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Isabela: Here's a fun Christmas idea: we hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it!
Luisa: Isabela, no.
Camilo and Mirabel: Mistlefoe.
Luisa: Please stop encouraging her.
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rainy-nomad · 23 days ago
May I humbly request the chaos twins bullying each other in the way siblings do
Like Sun and Moon definitely get into it on the regular but they love each other bunches and I’m in a soft mood ok ;_;
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thebestintheworld · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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totallycorrectencanto · 6 days ago
So in your AU, what shenanigans does the Chaos Twins do?
That's Mirabel and Camilo right?
If it is, then absolutely all sorts.
Mirabel is often seen chasing after Camilo who has just broke something expensive and/or valuable and they're scrambling to fix it before Abuela sees
They tend to annoy each other on certain days, so whenever that happens, Camilo goes around causing trouble as Mirabel, and Mirabel pokes Camilo with her sewing needles under the table at dinner
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allyekatdraws · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Did a redraw of some beach twins! It's been a while since I've drawn Taako and Lup and it was nice revisiting them! :)
Original drawing here!
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anstarwar · a year ago
Your art is some of my favorite, so, um, if you still want requests, could I ask you for an Echo? He is such a sweet, mouthy man. Honestly anything Domino Squad or Echo-Fives-Rex shenanigans... or just Echo! If you want to!!
Thanks for your time! I'm a big fan! (All my reblogs go to @frantic-reblogging, though, so that's why I might not be in your notes as my main... I'll shut up now!)
💙💙💙 @hydrangea-vortex I am so flattered and ahhh thank you, you’re too kind!!
And thank you for this request! I got all wistful about Echo and Fives chaos twin friendship reading this ask. I think Fives secretly loved when Echo read the reg manuals cuz it was an excuse to have a nap all snuggled up to his best vod. So...This lil’ comic popped into my head, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
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suck-a-egg · 29 days ago
Echo: If there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back. Fives: Of course. I can't flip this table by myself.
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The art of subtlety, featuring Sterling and Blair Wesley
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thisismisogynoir · 10 days ago
My Encanto Iceberg!
Tumblr media
Top Tier: 
* Isabela “Material Girl” 
* Encanto books 
* Isabela is gay. 
* Camilo is genderfluid 
* Camilo is a theatre kid! 
Second Tier: 
* Character name misspellings 
* Bruno is Mirabel’s dad AU 
* People who think that Camilo is younger than Mirabel for some reason 
* Mariano the Himbo 
* Generational Trauma 
* Whitewashing characters in fanart 
Third Tier: 
* Punk-rock Isabela 
* Camilo’s Interlude 
* “The Madrigals Swap Powers For a Day” AUs 
* Chaos twins 
* Female character villainization 
* Camilo plays soccer. 
* What if Mirabel died when the Casita crumbled? 
Fourth Tier: 
* Sexualization of/simping over Camilo in the fanbase 
* Camilo and Bruno overhyped when there are strong female protagonists RIGHT THERE!!! 
* Dolores lied about the “five babies” line. 
* Luisa’s pink unicorn room 
* Dolores and Isabela’s “I’m fine”s 
Fifth Tier: 
* Isabela and Dolores are close. 
* Original characters’ names 
* (Yandere) Character x reader fics 
* Madrigalcest 
* Mirabel is Abuela’s successor and thus didn’t get a gift. 
Sixth Tier: 
* “It looks like rain.” vs “You’re very sweaty.” 
* How everyone got their gifts 
* Encanto modern AU 
* Isabela’s Japanese VA is Aya Hirano! 
Seventh Tier: 
* What everyone’s rooms look like 
* Camilo steals Dolores’ and Isabela’s makeup kits. 
* Camilo’s vanity/trinket box 
* Camilo and Dolores are Kaminari and Toga respectively. 
Bottom Tier: 
* Lin Manuel Miranda wants to make a sequel starring Dolores! 
* Camilo’s higher register in the end of WDTAB 
* Isabela and Dolores used to dress up as each other when they were kids. 
Obviously some of these are my own personal headcanons. Please don’t attack me for them. I am entitled to them, just as you are entitled to yours. 
If you have any other Encanto theories, fanfics, AUs and headcanons that you think I should know about, then let me know! I...probably won’t put them on the iceberg, though. I’m too lazy for that. 
Take care! 
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the-mcu-is-amazing · 7 months ago
MCU fans: okay so it would be nice if Loki had some self love ya know, he’s been through enough
Marvel: okay so we’ll create room for a ship between themself and a very different but still a version of themself.
MCU fans: …
MCU fans: wait a minute…
In this household we stan Lokius and love a SIBLING LIKE dynamic between Loki and Sylvie
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dukina · 6 months ago
Sylvie: Only an idiot could fall for someone like me.
Loki: Did you just call me an idiot?
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Mirabel: Do you think we went overboard with the party decorations?
Camilo: Nah, it's cool.
Luisa: The backyard is on fire.
Isabela: Aesthetic.
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mimisempai · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
From now on I live only for these two tags...
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thebestintheworld · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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worstloki · 7 months ago
Loki: I have feelings for you
Sylvie: I think I have feelings for you too
Miss Minutes, narrating: the feeling was siblinghood, but neither has had a decent one of those before <3
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emmettsleftnut · a year ago
Emmet and Jasper in: Food Shopping for Bella
Jasper: Ok Emmett, we're here, we have a goal, did you ask Bella what she needed?
Emmett: Was I... supposed to?
Jasper: Emmett, that was your one s i n g l e job, asking the human what she needed to eat
Emmett: Ok so... like meat, right? I used to eat that shit a ton as a human. They dont sell deer, thats stupid, guess we'll go with chicken.
Jasper: Em, she doesnt need 8 packs of chicken.
Emmett: Bro have you seen chickens, theyre so small, I could put an entire chicken in my mouth. Y'know what, I've seen a chicken near home. When we get home im showing you that I can put an entire chicken in my mouth-
Jasper: Emmett please god stop, I don't doubt you can fit a chicken in your mouth, people are staring.
Jasper: Ok, Edward said Bella likes salad. Do you know anything about salad.
Emmett: Do I LOOK like I have ever eaten a salad Jaz.
Jasper: Yeah fair honestly I dont even know why I asked.
Emmett: Ok, we have a bunch of leaves, we have... vegetables of some description. What else did Eddie say she liked?
Jasper: Something about mushrooms, like a pasta, he said they had it in a resteraunt in Port Angeles. Lets go to the pasta section then.
Emmett: I am not entirely positive what a pasta is but when I find out, hooooo boy.
Jasper: Ok so I'm not seeing any mushroom flavoured pasta, Em what do we do thats like... the only thing I can think of that it could be.
Emmett: *looking at a box with a triumphant look* Well, queue the hoooo boy because Jaz, I have found what we have been searching for.
Jasper: Wait, you did? What is it?
Emmett: *holding up box for Jasper to see* It says right here "mushroom shaped pasta" thats like, the same thing right?
Jasper: You are an absolute genuis.
Emmett: OK, chicken?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Mushroom shapes?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Leaves?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Thats all I can think of, humans just need water and sun then they'll get big and strong, right?
Jasper: Em, thats a plant, youre thinking of photosynthesis. Humans need food and sleep and warmth and happiness and stuff.
Emmett: Ok, I vote that I just improvise a bit and see what happens. Whats the biggest potential issue?
Jasper: Fair honestly, go wild I'll meet you at the register.
Emmett: Cullens, we have been hunting and we have RETURNED
Jasper: We did great, obviously
Alice, to Edward: Spoiler Alert; they didn't do great
Emmett: Hush Alice, let me show our bounty. Mortal, come to us.
Bella: *wearily walking over* uh.. sure
Alice, mouthing to Bella: Be nice, they did their best.
Jasper: Firstly, we have, drumroll please... chicken.
Bella: Mmm
Jasper: And chicken
Bella: Oh
Jasper: And chicken
Bella: ..
Jasper: And chicken, and some more chicken, and finally, a bit more chicken.
Bella: Ok, awesome, thanks.
Emmett: Please Bella, save your praise for when we're finished.
Bella: Y'know what, sure Emmett, please show me what else you have there, I would personally love to see it.
Emmet: Of course you would. Next up we have... salad!
Bella: Em, that just lea-
Emmett: Bella please, I know youre insanely greatful but as I said, save the praise for once we're finished. I will only accept drumrolling at appropriate intervals. Jasper, next item please.
Jasper: We have mushroom pasta
Edward: Oh, thats actually a good one. Wait, Jasper, what is this?
Jasper: Its mushroom pasta..? Duh
Edward: Did you hear me talking about the thing from Port Angeles?
Jasper: Mhm, we thought we'd suprise her with her favourite.
Edward: Jasper, it's called mushroom ravioli, and she's only ever eaten it once, and I'm like 90% sure it was sub-par at best. Also, this is just mushroom SHAPED, it doesnt have any mushroom in it what-so-ever. I don't even thi-
Alice, smacking edward over the head: Jasper its great, lets just move on to the next thing.
Emmett: Ok, speedround, you ready?
Bella: Absolutely not
Emmett: Cool, 1. Frozen corn 2. thin potatoes in a very large bag 3. An entire bag of B+ blood, no you may not ask where I found it 4. Tiny edible pillow things. 5. Finally... Tampons, idk it felt like a good idea.
Bella: Honestly thank you
Emmett: Also I need to show you something with a chicken I found, wanna see
Bella: Absolutely
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Tumblebrutus: Lesbians, what is your wisdom today?
Rumpleteazer: Titty soft because its close to the heart
Etcetera, smiling at Electra: Wife... Beautiful.
Tumblebrutus: Excellent! Gays what is your wisdom?
Mungojerrie: Man... Very hot.
Carbucketty: I stuck my tail in a drawer today... :(
Tumblebrutus: Absolutely incredibile! Bi and pan people, what is your wisdom today?
Munkustrap: Why is everybody hot?
Bombalurina: Gobal warming.
George: People are pretty and I cant speak to them.
Rum Tum Tugger: Thighs... Nice.
Macavity: Violence.
Tumblebrutus: Superb! Trans, nobinary and genderfluid people what is your wisdom?
Tantomile and Coricopat: If you lick a dorknoob, you dont own it, it owns you
Admetus: hhh big love all genders.
Tumblebrutus: Terrific! Aro and ace people what is your wisdom?
Electra: Bonjour, cats have lovely fuuurrrrr~
Mistoffelees: Bodies is an illusion and time is fake.
Tumblebrutus: Wondeful, and that concludes our wisdom for today!
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gaygh0stt · 6 months ago
i will never forgive marvel for making Loki and Sylvie romantic instead of letting them be the chaos twins we deserved...the sibling energy was immaculate and then they just...ripped it away
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felis-sylviestricks · 6 months ago
Uhhh a round of applause for the casting crew? I think it’s safe to say she’s a Loki...
Tumblr media
Both pics are from google.
Poor one eyed Thor would meet Sylvie and be like “Sibling! Something’s different about you... besides the hair I mean....” and then proceed to have a heart attack when Loki sneaks up behind him and says “it’s mostly the hair.”
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ravennazane · 6 months ago
The TVA: “Lokis are evil and dangerous! Protect the SAcREd tIMeLiNe!”
Meanwhile, our Chaos Twins™: 
Tumblr media
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