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Mandalorian Mermaid Au | Grogu the Mermaid

It takes place in a modern setting.

I saw a really cool Mandalorian Fanart way back on Tumbler. It’s an artwork of Grogu as a little green goblin mermaid that would collect things like Ariel dose. I forgot who did the the artwork but it was amazing, hopefully I can find it augin. And it gave me an idea of for an AU. So here we go…


Originally posted by lunaoblonsky

Din finds a creature tangled onshore the beach while taking a stroll. Din goes to help it but then discovered the creature is nothing he saw before, a goblin mermaid? And the fact it’s a baby. Once Din freed it from the human garbage, Din finds it is injured. Din takes the baby creature back home where he fill the tub with water and took care of him.

And then, of course, a scientist, Gideon, who has been searching for its species for years, catches word. And dose at nothing until he has it.

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I wanted to work on a fic I already started but I had a new idea so I started a new fic and now I’m staring at 16 documents. Seriously. Who do guys want me to write about? It might force me to concentrate on ONE fic, so that I can finally finish something!


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Is there anyone that does Star Wars art commissions that is open right now? I really want to get an icon made of my Mandalorian OC.

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I’m a fan of old sitcoms. Watched them a lot growing up and have enjoyed that look and the idea of it used in the show, but in the end… not really enjoying the show.

It was soooooooo slow to start.

I was so bored and it was taking sooooooooo long I almost just stopped watching it. I gave it another chance for ep 2 at least.

It finally got somewhere in the 2nd ep, but not enough to make me really enjoy it much more.

Sadly have to say, Elizabeth feels like she is over the top acting to play an actress in the day and age the episodes are set in. 
They did have over the top acting, but then there is OVER THE TOP ACTING.

Though Paul does over the top as well for the era set, it’s enough that it fits the role. 

There are so many times when they are together all I can focus on is Wanda cause she’s big and loud compared to Vision being more subtle compared to her.

When Vision is alone with the other actors I am able to focus on him and what he’s actually doing in the scenes. Where as when Wanda is around, she pulls all attention back to her.

The first Episode took way too long to get started.
It felt like more then an hour then half of one to set up the show.

Too many repetitive moments of asking the same questions over and over before something actually happens to make you go, ooo, something just felt off or something feels ominous about this.  

It took a built in ad and the last minutes of the show to make me go, oo, yes interesting. Only to have them jump back and slow down again.

Thankfully the 2nd ep picked up faster and had more to it. More crazy odd happenings.
Which was very lacking in the first episode.

Makes me think that is why they released 2 episodes instead of just the one.

I’ll keep watching since I have Disney+, but man I’m not impressed.

The writing isn’t impressive. It’s slow to start. Slow to keep moving. If this was on tv I’d get bored and stop watching it at all. 
But I must warn I was the same with Agents of SHIELD. 
I watched the first episode and got bored and haven’t watched it since. Though I did try during the first season if my dad had it on, but he doesn’t even watch it now.

If you love the characters Wanda or Vision, and have a nostalgia for old sitcoms, then give it a watch, but if you don’t wait for it to all air or just read a full review after its over.

It’s really not worth the time to spend money alone to watch just for it.

If anything, go watch Mandalorian instead, at least they have some great writing and keep you watching the whole episode without feeling bored.

You have some of the best writing and directing and many having been involved with MCU. 
Worth time, feelings, and all together binge worthy.
I just did myself.

So unless you are super die hard set, skip WandaVision for the time and wait.
I’ll try and update if it gets any better or is actually worth the time.
If it doesn’t get any better, I’ll be skimming reviews later for a full story. Cause I only have so much patients for something that feels like hours of sitting and waiting for something to happen.

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This was requested by @rogueheretic555! Thank you so much for the idea! “Can you write about a reader who doesn’t like being touched? Like they dont like being touched by anyone but slowly become more comfortable around din and allow it?” 
I got a bit carried away, and instead of a simple oneshot, we got a whole new series out of it 
Mando x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, non con elements, panic attacks, ptsd

Metal clinked together as the chains shifted around the room. You barely registered what was happening as your arms were raised above your head, the shackles on your wrist digging into your flesh and hoisting your arms up. Your body was lifted from its slumped position, making you arch your back and raise your head slightly. Your hair fell in your face as you tried to make out the blurry figure of the man approaching you.

You felt your skin crawl as he traced a hand across your rib cage, disgust settling over you.

“You’re getting too thin, pet. Have you not been eating?”

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Yes, they stole a imperial shuttle. No, I will never draw it again.
*do not repost*

Based off of these guys

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Originally posted by conveniently-available

Prompt: Make-Up Cuddles - Cuddling which occurs after a fight between the couple!

Warnings: angst, fluff, established relationship, hurt/comfort (emotional), couple fighting/arguments, keldabe kiss, cuddles, Paz is a bit mean but he softens quickly, not beta read

Word Count: 1836

Paring: Paz Vizsla x gn!Reader (readers gender is not specified/uses gender neutral pronouns)

a/n: Hey everyone! This was done for my 900 followers celebration. We’re literally double that many followers, but I can’t finish off the celebration until I’ve done a cuddle prompt at least once. So please consider sending one in! It’s the only requests I’ll be accepting while requests are closed. 

Anyway, in this one you and Paz do fight (like an argument), but its not specified what you’re arguing about. It’s not a heavy fight or anything, you only get the last bit of it before it turns to pure cuddly fluff. 

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My theory for how grogu survives a second Jedi purge is that he sees Ben solo be angsty like anakin was and just nope out of there. He’s gonna call his mando dad and he’s gonna rush over and announce to Luke that he wants to homeschool now

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luke, trying to use the mind trick
you want to hold me and kiss me so bad
you know that shit doesn't work on me
ahh you want to give me so many kisses *holds out his hand as if he's casting a spell*
din, sighing deeply
i'm gonna kiss you but just know it's not because your magic hand thing worked
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honestly it’s a good thing that din no longer has the razor crest because luke would call it a piece of junk the first chance he’d get and din would have to kill him instantly 

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Normal shows: Look, I just saw this naked scene, kinda cool.

Mandalorian: Guys, GUYS you could see his chin there!

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