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Are we forgetting that Luke tried to kill Ben Solo for Wrongthink. AND THAT WAS HIS OWN NEPHEW.

The first time Grogu eats a live frog in front of him, that poor kid’s gonna get fuckin decapitated.

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Hey um, apparently there is people misunderstanding what I posted in the last post, it’s just a joke pls everybody CHILL have a little chaotic dad din djarin with his son :)

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Yodito made appearances in my online classes this week and let me tell you he was a huge hit. I now know what it must be like to show your cat to your online class.


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Y'all are deadass calling him Grogu?? Shut up his name is Yodito

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Mando, every 30 seconds: god damn! dank farrik! what the actual fucking hell? shit shit shit shit shit!

Grogu, at some point: dank farrik!

Mando, visibly distraught: who the fuck did you learn bad words from?

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