mother. “what did you do to her?”

“Me? I haven’t done anything. She’s the one who put herself in that state” Valentine defended himself.

“Mom? Hey, can you hear me? I’m here okay. Everything’s gonna fine” You whispered.

“Of course everything’s gonna be fine. I would never hurt her or you. (Y/N), my sweet baby girl, oh how I have waited for this day” He said.

“that makes one of us,” You said crossing your arms in front of your chest.

“You remind me so much of me” He smiled making you scrunch your eyebrows.

“I will never be like you” You empathized the never.

“We are so much more alike than you think. You have always been an outcast just like me, but my dear child, you’re so much more than that. You’re more special than you’re brother or sister will ever be.” He explained

“brother? I don’t have a brother” You said not denying his earlier statement.

“I’m not surprised Jocelyn kept more secrets then just you’re stolen memories, and emotions in your case” Valentine sighed.

“How do you know about that,” You said, tilting your head to the side.

“I keep a close eye on you of course. I want to know that you’re safe” He explained.

“Then why suddenly kidnap me now? What is your plan behind this?” You asked confused.

“Because it is time for you to know the truth,” He said looking you directly in the eyes. 

“About what? A secret brother that I have?” You asked.

“Yes, his name is Jonathan Morgenster. Or as you know him, Jace Wayland” Valentine said, observing you closely.

You looked at him unimpressed “You think I’m stupid enough to believe that?” 

“Think about it. Why do you think you and your sister are drawn to him? Why do you think you’re both so musically gifted? You’re my blood (Y/N), and so is he” He said with so much determination you couldn’t help but believe him slightly.

“That can’t be… It’s not possible” You said, shaking your head.

“What? Because you were developing feelings towards one another? It’s been a sibling bond all along. I get that you’re in denial and hurt because Jocelyn kept a secret from you once again. I understand, she has betrayed us both. You see, that betrayal made me stronger, it also made me feared, I admit. But it also made me extremely powerful and it made sure it’d never live in anyone’s shadow ever again. This could be your future too.” Valentine kept manipulating you and you slowly started to fell for it too. “come with me, my child, I’ll show you the truth”

You took his outstretched hand and followed him through a portal.

While Valentine successfully convinced you, Magnus had already called your sister, the Lightwoods and Jace in panic. You hadn’t shown up as you guys planned and he couldn’t trace you. 

Izzy was worried sick, but couldn’t do much about it because she was being trialed for high treason. Alec’s mind was with the trial so he couldn’t care much and since Magnus was head over heels for Alec and he asked him to help Izzy, he also wasn’t really searching for you. This left Clary and Jace.

They successfully found your mother eventually and Valentine had dropped his mask as Michael Wayland.

“You pretended to be my father!” Jace yelled at him, clearly hurt.

“I wasn’t pretending, Jace,” Valentine said sincerely.

“You murdered him. You’re a liar!” He refused to believe him as he held his blade against Valentine’s throat.

You sighed and stepped out of the shadows. “It is true.”

“(Y/N)” Jace gasped losing his grip slightly on his blade.

“He is our father, the story you once told about the bird. It was something you never told anyone, yet he knew exactly what happened. It’s no coincidence. Why do you think we’re always drawn to one another?” You said somberly.

“You are meant to be. Blood call to blood. I am your father. I always have been. The face that you saw as Michael Wayland was mine. Then and now. It was a powerful glamour. I want you to know me as I am. To know the truth about me and you.” Valentine continued, his attention fully on Jace

Jace loses even more grip on his blade and Valentine pushed it away. He walked to a mirror and used his stele to create a portal.

“My dear family, together at last. A lost mother found. The siblings finally united.” He announced proudly.

Jace yelled and ran to Valentine, holding his blade up to his throat again.

“You won’t kill me. I said that you were weak, and I meant it. What’s wrong, Jace? Can’t kill the man who raised you, hmm?” Valentine taunted

“I can!” Clary yelled and ran towards him but Valentine was quick and held Jace in front of him, the blade against his throat this time.

“Go ahead, Clary. Two for one. We can’t even fight back, huh? No. Come with me, son. You know that you love me. I know (Y/N) will follow me. Clary is welcome to join us too. And bring your mother along. We can find a way to get her moving again.” Valentine said.

You picked a shred of glass that was laying on the floor and threw it at his hand that was holding the blade against Jace’s throat, making him drop it on the floor. “I will never be like you and I will never follow you anywhere”

“You’ll regret this” He threatened you as he stepped through the portal.

Luke suddenly running in the room and immediately went to Jocelyn “Jocelyn. I’m taking you home”

Jace had walked up to you and placed a hand on your shoulder “Are you okay?”

You didn’t say anything. You just shrugged his hand off and wrapped your arms around yourself before you left to go back to the institute.

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“You guys know I can protect myself?” You frowned. As much as you loved them all, you sometimes hated how overprotective they could be. You were convinced they knew what they were doing as it happened more often than you wanted to admit.

Izzy smirked, “We know.” You scowled at your best friend at her response.

They knew what they were doing but it was only because they all loved you and would hate for you to fall for someone else. They knew you could protect yourself but that didn’t mean they would ever stop trying to protect you.

Requested By Anonymous

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Hello could I please have “All I wanted was for you to be happy.” for Sebastian Verlac or for Jace in Shadowhunters please. I'd prefer Sebastian but it's up to you. Thank you.

warnings: none // drabble list: xx



“You left! You left me.” You screamed at him. You loved Sebastian but he walked out when you needed him the most and for that, you weren’t sure you could ever forgive him. He left when you needed him the most.

Sebastian sighed, “I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing. Be straight with me. I deserve an explanation. You left in the middle of the night, when I needed you the most. I want to hate you, I want to hate you so bad but I do love you.”

Sebastian couldn’t help the tear that fell, “All I wanted was for you to be happy. I couldn’t be what you wanted so I left. I’m not a good man and I didn’t want you to be dragged down with me.”

“But isn’t that for me to decide?”

“I’m sorry.”



“Are you going to keep ignoring me?”

You shook your head, “I’m not ignoring you. Now, go away, I have to finish reading this before tomorrow and you’re not helping. Close the door after you on your way out.”

Jace grabbed the book from your hands, “That’s enough. I’m not going to let you ignore me any longer. Talk to me. Ever since Clary came to the institute, you have been ignoring me.”

“That’s why. You obviously care about her and I wasn’t going to let my feelings get in the way of that.  All I wanted was for you to be happy. She makes you happy. I’m sorry if you felt like I was ignoring you, I just want the best for you. I care about you, stupid.” You explained sadly.

Jace shook his head, “You should have just talked to me. I care about you too and I want nothing more than to be with you. Clary is a friend and I understand what it’s like to have someone you care about hurt and I would never wish that on someone.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know. Now come on, you owe me a night with no distractions.”

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I am finally back. For the past couple of months I’ve been dealing with a new job and having no laptop but I am finally back so send in requests for:



For the following fandoms:

  • Narnia
  • Teen Wolf
  • Twilight
  • Avengers
  • Jurassic World
  • Harry Potter
  • Supernatural
  • Kingsman
  • Lord Of The Rings
  • Charmed
  • The Librarians
  • The Originals
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Maze Runner / The Scorch Trials
  • X-Men
  • BBC Merlin
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • Chicago PD / Fire / Med
  • Bones
  • Shadowhunters
  • Magyver
  • Law and Order SVU
  • S.W.A.T
  • Stranger Things
  • Legacies
  • The Resident
  • 9-1-1
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • Legacies
  • Madam Secretary
  • One Tree Hill
  • Magnum P.I.
  • The Rookie
  • One Day At A Time
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So I haven’t been able to do much writing as of late. Do to everything going on my hours at work have gone up. While I love working in healthcare and doing what I can for my community I am so tired most night I just fall into bed. I am going to leave my requests open I can make no promises on when I will be getting to them.

Stay safe and healthy out there my friends!!

Also please forgive any and all punctuation and spelling mistakes. I am writing on my Cell on my lunch.

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Requested by anonymous

For a while Isabelle was scared to introduce you to her mother. Maryse hadn’t particularly reacted well when she first met Magnus. Considering that you were a Warlock just like Magnus, Isabelle could only assume that she’d treat you the same way. Not wanting to put someone she loved through such an experience Izzy avoided it all together.

This wouldn’t last very long because you were persistent. You wanted to meet your girlfriend’s parents. Eventually Izzy gave in to you and brought you to the Institute and introduced you to Maryse. Surprisingly enough her mother seemed to like you almost right away! Isabelle couldn’t believe it.

She was honestly still in shock. At this very moment she was staring at you and her mother in disbelief as you two had a light hearted conversation. There was even a point where Maryse laughed at something you said. Isabelle couldn’t remember ever hearing her mother laugh.

Eventually you saw Isabelle’s bewildered face. “Izzy? Everything alright?” You asked her, causing Isabelle to blink herself back to reality.

“What? Oh no, everything more than perfect”.


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Requested by @crazywriterwizard

The last thing anyone expected was for you to get one of Simon nerdy references. And yet here you were snorting at some quote Simon had said. The other Shadowhunters watched in almost horror as you told Simon you knew exactly what he was referencing. You and Simon laughed along with one another until finally you turned toward the rest of the group.

“What?” You asked, raising an eyebrow as you took in everyone’s confused expressions. Unfortunately you received no response to your question due to the fact that Clary, Jace, Alec, and Izzy were just THAT taken aback. Now a little frustrated you repeated yourself with some more force. “Why are you all looking at me like that?!”.

“Nothing” Jace eventually cleared his throat, snapping out of the daze he and the others were in. “It’s just… I never thought that you’d geek out like that with Simon. I didn’t know you even knew anything about pop culture” Jace confessed with a shrug.

Sticking your tongue out at them playfully you replied. “Well I guess you guys didn’t know me as well as you thought you did”.


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Requested by anonymous (edited slightly)

“You’re what?” Jace asked in disbelief, as Simon stood next to him equally as shocked. Clary had just revealed something huge to them and that was that she was completely and utterly in love with you. This came as a great shock to the boys, who up until now thought that Clary must have had feelings for at least one of them.

Taking a breath, Clary decided to repeat herself in response to Jace. “I have feelings for [Y/N]. I have for a long time. I just thought that you two should know” Clary admitted. This caused Jace and Simon to blink at each other as they had trouble processing this. “Guys… say something” Clary insisted as she but her lips nervously.

“Sorry Clary, I guess we’re both just so shocked” Simon confessed, rubbing the back of his neck. “So… are you going to tell [Y/N]”. Clary hadn’t considered this for some odd reason. Should she tell you everything as she just did to Jace and Simon? The red head took a moment to think about this possibility before finally shrugging.

“I don’t know”.


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Originally posted by alberto-rosende

  • Pairing: Simon Lewis x Reader
  • Requested: Anonymous
  • GIF Not Mine


You woke up, gasping for air. The past few days a blur. The last thing you remember was the blade piercing your skin. You sat up and saw Simon, a look of relief washed over when he saw that you were awake.

It all clicked when you saw Raphael standing in the corner with a solemn look. Simon tried to hug you but you scrambled away from him. “What have you done Simon?” You asked, your voice cracking a bit.

“I- I- you were dying Y/N. I- I had to.” He said not trying to deny what he had done.

“So you turned me into a vampire?!” You exclaimed, standing up now so you were facing him. “The one thing I asked you not to do, the one thing you promised and you did it?”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N but I- I couldn’t lose you.” Simon said, his voice breaking. “I love you.”

“This isn’t love. You were being selfish.” You cried. Simon tried to hold you but you shrugged him off and ran away leaving a distraught Simon behind.

Tag List: @mayaslifeinabox @lunarmoonwolf @princess-of-the-fandoms @live–aloud @les-bio-lie @ivvitm1109 @seninjakitey @lover2448 @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt @marvelismylifffe @genius2050

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/I don’t own any picture, but here we have the main setting of the chapter/

Pairing: Alec x reader (here he jumps in finally!)

Genre: Shadowhunters au

Warnings: none just a little fight-scene


Summary: okay our protagonist is now 16 and she’s going on her first mission with her 3 special siblings and she is going to have a fated meeting that will change everything, enjoy!

Tag list: @in-love-with-supernatral​ 

P.S. Y/n/N = your nickname

Previous –> Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Words Count: 2.5K

Excerpt: “Her big-sister was partly right… Y/n loved his older brother Alexander… and not just a family love… his sense of justice, his ability to lead, his cold attitude even in dangerous situations… his magnetic and always analytical gaze… ”

“I don’t mind what the boys say… I’m going on the mission with you tonight… I was allowed to”. The girl talking was a now 16-years old Y/N, at the New York Institute with her new family, the Lightwood family. She was giggling with her older sister Isabel, that of course wanted her to come, but the two older brothers weren’t of the same opinion, going to the “Pandemonium” wasn’t permitted for a minor, but nobody would have seen her, they were on a hunting mission, to discover some illegal traffics between demons. “Y/n/N my sweet little sister… I’m going to make you look stunning for tonight, so that even if someone sees you believes you’re a sexy young woman”.

After an hour a knock on the door made the music from Isabel’s room stop “Izzy are you ready? We’ll wait for you outside hurry” the girl shouted to wait a little more and then looked at her work very pleased “by the angel baby-sister you’re going to let everyone speechless tonight… good luck with Alec!” She winked at Y/N, that snorted in response “shut up Izzy… you were lucky it was Jace at the door or I would have killed you!” But her big-sister was right, she could feel it too: she had a leather black mini-skirt very tight, black fishnet stockings, a blood-red leather crop top (with just a little part of the belly showing, she was still 16 after all) and blood-red leather ankle boots and gosh the rouge on her lips was so tempting… just like her hair gathered on one side, to show her 3 ear-piercings… her eyes needed just a little mascara and eye-liner… Y/n’s eyes were big and stunning just the way they were.

“Izzy are you done staring at me? Can we get going? And please refrain to make jokes about me and Alec… he’s not onto me” Isabel smiled devilish and pushed her out to retrieve her weapons whispering in Y/n’s ear “… for now baby-girl… he just has to open his eyes and acknowledge his mutual feelings for you from your first meeting now take your weapons”. Her big-sister was partly right… Y/n loved his older brother Alexander… and not just a family love… his sense of justice, his ability to lead, his cold attitude even in dangerous situations… his magnetic and always analytical gaze… she had a super-crush but he saw her as a little girl to protect and nothing more… and he was always super strict with her, probably because she loved to disobey and he loved to follow rules … she should hate him for all the times she was locked in her room because he believed she would have otherwise misbehaved, but that wasn’t the case… she had to be controlled and Alec was the only one able to do it, to make her understand and reason, but her love was one-sided even if not by blood… they were still a family, moreover the oldest brother thought that love itself was a waste of time, like every good shadowhunter he followed the motto thoroughly ‘emotions cloud judgement’, he was her opposite… but she was happy enough with being his little-sister, she could stay near him and be ‘loved’ by him, even if in a different kind of way, she had accepted her faith. Her personal weapon, chosen when she received the angelic rune at the ceremony, was a scythe. Yes it was big, but also light and swift and of course she also had two little axes in the case of emergency, but her fighting style was indeed a direct offence, Alec on the contrary had an arc as personal weapon a distance fighter… well it doesn’t matter now she had to focus on the mission.

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-this is the famous necklace, protagonist of this chapter, and it even seems that it has ‘Bane’ written on it so wow wow! :3-

Pairing: Alec x reader

Genre: fantasy

Warnings: this is still part of the introduction so none

Summary: This is more like a sort of chapter 1.b but here we see our heroine a little grow up and about to meet someone that later on will come up again in her life. This chapter is longer because I wanted to add a little idyllic time of father and daughter everyday life before the sad part… but no spoilers enjoy!

Previous –> Chapter 1

 Next–> Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Words Count: 3K

Excerpt: “He shaped her 360° to make her as strong as he could, as a child he had to learn everything alone without a caring figure, that’s why he promised himself to care as much as he could for any child he would have had.”

Tag List: @in-love-with-supernatral​ thank you for the support and the appreciation for Chapter 1! If anyone else wants to be on the list just ask me!

- 8 years later after the accident with the Circle-

“Ouch!” That little cry made a man teleport immediately in the kitchen and he sighed “putri… why are you still playing with the roses? You know they have thorns … here let me see your hand”, the man in question was Magnus Bane and the girl was Y/N, she was now 8 years old and wanted more than anything to observe her daddy at work, to see his magic and to help… but most of the time her attempts caused damages, but she was unaffected by all of it. Her love for Magnus let her hurt herself if that would mean being able to help him. “It’s al right daddy… it’s just a scratch… I was curious of the roses that don’t wilt… sorry… I just wanted to help”, the high warlock smiled lovingly, she was such a cute pastry and he wanted to hug her tightly all the time, that was flying away too soon… in 2 years she would have already been 10 years and her memory would have been wiped away, that is if the Lightwood would have come to take her… he hoped they would have forgotten the promise by then… but deeply he knew that a nephilim keeps always a promise and that he had to loose his daughter… his most precious possession in two years would have been practising to become a soldier constantly in danger. Moreover she would have become a woman with a memory loss of 10 years… her childhood with him… he had told himself not to get attached but… how could he? Y/N was always there with him, wanted to love him and to be loved by him so… he had to put all his efforts into his father-task. He was actually proud of himself: Y/N was a curious child, always ready to help everyone in need and with a true sense of justice and of course those things weren’t going to change without her memories, she had to forget just him and her love for her father, a cruel fate but… the Shadow world itself is cruel. There was a certain fact: he vowed to protect her even if they were distant, she surely would have come back to New York once her training was finished and she could have stayed near him at the New York Institute, but that didn’t matter: even if he was thousands of miles away, he would have still protected her at all costs. He was already doing so by applying magic on her hand, she was mesmerized every-time and he chuckled at her cuteness every-time.

“Now that you are all cured, little candy, I have a favour to ask. Would you be so kind to look at the inventory and see if something is missing? Because if that’s the case we have to retrieve it. In the meantime I’ll go preparing a potion for a client and it will take approximately 20 minutes so if you want to go on a mission with daddy your time starts…now!” Y/N, as soon as he declared the challenge, sprinted to the sideboard to observe as fast as she could if all the ingredients were available. He taught her all she had to know about poisons and bad ingredients, or how to prepare an antidote for all occasions, even if she was going to be a Shadowhunter she couldn’t always use runes or her stele couldn’t always be available, she had to develop as well her human part, both of her being would come handy sooner or later. He shaped her 360° to make her as strong as he could, as a child he had to learn everything alone without a caring figure, that’s why he promised himself to care as much as he could for any child he would have had.

“Daddy I’m finished and that’s my best time so be proud… in just 15 minutes I’ve noticed that we’re short in Kitti’s hog-nosed bat or rather bumblebee bat’s wings and that’s all from my report”. She was smiling brightly she loved to be useful to her dad and to be fast and efficient and Magnus loved to see her so dynamic, he nodded in response “well putri it means we’re heading to Thailand and then we can go somewhere just to make a brief tour what do you think about that?” His princess had no doubts, she was very happy of the idea, jumping already with joy she announced “we’ll go to Indonesia!” Magnus raised an eyebrow and snorted “again? We always go there! There are thousands of other places you may want to see… I know that we have seen most of the world together but that’s the fourth time in a row little candy!” She laughed and shook her head “it’s settled we’re going for the fifth time in a row to Indonesia! There’s so much to see and I want to learn everything about your native land and your history… so that I can feel nearer you.” Here she was at it again… she was saying just the right thing to convince him and to make him almost cry in happiness… he felt so moved and loved by that little girl, she was truly interested in everything he told her and she cared… he had helped lots of downworlders, but this little nephilim was the only one he didn’t want to let go after the rescue and well he had better persuade himself to do it. He opened a portal and took the hand of Y/N his little girl, but before they could get going a fire-message reached him, it was from Jocelyn… she was coming at dinner with Clary… she was 10 years old now and was beginning to know too many things about the Shadow World and Jocelyn wanted to erase those knowledges to protect her and he was the only one able to help her… she helped him before, plus she had brought him Y/N so… he wanted to help her and well Y/N loved to play with Clary so it was okay… he had also the chance to experiment what would have come in two years, but for now he had to retrieve the bumblebee bat’s wings and to go on a trip with his daughter “you know what little girl… we’re having special guests at dinner tonight so during our trip let’s think about what we could cook should we?” Y/N smiled, she loved surprises and loved to cook with her father and so they went to Thailand and then to Indonesia taking some rare spices here and there, while thinking about the menu.

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So I’m back! I took a break from social media for a while. I need a break from all the negativity that was going around and from all the Anon hate that I had been getting. I think that I am once again in a good place and think that I want to be getting back into writing. 

I am going to open my requests and add some new tv shows as well. I will also now be writing for Supernatural! All the requests that I had been sent before I went offline are unfortunately gone as I did not know that I wanted to get back into writing. 

REQUESTS ARE OPEN. And I really can’t wait to hear from you all again!


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Summary: A roadtrip of turns into a little adventure when the best friends y/n and Miles stumble into a café and into the world of filming. 

A/N: Part two is out, yey :) I hope you like how it turned out, so enjoy…

first chapter: what style?

Word count: 1097

Warnings: None, I guess…


‘Here’, Miles said, handing y/n a cup of tea. She sat at the little table in their hotel room and nervously braided her y/h/c hair. She already wore her sport outfit – a black tank top over an orange sports bra and her legs were in a black pair of loose sport shorts. Her bare feet dangled a bit over the floor. Thankfully she smiled at Miles, nodding towards the tea and securing her hair with an elastic. Y/n took a sip of the warming beverage and looked at her phone. ‘We still got plenty of time.’, Miles tried to calm her down. Despite this whole thing being kind of a joke y/n was determined to not make a fool of herself. The problem, like Miles said, was that y/n was the one who decided if or if not, she was disgracing herself and she was a horrible judge. ‘What do you think of waking to the gym?’, Miles asked. This was exactly what y/n needed a bit of fresh air and a little walk to clean her thoughts, grateful she agreed. Y/n chose the route via the park and Miles tried the best to distract her from her stage fright.

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Hey guys, I’m thinking of starting to write one shots here on tumblr. Will write for:








Please feel free to request any characters and I will try my absolute best. Also, please check out my Wattpad account @sovyoo it would mean a lot! x

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Summary: A roadtrip of turns into a little adventure when the best friends y/n and Miles stumble into a café and into the world of filming.

A/N: Sooo, this is the first thing I am confident enough to share with you, what doesn’t mean I’m confident about my writing at all J. Please let me know if you have any advice or criticism for me, especially regarding the summary as I really suck at summaries and regarding my English hence it’s not my first language. Ohh, and if you have any suggestions who y/n should get together with just tell me in the comments – everybody except Miles ‘cause I just like the concept of platonic friendship.




Word count: 1048

Warnings: None, I guess…

To say the weather wasn’t good this Saturday afternoon would’ve been the understatement of the year. The rain was pouring since the early morning and if anything, it had got stronger as the day went by. Y/n and her best friend were on a road trip through Canada and had recently left the library. Regarding the weather both of them agreed to go into the closest café, bar or restaurant they would come across. Luckily, they didn’t have to search, since there was a small café a few feet away from the library. Neither of them noticed the sign hanging at the door, that read: ‘Sorry, but we have a limited offer due to castings.’, as they walked into the café.

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