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emmikay · 22 days ago
Young Rum Tum Tugger: Dad, is “idiot” a swear word?
Old Deuteronomy: No, but it’s not a nice word to call someone.
Young Rum Tum Tugger: (turning back to Young Munkustrap and Young Macavity) I was RIGHT, FUCKERS!
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linadoonofficial · a month ago
Anália, Munkustrap and Tugger
Tumblr media
And of course Tugger can't go a minute without annoying his brother and invading his space
Tumblr media
(Original instagram)
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linadoondraws · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
CATS - The Brothers
Here’s my Commission Sheet!
Reblogs are very appreciated! ♥♥
This is my art.
Do NOT use/repost/copy/trace.
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Human AU
Munkustrap: So, what did you learn this year?
Teen Rum Tum Tugger: That apparently I've got ADHD and dyslexia, I like men, and gender makes me wanna fucking cry.
Munkustrap: I meant educationally.
Teen Rum Tum Tugger: Oh, that's a good question.
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roselessart · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Quick sketch between the bros😼
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godnattakatta · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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What is this? An update? 
I know I’m surprised myself. This was partially handwritten and the rest of it was typed. But I think I found a way to incorporate the song with the concept I am going for. This is mostly from Tugger's POV.
Just to reiterate: Human AU Ages of characters: Macavity-25, Munkustrap-23, Tugger-18 Warnings: Depictions of violence and blood
Chapter Summary: Tugger's bad feeling comes true when he finds his brother's fighting. But what happens when things escalate?
@a-cat-is-not-a-dog @storyweaverofgondor @uppastthejelliclemoon @roxycake @bag-of-broadway-snacks
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rice-pudding-slaps · a year ago
old deut: say hi to vine! baby munk: hi vine! baby Mac: fuck vine bitch-
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tuggers-lion-mane · 2 months ago
Requim but it's Deuteronomy family angst
I just thought of this listening to it and I'm emotional Just thinking of Mac as Connor. Munku as Zoe. Old Deuteronomy as Larry. Tugger as Cynthia Really out here hurting my own feelings
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jesusislord13 · 7 months ago
Be strong and courageous the lord is with you always deuteronomy 31.6
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While I don't mind the Grizabella was a past mate of Deuteronomy/Deuteronomy's child and therefore that kinda explains his connection with her HCs at all, I gotta say there is something...infinitely powerful about a Deuteronomy who has no biological or romantic/familial connection to Grizabella whatsoever, but has so much love in his heart - so much capability for openness, for forgiveness, for acceptance - that he just...does. Just forgives her for whatever it was. Just loves her as his fellow cat. Just listens to her, and opens his arms to her in acceptance. Gives her the same chance as he would any other cat because she *deserves* a chance like any other cat. Point blank.
I don't need a *reason* to forgive you, to love you, to hear you out, to welcome you back, I just *do*.
#i'm sorry but apparently this week has been deuteronomy week#i'm not saying that deuteronomy can't be flawed but i *am* saying that one of those flaws is not hatred - is not holding grudges#for any reason#you know???#like...these cats are his family all of them#he wants to teach them the power of forgiveness wants them to understand in the end that individuals do deserve second chances#wants to pass this on#so he can't just outright say 'forgive her because i said you should' that's not genuine#he enlists jemima and victoria's help because they represent this idea of letting go of what the future can look like#(and i love it when actors play up this angle)#deuteronomy doesn't know how to pass the message along so he gives it to those who can#who they will listen to and *hear* not just listen to and *obey*#anyways old deuteronomy...good#like i absolutely play around with the former headcanon for sure and have played with other familial connection hcs#but like...to deuteronomy all cats are precious#all are his family#you know that scene in tlk2 where kiara says 'them us. look at them they /are/ us'#'what differences do you see?'#it's like that#extemporize back chat#it's the idea that you can love someone and value their life but without it needing to be romantic or familial#also...giving the quality of unconditional love and forgiveness to a male charcter#when the concept of these sorts of traits is more often reserved for women and female characters and shunned in men#like...gah#honestly there is an argument i can make that deuteronomy was the first to forgive grizabella *unconditionally*#but i will refrain
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emmikay · a month ago
Rum Tum Tugger: (tells Mistoffelees about his childhood and what happened with Macavity and Grizabella)
Rum Tum Tugger: You know what they say: a little childhood trauma builds character!
Rum Tum Tugger: (finger guns)
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linadoonofficial · a month ago
Aside from Macavity who has always been monstruously huge since birth, Munkustrap was the biggest kitten in the tribe. He was even bigger than most others that were older than him.
That is... Until Tugger’s birth. Tugger was born pretty small, but that changed in just a few weeks, when he started growing like mad. Suddenly, he wasn’t even six months old and he was already Munk’s size.
Munkustrap’s reign as the tallest kitten was very short lived.
Ironically Sillabub and Jemima are some of the tiniest kittens that ever were born in the tribe (they took after Demeter, i guess).
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linadoondraws · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
CATS - A mother's (blind) love
Here’s my Commission Sheet!
Reblogs are very appreciated! 💙
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Teen Macavity: Don’t argue with me-
Young Munkustrap: BUT YOU’RE WRONG!
Teen Macavity: This is why you’re the slowest in Jenny's class.
Young Munkustrap: This is why Demeter doesn't like you.
Teen Macavity:
Teen Macavity: You know what? The Rumpus Cat isn’t real.
Young Munkustrap, tearing up: ....w-what?
Teen Bombalurina: WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!
Young Munkustrap: DAAAAD!
Teen Macavity: WAIT, NO!
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roselessart · 7 months ago
Here's some Deuteronomy Family Au
- Old Deuteronomy always thought of growing a beard but Grizabella always tells him no, not until they're really old
- When they go shopping, Grizabella prevents any of them get separated because: Macavity would go into trouble (like stealing quaters from a wishing foundation), Munkustrap would get lost (and cry until the workers have to go on speaker to find Grizabella), and Tugger would eat snacks before even paying them
- Macavity is the last one to learn how to ride a bike and still hates the fact he suck at it and the last to ride it right
- Old Deuteronomy would get paranoid whenever he's in charge of taking of the boys and is afraid that Grizabella would doubt him if they get into troubles (Munkustrap: If it makes you feel any better, we still get into troubles even when mom's here)
- Macavity can get a bit competitive and would not quit until he wins
- One time Grizabella left (not abandoning them, just taking a break from being a mom) and the boys wonder if she's ever coming back and once she return, they all hug her and tells her they'll be on their best behavior
- Grizabella gets excited whenever she hears about their crushes (Grizabella: This is so adorable! Three of them: *hide their face from embarrassed*)
- Tugger would ask his mom about the entertainment industry many times and want to be a gorgeous model like her
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godnattakatta · 2 months ago
neither Demeter or Munkustrap really had any parents growing up. in Demeter's case, Grizabella spent most of her time outside of the junkyard without Deme, and her father was unknown. and while Tugger, who for all practical reasons was her brother, had his mom in the junkyard (i'm thinking it might be Jenny but not sure yet) and whoever his mother was would have been more than happy to "adopt" Demeter too, Deme never let her. and Deuteronomy probably could have been a parent, but he wasn't for any of his children, instead being much more of a grandpa/leader of the tribe rather than a father. so all in all the closest thing she had to a parent (in terms of like, raising her) was Munkustrap
whereas for Munk, the above about Grizabella and Deuteronomy were the same for him. unlike the Demeter, however, he was more willing to let other cats raise him so i think he was co-raised by most of the other adults in the tribe, although it never fully replaced having a parent
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What is your most popular fic?:What fanfic do you wish you got more response on?:
I had to search since I didn't actually know.
So according to AO3, my most popular fic is Unique which doesn't surprise me. Though it did make me think of the runnerup which was I got you hot chocolate, with marshmallows, of course.
Unique is pure platonic Misto & Tugger friendship and has themes such as lack of confidence and being overwhelmed with your situation. But Tugger is the best friend a person (or cat) can have hand helps Misto.
I got you hot chocolate, with marshmallows, of course, is full of emotions, personal struggle, and how memory can affect one's holiday experience.
One fanfic I wish I got more responses on is Two Brothers. It's inspired by the Disney Attraction: The American Adventure. More specifically the Covil War section features the song "Two Brothers". Each chapter is inspired by a stanza and I try to use a couple of lines from the stanzas. Each chapter has a lot of emotion and some were very difficult to write. But it's going to be either 6 or 7 chapters and is still in progress.
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thunderwhenhepurrs · 2 months ago
Silly headcanon of the day: when Jemima was an infant, Munkustrap was completely incapable of letting her cry.
Jemima: *wailing because she is left alone for a nap*
Munk: I should go get her.
Demeter: She’s doing it for attention, you know. She realizes that you’ll come running anytime she cries. You’ll only encourage her to keep doing it.
Munk: Oh. *sits by Demeter*
Dem: She’ll wear herself out in a minute.
Munk: *ears sink lower and lower as Jem keeps crying* 🥺
Dem: … Munk, you’ll spoil her.
Munk: 🥺🥺
Dem: Stop looking at me like that. She’s fine.
Munk: 🥺🥺🥺
Dem: *SIGH* … okay, okay, you can go get her.
Munk: *bolts to scoop up and comfort the “sobbing” Jemima*
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uppastthejelliclemoon · 3 months ago
Tugger: *teaching Hestia how to drive*
Tugger: So, you're driving, and Munkustrap and Macavity walk into the street. What do you hit?
Hestia: The brakes!
Tugger: Macavity. You hit Macavity.
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