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#frederick arthur

Moonlight streaming through the curtains caught and reflected off the switchblade in his trembling hands. His shoulders heaved with every shaky breath he took, staring past the blade at nothing in particular. Even if something had caught his interest, he no longer would have seen it; all he could see was you. You, you, you, repeated over and over and over again in his head as your image flashed behind his eyes, the shy waitress that plucked up enough courage to meet his gaze when taking his order. Even as he all but growled, you smiled and treated him with a kindness unknown before that encounter, a warm cup of coffee he hadn’t ordered ready to go before he headed back out into the rain. The waitress who awoke from her daze when he walked back through the door later that week, grinning as she told him to sit wherever he’d like. The waitress who gave him a free pastry and a wink whenever he turned up during late evenings sporting a fresh bruise to the cheek or tousled hair. The waitress who made time to stop by his table regularly for a short chat or quick joke despite the seven other tables she had the one time he visited during the busy hours. 

A distant car honking coupled with the conversations of dozens of strangers he’d never meet outside his apartment forced Arthur from his thoughts. Drawing another breath, he pushed himself off his bed and headed for the window, staring out at the world before him. Even after nightfall, they were everywhere. People, here, there, everywhere, he couldn’t escape them. Good people like you, bad people like him. Those who smiled brightly and greeted everyone with love him their hearts and those who would sooner throw a punch at a lowlife or thrust a knife into a rival’s abdomen. He could handle people and all the trouble they brought. You, however, could not.

Not if he could do something about it. 

Once he’d wrapped up business that needed to be handled the week before, Arthur had set out to his new favorite spot where he was certain, having previously memorized your work schedule, he’d find you working hard and eagerly waiting for him. A roar of sirens interrupted his brisk pace, police cars flying down the road and around a corner out of sight. Nothing out of the ordinary, leaving Arthur to push it out of mind as his thoughts wandered back to you and the cafe he could find you in at on just the next street corner. This late on a Thursday night meant all would be quiet and he could have your attention all to himself. Or at least, he would’ve, on any other night. Upon nearing the cafe, Arthur realized that wouldn’t be the case. Not with the broken glass littered across the road, sidewalk, and dining room or with the police cars and ambulance waiting outside.

Chills wracked his body as he wildly searched for you amongst all the strangers at the scene. You ended up finding him, running straight into his arms while your name caught in his throat, ready to call out for you again. Clinging to his torso, you told him how men had barged inside and held everyone at gunpoint, how your coworkers and customers had feared for their lives, how you had feared for your life. Arthur cursed himself for not being there, shaking with fury as he held you. He wanted to scream as you whimpered how you had noted his absence that night, thankful that he wouldn’t be in harm’s way like everyone else.

“God no,” he murmured into your ear, shushing your cries. “Nothing and nobody would have hurt you if I’d been here." 

What the hell was wrong with him? He questioned by the window, fury still burning as he recalled your terror. Why hadn’t he been there? The gang could’ve done without him for the night. Though, what the hell was wrong with you? Anger growing stronger, he’d found out you’d returned to work as soon as the cafe reopened earlier that week. You could’ve been hurt not a few nights before and yet there you were, greeting regulars with that smile of yours on Monday night. It was clear you’d been shaken up yet you continued the charade of being a-okay while chatting away. So many people, so many things that could hurt you and take away the warmth you’d brought into Arthur’s life. Thursday had proved that, under the correct, nauseating, horrific conditions, Arthur could lose you forever, leaving him all alone again.

He leaned away from the window and hung his head. A gasp of air, then another. He wouldn’t accept that. One more wobbly gasp. He couldn’t. He pulled himself up, standing tall with a venomous glare at the world outside before turning sharply on his heel, stalking towards the door. Arthur snatched his coat from off the couch and shoved his arms through the sleeves while locking the door. Rushing down the street, hands and switchblade burrowed into his pockets, he made his way to the cafe, to you. He was no longer trembling or short of breath. It was all so simple now. In order to protect you and all that you gave him, you’d simply have to stay beside him from now on. No more wondering if you were getting enough sleep at 4 am, no more worrying about meals when you’d mentioned having skipped breakfast and lunch to make it on time to your shift, and no more worrying about if you’d make it home alright when taking the train home. Pulling the cafe door open, your eyes widened with glee as you greeted him warmly.

Arthur couldn’t help but return your joy, realizing that he would no longer have to share you with anyone.


Not sure what this was meant to be, a test more than anything? I sat down and wrote whatever came to mind in one go and this was the result, so maybe just wanted to see what I could do. Either way, I hope you all liked it! I’ll be back later this week with a set of headcanons or two and then we can move forward with some proper stories!

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TW: Implied Kidnapping, Pregnancy (?)

Frederick Arthur

At first he’s all “wbjsdabknksdajn ugHHHHHHHH CHILD GET AWAY BEFORE I PUNT YOU TO THE MOON,” and he acts like he doesn’t care. Frederick is unafraid of telling a kid to fuck off. He’s just “along for the ride” as you, the person with duct-tape underneath your mask, helps this child find their parents. But as time goes on and you hold this kid’s hand, Frederick’s heart softens a bit. He starts to think, “Hey, they’re actually really good with kids. I wonder what it would be like to raise a kid with them.”

And then it hits him at FULL FORCE that night when he’s about to sleep. He’s laying in his bed and you’ve got your hands tied behind your back on the floor. You’re sleepy, but Frederick is wide awake. Shit, he really wants a kid with you. Not that he knows how to talk about it, though. The whole night he’s like “Yo’ what if, and hear me out on this, we had a kid. No no no, don’t look at me like that. I’m just saying. Hypothetically. What if- hey, don’t get the wrong idea!–”


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TW: Depression

If you need anyone to talk to, Anon, I’m here. Things will get better. I promise. If there’s anything I can do to help, please tell me. 

I hope that this is okay and can help.

Ash Lynx

Ash definetly understands how you feel. He gets episodes like that, too. Sometimes he feels like he also doesn’t know what to do about his pain. Ash feels himself ache from seeing you hurt. He’ll sit down, hold you, and just listen to your words. He lets you rant about what’s getting you down. He’s your shoulder to cry on and he comforts you the best he can. If you don’t know what to do about it, he’ll have a good talk about what you two can do to get you out of this situation. Ash does everything he can to lift your spirits and will jump through hoops to make you happy. He empathizes with you easily on this, and will make sure you understand that you’re heard and loved.

Shorter Wong

Shorter leaps into comfort mode when he sees you like this. He’s panicked and shocked at first, thinking he did something wrong. But he calms down when you say it’s something else. He grabs a blanket and some water, holds you while cuddled under the cloth, and lets you get your emotions out. Be it crying, ranting, or just being held in silence, Shorter’s there for you. He holds you close and reassures you that you’re not alone in this. Like Ash, he’ll discuss and suggest ways with you to lift you out of your hardships. And Shorter’s corny jokes and goofy antics amplify by a thousand. He wants to make you laugh and smile in a time like this, desperate to make you happy. And if anyone is the cause of your distress, he’ll make sure to give them at least a piece of his mind.

Frederick Arthur

Frederick suffers from depression and anxiety, so he sees himself in you when you’re hurting. When he feels like this, he wishes somewhere listened to him, so he’ll do everything to make sure you know that he hears you. He understands. Frederick keeps you company and holds you to your chest, letting you release all your stress in any ways possible. He tells you that he’s felt the same way and will do anything to help you. Again, like the other two, Frederick will discuss ways to get you out of your current state. And he treats you to whatever you want – food, movie, whatever. Whatever will put a smile on your face. Frederick may have some trouble expressing himself, but you can see that he really cares.

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Shorter’s first kiss was spontaneous and messy. You two were standing in the rain after hanging out, jumping around in puddles and just being silly. And with one smile, you stole Shorter’s heart for good. You were close enough that he could feel the heat that radiated off of you, and on a whim, Shorter leaned in and placed a shaky and breathless kiss to your lips. And when you look up at him, just as star struck as he is, you guys lean in for another kiss, hands either tangling in each other’s hair or with each other’s fingers laced together. And in the pouring rain, you both laughed and held each other.

Little did you know, Shorter wasn’t planning on letting you go.

Frederick’s first kiss is unexpected and nervous. You’re both probably in his apartment, sitting way too close to each other on his bed. When you look up at him and lean in close, Frederick can feel his heart leaping out of his chest. He dips for a kiss only to accidentally bonk his forehead against yours. While sputtering an apology and swearing profusely, you giggle and grab him by the collar of his shirt, dragging him down for another kiss. He’s apprehensive and embarrassed, but eventually melts into it with a big smile on his face.

For someone as cold as Frederick, you really did turn him soft.

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TW: Kidnapping, Death of Reader Insert

THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. *cheFS KISS* I love Halloween asks. <3

God, but that’s so depressing. The boys love you so much, that they snatch you right up and get you to their house. But right as the think they’ve won, you start to deteriorate in front of them. You’re a literal shell of what you used to be. You were so lively – so colorful, so joyful, and all smiles. But you’re reduced to a shivering, fish-eyed, near-carcass in the bathtub/aquarium. The boys don’t want to let you go, but watching you die is ripping them apart. You’re their precious lover - the only fish in the sea for them. They love you too much to part ways. 

I agree with Ash and Yut-Lung making a whole ass aquarium. They’d feel guilty and take you near the ocean, relieved when the light returns to your eyes. The others would only let you near the ocean if you were near death. And Arthur? You’re as good as dead with him. He’ll probably get delusional after you die and refuse to realize you’re dead. He’ll talk to your corpse until it suddenly hits him like a train, sending him into grief.

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TW: Gore

WHEW that’s sad af.

Imagine that Arthur comes home, happy to see you. He walks in and calls out your name, frowning when you don’t respond. He hasn’t put his idea in action yet. He’s planning on poisoning your food or getting you in your sleep. He walks in, knowing today is not only the last day he’ll see you alive, but the last day he’ll see the sun.

He can’t wait to spend the last day holding you.

And when he turns the corner, expecting to see you sleeping, he sees your brains splattered across the floor instead.

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TW: Kidnapping

OKAY THAT ENDING IS TERRIFYING. I can’t imagine being in that situation. Think of it: you’re almost out of here. You can taste it on your tongue. Freedom is just in grasp, and you’re conversing with someone on escaping. And when you turn around, Ash just looks you dead in the eye and starts speaking in that language. And his stare says: “I know everything.”

The ones that speak another language (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc.) will absolutely say creepy ass things without you knowing. And they’ll talk about cameras and shit behind your back. God, and you wouldn’t even know a thing. You’d believe their lies like it was nothing. 

Honestly? I personally headcanon that Arthur’s mother knew German (she’s a military child that was born in Germany). So she grew up speaking both English and German. So Arthur knows enough to get by. Sorry, German speakers. Stabby man’s got you all figured out.

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TW: None

Sounds like me. I act like I’m a suave mf until someone is suave right back at me, and suddenly I am unable to speak.

Thanks for the ask, Anon!

Yut-Lung Lee

  • You being flirty and playful makes Yut-Lung flustered as well. Every time you toss him a compliment or a send a flirtatious wink at him, he feels his cheeks burn up. So, for once, he shoots a compliment right back at you.
  • Yut-Lung notices your flustering right away. There’s no hiding it from him.
  • The second you turn away with a red face and a giggle, Yut-Lung is all over you. He struts up and gently holds your cheek, a sly smirk on his face.
  • “My, my, (Y/N). You look like you’re burning up! Come here, let me feel your forehead. You might have a fever.”
  • And when he leans in to feel your forehead, he ends up kissing it instead.
  • Needless to say, Yut-Lung takes advantage of your reactions to his compliments and touches. He always holds you close and whispers endearing compliments in your ear, enjoying your squeaks of shock and how you hide your face. He thinks you’re just the cutest thing ever! He can’t help but fluster you.
  • Not to say that Yut-Lung doesn’t still get flustered by your flirting. But Yut-Lung often beats you to the punch and compliments you first.

Frederick Arthur

  • You feed into Frederick’s ego whenever you compliment and flirt with him. And he gets flustered as well, but he just hides it better than others. And he loves it when you’re super giggly and playful. But if you call him out on his blushing, he goes tsundere.
  • Frederick thinks for a second ‘yo what if I flirt with them back–’
  • So when he does and sees you fluster like it’s nobody’s business, an insidious smile breaks out on his face. 
  • “Look at you. Do I really get you that flustered? Cute.”
  • GOD WHAT A JERK. He uses this 100% just to mess with you (and to get your attention when rivals are near).
  • He leans in and says things that just make you implode. Like, he slams his hands on the wall next to either side of your head just to trap you, and then he gets super close to press you against the wall and see you squirm. If that doesn’t make you overheat, then his words (that may or may not be suggestive) will.
  • Don’t let Frederick see you fluster ever. You’ll never know peace if you do.
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TW: Murder, Kidnapping, Abuse, Death of Reader Insert


I wrote a lot for this post. I had a lot on my mind about it.

Shorter Wong x Reader x Frederick Arthur

You’re correct in assuming it would be terrifying. Both of these characters are extremely possessive. You’d be stuck in a tug-of-war between them, and you likely wouldn’t make it out alive. But before we get to the death of reader part, let’s go over why it would be such a hellscape for you.

Getting them to share you will be a miracle on its own. Shorter is delusional to the point that he believes that you two are soulmates, and Frederick’s been empty for so long that he wants you all for himself. Neither of them like each other, and adding their shared love for you will only worsen their rivalry. In order to have them share you, you’d have to satisfy both of their clingy, love-hungry needs. Going back and forth constantly to each man and keeping your friends safe is near impossible.

Alright, let’s say that you did get them to share you. That won’t stop the arguing and hate between them. You’re constantly having to pay attention to one or the other, and if one gets jealous, he yanks you back to himself and the cycle continues. You can expect both of them to be super handsy with you to piss each other off. On top of all this, they’ll agree to tag-team and kill their rivals. Both have a separate sadistic streak, as Frederick is more “guts-and-gore” desensitized than Shorter is. Expect Shorter to finish the rival off, but for Frederick to have fun ripping the body to shreds to intimidate you and other rivals.

Shorter is very needy when it comes to you talking with and paying attention to him. He’s always holding onto you gingerly and nuzzling himself into you on one side, a heavy blush on his cheeks and shaky smile. On the other side, you’ve got Frederick’s fingers possessively digging into your thigh as he holds you, trying to hide the lovesick lunacy in his eyes. You’re scored yourself two idiotic and obsessive boyfriends, but getting them to behave around each other is a whole other ball game.

Shorter doesn’t want anyone hurting you and tries to make you as happy as possible while you’re with him. If he sends you off with Arthur and you come back with bruises, Shorter is going to fight him. Shorter doesn’t care if Frederick keeps you safe and happy most of the time. It doesn’t change the fact that Frederick wants to own you and takes a very different approach at keeping you in line than Shorter. So even if they magically agree on sharing you, Frederick and Shorter will still fight physically and verbally.

The likely scenario is that Frederick and Shorter won’t share you. It’s unfortunate, and you’ll end up dead. Shorter and Frederick are both the kidnapping type. Whichever one you fall for is who you’re going with. It’s probable that Shorter will catch you and keep you in his home, while Frederick is forced to be alone and let his obsession eat him up inside. 

Shorter will keep you safe and sound for as long as you can, and might kill off Frederick. But Frederick plays dirty, and he’s got more than just a few screws loose. Frederick will - not might, will - break into Shorter’s home and take you for himself in a last-ditch effort to keep you. And when I say take you, I mean he’s going to flick out that butterfly knife of his and kill both you and himself. I mentioned in my first Arthur post that if death is the only way to keep you, he’ll take it. So even if Frederick has to slit your throat and stab himself in the stomach – leaving Shorter screaming and sobbing – you’ll be Frederick’s forever. Shorter had you in the beginning, but Frederick cheated the game in the end.

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WHOAAA THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION. I think the most likely to be okay with it/change their own last names are Eiji and Ash. Eiji doesn’t see the big deal about it, and Ash’s name gives him bad memories. Both would be fine with it.

Characters like Frederick, Max, and Yut-Lung will argue back on your decision. They’d rather you change your last name to Arthur, Lobo, or Lee. But ultimately, they’ll cave if you beg them enough.

And finally, characters like Shorter and Blanca wouldn’t want you to keep it. They wouldn’t accept it. Shorter wants you to be connected to him in all ways possible. Having you change your last name to Wong is part of that master plan. And Blanca? Well, it’s similar to Shorter. He wants you to stay connected. It’s less of the “building a family” like Shorter wants, and more of feeling more close to you. He’d rather you change your last name to Varishikov than you keep your original name.

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Yeah, Ash would probably be at the end of the stick. But as time goes on, he’ll get more used to affection. Yut-Lung has also been through a lot of shit, so I think he’s the same level as Ash. Blanca would be higher than Arthur in my opinion, since Arthur is a lot more standoffish and introverted. And ofc, Shorter “Simp” Wong and Eiji, King of East Simp Kingdom, are the best at accepting affection.

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TW: Murder

I think they do. Ash’s makes sense, since he desperately wants to give you a better life but often can’t; he get’s nervous when someone else can do what he desperately wants to achieve better than him. 

Yut-Lung gets nervous when he sees that you want to leave him for someone else. He has a crippling fear of being abandoned. What does this person have that’s so special?! It’s killing him inside. He has to win you over somehow.

Eiji also has similar abandonment issues, and he’s such a clingy bastard that he can’t fathom you leaving for a second. He hates it when other people take you away from him. Because of that, he takes it as his right to make sure that you remain his.

Shorter is just a possessive, delusional mess. If you try and “leave him” for someone else, he flies off the handle. If you two are meant to be, why are you leaving him?! It just isn’t possible.

Blanca’s wife was killed in a terrorist attack, and he’s grown extremely over protective of his loved ones. It’s amplified when you step into the picture, and he will do absolutely anything to make sure you’re happy and safe. And if that includes ripping his rivals to shreds, so be it.

And finally, Arthur knows that he’s got a temper. He really wants to keep you as his, yet he’s scared that he’ll hurt you. But he can’t resist his obsession with you, and will go to the ends of the Earth to secure you as his – even if his temper risks your safety.

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