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The Umbrella Academy gif cosplay?

Ok so… I have this question, would anyone be interested on a page with my umbrella academy Klaus cosplay, to ask questions and maybe build a community of people to do gifs in the same page and like… Do a plot? If interested in any way, please comment or DM me. Let’s do an actual thing of this weird ass idea

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Why does everybody hate Luther for saying that he was sent to the moon?

Like, WTF? He literally wasted years of his life, because Reginald Hargreeves couldn’t deal with a mistake he did.


I still don’t ship Luther×Allison

Filled under: Evidence of Reginald Hargreeves being an asshole.

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I just got to the Umbrella Academy party

And I got to say if you want a fresh look at it send me asks bc I’ve got things to say

1. I started out loving luther. Ended not really liking him

2. Liking 5, still liked 5

3. Didnt like allison, liked her by the end

4. Didnt like klaus, respected him at the end

5. Confused by ben, still confused by ben

6. Loved vanya, always love ellen vanya

7. Always fuck reginald

8. Leonard gave off ~Nice Guy~ vibes

9. Grace and pogo

10. Agnes/Hazel cutest and most heartwarming? Unexpected and I dig it

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Title: Volatile Times

Song: Volatile Times

Artist: IAMX

Length: 3.55

The Hargreeves siblings have never known anything but volatile times.


Footage from season 1.  Some quick cuts and fast pacing used in editing.

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