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#blm movement

I posted this yesterday:


A quote from a Tom Macdonald song, this morning I received this:


they sent me the post and then called me a ‘Racist White devil’.

I told @reyloswift​ about it and this was what she said:


And that’s exactly what they do! They make assumptions based on our skin color, it’s the same as thinking that any black person who walks by is a thug or a drug dealer. It’s racism.

Judging and making assumptions about someone because of their skin color is racist, any race can be racist against any other race, it’s just facts. 

The definition of racism, according to Oxford is:  “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior." 

It doesn’t just say something about just whites being racist, anyone can, regardless of what they look like.

The I got this anon:


They are totally right, my mom has lots of students that come into her class from the native school nearby, they resent her and don’t listen, because they were taught to hate whites for what they did. 

yes, land was taken, but we didn’t do it, it happened hundreds of years ago, guys. 

Reverse racism doesn’t exist my ass.

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I listened to a St. Jude commercial, and one of the women said: 

“We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how it affects us.”

And that’s coming from a cancer patient’s mom, someone who is going through something horrible every single day. 

And that is so important, everyone, whether you’re black, white, gay, straight, male, female, non binary, have both parents, were or are in the foster system, yeah, it really sucks to go through the things we do, but we can’t let us be our whole identity, don’t wallow in your self pity, and bring yourself back up, because we can’t advance as a whole if we all sit and focus on things like racism and oppression, which are only things that happen occasionally for some people, we will only bring ourselves down by focusing on something that only affects us if we let it. 

This woman isn’t letting something that affects her and her child and their friends and family every minute that they breath get to her too much, so stop letting something that only happens sometimes define everything. 

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To the government!

When we ask for rights we ask to be treated the same! We don’t want all this change you are causing we just want to be seen as people! You change around these laws that no one even asked you too! Why did you do that? Now everyone is confused and angry, because you are to butt hurt about what you did in the past. You need to grow up, and treat everyone as a equal. They way we treated you, we never asked for a life like this, we never tried to make our lives harder. We are no different than you, but yet you act like we are aleins from another planet asking you for the impossible! It’s simple, just treat people how you would want to be treated.

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Oh my lord ok so if y'all haven’t noticed I like women and certain men(cute nerd/dork or himbo). I am sitting in the park minding my business scrolling though tumblr rebloging BLM cause it is SO important and white supremacists are FUCKING bastards. Anyway this BEAUTIFUL black women comes by with her dog and I stop dead because holy fuck. She looks at me looking at her like a creep and gets angry because she yells at me saying “black people can live her too”. I live in mostly white area. There are like 5 BIPOC families in my town and the surrounding 4 towns. Long story short I had to tell this work of God that I am not racist just gay panicking.

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