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#corrupted baby au

@solarspinel​ asked: How did Steven and Coren meet?

//Here is how Shattered and Coren met! I’m sorry this took so long, I didn’t really expect to, but I got distracted and procrastinated, but I finally finished it! There is no audio btw, so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything. I hope you all enjoy it! I enjoyed making it! ^^ I wish you all a good day or night!

the ask:

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:0! omg!! i got so excited getting this ask okay whoo okay *cracks knuckles* i like the idea of “respawn or choose to die” bc when you die in minecraft you do get two choices!!!! respawn, or go to title screen, and when you do go to the title screen, it asks you again (i think? in normal minecraft? idk it’s late okay) whether you’d like to respawn or leave. What I would now like to think is that when Schlatt dies at the end, his Final Death, he chose to exit to title screen, essentially, and doesn’t look back. Meanwhile Wilbur presses the exit to title screen button (and dies), but hesitates when he’s there and presses respawn, therefore coming back as a ghost. 

I do like the “wilbur became a ghost because deep down he regretted everything he did while he was corrupted and while he choose to die he might not have really meant it” tho!!! that’s also a good idea and most likely rooted in canon considering the whole “unfinished symphony” thing. 

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We Are The Crystal Gems | Corrupted Baby AU

//Here it is! The finale for Kiddo phase! I will be going on a mini break to catch Tapas up to the story too and upload the first few pages of Gem Glow that I have. I also want to draw more of Gem Glow since I was drawing more for the animatic. I also want to draw for the other AU’s I have. I hope you all have a good day/night! Stay safe!

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