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#corrupted baby au


//Everyone is just sitting around for real! I wonder when they’ll go on an adventure… 🤔

~Mod Connor

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I really love @corrupted-baby‘s AU, especially Coren, so I just had to sketch this ^^

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So the blog/AU is officially turning one next month (12/20) and I want to do something special for it, but idk what (hence there isn’t a poll lol). So I’ll let you guys send me some ideas! You can respond in asks or in the replies ^^


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Happy Halloween everyone! 

Coren is dressed as everyone for this Halloween! ^^

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AUtober day 24: Coren

Have a precious bab! :O

Wow, I’m just realizing this is one of my first favorite AUs. I looked up to this AU so much. And still do! I never imagined I’d talk so often with Mun. XD And they’re even nicer than I imagined. Thank you for being my friend and continue to be amazing!!!

Coren belongs to @corrupted-baby

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I just want to say that the next ask will have foreshadowing. I will not tell you what or where, only responding in “>:3″. For now, enjoy this quick sketch of Griffen protecting Coren from angst. <3

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Wow. I finished two MAP sketches today asdfghjkl. (Granted, it’s almost 3 AM, but what else is new?)

One is for @shattered-dad-au​ 


@axolotluv​ !

And the other is for @beingmonsterau !


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Sure can! <3 (I know the wing anatomy is off, but let’s just say the anatomy changes with the fusion XD) @corrupted-baby

(click for better quality)

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Snow Race!

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY ART (Reblogging is fine!)

A drawing I sketched a while ago and slowly made it a finished drawing. This is from @shattered-dad-au​ run by me and @krispi-oop​! Go check it out of you haven’t already.

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@biruwhisweek Day 7 “Evil”


A week full of fluff and cute moments… Now it’s time for SOME ANGST 😈

(Inspired from @kaioshiins fanfiction “Further Away”, where Whis Is mind controlled by… Someone)

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hm. friday night funkin evil mod-


and i may or may not have found out abt the fnf ask blog community and may or may not be planning to make a blog for this-

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While I was drawing I was thinking, what if I tell some parts of the Corrupted Baby AU through animation memes? I want to know you’re guys’ opinion on that and I’ll see what I can do! 
Link to a poll here

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