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#ash x eiji

Fictober/Fantober2020 -

Day 13 - Stargazing💫


“Stargazing?, Ash asked in surprise.

He and Eiji had spent the day at the beach. It was still late summer, but it got a bit chilly when evening came closer, so Ash had suggested they return home.

That’s when Eiji had asked him if he knew what stargazing was. Rationally, he knew what stars and gazing meant, but he assumed by the way Eiji grinned at him that he didn’t only mean watching astronomical constellations in the sky. He lay on a towel next to him, giving Eiji a questioning glance, raising his eyebrows at him.

Knowing Eiji, it was probably something romantic.

"You gaze at the stars.”, Eiji simply said.

“Thanks, I know what the word stargazing means. But we don’t have a telescope. Or binoculars. Something tells me that we’re not doing this the scientific way, right?, Ash asked curiously.

"You have that look. The look you always get if you enjoy that you’re smarter than me and know something I don’t.”, Ash complained while stubbornly turning away from him.

“Ash, don’t be like that.”, Eiji pleaded with him, enjoying himself immensely. He gently cupped his face and turned it in his direction again.

“It’s not always easy to compete with a genius, you know? And I really love teaching you new things that aren’t rational but emotional. Or romantic. Things that you can’t comprehend on a rational level but are fun nonetheless. This is one of them.”

“So? Enlighten me, Professor Okumura?”, Ash teased him, his voice dripping with irony.

Eiji flicked his forehead. “Watch it, Aslan Jade Callenreese!” Ash grimaced in pain. “Ouch! Not that name, Eiji.”

“Of course, you can go about stargazing scientifically, grab a telescope and go to one of the highest points to see them best. Today, the weather is perfect, too. But it’s also romantic lying here in the darkness while looking at the stars with you -

"And freezing to death together probably is romantic as well.”, Ash smirked while putting his arms around himself while shivering slightly.

“You have an amazing talent to destroy any of my romantic attempts; you know that? And to top it off, you’re a softie.”, he chastised him, but Ash could still hear the amusement in his voice. “Wait here for a moment. I’ll be right back.”

Since it got dark and the wind grew stronger, Eiji picked up their belongings from spending the day at the beach and returned with a hoddie, two blankets and a flashlight. When Ash had put on his hoodie, Eiji held something in front of his face, dangling by a neck strap from his fingers.

“Look what I found!”, he said, grinning while pointing the flashlight at it. Ash sat up and looked at it in surprise.

“Binoculars.”, he replied happily. “Does that mean I can also show you some constellations, or is that considered unromantic?”

“No, that’s the point of stargazing. But we don’t have a night sky map. I usually just look at the stars and leave the shapes they form to my imagination.”, Eiji admitted honestly.

“That sounds like you.”, Ash grinned at him. “But we don’t need a map. I can show you some constellations that can be discovered easily.”

“Really?”, Eiji’s voice brightened instantly. “Sometimes, I’m fortunate that my boyfriend is a genius!” He put two small lanterns next to them, so it wasn’t totally dark, the weak flame flickering across their faces.

“To come back to the romantic aspect, stargazing is about being disconnected from the busy world and spending time with someone you love and reconnecting with each other in a secluded spot far away from any city lights. You just enjoy the wonders our world has to offer together and admire the breathtaking view. You can try to hunt down constellations or make up your own. And tonight is perfect for stargazing. Look at how many stars are visible in the sky!”

“Thanks for explaining the romantic part to a dumb guy like me. I can see how that can be considered romantic.”, Ash reluctantly admitted.

On a perfect day, you can see up to 4.000 stars, did you know that?“ Eiji shook his head.

"That’s amazing.”, Eiji exclaimed in surprise.

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Fictober/Fantober2020 -

Day 12- Emergency


“Eiji, are you sure this is the right way? This area looks kind of shady…”

Ash looked around suspiciously at the small dark alley lying before them. Eiji didn’t want to admit it, but Ash had realized they were lost. Eiji didn’t have a good sense of direction. In New York, Ash always led the way, but this was his first time in Tokyo. Therefore, he had naively assumed that Eiji would know his way around since he had been to Tokyo several times before.

He had joined Eiji on a little trip to Tokyo because he had found a shop there that had the camera lens he had been looking for for a long time. According to Eiji, the lens was hard to find because they had stopped producing it. So, he had been thrilled to have found it in Tokyo and had made an appointment the following weekend.

Tokyo reminded him of New York. It was as Eiji had told him back in New York. Lots of cars and people. Only Tokyo was even bigger than New York, with even more people coming and going, but everything was more organized. Eiji showed him the Shibuya crossing, the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. 2.500 people cross the street at a time, coming from all directions but miraculously never running into each other. It was fascinating. In New York, such a crosswalk would result in utter chaos.

When you entered a subway here, people would stand in a queue, forming a straight line while people exited in the same orderly manner. They even had signs on the ground where to enter and exit, and the subway stopped at that exact spot.

In New York, you never let people exit first; you just entered any way you wanted and pushed people deeper into the train if the train was crowded or barked at them to move. Seeing how people behaved here, he felt like a barbarian while the people here behaved like adults were supposed to act like, respecting rules and other people.

They hadn’t stayed long, but they had seen the Tokyo Tower, had been to Takeshita street in Harajuku because Eiji wanted him to see the cosplayers there, hoping he’d eventually understand his love for mangas. They had also been to Akihabara, where Eiji had looked for mangas, and Ash had found some books for himself, in Japanese and even in English.

At the end, they had also walked through Ueno park for a while before Eiji headed for his appointment at the photo shop. Ash had enjoyed the little sightseeing tour Eiji had given him. Tokyo was fascinating. From the Tokyo Tower, you could even see Mount Fuji from the top and how wide Tokyo was reaching. They even had a beach there you could barely make out beyond a suspension bridge that Eiji told him was called Rainbow Bridge.

When Eiji had found the camera shop, he had spent an hour looking around and bought a new camera bag and some other small items along with the lens. After Eiji had stuffed all the items in his backpack and they had left the shop, it was already dark outside.

Now, they were standing in a dark alley that reminded Ash too much of the most dangerous part of Manhattan. Eiji looked nervously at him, then tried to make out the streets on the map with his smartphone’s flashlight.

“I’m not sure.”, Eiji admitted honestly while looking at the map. The photo shop had been in a small alley next to a major shopping zone, but they had gone in the wrong direction. Ash had a bad feeling. He felt as if they were being watched. His survival instincts never failed him…

“Let’s try this street over there!”, have said, seeing some lights coming from that direction before rounding a corner. Which had been a pretty bad idea as it turned out. When Ash rounded the corner only seconds later, Eiji had dropped his bag while a guy stood behind him, holding a knife against his throat. Eiji’s eyes had widened in fear as he looked at Ash.

“Give us all your money, and we won’t harm you.”, a man threatened them. He blended into the shadows of this dark alley perfectly with his back jeans and hoodie in the same color.

Ash felt two other people approaching behind him. He sighed deeply and then calmly asked Eiji a question.

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A while ago, my partner wrote this fic for Banana Fish. It takes place after Garden of Light and New York Sense, mainly following Ash in the afterlife with a focus on Eiji and Sing in the second chapter. I know I’m biased, but it’s honestly one of the most beautifully heart-wrenching things I’ve ever read. The way she writes this otherworldly imagery is incredible and I really want to share it with everyone. She means the world to me and her work deserves more attention.

I don’t want to say something like, “go leave her nice comments” because that would be empty and insincere and I know it wouldn’t make her happy. But if you do decide to give it a read and you happen to enjoy it, it wouldn’t hurt to let her know.

Link to the first chapter.

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sa-yo-na-ra ❀ ash & eiji

in japan, sayonara is only used when there’s a true ending- not the end of a conversation or a business meeting. they only use it when there’s a strong sense of finality and implies you will never see the other person again.

it implies a sad farewell, much more than a simple goodbye would. you should not use sayonara in any context, only in circumstances in which you will never come back.

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